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TLG Translation Common Agreement v.0.1

By entering this wiki you agreed to the following conditions. If you do not agreed with this agreement, please leave the wiki now.

a) 'Work' is defined as any materials from the product/service their respective copyright holders hold including, but not limited to, scripts(translated and original), dialogues, illustrations, screenshots, animation, clips, sound, etc. . b1) 'You', 'your' are defined as a copyright holder of the works as defined in (a) . b2) 'You', 'your' are defined as the submitter of the work. c) 'I', 'me' are defined as the owner of this wiki. d) 'licenced' is defined as global and/or English publishcation rights.

Section A.1 All works(a.), original and/or translated, belongs to their respective copyright holders in their respective countries.

If you feel your(b1) rights are being violated due to the usage of this wiki up to but not limited by the presentation/broadcast/showing/distribution of works(a) in their original and/or translated full and/or portion of the work(a), please notify me(c) as soon as possible to discuss the possible outcomes.

All works(a) will be deleted without warning upon request by the copyright holders.

Section A.2 Under no circumstances would the visitors of this wiki, the translators of the works(a), the owner of this wiki(c), or the owner of this server assume any responsibilities for any damages that may be caused by this wiki. Furthermore, by agreeing to this agreement, you agree to the notion that while the I(c) did everything he/she can to honor the copyrights of the work(a), accidents can happen.

Section B Under no circumstances would you(b2) 1. submit works that are licenced(d) in the country the server or the submitter is located 2. submit translated works(a) copied directly from an unauthorized source such as, but not limited to, online source, written source etc. Permission, written/electronic/printed permission must be available upon request. By entering this wiki you agree that All works(a) will be deleted without warning upon request by the copyright holders. No whining :) .

Finally, Have Fun!

thelastguardian - April 16, 2006

Finally, have fun!