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Gender: Male
Age: ø
Location: Random
Hobbies / Interests: Learning new stuff, reading and others .
Quotes:WTF!?, Dammit!, I'ma firin' mah lazor!!!, BLAAAAARG!!!
1. Portuguese (native level)
2. English (British or U.S.A. native level)
3. Spanish (near of native level)
4. Japanese (learning)

A cloacked figure is running from a pod in the street. He didn't looked very high or very short and because cloack covered his body, making it impossible to tell if it was a man or woman under it. But a thing that can be known, that would be the fact that the figure is very fast, fast enough to keep a pretty distance between him and the pod. But up ahead in the street is a barricade. The barricade looks is made of pods completing blocking the street and waiting for the cloacked figure along with barricade, there are some people from looks of clothes they were police officers and in the place there are also few security robots. But yet between them, the barricade, the cloacked figure and the pod following him there are still another 2 paths of street.

(Smart move! By blocking all paths ahead but hidden it from being seen by the prey and caughting it when it run out of opitions by being surprised or either lead the target to direction of a trap.)

Tought the cloaled figure while he was coming closer to barricade.

(But that won't work on me.)

The security robots started advance on target when he passed the paths and keeped running to barricade with the pod in his back. The robots were programed to capture their target and in case of resistance, they were allowed to use weapons to assure the capture. But the chain of events were unexpected by the police force.

The closest robot charged the cloacked figure attempted to hold him using both of its arms but the cloaked figure grabed its arms, and an unbelieveable event happening to police the target managed to stop the robot with mere strenght yet dont looked like he was doing any effort. The other robot come closer to try to hold him as well but it failed. The target kicked the base of robot making it lift from ground and started to spin himself as center while holding one of robots arm with both hands as he was doing a hammer trow which hitted the robot that was trying to capture him. And like a hammer trow, the figure trowed it agaisnt the barricade. The robots ended hitting the barricade which resulted in the explosion of pods.

"Impossible. That security robots weight at least 300 kilos but to actually lift it from the ground with a kick!"

Screamed one from police officers in surprise to such feat even to them, humans which had all of natural abilites enchanted, making them at least 2 times stronger and faster than the original human could do but even to them that were hard to be done.

While the cofusing incrased, the figure ran trought the barricade. The pod that was following managed to stop before that it hit the barricade and raise even more damage.

"How many were wounded?

"We are fine, sir but we lost visual contact with the target."

"Damnit! We have no choice, contact Edith and request reinforcements, also inform him that the fugitive is problably a pet and it invaded a information's bank. He is dangerous so move with precaution. The rest of you use the remains pods to go after him"

The police commander looking at destruction yet he isn't believing that it happened in few seconds. He is very alarmed, it isn't because he will take the respossibility for incident and, yes because he bear with him a great sense of justice.

(Damn. Another monster is out in town and i can't do nothing. When will the researchers stop from making such monsters?)

After losing his pursuers, and taking some distance from the last contact with them. The figure was making sure that he haven't been followed. Cofirming that he removed his cloack revealing a human figure with male features but his face is still hidden by a mask that cover all his head and what looks like growing from it 2 horns but it doesn't make look scarier just make the mask looks different.There is a reason he can do all it simple like that, he isn't exactly human, he is a cyborg. A cyborg is a human which swithed part or parts of his body with robots parts. In his case almost all parts of body are made of metalic robots parts that goes from toes until the neck even his skin isn't flesh. It is a rubber that has a tone of skin which makes it looks like a normal skin even to a closer look. The only flesh remain is his head and because of this body, he can do such feats with ease which would require some form of trainning or enchanted to a normal human.

(Now it must be far enough to remove the cover)

Thought the masked man while trowed his cloack in a random alley after removing anything that would lead to him from the cloack.

(With the data that I took from information bank it must be enough to begin the plan. But for now, it will better if I leave the streets. I should take cover in a building in this area.)

The masked man with this idea started to look for a building that he would rest but that would he hard because almost all buildings were apartments in this area.

The spaceship, also known as The Mothership, gravitates around Earth, floating between the Earth and the moon. It has a total superficy of 9 million kilometres. The people live in apartment-like rooms located in the wings. The richest people in the spaceship, however, own a house in the center of the ship, called the Body, where they can see a huge moon and the stars. The poorest on the ship live in the tail, near the engines and industries.

The area where the masked man is the right Wing. So it would be difficult or even impossible to find a place that it isn't a apartment. And so he got a idea.

(Well that area is full of apartments, maybe I should stay in a roof until the dawn or something but climbing would take too much atention. It is annoying but i will take the stairs.)

The fight has come to a end and he, Omega, is staring his right hand, but he isn't looking at his hand and yes to chip that was burned with the rubber that he was holding with it.

(The chip was damaged, the database must be damaged as well. I will need get that database again.)

He looked to where balla was and a idea come to his mind.

(Well, since you caused me problems, don't mind that I will bring a worst fate to you.)

He started to torn the burned rubber in his hand which the chip was glued and trowed at Ballá that was still breathing even she had lost her senses and covered in rumble.

"It is unless to me now and I don't see any reason to keep this anymore. But you and it can still be usefull so i will give it to you, ha..hahaha."

The laugh ended shortly after and the silence ruled over the place. Then 3 figures come closer, probaly atracted by sudden destruction caused by the fight. One of them was a securit robot and the others two looked like pets. Omega stared at them, from his high place and from far a sound was coming closer, that sound was the police force cars. Two of them stared at that direction and omega did as well, only the robot stared at him without the gaze. Omega turned his back to the three and run futher inside of building, leaving the scene at once.

(I can invade that place again if i want anyway. But i need change that rubber.)

Omega with that tought in mind he set his goal once again.