Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume3 The Third Question

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The Third Question[edit]

Please write the diary entry for the second day of the training course.

Himeji Mizuki's Diary:

"Today's focus for revision is physics, which I'm not too familiar with. However, after studying with class A, I learnt quite a bit. This is truly a meaningful experience."

Teacher's advice:

It is great if Himeji-san can improve after studying together with Class A. Maybe you can become a member of class A after this test, so it's good to create some friendships.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Diary:

BTS vol 03 077.jpg

"First part omitted.

I went to sleep at night."

Teacher's advice:

First part omitted isn't used like this.

Yoshii Akihisa's Diary:

"Everything omitted"

Teacher's advice:

I have never seen such a way to slack off. I cannot say anything about this...

"...Yuuji, I'm really happy to be able to study with you."

"Wait a second, Shouko. Don't just sit on my lap as if it's natural! Those guys from your class are taking off their shoes and are aiming them at me!"

Today's the second day of our training course, and we were scheduled to study together with class A.

The content for studying is basically personal preference. If there's a problem, we can ask any teachers or students around us, so it is basically self-study. Because of this, the tables are arranged together to allow students to face each other.

"But why a self-study? Don't we need to study?"

Isn't it a waste of time to come all the way here just to self-study? Not like I'm complaining.

"Study? How can we do such a thing?"

Hearing me mutter this to myself, that lucky bastard Yuuji abandons Kirishima-san, who's still resisting. Seeing them tussle against each other so intensely is really a pity.

"Impossible? Why?"

"Akihisa. Do you think you can understand the content that class A studies?"

"Mm, you're really rude! Maybe for you Yuuji, you might not understand it. It doesn't matter whether I'm in class F or class A."

—Because no matter what, I can't understand anyway.

"...The aim of this training course is to motivate us to study."

Following Yuuji, Kirishima-san moved towards my table. But more accurately, it's more like she's sticking close to Yuuji. At least it seems like she has given up on sitting on his lap.

"Shouko, how can Akihisa understand when you say it like that? Anyway, letting class A study together with class F is to warn them 'not to become like class F', and class F will be motivated into thinking 'ahh, I want to become like that'. Since it's a mental thing, there's not much difference if we can't study."

Yuuji continued after Kirishima-san. Really, those two have quite the chemistry; I do feel that these two really match each other (well, except for the looks).

Is it time to leave my place? Just as I was thinking about this—

"Ah, so class rep's here? Then shouldn't I sit here as well?"

I hear this somewhat unfamiliar voice.

It's from a girl who slowly opens a book while sitting opposite me. I remember she's—

"Kudo-san, right?"

"That's right. You're Yoshii-kun, right? Long time no see." Kudo-san bares her teeth as she smiles.

Just as she has a boyish feel, her every action is rather refreshing.

"It's rare for us to be studying together, so let me reintroduce myself. I'm Kudo Aiko, my interests are swimming and listening to music. My 3 sizes are 78, 56 and 59, my specialty is flashing my underwear and my favorite food is cream puffs."

Hold on! Did she just say something seductive in the last sentence?

"Hm? Yoshii-kun? What's up with you?"

"No, I'm not suspecting Aiko-san's specialty, it's just...that..."

It's just that I'm mindful of you referring to that as your specialty?

"Oh, so are you suspecting me? If so, must I do it for you?" Aiko-san places both her hands on her skirt.

At this moment, for some reason, Yuuji's covering his eyes as he rolls on the floor painfully; and Kirishima-san, who's sitting beside him, made a scissors sign as she mutters "...No fickle-mindedness." Let's just hope that these two things aren't related.

"...Akihisa, don't be fooled by Kudo Aiko."

"Oh my? Muttsulini, you're rather calm. Even I was shocked, I thought that you drowned in your own pool of blood."

From who knows where, Muttsulini appeared, being inexplicably calm as he listened to Aiko-san's words. Is it alright for you to not take out the camera and start snapping photos, Muttsulini?

