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Part 1

Sunny spring, the season where blooming flowers exude a sweet aroma.

Gazing outside the window from the hospital ward, were cherry blossom that signified the arrival of a new season. The spring breeze masked the smell of medicine in the ward, replacing it with the fragrance of flowers.

Lying on the hospital bed was a very bored lady— Canaria. She fretfully watched the spring blossom while complaining.

"How bored!'

"Hold back then. And start acting like a patient, Canaria."

The man standing beside her shook his head while muttering 'Yala yala'. Wearing a bowler hat, accompanied with a tuxedo, the man held up his hat with his right hand while sighing.

With indecency, Canaria placed her elbow on the supporting table, glancing at the parent-child that were walking on the boulevard.

"But Croix, even if you say that. I am still a real. The huge amount of spirit power lost had cause my body to reach its limit. No matter what you do, I won't be saved."

Not pessimistic, just lightly speaking out her condition. The bowler hat man— "Baron The Cross(Baron Le Croix)" lowered his line of sight and become silent upon catching that.

This silence was an affirmation to what Canaria had said.

However, the words she had said were not ironic in anywhere.

While Canaria viewed the parent-child on the boulevard, she spoke to herself in a deep trance.

"It's almost march already. In previous years, this would be the time to welcome new kids into the Canaria Family Home eh. The party host was supposed to be me, allowing everyone to enjoy. How unsatisfactory ah."

"That also depends on you. Despite the loss of your spirit power, you could still live an ordinary life for about 4, to 5 years. But you should concentrate on your physical conditions first. Right?"

I know, Canaria answered sulkingly.

—It was about 2 months since Canaria had been sick. For her to suddenly fall even though she was always healthy, it sent the Canaria Family Home to a state of chaos. Overall, the only person that maintained the house had fallen sick. Needless to say, her facilities staff and friends including Izayoi, changed their expressions and warned her in unison.

Be quiet and get hospitalized.

"But. Isn't that a tad bit rude to the mother of the facility? What a [Ghost turmoil]. Thinking back to how much ghost I had uniformed in the past. It can't be counted even with Buddha's hands."

".....Canaria. Don't Buddha only have 5 fingers."

"Baka. Of course I am referring to his thousand hands."

'He', crossing her hands and snorting. The one being vented on should not be there, as it was an extremely difficult task to try and appease Canaria.

Swiftly giving up, the bowler hat man sat on the chair meant for nurses.

"Really.........I can't say anything since I wasn't present but. If you fell down without warning, I would be shaken up too. Such a buffoonery scene unimaginable back then in Little Garden."

"Well likewise. You didn't rely on humans and therefore wasn't able to hold up your spirit power. And to think in the past, you abducted so much young girls from communities to create a large harem, Mr.[Baron The Cross]—The "Tuxedo Maou" to be such an example of a failure, so laughable."

"Haha, indeed.— but Canaria. For the sake of my reputation, please let me correct it a little."

Taking off his bowler hat while adjusting his Tuxedo. He widened his eyes,

"I didn't create a harem of young girls! But also created a harem of young girls!!!"

"Oh, is that so. Good, go die."

"Age difference and Eros does not matter! I dote and love newborn baby girls who usher into their first period of growth with their slightly undulating body and also like it when they usher into their second period of growth and become conscious of their sentimental girl's heart with their young body and I also like it when they grow up to be a ripe fruit with their delicate body which can grow into an extremely hot person to have downright forbidden love , OH EROS!!"

"Really eh. Go and die quickly. I won't ask you to have a painful death. But as long as you go die."

"I live without shame!!! Eros for the world!!! Philanthropy Hooray!!"

".......But, Loli is your favorite right?"

"I don't deny that!!!"

Part 2

Accepting what was said to be the most indescribable performance (Violence) of [Baron the Cross], he finished adjusting his tie and sat down on a chair.

"Sorry for the rudeness. I seemed to have slightly released some spirit power."

"Although I tried to imagine what was your current character. But you are really hopeless, with that kind of tone."

