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=Decisive Battle <Failure Knight> VS <Sword Eater>=
=Chapter 4 - Decisive Battle <Failure Knight> VS <Sword Eater>=
=== Part 1 ===
=== Part 1 ===

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Chapter 4 - Decisive Battle <Failure Knight> VS <Sword Eater>

Part 1

It was midnight of the day Ikki battled Ayase.

A single silhouette could be seen in the forest recess where Ikki usually trained.

The silhouette swung a dimly glowing Katana under the moonlight.

A windless night, but the sound of the blade swaying in the wind could be heard.

It was a beautiful form of training, as if dancing.

But that movement suddenly came to a stop.


The silhouette… Kurogane Ikki turned towards the entrance of the recess while wiping his sweat and asked.

He felt a presence there.

As expected, a girl with glossy fire blonde hair stood there. It was Stella Vermillion.

She frowned a bit, but asked frankly.

“You’re still at it? If you’re not careful then it’s going to affect the battle tomorrow.”

The battle Stella mentioned was a duel with Kuraudo.

After Ikki’s match with Ayase yesterday, Ikki and Stella heard everything from her. From the beginning till the end, and what happened 2 years ago.

How Ayatsuji Kaito, the <Last Samurai> was beaten.

And after hearing everything, Ikki firmly promised Ayase that he would duel Kuraudo tomorrow betting the dojo.

Tomorrow… a battle even harder than today’s might be waiting.

Then the wisest decision now would be to rest.

Ikki also understood that, but he couldn’t calm down.

“…Was it a shock?”

“Well, yeah… For me, Kaito-san might’ve been something like an idol.”

For Ikki who was abandoned by the adults of the Kurogane house, people like Kaito were the same as a swordsmanship master for him.

Watching their matches, he stole, analysed, and practised their techniques over and over again.

It was something which became the foundation of the current Ikki.

So hearing the past events from Ayase was a shock to him.

Decaying by decease, in a match with no magic… in other words, in a match not between Knights but swordsmen, he was one-sidedly beaten.

“As expected, Kurashiki-kun really isn’t a pushover.”

“Are you nervous?”

“…Well, an opponent is an opponent.”

Kurashiki Kuraudo, the ace of Donro Academy. A third year. He was in the best eight of the last festival.

Information about a figure like him could be easily found if searched.

His device was <Orochimaru>, a white saw blade with the ability to expand its length. It killed the meaning of distance.

He could thrust at the opponent with bullet like speed even from a long distance, and if that was dodged he could still mow down the entire ring.

If his opponent came in close range, he could shrink <Orochimaru> to a short sword and overwhelm his opponent with a rotating barrage.

<Jakkojin>, Kuraudo’s noble art which had an absolute reach no matter what the distance was didn’t have any blind spots.

It wasn’t a flashy move. But this simple move had an annoying amount of offensive power. Specially for a swordsman like Ikki, Kuraudo was a tough opponent. (絶えず相手の間合いが変化するのはかなりやりづらい。)

Thus <Sword Killer>, like the nickname stated, his ability was the natural enemy for swordsmen. And he beat Kaito. So Ikki had a feeling that Kuraoro had something else up his sleeve. “But, that’s something I understand.”

Ever since he felt that barbaric aura with that savage expression of his at the restaurant.

But that wasn’t the reason Ikki couldn’t calm down.

“….Stella. After you heard Ayatsuji-san’s story, what did you think?”

“She got mixed up with a troublesome hound, I pity her.”

“Is that all?...I”

“You don’t have to say it.”

Stella interrupted him and muttered.

“Probably, we’re thinking the same thing. That’s why you said it, didn’t you?”

“Is that so…. Yeah, that’s right. I knew Stella would understand.”

Ikki’s face lit up happily.

He was happy that his lover was thinking the same thing as him.

“But whatever the truth is, it shouldn’t concern Ikki, right? What you have to do hasn’t changed.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Nodding, Ikki once again swung his sword in the darkness.

…Body condition is fine. No problems with vitality either.

All that’s left is to wait. After tomorrow, everything will be clear.

---The truth that Ayase had yet to realize, the events that happened 2 years ago.

Part 2

The evening of the next day.

