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The Fifth Question

Please translate the following:

‘Although John tried to take the airplane for Japan with his wife’s handmade lunch, he noticed that he forgot his passport on the way.’

Himeji Mizuki’s answer

‘John brought his wife’s homemade lunch along and wanted to take the flight to Japan, but on the way, he noticed that he forgot to bring his passport.’

Teacher’s comment:

Correct answer.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

‘Joan ‘

Teacher’s comment:

It’s John.

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

‘John brought his homemade passport and takes the flight to Japan.’

Teacher’s comment:

Please think through the meaning of the words ‘homemade passport’ again.

Thus, it’s time for the briefing before the attack.

“So only classes D and E are willing to help out in the end?”

“Can’t be helped. Class B’s representative is only a representative in name, he has no way to lead his class, and class C’s representative is Koyama, so the boys in her class are rather indecisive.”

“However, now that classes D and E are willing to help, at least the situation is a lot better than usual.”

“That’s right, besides, half the girls were bathing the last time we attacked them, so the amount of forces they can deploy now is almost 50%. Thus, as long as we can beat those few teachers, we should have a chance of succeeding.”

The opposing forces probably won’t increase any further.

“But since we caused quite a bit of commotion during these past two days, wouldn’t they stop opening the girls’ bathroom?”

“Most unlikely. The teachers have their own pride as well. Do you think they can say something like ‘we may be unable to stop the boys from peeping, so will the girls please don’t use the girls’ bathing area’?”

“Ohh, that’s right.”

Like what Yuuji said, the teachers don’t want to lose their identity and pride as human counselors. Besides, since things are settled by a summoning battle, they can’t allow students to break through the defenses.

“This is just a wild guess…but isn’t it likely that the teachers are rather happy with how things are progressing?”

“Eh? You’re saying that the teachers are happy to let us peep?”

“That’s right! No matter what, the aim of this training camp is to ‘increase the student’s willingness to study’. Speaking of studying, there is no better method than to use the summoning battle. And the girls have to also use the summoned beasts to protect themselves and stop us from peeping on them.” Yuuji analyses.

I see! So the teachers could have confined us to our classrooms, and yet the reason they didn’t do so is because of that? But aren’t the teachers a little too overconfident in thinking that we can’t break through their defences?

“Muttsulini, have you conveyed the time and location for the gathering to the other two classes?”

“…No problem.”

The expected time of action is at 20.10, and the gathering location is at the canteen. We intend to launch a full scale attack while the first group is still removing their clothes.

“Right, then it’s about time to move.”

“You’re right, most likely, the majority are eager to move out.”

Including the boys in classes D and E, we have almost 100 people. We can’t repeat what happened yesterday!

“Not good, Yoshii!”

At this moment, our door was slammed open, as our classmate Sugawa-san came rushing inside.

“What’s going on, Sugawa-san? There should be several minutes left before the operation begins, right?”

“We’ve been had! Those girls were in ambush in the canteen. In the end, all our forces are scattered all in all the levels!”


How come it’s the enemy attacking us now? Is there a spy among us who leaked the intel?

“…We can’t possibly leak our own intel.”

As if reading the doubt in my mind, Muttsulini quickly deduces this.

Muttsulini can’t possibly be that careless, and even if our plans were really leaked, it’ll take some time for the enemy to take action.

In other words…

“Our plan was seen through already? Yuuji says with regret.

That’s right, the enemy has already seen through our plan. Normally speaking, such a secretive plan can’t possibly be seen through. It can be said that the only reason why it ended up like this is only because the enemy understand Yuuji’s way of thinking. And there’s only one person in this world that can guess Yuuji’s thoughts.

“Kirishima Shouko, the title of number 1 in our academic year isn’t something to be snuffed at.”

“She definitely won’t forgive Yuuji’s peeping behaviour.”

Right now, the only thin hope for us is for Yuuji to come up with something unorthodox. If even this can be seen through, we won’t be able to move at all.

"…No time to hesitate.”

“Tha, that’s right! What do we do now, Yuuji?”

“What do you mean by that? Our battle plan is useless now! We can only regroup everyone. COMRADES, TIME TO MOVE OUT!”

““““ROGER THAT!””””

Including Sugawa-san, the 5 of us move out of them room, only to realise that the outside is already a battlefield.