"Can't help it. The loss of spirit power generally relies on the impact of personality. I have no interest in this sort of people, but it's important to develop excellence for other generations."

He shrugged his shoulders. By the time she noticed that, his clothes had already been readjusted to the rightful position.

Sighing wearily, Canaria laid down on her bed and gazed at the cherry blossom.

Following that, a self-deprecating smile appeared on the lips.

"Well...........this accords to a dead end for the remnants of a routed army eh. It's the same for both of us."

Viewing outside the window absentmindedly, she muttered strengthlessly. It was a rare sight to see Canaria look that weak.

The man who was swinging his bowler hat, used rebuking eyes to stare sharply at Canaria.

"Ha........what anger are you venting for. Don't we still have the ultimate weapon. The ultimate weapon called Sakamaki Izayoi. To this end we had prepared in the outside world for hundred of years ? That was your instructions. However, you still want to give up the fight, Canaria."

"I understand that. I can't just abandon Kuro Usagi and the others..............But, Croix. The community's fight is our fight, not little Izayoi's fight oh."


The back of [Baron the Cross] monolithic glasses started emitting out a dangerous glint. Even though his spirit power had slumped, his eyes that belonged to death god could still see through people's heart. Feeling condemn from Canaria, he immediately corrected his posture and faced her.

"Sakamaki Izayoi — The trump card of us " " who was flown into tens of millions of history. I'm afraid he is the strongest Candidate of Origin. Even if it's not completed yet, he is no lesser than the might of holy sister. I am sure he certainly could stop the ambitions of those guys."


"But, Croix. We lost. Thoroughly and uncomplainingly, furthermore, in an upright manner. To continue interfering with Little Garden, don't you think it seems twisted?"

Canaria opened her eyelids and spread open her arms. [Baron the Cross] got worried that her life was maybe approaching its end and became perfunctory, quieting listening to her,

"Of course, revenge filled our hearts when we were exiled out of Little Garden. Something like [How could our dreams end in that kind of form! ] .But isn't it deviating from the target if we just let him help us wipe our butts...........when I noticed that, I suddenly thought, our fight—was already over."

Staring at the ceiling while immersed in her memories. The escaping and fighting days were behind them already. Too far away. Water that scattered from their hands were no longer retrievable. Precisely because they did not understood this point— they fragmented an ordinary family.

—Sakamaki Izayoi did not know.

He wasn't abandoned by his parents.

Because of their failure, they obtained a nameless baby with a powerful gift, tortured by the conflict of this world, forced to bear the fact that he was a monster destined to live a lonely life.

Or perhaps he would—have willingly accepted the commonplace happiness. But that possibility, was forcefully taken away by Canaria.

He who was swinging the bowler hat, also felt guilty towards this point.

But in order to nip at this remorse, he asked Canaria.

".........So, do we continue to reel him in? Or is that your atonement?"

If there was a misconception, it must be corrected. he condemned with a strong determination.

If they really wanted to reel him in, the decision should've been made 15 years ago. By now, the only person who could deliver this kind of discouraging words, would be Canaria. Hearing the confession from his foster mother of what happened 15 years ago, would only add more emotional damage to him.

Understanding this point, Canaria turned her head around and gave a troubled smile in denial.

"Huhu, no. Sorry, but please say something nicer. This kind of statement is too mean. It sounds like an excuse."

"Then why?"

Leaning forward his body while asking again.

Canaria gaze outside the window while giving out a vexing laugh.

" Really, I wonder why. I'm not so sure myself. Adopting so much children, yet only pouring so much feelings into just one. But now, I feel pure uneasiness for that child's future. Stay in the outside world or head off to Little Garden................what kind of adult would little Izayoi grow into, even I'm really concerned about."

What a pain, Canaria shrugged her shoulders to express irony for herself.

However, Canaria knew where did this feelings came from.

A whole decade—Canaria had been giving everything to Izayoi.

Knowledge, lifestyle, as well as loving people.

