Absolute Duo:Volume 1 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 『Eins(One)Ai(Love) To Julie』

Part 1

“Tooru. That voice was…………..!!”

“Miyabi, stay here! I leave Tachibana to you!”

“U-un! H-how about Tooru-kun………….!?”


“Let’s go, Tooru.”

When Julie faced her sights towards me, she nodded back probably knowing my intentions.

“Aah, let’s go Julie!”

“B-be careful Tooru-kun, Julie-chan!”

With Miyabi’s worried voice coming from behind, towards the direction of the voice-------we climbed up stairs.

(What is this uneasiness……………!)

It’s the same like that day.

Same like that day with the dojo wrapped in flames, an indescribable nasty premonition was swirling in the depths of my heart.

(What did…………..wasn’t this just a normal practice match?)

It’s true that, in case of getting attacked by a <<Blaze>>, an instantaneous pain would be produced.

But in the very end it was for an instant, what’s more it should be slightly painful, and not be something strong enough to cause a shout.

When we reached to the highest floor, there was a shadow standing in the middle of the corridor---------a silhouette of a characteristic rabbit ears was there.

In front of the sights of that shadow, I shouted the name of my friends lying down beside the wall.



From our shout Tsukimi-sensei who was standing still in front of Tora, turned over to us with a shocked face.

“Tsukimi-sensei! What on earth happened!?”

“I-I don’t know, I just came here too!”

“Tooru. Tora and the rest have bad injuries.”

When I approached closer to Tora after being called by Julie, there was a pool of blood spreading under his feet.

From what we could see, he looks like he was cut by a sharp edged tool, and suffered serious injuries in several parts.

Nearby him, his partner Tatsu also suffered serious injuries just like him. And was unconscious.

“This side also has the same injuries.”

“Looks like it. Anyway, we have to bring them to the first-aid room quickly………!”

“It’s okay--. Now that we are here, we can immediately contact the rescue team.”

“Is that so. Thank you very much, Tsukimi-sensei.”

“Uun, it is my job anyway…….more importantly, these injuries------“

After she started performing first-aid on Tora and Tatsu, Tsukimi-sensei’s expression turned cloudy.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Un. It is just a possibility but………is this something caused from the <<Blaze>>……..”

“<<Blaze>> you say………?”

It’s true that, to hurt Tora and Tatsu who <<Exceed>> s like this, needs the same-------no, needs a power more than that or else it would be difficult. Inspecting like this, the possibility of the opponent is an <<Exceed>> is very high but--------

There was only one thing I couldn’t comprehend.

“Wasn’t <<Blaze>> a weapon that could not injure a person?”

Yes, that was it. My question was exactly what Julie said.


Hesitating to say, Tsukimi-sensei was having worries whether is it alright to tell us--------it was that response.

“Sensei, please tell us. Is this something caused from the <<Blaze>>, didn’t you just say that just now?”



“I-I get it, I will tell you but------this is a very important confidential secret regarding the <<Lucifer>> so keep this a secret okay? …………… Actually, the fact that the <<Blaze>> is a weapon that can’t hurt people, is a flat-out lie

“A lie……….!?”

“Are you saying it is a lie?”

“Just like you know, the <<Blaze>> is a weapon manifested from someone’s <<Soul>>. That’s why, it gives mental damage by meddling with that person <<Soul>>--------you understand until here right……………..did you not question this before? That even though the <<Blaze>> can damage walls or the ground, how come it can’t hurt a person

“That’s true……….”

Tachibana’s <<ChainIron chain>> plowed down a tree, and Miyabi’s <<LanceChivalry lance>> destroyed the walls.

“Then, why is it peoples are the only ones that haven’t been injured yet?”

“………….. That is because; all of you recognize the <<Blaze>> as a weapon that could not injure people.”

“That was the first thing the director………..---------!”

“……………that means, those words were the safety lock placed on us.”