“You perverts! Let us tie you up!”

“We definitely won’t allow you guys to peep on us!”

“Damn it! Why are the girls appearing here?”

“How do I know!? Anyway, let’s talk after we battle.”

Seeing the group of girls blocking our group of comrades hastily summoned their summoned beasts, but the differences in points is too great.

D class, Onodera Yuuko, Chemistry, 116 points.


F class, Masahiro Asakura, Chemistry, 44 points

Seeing Asakura-san get blown aside so easily, Sugawa-san exclaims,


After saying that, Sugawa-san charges forward.

No! That judgement’s a mistake!

“No you can’t, Sugawa-san! It’s not just Ironman that you have to be wary of!”

I frantically tried to stop him with my voice, but Sugawa-san’s moving. It’s too late!

“Sugawa-san from class F, right? Follow me to the detention room. Summon.”

Walking up from behind the girls is Fuse-sensei. Even if we don’t summon, there’re still teachers around, and without beating those summoned beasts, we can’t break through. Thus, we have to gather all our forces together. No matter how strong a summoned beast is, there’s a limit to the number of enemies. Since the number of teachers aren’t as many as the students, so we should be able to do something at least if we do that…!


Yuuji glares at Fuse-sensei as he gives the command. However, the direction he chooses is—


It’s definitely where there’re the most people are gathered, and a few of the class A girls are there as well.

But Yuuji immediately refutes my suggestion.

“That’s the reason! If there’s a thin defence, there’s a likelihood that there’re traps behind it! Even if it’s tough here, I have to go through the most dangerous place!”

Hearing him say this, the distribution in forces is really uneven. It’s like inviting us to go downstairs. Maybe that is really a trap. As expected of Yuuji, to be able to think of this in this situation.



Everyone present immediately turn to look at a common point before charging at the same place. At the same time, the girls scatter aside. Are they blown away by our momentum? No, actually, it’s better to not make judgement too early…

Anyway, we don’t have time to bother about all these. We rush down the corridor in front of the staircase, turning around from the corridor behind the self-study area.

“…Yuuji, I waited for you for a long time.”

“Ki, Kirishima-san!?”

In front of us, Kirishima-san and the rest walk over.

“Nice one there, Shouko..!”

I could hear Yuuji gritting his teeth.

It’s obvious that he won’t be happy. Because all his deliberate plans were countered by the opponent one by one. This shows that Kirishima-san’s thinking is a lot more cautious.

To Yuuji, there’s probably no greater shame than this.

“…I won’t forgive you for being fickle in love! I’ll let your body understand this.”

At this moment, Kirishima-san moves aside. Another person appears from behind her.

“Looks like I have a need to educate you on social rules.”


This teacher gives us a cold yet knowledgeable feeling, giving us a lecturing glare through her glasses. If our opponent is that Takahashi-sensei, our class F only has the role of being beaten down.

“Yuuji, I think it’s better to retreat now.”

“Sorry, that won’t do.”

Looking back in the opposite direction, somebody appears there.


“Hi. Yoshii-kun’s really working hard.”

Kudo-san waves her hand as if she doesn’t know anything. After that, the health Ed teacher Daishima-sensei walks up from behind her as if it’s to be expected. With those two as our opponents, even Muttsulini has no chance of winning.

“Aki, I got tricked by you during the day! You caused me to be so embarrassed!”

“Akihisa-kun, if you really want to peep on girls bathing, why didn’t you discuss with us first?”

In front of me is the familiar Minami and Himeji-san group. If Takahashi-sensei’s around, the subject will be combined subjects, and Minami’s weakness won’t be that obvious now. We have completely lost this battle.

BTS vol 03 147.jpg

But even so, we can’t give up like this! If those photos are to be spread around throughout the school, my school life will be a whole lot greyer!


I called out my summoned beast and let it get into a battle position. The target is level head Takahashi-sensei. But even if we managed to break through this, there are still many opponents that we have to break through.

“Sensei, Aki’s summoned beast looks a lot stronger than he is—”

“No problem, Shimada-san. You don’t have to worry.”

Takahashi-sensei uses a hand to block Minami, who’s intending to assist her.

