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From the first book.

Note: Alakazandra is currently translating this on her livejournal, where she posts the first draft. We are hosting the edited version. Feel free to edit once the second draft of any given page has been posted on here.

Story Synopsis

Odaiba, Tokyo, a skyscraper devoid of human life. Woo had come from Hong Kong, bringing with him a rare book entitled "The Black Book of Fairy Tales". His counterpart was a blond Englishman. However, next to him was a bespectacled young Eurasian woman, whom he introduced as a consultant. To check her for weapons, Woo opened the front of the woman's coat and was promptly struck speechless. The inside of the coat bristled with pockets, which were overflowing with novels, magazines, newspapers, and God knows what else!

- Taken from the cover of the first book



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Read or Die by Hideyuki Kurata

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