"...She's wearing shorts underneath."

"How, how is it possible! Aiko-san, are you tricking me?"

Damn it, you made me really disappointed! Return that thumping heart back to me! And you have to apologize to Yuuji, who's rolling on the floor in pain, thinking unhappily 'then aren't my eyes poked for no good reason...'!

"Ah haha, I was seen through, huh? As expected of Muttsulini. However, even though it's not my specialty, I've been playing around with this for quite a while recently, you know?"

She smiles as she pulls out a mini device. What's that?

"...A mini-recorder."

"Mm. This is rather interesting. For example—"

Aiko-san operates the mini device. After a while, sounds can be heard from it.

Hua—'Aiko-san' 'I' 'my heart beats so fast' 'aren't we going to do it?'


"Heh! It's interesting, isn't it?"

Aiko-san reveals a mischievous smile, but this smile isn't directed toward me, but rather, it's facing a corner behind me. Suddenly, I feel the danger radar within me ringing.

"...Yes. It's too~ interesting."

"...It sure is interesting."

Looking back, it's Minami and Himeji-san with icy looks on their faces.

"Mizuki. I want to go get that. Can you help me out?"

"I know. It's that, right? I'm extremely happy to be able to help out."

After putting down their reference materials, both of them head out of the classroom without looking back.

Seeing their backs as they headed off, Hideyoshi passed by them as he walked in from the opposite direction, giving that thinking look as he tilted his head.

"What's wrong, Hideyoshi?"

"Well, I just heard Shimada and Himeji say that they want to move some stone blocks in. I'm still wondering what's going on."

Hearing Hideyoshi's words, a large amount of sweat started flowing down the fine hairs on my skin.

"Kudo, that conversation was synthesized together, right?"

"Mm, yeah."

Yuuji's nonchalant response scared me as he walked over to Kudo-san. For him to show such a serious look, seems like something's up.

In order to not let the nearby people hear this, I deliberately lowered my volume and asked,

(What's wrong, Yuuji?)

(You just saw what she did. I'm thinking that maybe Kudo is the culprit that we're looking for here.)

Yuuji stares intently at the mini-device in Aiko-san's hand. Oh, I remember, Yuuji's marriage proposal was recorded! If we're to look at her actions, it seems like she's used to doing this. Truly, it seems like she's the one who's blackmailing us.

(Alright, Akihisa, go and check whether she's the culprit.)

(Mm, got it.)

I walk over to Kudo-san.

"Kudo-san, you..."

Even if I thought about asking "Are you the culprit who placed that blackmail letter in my shoe box?", there's no idiot who will answer obediently, right? Besides, if Kudo-san is really the culprit, this will only make her wary of us, so it's completely meaningless.

Too dangerous! Way too dangerous! I have to think of another way to ask her.

"Hm? Yoshii-kun, is there a problem?"

"Ah~ Well~ That, you—"

Hurry up and think, Yoshii Akihisa! Hurry up and think of a way to identify the culprit without them realizing it! Ah, I remember, the culprit has a burn mark on her butt—yeah, let's go with that!

"What about me?"

"You—I'll be happy if you let me see your butt!"

So how about that?

"...Eh, WAHAHAHAHA!! So Yoshii-kun likes the butt? Or are you fussing that my breasts are too small so you prefer my butt?"

Kudo-san laughs as she replies to my sexually harassing words.

"You, you're mistaken! I don't like the butt!"

"Akihisa, I really have to hand it to you there. You knew that there's a recorder right in front of you, and yet you dared to say such words."


What on earth is Yuuji saying?

"Sorry, I just recorded those words that you said just now."

Hua! The mini-recorder played my voice.

BTS vol 03 087.jpg

'I'll be happy if you let me see your butt!'


"How interesting! Yoshii-kun sure feels like someone I can bully whenever I want to! Now I want to bully you even more."

Hua-- 'I BEG YOU, KUDO-SAN!!' 'let me see your butt'


The next moment, I felt a rather vexing killing intent from behind.

