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m (Why is this becoming a Q&A thread?)
(Why is this becoming a Q&A thread?)
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PS: I still haven't answered my own question, have I?'''
PS: I still haven't answered my own question, have I?'''
A to PS: looks like --Cognitio

Revision as of 02:24, 27 September 2010

My last update here for quite a while (and yes, most of it can be seen at AnimeSuki), since I'll have to leave for National Service. This would end up being like a blog post...

Well, it was fun when it lasted. Didn't expect to last this long in TAMnI. I didn't have much interest in working on it after Shana was taken down, so I was kind of skeptical when I was asked to translate TAMnI by a friend of mine. I accepted it only because the idea of 'Science vs Religion' was covered in my school before (GCE 'A' level: General Paper for those who ask), and I was interested in it.

To be honest, I wanted to work on Vol 1 first, for I actually felt that it would be more complete to do it from the beginning, but as I watched the anime (I've haven't watched it before working on this project), I felt that it'll be better to work on the season 2 series (which I suspect may end at Vol 13).

As I worked on the series, I gradually come to like it, though sometimes the events just borders on absurdity (Don't flak me now). Then again, having to skip Vol 8 was a little weird for me, since I'm the perfectionist type (with OCD to boot), but after some 'convincing' (Again, don't flak me), I skipped through it. I know certain fans aren't happy about it, so forgive me for this.

I've been thinking about it, whether to work on Vol 11 after I finish Vol 8 instead of jumping back to 1, and decide that it'll depend on when Season 2 will be aired. If season 2 airs in Winter this year, I'll work on 11 after 8, if it airs anytime after that, I'll work from 1.

I'm a bit guilty about this, but my translation work could have been faster if I hadn't spent a lot of my free time firing dakkas in Touhou (Sorry folks). Other than that, the rest of my time was spent on work (though I should have cut down my sleeping time.)

Would like to thank EnigmaticRepose, ArkBlazer, Saganatsu for your contributions. I owe you many.

On another note, I might want to work on another series as a breather (occasionally, at least), so anyone can suggest which series?

If anyone feels that there are some things that need to be edited here, like my own grammatical mistakes or any detail that I left out in the translation, you can contact me at my email:[email protected], or simply post on the discussion thread on each page.

Anyway, to all fans of TAMnI, happy reading.

PS: My BMT ends on the 2nd of July. As for other information, kinsoku jikou desu~

And to any aspiring translators or translators who are worried about doing badly (including Twi, I've heard about you), don't hesitate and just do it. No translation is completely accurate, and to your benefit, there are always others to cover your back. You just need to plant the seed and others will help you grow it.

To Teh Ping

It awesome that your doing "To Aru Majutsu No Index", it doesn't matter if your a slacker. can't wait to see the translation you do on volume 7 and other if you are/ thanks!!

TAMnI wiki

there is one!? where!? in english?

Oh.. wait, a whole wiki devoted to TAMnI, or just a few pages..

To Teh Ping

From: Mark1246 Date: 3/21/2010

I know it a little late but, Congratulation Teh PIng on completing volume of 7 and know doing volume 9 of To Aru Majutsu No Index. your really fast at translating and posting each chapter everyday, I enjoyed reading your work and thank you so much for doing this (I always like saying nice complements to people it polite). Me and all my friends who go on bakatsuki.com want to say thank very much for doing this! Spring break comes next week, hoped you have a great vocation, you deserved it. Oh and season 2 of To Aru Majutsu No Index comes this October, Hooray

P.S. can you please reply to this message or my home page so I know that you got the message, thank you

I got the message, no probs~Teh Ping

is it really confirmed that the second season of index is coming on october? or where you just talking about railgun? :( anyway ping thank you for translating volume 7 you did an awesome job thanks! ^^ also can i ask a shameless request that when you finish volume 10 you do volume 8? its just that im a huge accelerator fan and i just wanna know what happened to him between volume 6 and 12.

I noted above that I'll be doing 8 after 10, since I find it better to try and finish up as much of season 2 before season 2 even started. So ya, no probs. ~Teh Ping

with regards to the order of translation: might it make sense to translate the parts of volume 5 not covered by the anime (as far as I can tell) (chapters 3 & 4) before translating volume 1, as they aren't covered by the anime. just a suggestion: no pressure. Oh, while I'm at it: THANK YOU!! ~saganatsu

Hopefully, The_Observer from OneManga forums will continue to help with the translation, since he was the one who provided Vol 5 Chapter 2. If there's no updates on it by the time I finished 8, I may work on it, if my National Service doesn't drain my brain dead first.. ~Teh Ping

To Teh Ping

From: Mark1246 Date: 4/4/2010

Dear Teh Ping: (this might be long) I have heard that you are going to the military. Well congratulation, I hope that the army will help you and make you realize your destiny. I just wish you luck because my cousin went to the army and man did he tell me it was rough and you don’t get that much sleep at all, but I know you can do it!

