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Me and Words and Fulfilled Power[edit]

Me and Words and Fulfilled Power

“Hey Yuuji.”

“What is it, Akihisa?”

It's late February, right after January and Valentine's Day, where we practically went through an ordeal.

Nee-san's out for work, leaving me alone at home, and I continue to stare at the screen, asking Yuuji as he continues to play the game.

“It looks like Kirishima-san wants to do something to you.”

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“I have no idea what it is, but—I just feel something evil.”

After school, Yuuji got attacked from behind by Kirishima-san, and he managed to crawl and roll away before he's dragged off. He came to my house to hide himself.

“Ah—evil presence? Now that's quite a tough one.”

“Yeah, that's really terrible.”

We're exposed to all kinds of dangers in our everyday lives, this evil presence is worse than what we're usually dealing with.

For example, the stuff from Himeji-san when she starts cooking.

For example, the expression Minami shows when talking about chest sizes.

For example, the actions by Kirishima-san whenever she sees Yuuji staring at other girls.

Those can only be described basically as 'utter danger'.

But an evil presence has a distinctive difference from them. If I have to explain, it's the kind of feeling of 'wrecking a person's dignity to nothingness'.

And to be specific,

“Something to do with cross-dressing this time?”

“Guess it's likely.”

Good grief, both Yuuji and I sigh. The most likely reason for our ill omens probably has something to do with us crossdressing, and that's something that'll shatter our pride to pieces. Spare me already.”

“Seriously...why is it that the girls around us like to get us into crossdressing?”

“Who knows? They can do whatever they want to themselves, I guess.”

Speaking of which, aren't they sick of having to see skirts when they do wear skirts every day as part of their uniforms?

“I guess I know the reason. Our disgusted reactions.”

“Are you saying that it aroused their sadism?”

“Or rather, how interesting it is to be diferent from our usual clothing.”

“Well, it's true that gap moe is an important part of entertainment.”

We, living as guys every day, are shamed into corssdressing. This satisfies their sadism and also allows them to enjoy the gap moe. Killing two birds with one stone, and that's probably why they're making us crossdress.

“It's a sudden idea, but if we can swap genders, we'll be able to live normal lives, right?”

“Who knows what'll happen? ...fwaah.”

I guess Yuuji really wants to sleep. He stretches his back, saying,

“You want to play dumb here? Don't you want to live a normal, peaceful life?”

“Anyway, I just want a good sleep for today.”

Looks like he's really sleepy now. Maybe he went through an all-nighter last night.

“Okay okay, I get it. There's that futon you often use in the living room.”

“Okay, just let me have a little nap.”

Yuuji's somewhat familiar with this place. He gets up from the sofa, and heads off to where he's going to sleep.

“Right, good night Yuuji. Have a nice dream.”

“Yeah, nights. I'll be glad if I can be happy in my dreams.”

Yuuji says that, and leaves the living room.

I guess it's about time for me to go to sleep soon. There's Ironman's class in the morning. It'll be terrible if I'm late or end up skipping the class.

Before I realize it, even I can't hold up against my sleepy eyelids, and I return to my room.

And then, the next morning,



Having woken up, we meet in the living room, and are left speechless as we look at each other.

“...Hey, Akihisa. What's going on?”

“...Hey Yuuji, what's with this?”

The shirts have overly long sleeves that seem to emphasize the change in our body sizes. Though our shoulders feel loose, the overly large chest barely manages to prevent our shirts from falling off. The body shape is undoubtedly a girl, but the tone and expression clearly was Yuuji's, and she went straight to the point, asking,

“You, aren't crossdressing there, right...?”

“That's my question...”

I haven't had a look in the mirror, but I can tell very well from what I can see. I have a rather soft body, some long hair that's different from before, and also, a chest bouncing in front of me, something I can't imagine belonging to that of a guy's.

I don't want to think of it this way, but maybe—

“Akihisa. Have we become girls now?”

“Don't continue now, Yuuji!”

I cover my ears, unwilling to accept this fact. AHHHHHHHHH!! I can't hear anything! I can't see anything!

“What are you saying now, you idiot? Isn't this what you wished for? You just mentioned ' if we can swap genders, we'll be able to live normal lives, right', didn't you?”

“It was a manner of speech!”

Who could have thought it would have ended up like this!

While I'm shaking my head furiously, Yuuji calmly says,

“Calm down, Akihisa. I understand that you don't want to face this current situation, but there has to be a way to get back to our old selves, right?”

“I-it's true...”