“Un, that is right. It is needed to know the truth in order to open the lock. But, it is impossible to hurt someone with a <<Blaze>> with only that. There is one more, an important thing needed. That is--------“

Making a strict expression that has not been seen until now, Tsukimi-sensei put the <<Blaze>>’s hidden truth in her mouth.

To put in killing intent


“Hostility, malice………..strong intentions of hurting people will turn it into a lethal weapon. With just one way put into the heart, it is a weapon that could easily take away someone’s life-------and that is the <<Blaze>>…………ah, just like what I said, this is a highly classified information so the special lecture ends here, I am counting on you.”

“I understand.”

(To think the <<Blaze>> had this kind of secret hidden……….no, right now-----)

I moved my sights from sensei to Tora, and looked at his condition.

Although first-aid was done, thinking about the large amount of bleeding, it would be bad if this goes on.

“The rescue team is late……..”

Judging from the time Tsukimi-sensei contacted them, it is not weird for them to be running over here anytime by now ……….

“The rescue team isn’t coming.”


When I looked behind, Tsukimi-sensei was looking down on me while making a smile-------

And before I knew it, she was holding the silhouette of a fiendish looking <<TebutjeFang sword>>.

“That-- is-- why--, I said the rescue group isn’t coming……..!”

“What, do you mean………?”

With her tone changed, I somehow managed to ask her while feeling surprised from the change of her atmosphere.

“I said the special lecture ended right.”

Tsukimi-sensei lifted the sides of her mouth.

That was a joyful smile-----------------but a smile filled with evil intent.

Immediately right after, the cold steel was swung down.

The drawn trail, felt frightfully slow--------


*Gikiin*!! With the sound of metal clashing, the time started flowing back to normal.


With his consciousness back, Tora threw his <<KatarSymbolic short sword>>, and bounced back the <<TebutjeFang sword>> being swung down towards me.

“Fu,un………..Get away fast, you idiot………..thi,s fella…………is a monster…………”

“What do you mean Monster………?”

For Tora who usually is filled with confidence to say that, Tsukimi-sensei should be quite a strong user.

“Seriously, disturbing me when you just escaped death……………. I should have quickly finished you off instead of playing around.”

“Kill…………….Tsukimi-sensei! Why!? Why are you doing this!!”

“Hnn--, before I answer that question………. I will give you one more special lecture as a service♥”

In an instant, her usual tone returned and she swing the <<TebutjeFang sword>> up------and cut the <<KatarSymbolic short sword>> in half.


Immediately, Tora raised a shout and at the same time with his voice interrupted, he powerlessly collapsed to the floor.

That figure made me have a flashback of my sister-----Otoha.

“You bastard, what did you do-------------?!”

I draw back my fist like shooting an arrow, and released a single strike from the anger.

---but, it hit empty space and the wall behind was destroyed.

“Kuhah. That’s one heck of a power from that <<Level>>. ………….. Well, it doesn’t mean anything unless it hits though.”

*Kuku* looking at Tsukimi-sensei making a ridiculing smile, my back muscles became cold.

Monster--------It took an instant for me to understand the reason why Tora said that.

Tsukimi-sensei who was supposed to be standing in front of me, made a distance of more than 10 meters in the slight instant she evaded my attack.

“Special lecture number 2. When the <<Blaze>> is destroyed, that person will be unconscious and won’t wake up for at least a whole day so be careful♪l. Well if that is all we get when having the <<Soul>> be destroyed, it is something that I cannot ask for more☆------Okay then, regarding why I am doing this...”

She cut her words temporarily and replaced back the atmosphere around her.

“It’s work, it's work. It’s a simple job of cleaning promising looking new students.”

“You say, work……….? Don’t say something ridiculous!! Killing people as a job-------“

“Remember this, you brat. Any adults can kill if it is a job. The only difference is the killing method, either directly or indirectly.”

“……………if this is a job that means, this isn’t your arbitrary then.”

Even when Julie asked, Tsukimi made a light smile and swung her head.

“That goes against the duty of confidentially so I can’t answer. …………well then, it’s about time we end our little talk. As special service, I’ll kill you bastards first before these bastards……………however, if either one of you bastards run away then------------“

“Who the hell will run away!!”