Oh I saw your account at animesuki and saw that you like manga (one piece) also. I read it at onemanga and I’m at the part were the war with white beard is officially over, and I love katekyo hitman reborn! I hope that you will be done with your order of doing To Aru Majutsu no Index before going to the army. I mean you’re the only one who translates(beside joay but he kinda slow, no offense joay if you happen to read this) this story series that I love so much!!!! But I still wish you luck in the military and hope to talk to you in person one day....... or on the net in here or animesuki. Oh I have a YouTube account so you can view the video I think are cool: it’s: mark1246

Thank you very much for all you done Teh Ping, P.S. (please reply here or my homepage on either baka tsuki: mark1246 (might be on recent changes) or you tube: mark1246

From Teh Ping

I got the message

Ah. Forgot to update that page... Lolz.

National Service is compulsory here in Singapore, and I'll have to remain in the Army for about 2 years. I'll have less time to work. Once I get into Army, I'll upload some translations on weekends, so don't despair when I get in. (Though I'm hoping for more translators, can't imagine myself surviving 20 volumes now, and that's including the SS novels.)

UPDATE: Okay, progress will be rather slow as compared to before, but I promise to finish up Volume 10 by the end of July.

Hiatus Notice

From now till 19th June, there would be no updates from me due to 2 reasons.

1. National Service BMT -- Need time to rest up, I'm getting less than 2 days break per week now. (Need physio on an old injury)

2. Translator's Hell -- Well, even I have them. (Getting brain drained at an increasingly alarming rate.)

I'm sorry that I'm unable to continue for now, but rest assured that I would still continue to work on this series after this.

~Teh Ping

EDIT: Season 2 was announced, and I'm currently on the injured list, so the comeback date may vary. (Only 10 minutes to work on this, going to hospital now...)

Hope you get better soon! ~saganatsu

take all the rest you need and don't worry; i hope it isn't anything serious dude :( ~ark

EDIT 2: Thanks guys, I'm updating this week (as of 12/06/2010), but I won't be back next week due to certain reasons (some of them are really stupid...). With Index season 2 coming up probably during Winter, I guess I would have to pick up the pace again.

To Teh Ping

From: Mark1246 Date: 5/29/2010

So you won't b able to translate for 3 weeks, man that horrible. But can’t be selfish about this. Just Focus on the army for now and get good rest see you again on translating on June 19th.

from: Ark

hey you still are the guy who contributes the most here; so take any rest you need. hell! june 19 is my birthday so ill take your return as God's gift to me :P

Take a good rest and hope you get well soon. --Hypernova 18:38, 8 June 2010 (UTC)

End of the Hiatus

Will be back till Friday. (My MC runs out till then.) After that, I have to book in, get my stuff, and book out. I know it's weird, but that's how it is...

So here's what happened. I fainted in my bunk last Friday, went to see the doctor, and got admitted into hospital (which means no internet, which means I can't check my uni application status.) At the same time, I went to check up on my right elbow (it was dislocated before, and apparently, there's a fracture on it now...), and thanks to that, it looks like I'll be out of combat duty after my BMT. So if you're wondering, yes, I used that time in the hospital to do the translation, again. Almost all the scans are normal, though I do have some instances (12 in fact) when my blood pressure was over 140, and right now, I'm waiting for the results of a 24-hr cardio monitoring scan to see if I'm able to continue to serve my National Service (since my family has a history of heart-related problems).

Glad to see that the Observer from OneManga forums is contributing more now. Now that Season 2 is announced, I'll try and pick up the pace (should be easier when I don't have to do combat duty). After 10, I'll jump back to 8, though I'm still trying to figure out some of the terminologies here (it's like Vol 9 Chp 2 all over again.)

I guess I'm turning this into my own personal blogspace. Well, at least this place doesn't need much maintenance.

Most likely finishing up Vol 10 this weekend. After that, we'll see how it goes here.

~Teh Ping

That blood pressure sounds quite bad. I hope it's nothing and you will be fully recovered soon. --Hypernova 11:26, 23 June 2010 (UTC)


Well, last week of BMT, I'm placed on the injured list, so that means no participation in parade, and no 24km route match...