When we're talking about such things, the first thing I can think of is the body swap we had back then. If if we can overcome that kind of a supernatural phenomenon, there's no doubt we can do something about this!

“So, as for the reason this you have an idea, Yuuji?”


“Well, something like the last time during the body swap. That strange thing Kirishima-san's holding is the cause of it.”

“How can there possibly be such a thing? Who do you think I am?”

“But there's no reason for such a situation to happen.”

“...If I have to mention something, it's that I snatched this bag from Shouko when I escaped—”

Saying this, Yuuji draws out a bag from her school bag, and checks the contents inside.

An old book surrounded with an ominous presence (with a talisman)


“Stop it, Akihisa...! Even if you beat me up...nothing solved...!”

I wordlessly pulled at Yuuji's face. This bastard brought such an indecent thing here!”

After a whole lot of beating, huff puff, we're panting away as we try to calm down.

“But Akihisa, do you think this book has the power to be so precise as to change 'the user's gender'? I think there has to be something else causing it.”

Something else? What is this bastard saying? Does he mean it has something to do with me?

“What are you saying, Yuuji? Even if you say there's something causing this, I don't have any idea at all—”

A tutorial on how to fulfill words~a spell that fulfills whatever you say~


“Stop it, Yuuji! Even if you beat me up...nothing solved...!”

Yuuji wordlessly pulls at my face. This guy's a hopeless scumbag for beating a girl!

“If you didn't say anything necessary, our bodies wouldn't have ended up like this, and nothing would have happened, right!?”

“If you didn't bring anything necessary, Yuuji, our bodies wouldn't have ended up like this, and nothing would have happened, right!?”

We kept lashing at each other as we reach our arms out to grab each other by the collar.

And then, I feel the bulge of the breasts, even though it's at the top of the shirt.


We hastily let go of each other. It's because of this feeling we're not used to that we calm down, like we just took a cold shower.”


And so, we start to scrutinize each other.

The feisty expression, and the beastliness on the face hasn't changed at all.

But this time, the figure has the roundness of a woman, and the hair reaches nicely to the shoulders. There's no sign of the usual spiky hair, and there's a huge change to the body. I guess it's due to the good physique she used to have.

To be honest, she does look like a typical beautiful older sister, and that should be the case, but—

““The thought that it's that guy inside is disgusting me...””

Both of us can't help but blurt out in unison. Well, it's true that no matter the appearance, it's Yuuji inside. It's impossible for me to look at him with those kind of eyes.

Well, it can't be helped that we would have such thoughts about our appearances.

“Now then, what do we do, Yuuji?”

“What else...just inspect this book.”

Yuuji says that as she flips the book open. The content is one befitting of an old book—some nice handwriting of waves and lines.

“...Yuuji, can you understand that?”

“...That's impossible no matter how you think about it.”

I don't know whether this is a cursive or a running script, but it's some kind of a font. This is unlike the words I can at least read and understand, I'm completely confused here.

“Now this is troublesome...”

I can't understand the words I'm reading, and following that, I still have to translate it into modern language. Such a skill is impossib le for me, at least.

“No choice now. We got to go to school now.”

“Huh? Like this?”

For a moment, I'm shocked at what Yuuji's suggesting. Won't we be causing a huge commotion if we go to school like this...?

“We got to go nab Shouko at school. She owns this book, and probably will be able to translate this into modern language.”

“I see.”

Luckily (?) for us, even if we look different, we're basically the same person. Our identities probably won't be revealed so early, and we won't create a commotion just like that.

“Okay, then what about our clothes?”

“Lend me your shirt. It's probably just the right size.”

The guys' shirt aren't much different from the girls. Nice idea.

“Got it. What about mine?”

“You got Himeji's clothes here, don't you?”

I see. Himeji-san left her stuff here the last time—eh, no.

“Wait a sec, Yuuji! Are you saying!?”

“Good for you, Akihisa. The crossdressing items she prepared worked for the first time.”


Knowing that I'm to wear the female clothes prepared nee-san and Himeji-san out of their insistence, I let out a loud scream early in the morning.

“ I always...end up with such a fate...”

“Don't lament like that. Aren't you lucky that it isn't really crossdressing now?”

“But not when I'm a real girl now!”

I try to resist, but I'm left with no other choice, and so I'm in uniform and shirt, with Yuuji, at least intending trying to be dressed up as a typical student, nothing out of the ordinary, but...

“Hey, who's that?”

“Never saw such a babe before.”

“From which class...?”

