Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume3 The Third Question

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The Third Question

Please write the diary entry for the second day of the training course.

Himeji Mizuki's Diary:

“Today’s focus for revision is physics, which I’m not too familiar with. However, after studying with class A, I learnt quite a bit. This is truly a meaningful experience.”

Teacher's advice:

It is great if Himeji-san can improve after studying together with Class A. Maybe you can become a member of class A after this test, so it’s good to create some friendships.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Diary:

“First part omitted.

I went to sleep at night.”

Teacher's advice:

First part omitted isn’t used like this.

Yoshii Akihisa's Diary:

“Everything omitted”

Teacher's advice:

I have never seen such a way to slack off. I cannot say anything about this…

“…Yuuji, I’m really happy to be able to study with you.”

“Wait a second, Shouko. Don’t just sit on my lap as if it’s natural! Those guys from your class are taking off their shoes and aiming at me!”

Today’s the second day of our training course, and we were scheduled to study together with class A.

The content for studying is basically personal preference. If there’s a problem, we can ask any teachers or students around us, so it is basically self-study. Because of this, the tables are arranged together to allow students to face each other.

“But why a self-study? Don’t we need to study?”

Isn’t it a waste of time to come all the way here just to self-study? Not like I’m complaining.

“Study? How can we do such a thing?”

Hearing me mutter this to myself, that lucky bastard Yuuji abandons Kirishima-san, who’s still resisting. Seeing them tussle against each other so intensely is really a pity.

“Impossible? Why?”

“Akihisa. Do you think you can understand the content that class A studies?”

“Mm, you’re really rude! Maybe for you Yuuji, you might not understand it. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in class F or class A.”

—Because no matter what, I can’t understand anyway.

“…The aim of this training course is to motivate us to study.”

Following Yuuji, Kirishima-san moved towards my table. But more accurately, it’s more like she’s sticking close to Yuuji. At least it seems like she has given up on sitting on his lap.

“Shouko, how can Akihisa understand when you say it like that? Anyway, letting class A study together with class F is to warn them ‘not to become like class F’, and class F will be motivated into thinking ‘ahh, I want to become like that’. Since it’s a mental thing, there’s not much difference if we can’t study.”

Yuuji continued off after Kirishima-san. Really, those two have quite the chemistry; I do feel that these two really match each other (well, except for the looks).

Is it time to leave my place? Just as I was thinking about this—

“Ah, so class rep’s here? Then shouldn’t I sit here as well?”

I hear this somewhat unfamiliar voice.

It’s from a girl who slowly opens a book while sitting opposite me. I remember she’s—

“Kudo-san, right?”

“That’s right. You’re Yoshii-kun, right? Long time no see.” Kudo-san bares her teeth as she smiles.

Just as she has a boyish feel, her every action is rather refreshing. “It’s rare for us to be studying together, so let me reintroduce myself again. I’m Kudo Aiko, my interests are swimming and listening to music. My 3 sizes are 78, 56 and 59, my speciality is flashing my underwear and my favourite food is cream puffs.”

Hold on! Did she just say something seductive in the last sentence?

“Hm? Yoshii-kun? What’s with you?”

“No, I’m not suspecting Aiko-san’s speciality, it’s just…that…”

It’s just that I’m mindful of you saying that as your speciality?

“Oh, so are you suspecting me? If so, must I do it for you?” Aiko-san places both her hands on her skirt.

At this moment, for some reason, Yuuji’s covering his eyes as he rolls on the floor painfully; and Kirishima-san, who’s sitting beside him, made a scissors sign as she mutters “…No fickle-mindedness.” Let’s just hope that these two things aren’t related.

“…Akihisa, don’t be fooled by Kudo Aiko.”

“Oh my? Muttsulini, you’re rather calm. Even I was shocked, I thought that you drowned in your own pool of blood.”

From who knows when, Muttsulini appeared, being as inexplicably calm as he listens to Aiko-san’s words. Is it alright for you not to take out the camera and start snapping photos, Muttsulini?

“…She’s wearing shorts underneath.”

“How, how is it possible! Aiko-san, are you tricking me?”

Damn it, you made me really disappointed! Return that bumping heart back to me! And you have to apologise to Yuuji, who’s rolling on the floor in pain, thinking unhappily ‘then aren’t my eyes poked for no good reason…’!

“Ah haha, I was seen through, huh? As expected of Muttsulini. However, even though it’s not my speciality, I’ve been playing around with this for quite a while recently, you know?”

She smiles as she pulls out a mini device. What’s that?

“…A mini-recorder.”

“Mm. This is rather interesting. For example—”

Aiko-san operates the mini device. After a while, sounds can be heard from it.

Hua—‘Aiko-san’ ‘I’ ‘my heart beats so fast’ ‘aren’t we going to do it?’


“Heh! It’s interesting, isn’t it?”

Aiko-san reveals a mischievous smile, but this smile isn’t for me to see, but rather, it’s facing a corner behind me. Suddenly, I feel the danger radar within me ringing.

“…Yes. It’s too~ interesting.”

“…It sure is interesting.”

Looking back, it’s Minami and Himeji-san with icy looks on their faces.

“Mizuki. I want to go get that. Can you help me out?”

“I know. It’s that, right? I’m extremely happy to be able to help out.”

After putting down their reference materials, both of them head out of the classroom without looking back.

Seeing their backs as they head off, Hideyoshi passes by them as he walks in from the opposite direction, giving that thinking look as he tilts his head.

“What’s wrong, Hideyoshi?”

“Well, I just heard Shimada and Himeji say that they want to move some stone blocks in. I’m still wondering what’s going on.”

Hearing Hideyoshi’s words, a large amount of sweat flow down the fine hairs on my skin.

“Kudo, that conversation was synthesised together, right?”

“Mm, yeah.”

Yuuji nonchalant response scares me as he walks over to Kudo-san. For him to show such a serious look, seems like something’s up.

In order not to let the nearby people hear this, I deliberately lower my volume and asks,

(What’s wrong, Yuuji?)

(You just saw what she did. I’m thinking that maybe Kudo is the culprit that we’re looking for here.)

Yuuji stares intently at the mini-device in Aiko-san’s hand. Oh, I remember, Yuuji’s marriage proposal was recorded! If we’re to look at her actions, it seems like she’s used to doing this. Truly, it seems like she’s the one who’s blackmailing us.

(Alright, Akihisa, go and check whether she’s the culprit.)

(Mm, got it.)

I walk over to Kudo-san.

“Kudo-san, you…”

Even if I thought about asking “Are you the culprit who placed that blackmail letter in my shoe box?”, there’s no idiot who will answer obediently, right? Besides, if Kudo-san is really the culprit, this will only make her wary of us, so it’s completely meaningless.