I ground my teeth, clenched my fist, and answered.

That scenery---------I never want to see someone die again.

“I won’t let anyone die in front of me anymore!! Never!!”

“……………Same here, Tooru. I won’t let anyone die in front of me…………!”

Julie nodded and stood beside me.

“Kuhah, mere <<Level 1I>>s barking like that………..”

*Kukuku* while laughing, Tsukimi-sensei----------no, Tsukimi expanded the killing intent she was releasing.

“Well then let’s start!! Entertain me even if it last for one minute, one second!!”

Signaling with her shout, Tsukimi kicked the ground and charged-------


Her figure suddenly disappeared and I doubted my eyes.



It was exactly in that moment I raised my sights from hearing Julie’s voice, Tsukimi kicked the ceiling.

My reaction was one moment late from those unexpected movements.


*Gyariiin*! The <<TebutjeFang sword>> aimed at me, was ward off by Julie this time, protecting me.

She landed on the ground without losing her balance and Tsukimi released a second attack by making a side sweep.

*Gakyaaan*! The sound of metal violently clashing echoed.

This time, even though I used my <<Shield>> to block-------------


She then swung down with all her strength like that and I was blown away.

“Tooru, are you okay…………!?”

“Aah, I am okay………….but, what power………”

The moment when I thought I completely blocked her, I was then pushed back.

The movement she showed before was frighteningly fast, and her power surpasses mine while her speed surpasses Julie’s.

Her abilities that she showed during the physical ability enhancement training were only just a portion of it.

“Kuhaha, I’m glad I’m glad. From not ending just from that.”

While making a fun smile, she made a sharp and heavy attack with a breathtaking speed.


Even though I kept on barely protecting myself, it was a one sided defensive battle and the situation will certainly get gradually bad if this keeps up.

---if it is one person.

“I won’t let you. I will be troubled if you forget about me.”

Julie went behind Tsukimi and made a side sweep with her sword--------

But, Tsukimi repelled it with her <<TebutjeFang sword>> without looking back.

“On top of it being 2 going against 1, I can’t really praise you for attacking from behind, silver head.”

“I don’t think it is unfair if the opponent is in a much higher class.”

“Same thoughts here!”

In no time, I attacked.

Although her carefree smile did not break, as expected even Tsukimi had no choice but to go defensive from the cooperative offence.

“Oooto, this is fun, this is fun.”

2 vs 1. Even though we performed quite a number of hits, we couldn't land something that could be called a final hit.

………….but, the moment when Tsukimi slightly stopped her legs when blocking Julie’s attack.

(Over here!!)

That very instant, I clenched my fist hard and stepped into the most important and also the final chance of winning.


Right now once more, I pulled my fist back like shooting an arrow, and the 2nd time of the strike I can shoot daily------- MjolnirThunder god’s strike-------was released.

My muscle and bone creaked. If this doesn’t hit, then I would probably be powerless.

But----------------it was slightly far away.

Although it is cruel, my fist only scratched Tsukimi’s clothes.

“Kuhahahaha. Y.o.u m.i.s.s! The distance was just a little off!”

Just a few centimeters, but that made a big difference in the distinguishing victory.

I became impatient from the winning chance I saw for an instant and slightly failed in judging the distance.

“Damn, it………….!”

“Well then, it’s my turn next, <<Irregular>>!!”

“I already told you I won’t let you…………..!!”

Towards Tsukimi holding the <<TebutjeFang sword>> aloft, even though Julie once again forced her way through using combination hits, Tsukimi took back steps to avoid.

However the flow did not stop there.

Although Tsukimi once again went on the defensive from Julie’s specialty charging combination hits, she could not get rid of the carefree smile from her face.

Not long later, the moment the flow was interrupted-----

The corner of the joyful smile Tsukimi was making lifted further up.

“Kukuh, this time for sure, let’s go with my turn then!”

Although it is just one sword, she is not inferior at all to Julie’s combination attacks------no, it was an evil blade storm even faster.

