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About Baka-Tsuki

The Baka-Tsuki project was started on November 11, 2005 by "Big Boss" thelastguardian, which was his most "favourite" novel, he loved it so much, he wanted to share with others, by December 24, 2005 the first translated chapter was published to a silent reception. unfortunately, time and personal commitment forced his hands and he regretfully had to put a side. Fast forward to April 15, 2006 KyoAni Aired the animation based on the novel, sense a shift in the tide,thelastguardian moved his work to the still new wiki format to encourage new people who wanted to know more about the original source to help him out to bring this religion to the world. Thus Haruhiism was reborn over night. Since then, we have continued work on the "Suzumiya Haruhi" series and expanded to other light novels.

Baka-Tsuki differs from your typical fan translation group in several important ways.

First, we are not a cohesive group. Rather, we are a collection of people who hold roughly similar interests. There is little in the way of control structure or specialized tasks, and we are very open to anyone who wishes to come and go - even to the point to allowing anonymous edits and contributions (within limits). To join the ranks of Baka-Tsuki one only needs to show up and contribute what they can.

Second, we deal exclusively in the "light novel" genre, which is somewhat rare since most groups focus on anime and manga.

But perhaps the most notable about Baka-Tsuki is, unlike other fan translation groups, we do not "release" anything. All of our translations exist on the B-T MediaWiki page, and are always open for discussion and revision. Each project is a living document that is never truly "finished" but merely complete.

The Baka-Tsuki project is also open to hosting translation projects started by other, established groups as well as abandoned projects. Pending approval by the "Big Boss," anyone with the desire and ambition can request to start a project of their own.

Due to these unique traits, Baka-Tsuki is viewed by its members to be a fan translation community rather than a group, and we welcome anyone who wants to join us.