Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut:Volume 5 Epilogue

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Epilogue – The Empire’s Whereabouts

Part 1

「We will arrive soon, Nii-san.」

「N, nn……」

Lux faintly opened his eyes along with the familiar voice of his little sister Airi.

It seemed that Lux was dozing while sitting inside the neat horse carriage that was shaking sometimes.

The canopy acted as sunshade, but the inside was hot because it was midday──and then, the scent of summer’s greenery was coming in.

On this day where the last day of the summer holiday was fast approaching, Lux along with the other selection members were on a long trip back to the Academy.

「……I see, it’s over already isn’t it.」

They were delayed for ten days longer than their original return schedule, but thinking of the cleaning up of the great incident at the capital, the treatment and recovery of Lux and company, and so on, it could be considered as fast.

The Imperial Capital Recapture Plan that was schemed by Heiburg’s enlarged military division was safely obstructed, and the All-Dragon Battle this time had also closed its curtains.

The selection members who were the representative of each country returned back to their own countries, and in their place he heard that a lot of important people visited the royal capital in order to deal in regards to the various occurring problems.

Regarding the case of the rampage of Lisha’s Tiamat too, with the testimony of the captured Saniya and the others, it seemed that for the moment the other countries were persuaded.

Hayes’s whereabouts were unknown, but it was very likely that she died in battle with how she was defeated at the end.

Ragreed and the Rebel Army’s forces that were used by Heiburg were also captured. From here on their crime would surely be inquired for a long time.

And then, on the last day before they went back.

Lux and Airi were summoned to the government office where the high officials were assembled.

「Lux Arcadia. Your conspicuous service this time was truly splendid.」

The first words of the high official who was representing the consuls were that.

The decoy role against the Imperial Capital Recapture Plan, and the four wins at the All-Dragon Battle.

And then, the case regarding the sudden invasion of Gigas that assaulted the royal capital and how he stopped it.

Looking at the results, Lux had completed all of the consuls’ demands, and he even raised an accomplishment that far surpassed it.

「Regarding the enemies that attacked the New Kingdom, your meritorious deeds of commanding the members of Syvalles and managing the defense is big. Therefore──just as promised, the matter of the unauthorized Ruin investigation by headmaster Relie won’t be questioned.」

「……Thank you very much.」

Lux lightly bowed in response to the high official’s tone of voice that was vaguely mixed with fear.

Lux had resolved himself against the possibility that they might make allusions regarding the jet black Divine Drag-Ride Lux had──Bahamut and about the Black Hero, but unexpectedly those matters weren’t mentioned.

Perhaps Queen Raffi had explained it already, or perhaps they were forbidden to question it, even Lux didn’t know what it actually was but──

「A, and so. In regards to your exceptional achievement, we wish to grant you even more reward. The punishment given to you who were cast down as a criminal along with the establishment of the New Kingdom, we will recognize that you have compensated for them with your meritorious deeds this time, write off that punishment, and we will lift up your status to be the same as us nobles.」

The high official’s words were spoken along with a flattering smile.

But even hearing those words, Lux’s expression didn’t change at all.

「On top of that, we of the government wish to recommend you as a Drag-Knight to be the representative of the New Kingdom──becoming one of the 『Seven Dragon Paladins』. You are not a Chore Prince or the like anymore. Now you can become a first class knight of the New Kingdom with honor.」

The surrounding consuls gave applause to their representative’s words.

But at that time, the calm voice of the young man suddenly resounded inside the government office’s assembly hall.

「Err, excuse me. This is a talk that is really too good for me, but I wish to decline it.」


It seemed that reply was completely unexpected, the representative high official showed bewilderment.

「I am satisfied with the amnesty I received from her majesty the queen, and I am even indebted to her highness the princess. And so, I──will be satisfied if I’m allowed to attend the Academy just as before.」


The consuls there were making a stir seeing Lux refusing like that with a calm smile.