Ikki and Stella headed for the ex-Ayatsuji dojo grounds being guided by Ayase.

“This road, brings back memories.”

Ikki muttered while looking at the old an familiar houses lined up.

“Come to think of it, didn’t Kurogane-kun come challenging our dojo once?”

“Yeah. But I was turned away after being told they didn’t do stuff like that anymore.”

“That’s from Ikki’s middle school day’s right? You went to many places and visited a lot of dojos.”

“Might’ve been a mischievous side of me. When I could manage the time, I would go around the country and apply to challenge.”

“That’s a lot of willpower. But Kurogane-kun, wasn’t it dangerous? A middle schooler going around challenging dojos, weren’t you ever beaten to a pulp because of that cheeky attitude?”

“There was that too. Sometimes I would get beaten from all directions by the disciples till half-dead. But it couldn’t be helped since I said something rude like challenging their dojo. The challenge can’t complain no matter what the challenged does to him, that’s an ironclad rule.”

That’s right. He knew it was dangerous, and the number of times he was almost killed couldn’t be counted with just his fingers.

But at that time, he just wanted to become strong no matter what.

Since the adults around him didn’t help him at all, he wanted to experience everything, absorb everything, and gain all the strength he could.

(But still, I didn’t do stuff like attack the pupils and forcefully challenge the dojos when I was refused.)

While reminiscing, the three left the highway and entered a vacant space mixed with groves of trees.

Before them was a solitary house surrounded by long walls.

“This…. was my home once.”

But now, it was appropriate to call it an abandoned samurai mansion.

The tiles were out of place, the wood supporting the gate rot and collapsed.

The area around was littered with cigarette butts, snack boxes, poly-bags etc. The white walls now had tasteless and colourful graffiti.

“What tasteless scribbles. I’ve heard that there are people with awesome graffiti skills but this, this is totally a no.”

“….I don’t think that’s where you should be surprised… What a mess.”

Ayase who guided them here had a pained expression, as if she was killing off the disappointment she was feeling.

Her precious place was damaged to such an extent, of course she would.

(I have to get it back..)

Ikki resolved himself yet again, and took out a bokken from his bag.

“Kurogane-kun… may I ask, how are you going to get back the dojo?”

“Of course, I’ll go straight in and challenge the dojo. There’s no other way right?”

After hearing what happened 2 years ago, Ikki thought that Kuraudo’s way of doing things was surprisingly modest.

Of course, attacking the students to get the right of challenging the dojo wasn’t exactly modest but in the end, everything was settled under a supervised duel both parties agreed to. In other words, both good and evil, truth and false, everything was entrusted to that duel. So a third party butting the nose in the results would be very rude. It’s an insult towards Kaito.

“That’s so like Ikki.”

“I understand… But Kurogane-kun, please be careful. That man… <Sword Killer> is very strong. Certainly at that time my father was ill, but he was still strong enough that I and the other pupils couldn’t even touch him. But he still lost…”

“I know. He’s the ace of Donrou too. Not someone I can go easy against.”

Ikki took a deep breath once.

“Then, let’s go.”

Resolving himself, he headed towards the gate of the Ex-Ayatsuji dojo.

Before the now decaying and almost collapsed gate of the dojo, about 5 people, probably high school students in crude looking garbs were kneeling down and chatting in a crude manner.

Among them, there was the skinhead they saw at the restaurant.

Without a doubt, they were Kuraudo’s lackeys.

“Pardon me, but could I have a moment of your time?”


(I wonder why these types of people start everything with a threat.)

“…A-Ah! Aren’t you that coward from the restaurant-!”

It seems like the skinhead remembered Ikki. He immediately recognised him.

“Eh? You mean that guy you talked about recently?”

“Yea Yea! That coward who couldn’t say anything even after getting hit by Kuraudo, he could only shake!”

“HAHAHA! Looks weak too. He’s wearing the Hagun uniform but is this guy really a blazer!?”

“Nn? Rather isn’t that Ayase-chan in the back…Uwah! Who’s that totally hot redhead chick!?”

One of the idle boys noticed Stella’s presence and with a wrapped smile, he approached Stella.

