A Simple Survey:Volume2 Intermission6

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Records of Player 2's Actions[edit]

It all started with a wanted ad posted on a bulletin board on campus.

Harumi, one of that group of four friends, showed interest in it and they forced another student named Anzai Kyousuke to come along because they felt safer with a guy going along. And so they had arrived at the world famous amusement park called Attraction Land to monitor some new attractions.

While there, they had been knocked unconscious with some kind of drug and found themselves in some sort of facility when they came to.

The organizers ordered them to take command over another group called Player 1. They were informed of the window weak point and then told to have Player 1 complete a set number of attractions without noticing that weak point. If they succeeded, all five members of Player 2 would be set free. That was what they had been told.

And if they failed, every member of both Player 1 and Player 2 would be killed.

To truly save everyone, Player 2 had to administer the attractions perfectly and Player 1 had to clear them all. That was the only way.

Kozue, Aisu, and the others had of course been left speechless when they learned what the attractions entailed.

The members of Player 1 would obviously all die if they went through those attractions again and again.

But the five members of Player 2 had been ultimately unable to resist. If they did, they would be killed. And they knew the organizers could make good on their threat. Learning that all of the videos they had been shown were real had made them painfully aware of that.

All Player 2 was able to do was follow the organizers’ orders and force Player 1 to take part in the attractions while praying they survived.

However, they had not simply assumed they would be safely released if they did nothing more than follow their orders. The five members of Player 2 had split into two groups. One group had administered the attractions while the other searched the building in hopes of finding an exit.

Anzai, Harumi, and Hotaru had been in the search group.

Kozue and Aisu had been in the attraction group.

The overall attraction using Player 1 and Player 2 had ended with Player 1’s victory because they had found the exit.

What had led to Player 2’s defeat?

Was it because all five of them had not worked to crush Player 1?

Or was it because they had made excuses to themselves while administering those attractions that cornered Player 1?