Completely turning defensive, Julie somehow managed to block but, she was retreating little by little.

*Gyariin*! The nasty sound of metal clashing echoed and Julie lost her balance.

A straight attack was done there. Even though it was hard, Julie managed to block but couldn’t kill off Tsukimi’s physical strength and got blown away just like that.


Raising a shout and not caring about my body, I jumped at Julie to catch her.

But, I was pushed away by the strong blow and after a flashy sound echoed, the classroom door was broken through and we showily charged into the tables scattering all around.

“Uh,kuh…………..!! Julie, are you okay!?”

“Ja----. Thanks to you……..but even so, it was an unbelievable strength. It's expected from someone selected to be a special teacher here.”

It would seem she wasn’t injured, and I made a sigh of relief.

---but, after I immediately re-brace myself, I made a bitter decision and said it.

“Julie, take Tora and the rest with you and run away.”


“I will buy some time. That’s why Julie, after you move Tora and Tatsu to a safer place, call Mikuni-sensei for help-----“

The moment I said until there, Julie used her index finger and touched my lips before swinging her head.

“Nai, I refuse. You won’t last 5 minutes with that body.”

“……..You saw through it huh.”

“You said MjolnirThunder god’s strike causes quite a burden in the body. And just now, Tooru said this. I won’t let anyone die in front of me anymore. And I said this. I won’t let anyone die in front of me. so-------“

Julie directed her Ruby eyesred eyes towards the nearby entrance.

“I won’t run.”

The sun completely fallen and a bunny ear silhouette entered the dim classroom.

“Well then, it’s about time we end this.”

“……………you can end it if you want but, what are you planning after killing us? Isn’t time the only problem for the academy side to notice?”

“No need to worry, I won’t do something that will expose me. Even if I am exposed, a school is a place where if a problem occurs, they will use their power to cover it up instead of investigation for the cause……….okay, now that my question is cleared, it is my turn to ask questions too.”

Absolute Duo Volume 1 Non-Colour 9.jpg

Tsukimi crawled her tongue on the blade and made a light smile.

“Which one of you wants to die first?”

The small light illuminating the dark classroom reflected the blade.

It looked an ominous light but, we were not afraid and replied back almost at the same time.

[Julie I will--------][Tooru I will--------]

“”Protect you!!””

“Kuhah, even though it isn’t long, as expected from a <<Duo>>. Or is it a Hollywood suitable male female relationship has been made?……………….well whatever is okay I guess. There is no difference since both of you are going to die anywayy!!”

Tsukimi swung down making a sword flash, and I blocked it.

Although Julie attacked at that moment, Tsukimi was already not there------------ she kicked the wall, floor, ceiling, using movements transcending humans befitting the name of <<Exceed>> and, she was toying with us.

I and Julie faced our backs together, and we continued protecting each other from the attacking evil blade from all directions but, scratches gradually increased, and we became disadvantageous.

(Damn, she is just toying with us…………!)

My stamina was depleting, and after one step and another, defeat-------- the reality of death is getting closer.


Julie failed in blocking and fresh blood was scattered out from her Snow whitewhite skin.

In the next instant, her small chin was kicked, and Julie was sent flying to the corner of the room.


At the same time I shouted, I grabbed a nearby table and swang it.

As expected even Tsukimi couldn't dodge this and was sent flying the opposite side of where Julie was.

“Are you okay, Julie!?”

“--------!! I am, okay…………”

When I ran over, Julie distorted her face in pain.

Coming from the wound running along her thighs, blood was ceaselessly flowing out.

To Julie who has that speed as her asset, it could be said it is the same with her strongest weapon killed off.

However, since the situation was getting even hopeless, it conversely made me serious.

I clenched my fist. For the strongest attack I have.

It was strange enough whether if I can release the 3rd shot which crosses my limits.

But if I can’t release it, we’ll die.

Not only me, but also my friends, and even the girl in my arms.

(I will definitely……………protect them!!)

I have to release it, and precisely end this.

