A Simple Survey:Volume1 Prologue

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Before Beginning the Survey[edit]

Hello, hello. Welcome.

I’m sure you all had your own reasons for coming here, but try to be patient. You may be short a few credits or you may have gotten a bit too wild at the new student party. I can think of all sorts of reasons, but let’s set that aside. It’s not very interesting.

Whatever it was, this will get it written off.

Your suspension will be removed and you will get the proper credits, so this is great for you.


You want to know what we’ll be doing?

Don’t worry. It won’t be physical labor like cleaning every university toilet with your tongues. It’s a survey. Just a quick survey. As you could probably guess from the fact that I gathered you here in the auditorium, I will be using a projector to show you some things on the large screen behind me.

What will I be showing? Just some short films.

Okay, then. Has the printout made it around to everyone? Then read it. You understand now, right? Reading that should tell you everything.

I will be playing a few short films.

You need to assign the short films numbers ranking them in order of your preference.

No two can have the same number.

You can change a number as many times as you like after writing it.

As long as you end up with the short films ranked in order of your preference, it’s fine.

Okay, that’s it.

Simple, isn’t it? This will get you your first term credits, so it’s a good deal for you.

And now, let the survey begin.

(This survey requires reader participation. Make sure not to forget pen and paper.)