A Simple Survey:Volume2 Intermission5

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From the Items Left Behind by a Dead Freelance Writer[edit]

(Everything before this point is unreadable due to corruption of the file)

are an organization filled with abnormalities. Despite their flashy activities, the structure of the organization, their personnel, and the source of their funds are all wrapped in a veil of darkness.

One of the major reasons for that is due to the members of this organization.

No one knows how the organization procures new members and what they gain from it all is unclear. There is no known common factor between the members. Nationality, race, religion, culture, or money. If a common thread in any of those categories could be found, it would provide a starting point towards locating the organization’s headquarters or the foundation that supports the organization.

A few different theories have appeared, but I personally doubt whether they even have any strict standards. I suspect it is the lack of any such thing that allows the organization to change so dramatically and disappear like an illusion when you think you have grabbed onto its tail.

Of course, if they recruit people haphazardly, they have a huge risk of accidentally taking in someone who talks a little too much or an undercover officer.

From the little information I have been able to pull together from the final words of people who have been left half-crippled or near death due to losing large portions of their body, it seems the organization has many different methods of luring people in. They truly have a great variety of systems for running their operations. Some do not realize they are working for them while some are tricked into thinking they are working for them. The usual pyramid structure needed to manage an organization does not apply.

But I have found a clue to grasping the whole picture of the organization.

I have gained the right to sneak into one of their attractions as a participant.

From the remnants of the attractions I have occasionally discovered, my odds of survival are slim. But my professional pride will not allow me to turn away from this organization.

I have set up an archive of all of the files I have gathered.

If I do die, the link with my pacemaker will automatically

(Everything beyond this point is unreadable due to corruption of the file)