It doesn’t mean anything unless it hits……………Tsukimi said this.

(Then I have to think of a way to hit!)


In that hopeless situation, Julie called me weakly.

“Sorry. If you didn’t become my <<Duo>> you wouldn’t have to go through this………….”

“Nai, there is no such thing………………I was very happy when Tooru brought his hands out to me. Although it was not long but, whether it was drinking apple tea or, the time we had matches or, the time we watched tv together, it was very enjoyable so……………that’s why, please do not say that.”


Hearing the silver girl's words, even though not even a month passed but, the feelings that I will never forget float out like a rotating lantern-----------------


Inside there was a possibility--------------I found out the technique how the MjolnirThunder god’s strike can hit, and I was shaken by a shock as if I was struck by a lightning bolt.

(That’s right, <<Duo>>…………..this is it……!)

Although it could be called a possibility, it might be in the level to be called a miracle.

But, right now I have to believe in this or else there is no other way to survive.

Yes, this is a road that can only be opened by believing.

However, before this could be reached, there is something I have to do no matter what.

(For that…………!)

“uh Seriously…………now my clothes are dirty, damn it.”

In front of my sights, there was a shadow standing up while cursing.

---I knew this but, as expected there was no damage.

Looking at Tsukimi, Julie pressed on her wounds to try to get up but------

“Julie, please rest here quietly. I will fight by myself from here.”


“I will definitely protect you, Julie.”

“Kuh, Kuahahahaha! Are you retarded. Even though you were suppressed in 2 vs 1, now of all things, you say by yourself? You say protect? Are you seriously saying that?”

“Aah, I am serious. I will defeat you alone and protect Julie!!”

“Tooru, it is impossible to do it alone……..! I will also…..!!”

“…………Julie. I am happy for those feelings but, right now please follow what I say.”


I faced my back to Julie who was perplexed from my words and stared at Tsukimi.

“Okay come! Your evil blade, I will stop it!!”

“Kuhah, you will regret the more you bark, <<Irregular>>. Since you said it like that, I will leave you half-dead. And then----------“

The tip of her blade was pointing to me at first, and then it was pointing at Julie next.

“I will kill that silver head in front of you who can’t move! And for last, you will die while grieving on how powerless you are, from your words!!”

At the same time with her roar, Tsukimi attacked.

However, no matter how many times she made sharp blade flashes, I blocked all of it with my <<Shield>>.

(I won’t let you……………! I will never let anyone else become like Otoha!!)

Burdened and tired, my body felt heavy like lead but, the feeling of protecting Julie, the oath made my concentration to its limit and was moving my body.

But that was not all.

In the place I am standing-----------thanks to the place of the corner of the classroom, the sword slash path which was hard to see through until now was limited to the forward direction and made it easier to read.

On top of that, since Tsukimi was keeping her powers in check in order to leave me half-dead, each step in from each attack turned shallow, and became lighter.

“Don’t persevere!!”

*Gakiin*!! The <<TebutjeFang sword>> violently hit on the <<Shield>> and I came face to face with Tsukimi.

“What’s wrong, didn’t you say you were going to make me regret? At the very least, show me if you can make at least one scratch on this <<Shield>>.”

“You sure piss me off, oi…………. I changed my thoughts. As expected I should start killing you first <<Irregular>>!! I will slice that prided <<Shield>> of yours together with you!!”

Tsukimi’s irritated attitude was exposed and she emptied some distance before preparing her sword above her head.

The expanding pressure shook the atmosphere and *Chiri**Chiri* the blood lust was stabbing my skin.

A full power strike is coming.

Just like her words, in order to slice through this <<Shield>> together with taking my life away. But------

I was waiting for this time, for this time to be able to read your breathing pattern.

Without looking away from her, I whispered to Julie with a soft voice.

“But, it is impossible for me alone from this point onwards……………but, I believe I can do it when it is two people.”


Hearing my words, Julie made a doubtful face.

“We are twin blades tied together with a bond so, we will definitely……….!!”