"...What the hell was that? Mizuki?"

"...What was that? Minami?"

Their facial expressions hadn't changed, but there was a stack of stone blocks behind them.

"We only need to watch out for the problematic students in our class, but it seems like some idiot said something that will cause a lot of misunderstandings, no?"

"That is really troublesome! If there's such a person in the class, we have to punish him, no?"

Nowadays, it seems like Himeji-san is becoming even more creepier. No, now's not the time to think about this. Anyway, I have to explain it to them!

"You're both wrong! I'm not thinking about making trouble. It's just that I 'like the butt'—OI! My voice got covered! PLEASE! DON'T TIE MY ARMS BEHIND ME. AND THOSE CLASSMATES OVER THERE, STOP LAUGHING AND COME SAVE ME! ESPECIALLY YUUJI!!"

My arm joint was already forcefully twisted behind.

"...Kudo Aiko, stop kidding around."

Seeing me in such danger, Muttsulini finally stood up for me as he stood up from the chair. As expected of my friend.

"Muttsulini! Are you willing to save me?"

"...Let me demonstrate to you."

After saying this, Muttsulini pulled out another mini-recorder which was like the one Kudo-san had.

So is Muttsulini thinking of using the mini-recorder to overlap the voice that Kudo-san made? Good, then I'll believe in Muttsulini and do what I need to do!

"Himeji-san, Minami, listen to me. That was a misunderstanding. All I want to say is that I 'really like the butt' 'especially Yuuji'. DAMN IT , MUTTSULINI!! BY DEMONSTRATE, YOU MEANT PUSHING ME TO HELL FASTER THAN KUDO-SAN!?"

"...Kudo Aiko, you're too naive."

"Damn it! As expected of Muttsulini, I still can't beat you."

Those two glared at each other like competitors. Since you two can create such sparks just like that, how about moving aside to interact with each other!

"...Yoshii, I will never hand Yuuji over to you."

On hearing the word 'Yuuji', Kirishima-san immediately responded.

Don't worry, I'm not that kind of person.

" you like Sakamoto's butt? Isn't mine enough?"

"Though I knew this from before, this is truly a major blow..."


No, just as I was about to say this, the door to our classroom got slammed open as a seemingly familiar girl walked in, glaring at me dangerously, before saying shrilly,


Ahh...we have more weirdos now...

"Mi, Miharu? Why are you here?"

"ONEE-SAMA!! Miharu wanted to meet onee-sama, so she sneaked out of class D!!"

The girl with hair locks left and right that looked like drills, confirmed Minami's position before charging over, getting into a position like she was trying to passionately hug Minami.

"Sugawa barrier!"

"How, how dirty! It's like I just hugged a rotten swine!!"

Being used as a protective shield and being insulted like that, Sugawa-san can't help but look up in tears.

"Onee-sama's too much...Miharu already loves onee-sama so much, yet to let me touch such a pig-like man, that's too much..."

Love Minami? Now that she mentioned it, there was a girl who said such a thing before! Ah, this girl is Shimizu Miharu from class D!

"Wait a second, Miharu! Stop saying that about making love here! Aki will misunderstand!"

Well, no, I think I'm not the only one getting a misunderstanding here...

"Can you people please remain quiet?"

At this moment, a stern voice rang out.

Pushing his specs that were full of knowledge up his nose, was the owner of this cool and collected voice, Kubo Toshimitsu-san, second in our school year.

"Ah, sorry, Kubo-san."

I lowered my head to everyone else in the classroom, not just him. I'm really sorry.

"Yoshii? Anyway, be careful. Really, Himeji-san or Shimada-san or whatsoever, there are so many problematic students in class F. This is really troubling."

It's undeniable that there are dangerous people here. However, to speak of Himeji-san and Minami's name before mentioning Yuuji and Muttsulini, that's a little unexpected.

