Galge no Sekai yo Youkoso!:Volume1 The Scripted Prologue

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The Scripted [TL note: ‘Enforced by the game setting’] Prologue

“………..Take…….n. …….up.”

I heard some noises as I was sleeping. The curtains are pulled open, and the late spring’s sunlight makes me feel very warm. If I go back to sleep now, I am certain that I will totally oversleep for school.

But I feel like something is trying to disturb my nap by rigorously rocking my body; if this keeps up my mind will wake up. I can hear the voice clearer and clearer now.

“Come on, Take-chan. Wake up-“

That unique way of light pronunciation- And then, this scenario is…

“Take chan. Wake up. Breakfast is getting cold!”

I can’t believe it. This voice, this line- I have heard them countless times. Was that thing yesterday real? I could hardly believe it. Perhaps I didn’t want to deny the possibility of that being true, as my head cleared, my nervousness heightened as well.

Slowly I opened my eyes. The person standing beside me looks like the childhood friend character Rie Akihara from the galgame ‘Eternal Innocence’. I recognized her immediately, even though she has been transformed from the 2 dimensional drawing to the real world. She looks so real; there is nothing uncanny about her.

Her soft, short hair covers her shoulders; her gentle eyes leave a very deep impression on me. As if she is happy for something her face looks very cheerful. She is not wearing that fashionable uniform in the game- she is wearing the mainly blue uniform from my school. The outer blazer-like jacket and the cap she is wearing look so real that not even the most advance CG can replicate it. So good that her existence has devalue all existing 3D rendering techniques to jokes. She is a human. A cosplayer of the highest order. Other than amazing I don’t know what else I can describe her with.

“Ah, you are up. You woke up pretty early today.”

The brightly smiling Rie Akihara’s words and motions are completely the same as was described by the game. Even the way she uncovers the blanket is the same as was described by the dialogue box. This is unbelievable, but it’s not a dream; a dream this real is actually pretty terrifying.

“Rie, Akihara?”

To confirm the situation I tried calling her with the name.

“What’s up all of a sudden? Why are you calling my full name?”


“…Are you still sleeping? You called me ’Akihara-san’ like a stranger. I will get annoyed if you don’t call me Rie like you usually do.”

What a well replicated model of Rie Akihara. It seems very likely that if in the game the main character calls her by her last name, she will have the exact same reaction. If all these are part of a TV show joke, I would be willing to pay good money to participate in it. There is no word that can describe how thrilled my mind is. My heart beats furiously without stop, and I am steadily losing my calm.

“Aa, sorry. I am still in some sort of a daze.”

After I forcefully calmed down my breathing, I replied.

“Then call me by my name?”

I have been asked to do that. Even though her name is only 2 words [TL note: Ri-e, 2 vowels, two characters], but I was simply bewildered by these 2 simple words.


I, with a wavering tone, squeezed out the words from my throat.”

“Yep, good.”

I am embarrassed to say this, even though according to the game she is my childhood friend, but to me she is a girl who appeared out of nowhere. I am only an otaku who has never called a girl by her first name. The number of years that I am single = my age.

Because of this unknown situation I became very excited, and I overlooked the unknown weight pushing against me from my waist to my feet. My nerve sense sure is dull.

“Come on, Natsumi-chan. Wake up as well.”

Rie then uncovered the blanket.

A small girl, who has on the same kind of uniform as Rie, is currently hugging my waist. From this situation, from this body size, from the two pony tails, no matter how I look at this the girl is just like the main character’s step younger sister. Because the angle is too steep, I cannot see her face.

I gently pat her head.


After I hear her voice I was certain. There is no mistake; it’s Natsumi’s voice.

“Natsumi chan, wake up.”


The small girl, whose eyes look as if they are still sleeping, suddenly opened and look at me, as if she just noticed something.

Her face looks so young she looks just like an elementary school student. She has the kind of face that makes other want to protect her, or should I say just can’t leave her alone. She’s Natsumi.

When she noticed that I am looking at her, she looks back at me and say,

“Morning! Onii-chan!” [TL note: I just can’t make myself type ‘big bro’- Onii-chan sounds so…good (゚﹏゚ ) ]

Something in my heart just cracked.

I used the excuse ‘I have to change my clothing’ to get those two out of the room so that I can sort out the current situation.

I am now sure that the email did accomplish my wish- it used the content of the game as the basis, tuned it with the various settings that I chose, and projected the final data into the world.

Honestly, I still feel like I am in a dream; but this overwhelming feeling of this is real negated this thought.

I calmly turned on my computer, and I felt that it is running slower than usual. Before the Desktop screen appears I felt uneasy. After it booted up completely I quickly turned on the browser.

I tried to search for that game in all the famous search engines. What I found was that, everything that suggests the existence of the game got wiped out. All the message boards, all its fan sites, gone. The game disc that I had, my fan book, and my strategy guide were gone as well. Even the pictures I hid in My Document were gone as well.

What an overreaching influence.

I shuddered at that thought of what I have done.

At the same time, however, I was very excited by the prospect of living a galgame-like dream life with the girls.

The game disc that I put in and wished for it to come true is ‘Eternal Innocence’.

The 18+ computer game was abruptly released by a new studio a year ago. But it was quite a while later that I came across it. Because I am only a high school student, I wasn’t able to buy the 18+ version; instead I brought the special release that was ported to game consoles half a year later.

As I was playing it, I became very depressed.

And then, in the end, I cried.

Before I played this game, to me galgame is just another genre of video games. They are games that I occasionally borrowed from my otaku friend.

And then, this game completely changed my view.

What a great game this is-

Fair and equal towards everyone, the outgoing school idol, the talented at everything girl, Saki Kagura.

Neighbors, and the forever together childhood friend, Rie Akihara.

Very adores the main hero to the point of doting him regardless of others, the step older sister, Harumi Sanada.

Forever cheerful, a bit of brother complex, the main hero’s step younger sister, Natsumi Sanada.

Silent, doesn’t like to associate with other people, never tells other about herself, the transfer student, Aoi Akashi.

Together this cast of attractive characters weaved together a slightly bitter and youthful romance story. I, still in my teen, am absolutely astounded by the brilliant act.

I want to be in love like that.

I want to become that kind of main character.

I want to make out with my girlfriend without a care of the world.

I held onto these wishes as I play through the game over and over again. Pretty soon I have memorized all the events and dialogues. I have been in this state for half a year already.

So when my disillusion came to life so easily I was surprised.

In fact I was so surprised I was flabbergasted.

“Here, Ta-kun. It’s time for breakfast. If you want more just tell your older sister, okay?”

The person who was talking and passing a cup of tea to me is (by setting) my older step sister, Harumi-neechan, nickname Harune.


As I replied I received the cup from her; our eyes met.

The way her softly swaying to-waist long hair took my heart away. Her gentle and innocent face, true to her age, looked towards me. Outside of her same-as-Rie’s school uniform she has on an apron; her setup makes her look very homely. When I looked at her, she smiled back at me, and I got a bit embarrassed. She is the kind of character who always has a smile on.

As an aside, ‘Ta-kun’ is probably my nickname. Originally in the game the main hero’s nick name is ‘Ma kun’, from his real name ‘Masaki Sanada.’

Including Natsumi, they are step siblings to the main character. As was dictated by the game’s setting, these three are not blood related. In the game, the sisters were the children of the person the father married. So how would the family tree gets transfer to the real world?

