Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume3 Chapter2

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Chapter 2

Part 1

"Kamito, they're coming. Let's breakthrough in the middle in one go!"

"Ah, I got it!"

Simultaneously with the match-commencing bell—

Kamito and Claire began running through the forest of Astral Zero.

It was a simulation practice targeting the Blade Dance. It was the third battle after Fianna had joined.

They were taking a battle formation where the vanguard was Kamito and Claire, and the rear guard and commander was Fianna.

This time there was no need to incapacitate all five members of the opposing team, they had to defeat one person that was chosen to be the commander. It was Claire's judgment that it would make best use of the team's offensive ability for Fianna to be posted as the rear guard and defending as the commander, instead of Claire, who would be fighting as a vanguard.

"Haa, haa… hey, wait a bit, you two!"

Fianna ran as she gasped. For her, who had not received battle training, running also seemed tough.

"Your breathing is rising, princess."

"I can't help it, after all, my breast isn't light like Claire's—"

"Wh-what was that…!"

Seeing Fianna's breast shake whenever she ran, Claire tightly bit her lips.

"Hey, don't quarrel. –They're coming!"

Upon coming out from the deep forest and into an opened area—Kamito shouted.

There was the shadow of three spirit contractors in the front. It seemed like they were going to clash from the front.

Claire returned to her serious face, kicked the ground, and further accelerated.

Their opponent was the seventh in the interschool ranking «Team Aquans».

It was a team that mainly constitute of powerful people gathered from the upper classman. They couldn't be let their guard down.

Looking at the approaching opponents—Claire gasped in surprise.

There were the faces of two people she recognized out of the approaching three people.

"Those two, if I recall—"

Kamito also noticed it.

They were the demon mirror spirit contractor and the adamantine spirit contractor.

A few weeks ago, they were the upper classmen, who were participating in the contract ritual of the military-use spirit in Mine Town.

They were the ones, who were relentlessly tormenting Claire, who could not use her contracted spirit.

After that, they had tables turned on them by Scarlet, who was possessed by the frenzy spirit, but—

Before he knew, they seemed to have joined a champion team.

"…Three from the front, huh? They remaining two should be hiding in the forest."

"I'll gather and take them on. You'll get the ones in the forest."

"Will you be alright?"

"Don't look down on me."

Kamito returned a wry smile at Claire, who expressed a composed smile.

"I'm going to settle it in 30 seconds."

"I'm counting out you—Scarlet!"

At the same time Claire shouted, the incandescence hellcat running beside her changed its appearance into Flame Tongue.

It was the incarnation of a contracted spirit that transformed into an armament—elemental waffe. There was no one, who could release this as an elementary student.

Claire swung the Flame Tongue to the side.

The red hot whip was running as it licked the ground, and a blazing wall of flames appeared.

As the three attackers from the opposite team flinched, Kamito took the chance to quickly dash into the forest.

He lopped off the many trees with the sliver-shiny elemental waffe sword as he ran through.

His field of vision was bad due to the drifting mist. He sharpened his whole body's senses, and sensed the presence of divine power, which was the source of the power of a spirit contractor—a battle ability driven into him when he was young at the «Instructional School».

(—One is coming this way.)

He felt the presence behind him. One of the three seemed to be chasing after Kamito.

He tried to stop and turn around, and at that moment.

Vun—A sound like the flapping of a bug's wings skim past his earlobes.

The attack he barely dodged pulverized the tree behind him.

(What? I didn't see the trajectory of that attack—)

He turned towards the direction of the sound—There was the figure of the furious attacker.

It was a small built girl with chestnut-color hair. She was holding a small harp in her hand.

It was a musical-instrument-type elemental waffe.

The girl strummed the harp— and a slash attack was released again.

The invisible sound blade cut Kamito's leg and the many tree leaves fluttered and scattered in a flash.