On the other hand, Stella glared at him as if looking at a spineless insect.

Red sparks started to appear in the air.

(Ah, that’s bad)

Before burnt corpse no.1 could be produced, Ikki grabbed the shoulder of the guy who was approaching.

He was doing it out of goodwill, but the atmosphere around them suddenly changed abruptly.

“Oi! The hell’s with the hand mate?”

“I was trying to save you from dying here but, well hear me out. I’ve come to challenge Kurashiki-kun to a duel. Please guide me to where he is.”

At that, their eyes all turned round for a moment,


And they started an outburst of laughter.

“Oioioi you serious! A duel!? A chicken like you? This is priceless!”

“In the first place you, do you even know what duel means?”

“Hihihi! Damn, this is too much~”

“Kukukukuh… Oi Ni-chan. It’s unfortunate but Kuraudo doesn’t have the hobby of duelling small fry cowards like you. So why no fight us instead? If you beat us then we’ll take ya to him—Good deal right?”

“Haha, Fight Fight! This’s gonna be good.”

Saying that, one of them materialized a device that looked like an Army Knife and touched Ikki’s cheeks with the flank side while laughing.

At that provocation, Ikki…

(Ah, so these guys are the donrou students huh…)

---and so, since the circumstances favoured him, he suddenly grabbed the wrist of the thug.

“That’s fine by me.”


He showed a smile that could almost be called heartless.

Part 3

“So, cause that brown haired Itsuki was too annoying, I ripped off his trousers and left him rolling on the main street.”

“Gyahaha, seriously!”

“No way~ Kyahaha”

The Ex-Ayatsuji dojo halls, some boys were sitting of the floor while chatting.

The subjects of their chatter were the same as always.

Who fought with whom, who cheated whom, who did it with whom and so on.

Kuraodo wasn’t really interested in all that so he sat alone at the sofa, away from his friends while smoking tobacco.


They were colleagues who agreed with his view, but this was the only thing he didn’t understand about them.

(I’d rather take part in the selection matches they started in Donrou and Hagun)

Cause then he could spend a more stimulating time.

While sighing he released some smoke, and looked at it while it fumed towards the hole in the roof. The evening sky was peeking in.

Now that he thought about it, it’s become 2 years since he stole this dojo.

(Guess I’ll sell it)

As he was thinking while releasing the tobacco smokes,

“Hey, Kuraudo.”

“What? Got a stomach-ache of something?”

“…Do you remember the guys who messed with in that restaurant recently? You know those 2 with Ayase-chan.”

“Aah, what about them?”

“I thought I’d seen their faces before but yesterday, I suddenly remembered.”

He showed Kuraudo his Handbook.

There was an article titled ‘Mock Battle! A-rank Knight <Crimson Princess> Defeated by the F-rank Knight <Failure Knight>!’ and some pointed out links to the reference videos on the display.

The reference videos were of course, that off Stella’s and Ikki’s mock battle.

“I heard from a friend at Hagun today that this guy even defeated that <Runner’s High>! And one group gave him this exaggerated nick name, <Uncrowned Sword King>! Maybe…Maybe we messed with someone really bothersome here….”

He was sweating with a blue face after learning the true identity of the person he messed with. But as for Kuraudo,


After watching that video, he had a broad grin showing all 32 of his teeth.

“I see now. I thought he was only at the level of Ayase but, I didn’t think he’d be this strong.” Kuraudo felt his internal temperature rise rapidly.

Well, it couldn’t be helped if his pent up energy wanted to explode.


He wanted to postpone it till the festivals but, now it was better to just go to Hagun today.

Or should he just use Ayase to get to him?

While he was making that wicked plan,


Kuraudo heard the footsteps that were nearing the dojo hall while treading the soil.

It was quite the clean sound.

By clean, it means that the posture of walking was correct.

Among his companions here, there wasn’t anyone who could do that.

“Haha. Oioi, now this is interesting.”

“Eh? Kuraudo, what are you…”

For a moment, the footsteps stopped in front of the door. Then it was opened quite forcefully.

The guests that came were just as Kuraudo expected.

Kurogane Ikki, Stella Vermillion and Ayatsuji Ayase; the 3 from the restaurant.