As of now, I've done volume 7, 9 and 10. I wanted to do volume 8 in camp when I have time (and for this week, I guess I will have a lot of it), so I went over to a bookstore to see if there's any volume 8. None, there's volume 11. The reason why I wanted to buy it is so that I can save on printer ink, because this is how I'm working now. Oh well...

As for my blood pressure, the last time I measured it, it was a 100/45. A standard person's blood pressure is supposed to be 120/80, so it's a bit weird. Is it high, low or normal? Will get the results for that tomorrow (well, most likely.)

Anyway, I failed to get into university, so I'm considering of taking the SAT test instead of 'A' levels. (Because there are more examinations per year, which makes it more convenient.)

Hopefully, I can see you guys next week.

~Teh Ping

I kind of hope to see volume 11 rather than 8, but if it's your call, I won't complain of course.

100/45 is defnitely wrong. Diastolic should not be that low. You can't feel ok having that kind of blood pressure I think. I'm a little bit low on systolic (110) and my vision getting dark if I stand up too fast. --Hypernova 22:47, 27 June 2010 (UTC)

To Teh Ping

From: Mark1246 Date: 6/30/2010

Dear Teh Ping:

It nice to hear from you again, it sad to hear you didn't get in the university you wanted but good luck on the SAT. I CAN'T WAIT for volume 8 and the second season of To aru majutsu no index. It still Summer here and a lot of good of good movie are coming this july. I recommend: Inception and Predators . Anyway i made a facebook account under the name of Mauricio Cuervo Anyway have a nice summer, oh do you like video games, because i have all these video games trailer for upcoming games i got at E3 and i can send you some if you want or movies trailer if you want.

Please Reply here or animesuki if you got the message and if you want any of the video.

From Teh Ping

Got the message, and no, I don't want them because I don't really have time to watch them. Still got many things to settle here, so yeah. Thanks for the offer.

EDIT: Okay, maybe I'll rethink it over. Maybe I might want to check it out, though I most probably won't be here if I decide to go back and replay PangYa! (I know, I know, it's still my favourite game though...)

The continuation of my Army life

Well. Spent this week sleeping and going out a lot (and less translation). Will be posted to combat duty (heard that it's a scouting sort of thing, and that I get to learn how to drive a bike, cool). Too bad I won't be doing them as I'll remain on the injured list until all the admin stuff is done (Which may end in September). So, for the next two weeks till my appointment with the orthopedic, I'll be in camp (and half the time, at the doctor...). Seriously, am I the only one who can't seem to even take a break over here?

On the bright note, once the admin stuff are done, I'll probably end up with a non-combat vocation (the doctor may want to put me down even lower for depression), which most probably means an 8 to 5 job, and yes, more freetime (though for some reason, I'll end up using the free time doing translation and playing touhou again...)

Well, for the second series that I would work on

Baka to Test to Syokanju. (Always wanted to work on a lighter series once in a while, and thought that this should fit.)

Of course, my main work will still be Index, but I have to admit that I'm getting drained on it. (Will still work on it though, just finding that I lack motivation to work on it now.)

This way you get two birds with one stone: you get a refresher outside of hospital time (if translating something else as a 'refresher' will actually count as a refresher) and a dead series with a lot of (missing/???) translators and editors might actually be revived. Curious on where you'll start, as practically the start of every volume has been claimed. Then again, I don't know where the anime left off but I know it skipped around a bit. Anyway, take breaks as you feel right (I'm one of those people who burns themselves out quickly and can understand this). --EnigmaticRepose

I promise I'll work on Baka Test...

On 3 months MC now, and then I have to check in at the army hospital every day, so the progress is rather slow. (I'm also being lazy here...)

Gonna get downgraded, I'm separated from my 'wife' (rifle), and I'm going to get married to a new wife (the computer).

Will complete Vol 8, but it's tiring when the nurses (male ones, if you're wondering) inject me with all sorts of weird medications.

Now, my sister calls me 'House'. No prizes (or cookies) to guessing why.

A little vacation

On Baka Test, will try to finish up Vol 2 before going back to Index and doing Vol 11 (or the Yamisaka arc, since that will most probably be the first episode).