My father died of a traffic accident when I was still in my lower years of grade school. My mother, as if she wanted to follow him, died of illness soon after. Afterward, up until high school I spent my life living in my distant relative's home. Using the chance that I am entering senior high school, I moved back into my old home alone.

My attention turned back towards reality; after Harune passed a tea cup to Natsumi, she asked.

“Natsumi-chan, did you sneaked onto Ta-kun’s bed again?”

“Yeah. Today I was really gonna waking him up…”

Natsumi looks a bit annoyed. Her cheerful face is cute, but even her annoyed expression looks cute as well.

Every time the younger sister would want to wake her brother up, but she will always give up and squeeze into the brother’s bed to sleep. Obviously in real life this is impossible. I must give credit to the game setting where it’s due- if I wake up like this in real life the shock would knock all my calmness away.

“Sorry for the trouble. You prepared my meal as well…”

The person who said it is the person who woke me up, Rie. According to the setting, it is common for the four of them to eat together. Rie’s parents always leave early for work. The main hero’s parents are working over sea, so they are not home as well. Since everyone attends the same school, a lot of time can be saved by doing chores together.

As for me, it has been a very long time since I eat my breakfast with other people. Even though I don’t have the habit of eating breakfast, but not eating Harune’s breakfast will hurt her feeling. Furthermore I want to try out her cooking has well, so I sat down in front of the dining table.

‘Thanks for the meal’, right after I said it I have a mouthful of the soup. Harune, lacking a bit of self confidence, asked me,

“Is it bad?”

“N,no. Absolutely not. This is some very delicious soup. I have never had one that tastes as good as this.”

I stumbled a bit with that sudden question. The fact that a girl is actively talking to me is quite impactful; even though Harune is part of the family, but that’s for the main character, not me.

“Re-really? I am getting complimented by you. Ne chan is so happy.”

I looked at Harune, who is smiling from the bottom of her heart for getting complimented for her delicious food, and felt so happy.

“Ta-chan is complimenting Harune’s cooking, that’s rare. Usually you would try to vaguely change the topic.”

“But it’s the truth.”

If I can repeat the same thing and eat her cooking every morning, I can compliment her as much as she wants. The main character is too shy to outright compliments Harune, but I don’t care; her food is way much better than my cooking anyway. The different stems from the difference in skills, time, and above all, love.

Time flies by as I immense myself in this never experienced before happiness. This is enough to make me feel very satisfied.

I usually step out of my house alone. But the difference in sceneries along the way to school feels very fresh.

“Okay, Ta-kun. Have you brought handkerchief? Tissue? Have you forgotten anything?”

Harune, just like her in the game, is fully showing off her caring nature. To me, who have played the game countless time, these lines from the morning scene are all very familiar; but now that I hear them in real life, they feel different to me.

“Yeah, I have them I have them.”

All’s left to do is to put on my shoes, leave the house, and go to school together. Rie and Natsumi left a bit early as they have to dump the garbage in the dumpster. They will be back soon.

“Let’s see. Handkerchief, tissue, gas stove is off, TV is off…”

As Harune and I walked towards the door, she ticked off her checklist with her eyes half closed. Even though I am aware that there is an event CG here, but speaking of forgetting something, I do feel like I am forgetting something…

……Ah! Just as I remember what that was, I extended my hand towards Harune.


Harune lost her balance at the lobby’s steps and fell onto my arm. That was close.

“So-sorry, Ta-kun.”

The answer is the same as well. Even though I am used to it, but there is a big different between watching a screen and experiencing it firsthand, with our bodies so close together that I can feel her breath. To be honest I don’t know how to react. Also in the game you can’t smell the girl’s fragrance.

Anyway, now is not the time to muse.

“…You are too careless, Harune. You always trip over this step. And there is still not much of your breast to hug for.”

Only after I said it that I realized how hurtful the main character’s lines are. The main character ought to give more thoughts into what he says. But I am the person doing the talking now…sorry.

“Gosh…your sister’s breasts are gradually growing bigger.”

I heard a very startling line.

Harune is indeed a bit of a natural airhead. The conversation took an awkward turn, but that can’t be help- it’s the same as the game script. If I have to comment, I would say that this particular segment of the game is a bit forced. Moreover, the way the game’s introduction and ending are constructed feels different; the reason for this may have something to do with this game being the game studio’s first game. Regardless, she still played her part and said this very awkward line out- it was probably forced by the designed scenario.

…and then, in the following line Harune will…

“You will understand if you touch them.”

As she said she buffed up her flat chest.

Even though it’s flat, but to a teenage boy, the temptation is still very irresistible. My hands, different from my heart’s “stop”, inch slowly toward Harune’s breasts. I am very impressed at how the main character- default name ‘Masaki Sanada’, managed to withhold his lust. As a fictional character, he has won my respect.

At the end, my hands, without any obstacles, reached her chest.


The instance I made contact, Harune moaned. She is blushing.

Even though having a school uniform in between my hands and a girl’s breasts dampens the effect somewhat, but the softness that made it past though the fibre is just too enchanting for me to move away. My hands, as if they are trying to find the softest part, subconsciously started to move.


Harune embarrassedly twist her body. Only at this point does my overheated logic start to work again.

“Ha,Harune. Aren’t you, like, angry?”

Logically speaking, if you do that to a girl, the situation has already surpassed what mere anger can solve. If you do that to your female classmate- you would soon find yourself segregated from the rest of the class.

“If it’s Ta-kun, it’s alright… if you like…doing that to big sis…but…”

She doesn’t look mad at all. She, smiling embarrassedly, looked up to me. Even though we are at this stage Harune is still not resisting; she looks as if she is willing to do anything I think that’s part of the setting…as if there is no emotion call angry in her being. In the game she never got mad.

But, somewhere in the back of my mind tells me that if this goes on, the scene will get very bad.

“Big sis, big bro, so slow! What are you two-!”

As I thought about that stuff, a voice called out and the door opened at the same time. The scene of me groping Harune’s breasts were witnessed by Natsumi and Rie.

“Wa,wait a second Ta-chan! What are you doing!”

“No, wait! There is a reason for that!”

Without thinking, I yelled out the exact same line the main hero used in the game. Right now our sync rate must be extremely high. Even though this is only the prologue, but what a classic scene!

“Were big sis and big bro doing perverse things?”


Even though I couldn’t completely deny the allegation, but seriously what is she thinking when she said that. But at the same time, this little sister’s personality does follow the game’s setting. Hurrah for adaptation accuracy.

And then, if this is the game, we should move on to the next scenario:

“What a pervert!”

Rie would repeatedly say this as we go to school together. Tragically, reality won’t have any of that paranormal resolution- the cruel reality is being continued. With certain defeat, the round goes on.

“Ta chan, I thought you are better than this! Groping a gi-gi-gi-gi-girl’s breast!”

Rie is now without her usual leisure; but the angry Rie looks very novel…no, now it’s not the time for that. If I tell the truth here, things would get even more chaotic. So, against my wish, I tired to coyly talk my way out of it.

“Listen to me. That was, Harune was in front of me when I tripped, and it just so happened that my hands touched her chest and you guys saw it. That’s all…”

I responded weakly; Rie looked at me suspiciously.


Not good. The way I said it wasn’t convincing enough; Rie is definitely suspecting me.

“Is that true, big sis?”

Natsumi looked towards Harune and asked her.

“Yeah. I was just a bit surprised by the unusual turn of event.”

Nice, Harune.