So she’s extremely confident, huh!? However, I’m more or less familiar with how to control the summoned beast! Even if it’s the level head, if I can control it properly…!

After locking onto the target, my summoned beast charges at her like a bullet.

“Yoshii-kun, I’m really disappointed in you. I thought that at least there should be something positive about you.”

After Takahashi-sensei glares at me coldly, she gives a command to her summoned beast.

The opponent’s wielding the whip in its hands, so I can’t grasp the timing of the attack. But at least I have to fight against it once to gauge the distance!

I raise my wooden sword to eye level, between my eyes, guarding against the enemy’s attack. At this moment, my summoned beast suddenly can’t move—and collapses onto the floor.


For a moment, I couldn’t do anything. And the next moment, a sharp pain reverberates through my entire body.


In contrast to Ironman’s fist, it feels like my skin is being ripped as the pain spreads throughout my body.

“That Akihisa actually got hit once, and yet…as expected of the legendary talented woman…”

Level head, Takahashi Yoko, Combined subjects 7791 points


Class F, Yoshii Akihisa, Combined subjects 902 points.


“Can’t be helped. If so, everyone’s to do things according to their judgement!”


Our commander here made an order that’s nothing too different from retreating.

After the order was issued, everyone’s to do according to their own decision making. How will they escape? Let us see this!

“…” (<--Kneeling down in remorse)

“…” (<--Kneeling down in remorse)

“…” (<--Kneeling down in remorse)

They’re a bunch of idiots.

“Yoshii-kun and Sakamoto-kun aren’t admitting your wrongdoing as well? Is it because you want to maintain your pride as commanders?”

Seeing Yuuji and me unwilling to beg for forgiveness, Takahashi-sensei narrows her eyes, seemingly with respect.

Kneel down and admit our wrongdoing? Oi, can you say something more decent?

“You’re wrong, Takahashi-sensei. We’re very clear about this.”

Yuuji lifts his mouth and replies.

“Yuuji’s right, we’re very clear about this. There’s no need to get down and admit our wrongdoing.”

Like Yuuji, I also showed a smile.

“Don’t tell me you have reinforcements?”

Seeing our stubborn attitudes, Takahashi-sensei frowns.

“Reinforcements? No, you don’t understand anything at all.”

“You’re right, we’re not talking about that.”

If this were an exam, Takahashi-sensei’s answer will only warrant her 0 marks. The reason why we didn’t kneel down and admit our wrongdoing isn’t because of pride or reinforcements, but—

“Sakamoto-kun, Yoshii-kun. Peeping is obviously a crime, you know?”

“Oh yeah, Aki, I haven’t settled the debt I owed you during the day.”

“…Yuuji, I said before that I won’t forgive you for being such a Casanova.”

—The correct answer is that we won’t be forgiven even if we’re to kneel down.

“To think that even Takahashi-sensei joined in the battle.”

“She’s so strong it’s basically illegal for her to take part in this war…”

It’s no longer a level of deciding a winner. It’s practically impossible to find anyone who can beat her one on one.

Just thinking about it makes my body hurt. These were the aftereffects of Takahashi-sensei’s summoned beast and Minami’s punishment. It feels like I’ll dream of Himeji-san and Minami smiling at me while the content’s all about punishment.

“Then what should we do? Not only will you guys be blackmailed, you’ll be tagged as peeping toms!”

Like yesterday, Hideyoshi is let off. Ai, it’s right that a girl seeing another girl bathing shouldn’t be enough to warrant a crime.

“Of course we don’t intend to give up at all. Though tomorrow will be our only chance left, look at it another way, we still have a chance tomorrow.”

Tomorrow’s the 4th day of training camp. Since the 5th day will be travelling time, tomorrow will be the last chance for us to peep. However, like what Yuuji said, there’s still tomorrow. It’s too early for us to give up.

“You’re right. Though there’s an overwhelming difference in terms of fighting strength, we’re already used to this. This strength in overcoming difficulties is where our true value shines through, right?”

We have threats of blackmail and being tagged as peeping toms behind us, and in front of us is one extremely overpowered opponent that only an idiot will go up against. There’s only one chance left. Even so, no matter how inexplicable it is, we didn’t feel any despair.

“…We can’t just end off like this.”

“That’s right. Our class F is already used to seeing this, so there’s no need to panic.”