"Also, what's with that remark of treating homosexuals as idiots? They're not abnormal people, just people with slightly different tastes, that's all."

"Eh? Ah, mm, yeah."

What's with that? It feels like Kubo-san has personally experienced this himself.

"Alright, Miharu. Stop creating this useless commotion and go back to your own classroom."

"It's not useless! Miharu loves onee-sama! It's completely unrelated to gender! Onee-sama, Miharu really loves onee-sama—"

"Alright alright, I don't have such an interest, okay?"

Even though she's not intending to back off, Shimizu-san got chased out of the classroom. Ara ara, at least it finally calmed down.

"...It's unrelated to gender, huh..."

Kubo-san reveals a weird expression as he reflects on Shimizu-san's words. Seeing that look...for some reason, I'm getting goosebumps. Really, what's going on?

"It's unrelated to gender, huh..."

"Well, Himeji-san, can you please stop looking back and forth at Yuuji and me? You must be mistaken, no? Like you know, I 'like' 'Hideyoshi' HOLD ON!!?"

Though it covered off all the voices, I can't deny it now. Even so, I can't just leave it like this. Anyway, I have to explain.

"How, however, don't be mistaken, okay? Regarding Hideyoshi, I 'really' 'like the butt'--WOULDN'T THIS CAUSE EVEN MORE MISUNDERSTANDINGS!? MUTTSULINI, KUDO-SAN, HAND OVER THOSE DEVICES! BEFORE I GET SURROUNDED!?"

"Ah, Akihisa...regarding this, what should I say...?"

"DAMN IT!? IT'S TOO LATE!!? IF SO, 'Kubo-san' 'and Yuuji' 'turn' 'let me see the butt' NO!! WHY DO I NEED TO SEE KUBO-SAN'S BUTT IN THIS SITUATION!!?"

"Yoshii-kun, I'm really troubled here. There's an order in how things go."


"Aki, so you like guys more than girls..."


My voice got covered by the entire ruckus made inside the classroom.

In the end, this ruckus finally ended with Ironman's roar.

After the Hellish lessons and Heavenly dinner, it's finally time to shower. We exchanged a few words inside the room that we were assigned to.

"I feel that Kudo-san may be the culprit."

"The probability's rather high."

Yuuji nodded his head in agreement. Just seeing her use the mini-recorder makes her rather suspicious.

"Then, how about we capture Kudo-san in one go?"

If we can get evidence like this, everything will be alright—

"...It's better to give up."

At this moment, Muttsulini gave a rare opposing suggestion.

"If you're saying that it's better to give up, is there a problem?"

"...There's only one chance. If we miss it, we won't be able to catch the culprit."

Since Muttsulini didn't explain further, I couldn't understand.

"If we catch the wrong person, what will the real culprit think when she sees it?"

"...(Nods head)."

Like usual, Yuuji adds on with an explanation.

So what will the real culprit do? Hm~ If I was the culprit and see a group of people taking action and wanting to catch me—

"Ahh, I'll destroy the evidence, or scare them off to prevent them from finding me, or at least I'll think of something like that."

"That's the case."

I see. If so, there's only one chance. If we act without any confirmation, it'll be like we're strangling our own necks.

"But if we don't take action even with all this suspicion..."

"It'll be alright if we can confirm that butt burn..."

And it's because of the position of that burn that we were having difficulties in taking action.

"So why don't we make her angry by flipping her skirt up?"

"...She's wearing sports shorts underneath...!"

"Cheh. Now that you mention it, that's the case."

And since she was wearing sports shorts, it was becoming even more suspicious! Seems like she's not just mindful of her underwear being seen, but maybe there's the possibility that she's wearing sports shorts to hide the burn mark on her butt—

"...And in order to confirm that, we need to peep into the girls' bathroom."

"So it came down to that..."

No matter how much we guess, a guess is still a guess. Like what Muttsulini said, we can only peep to confirm it.

"But what should we do? If we don't come up with some sort of a battle plan, it seems like we won't be able to break past the teachers."