“That’s true. It’s usually Harune who trips and fall into big bro’s embrace.”

Natsumi said while acting out the scene. She may not have been here, but being the younger sister, she can reconstruct the event as if she saw it.

Finally, the topic died down. Rie still looked a bit suspicious, but Harune already explained what had happened, so she can’t say much more.

“Well, since Harune said that’s what happened, I will leave it at that. But Ta-kun, do you know that a girl’s breasts are very holy? You might have touched them by accident, but you still need to apologize.”


In truth it wasn’t an accident- I lost to my instinct, so apologizing is indeed the right thing to do- or rather, the very first thing I should do.

‘There is no need for apology…Ta kun, I don’t mind you touching me if it’s Ta kun. This is our way of getting to know each other better♪.”

Wait, Harune, are you just going to ignore all the diversions?!

“Egh~~~~Ta~Ke~Cha~n? Whaaaaaa-t was that~~~?”

Rie’s suspicious mode is on again. Even the stress from her voice increases. Honestly, this is scary. When she gets into that mode even the main hero becomes anxious. For me, it’s terrifying. I am such a wimp.

“Wa, wait wait, wait Rie. Let, let’s talk!”

Due to both fear and anxiety, my voice started to sound funny.

“But the former Prime Minister Inukai Tsuyoshi still got assassinated. So this trivia [TL note: ie. talking] is not very useful, is it?”

[TL note: . He was assassinated in 1932. His famous last line, before AND after getting shot in the head, was the above.  ]

She is surprisingly knowledgeable. There is no room left for jokes- her eyes are getting narrower and narrower.

”S~o~, then~~~~ let us a very good talk~~~~”

Rie slowly approached me. I don’t know how, but my body feels like it’s getting needled…

“But Rie-chan, we need to go to school now or we will be late.”

Natsumi tries to soothe Rie’s anger with an extremely practical suggestion. Maybe Natsumi is the calmest of us all.

“…You are right. Yes, we should go to school early.”

I am saved…Thank you, time. This is the first time in my life that I am thanking time. In my heart I exhaled a sigh of relieve.

“We will continue with the talk after school, okay?”

Rie smiled brilliantly and said. Darn, I didn’t get away. Harune, with her remorseful eyes, silently apologized for me. Ah well, it couldn’t be help. It was I who wished for an exciting life in the first place. This is my undoing.

…Everything has its good sides and its bad sides.

“Okay, let’s go!”


Rie and Natsumi are the first to move. I am next to move.

“…I will be going.”

Just like what I always do, I yelled into my empty house and stepped out of the lobby.

“Have a safe trip.”

Surprised at hearing a different than usual response, I turned round; and there was Harune.

Harune is the kind of upright character who always response to a greeting. Game setting aside, it warms my heart to have someone who can reply to me.

It’s so nice to have someone who can watch me leave; I didn’t think I would be so weak to this kind of small things…

“I will be go~~ing.”

Harune yelled into the house as well.

“Have a safe trip.”

Harune, seeing I replied to her, smiled at me. Faced with that reaction, a smile naturally appeared on my face as well.

And what’s followed is my dream of going to school with girls. Hugging my left arm is Natsumi; Walking to the right of me is Rie; at about half a step behind is Harune.

Reality is different from the game. Other people won’t say things behind our back just because of this; however, maybe I am being paranoia, I feel like people are looking at us.

Then, as I remember, at this point in this scene, that anticipated character should appear.

“Tsuddukki k~un, morning~”

My body reacts immediately to that name of mine. My heart beat rate jumps up.

The footstep behind me gets closer and closer. I don’t need to turn around to know. This angel-like voice, this energetic tone, although the name being shouted is different, there is no mistake. It’s her.

After I calmed my head down I turned around. Standing there is the idol of the school, Saki Kagura.

Her long hair was bundled into a hanging pony tail. It dances around cheerfully behind her head. Her fair skin, pale as snow, is expressing a kind of beautiful that even clueless boys can comprehend immediately.

From her hair style, to her height, movement, and skin color- everything is precisely the same as what I remembered. She is the ideal character of all the galgames that I played. You can’t blame me for unable to move my eyes away. According to the setting, there is no high school student in the Kanto area who doesn’t know her. Moreover when she enters high school, a fan club was started almost immediately. What kind of cheating setting is this? Although she is not an idol she is for some reason as famous as one? Did the developers just sort of randomly decide on the setting?

“Mor-morning, Kagura.”

As my heart beat furiously I calmly greet her. I will imitate the main hero as close as possible. Calm down. Calm down. If the mere sight of her is enough to excite me what would happen later on?

“Morning, Kagura-san.”

“Kagura-oneechan, morning!”

“Good morning, Saki-chan.”

All three girls who were with me say hello to her as well.

“Akihara-san, Harune-san, Natsumi-chan, good morning! You are all happily going to school again. So nice, I am envious.”

After she said it, Kagura happily patted on my shoulder. Aah, I feel so happy with this kind of show of affection.

“…It’s alright.”

This is not good. My mind became blank and I didn’t remember how I should respond. I search memory trying to figure out what goes next.

“Uhn? Tsuduki-kun, you feel different. Is something wrong?”

She is sharp- she is surprised at my lack of response. It does make sense for her to feel a different aura around me. The girls are used to the real game main hero Masaki Sanada, not me.

Even though my personality differs from the main hero, but I think the gap is within the game’s tolerance. However, it remains possible that I will get dump because of some other reasons. Also, if I make the wrong choice it is very likely that I will not see them again. It’s best for me to imitate the main character, then.

After I figure out what I should reply, I quickly delivered it with my unpractised acting skills.

“Nah, I am the same as always. You are the person who is always energetic. I can’t be compared to you.”

Good. A one liner that fits. I may not be able to say a line like that to other girls during usual time, but I can at least imitate the scripts of the main hero. After I said it I secretly prayed that it didn’t sound too plain.

“School life is short, you know. If you don’t go through it interestingly, I think it’s a waste.”

Kagura put her index finger onto her lips, and like the energetic sun, brightly responded. Kagura is a character who sometimes exhibits this kind of behaviour; but they are also foreshadowing the things to come.

“Living an interesting live is not a synonym for overly energetic.”

“What are you talking about? A lively and energetic live is what makes it so interesting!”

When she directs that bright as the sun smiling face towards me, I instantly want to wave a white flag and surrender. But I can’t just let the main hero’s persona get destroy, so I beared with it.

“Too tiresome. I don’t want to.”

“Really? Ah, darn. I have something I need to take care of in the morning. I will be going then. Everyone, take care. Tsudeki kun, see you in the classroom!”

Right after she said it she started running. She quickly disappeared in the direction of the school.

“She is like a wind.”

“She is indeed the school idol.”

“Cute, smart, and athletic. This is cheating…”

Harune, Natsumi, and Rie all expressed their thoughts on Kagura. No, everyone is very cute enough already. Maybe they think Kagura is cuter than them because that’s what the game setting described. Also, for Harune at least, she should be as smart and athletic as Kagura.

“Ta-kun, would you be happy if you become a pair with Saki-chan?”

Harune’s sudden question took me by surprised. To be honest, when I first played the game, Kagura was the first person I went for. Then it’s Harune, Rie, Natsumi, and finally, the transfer student.

“Why did you ask that all of a sudden, Harune…”

If I have gone over my head and answered ‘Of course, yes!’ I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen. I better behave myself.

“I don’t think a person like Kagura-san will see anything worthy in Ta-chan.”