At this point, it'll be hard for me to work on the first 6 volumes now. After season 2 of Index is done, I will be doing 2 volumes at once (1 and 14).

do it whichever way you want bro, although personally id like the latter parts to be translated since there's already the anime. anyway go and enjoy your vacation and relax; we will eagerly await your return :) ~ark

Seconded on taking any vacation you need. You did so much that I'm scared you're gonna sick of it soon. I'll just think of v11 as a "surprise" for my anime watching.--Hypernova 08:57, 2 September 2010 (UTC)

You are great bro. You can take a rest when ever you want. And I also think that you should go from the volume 14 and SS up ahead. The first 6 volumes are already on the anime. I cant wait to read the volume 15 and the volume 20. Congratulations from Venezuela!

So should I? Or should I not?

Talking about AFA 2010 here. Honestly, there really isn't anything that interests me for this one, apart from Disappearance. Any ideas?

And my decision

No response? Okay, that means I'm not going.

My update schedule for my translation work

Just thought that I have to make a standard one.

Baka Test--Every Tuesday and Friday TAMnI Vol 1 to 6--Every Monday TAMnI Vol 11 and onwards--Everyday

- Wow! Thanks for the schedule! I'll be sure to come in each day and see what you've translated. Just know that your translating fans are cheering you on! - RandomTF

To Teh Ping

From: Mark1246 Date: 9/21/2010

Wow, that a busy schedule but i wish you very much luck! And joay done with volume 13 soon and just in time for the second season of the anime (hope you watch it to, it going to be great). So thank you for this many months for translating out of your own will the novels for fans of the series. We all thank you for your hard work for letting us read the novel that not available in the united sates yet, Thank you

To those guys who still think that I'm so slow and my translations is atrocious

I can only say to myself "OMG a hundred seconds!?" and "MOVE FASTER POKEY! FASTER!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, FASTER!!"

And with some helpful suggestions, I decided to slow down on the updates. (Partly because thinking about it, I don't think I can keep up with the schedule in the first place, and also because I have another project to work on. It's sports related, anyway). Geez, it's misfortune to be me...

Baka Test: Tuesday and Thursday. Index: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (Most of the time, the updates will be volumes >7, will finish 11 by End of November though.)

Wonder what's wrong with my brain already...

Sorry for this sudden change, and I hope that you understand this. Thanks for your support.

i still think your schedule is really fast

That's like saying "I'm going to go from 100 km/h to 99 km/h"...

Why is this becoming a Q&A thread?

To answer a few questions from my email:

1: When will you do volumes 1-6 of Index?

A: Right now, I'm doing them at the same time as when I'm doing the later volumes, albeit at a slower pace.

2: Why do you post on AnimeSuki?

A: Firstly, I already had an account over there. In fact, I only have three online forum accounts, this, AnimeSuki and ToAru Wikia. I thought that it'll be a good place to start off with information regarding ToAru, since at the point when I started translating, I had no idea what was going on. I still remember the time when I spent 12 hours speed-reading the light novels back in January just to understand what is going on. As for why I choose to post there, it's because I actually wanted to interact with the readers and know what they feel about this (and hopefully make some corrections and notes). Of course, if I'm to go to /a/ and put my name as Teh Ping, nobody would believe me, right? Besides, i don't even know how to use an imageboard (stupid me)...

3: Your translation is rather lousy.

A: Well, sorry for not being a Grammar Nazi. Honestly, if you can help out in editing, go ahead and help out. Just don't edit the names without my permission, okay? And to make my stand clear, the most I'll go with profanities are 'bastard' and 'damn it'.

4: What language do you translate from anyway?

A: Chinese, yes. Though as of somewhere in Volume 10, I was using RAWs as supplementaries.

Regarding Q3 and 4:

To be honest, it's hard to translate to English when you have no idea what tense to use, especially since Japanese and Chinese don't really have any tenses. What I did was to follow the advice of a senior, who noted that Asian light novels feel like it's a moving train (or something like that), not even the narrator knows what's going to happen, so I'll apologise for the tenses. Honestly, past tense is a whole lot easier to use, and I believe a lot of other translators also follow the same. If you have any feedback on this, just send me a message anytime.

5: Will Shana ever get reinstated?

A: Honestly, I don't know.

6: Will you be doing any other projects?

A: To be honest, I don't know of any other projects that I may want to work on.

7: Will you stop doing translations?

A: It'll take more than Army and work to stop me though.

8: Why Teh_Ping?

A: Alright, it's a Singaporean term for Ice Tea (with loads of condensed milk). This is why when you google it, you get lots of websites talking about a drink. It just so happened to be the only drink that can actually keep my motor going for at least 28 hours...

That's it for this Q&A. If you have any questions, just email me at [email protected] (Since B-T tracks IP addresses).

PS: I still haven't answered my own question, have I?

A to PS: looks like --Cognitio