"And even if we're to plan, that place is still a wide lane. No matter how I think, we can only break through from the front."

The lane can be seen easily from the girls' bathroom, and trying to get out of the teachers' sight in a place without cover is thoroughly impossible.

"That's right, and we don't have time to come up with a plan, so basically, we don't have a choice but to attack directly from the front."

Seems like Yuuji agrees with Hideyoshi.

There was that commotion in the morning, and we had to take tests in the afternoon to replenish our scores because of what happened yesterday. Since we didn't have time to come up with a plan, it can't be helped even if it's a little forced.

"However, it's not like we don't have any plan at all."

"Eh? So we do have a plan?"

I couldn't think of it at all. Yuuji's rather reliable in this kind of situation.

"It's not really that impressive of a battle plan. Anyway, we just need to break through from the front, right?"

"No, I'm troubled because it's too hard..."

The opponents are those two summoned beasts of the teachers and Ironman himself. In contrast, I only have two idiots and a beauty. Considering the difference in battle strength that we have, this is truly a major disadvantage for us. Our only hope is to recover our points, but it's just that we do not have enough time to do that.

"If we can't break through from the front, we just have to add on to our forces, whether it's increasing the quality or the quantity."

"So you mean we're going to increase the number of peeping buddies?"

"That's right."

I see, it's really a simple method that's not even a tactic.

"Then, how about we get to it? It's about time to bath, right?"

"Relax, I talked it through before. It's about time for them to appear."

The moment Yuuji said this, a knocking sound could be heard from the door, as if on cue.

"So what are you going to talk to us about, Sakamoto?"

With Sugawa leading the pack, the boys moved into the room. Wow, aren't these all the boys from class F? Can this room really accommodate everyone?

"Perfect timing. Actually, I have a proposal."

Yuuji said in a clear tone as if he wanted the boys who couldn't make it inside to hear.

"A 'proposal'?"

"What now? Honestly, I'm so tired that I'm unwilling to do anything."

"I want to go back to my room, so don't talk too much~"

Everyone looked tired, and since we were all studying for the entire day, this was to be expected.

Even after seeing all the commotion, Yuuji wasn't anxious to say what he wanted to say, just waiting silently before continuing.

"—Is everyone interested in peeping into the girls' bathroom?"

""Tell us the specifics.""

I love this class.

"Even though we tried to do so yesterday, we were ambushed by those pesky and despicable teachers."

"Mm, and then?"

Unexpectedly, Yuuji didn't get a retort.

"And then, I want you guys to get rid of the security that's outside the girls' bathroom during the bathing time. The reward will be all the scenery that you can enjoy. So how about it?"


Alright, no matter the composition, at least we increased the number of companions. Yuuji's decision to not tell them to 'catch the culprit that's blackmailing us' was correct. Besides, using the idea of peeping to explain is a lot easier, and no matter what, it's a lot easier for us to get help.

"What's the time now, Muttsulini?"


The first group will be showering from 8pm to 9pm, if we go there right now, it should be the perfect time to catch them when they're stripping.

What's different from yesterday is that with all the boys from class F helping now, there's a higher chance for us to break through the security.

"So, we'll be divided into 4 groups. Group A will follow me, group B, Akihisa; Hideyoshi's C and group D will follow Muttsulini's orders."






Right now, our class F is united for a higher purpose.

"Nishimura-sensei, even if it's them, they won't come back again, right? I mean, they just had detention yesterday."

"Fuse-sensei, you can't underestimate them. They're real idiots. If such a level of lecturing could teach them, they would have become model students already."

"Is that so? No matter what, they shouldn't be that stupid such that—ah, that's?"




"Ni, Nishimura-sensei! We got trouble! The perverted group is here!"

"Didn't expect that we would get more people to punish. This is why those guys are...! Fuse-sensei, contact all the security members! We can't let off even one of them! I'll stay behind to guard!"

"Al, alright!"