Rie became annoyed and sneered at me. Aah, how adorable. The jealous Rie mode is so captivating. Some players like to intentionally choose options to make Rie uneasy. Looking at her current expression, I too can understand what those players were thinking.

“But even if Kagura-san doesn’t see him as worthy, Rie-chan will still wed herself into our house, so there is nothing to worry about. Right, Rie-chan?”


After Rie heard Harune’s either joke or genuine comment, her face heats up and blushes furiously. It doesn’t seem like she realized the subtle impoliteness that was implied by the line, or should I say she doesn’t have the spare calmness to deal with it. Even I, as an observer, got a bit flustered. Harune, could you keep your voice down? People around us seem to hear what you said…

“What, what, that…it’s a bit too, early, to say this. But I wouldn’t mind it…”

Rie, as if the verbal mechanism of her brain has broken down, babbled on.

“If Rie-chan can’t, can Natsumi can be big bro’s bride? I am envious of the everyday newlywed life of doing all the love-y things together!”

What an explosive statement. My mind became so seized up it could snap.

“Gosh, Natsumi-chan…”

Harune, with her expression of defeat mixed with understanding; Rie, with her blushing face and her bizarre talking spree; Natsumi, with her innocent yet slightly perverse talks. During our happy walk to school, the cheerful mood was so overwhelmingly strong that I, the central character, can’t actually have a say. But that doesn’t mean I am unhappy about it.

Even though to other people, our walk to school seems boring, but this is enough for a sense of contentment to rise up inside of me.

After we left the house for 20 minutes we finally see our high school. The high school hasn’t been affected by the game setting. In the game the school is called Renjyou Private School. It accepts both genders and by its academic grade, the school is ranked above average. On the other hand its athletic rating is so-so. The guy’s uniform is blazer, and the girls’ uniform is, how should I describe it, rather modernistic.

Back in reality, the school’s name is called Yokogishi Private School. By its academic grade, the school is ranked below average. While that is generally the case, there are a few who do make it into Ivy League schools like Todai [TL note: University of Tokyo] or Waseda [TL note: Waseda University]. The school is relatively more concentrated on sports. In fact it is a famous school for producing graduates every year who become professional athletes. The guy’s uniform is the normal student uniform. The girl’s uniform is a blazer with a blue coat and matching flower pattern skirt. It is a classically tailored uniform that can either be described as good or bad.

Because Harune and Natsumi’s classes are in separate building, we say goodbye to one another soon after we enter the school ground.

“If you don’t understand something in class, you can ask your older sister!”

“Big bro, do your best!”

After they rooted for me, they head toward their school buildings.

Rie and I proceed to our building as well. After we reach the hallway that leads to our classrooms-

“See you after school.”

Rie left me with that line and walked to the classroom opposite from mine.

After we all separated from each other I was a bit worried about whether those three can socialize well with their classmates. Obviously in terms of personalities, they have no problem. Under normal situation they probably should fit in pretty quickly. They are by setting already exists in the first place; if they are not transfer student, then they should be fine…Ah well, I will secretly check up on them during breaks.

After I entered the classroom I saw Kagura, who left before we did. She was chatting with a few other female students as if they have been friends for a long time. From what I can gather as I past, their topics revolve around trivial things like the TV show last night. As I eavesdropped on their gossips, I feel a certain realism that is lacking in the game. This feels very alien and fresh to me.

After I looked at Kagura for a bit, I moved to my seat. It’s the seat on the windows side, closest to the windows and furthest back.

As I took out my textbooks from my bags, a shadow unexpectedly covered me.

“Hey, Tsuduki.”

I hear a familiar, but for a different reason than Rie’s, voice. He is my real life friend; the person who pulled me into the world of galgame when we entered high school, Syoya Sato.

“So all four of you were happily going to school together again? Are you the main character of a galgame? Can you give me some of your talent? A hundred percent of it will be enough for me.”

“It’s too early in the morning to say craps like that, Syoya…First, isn’t a hundred percent the entire thing already?”

We started hanging out and discussed galgames when we entered high school. If I am immersed in the world of galgame, then this kid has already reached of point of inverting reality and game. He is a much more serious otaku than I am, but you won’t be able to tell that from his appearance. To people he looks like a normal student. It is always very easy for others to misunderstand and dislike an otaku, so this guy here doesn’t let other people see his otaku side; he just normally blend into the class.

Originally I was worried at the reactions from the real world people. But after the world gets alter, they still interact with me normally. Put it in another way, to satisfy the limits placed by my current condition, the characters are set to exist right from the start. A proof of that is the knowledge ‘I always go to school with Harune, Natsumi, and Rie together’ is inserted into the world…But I don’t have many friends, so I can’t be sure.

Yesterday we were still discussing what kind of new game would the maker of ‘Eternal Innocence’ make; now the game doesn’t exist anymore, but the company however still exist and is currently making a completely different game.

By the way, Syoya was betting that the next game is a fan disc that describes the stories for each character after their ends. There are rumours online that hint the young Kagura’s mother setting, news, and extra stories. Syoya also believed that news. Even though no one knows the validity of the rumour, there is no denying that Kagura’s mom enjoys massive popularity among fans.

“You are having it good, you know. What a pink life. Even once is enough. I want to be the main character of a galgame in my life. To do that I think the special event during childhood is very important…”

“It will come true one day. Why don’t you sleep till the good news arrives?”

“If sleeping alone is enough to make me a main character, I would rather sleep away my entire life.”

“No. I think that’s called wasting it away…”

As we chatted with stupid things like this, the bell rang. At the same time, the teacher entered the classroom, so everyone hurriedly got back to their seats.

Only now does the true school life of a galgame main character began.

The first class ended without any mishap. Using the break before the second class start, I left my classroom to check out how others are doing.

My first target is Rie. As her classroom is only three rooms next to mine, it wouldn’t take long for me to reach it. That would make it suitable as my first destination.

I peeked inside Rie’s second year fifth class. Without surprise the difference between my class and hers is minimal. There are a few different groups of people chatting inside.

I started to look for Rie. Rie seemed to be chatting with a few other female students. Even though I couldn’t make out what they are chatting, but from the looks of it they are getting along pretty well.

Rie’s personality is not gloomy, so it doesn’t take much social skills for her to blend into her class. Although she may get a bit emotional from time to time, but I suppose that’s one of her cute sides.

Just as I ascertained that she has no problem and was about to leave, I heard someone calling me.

“Oh-, your husband is here, Rie chi!”

They noticed me. Other people often use that line to make fun of the main hero and Rie. Even Rie’s nickname was mocked.

I turned my head to make sure that they are really talking about me. From my far away location, I can see Rie’s bright red face. I wonder whether she lost her verbal capability again…

As if she had no way out, she was pushed out by her friends and came to me. All I wanted to do was to secretly check up on Rie; but now the situation changed to this. It looks like I have caused trouble for Rie.

“What is it, Takenori-kun?”

As an aside, when Rie is in school, she calls the main character by his last name, not his nickname. The reason for that is because the main hero thought that being called by his nickname in school is too embarrassing. Thus in the game setting he asked Rie to not call him that in school. Well, it makes sense that it can get embarrassing to call a high school student by his childhood nickname.

Enough of that for now. I don’t know how to answer her question.

“Nothing, I just want to see you.”

Rie was speechless when she heard that.

“Ooh, he is just caring for you, Mrs. Wife.”