All her property she had obtained in Little Garden were generously given to him, in which Izayoi responded by absorbing it. It was more of a parent-child relationship rather than a master-disciple relationship.

".......Can't bear to watch. Becoming so anxious just cause my death is coming. I have been under the tutelage of many deities before...............they, send me off with this kind of uneasy feeling too."

"Un, I agree on with you regarding this point. Your mediocrity, no matter if it's me, holy sister, Indra, Queen, Orpheus, or the others, we have~~all worked hard. Hoping that you will express gratitude to us for being mentors that did not give up on you."

" was, that , I can't deny it."

Canaria pouted her cheeks and slightly blushed.

Probably remembering her immaturity back then and feeling ashamed.

'Cough', deliberately coughing while simultaneously glanced at him.

"But ah. Occasionally, I can't help it but think. When little Izayoi learns the truth.........those happy days, wouldn't it turn to his curse. His heart that was nurtured to be honest,would become distorted. I'm—very afraid."

Then don't tell him the truth, living in the outside world quietly was certainly a method. In this world, some facts are better left unknown.

However, Little Garden had all that he ever desired. That wasn't wrong. But at the same time, it would expose the origin of Sakimaki Izayoi,

"Damn, I'm angry at my own wayward indulgence. Standing motionless at the same spot. What should I do, what I think I must do............I can't find the answer."


Repeating questions that had no answers. This was a situation where Canaria had no experience in.

[Baron the Cross] gave a look as if watching a master, feeling ashamed for his immaturity in his heart.

He was the god of sexuality as well as eulogized as the god of death, but still did not understand the unease of his long-standing partner. Canaria was like a daughter to him. As for her sense of duty towards the children, she abandoned everything, which made him felt the irony of fate. Just when he was confused as to what he should say—suddenly, a small figure came in through the window along with the spring breeze.

"........How in the. I was desperately searching for friends, and you actually became so fragile? What kind of expression should I use?"

Both of them threw a look at the window. Walking inside from the cherry tree's branch with a 'Datok datok', a short girl that wore a red dress— [Little devil of Laplace] gazed at them in surprise.

Due to the astonishment, the expression on [Baron the Cross] changed and he shook his head while inhaling deeply.

"Lapp!? Impossible, why are you in the outside world!? You can't keep your spirit power if you are in denial with the era of the Laplace theory right!?"

"The times have changed. It was confirmed to exist in the early 2000s "Paradigm shift". Because of this impact, it is expected that the [Laplace's demon] can complete the morphological changes within 200 years.—compared to that,"

'Datok datok', she walked into Canaria's room while traversing through air. Striding to Canaria whose knee was covered, Lapp sadly lifted her head to look at her,

"......It's been too long, Canaria."

"It has been, Lapp. And you are still looking so cute and petite. Want some pear?"

"If you don't mind."

An immediate answer came from Canaria's cheerful proposal.

Slicing it to palm size—Lapp who was as large as a pear, with a 'Shagu shagu shagu', devoured the pear in one go. While thinking that this behavior was [Always lovely], Canaria smiled.

Wiping the area around her mouth clean, Lapp once again faced towards Canaria.

"Your spirit power loss is very intense. The spirit power of your kind wouldn't attenuate even if hundred of years past..........what an extollment. Changing the world's poem."

"Yes. Because that's the job of poet."

Listening to Lapp investigative yet sharp voice, a perplexed smile appeared from Canaria.

Knowing what would happen, she painfully lowered her head and bit her lip.

—Little Garden's [Poet], doesn't mean a minstrel.

But referred to the "Giant race", "Magica" this kind of names given to human imaginative monster. Although it was not a strong race, but their poet is feared to have the fourth strongest kind of special strength. That means being able to alter the rules of a "Hoster rights" game.—called the game remaker, a unique gift.

Since ancient times, the poet's singing could allow people to convey history. Sometimes he sing, sometimes a book, using all kind of various ways to record merits in this world, giving the time period such intangible form.

According to the era, the poet had an influence stronger than the king of a country.

