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This is the Contact Page for General Administrative Requests.

Click Here To Submit an Administrative Request to Baka-Tsuki Supervisors


  • No social or meaningless comments
  • No "thank you's", random hellos, chatting, requests to translate a certain series, etc.

  • This is not a contact page for asking questions or making suggestions.
  • This page is only for making Administrative requests ONLY (ie: asking to get a page protected, a username unbanned, etc).
  • Instead, questions and suggestions should be made on the forums.

  • Do not submit the same administrative request more than once
  • If it's on the talk page, then it's on our to-do list. We just haven't gotten to it yet. Supervisors will remove requests as they are resolved.

  • Sign all Administrative requests with your signature and timestamp. Code:
  • Log is for supervisors and above to sign acknowledgement of administrative task done or acknowledged

Administrative Log