Rie’s friends that were just talking to her, now came up behind her and inserted themselves into the conversation. Aah, Rie will get very confused when she finally realizes what they said.

“That, that that that, that’s not, what he meant!”

She entered her error mode very early on this time. No matter how many times she gets tease at, she can never get used to it. She is like that right up to the game ending, where she give up resisting.

“She’s getting nervous. Rie chi is so cute.”

Her friends, fully knowing her relationship with me, still intentionally tease her. Well, they look like decent friends, so I am relieved.

“Ah, sorry. It wasn’t anything important.”

“So you are here to do sweet talk with her?”

Her friends’ cheering pushed the mood to an even greater height.

“…Even if you expect me to do something, I don’t know what to do.”

I can’t retort. Rie’s face is so red now the redness has reached her ears. She closed her eyes to fight off the embarrassment, but judging from her look she is at her limit.

“God! Ta-chan is not my husband!”

Rie tried to forcefully retort.

“…She said Ta-chan!”

“Are you ‘Ta-chan’?”

Rie’s friends looked at me mischievously.

Rie accidentally called me by the nickname and get teased at even more- this is one of the results of the game setting. The game did have this scene, I recalled.

But I only realized how embarrassing the tease is when I become the person being targeted…

I couldn’t fight back; my face turned red as well. This is bad. What would happen if I blushed as well? If both of us become this shy we would get teased at even more.

I guess I am not good at handling a large group of people and hitting back; the cause of it stems from my easily worry nature.

“Ah, what an innocent response. These two people are so youthful.”

“I used to be that pure, too. Three years ago.”

Now they switched to acting senior. What a skilful way of teasing. Who knows how many people in this world have fallen victim to thus kind of tricks.

I only came here to see Rie. How did that ends up like this?

So, until the bell rang, us two became their newfound toys. I assume the onlookers would look at us and think what a curious gang of people.

Ahh well, it was quite an unusual and interesting experience…even though my injury was ran pretty deep as well.

The second period ended quickly as well. Well, even though my school life has been altered into a galgame, but in term of lessons there is not much different. In the game, there were very little events that are unrelated to the main plot; in reality, however, you just can’t waste time away like that. As I counted down the time until the class finish, I felt the wait is abnormally long. One of the properties of the real world is when you are bored, you think that time passes slower than usual.

I finally reached the next break. I got out of the classroom to check up on Harune and Natsumi. Last time when I checked up on Rie, I got caught and used up my time. I past through the hallway, and headed toward another school building. As the building Harune belongs to is closer to me, I decided to visit her first. Even though I was prepared, but I still felt nervous passing through upperclassman’s classroom hallways. I know that the students here don’t bite, but I was still nervous- I really hate my easily scared personality.

“Ah, I see Ta-kun!”

I suddenly heard a voice. I am sure it belongs to Harune.

As I thought that the sound came from behind me-


I was hugged from behind.


I lost my balance because she forcefully hugged me. But I managed to steady myself at the end. That was close. Harune, my body balance is bad. Don’t ever do that again.

“Ah, you feel so good to hug! All the tiredness in my body got healed!”

As she said it, not only did she not let go, she even brushed her face onto my neck. Even though I love how this turned out, but this is a bit…I started to notice other people’s stares.

“Wait, let go, Harune!”

After I said it, she immediately let go of me.

I turned around and saw Harune. She was wearing a thick short sleeves sport shirt and a light blue sports short. Unlike the clothing in the game, she is wearing the sports uniform for the real school. In the game it was a boomer short…

“What is it, Ta-kun? Did you come all the way here to see me?”

As she said it, Harune patted my head right in front of me. She really does like to fondle people she likes. Because she talks to me so closely, my face starts to redden.

“Really, you two get along so well together.”

An unfamiliar female upperclassman appeared behind Harune. She seemed to be Harune’s classmate. I don’t know why, although she felt like a normal person, I also felt that I have seen her before. Where have I met her…

“That goes without saying. We are brothers and sisters.

“Unnn, brothers and sisters, huh. That may be true, but still I think you two get along way too well. Normally speaking, siblings are usually not that friendly to one another, right?”

“What? What a waste. Should we legislate a school rule that requires siblings to get along with one another?”

“Save your joke. Relationship between siblings is not something that can be enforced by laws. Furthermore, even the student council president doesn’t have the authority to make or modify school laws.”

Aah, now I remember. She is the student council president, even though I still don’t remember her name. Afterward, I also recalled that the setting mentioned Harune and the president are very good friend. Although in the game the president character never appeared in the game, but when we switched to the real world, Harune became good friend with the existing president.

“What is it, Ta-kun? Ah, your face is hot. Is it a fever?”

No. That’s because you have been caressing me.

And she hasn’t realized this yet.

“Wait, let me check.”

Without giving much thought Harune naturally moved her head forward and laid her forehead against my forehead to check my body temperature. Her face became very close to mine. Right in front of me was Harune’s beautiful lips. As if they are tempting me to come, I almost lost control of myself.

“It doesn’t feel like you have a fever…does your body feel weak? Do you have a headache?”

A concerned expression unique to a caring older sister appeared on Harune’s face. After she moved her forehead back, she grabbed my hand.

“If you are not feeling well, you need to tell your older sister, okay?”

“I am fine…”

Although I was a bit at a loss of words, but I still told her that I am fine.

“Yes, yes. I realize that you are a good sister. Go!”

“Ah, Ta-kun, see you later! Don’t hurt yourself!”

And then, the president dragged the still-reluctant-to-part Harune away.

I looked around, and sure enough there are quite a few upperclassmen looking at us from far away. Abashed, I quickly walked away from the scene. Thanks to Harune’s foundling, there is not much time remaining for me to check up on Natsumi.

As I recalled the warmth of Harune’s body, I went back to my classroom.

My third class for today was taught by a very strict teacher, so I was uptight for the whole duration. I only relaxed when the class was finally over; judging from everyone else’ relieved looks, they all felt the tension as well. Kagura, I noticed, was happily preparing materials for the next period. I don’t know what makes her so cheerful, but she is enjoying her fulfilling school life.

I will leave it at that. Now it’s time for me to see Natsumi.

Again I came to another school complex. Because this time I was going to an underclassmen’s classroom, so I was much calmer. According to the game, the classroom that is currently right in front of me should be it. There is no one inside; maybe the class is having their next class in another classroom. There remained quite a bit of time until the start of the next period, yet there is no one here. What a hard working class. On the other hand, my classmates would only start to get back to their seats after the actual bell rang, let alone the preparation bell. Maybe the teacher for the next period is stricter than others.

“Ah, big bro!”

Suddenly something rests on my shoulders. As the weight is not heavy enough to affect my balance, plus the voice, I can immediately tell it’s Natsumi.

“Natsumi, are you having your class in another classroom?”

“Yeah, that’s right! I came back because I forgot something!”

I see. Natsumi can be so careless. Anyway if the class is not here, I won’t be able to tell whether she is getting along well. That is, after all, my purpose of coming here.

“Are you getting along with your classmates?”

“Yeah, happily!”

I asked her directly and got a laughing face as the answer. Even though in terms of personality I was the most concerned with her, but surprisingly enough she is very good at making the rounds. She does have two very good friends in the game, after all. I guess she has no problem then.

As I was musing about the conclusion Natsumi did not let go of her hands. Like a treasure she hugged my shoulders.

“If you don’t let go, your big bro can’t go back to his class…”

“But it’s so rare for you to come here!”