“Pardon us.”

“Uwah! What a mess. I’m surprised you guys could live in this trashcan.”

“W-Who the hell are you!”

“Wait, from the restaurant…!”

His companions were restless at the sudden unexpected guest but Kuraudo just sat on the sofa just like that and glared at Ikki who had a bokken in one hand and a vinyl bag in the other.

“….What a coincidence. I was just thinking off going to your place.”

“Is that so? Thank god we didn’t miss each other.”

Ikki was completely relaxed even though he was in enemy territory.

He has guts.

“So, why’d ya come coward?”

“I don’t think your stupid enough to not know what I want after seeing all this but… I’m here as a substitute. In place of Ayatsuji-san, I’ll be taking the dojo back.”

“Haha! I was wondering what you’d say, but laame~! I don’t know what that woman brainwashed you with, but this dojo is something I got with a fair and square duel. If you’re a swordsman, then of course you know what that means right?”

“Of course.--- That’s why, I won’t tell you just to return it.”

Saying that, he approached the Sofa.

“Kurashiki-kun, I’m challenging you to a duel.”

He trust the bokken right in front of Kuraudo’s nose.

“Dojo challenging huh?”

“The same method as Kurashiki-kun. You’re not thinking of running away are you?”

(Oh? So he’s gonna provoke me too huh?)

He’s almost a different person from when they first met.

But it doesn’t matter why he had a change of heart….Since it’s interesting.

Kuraudo grabbed the bokken tip in front of his nose.

“Haha. A’right. I’ll accept it.”

With his grip, he smashed the bokken.

“However, it’ll be the same as how I did it. You are going to have to fight all these 30 idiots alone before you get to fight me. Start from there.”

“I don’t mind. The girls are here just to inspect. When challenging a dojo, I have to abide by the dojo master’s rules. Because that’s the proper manner of doing it.”

“Seems like you know a dojo challenger’s etiquette huh. Fine, wait a bit. I’ll go call the guys.” Kuraudo accessed the cell phone feature in his handbook to call the guys outside but,

“No, there’s no need for that.”


“I thought you’d say that, so I already finished all that up before coming here.”

Saying that, he turned the vinyl bag he had upside down.

Donrou Academy student handbooks starting falling down on the floor while making noises.

And among them, one started to ring.

That one was, in fact, the recipient Kuraudo just called.

“All that’s left are the 7 people here.”

Showing his trophies, he made a bold smile at Kuraudo as if taunting him.

“T-This Itsuki! Riding on his luck!”

“Kill him--!!!”

After learning that their companions had been done in, the 7 thugs there started to materialize their devices one after another.

But Kuraudo halted them and,

“You guys get down.”


「び、びびるこたぁねえ! 全員でフクロにしちまおう!」

“Get down, you’re a nuisance.”


His companions gulped and paled.

They were pressured by the mad danger dwelling in Kuraudo’s eyes.

(I see, even if these guys all attack at the same time, it won’t even be a plaything for him)

Then that’ll just be a waste of time.

“A change of rules. The duel will be between you and me, a fight with real weapons. The one to die loses.”

Declaring that, Kuraudo took out his device, the white nodachi <Orochimaru>.

Generally, it was forbidden for Student Knights to use their abilities out of school. But there were a few exceptions.

One, when they were mixed up in some sort of incident. And also, in a private dojo if the dojo owner permitted it.

Now was the latter case. And Ikki had no reason to refuse.

“You have my gratitude for accepting, <Sword Killer>.”

Replying, Ikki also materialized his <Intetsu> and got into stance.

For a moment, Kuraudo felt all the hair on his body standing up with a chill.

---I see, he’s the real deal. This feeling, I haven’t felt it since <The Last Samurai>.

(Swordsmen really are the best. The tension while facing them is on another level then fighting some random idiot.)

A piercing gaze. A dully shining blade tip. Everything, as if hollowing out his insides.

A welling up tension that couldn’t be helped.

This kind of feeling, he couldn’t get enough of that even in the Festival.

Kuradudo cast everything out at that stimulation and,

“Then, Let’s go!!!”

With that rage, he slashed at Ikki.

Part 4

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