For some reason, there are strange stares coming at us.

And as for me, very concerned with this, I whisper to Yuuji,

(Yuuji, why are we attracting so much attention? It'll be bad if our real identities are revealed...)

(It's fine. Just lift your head and chest up high. They'll just think that we're from some other class.”

I see. So that's how it is. Now we just need to go in proudly.

Yuuji and I remain side by side as we head down the path as usual, proudly, proudly, yeah,

“Are they juniors?”

“No, that's impossible.”

“Of course, our network consists of all the girls in all the years, and Hideyoshi.”

They didn't think of that at all. Rather, their attention on us is increased.

I'm appearing to be walking proudly, but inside, I'm in shambles. At this moment, I notice something,

“That one's kinda tall, and has a nice figure...”

“If there's such a girl around, I guess we'll recognize her immediately...”

“It does feel like she resembles someone for some reason.”

Looks like Yuuji's the only one getting all the attention.


In other words, Yuuji's the one getting the attention, and she's the only one who's at risk of having her identity revealed. I just need to make sure that I don't get much attention, and I'll be fine.

“Now then, Yuuji, I'll just—ack!”

“Ho-hold it right there, Akihisa! Don't you think teamwork is very important in such situations?”

And right when I'm about to run away, I got something wrapped around my neck. You damn bastard! Don't you have the courtesy to be bait for a friend?

“Let go of me, Yuuji! Won't my real identity be revealed if I'm with you?”

“Don't say that now, Akihisa. We're always linked by fate, and we're buddies with that strong bond, right?”

While the both of us are creating a ruckus, it sounds like we can hear the people around us more clearly.

“But seriously, who's that tall one?”

“Argh, I can't tell who she is.”

“Though I can tell that the other one's Aki-chan.”

“Let go, Akihisa! We should split up so that it'll be more efficient!”

“Don't you think of it, Yuuji! This is the time when we should stick together and work together!”

And at that instant, I grab Yuuji's waist right when he's trying to slip away.

...Anyway, why is it that I got exposed?

“Damn it! Don't cling onto me! That feminine face of yours is putting me in danger too!”

“Enough with that nonsense. Don't you have that feminine face yourself, Yuuji!? Not a good idea to think that everything's my fault here!”

And while we're bickering,

'Ah, Akihisa-kun! Who's that?”

An anxious, perturbed voice passes my ears.

“Ah, Himeji-san, good morning.”

“Good morning, ah, no! Please, break, away...!”

Himeji-san barges in between Yuuji and me, prying us apart with both hands. Though I was clinging onto Yuuji, my hands easily let go. Huh? Does Himeji-san really have that much strength?

“What's going on, Akihisa-kun? Our school forbids illicit relationships, and speaking of which, you and I are...”

It's rare to see Himeji-san get so angry immediately.

And after seeing her like thiss, Yuuji speaks up, sounding troubled,

“Ah...Himeji? Well...”

It looks like he's wondering whether he should really explain everything.

But right now, there's something I have to be sure about.

“Hey, Himeji-san.”

“What is it, Akihisa-kun?”

“Don't you have any thoughts after seeing me like this?

“Tamano-san definitely applied make-up on you today like usual.”

Eh? My sex change is a completely different thing from makeup here!

“More importantly, Akihisa-kun, who's that?”

Please don't tell me she doesn't mind about me living that kind of life as a guy.

“...Well, never mind. Let's just explain everything to Himeji.”

“?...You know about me? Eh, ehh...”

Himeji-san stares at Yuuji's (♀) face, and continues to think. She's probably searching through her memories, wondering if she met him before.

“So-sorry, I don't think I met you before...”

Himeji-san lowers her head apologetically. Well, that's true. If I don't know anything, I wouldn't have thought of this guy to be Yuuji.

“It's hard to believe, but please calm down and listen. I may look like this now, but I'm Sakamoto Yuuji.”

“O-okay...Sakamoto-kun, is it...?”

Himeji-san first digests what was just said.

And then, after a pause,

“Ehhhh!!!? Sakamoto-kun!?”

She lets out a loud scream.

“What's going on here!? Did you go through some operation!?”

“No, this isn't the case...and I can't really explain well, but anyway, I've become a woman.”

“That's how it is, Himeji-san. That's why I'm like this too.”

“Ah, but it's fine since you're not much different from usual, Akihisa-kun.”


What's with this difference in treatment?

“No, that's not it, Himeji-san. I may not have as much of a change as Yuuji, but my body went through a large change too.”