"Yoshii! Kinoshita and group C have come into contact with Fuse-sensei!"

"OK, Sugawa-san. Charge in while Hideyoshi's taking action! Everyone, don't fall behind!"

After saying this, I charged down the stairs. As I continued to run forward, I could feel everyone following me from behind.

"Yo, Yoshii! Wait!"

As I passed by, I could hear Fuse-sensei's frantic voice. There's no idiot who will stop and wait, and as if it was normal, I continued to run forward. Even though he frantically chased us, after a while, Fuse-sensei looked really unhappy as he stopped.

"Oh my? He stopped? I thought he would continue to chase us."

"Instead of saying that, how about he hates the 'interference'."

Running beside me, Sugawa-san said something that was a bit hard to understand. What does he mean by 'interference'?

"Alright, Kinoshita's group has surrounded Fuse, let's continue to move forward."

"Ah, mm, okay."

Looking back, having the advantage in numbers, Hideyoshi's group surrounded Fuse-sensei. Seems like taking down the first level will only be a matter of time.

"Seems like it can work, Yoshii."

"Yup. We should be able to safely reach there."

I continued to run down the hall as I exchanged words with Sugawa-san. At this moment, an unbelievable scene unfolded in front of us.

"End of the line, you filthy pigs! This is a place where boys are forbidden to enter! Hurry up and head back!"

"Shi, Shimizu-san! And, so many girls are down here!?"

What was waiting for us in this wide corridor was the brigade of female summoned beasts led by Shimizu-san.

"Oi, Yoshii, whether it's numbers or quality, we're in an overwhelming disadvantage...!"

Just like what Sugawa-san said, in contrast, we're just a small group of class F students. Opposite us are female students of at least two classes; the difference in battle ability is apparent.

"Shimizu-san, I beg you! Move aside!"

"No way! You dare to do something crazy to onee-sama's flat chest, I WON'T FORGIVE YOU EVEN IF GOD DOES!"

Cheh, Shimizu-san's mistaken! I'm definitely not aiming at Minami!

"No! I'm not aiming at Minami's flat chest! Believe me!"

"You liar! There isn't any man who won't be interested in onee-sama's flat chest!"

"Really! A flat chest is still a flat chest no matter how you mention it! Right now, what's more important than that runway-like flatness of Minami's chest IS THAT CRACKING PAIN ON MY ELBOW!!"

"I didn't even say anything, and yet you continued to rattle on about flat chests..."

It was my error to not spot the nearby Minami while I continued to babble with Shimizu-san. Thanks to that, my arm was in a pitiful state now.

"Mi, Minami, isn't it bathing time now...?"

"Did you forget? Mizuki and I are from class F, the latter group. –Speaking of which, the first group of class A students are taking part as well."

Minami pointed at the corridor area behind us. Looking there, there was a girl waving at us.

"Hai—Yoshii-kun. What are you here for? I'm happy if you're here to peek!"

"Kudo-san!? How is it possible! Why are you here!?"

The probable culprit Kudo-san and "...I won't forgive you for being fickle-minded in love." Shouko actually appeared here. "SHOUKO, HOLD ON! CALM DOWN FOR A WHILE GYYYAAHHHH!!" This is unexpected, now we can't confirm whether she's the culprit!

"Ah. Are you thinking of getting back that thing from me?"

Kudo-san smiles as she pulls out the voice recorder. It's exactly as if she's saying "I knew all about it". So is she really the culprit...?

"...There's only one chance."

From who knows where, Muttsulini got beside me and advised me just as I was ready to make my decision. It's just as he says, there's only one chance. Maybe it's better to talk a bit more.

"Kudo-san, let me ask you. Why do you have this voice recorder?"

Such a thing, no ordinary person will know where to buy them. For what reason does she have it? If she stutters and seems like she's lying.

"Of course it's to record the content of sensei's lessons for revision."

That's a lie, right? She doesn't look like one who will seriously study. Can I confirm her to be the culprit already...?