With his strong influence, the poet would fabricate false exploits to spread the notoriety of the king, even distorting the true history using his singing was possible.

In the place where all time flows into Little Garden, the poet has it's advantages. The poet of Little Garden could easily tamper with history.

The poet with an enormous influence power, could even make his own God group.

"Holy sister who created the scripture belongs to the Poet in a broad sense. The poet can interfere with the politics and conflicts in the outside world "Paradigm shift", and expand it's godly population size. —but Canaria. You used your own spirit power to cause a shift in the outside world right?"

"Yes. But as to how it's done, it's a business secret.............Only, there is a problem. I can't be the center of the God's group. So I can't have divinity now, which means that my time here is running out."

"Wu, what happened......! Why didn't you look for another way back to Little Garden!?"

"Because I'm convinced that it is useless. We can't stop those guys in our current state."

"But ! Without your word, which direction should the alliance, our dream, head into! It was you who incited us to build an alliance right!? Isn't that so!?"

Facing the beratement of Lapp, Canaria quietly shook her head and responded.

Her petite body trembling, she criticized Canaria with a sound that was mingled with both sorrow and anger.

Many communities participated in the alliance established by Canaria. The alliance was firmly united thanks to the power and virtue of Canaria.

If they lost her, the alliance might be forced to dissolve. Never expecting to be betrayed by a companion after going through untold hardships in the infinite and wide world, Lapp couldn't help but severely reprimand her.

After [Baron the Cross](Baron la Croix) finished hearing all this quietly, he held the rim of the bowler head and intervene both of them.

"Lapp. Stop denouncing her. To fight against those guys—[Ouroboros], you'll need the Candidate of Origin."

".......? Candidate of Origin?"

"Yes. And I'm sure. He will be eligible to inherit us. Not referring to his power, but his soul."

Even though it was concluded like this, Canaria's face still did not lit up.

Closing her sad eyes that were gazing at the cherry trees by the road.

"But..........I don't want to impose my ideals on him. The one who messed up the child's life, was not anyone else but me. So at least, let him decide his future. Whether he steadily live his life in the outside world—or shoulder our dreams and the future of " ". "

Finishing her sentence, Canaria recalled something and leaked out a bitter smile.

"......Ah. No, in this case. Even if he is summoned to Little Garden, there are still other options for little Izayoi to choose. Completely forgotten about it."

'So silly', surprising herself and laughing.

Aware of that possibility that might reduce the burden on her shoulders, Canaria finally use her usual mischievous smile and shrugged.

"Well, despite all the depressing sort of things brought up, talking about my death would still be a bit to early. Little Izayoi he—is. It should not be a problem to stay alive until he turns into an adult."

"........Ahhhh. You will die in less than 5 years."

"Is it really okay? You already, had stop yearning for your own life ?"

"That is impossible. How long do you think I have been living. In order to not regret today, I might scamper with all my strength oh. If things that are not done—"

How could I. Was about to say that, but his mouth unnaturally stopped.

Canaria's line of sight was fixated on a student strolling on the cherry blossom tree trail.

For the sentimental students who were going to their school for the new term, Canaria carried a troubled smile.

"..........Yes. If I knew that I had such feelings, I should acted as family more thoroughly. I was obviously going to get through life without remorse, but regrets would be still be left behind."


However, such request was too luxurious.

She could not satisfy herself and make it up for the act of binding Sakamaki Izayoi for three years.

A person's life is like a fleeting moment. Don't waste the short and limited time one has on undesirable social systems. Moreover, the form of beauty that fake parent-child relationship has was to push this kind of wayward reason on others, which only helps in self-gratification.

With a seemingly heavy atmosphere surrounding the ward—

A trio of crisp sound suddenly appeared from the hospital corridor.

"Over here over here! Iza-nii, hurry!"

"I got it. Kasuka, don't make so much noise in the hospital. And Homura, stop playing the game while walking."

"Just, just a little bit. Just 2 more rounds to defeat the Maou Soma......"

Lively running in the corridor with a 'Pata pata!' was a brown-colored young girl, Irori Kasuka.