“What are you blabbering about over there? Since that is your farewells to this world, how about you make a love confession with a loud voice for last, like I LOVE YOU! Kuhahahahaha!!”

Towards Tsukimi who was giving out a disgusting laugh, I felt thankful for the first time.

“Then, I guess I will engulf myself in your words then.”


I took a deep breath------and shouted

AiLove[1g 1] to-------Julie!!”


“Kua-------ahaahahaha!! This guy seriously confessed!!”

Ignoring Tsukimi, I once again shouted.

“I will------Tou!!”


Julie gasped-------that was the last instant, and was the start.

“This is thanks for the laugh!! I will slash both of you togetherr!!”

Tsukimi announced that while pointing the sword at me-------and jumped in.

The cold steel was swung down in a slightly further distance than me.


Even if I block this, MjolnirThunder god’s strike will only cut through the air like last time. But--------


Believing in everything, I pulled my fist back like shooting an arrow.



*GIkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn*!! The violent weapon echoed throughout--------and Tsukimi’s face distorted in shock.

An unsuitable clear *Chirin* sound of a bell was in front of her in this place.

That’s because Julie stepped into Tsukimi’s chest area, and blocked her <<TebutjeFang sword>>.

“Why……….are you………silver headdddd!!”

A small chance was born from her shock.

And in this moment, this very instant, it is the last chance of winning-----------the opened path of possibility that could be called miracle.

“The one ending-----is you!!”

“Kuhahahahah, too bad! You’re far!!”

“I am not-----far!!”

Suddenly pulling her body, Tsukimi was certainly slightly distant from me.

But that was, if I was aiming for Tsukimi’s body.

“Pierce through----------------!!”

My fist rapidly cut through the air.

The MjolnirThunder god’s strike released beyond my limits-----seized the <<TebutjeFang sword>>, piercing through it and was smashed.


“Please don’t force yourself, Tooru.”

“A-aah……….. I didn’t plan on forcing myself though…………….”

“It is not good to act tough. Please take care of your body more.”

“I know. Thank you for worrying about me, Julie.”

“Ja---. You are welcome………….okay, I will be going to take a bath now.”

“Aah, take your time.”

Nodding, Julie walked towards the dressing room while dragging her leg--------she turned around half-way.

“No peeking okay, Tooru.”


“It’s a joke.”

Towards me who was making a bitter face from the bitter memories, Julie made a small smile and disappeared into the dressing room.

(Seriously……..even though it is tough for herself too……..)

While feeling painful looking at her dragging her legs, I vividly remembered the ----------<<Newcomer battleNew blade battle>>.

3 days have passed after that day------entering the world’s GW, and Kouryou academy was not an exception so we entered the long-term holiday. Even though we finally had consecutive holidays, we did not go outside anywhere and passed a majority of time inside the room.

……………rather, we had no choice but to take a rest.

Although the <<Exceed>>‘s regenerative abilities are several times better than an ordinary person, my body was still creaking and I could not move properly.

It means the number of MjolnirThunder god’s strike which was released over my limits was, that much of a burden to my body.

It looks like Julie could finally walk but, luckily her wounds would not leave any after-effects.

Tora and Tatsu managed to escape death, and it looks like they won’t be coming out from the medical treatment building during GW.

(Even so, it’s amazing we managed to win against that annoying opponent………)

Looking back at the fight with Tsukimi, I seriously thought that.

In order to gain victory, it was essential to pile several conditions on each other.

One is to make an attack that will definitely kill me.

Fighting alone, by telling her to stay quiet, she will be conscious about Julie being out of battle potential, and be very conscious of me blocking with my <<Shield>>.

Also, the breathing and IAi--------telling these two words, to make her notice my aim.

If I know a big swing is coming, reading her breathing will be easy.

Julie who suffered injuries entered her chest area, and somehow managed to block the attack since she was closer to the opponent’s fulcrum making the attack power drop.

Next was to break the <<TebutjeFang sword>>----------the <<Blaze>> manifested by the soul.