「Wha, what are you saying!? We the representatives of the New Kingdom are saying here that we will pardon your crime you know!? You won’t be ridiculed as the ruined prince or obligated to do chores anymore. You can become an upper class noble from your position as a criminal you know? That’s──」

「It’s because my current lifestyle suits me. I wish to be allowed to work for the sake of this country’s people and the Academy from here on too.」

Lux emphasized a part of his words slightly while giving back a smile that was free of any malice.

「Bu, but……, that’s──」

「Rather than that, if I’m able to receive some kind of reward, there is one thing that I wish to request in exchange. I don’t mind to be given a request, but from here on, can I ask all of you to refrain from calling out to me through someone else in the Academy?」

「Ri, right……」

「I beg you, please protect that promise.」

After informing that with a cold gaze in the end, Lux left the assembly hall along with Airi.

Amidst the parliamentary seats that were enveloped in agitation, one of the Four Great Nobles, Dist Ralgris who was sitting at a corner made a calm smile.

「……It looks like we completely misjudged his existence.」

「What do you mean by that, Lord Dist?」

One of the Four Great Nobles, Bugriser who was sitting beside him shook his large body and asked.

「There is no other meaning. He showed how he completely outmaneuvered the consuls──the nobles gathering here. By lifting a powerful Drag-Knight like him from his criminal status into a noble, he will become in 『debt』 with them. The government officials attempted to put a collar on him like that. Just now these lots were trying to make him into their convenient tool.」

「I see. That brat saw through that miserable ulterior motive and so he refused to be freed from his criminal status.」

Dist nodded at Bugriser’s words.

「He is currently acquitted due to the amnesty that reduced him to the criminal status──which put him under the management of her majesty the queen in the end. The other nobles cannot carelessly put their hands on him as long as that is the case. He weaved through the traps of the consuls here, and threatened back instead with that clever speech and achievements. All that while he is in the weakest position as a criminal.」

「This means that the blood of the empire cannot be underestimated. As expected, that young man seems to also possess the disposition of 『king』. ──Perhaps it will also be quite difficult for us to make use of him in the future huh.」

One of the Four Great Nobles, Zagha laughed while saying that, then he slowly walked away from that place.

After him Bugriser also stood from his seat, and Dist quietly raised his face.

「I too deliberately asked for unreasonable things to test him. But, the result is that he is actually a man that surpasses my imagination. Then perhaps I have to ask for his cooperation quickly. ──In order to save this country from the danger of the world.」

Part 2

「Haa── I’m tired.」

And then, finally, on the night of that day. Lux returned back to the girl’s dormitory of the Academy.

Even though originally it was a place that the male Lux shouldn’t be there, right now it made him relieved to be there somehow.

「Come to think of it Lux-kun. Your new room has been arranged you know?」

「──Is that true!?」

After hearing what Headmaster Relie told him, Lux hurriedly headed towards the room he shared with Philuffy.

Him staying there had been considered as a problem since a long time ago, but a room became empty right now because a female student moved from the dormitory to her villa, so a room for Lux alone was finally arranged.

「Lu-chan, you are leaving?」

「It, it can’t be helped you know……. That’s, I’ll come here again to play.」

Lux consoled the dissatisfied Philuffy while carrying his uniform and luggage.

He opened the door of his new room and threw himself on the lower bed of the bunk beds. Then he closed his eyes and took a breath.

「Haa, I’m glad. It’s calming like this──」

「Welcome back, Aruji-sama.」

「Yep, I’m back──wait, EEeEH!?」

When Lux noticed the voice and opened his eyes, there Yoruka wearing her usual black outfit was straddling over Lux.

「Wh, why is Yoruka──right here!?」

When Lux raised a shocked voice, Yoruka showed that seductive smile of hers.

「It’s because I noticed my misunderstanding. Aruji-sama is picturing the figure of an ideal empire even now within this country, so there is not a single reason why I cannot serve you. That’s why, Aruji-sama──once more, please take care of me.」

Yoruka climbed down from the bed and sat on the floor for the moment, then she bowed reverently towards Lux.

「Tha, that’s great but, why are you coming to my room!? And then why are you starting to take off your clothes!?」

Lux averted his face from Yoruka who suddenly opened her black outfit bare and exposed her white breasts while he yelled with a bright red face.