It's shocking enough for me to say this. Not much change...? I do think it's an earth-shattering change...

“? Did something happen?”

Himeji-san finally appears to be listening to me.

“In other words, Himeji, there's probably nothing more ridiculous than this, but...”

“It looks like we've become girls...”


Himeji-san widens her eyes with much surprise.

“Eh? Eh? Then, Akihisa-kun's getup...”

“Isn't a crossdressing...”

She's really devastated.

“H-how's that possible...?”

And while she's rattled as she ask this,

““It's this guy's fault.””

We point at each other as we answer. Thi-this shameless scumbag...! She wants to push the responsibility...!

“How's it my fault! You're the one who brought this strange book home, Yuuji!”

“You're the one who made a wish to that book 'change our gender'!”

And just when we're about to get tangled up.

““Ugh! Killing intent!””

The moment we sense the sudden incoming killing intent, we proceed to jump to the side. There's mechanical pencils stabbed at where we were.

“...Is this, caused by you guys?”

And the source of the weapons is Muttsurini, filled with much killing intent.

—And a slightly rounded figure to boot.

“Erm, Muttsurini, don't tell me you.”

“You too...?”


Answering us in turn is Muttsurini's silence and killing intent. This guy doesn't look completely different, but her body shape is obviously different from yesterday.

“...It's your fault. Why am I in such a state...!?”

This is bad. He's completely angry now. There's no way that she won't be angry now that his sex changed without any foreboding, and the culprits are right in front of him.

“Ca-calm down, Muttsurini! It's not really a bad thing for you guys!”

“Yeah! You should be happy that the one thing you're most interested in is right next to you, right!?”

“...Shut up, you scumbags!”

Muttsurini draws some additional stationery, and get into position.

“...Is there not a body other than my mother and my little sister that excites me?”

I guess there's a strong impression since this guy's face hasn't changed much. About this, all I can do is to express my sympathies.

Do we retreat now? While thinking of this, we start to think of an escape.

“ you guys are the cause of this.”

Again, we feel an enormous killing intent behind us. Wait...

“Erm, Yuuji, the voice is different, but this tone...”

“There's only that one person who'll speak to us with such a tone.”

Both Yuuji and I confirm this, and we turn our heads around tentatively. Standing over there is,

““Minami (Shimada) became a guy!?””

“I'm the one who should be shocked, you idiots!”

Minami looks like one handsome looking guy. What's going on here!?

“Eh!? Ehh!? Minami-chan!?”

“Yeah! Even though I didn't expect myself to be like this!”

This boy has hair that' has Minami's flair in it, and there's her profile there. I see, so this is Minami's boy edition.

“It really shocked me...I never thought that a girl would become a guy...”

“But it's impossible if we think about it. Your wish is 'for us to change sex'.”

“I never calmed down and observed this!”

In that case, what's with Himeji-san being as she is. Is it because she's too feminine that she can't change?

“Aki...! You should be prepared now that my body's like this now...!”

“...Yuuji...I'm taking your life now...!”

Minami's facing me, and Muttsurini faces Yuuji. They'll just kill both sides if they can't tell who's the real culprit. This is a F class like conclusion. Guess I got no choice by to sacrifice Yuuji now...!

“Calm down, Minami! Even if you kill us now, this won't solve the problem!?”

“Shut up! That's not the problem!”

Minami rejects my desperate plea as she stands in front of me.

She (Even though she's a he) reaches out at me, and grabs my chest without hesitation, saying,

“Why is it that this idiot who's a girl yesterday and today has such a magnificent thing!”


She's grabbing at my chest in a frenzy, like one vengeful enough after his dad got killed. This isn't our fault!? You're just lashing out!

But even so, I'm not in the situation where I can use this excuse and escape. I got to convince Minami to live on no matter what!

“So-sorry, Minami! I'll reflect on this! I'm really sorry! I'll bear responsibility for this, so please spare me—!”

While I desperately apologize, Minami immediately reins in the killing intent she's giving off.


“Eh, ah, yeah. I'll take responsibility and get everything back to normal.”

“Oh, I see. Responsibility.”

And then, this time, Minami shows a satisfied smile on his lips this time. This is scary. It's worse than the expression she showed when she's raging.

And for some reason, Minami gives a far glance at Himeji-san.

“Speaking of which, Mizuki's still a girl, the same gender as Aki.”

Hold on a sec, why does this involve Himeji-san now?

I have a bad feeling about this, and Minami continues,

“And since you say that you're going to take responsibility, Aki, don't you find that it's alright?”