And the boy who absolutely refused to let go of the gameboy, Homura.

Monitoring the two youngsters was a teen—Sakamaki Izayoi, who slowly walked towards the ward.

"Gu, Lapp. Come here."

In one way or another, [Baron the Cross] and Lapp disappeared in a flash.

As if nothing had happened, Canaria sat in an upright posture and waited for the trio. Sounding something like a muffled knock, she responded with her usual tone.

"Please enter. The door's unlock."

"Okay~.—Hey, come in too Iza-nii!"

"...... I know I know. Please enter first."

"Don't kink it. Precisely because we want to show off Iza-nii's splendid attire, we came here, so you enter first."

The trio outside the door were noisy. This scene was quite rare. Only the innocent Kasuka's frolicking was deem as normal.

It was rare to see Izayoi being hesitant. Which ignited the naughty heart of Canaria, who then quietly got down from the bed and went to the door, with full momentum, the hospital door—

Part 3



Opening the door, the surprised Canaria was at a loss.

Both Kasuka and Homura swallowed their breath.

Izayoi was putting on an expression as if to mask his dissatisfaction, before staring at Canaria and embarrassingly scratched his head.

".........Yo. You look well."

Stiffly raising his right hand to say hello. The usual hateful smile was not there. Izayoi currently, was having a delicate expression as if he was discovered to be cheating.

Canaria stood with her mouth wide open, and Izayoi with an expression as if to masking his dissatisfaction.

Both of them who were difficult to get along with, undisguisingly face the silence. Those that knew both of them would probably wonder what had happened.

That was of course natural, Izayoi was dressed up with something different than his usual wear.

Glancing up and down Izayoi's body for three times, Canaria unbelievably asked.

"..........Little Izayoi? What happened, this clothes? It looks like a suit for students."

"It's not like. It is as you see, a student's suit"

'Heh', Izayoi grunted with little self-esteem.

Dark blue suit with a loosely tied suit. It was the uniform of the school built close to the Canaria Family House. And Izayoi would not pointlessly put on those clothes.

Getting increasingly surprised, Canaria widened her mouth and speechlessly looked at Izayoi.

......A rare sight to see Canaria being that slow.

With Izayoi slowly becoming angry, he scratched his head while embarrassingly said.

"............What ah. It was you who wanted to see, so I was forcibly enrolled into school. Be more happy please, Canaria."


This extremely awkward tenderness, made Canaria aware of the situation.

Sakamaki Izayoi—only because of Canaria's wish, entered into high school.

When Canaria fell down.........confiding those discouraging words, he sincerely picked things up.

Due to the unexpected events that shocked Canaria, she could not help but lowered her head with watery eyes. In her long term career, this was the first time she got hit with an impact of this degree.

Using her right hand to scratch her blonde hair, Canaria sent out an unusual and great voice.

"........Good. Ahhhh really is, good! My children are just too cute! Even if I am defamed as a foolish mother, I will accept it! The children of Canaria Family House are definitely the most cutest in this world!!!!!"

Canaria suddenly embraced the three of them

In order to not show an emotional mood, Canaria forcibly picked up the three. Or else she wouldn't be able to keep up the majesty of an adoptive mother.

Being swung around while hugged on, Izayoi sighed.

"Much more exaggerated than usual. Please be more honest as a patient."

"I don't wanna. Because you are too cute. Izayoi is good Homura is good Kasuka is good everyone is cute. I will always love you all. As long as I can still blink, I will not allow anyone of you to be married or be a son-in-law!"

Yes yes, the only thing he could do was be surprised and turned his head away.

But at the time, Kasuka and Homura who were also being swung around left from Canaria in a panic. Looking at the clock in the ward, the pulled Izayoi's sleeves and cried out.

"Aiyah, there is no more time to do this kind of things Iza-nii! You are going to be late for the entrance ceremony!"

"Kasuka, we are the ones with the entrance ceremony...........also, it's about time for Iza-nii to get going too."

"Got it. So in this way, please go sleep like an ordinary patient would do."

