A Simple Survey:Volume2 Intermission1

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Intermission 1[edit]

“Eh? …What is this?”

“I thought this was going to be things like roller coasters and freefall rides.”

“These are the attractions?”

“Maybe these are indoor attractions. Y’know, a horror ride using 3D video.”

“The bunny is pretty great.”

“I thought Attraction Land was supposed to be a world of dreams and magic? Why are these new attractions so grotesque?”

“Weren’t they bought out by a movie distribution company recently? Maybe the horror stuff is related to them.”

“Those organs sure were real looking. Was that CG or special makeup?”

“They might have just used pig or cow organs.”

“That bunny is so moe.”

“So when these are made, are the guests supposed to play these games with each other?”

“I could see this causing actual fights.”

“The park staff would probably act as the dealers and NPCs.”

“…Eh? So the staff would have to wear that bunny suit?”

“Who is it that won’t shut up about the bunny?”

(The intermission will soon come to an end. Please continue helping us with this monitoring. If you have not been filling out your form for any reason, please begin soon.)