Having her <<Soul>> broken, Tsukimi was restrained by Mikuni-sensei who came running after Miyabi and Tachibana contacted the Academy side, when they came to see us since we weren’t really coming back.

After that, I don’t know what happened to Tsukimi.

(What kind of goal did she have…………?)

It seems the academy side doesn’t plan on telling us about it.

From Mikuni-Sensei who was present during Tsukimi’s restraining, he made sure we won’t tell anyone about this matter and marked the end of this matter. (It was in an unsatisfying way but, it is one matter down just in case………….)

I drank up the lukewarm apple tea and leant close to the wall.

Since it was annoying I could not move my creaking body so, it looks like today will also be another day only watching television---------and it was on that time when I thought that.


*Hyokooto* Julie brought her face out from the dressing room. And water droplets were still dropping from her hair.

Incidentally I could almost see her small shoulders, thin arms, and also her chest so I averted my sights in panic.

“Wha-what’s wrong?”

“I am very sorry about this but, could you please take the towel for me.”


“Ja----. I forgot to bring it with me. It is in the 2nd drawer from the top of my clothing case, so please.”

“A-aah. I get it……………..”

After nodding, I opened Julie’s clothing case and peeked inside.

(Uuh, I look like a pervert………………)

Even though I was asked to do so, I can’t let anyone see me searching through a girls’ clothing case.

(Towel………….is this it? It is in the place like she said but-------)

It’s true the towel was in the second drawer.

It was beside the oddly folded cloths.

While thinking I should not be looking at it, whether it is something with a lot of frills attached to it or there was a lot of white, I have accidentally found out something that was better off with me not knowing about it.

“So-sorry for the wait………….”

“Sorry to make you force yourself, Tooru.”

After I brought the towel to the dressing room with my creaking body, Julie extended her hands out with her body barely coming out just like just now. Even though the situation was only a situation and it can’t be helped, because her skin color ratio was much higher than usual I had trouble looking for a place to look…………and in that moment I thought that.


A painful voice was let out.

When extending her hand, she probably put her body weight on her injured leg unconsciously.

She then fell forward from unable to support her body--------and Julie came out in the state when she was born.

“Bu!? Ju-Julie!!”

I suddenly catch her but-----------since I was unable to put any strength into my legs, we fell to the floor just like that.


My eyes were sparkling since I hit the back of my head.

(Uh………I-isn’t this………….)

After my sights gradually turned back to normal, I understood that the situation has turned into something unbelievable.

The fact of right now, I was hugging a naked girl.

Silver BlondeSilver hair, Ruby eyesred eyes, Snow whitewhite skin---------

All of that perfectly joined together and this girl looked as if she was a delicately manufactured doll.

She was unlike a human; I would believe it if I was told she was an Angel.


Her face was closer than ever before.

Julie’s cheeks were slightly red.

That redness---------that embarrassment was the proof that this girl is a human with warmth and not a doll nor an angel.


During this time, I had no idea what I was about to say.

It was because I could not say any further than that.

That’s because------

“Kokonoe. I brought fomentation over. And bandages for Julie too.”

“To-Tooru-kun, Julie-chan, hello…………….”

Turning into something troubling, the girls we became acquainted with entered the room.


Seeing that the naked girl----------Julie was being hugged closely by me, both of their faces stiffened.

“Ko-koko-Kokonoe! Wha-wha-what kind of shameless thi-thing are you doing?! Making Ju-Ju-Julie naked, what on earth, what are you, what are you doing--------------!?”

“N-no, this is a misunderstanding…………….!!”

“Yo-your shamelessness knows no bounds!! Miyabi! Don’t keep quiet there and say something!!”

Contrastive to Tachibana’s angry shouting, Miyabi softly muttered only one word.


The <<Flame>> danced from the <<Word that carried strength>>, and the <<LanceChivalry lance>> appeared in Miyabi’s hands-------

“Wai, a sec, Miyabi!? Ju-Julie! Explain how this got this way---------“

“Tooru-kun you………………Pervert--------------------------!!”

Like this, a small commotion occurred for last and the curtains of the <<Newcomer battleNew blade battle>> finally closed.