It was a rather troublesome elemental waffe. It differed from a normal shooting attack, he could not observe the shooter's hand movement and gaze and predict the trajectory.

(—In this case, I'll close in and bring her down in one attack!)

He ignored the spirit contractor chasing him behind. Holding the sword horizontally, Kamito rushed straight in.

The chestnut-colored hair girl violent strummed her harp. Perhaps she was flustered by Kamito's approaching speed, the invisible blades were released towards an almost random direction.

(No, this is—)

Kamito noticed his opponent's aim.

At the following moment, the sound blades that should have been out of range simultaneously rained incessantly on him from behind.


The academy's uniform that had stab-proof feature was cut and ripped, and intense pain attacked Kamito's whole body.

Even if he received an attack from a spirit in Astral Zero, his physical flesh would never receive damage, but that didn't mean that the sensation of pain completely vanished.

"You've let your guard down, male spirit contractor!"

There was a scorning-like voice from behind. It was the spirit contractor that cane chasing after Kamito.

Upon turning around, there was the upperclassman smirking with a sphere-shaped spirit floating on her palm.

"I see, you amplified the sound blades and reflected them, huh?,,,"

The reflection of attribute attacks was the demon mirror spirit's special trait.

It was a combination attack utilizing their spirits' compatibility—as expected, they were accustomed to battle.

"Vit, that guy's elemental waffe is a sword. It's no big deal as long as we keep our distance."

The harp girl silently nodded. They seemed to be planning to pincer attack him and bring him down for certain.

(…They have analyzed my battle strengths, huh?)

Terminus Est was the strongest class elemental waffe, but as she was a sword, she could only do close-range attacks.

Also, Kamito couldn't use powerful spirit magic like Claire.

The handling of spirit magic was something necessary for the systematic research relating to the spirit subject, but Kamito of «Instructional School» origin practically didn't receive training in that area.

However, if they were under the impression that Kamito's long distance attack measures were nonexistent, they were mistaken.


As she heard Kamito's shouting voice, the elemental waffe metamorphosed.

From a single edge long sword, into a beautiful short sword attached with an ornament.

At that moment, there were the countless sound blades, released from both sides.

The minute he dodged that, Kamito threw the short sword.

Perhaps she didn't thought he would throw his elemental waffe, the sound spirit contractor had a surprised facial expression.

The short sword hit and was sucked into her chest.

In Astral Zero, a contracted spirit could be used as the incarnation of pure divine power.

There were no injury at her pierced chest, and she lost consciousness in an instant and shouldn't even have the time to feel the pain.

At the same time, Kamito was running.

He extracted the short sword from the fainted girl, and at the same time he turned around, he repelled the sound blades that came attacking from behind. He poured divine power into the short sword, and restored Est to the previous long sword—Realizing the failure of that attack, the demon mirror spirit contractor tried to plot her escape, but that was too late of a reaction.

"Sorry, the short sword is more of my specialty."

The glowing silver sword pierced through the demon mirror spirit all together with the upperclassman.

Upon confirming that the two fainted, and quickly returning to the location where Claire was fighting—

"You're late, seven seconds late."

"You were counting? You're a stingy fellow."

Within the whirling crimson flames, Claire was dancing a splendid blade dance.

There were the remains of the melted crag spirit rolling on the ground—She seemed to have already defeated one person.

The one remaining was the adamantine spirit contractor. As she parried the spirit, which took on the giant ore form, away with her whip, Claire was making walls of flames to seal her opponent's movement. The blazing flames totally did not weaken. On the contrary, fanned by the thunderous violent-blowing wind, they seemed to be increasingly growing hotter.

It was the assistive effect of the ritual dance performance that Fianna danced. The power of the wind Elemental Lord was fiercely stirring up the flames.

However, the opponent was the adamantine spirit, which possessed resistance against the fire attribute. It was acting like the walls of flames were nothing.

"Your flame spirit won't work on my «Adamantine»!"