Hideyoshi and Muttsulini seem rather excited as well, and the other classmates who aren’t around should feel the same.

“Is that so? If you two aren’t giving up, there’s still a way of doing this.”

“As expected of Yuuji! What idea did you come up with?”

“Of course. Who do you think I am?”

Yuuji lets out a wicked smile. That’s a smile I saw several times up till now. Once this guy gives this look, he’ll normally bring us to safety (let’s ignore how he does it first). We should be successful this time as well.

“Then, what’s the plan?”

“A frontal breakthrough.”

I’ll take that back. We don’t have any chance now.

“Please don’t show such a look and listen till the end. The basic idea of breaking through from the front hasn’t changed, and what changes are the preparations beforehand.”

“If we’re going to continue to try and break through from the front, you’re talking about increasing our forces?”

“That’s right. The opposing forces are at their limit. There’s no way to increase their forces anymore. Even though it was a pity that we lost today, thanks to that, we managed to grasp the battle ability of the opponent. This is very important.”

“…I got witnesses’ information from the other classes.”

The other classes Muttsulini’s talking about should be classes D and E.

“Though the opponents use the teachers as their main defence, there is a weakness. Do you know what that is?”

“Not at all.”

“I’ll teach you the correct way to use a pair of scissors.”

“GYAAHH! My eyes, MY EYES!!!”

Yuuji uses the pair of scissors to deliver it as a French Kiss gift to my eyes (by the way, that’s one beautified version.)

“Really, think through it carefully, will you? The field to summon the summoned beasts has something called ‘interference’. This is when if another teacher’s to create a summoning field, the conflict in subjects will cause the summoned beast to disappear--”

“In other words, not being able to allocate many teachers at the same wide are?”

“That’s the point.”

So if the teachers are to get too close to one another, it will cause an interference and make the ‘summoned beasts’ disappear, right?

I see, so that’s why the teachers attacked from all directions. They wouldn’t be able to fight with the physicality of the high school boys if they don’t have summoned beasts, so they will try to avoid a ‘interference’ at all costs.

“Tabulating this phenomenon and the results that Muttsulini reported, we can expect the enemy to set up something like this.”

Yuuji opens a piece of white paper on the table and proceeds to draw his expectations on it.

“Eh? Takahashi-sensei’s position will be different from how it was today?”

“I’m not 100% certain on this, but I’ll do this if I were the enemy. It’s a common rule in war to put forces on places that you don’t want the enemy to break through.”

According to Yuuji’s prediction, Takahashi-sensei’s location will be in front of the stairs leading down to the basement. This is because that’s the only staircase leading down to the girls’ bathing area, and it’s likely that the enemy will set up their main forces there.

“If so, why didn’t they do so today?”

“Were they trying to lower our will to fight? Seemed like our routes were predicted as well.”

“Hm, well, the difference in points is a crucial factor.”

I’m sorry to disappoint the girls, but we aren’t going to give up just because of this blip.

“But speaking of which, this is one tough battle for us. There’s Ironman, Daishima-sensei (Health ed teacher) and Takahashi-sensei (level head). These are positions that we can’t just pass through easily.”

Though we say this, we can’t just ignore the other teachers. What Yuuji predicted were the important points, and I guess this is right. Right now, our forces here include the boys of classes D, E, F. Though we have high morale, it’s obvious which side is weaker when the opposing forces include class A’s girls, and especially since class E had no experience in a summoning war.

“For our victory, we have to get a certain guy in front of Ironman unscathed.”

“A certain guy?”

“That’s you, Akihisa. No matter what, the main unavoidable condition for our victory is for you to win over Ironman.”

“So it’s because I’m a ‘punishment inspector’?”

“That’s right. Ironman’s acting as the final line of defence to the girls bathing area. This is a point that we have to break through. However, it’s impossible to beat that guy through flesh.”

We already knew that two days ago. With that guy as our opponent, even Yuuji will be tossed aside like a brat. “Humans used weapons to fight against monsters, and the only one who has the weapon is you, Akihisa.”

The summoned beast that is a lot stronger than a human. However, an ordinary summoned beast won’t be able to touch such objects. Only my summoned beast that’s designated as a ‘punishment inspector’ can touch physical objects, so that means that I’ll have to be Ironman’s opponent. I don’t know if I can win, but at least it’s better than having someone else go for it.