Ending the conversation, he pulled away from Canaria.

Canaria was forcibly suppressing the urge to follow them to the entrance ceremony when the trio left the ward. Just when the door was opened, Izayoi suddenly turned towards Canaria and asked with a wonderful expression.

"........... Body, are you really fine?"

"Un. It's as you saw, very healthy."

"Is that so. Then hurry and get back. Without you, the House is getting stalled. All the workers are busy due to the unaccustomed work they have to do."

"Ara, It really is an ugly sight. It's not good if it became like this in just one month. When I'm discharged, there will be a need to discuss the problem of staff re-education."

Crossing her arms, fighting sarcasm with sarcasm.

Usually they would both smile at each other when parting. The beautiful communication style between the both of them.

But Izayoi was clearly different today. He kept staring at Canaria's strange expression, and carefully considering his choice of words, along with sharp eyes,

"—What happened?"


His tone and eyes did not allow any denial or confirmation. Convinced that he had seen through Canaria. His eyes looked like it contained a creepy light.

But Canaria did not appear to be afraid, and easily took over without and discoloration.

"Okay, I have lots of things I don't know what you are talking about. Although I am not a lying doctrine, but the amount of concealed things I have could pile up like a mountain..........Huhu. Want to expose my secret, you need to try harder."

With the index finger placed against her lips, she shook her head while exposing a fearless smile. That kind of tolerant smile really could not be imagined to have come from a patient. Not feeling uneasy all. Her iron wall smile did not allow any discussions.

Smiling to hide her head. Although this was one of her basic tactics, the effect was no better than a good poker face. Izayoi had never let that smile collapse either. And the usual Izayoi would immediately give up, leaving without giving a care.

However, only today did Izayoi not retreat.

Maintaining the silence while looking into her eyes, words that were weaved out scattered from his mouth.

"......I, I'm very happy."


Hearing the sudden words, she tilted her head. Izayoi carefully choose his next words while continuing to gaze at Canaria in the eye.

A hint of sadness emerged from the depths of the eyes.

"I'm, glad that I could meet you. If I hadn't encounter Canaria, I would definitely encroach to do some silly things, find the world to be boring, and become a boring man. ...........Before I encountered you, I had always been thinking like that."

Facing forward, stepped out halfway.

Eyes were extremely calm.

The receiving side which was Canaria, didn't have any smile on.

"It was satisfying to learn about new knowledge, even when treading on the road, it was all because you had taught me. So I was happy I could meet someone like you. Even if that encounter—With some other kind of attempt. I believe that my encounter with Canaria was inevitable."

Not hiding any hypocrisy.

With a tone filled with quiet honesty, Izayoi declared.


There was no need for words.

Izayoi he, did not know anything.

Aside from the strength he has, he did not know the reason why it lodged into his body, or the things about Little Garden which was of a different world. Only hugging the loneliness when young, not knowing the names of his family that departed, even if it was a conspiracy set by Canaria—It did not matter— the boy said so.

No matter what kind of intent, through, or ambition, the memories since that day wouldn't fade no matter what.

To Sakamaki Izayoi, it was fate that he encountered Canaria, his quiet eyes telling so.

"........., Idiot. This tenderness, leave it to someone whom you would meet in the future."

Finally spitting out such a sentence, she turned her body away. Unable to disclose any more things. To tell the truth, saying out the motives of Canaria and others, was still not allowed yet.

But Canaria had an intuition

Izayoi also vaguely sensed it.

Both of them, decided that the time to part was close.

Being unable to say it out, they were surrounded by a heavy silence.

Confirming the time with his inadvertently distinguished eyes, Izayoi back-faced the ward.

"For a certain I feel that I won't have that kind of meeting in the future."

"There will. Bound to be. Only when you save people with your gentleness and nobility...........the person you are fated to meet, will definitely be waiting for you."

Firmly telling it to the figure. She could only guarantee this point.

Henceforth, Izayoi would save countless of people. Beating down countless of enemies. Regardless of the world, sometimes in the social war, sometimes in military warfare, across various kind of difficulties.