「I have a bit of consideration──as I thought for the sake in case something unexpected happens, it will be for the best to leave behind a heir I believe.」

Yoruka floated a bewitching smile with her cheeks slightly blushing while she drew near to Lux’s body.

Sweet scent and smooth skin. And then, the softness of the fleshy body caused Lux’s heart to jump.

「It seems that there is still no one among the girls around Aruji-sama who is pregnant. So I’m thinking that first, Aruji-sama should use my womb here.」

「Wa, wait a second okay!? It’s not like I, something like that……」

「Please rest assured. This is also the first time for me but, I have properly learned the knowledge for it in advance.」

「That’s not it you know!? What I want to say isn’t that──!」

Saying that, Lux squirmed in panic. It was then Yoruka’s balance broke and she fell on top of Lux.

That nicely shaped soft breasts touched the tip of Lux’s nose, it was in that posture──

「Oi Lux! I came to play in your new room! How’s it, your body’s condition is──」


That moment, the room’s door was opened and Lisha who arrived saw it.

  • pikit-*Her expression stiffened and then spasmed.

「──Just what are you doing right after changing rooms!? Or rather why is that exhibitionist ero woman with you!?」

「I also don’t know anything-!」

The screams of Lisha who became teary eyed echoed inside the girl’s dormitory and the other girls were also gathering.

The last night of the summer holiday felt like it would become really long.

While the lively commotion of the girls could be heard from a room of the girl’s dormitory.

Airi was facing the desk in her shared room by herself, staring at it with a trembling hand.

「……Just, what is this」

What was spread on the desk was a page of an ancient document that was excavated from a Ruin──the deepest part of the Ark.

Those documents where construction data of several Drag-Rides and Ruins, also descriptions regarding the Abyss or the Automaton were also found in it, all of it was given a look over before they were submitted to the royal capital.

──The documents had been deciphered only just now. Except this last page, the page that she quietly snatched without even Headmaster Relie or Lux knowing about it.

Airi’s skill in deciphering ancient documents had improved until the level that wasn’t that inferior compared to specialist officials of the royal capital.

She didn’t want to deny the result of her hard work that she had continued for many years, but only this time it was different.

If possible, she wanted to be mistaken.

Thinking like that, she redid her deciphering many times, but the answer didn’t change.

What was inside the ancient document Airi deciphered was the names of the ancient imperial family members who were called as LordCreator in the past.

Holy Arcadia Empire Thirteenth Generation Imperial Family’s Names

First Imperial Princess Listelka Rei Arshalia

Second Imperial Princess Aeril Vi Arcadia

Third Imperial Princess Hayes Vi Arcadia

「Why is, Arcadia’s name, written inside an ancient document……」

It was unthinkable that the Arcadia Empire was merely borrowing the name of an『empire』 that existed in ancient times. (TN: There is a difference between the Arcadia Empire and the Holy Arcadia Empire here. Arcadia Empire, the so called Old Empire in the raw is called Arcadia Teikoku, while the Holy Arcadia Empire mentioned in the ancient document in the raw is written Shinsei Arcadia Koukoku. One used teikoku, while the other used koukoku. The meaning is the same, though I think koukoku has like more sacred implications.)

The reason was that the seven Ruins itself where this ancient document was excavated from, were only discovered around some ten-odd years ago. And the Arcadia Empire had been reigning over this land since several hundred years ago already.

Even in the history books of other countries, there wasn’t any description that seemed to refer to the seven Ruins.

If this『empire』 and the Arcadia Empire had a connection between them, then there should be a description in history books that hinted at the existence of the Ruins but──

Then, was this just a coincidence of the same name?

But, the silver hair and grey colored eyes that girl called Hayes possessed.

That coincidental appearance that was only possessed by the imperial family of the Old Empire caused anxiety to grow inside Airi’s chest.

「Then, that Arcadia Empire where we were at was──just what are we, Nii-san……」

Airi tightly grasped the ancient document with a trembling voice and body.

Those small vanishing words didn’t reach anyone’s ears, merely being absorbed into the darkness.