“However, wouldn’t it mean having to break through Takahashi-sensei unscathed?”

“Ahh, even if Muttsulini’s to handle Daishima-sensei, the number of forces needed to face Takahashi-sensei is still insufficient. Actually, it’s impossible to beat Takahashi-sensei with our current forces.”

Assuming that 10 people are needed to block a teacher, we need about 80 people on the second and third levels. And with the girls helping them, we can’t deny that we’re at an overwhelming disadvantage.

“No matter what, we have to get classes A, B and C’s help.”

What Yuuji meant is that classes B and C will be required to get to Takahashi-sensei, and class A is required to beat Takahashi-sensei.

“It’s too long to talk about all these, but because of this, it’s imperative that we get the other classes help. Thus, before we start battle tomorrow, let’s focus on this.”

“So you’re saying that we need to get classes A-C as our comrades? But we’ve been rejected once. Will it be that easy?”

“So that’s why we need to do something.”

At this moment, Yuuji’s holding onto many cameras and yukatas that were prepared in each room. Even though we were told not to use the yukatas, this guy probably doesn’t intend to obey the rules.

“But what do you plan to do with that?”

“Use these photos to get those guys from classes A-C to reveal the darkness in their hearts. If possible, it can increase their interest in peeping and get their help.”

“Hm~ it sure feels like Yuuji’s battle plan.”

“Shut up.”

“However, if it’s effective, there’s value in trying it. Put it on, Hideyoshi.”

“…Again, you’re making it wear it…?”

Why did I feel that Hideyoshi looks unhappy when he received that yukata?

“Relax. It’s not just Hideyoshi. I’m making Himeji and Shimada wear it as well.”

“No, it’s not that I’m unhappy with being the only one wearing it.”

So it’s not that he’s unhappy? Good, very good.

“Then, Akihisa. Contact Himeji and Shimada. Muttsulini will prepare the camera.”

Following Yuuji’s instructions, I pulled out my phone. Mm~ Those two’s numbers are…oh,I got them.”

Kacha, I entered the contents of the text.

[I got something to say. Can you please come over to my room?]

Pi Pi Pi Pi Pi.

A short while after pressing the send button, I got a reply—oh, it’s from Himeji-san.

[I got it. I’ll bring some snacks along. I’ll go over soon.]

To do this for taking photos, that’s a really delightful answer. I have to thank for her that.

Pi Pi Pi Pi Pi.

After I shut my phone down, about a minute later, I got another message. Is this from Minami this time?

[I’m alright with it. But why now?]

Ah, so she’s a little wary? Can’t be helped, since Minami and the rest seem to view us as peeping toms and might change Himeji-san who’s completely clueless about it. Deary me, how should I respond?

Just as I’m thinking about how to answer such that Minami can accept it, my phone rings to notify me of a third message.

[Hm? Who can that be?]

Opening up the inbox, the sender was—Sugawa-san. What now?

[Though it’s sudden, why are you desperately trying to peek? Or is it that you really like girls? I’m somewhat mindful about you saying something like liking Sakamoto’s butt.]

For a moment, I couldn’t say anything after seeing Sugawa-san’s mail.

That, that’s a serious misunderstanding! Wouldn’t anyone think that I’m more interested in Yuuji than girls if they see this!? Got to change their thinking!

While the situation’s good, let’s send a mail over.

Why must we peep inside the girls’ bath? Of course we decided on it!

[It’s because I like it, isn’t it? Even more than Yuuji!]

Really, why must he ask this? Won’t he get the answer if he thinks of it normally?

Somewhat hasty, I pressed down on the button. Oh my. There’re so many idiots around me that it’s disturbi—

[Sending message to--> Shimada Minami.]


Ah haha. Seems like I’m too tired, since I seemed to have seen the recipient wrongly. However, I just need to rub my eyes and see the destination, right?

[Message sent to--> Shimada Minami.]


On seeing the recipient, my mouth let out an unbelievable sound.

…Hold on, Yoshii Akihisa. This isn’t such a dangerous mail, right? How about I look back at the mail I just sent?

[It’s because I like it, isn’t it? Even more than Yuuji!]

Such a manly confession.