Unable to witness all of this, a tinge of loneliness was felt.

But for the arrival of that day, Canaria words weaved.

"Only the people you can save. Only the enemies you can beat. With your courage and challenge, that day will come. .......You don't have to believe it now. But rely on you, the companions who will rely on you will definitely appear."

Telling the figure with an urgent voice.

The maximum of things Canaria can tell him.

Remaining silent for a while, Izayoi soon return back to his smile.

"Ha. that's good. I also want to try and rely on someone else."

Intertwining his usual smile and a wry smile. With his heart determining [How would such a thing happen], Izayoi left the ward. Canaria leaned against the window, watched the figure leave while tightly gripping her hand. Pulling Homura and Kasuka, Izayoi resembled a student no matter how you look at it.

Sending him off with her posture, she whispered in the empty ward.

"Bon Voyage. I hope you have live a wonderful student life."

Watching the figure of the trio leave. If she was a real parent—she would immediately dismiss those sudden things said. She told herself that only this point was definitely not desirable.

Being cheery again, Canaria corrected her posture and said.

"Lapp. Croix. Still there?"


The spring breeze caused the curtain to sway. [Baron the Cross] and [Laplace litle devil] appeared from the fabric.

Both of them carried complex expression to gaze at Canaria. Even when his age exceeds both, it was his first time he had seen a shaken Canaria. Never expected the teenager to digress the encounter a few years back. It was quite miserable to both of them who were intimate.

Raising her head, Canaria asked both of them

"When I'm dead.....that child, can I leave him to both of you?"

""I refuse""


Hearing the cold response from her favorite comrades, Canaria could not help but let out a 'Oi'. Both of them ignored it and crossed their arms.

"No matter what you say, it can't be done. Flatly refused. Even if our relationship all of soulmate and best friend, they are things that can be easily promised and things that cannot be easily promised."

"Totally agree. I won't let you compromise this. It is also the master-slave etiquette. If you think we will willingly accept your promise, you are wrong."

"............. You described it like this, but it is jealousy isn't it?"

""We won't deny that either.""

Both of them make a fist with their hands.

Canaria stifled a laughter while scratching her head with her right hand.

".........Thanks. but this is my last request. So please help me."

Canaria gave a troubled laugh. The statement she said, was literally like the dying words of someone. From the start, the duo did not intend to ignore, but they still felt like arguing.

Sighing deeply, both of them faced Canaria and forcibly nodded.

"Can't help it. This is a disciple's wish for the mentor. Till the last minute, the god of death shall be responsible for this."

"We have sworn over the Laplace's oath, Canaria. But it's only for you. I am extremely pleased to help your request. .......However."

Suddenly, Lapp's eyes started glowing. Looking outside the window, she was befitted to be the observation devil and also Secretary in charge, always consistent with knowledge, even her body does not match with her cunniness.

Gazing at Izayoi from afar, she asked with a tone filled with anxiousness and vigilance.

"He.......Who is he'?"

"Unfortunately that is all. My clairvoyance can't capture the real image of that human. It was the same as just now, I can't grasp his existence even with the naked eye. Not even found even with a large stack of devil books.........what an unusual situation."

Bite bite, Lapp puckered and bit down on a few pears. She was the Secretary and an omniscient demon. It was something that she who knew all didn't know.

In contrast, Canaria looked like she had received good news and revealed a bright expression.

"Really.......Fufu. If even Lapp say so, then the first phase has been completed."

Crossing her arms, a mischievous smile came out. Because Lapp wanted to know what he was, she anticipated the answer with her dress shaking.

"He, is a [Code Unknown]..........No, if you insist on giving him a name—"

'Pata!' Canaria opened all the windows.

Suddenly, a gust of wind came in.

The spring breeze blew on the white curtains and cherry petals flew uto the bed. Enjoying this breeze, with her blond hair loose, Canaria let her thoughts materialized into words.

"——[Last future of Embryo]——Just like that, his call♪"