Nonononono!! This isn't what I mean by taking responsibility!

While I'm still troubled, Minami presses on as she continues to close it,

“Wa-wait a minute, Minami-chan!”

Himeji-san spreads her arms wide as she steps in front of me to block Minami. I-I'm saved! I'll never forget this, Himeji-san!

“What's wrong, Mizuki? This has nothing to with you when you're of the same gender as Aki and have to be friendzoned now, you know?”

Minami's giving off the face of an evil witch or queen from a fairy tale, and in response to her words, Himeji-san backs down a little.

“It-it's as you say, Minami-chan...I'm the same sex as Akihisa-kun...”

No, this may be the case, but this is beside the point. At this moment, Himeji-san manages to figure out her thoughts, and voice out.

Whether or not she understands how I feel, she continues weakly,

“But I don't think that's right.”

Right! That's the wrong thing in itself, Himeji-san!

“Besides, what I like isn't Akihisa-kun's body, but his heart...”


What's going on? It feels like this has taken a weird turn.

“The school forbids illicit relationships between different genders, but it's fine if it's the same gender. I guess it works out after all...”


She ignores me while I approach her worriedly, and she lifts her face with determination, saying to Minami decisively,

“Minami-chan—! I'm fine with Akihisa-kun as she is now!”

“What are you saying, Himeji-san!?”

The topic is way off now.

“You actually said it, Mizuki...!”

“Half of Akihisa-kun is like a girl, so even though the appearance has changed a little, my feelings won't change...!”

“A little!? You just said a little there, didn't you, Himeji-san!?”

She does think that I have a feminine face after all!? Now that I've known this uncensored fact, I'm highly devastated.

But speaking of which, these things aren't what matters now. Anyway, let's get back on topic.

“Calm down, Himeji-san, Minami! Leave that aside! The important thing now is that our genders have swapped, right!? Now we got to think of how to deal with this feminine body—”

And while I'm trying to change the topic,


Kubo-kun passes by. Oh? He seems to be a little late today.

“Ah, Kubo-kun. Good morning.”

“Ahh, good morning Yoshii-kun.”

Kubo-kun doesn't mind me even though I have such an appearance now, greeting me as usual. He's a good guy after all.

“I see. So your gender has changed, Yoshii-kun.”

“Hm, yeah. It's a long story...”

“Normally, I can't believe such a thing, but I do find it believable if it is you.”

This doesn't sound like a praise, but you really helped us out a lot for understanding things so well.

“I'll head to the classroom then.”

“Oh, bye then.”

It looks like he really accepted this. Kubo-kun calmly leaves like usual. I guess it's to be expected of the second ranked of our year, not rattled by our commotion.

“Hey, Akihisa. Was that Kubo?”

“...You alright?”

Yuuji and Muttsurini, who were still warring just a while back, stop their attacks as they approach me. Oh? Why are they so worried? Wondering that I'm fine?

“Kubo-kun's really amazing after all. He's able to remain so calm; I really want to learn from him.”

“I-I see.”

“...Great that you can think of it this way.”

“? Why are you being so roundabout here?”

While Yuuji and Muttsurini are giving skeptical, meaningful looks,

“Springtime has come!!!”

I can hear a loud yell from inside the campus, and I guess I can describe it as a heartfelt yell. Erm, why? It's a familiar voice, but he doesn't seem to be the kind to do that kind of thing. Woah...

“Akihisa, your brain may refuse to understand, but it doesn't look like your instincts will make a second mistake.”

“...Your body's shivering.”

I don't understand. I don't understand at all...but what's with the little fragment of fear coming out of my heart?

“Mizuki, this isn't the time to be arguing about this.”

“...Yes. I think we should prioritize Akihisa-kun's—no, Aki-chan's safety, Minami-chan.”

And I don't know why, but Himeji-san and Minami seem to have ended their dispute. Is this what it means to be wrong until it's right?

“It's true...that there are many things we have to take note of when we become girls...mostly those guys in our class.”

“Hey, looks like Aki-chan's really a girl now.”

“You serious? I'm gonna confess!”

“Hold up, me first!”

And just like that, this dangerous conversation for us echoes amongst these familiar idiots.

I'm the one feeling terrified, and Yuuji's the one looking gleeful.

“Unlike you, Akihisa, I'm rather safe physically.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“That Shouko has been rather dangerous recently.”

Hm? Dangerous, huh?

“To be specific?”

“...A few days back, I saw her buying a book on prenatal education.”


