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This is the Sweetest Love Story in the World[edit]

I kept waiting for Yoshi-kun while I read.

It’s a rare thing for me to buy a book that’s displayed at the bookstore exhibit. It seemed to be a love story very popular with the middle school girls.

It was a sweet read, like I’m reading a girls’ manga.

I remembered myself having a period when I looked forward to experiencing love.

He’s the ace of the soccer and basketball teams, and also the student council president , and often in the top ten in the exams. This highflower’s unknown side was known, and a romance (love story) started. In the book, ‘I’, the protagonist, invited the senior she likes to a date, OK, and got a reply. They went to an aquarium, and on the way back, they went to a café. She was so happy that she made a bold request she normally wouldn’t make.


After reading this section, someone called my name. It seemed the person I was waiting for finally arrived. I put a bookmark in, and closed the book. I’ll continue with the rest of the book later.

“Sorry, did I keep you waiting?”

“Not really. I didn’t wait for long..”

I probably read about 80 pages of a light novel or so.

“So you waited for quite a while. I’m really sorry.”

“So I say, you don’t have to worry about that.”

I knew that he would blame himself no matter what, but I replied while patting him on the shoulder.

On this day, we’re going to a cake shop rebuilt in a private residence. There’s a special issue on the free local newspapers, and after seeing this, I promised to come to this place with the him last week.

The reason why I decided to go today is because I promised him.

We sat at one of the five tables; Yoshi-kun and I ordered a banana cake and apple pie respectively. I had a little bite of the hot apple pie. Nnn. It-it’s really wonderful!

The pie’s crunchy with enough butter, and it’s really wonderful. It’s so crispy. I chewed, and chewed, and swallowed. Yep, it’s really delicious. The sourness of the apples within really complimented the sweetness of the pie

While Yoshi-kun kept eating cake with a fork, we talked about the books we had been reading recently, and I thought of something.

Suddenly, I was curious about the ending to that date. No, I was wondering if the protagonist succeeded with her objective. Thus, I probably had a thought, maybe I should try this out.

I happily finished the last mouthful of the apple pie. Hey, Yoshi-kun, I called out his name as I opened my mouth, like a fledgling waiting to be fed.

It was a replication of the novel I just read.

What will be the future Yoshi-kun will illustrate? I nervously awaited his response.

Yoshi-kun then looked at the remaining one third banana cake, before looking back and forth between the cake and me. Then, he smiled. He poked his fork at the cake, one too large to be swallowed full, and brought it to my mouth, as though saying, if you finish this, then try this.

It was the answer he chose, and it was a satisfactory result for me.

Thus, I smiled. Ah, Yoshi-kun, you really don’t know. Girls can finish this off easily, especially when they’re sweets.

I swallowed the cake whole, and Yoshi-kun widened his eyes. He then showed a smile different from before. It’s the gentle smile I usually see, like the warm spring sun.

“Is it nice?”

Yoshi-kun’s expression as he asked me heavily resembled the heroic appearance of the cool upperclassman in the novel.

And I was like the protagonist in the novel, nodding away with much sweetness in the heart.

Yoshi-kun personally fed me cake, and it’s sweeter than anything I had eaten. How is this possible?

Unhappy about this, I will not tell Yoshi-kun about this sweetness……

Speaking of which, my face, and even my ears managed to turn red. Maybe I might have the talent of an actress. That…yes.

……I’m not embarrassed at all.

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