A Simple Survey:Volume2 Intermission2

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Intermission 2[edit]

“It’s all so grotesque!”

“Uuh… I know these are just image videos, but it’s still making me sick.”

“I’m less disturbed by the videos themselves than by how many of them there are.”

“And that bunny just smiles no matter what.”

“Who is it that started eating a sandwich in the middle of all this? The whole place stinks of mayonnaise.”

“…Huh? Is it that time already?”

“Entertainment made with foreign investments sure is amazing. I can’t tell how much is real and how much is CG. A lot of movies are like that these days, though.”

“Maybe it’s all CG.”

“Maybe it’s all real.”

“When these attractions are officially released, will they really be for all ages? They’ll have to tone them down a lot, won’t they?”

“This got a lot less exciting when I saw someone I know in one of the videos. I didn’t know he worked here.”

(The intermission will soon come to an end. Please continue helping us with this monitoring. If you have not been filling out your form for any reason, please begin soon.)