I'm left speechless.

“But now she and I are of the same gender! We're both girls, so there isn't such a danger! My body's safe, and even if I do say that I want to swap back, she'll help me out—”

“...Morning, Yuuji.”

While Yuuji's rambling away, he hears a familiar greeting with an unfamiliar voice.

He turns to where the voice is, and finds a boy who can only be described as a pretty boy, a moving ice sculpture.

Alright, just in case,

“Erm...Kirishima-san, right...?”


Kirishima-san (♂) nods as she fidgets away.

“...I found myself in a man's body when I woke up.”


“Ah! Yuuji! Don't you have to get info from Kirishima-san?”

The ex-guy who prioritizes her own safety runs away with the nice flowing hair fluttering.

“...Yuuji, I'm happier that you're prettier now.”

“Do-don't come near me, Shouko...”

Yuuji, burrowed in our current C classroom, is caught immediately. The original difference in gender would have made it somewhat of a fight, but now that the bodies has changed, the difference in physical strength is obvious.

“...I despaired when I woke up, but since you became a girl, it is fine now, Yuuji.”

“What are you saying!? Pay attention to other things here!”

Yuuji, transformed into a girl, is being assaulted by Kirishima-san now transformed into a guy.

Erm...what do I say here?

“Hey, Muttsurini.”


“If the genders were swapped in our everday scene, this will be really bad, huh?”


“Enough with the sarcastic talk and start taking some actual action, okay!?”

Kirishima-san is using all his arm strength as he closes in on Yuuji, and he's already beyond criminal, well. Even if the genders were the usual, it's already criminal enough.

“Well, calm down Kirishima-san, you can deal with Yuuji like usual—”

I try to appease Kirishima-san.

“Th-this is bad, you guys! It's hard for me to accept it immediately, but I'd say that when I woke up, my body's—who are you guys!?”

Standing over there is Hideyoshi, who's gasping away. It's rare from her.

“Ah, morning, Hideyoshi.”

“Good morning, Kinoshita-kun.”

“You're late, Kinoshita.”

“...Morning, Hideyoshi.”

“I-is that, Akihisa, Shimada and Muttsurini...and over there is Yuuji and Kirishima...?”

Oh, correct. As expected of the observant Hideyoshi.

“And Hideyoshi, did anything happen?”

“It's a very big change for me, but it's nothing much compared to you guys...”

Well, now that she mentioned it, it's not like I can't figure out that her chest is a little larger than usual.

But the good thing is,

“It's great that you didn't take that much damage, Hideyoshi.”

“No, I'd say that my body has become a woman's...”

It's Yuuji's fault, but I'm still concerned that he got someone else involved. It's a good thing that Hideyoshi hasn't transformed into a dirty old man. I'm really relieved by this result.

“H-Hideyoshi became...a girl...?”

“...Why are you so suspicious, Yuuji?”

Yuuji escapes from Kirishima-san, using me as a shield as she asks Hideyoshi. To be honest, I'm not too sure what's different from usual.

“Hey, you hear that?”

“Yeah. Sounds like Kinoshita became a real girl.”

“I see. I didn't think there's much of a difference till now, but now I have an extra candidate for a bride.”

“Aki-chan, Muttsurini, Sakamoto and Kinoshita...I'm at a loss with all these options...”

Those guys in our class begin to discuss after giving us a look. To be honest, it's really disgusting that they're talking about it. Got to say a word or so!

“Everyone calm down! We're like this now, but the important thing isn't the body!”

“Shut up, Yoshii!”

“You think such an excuse will stop us here?”

“The body being female is already a good enough reason for us!”


I really think these guys' nonchalant attitude is disgusting me.

But it's indecent to think of it this way! The important thing when looking at the opposite sex isn't the appearance! Right now, the important thing is—

“You should determine whether she has feminine charms!” (Good at housework)

“...Correct...!” (Good at cooking)

“You do say some smart things from time to time, Akihisa!” (Likes kids)

“Really feel the same.” (Hideyoshi)


“Nothing to nitpick.”

“...Yuuji, let's get married.”

What? I don't get the feeling that I'm convincing them.

Oh good grief. Looks like we can only use that usual tactic...




We decided that staying in the classroom is going to endanger us more, so with the usual teamwork, we proudly escape from the classroom.

“Now what do we do, Yuuji?”

“What else? No choice but to decipher this book.”

We shake off our pursuers and regroup in an old school building classman. Me, Yuuji, Muttsurini and Hideyoshi are gathered around the book, discussing,

“I see. Even we...”

