Shiinamachi-senpai's Safe Day:Volume 1 Epilogue

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■July 31st: sunny with clear skies

"The one who walks along the same path together, the one who obtained a true heart, the time when the one who appears and returning from darkness--"

Skipping summer supplementary lessons and club activities, leaving school, we journeyed for four hours to reach a private beach exclusive to the Yatono family.


Fujisato was wearing a fashionable bikini, throwing a beach ball on the beach's pure white sand.

Her smile dazzled under the sunlight, a most memorable sight.

More importantly, given her excellent figure, it was even more awesome than I imagined from when she was dressed in uniform. The first time I saw her wonderful figure, I couldn't help myself from applauding.

I even went as far as to think "even if that body gets tanned, it'll still be a healthy variant of beautiful". However… Do the Nightkin get tanned? Do they even have melanin pigment in their bodies? These pointless questions occupied my mind the whole time.

Kuhou was the one playing beach ball together with Fujisato. Kuhou was wearing a black one-piece swimsuit with a skirt design that suited her very well. The frilly decorations at her waist served to enhance the overall adorability.

Because she was so slender, it looked even more unpretentious. This Kuhou was the best. If one day she should ever gain a troubling outstanding figure, I might not know where to direct my gaze.

"Are you visually raping others?"

"No, my eyes are not that lewd!"

"I permit you to feast your eyes upon my swimsuit look. Especially between the legs. Please go ahead and enjoy to your heart's content."

Shiki was wearing a blue, somewhat boyish swimsuit with a lab coat on top. This getup suited the usual style she insisted. She had her lab coat wide open, displaying herself within. Shiki, could you please pay some attention? This makes you look like some kind of perverted flasher.

"Could you show a bit of modesty?"

"My breasts are very modest indeed."

Self-deprecation, no way? I frantically looked at her face but she was expressionless as always.

"Fufu, I see that everyone is getting along wonderfully!"

As for the Shiinamachi-senpai of my heart… Regrettably, her upper body was covered by a light jacket.

No, seeing her slender and beautiful legs was already heaven for my eyes, but… Since she was already in a swimsuit, of course what I wanted to see most was her magnificent and beautiful bust. From the very start, Fujisato had been yelling "oh Monjirou, my legs are very stout so stop staring, okay!?", desperately trying to cover her legs, thus causing her soft and supple bosom to wobble and shake.

Looks like girls were apparently quite concerned about their exposed legs in times like these.

No no no, the important thing now is to first get rid of bangs girl here who's openly showing off her bottom half.

Anyway, I really wanted to tell everyone: most boys would choose to stare at boobs rather than legs, so there's really no need to be too concerned with your legs when wearing a swimsuit.

"Senpai, you're not going to play?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing! Jirou-kun, your body's condition should be great, right?"

True, after resurrection, the body returns to a state of full health, so of course, my current condition couldn't be better.

The issue was--ultimately, the "soul" that was about to disappear back then.

Although right now, I was thinking using the same consciousness as "Sakuradamon Jirou" from back then, I really didn't know if this was actually the original "me" from then. When wearing my vanity glasses, I can still feel concretely my crush on Shiinamachi-senpai and the friendship towards my friends. I can also feel clearly those feelings turning faint as soon as I remove these glasses.

Code: Calvariæ had erased "myself" at the time for sure.

Hence, this current consciousness might actually be a different "me".

For example--

For example… I might have followed the orders of my "master" Shiinamachi Kaguya to become a killing doll that imitated the original "Sakuradamon Jirou".

This was definitely possible.

Hence, this current "self" who was scared of this possibility, it might all be just an act.

No one could prove that this current me was the true "me".

This was the most pressing feeling in my heart.

However, at least--

When I woke up and saw Shiinamachi-senpai's face, crying and unable to speak, I really felt my chest hurt so much.

When I noticed my heart ached to such a degree, I couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

For some reason, I also remember my face stinging with pain at the time.

Inside the dream, my mother had slapped me.

This time, my mother saved me--Was having this thought an indication of my tendency towards an Oedipus complex?

"Jirou-kun, is your condition okay?"

"My body is totally fine. Soul… Should be okay."

"Yes.. Probably it was Angelic Gift Sariel that took effect."

At the time, Senpai had apparently used that gift on me unconsciously.

However, at the time, she had no idea what changes that gift would cause to me nor what effects it would invoke.

Perhaps thanks to "controlling souls", my mother appeared in my dream… That gift was probably able to project images of people and things that were important to the target whom the gift was used on. Of course, this was just my personal speculation and the details were still a mystery.

No matter what, in terms of my consciousness miraculously recovering…

It was quite possible that Angelic Gift Sariel caused a definite miracle.

"Mentally, things should be fine. Fujisato helped confirm at the time."

Senpai still seemed quite worried about my soul.