"Then what about you, Yoshii-kun? What's your aim? Are you intending on peeping inside the changing room?"


And she can really pretend like she doesn't know anything. Though I don't know her objective, I know that Kudo-san's the culprit! Is she acting stupid since she knows our plight!?

"Then let me tell you something good."

Just as I was wondering whether I should capture her, Kudo-san came near me and said something to me.

"There's a camera that I didn't see before inside the changing room, no?"

"...! Kudo-san, you!?"

"Though I didn't put it, I just so happened to spot it."

Just so happened to spot it? That's a lie, right! Damn it! Knowing our plight yet making fun of us like that, what kind of a lousy idea is that!?

"Then, it's about time to end this conversation. Time to settle this, eh, Muttsulini-san?"

After having said that, Kudo-san left me and moved in front of Muttsulini.

"...I know."

Muttsulini's voice sounded rather bitter. Not only is Kudo-san a tough opponent, he has to face health education teacher Ooshima-sensei even after he wins, so it can't be helped.

"Don't mind! If it's only the girls' summoned beasts, they can't stop us!"

"Ah! Wait, Sugawa-san!"

Sugawa-san intends to use the fact that ordinary summoned beasts can't touch humans and intends to move forward. In a certain sense, I believe that was correct.



If that guy wasn't standing in front of our goal.




That's right, the one who caused Sugawa-san to crash onto the floor with a single hit was our homeroom teacher, Ironman.

Any male student, especially the boys in our class F can understand his strength that's like a devil. Because of that, everyone's wavering in fear on seeing that figure.

"Yoshii. As expected, you're a dangerous person. You're taking some special detention today."

Slowly, Ironman moved forward. With the girls beside him, I guess that's checkmate, right...

I'm already prepared for total annihilation.

At that moment,

"Don't give up! Yoshii! Even though I don't like it, we have to retreat and store all our strength! If we can't do it today, we can still do it tomorrow!"

"Su, Sugawa-san!?"

Having been beaten down, Sugawa-san tugged at Ironman's leg to prevent him from moving forward.

"Yoshii, you can't be beaten here...the only one who can beat Ironman is your 'punishment inspector' summoned away, live!"

Sugawa-san said this as if he was trying to use his last ounce of breath. However,


Everyone's my comrade! Important comrades!

"Don't stop me from my lesson, Sugawa."

Ironman's fist landed on Sugawa-san's body mercilessly. However, even with that hit, Sugawa-san gritted his teeth and endured it.

"These, these hands will not let go...! Yoshii's our trump card...! The trump card that we need...! Everyone, cover Yoshii and retreat!"


"Su, Sugawa-san...and, everyone..."

Everyone was motivated as they showed their smiles to me. I, I'm...!




One by one, my comrades headed towards their deaths. Seeing this, I couldn't continue to be stunned like this!

"...I got it. I'll leave it to you guys here. I'll continue to live on...until we achieve our goal! Let's go, SUMMON!"

After confirming the existence of that familiar summoned beast of mine, I charged into the wall of girls that was blocking me.

"Aki! You want to escape!? SUMMON!"

"Akihisa-kun! The punishment isn't over, you know! Summon!"

Himeji-san and Minami's summoned beasts appeared in front of me.



"You people are so irritating!"

"Please move aside!"

The two comrades of mine bet their lives as they blocked Himeji-san and Minami.

"Everyone...I'm sorry. I swear I will continue to live on. One day, I will reach our motherland..."

Angry at my own weakness, I bit my lips unhappily until it started bleeding. It's too saddening to endure my tears as I run away, so I have to get stronger.

Running back into my own room that was empty, I hugged my knees as I sat down. Maybe someone might come back alive. I continued to hold out for this wish.

"—This is the audio broadcast room. Will class F's Yoshii Akihisa please head to the temporary detention room?"

Sigh, well, this was to be expected. Let's face it head on then.


  1. 'SEARCH & DEATH' was how it was actually given (In English, to boot)