The adamantine spirit came assaulting straight on. Claire kicked the ground and jumped.

That appearance of her red twin tails flying and fluttering seemed almost like scattering sparks.

The crimson killing flash freely tore the sky. The surrounding trees were cut from their roots.

No. The ones cut wasn't just the tress of the forest.

Perhaps it was unable to withstand the accumulation of damage so far, he thought that perhaps he heard a metal-scraping-like sound, and the adamantine spirit in its ore form was cleanly split into four and fell to the ground.

"No way, my adamantine spirit!?"

"Certainly, the adamantine spirit had a resistance against the fire attribute. However, it seemed to be brittle against a cutting attack."

Claire landed on the ground, and brushed her red twintails.

Jumping and scattering sparks landed in a puddle and made a sizzling sound.

"…A puddle?"

Kamito, who had been fascinated by Claire's blade dance, suddenly frowned.

It was just behind Fianna, who was performing the ritual dance.

(Just now, there wasn't a puddle at such a—)

At that moment.


Fianna screamed.

Suddenly, her body was caught by a giant shadow that appeared from the inside of the puzzle.

It had a big slimy transparent frame and ominously shiny red eyes.

And then, it had a large spread out chin.

That was water spirit in a giant serpent form.


"Ah, hn… What are you doing?!"

Its wet shiny semi-transparent body turned over Fianna's skirt, and was tightly twining around her slender body. Her tender breasts were squeezed out and a gasping-like breath leaked out from her throat.

Fianna was suspended in midair as she writhed, but she was helpless spirit opponent.

"No, no, don't touch anywhere, eh… n-noooooo!"

"Why you, release Fianna!"

Aiming at the slimy coiling serpent's body, Claire launched her Flame Tongue.

However, the Flame Tongue made a sizzling noise and slipped though the semi-transparent body.

It was a water spirit, which had the worst compatibility with Scarlet, which was a flame spirit. Even within the five grand elemental spirits, it was the spirit that Claire wanted to not deal with the most. Furthermore, a spirit that took on a beast form was a high ranking spirit. That was probably the commander's contracted spirit—The appearance of the spirit contractor using it nowhere to be found.


Kamito was about to run to her side, at that moment.

The water spirit raised its head, aimed at Claire and released a strong Aqua Breath.

Claire knocked down the water bullets with her Flame Tongue, but she simply couldn't defend against all of them—


Kamito quickly changed his direction, carried Claire's body and jumped.

Immediately, the countless water bullets had made their impact. Large explosions, like turning the ground inside out, occurred in succession.

"…, an attack-type water spirit? What power."

"Fuaa, Ka-Kamito, what are you doing?!"

Don, they landed on the ground, and Claire turned bright red and shouted.

It seemed like the princess-carrying was embarrassing.

"I-I got it! I got it, so don't scratch on my face!"

The moment Claire was softly let off onto the ground, the water spirit turned around.

Raising its head, it tried to release its strong Aqua Breath again.

At that moment, a dazzling flash surge out from the serpent's body.

—Thou, servant of the king of the child of man, knight and master swordsman!

—By the contract of the old blood, become the sword that protects me, please hurry and come to my side!

In the instant when the tightening jolted, Fianna took the chance to recite the spirit language summoning.

Immediately, the gigantic water spirit's body swelled up and exploded in one go in the inside.

The one appearing from within the flash was—

An armored knight, carrying Fianna in one hand.

It had a rigid silver heavy-armor. Its red eyes were glaringly shining in its helmet.

It was the knight spirit «Georgios»— The contracted spirit that served the Ordesia royal family for generations.

It was power that Fianna, who was once called the Lost Queen, had regained.

Fianna was gently let down on the ground and collapsed on the ground as she used all her strength.


Kamito calmly informed, and pointed the tip of the sword at the middle of the puddle.

"…It seems this is it."

The commander water spirit contractor, who was hiding, admitted defeat, seemingly vexed.