“...Can't decipher this at all.”

Hideyoshi and Muttsurini admit defeat. This is bad...

“I want to ask if Kirishima-san has understood this book before.”

“But facing off against them now is way too dangerous.”

“...And we don't have a chance of winning.”

It's true that our arm strength are weaker, and Kirishima-san is stronger. If we charge head on now, we don't have a chance of winning.

But what about this.

“How about we sell off Yuuji? Will Kirishima-san help us?”

“Why are you able to give up on morality to such an extent?”

“You're an unbelievable heretic...”

I do think that some level of sacrifice is needed to achieve something.

“Give up already, Akihisa. It's impossible to beg Shouko for help in such a state. If I'm betrayed here, I'll get you guys involved with all my might.”

“Uh huh...I guess it'll be like that, huh?”

“If possible, please just get Akihisa for betraying you here...”

Now it's difficult to get anything from Kirishima-san. Looks like we can only think of another method.

“...If we can't ask the students, how about the teachers?”

Muttsurini mutters as he stares at the book. Yeah! There's also this method!

“Let's do it then, Muttsurini!”

“The teachers might know something about it!”

“In that case, either the Classics teacher, or Takahashi-sensei!”

A ray of light rises in front of us. There's still hope!

—However, this resurgent will seems to be getting us into trouble.

“Huh? I think I can hear the now cuter Aki-chan's voice!”

I hear the voice of the one girl I don't want to meet in such a situation, Tamano-san's voice.

“Alright! Let's set up a plan and get into action, Yuuji!”

“No, wait, I think if we sell you to Tamano, we'll be able to act safely.”

“...Good idea.”

“What nonsense are you saying? Why are you able to give up on morality to such an extent?”

“Leave that idle chat aside for now. How about we get away now!?”

Hideyoshi's right! Us buddies bickering here isn't going to improve the situation!

“Aki-chan's crossdressing presence here here. No, that's not it. It feels like he's crossdressing but isn't...? Anyway, I just feel that kind of think.”

This is bad. Tamano-san has a superhuman sensing ability, and now she's charging right at us.

“Hurry, Yuuji! It's not safe here!”

Besides, hiding in front of Tamano-san is a pointless thing to do!

“No choice here! Let's break away from Tamano and head to the staff room!”


“Got it.”

We escape from the classroom, and proceed in the opposite direction of Tamano-san's voice.

It's fine. If it's Tamano-san alone, we'll at least have a way out.

“Seriously...Muttsurini-kun's too much. Such an interesting thing happened, and he never mentioned it to me.”

“Those filthy swines who turned Miharu's beloved onee-sama into this...I won't forgive them...!”

“Why did I become a guy in the morning..! I'll definitely interrogate Hideyoshi and ask if it's his doing. Let's twist all his joints the other way around...!”

—Yeah, if it's her alone.

“Why do we have so many enemies!?”

“Like hell I know!? Anyway, let's scram!”

As I'm not used to my body, I'm unable to run as I usually do, and I'm feeling all roughed up inside. This is especially bad for Yuuji who's running with that nice body. We'll be in unlimited danger if those bouncing breasts incurs Minami's wrath to no end.

“...Found you, Yuuji.”

“Ack, Shouko!?”

Even though we continue to desperately run to the staff room in the new school building, we can't reach our destination at all because of the pursuers appearing one after another.

“Where are you running to, Muttsurini-kun♪”

“You swine...! Return Miharu her onee-sama...!”

“Hideyoshi, I'll make you tell me the specifics (with my fist)...!”

Following Kirishima-san from behind are Kudou-san, Shimizu-san and Kinoshita-san. These four heavenly kings are enough to endanger our lives.

“What do we do now, Yuuji!? This isn't the time for us to head to the old school building!?”

I continue to dodge as I ask Yuuji, who's running beside me.

“Got it! We'll just give up on the staff room!”

“Yeah, but what happens after we give up on that?”

“...No way we can hide with that Tamano lurking.”

The impression Tamano-san gives is that I don't know whether she gave up on being human to be like that. If we take her on, she'll figure out a crossdressing presence no matter where we are. The only way to ensure our safety is to find a place where she can't enter, even if she does find out—

“There's only one place I can think of here.”

Yuuji mutters. The only place she can think of?

“For our hiding place?”

“Yeah. Those guys definitely won't be able to enter—and maybe we might get the book deciphered.”



Isn't there Valhalla for us right now!? If there's really such a place, we're definitely running over there!