Natsumi unwillingly let go of my shoulders, but then she took a half-step back, swing to behind me and jumped onto my back. Because of the sudden addition of 30kg of weight hanging off my shoulders, I almost lost my balance. I struggled left and right a few times, and finally steadied myself. I have been forced to give her a piggyback ride.

“I love big bro’s back.♪”

“Agh, this is dangerous! Get off!”


Our argument had drawn a couple of looks from the students in the hallway. Among them the reactions were either looking at us in shock or quickly walking away pretending they didn’t see us. Since it’s Natsumi, I hope the situation looks like one that would merely make its onlooker smiles…This is how we siblings get along, please believe me. I swore in my heart.

After a while, the now-satisfied Natsumi came off from my back and entered the classroom to retrieve her forgotten thing. The object looks like it is use for note taking.

“Natsumi’s next class is Chemistry. Carry me over, big bro♪”

After she said it, she started snuggling me again happily.[TL note: there is a Japanese idiom here that I don’t quite understand…something to do with ‘taking the source’. “

“I can’t carry you on my back.”

“That’s not what I mean! Carry me like a princess♪”

Her requests escalate in level endlessly. She can be so aggressive at things she wants. It’s fine if we are at home, but carrying her princess style in public is too difficult for me to handle. Even though the carrying the girl princess style is one of the classic plot of galgames, but that’s reserved for emergency situations like when the main heroin is hurt.


“Big bro is so stingy!”

Piqued, she rose her hands up to protest. I hope that’s the end of her tantrum. If this goes on any further I would start to become troubled.

“Next time, okay?”

“Really? Yay! We promised!”

Satisfied, a smile reappeared on Natsumi’s face.

“Natsumi will get going then!...hmmm? I feel like there is something that I need to pass on to you…”

“Ha, what?”


The way Natsumi crossed her arms when she has something on her mind is not very appropriate. Maybe it’s because the way she straightens her back left too much of an impact on me.

The preparation bell rang as she thinks.

“Ah well, if you can’t remember it, it’s probably nothing important. You need to go soon or you will be late.”

“Ah! If I don’t hurry, that teacher is going to get very scary!”

Natsumi ran away very energetically…It’s dangerous to run at the hallway.

The dismissal bell for the fourth period finally rang. It’s time for lunch. Before I have always eaten my lunch with Syoya in the cafeteria.

“Next time share some of your sister’s cooking with me!”

I don’t whether he was just joking or being serious. From the way he said it, I probably belong to the bento [TL note: ‘home made lunch box’] group. If that’s the case, then there should be a bento by Harune inside my bag.

Ichecked; nope, not even a trace of it.

This could be bad. Now that I think about it, I don’t recall ever seeing myself putting a bento into my school bag. I probably left it in my house. Obviously, the bento cannot put itself into my bag by itself. Sorry Harune. Now what should I do…

“Big~bro~, I brought your lunch!”

As I was about to head towards the cafeteria, I suddenly heard my younger sister’s voice loudly propagating through the classroom. Usually, you need quite a steady nerve to enter an upperclassman’s classroom. It seems that Natsumi has none of those concerns. No, it’s probably one of her strength.

“That’s what I forgot to pass on to you back there. Big bro, you forgot to put your bento into your bag, so Natsumi brought it to school; but I forgot to give it to you!”

“Aah, that’s fine. It’s my fault for leaving it behind in the first place. Thanks, Natsumi.”

After I answered I accepted the bento from her.

“Big bro, let’s eat lunch together today, okay? The courtyard feels very warm today. The food will taste better there!”

Natsumi hugged my arm and suggested a very attractive idea. That’s what would happen if you forgot to bring your bento. In the game there was nothing associated with forgetting your bento.

Right from this morning there have been this kind of new development. Moreover, the settings have been faithfully reproduced. Finally the girls act according to their settings. From my standpoint it is very helpful for me to have such a convenient consistency.

Since the lunch is here, I may just as well eat it with her. Yeah, let’s do that.

As I was about to accept her invitation-

“Uwah, isn’t that a bit…dangerous? [TL note: another way of saying it is ‘inapproriate’]”

I almost missed the comments of the group of girls sitting far from me. They are definitely the people who have been covertly staring at us. But there is no reason for them to-

…No, wait. It does seem weird for a pair of brother and sister to become so friendly to one another that they eat their lunches together. This is a situation only allowed in galgames, so it’s not that I don’t understand what they are thinking…but still I feel a tainted displeased.

However, I couldn’t retort them with ‘Who says I can’t!” As I cannot predict, with my limited relationships with other classmates, how others will react. My fear of unknown has limited what I can say. No, I should say the fear has scared me into submission, because I am a coward.

And I couldn’t refuse Natsumi’s offer either. Natsumi didn’t seem to hear what they said. She, with an innocence gaze, looked at me and waited for my answer.

As I became immobile due to overthinking about the gossips, I got helped at from an unexpected source.

“Hello, if Natsumi chan is going, can I join you guys as well?”

Saki Kagura realized I was in a difficult position, so she volunteered. Oh right, Kagura and Natsumi are both part of the cleanness committee. This rather useless setting in the game actually became useful here.

“I don’t have any problems with that. You are fine as well right big bro?”

Of course I was fine with it.

Comparing to how things were going right before she joined us, this could be said as a very delicious development.

Finally, after all the classes are done, it’s now after school. The class has livened up- some are getting ready for club activities, others are doing cleaning duty or preparing to play. The rest, including the main hero, belonged to the go-home club. Even though I go home with Syoya from time to time, but I usually go home by myself as well.

Harune is at her club. Kagura and Natsumi are part of the cleanness committee. Those three aren’t going anywhere after school. Today felt very long for me, even though it’s only the start of the prologue. Since nothing important will happen, I think I will do what the main hero does and return home.

“Oi, Takenori. Mrs. Wife is waiting for you!”

As I packed my bag, some classmates taunted me again. At the hallway was Rie, who also belong to the go-home club. She was waiting for me, and she looked just like a wife waiting anxiously for her husband to get home. Even though the classmates are not completely wrong, but I still don’t like the tease. I will never get used to it; now I can understand a bit what Rie experiences when she was being teased at.

“Nah, we are just childhood friends.”

I replied with a totally unconvincing line. That’s the main hero’s mantra, not mine.

“But no matter how we look at it, you two are going out…”

That’s because it’s part of the game setting.

As I say goodbye to those classmates, I came out to the hallway.

“You have been hard at work today.”

“…You as well.”

It’s this kind of conversation that causes misunderstanding for other people.

“Okay, let’s go.”


We stepped down the staircase, changed our shoes at the show lounge, and left the school.

The sun is setting as well. In just a moment the surrounding will be painted red by the setting sun, I thought as I looked up the sky. As we left the overly rowdy school further and further behind, from time to time I could hear children’s laughter. I can’t help but feel ‘today is really over,’ and from it for some reason I became nostalgic as well. As we silently walk back to our houses, Rie suddenly remembered something and from it, her face became clouded.

“That’s right, you still haven’t explained what happened in the morning~~~”

“You still remember?....”

I got cornered alone. It would be great if I can skip the morning scene like in the game.

“Even though it’s not really my business, but don’t you exploit Harune’s kindness and do some weird things to her!”

Oh, she is letting me go. My wish has come true. But the idea of a prank appeared in my heart.

“What do you mean by ‘weird things’?”

“Things like what happened in the morning!”

“So which thing happened in the morning?”

“That’s, that….that thing.”

