A Simple Survey:Volume1 After

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After Finishing the Survey[edit]

Okay, thank you.

I will now be taking up the surveys. Could you pass them up to the front?

Oh, you want to know what purpose this had?

Well, you can’t change your answers now, so I guess I can tell you.

These short films featured many different characters. I think you have now ranked them according to their words and actions.

Did you think of it as rating the characters as you went through?


This survey had one other reason.

Every one of you will have had felt different things about each character. That is clear just by looking at the numbers you have used to rank them on your surveys. A miraculous coincidence like ranking them in the exact same order as someone else is possible and it could also happen due to copying someone else’s answers, but if you answered honestly, you should all have very scattered results.

But what do those scattered results mean?

You know the answer to that, don’t you?

This is not an issue of personal tastes or what rouses your interests. Those things are only what is on the surface. Bring to your mind the order you gave the films in your survey. What did you like? What did you not like? An image of the personality that made those decisions to classify the short films should appear from the string of numbers.

That personality describes the character known as “you”.

Now then.

What kind of character is the “you” that “you” have brought to the surface? If it is the type of character that could have enjoyably and attractively taken part in these short films without driving down their quality, you will surely live an enjoyable life. In fact, you have constructed a character that brings an enjoyable life to him or herself.

If not, well…don’t worry.

These are merely the numbers “you” have given for the character known as “you”. Someone else is almost sure to rate “you” in a completely different way.


Just like how everyone rates the short films of this survey differently.