“Yuuji, where is it?”

“Is it inaccessible now?”

“No, it's in the old school building.”

The old school building! This is getting better!

“Let's go!”

“...Got to fix this crisis...!”

“But even so...”

Yuuji starts to sound vauge. What is there to hesitate about now?

“There's no time to hesitate now, Yuuji!”

“We don't have a choice here!”

“...It's urgent...!”

“I know! I know that too—”

With much agony, Yuuji ekes out these words,

“—That place is the remedial room.”

He tells us the place of that Valhalla.

I see! It's normally Hell for us, but it's really Valhalla today! If we get inside, nobody else can. In the old school building, Ironman might be the only one able to deciphere that book!

“Alright! Let's charge to the remedial room—”

“Wait, think about this carefully, Akihisa.”

While we're about to charge to the remedial room instead, Yuuji stops me with a serious voice. Seriously! Why has this guy been hesitating all this time!?

“What now, Yuuji!? Our only hope is the remedial room!”

“But Akihisa, think about it, if in the remedial room, we find that Ironman—”

Remedial room? Ironman?

“—that Ironamn became a woman?”


We can't help but yell in agony. Thi-this is really disgusting! That's the only thing I don't ever want to see! Is this the reason why this guy has been hesitating all this time!?

“Stop Yuuji! I don't think I'll be able to smile again in my life after seeing that!”

“...The ultimate visual destroyer...!”

“I-I'd say that I don't have the confidence to remain calm seeing that...!”

“Yeah, that's why I didn't mention it!”

But even if he says so, we can't change back to our usual bodies no matter that case, there's no turning back.

“Yuuji, forget about it!”

“What do you want to do?”

“The last time we had a body swap, we turned back to normal after tearing the book! So—”

“...Tear it again this time?”

“But it'll be bad if we can't change back...!”

Yeah, if that can't change us back, we won't have even one cchance of breaking this spell.



The four of us agree on this.

We have the same idea. Now that it comes to this, no choice but to gamble here!

“OK! Go for it, Akihisa!”

“Let's do this!”

“...Make it work...!”

We nod in agreement, and Yuuji draws out the book from before.

He puts the book with the old cover on his hand, exerts a lot of strength—and rips it vertically.

Please...! Turn us back to normal...!




—We fail to turn back.

“Akihisa you bastard! Go rot in hell now!”

“It's not my fault! You tore it wrong, Yuuji!”

“I'd be stuck in this body for the rest of my life!?”

“...How did it end up like this...!”

Our hearts were crushed. Such a short moment of us having the same thoughts...

And just when we're bickering.


We hear a terrifying voice from somewhere.


We shriek as we run away from the voices.

On that day, we end up in a terrible situation, having to run all over school , burning enough calories for a marathon.

The next morning.

I open my eyes, got up from bed, and once I look at myself, I'm surprised,

“...Huh? I'm back to normal...?”

A flat, sturdy chest, muscular arms, my limbs are obviously longer than yesterday; no doubt I'm back to my usual physical self.

“Erm...why did I end up like before..?”

I wonder as I head to the living room.

And over there is,

“Yo, finally woke up, Akihisa.”

Why is Yuuji standing here? Huh? Wasn't it 2 days ago that Yuuji was staying here?

“In other words, that commotion was just my dream...?”

It feels surreal, but that's definitely it.

And Yuuji seems to have heard my muttering as he concludes.

“Hey, Akihisa. You dreamed of yourself becoming a girl last night, didn't you?”

He then asked this.

“Eh!? You too, Yuuji!?”

“Yeah, I did. No. I guess it's so realistic that I can't even call it a dream...”

I feel the same. It's so surreal that I don't think it's a dream. If it's a dream, isn't it weird for both of us to dream of the same thing at once?

“This is...?”

While I'm wondering hard, “Let's see.” Yuuji begins to analyze,

“We did feel that the book fulfilled what we said yesterday.”

“Ah, yeah. That's what it means to have our words come true.”

“In that case, it fulfilled what we said yesterday, didn't it?”

Now that he mentions it, I begin to recall.

The last words we said at the end,

“Right, good night Yuuji. Have a nice dream.”

“Yeah, nights. I'll be glad if I can be happy in my dreams.”

In other words, that book—

“Thought of that as a good dream for us!?”

“That's a possibility.”

How is that a good dream!? More like a nightmare!


“Right decision to tear that book then.”

“Yeah. This 'spell' isn't for show.”

I can't help but think that this is 'putting our feet in our mouths.