“And that was?”


Rie became very red in the face and fell silent. So innocent, so cute. But my joke may have gone too far. She did let me go for the incident this morning. I think I will stop here

We continued walking as silent fell between us. Soon we reach an intersection.

As we turned a bicycle sudden appeared beside us.

“Look out!”

Before I even realized what I have done, I put my hands on Rie’s shoulders (she was walking slightly ahead of me) and dragged her backward. Right afterward, the bike quickly past by where Rie was just standing a second ago and stopped itself very soon after. Its rider quickly got off the bike and ran to us.

“So, sorry. Are you two all right?”

“Ah, we are fine. We didn’t get hurt.”

“I am very sorry.”

The rider apologized and chatted with us for a line or two, then left.

That was close. With my slow reflex, I can actually react quick enough to pull Rie out of harm’s way; that was a miracle. This didn’t happen in the game. I couldn’t believe I managed to deal with it. Although I felt relieved after I saved Rie, but my heart beat is still high. Regardless, I am glad Rie is fine.

“Ta, Ta-chan…”

Rie, who was in my embrace, blushed.

“That…I am fine now, you can let go of me…”

“Ah, sorry…”

I immediately let of the hand that was clutching Rie. Looking back, that was quite a bold action. Well, but that was the only possible action I could take, so…

“Thank you for saving me.”

Rie thanks me shyly.

“That’s nothing, no need to thank. You were in danger and I saved you, that’s all.”

The sudden event left me a bit flustered. My tone may have become a bit weird. As the game didn’t have this event, I don’t have any corresponding lines that I could reply with. But couldn’t I at least make up something that sounds nicer…

“Ta-kun is so nice.”

Rie smiled and looked very happy. Her smile differs from Kagura’s sun-like smile, it is the kind of warm smile that she only shows to the main hero.

“Even if you compliment me, you won’t get anything in return…”


Rie didn’t noticed my stiff tone; she replied with a laugh.

Just like that, our walk to our homes quickly ended. Only after I entered my house do I realized how fast time passes.

Harune and Natsumi haven’t returned home yet. In my room that is flooded with the reddish sunset light, I started to think back to what have happen today.

From today’s experience, I know that the game characters have been reproduced with astonishing accuracy; however, the environment background has a few contradictions.

For example, my real parents are deceased. The main hero’s parents, on the other hand, are currently working over sea. Harune and Natsumi are from the stepmother’s side. The main character is from the father’s side.

However, my parents never divorced, and of course they did not give birth to any girls.

Just to make sure, I should check for this.

Looking at the phone number that I have not dialled for a long time, I became a bit nervous. After the dial tones beeped three times, someone answered the phone.

“This is Takenori.”

Someone answered. The girl who answered is my cousin. I haven’t heard her voice for a long time.

“This is Takenori as well. Long time no see. How are you doing?”

“What? Take-nii? [TL note: equals Takenori-oniisan] I haven’t heard your voice for a long time. It’s so rare that you call, what’s up?”

“I want to ask about something. Is uncle or auntie here?”

“My mom is here. I will hand the phone to her then.”

The voice I heard from the phone sounded like a messaging machine. After a while, someone reinstated the line.

“Hello, Take-kun. Long time no see. How are you? How’s your body?”

It’s been a long time since I hear my aunt’s voice. I was relieved; it’s good to hear her being so lively.

“Thanks for your help, I am all right.”

When my parents past away, they assisted me with a lot of things. So whenever I face this family, I feel a bit constrained. As they managed my parents’ leftover wealth, these honest people kindly kept my parent’s house in very good condition so that I can return here whenever I want to. They also taught me all the necessary skills for living alone. I can’t quite explain the reason for leaving their gracious home and returning here alone, but it was a decision was driven by my instinct. Maybe subconsciously I still think of here as my true home…Could it be said as a home-coming nature?

“So, what is it?”

“This may sound a bit funny, but do you know where are my parents?”

The phone became silent. Well, it can’t be help when you were asked this question…

“…Take-kun, you still feel lonely, aren’t you. You are always welcome to move back.”

I heard the line that I dreaded most. I am probably at the limit of what I should ask. In this world, my parents are still dead.

“If you want to, you are always welcome to move back in with Harumi chan and Natsumi chan.”

But she does know the existence of Harune and Natsumi. The setting behind this looks very complicating. Anyway, I have a feeling the setting will only become more confusing if I pursue the topic any further. Therefore I told the other side sorry for asking something strange, that I am fine, and that don’t worry about me. I then forcefully hang up the phone and terminated the call.

Perhaps this ice-thin world is even thinner than I have imagined. Say if indeed I do find a contradiction, I don’t know what will happen nor will I gain anything valuable from it. I should drop this thought for my own good.

“I am back.” “I am back!”

Harune and Natsumi have returned home. For me, it’s been a long time since someone return to my home. I feel warm inside my heart. I really am a sucker to this.

“Welcome back. You must have tired from work to return this late.”

“I am back. Ta-kun, are you hungry?”

“No, not yet.”

A smile appeared on Harune’s face.

“Then I will take my bath now. I am a bit tired.”

I was slightly startled by what she said. It’s not a line I heard in the game before. Harune is not the kind of care who will say she is tired- she is not the kind of negative attitude character that says discouraging words.

“It’s rare for you to admit that you are tired.”

“There is will a professional athlete visiting us next week, so the couch is quite enthusiastic. As a result the practice became stricter. If your older sister screws up, then it wouldn’t look good for the brother as well, right?”

“Not really…”

I heard a month ago that a professional athlete will come to our school. As our school concentrates more sports, so each year a few graduates do manage to enter professional sports.

From time to time the school will invite those past graduates to come back and help mentor the current students. This time it’s the tennis club’s turn.

In Harune’s scenario, she has a lot of respects for the couch. They are as close as Harune and the school council president. I suppose it’s the same for the couch. If the couch is so motivated, then Harune will naturally be working hard as well.

“A pro coming to mentor. Right, it did happen.”

In the game setting, Harune managed to defeat the pro. Well, I can’t miss this then.

“If that’s the case, you should take a shower first. It’s healthier if you wash yourself after sweating.”

“I will do just that…Hey, do you want to take bath with your older sister?”

I know she is only kidding, but the joke still made my heart skipped a beat. That’s not healthy for my heart, Harune.

“…Don’t tease me like that.”

“We used to take bath together when we were little. I want to be with my younger brother bathing from time to time, you know.”

“But that was then, right?”

I sort of recall seeing that particular setting. In my real life, however, I don’t recall ever having that envious experience. Actually, if I do, I would be even more troubled. By the way, the main hero used to take bath with Harune, Rie, and Natsumi together when they were little.

...Should I have choose childhood as the starting point?

“Big~bro~, help me prepare the ingredients for dinner~”

From inside the kitchen I heard a Natsumi’s voice. In the game, the main character let Harune does all the cooking. Different from him, I at least know the basis of cooking. Unfortunately my cooking is not good enough to be classified as tasty. If I have a choice, of course I will let Harune cooks.

Soon after I finished preparing, Harune finished her bath as well. Her seducing out-of-bath look almost bewitched me. At this point I finally realized that living with them may be too thrilling for me to handle.

“Aah, this feels good. Then I will be off to prepare tonight’s dinner. Just wait a moment.”

