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I sincerely enjoyed that novel and look forward to reading more of it especially since i understand some of the influnces behind the work -Soulwave

Thank you ^^ your support will definitely help keep this project going :) - Aorii

congratz on your first volume aorii- soulwave

Only two words: Très Bien! - Nainodel

Thanks =) - Aorii

Good job man. I really liked your work. Waiting for more. If possible though tone down the Crusader kings references :p -Random guy

Thank you. And wow, someone actually noticed! XD -- I laughed quite a bit at this. Although I think 'Papal Investiture' (which is a realworld thing) and 'Matrilineal Betrothal' (not so much since it's culture-limited) are the only 'references' I used (=P). - Aorii

Hello! Enjoyed the novel, hope to see more. Just a question here, are you Swedish? Because I am, and I couldn't help but chuckle when you used Västergötland (since I live there) in the story. If not, where did you get your inspiration? :) Best of further luck. /--Novium (talk) 10:52, 27 February 2014 (CST)

No, I'm not. Most locations here are inspired by somewhere real in our world actually, often presented in their original language rather than English so most people just don't necessarily realize it xD. Västergötland is picked for its implication of 'West Gothland' -> west of the goth people's homeland (or within this setting, what the protagonists keep referred as 'Northmen' thus far). - Aorii

if posible please add a full text. I really liked the synopsis and I would really love to read it in one sitting. On a side onte it, reminds of Zero no Tsukaima which is forever will be without an ending. - anonymous

Done. Thanks for your interest x) - Aorii

So, when do we have guns & rocket launcher? :) - Anon

Already made my point on guns clear in v1ch13 ^^ No powder musketry > no evolution into cartridge firearms. Not sure about rockets yet, as they have a completely independent teching path... but Weichsel's military design is finished and it's certainly not part of their arsenal =P - Aorii

And here I hoped that Kaede would bring some technological breakthrough :( Actually, what do you consider about merging modern weapon concept into existing design? Though that would imply that Kaede know any at the first place. -Lazgrane

Kaede isn't really a tech expert, but not all technology is hardware. Subutai didn't need any tanks to conquer Russia, a feat that neither Napoleon nor Hitler managed to repeat hundreds of years later because neither had any mastery of 'logistics'. Weapons-wise, it will mostly stay Hyperion-tech (a magically influence post-medieval level); Kaede isn't a technologist who turns towards science for solutions; being a historian, she looks towards brilliant minds of the past instead. - Aorii

Guess I should not pester you to change your course. But that idea had been bugging me for a real long time so I hope you don't mind me inject my own version of Kaede into the story of my fanfic :)

Haha, go ahead I guess. I should note that I won't hold back from introducing a tech should the opportunity arise. But in my experience an overly technical-oriented approach often (1) belittles the local charas when dropping simple ideas that should of been thought up by people of its era or (2) use tech that is obviously beyond their level because the writer lacks appreciation for a "tech base" (i.e. rocketry requires a strong chemicals industry). Etc. - Aorii

Pascal May be a Soldier, but there's no reason any technological advancements Kaede might introduce have to be used for military applications. Depending on how pervasive the use of magic is, use of nitrate salts could prove invaluable in the agricultural sector. Although you'd need a large enough scale production of nitric acid (That is, Aqua Fortis. Vintersvend's production requires archmage level Magic, IIRC, and medieval methods involve using saltpeter), and therefore a large enough scale production of ammonia if you don't plan on making it with a nitrate (which would defeat the purpose). If you were to obtain ammonia from the Haber Process, you'd need a container capable of withstanding a couple hundred atm. or so... So we'd probably need a blooming Steel industry before we even think about making nitrates on a large scale, you'd probably want to employ the Bessemer process for cheap steel. And unless you want large scale deforestation, a coal industry to match it... So by this point, you'd need already need a miniature industrial revolution to develop an nitrate based agricultural one. This is pretty difficult.

Although, part of the reason for the industrial revolution in the first place was Britain's agricultural one freeing up laborers, which stemmed from the shift to a four crop rotation (The one mentioned in Maoyuu is the same or similar to the one I'm thinking of), use of the seed drill, and extensive land reclamation, among other things. So basically, there's plenty of points that may or may not be improved upon, but it'd create, or rather, requires a massive shift in the... the word's on the tip of my tongue, but I'll just substitute it with "flow of people". SonodaYuki (talk)

I'd just like to note that this novel hasn't talked much about Weichsel's civil production capacity yet. I'm of the opinion that it's probably higher than most people think. For example, the fact their officers can incorporate chemistry into battle tactics means there is widespread application of chemistry -- which only happens with at least basic industrialization of the 17+ century. - Aorii

So, we probably at least have Industrial production of steel? If the advancement is further than Bessemer Process production of steel, have they moved on to the Linz-Donawitz-Verfahren (Basic Oxygen) Process? What about Stainless? I know it requires steel, but I don't recall the metallurgy for obtaining it. :P Coking? Nighttime illumination (kerosene, gas, whatever)? Textile Production? Glass? Plastic and other petrochemicals? SonodaYuki (talk)

We'll, if powder musketry is out, then the next thing to look at is electromagnetic propulsion (ie: coil guns and rail guns), which well, for rail guns at least, excluding the electrical source (which you could use magic for and doesn't require complicated electronics) the design is on the high school level, after all, all they do is run current through a projectile between two conducting rails, and the projectile moves forward with just this (although there is the issue of friction wrecking the rails, so some level of material science is required). Well, I'm only adding this because "fear the cyclic rail gun wielding kaede" possibly with disintegration runes on the projectiles... And, it's just an option for you - Chilliam

Hey again, guessing you're also having trouble with the forums if you're commenting here? ^^" Anyhow, I'd have to read up on mass drivers again. If I remember correctly the problem lay in the energy-exchange efficiency... moving a project isn't hard, moving it with enough speed to be worth the bulk is something else. There's a reason somewhere why the US Navy didn't start experimenting with railguns until recent decades. - Aorii

this still being continued?[edit]

Are you still making chapters for this novel because I love it. Also, do you intend to have some relationship between Pascel and Kaede? (I'd personally prefer nothing there but oh well)

Yes I am. I was just really busy. Having to juggle a full-time job + PM training + personal life while keeping this up is hard xD. As for those two characters... eh... their relationship is/will be weird. "It's complicated" may be the best descriptor ^^" -- Aorii

That's a relief :) with your personal life going as is, how long would it be before you can focus on the novel again? (cause i check this pre' much daily)

I'm not sure if this is something I 'focus' on, since it's not something I can just pump out and finish in a few weeks' time ^^" also because I need time to consider and edit before things are published here. Nevertheless updates should run more often now that I'm not spending a month packing/unpacking/moving homes. I'll try to keep it up to once per 2-3 weeks. Thanks for the encouragement though =) -- Aorii