Although it was not entirely for the sake of verifying if my soul was okay, after that, I tried asking Fujisato to use the Gorgon gift to control my consciousness. The result was obvious. I was immediately unable to control my own body with my own will.

That gift was supposed to be able to rob someone entirely of their will thereby allowing the user to control the target's body as they pleased.

For the sake of achieving my goal, I had invoked the code which put me in a state of totally separation between mind and body, which was why her gift was unable to take effect. In other words, that was the only way to defeat Fujisato… Right now, it is totally beyond me.

"I understand that you deliberately confessed to Fujisato and hugged her."

"I was being controlled by her!"

Indeed, after knowing that my soul was intact, Fujisato was very happy. Then she used that gift to make me dance and sing, finally coercing me to confess and hug her tightly.

Now that I think about it, perhaps that was her way of taking revenge, to get back at me for defeating her.

The reason why I concluded that was because after that, until the next morning, Shiinamachi-senpai totally refused to say a single word to me. Not only that, the girls also refused to let me see them in their pajamas, even forcing me to sleep outside the door on the landing in the corner of the staircase. I remember I was never treated so cruelly in the pajamas party last time, right?

"Even if you didn't confess to me, you may hug me directly. Please enjoy."

"Shiki, could you not make such problematic speeches without any warning, okay!?"

This girl, who always liked to play the fool, maintained her usual attitude. I was completely unable to tell if she was happy or not.

But she was talking more frequently so I guess that means we've become closer friends.

But even now, she still seems to want to kill me in various ways so I can't lower my guard.

"Anyway, I'm really so glad."

Senpai later found out it was all just Fujisato's prank so right now, she was only worried about me in a very pure manner. Although she had a tendency to be overprotective and worry too much, I still felt quite happy and didn't find it annoying at all.

Yes. Sometimes worrying, sometimes joyful, happy.

I finally understood that these things, always taken for granted, were actually so precious.

Perhaps what Senpai's "story" indicated was actually my path.

Yes, it had elucidated a future path for me, telling "me" what kind of attitude to lead life with.

"Hey! Monjirou! Everyone!"

In the end, Fujisato and Kuhou's faces still had their usual smiles and they were able to continue staying as our good friends. Having fought a bloody battle and knowing how scary it was to anger each other… Perhaps that was actually a good thing. After all, we understood that both sides were opponents that we wished never to engage in conflict again.

After losing to me, Fujisato had apparently given up on attacking Senpai. Naturally, her vassal Kuhou went along with her decision. Conversely, it felt like we had become allies and might help each other's story advance in the future.

Of course, not fighting each other again was the best result. I sincerely believe that.

"Shiki-chan, come swim!"

I don't know if Fujisato was doing it on purpose, or she was naturally a little airheaded, she didn't seem to be harboring any guilt, grinning as always.

However, no one knew what she was actually thinking inside. Whatever, perhaps this is good enough.

"If it's a challenge from an enemy Nightkin, then a Yatono must step up to the fight, naturally."

Shiki also seemed to have developed a weird sense of opposition, racing forward.

"Jirou-kun, let's go swim together too?"

With a magnificent whoosh, Senpai took off her light jacket.

Seeing Senpai's awesome figure, I couldn't help but blush.

"Oh no… S-Seeing you go so red, I feel embarrassed too… Jirou-kun…"

Senpai's swimsuit was the same one she had worn in the bathroom with me last time.

It was totally awesome to witness this scene under the dazzling sunlight. My heart was beating so hard.

"Yes, I won't ever forget these feelings right now… These feelings of adrenalin pumping at the sight of Senpai's swimsuit."

Shiinasenpai v1 238.png

"You know, it troubles me to find you so emotional from seeing me in a swimsuit…"

Standing under the blazing sun, Shiinamachi-senpai awkwardly tried to hide her chest and legs. Acting in this manner, her adorability instantly shot up to 200%. At the same time, I truly felt something else: That I was able to continue living, so happily like this… This too was a most precious thing.

"Oh right, Jirou-kun, I've got a favor to ask of you…"

"Oh, what is it, Senpai?"

Senpai smiled tenderly then looked up, staring at me seriously.

"'The one who walks along the same path together, the one who obtained a true heart, the time when the one who appears and returning from darkness--'"

Her soft lips uttered those poetic words like a prophesy.

That was surely the story of Shiinamachi-senpai's--Shiinamachi Kuguya's.

"'The curtain shall fall upon the king's life'."

My heart suddenly skipped a beat.

In other words, Senpai's life…

"W-When will it happen?"

I felt cold sweat breaking out all over my forehead.

However, Senpai simply… showed a smile of trust and said to me:

"Today is my dangerous day, so please pay me a visit at my room!"

The true day of battle for Senpai was apparently making its official debut today.

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