Harune, wearing her bath robe, entered the kitchen. It all feels very fresh to me. You know, the game did not contain this particular sprite. When she prepared dinner, she wore her uniform. What if she does the same thing in the real world? Well, it would be strange to change back into your school uniform after taking a bath. It’s not a problem of not having enough game sprites; it’s a problem of common sense.

Harune quickly prepared dinner. In the mean time Natsumi and I helped set up the table. For tonight’s dinner, there are only Harune, Natsumi, and I present. As for Rie, she will eat her dinner with her mom.

The preparation for tonight’s dinner has finally completed. Harune and Natsumi set down on the chairs opposite from mine.

“I will be eating then.”

After we said it, I opened my mouth and quickly put the foods in front of me into my mouth. Even though I have already tasted Harune’s breakfast, but due to time limitation, the food was made quickly and thus they couldn’t quite reflex her cooking skills. Dinner, on the other hand-

“This is good!”

Other than this line I couldn’t find any other way to express it. If I use my limited vocabulary to compliment Harune, I will only manage to cheapen her food.

“It tastes very good today as well!”

“You should chew more thoroughly. Here here, you have some rice sticking onto your lips.

Harune got a handkerchief out and gently wiped Natsumi’s mouth. As I observe, this is the first time I see a show of affection between these two sisters. From my side, the scene looks just like an event CG. Even though I have never seen this before, but I felt like I did before. What a close pair of sisters, when you see them you want to smile.

The mentally and physically enriching dinner has finished. There was only half an hour left until the end of today. In my room, I contemplated today’s galgame like live. From today on, I will be living like this- the mere thought of this excite me enough to remain sleepless. Rie and the rest, faithful to the original game, actively engage in relation-building activities. I don’t hate that, but I know enough of myself to realize that they are too difficult for my inexperienced social skills. As a high school student, there are many perverse things in my mind that I want to do, but don’t have the gut to do so.

Also, I need to plan my next move.

Since the first day is the Prologue, so the plot develops in a linear fashion. But starting from tomorrow, I will need to start choosing who I should meet. In the game, it used a map to display where each character is located, and let the player chooses which one to meet. Here in the real world, I still don’t know how the system operates.

And then, my biggest concern is whether the characters’ scenarios are activated or not. The fact that the transfer student Aoi Akashi hasn’t appear yet means that I may still have to go through various events.

For Rie, she is always worried about whether her parents will divorce. If her route failed, she would end up transferring school.

For Harune, she will injure herself right before the high school tennis tournament and become depressed.

For Natsumi, she will get into a serious argument with her friends and put her friendships in danger.

And then we have Kagura. Her character is very problematic.

For other characters, as long as you don’t enter their scenarios, their problems won’t surface; For Kagura, if you don’t enter her scenario, the only end awaits her is death. The reason for that is very simple- her life is being wasted by the disease Aplasic anemia. Through the game, I found out that Aplasic anemia is categorized as a Specified Disease.

[TL long note: In Japan, if a chronic disease has no known cause, no absolute cure, and has a high chance of having prognostic symptoms or relapse, it is classified as a Specified Disease. For any patients diagnosed with the categorized disease, the government is authorized to step in and partially pay for the medical expenses to lessen the financial burden on the patient’s family. In addition, the Japanese government runs special research and facilities to invent the cure for these diseases. Currently there are 67 diseases listed in the highest category. Aplasic anemia is the #6 disease :p . ]

In more severe cases, the only potential cure is a bone marrow transplant. In the game, the main character’s bone marrow type miraculously matches Kagura’s and, thanks to the subsequent transplant, her life was saved. It’s a ridiculously casual and ideal story, but that scenarios made me cry regardless.

But, if indeed, Kagura died from the disease then it won’t simply be a nightmare. Since I have called her out of game, I damn well won’t let her die.

I will need to register myself with the local bone marrow bank. Furthermore, I need to get closer to Kagura because if I don’t, she won’t reveal the news of her terminal disease to me. Starting from tomorrow, I will actively approach her, at least to the point where we would call each other by our first names. I will follow the game script until I am sure Kagura will survive. It’s May right now; by June everything should be resolved.

Even though I am very confident with my memory at this regard, but not having my notes handy worries me. Even if I want to check my progress in the scenarios, I couldn’t find anything related to them.

As I searched for information I remembered after I decided on the setting in the email, the computer became very slow. It is as if something is running in the background; but nothing is accessing the hard drive…

As I became more curious, I opened the task manager on my computer. I checked the list of running processes and found an entry that I have never seen before.


What is this? Some sort of folklore? First I tried to terminate the process, but the OS didn’t react. It would be good if the OS at least give me a dialog box saying that the process cannot be terminated….

Then I tried to search my files for the phase ‘fairytail’. Luckily I found a file that matches the name description- It’s a file named ‘fairytail.log’. I opened the gigantic file with Notepad, but as the file has been compressed, its contents look gibberish. At the end of the file, however, were two lines of English-

Client Server > Complete!

Host Serve

What the, the file looks as if a write operation has been interrupted in the middle. Since it says Client Server at the top, it’s clear the second line should have said ‘Host Server’, but somehow it’s cut off. They are terms that I see often in online games. The client server is the receiving side, so does that mean it didn’t pass data to the Host? It is evident that this computer has exchanged data with an external source, but I don’t know whether this computer belongs to the client side or the host side…

As I was about to search for more clues, something knocked on my windows. When the perpetrator realized the windows were not locked, with one sliding noise, he opened the windows. After he lifted up the curtain, the perpetrator revealed his identity.

“Good evening~”

It’s Rie. This scene was in the game. Even though I remembered that, but this was the first time it happened, so I still felt a bit scared.

Rie entered the room, closed the windows, and sat on the edge of my bed. She doesn’t look like she has anything in mind. Well, nothing was supposed to happen anyway.

“What is it?”

“Nothing. I wasn’t paying much attention.”

If I remember correctly, the real reason is because she couldn’t stand the noise of her parents arguing. Although she won’t reveal it until later on in the story.

“You need to pay more attention. It’s dangerous to walk in between the two windows.”

“Worry about me?”

She asked with a slight teasing look on her face.

“Well, since we have a safety net below, it should be fine.”

Back in elementary school, she once almost fell onto the ground. As a precaution, a safety net was placed below. Although she was repeated scolded, but she ignored them. The current setup is the compromise solution.

Rie stood up from my bed and came in front of me at the computer seat.

“If I fall, you have to save me again, Ta-chan.”

She asked.

It’s true that the main hero saved Rie in a close call back when they were small, but it is too much to expect me to have the same qick reflex.

“Listen, you are not a kid anymore. It’s about time that you stop coming through my windows.”

“Ta-kun, you are talking like an old man. Who cares, I am not causing any trouble for anyone.”

She doesn’t look a bit remorseful.

“Then, am I causing trouble for you?”

As she said it, she lowered her head and looked up at me sadly. That’s cheating. While the fact that she is intentionally playing the sad puppy face makes me feel she is a bit mischievous in nature; but at the same time, I think this is one of Rie’s attractiveness. I may be losing it.

“…Do whatever you want.”

At the end, I said the same line as the main character.

“Waa, good job Ta-kun.”

Rie smiled from the bottom of her heart. Not even the main hero can handle that.

And then we chatted for a bit, and Rie climbed back through the windows.

I felt a bit cold and looked at the clock. It’s past 12. At the same sleepiness swept over me. My nerve has been tense for the entire day, so my tiredness has been unknowingly accumulating.

I sneaked into my bed, and at some point my excitement dissipated. I quickly fell into the dream world.