Part 2

“-------that’s all for the <<Newcomer battleNew blade battle>> recording.”

About the time Tsukimi Rito <<TebutjeFang sword>> was destroyed by Tooru, and collapsing, a male------Mikuni stopped the video.

“Kuhah. Going to the extent of showing the video, even though it was not done cynically, isn’t my result report enough—“

The one using abusive language was Rito who was just shown fighting with Tooru in the video.

“A picture is worth a thousand words, it’s something like that. And more importantly your report was too rough.”

“Yeah Yeah. Sorry bout that.”

Completely calm, towards Rito who was swinging her rabbit ears, Mikuni swang his head with a sigh.

“But even so, to think you seriously went to kill………if anything happens by any chance, what were you planning to do?”

“……………I don’t mind. It was me who told her to leave it to her decision on the spot.”

After the owner of the voice opened her mouth for the first time, Mikuni and Rito directed their sights to her.

Sitting further up, there was a girl wearing a gothic dress around her-------it was Tsukumo Sakuya, Kouryou academy’s director.

“When a seed bud in a harsh environment, it is only then when it will bloom to a beautiful flower, it is what I think.”

Before the <<Newcomer battleNew blade battle>>, Rito made a smile when she was told that things would be left to her and killing might be okay depending on her. During that time, having said every single word Sakuya said without changing any of it, Mikuni lowered his head in apology before, returning back to the previous topic of the video.

“However, this is a surprise. To think a person that could drive a <<Level 3III>> away appeared again…………”

It was not surprising for Mikuni to be surprised.

Normally, a person’s ability will be enhanced several times after going up one <<Level>>.

Therefore, if there are 2 ranks different, it would be a hopeless difference in strength even though it is against 2.

That is why, even though there are various factors involved, it was a lucky result for Tooru and Julie who is <<Level 1I>> to defeat Rito who is <<Level 3III>>.

“………… Seriously, I never thought they would practice something that was just thought out recently. It’s amazing he can make a calm decision in that situation.”

“Oya, it is not like you to praise the opponent who defeated you.”

“There are times that even I would praise.”

While making a sarcastic smile, Rito threw her legs and sat on the sofa.

“Aren’t you in a very good mood? Perhaps you took a liking to him?”

“Kuhah, don’t spout crap--------is what I wanted to say but, I can’t deny that…………well, if you say I am interested in him then you are much more than me, Ojou-sama[1g 2]

Those words,

“Fufu, it is only natural to be interested in him since he is someone who is related to <<Him>>.”

That guy, huh…………….”

Hearing one sentence from Sakuya, Mikuni and Tsukimi raised their eyebrows slightly together.

“………… Well then, my job is done with this but-------what should I do from now on?”

“As you like. Rito, do as you wish………….”

“As I like Nee~……….Kuhah, if that is the case----------I guess I’ll go on like this.”

“I understand.”

“……………… Is that okay? If Tsukimi is left behind, then there is a possibility our connections with her will be discovered by them--------“

“The reason doesn’t matter. They have no skills to confirm this, Mikuni.”

*Kusu**Kusu* Sakuya made a bewitching giggle.

Towards that smile, that decision, Mikuni nodded knowing any further views would not be forgiven.

“Then, as you wish.”

Not long later, there was only one presence left inside the room filled with quietness.

Inside the darkness, the remaining girl was sinking her body deeply into a luxurious chair.

After a long silence, Sakuya slightly lifted the corners of her mouth.

Enlightened everything was starting to move, inside that she felt a certain thing in her seat.

“It is the start of the party…………..”

On how that party’s demise is concluded, she does not know, for Sakuya is not God.

Even if it is her who stands in the God’sforbidden realm for manipulating human genetics.

As long as they are humans, they will not know the future.

Therefore the black dress girl muttered.

“I pray, that our paths would reach the <<Absolute Duo>>.”

Translation Notes and References

  1. A word play. Ai sounds like "I" but also has the meaning of love (愛).
  2. My lady

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