Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume12.5 Me, Christmas Eve and the Whirls of Conspiracies (First Half)

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Me, Christmas Eve and the Whirls of Conspiracies (First Half)[edit]

Me, Christmas Eve and the Whirls of Conspiracies (First Half)


"What's the matter, principal?"

"Ah, Takahashi-sensei? It's nothing. I just find something to be lacking."

"The Intelligence Quotients of some students?"

"You do come up with some astounding words from time to time!?"

"I wanted to make a joke to calm you down."

"Well, rather than a joke, I'll say that it's a fact."

"I'm really sorry for making a vague joke that wasn't really funny."

"No no, it's fine. More importantly."

"What is it?"

"Are those students attending their remedials properly?"

"Yes. Looking at the current situation, they are, but..."


"I suppose that they will be utterly furious in another 2 weeks."

"Is there a basis for the 2 weeks later part?"

"That will be time for Christmas Eve."

"...Those guys will definitely be up to something."

"Yes. It is very likely that those people will create quite a commotion unrelated to their remedials."

"I got it. I'll think of a way."

"Do you have an idea?"

"...Yeah, lots of them."

BTS vol 07 237c.jpg

"Now then, Sakamoto, read the following paragraph."

It's time for English remedials.

Yuuji, called out by the Ironman Nishimura, picks up the textbook.

"Chris must go to his office. But he has helped his son to~~~"

"Hey, did you just mention Christmas!? Huh!?"

"Calm down, Sugawa. That person's name is Chris, it's not Christmas."


Sugawa-kun angrily returns to his seat.

Once Yuuji was certain that he was seated, he continues from where he left off.

"There was an interesting event for~~~"

"Oi, did you just mention Christmas Eve, you bastard!?"

"You're looking down on us, Sakamoto!!"

"Calm down, Sugawa, Fukumura. That was 'event, not 'eve'."


Sugawa-kun and Fukumura-kun angrily retreat to their seats.

"His son tries Chris to get a~~~"



The yells from our classmates and Ironman's bellow echoes throughout the classroom.

Christmas Eve's right around the corner, and us F class male students have transformed into a gangster army.

"You went through so much to get decent facilities. What is wrong with you!? Can't you just attend lessons seriously once in a while!?"

A furious Ironman slams the podium.

As he has said, we managed to exchange our rotten facilities from before to get the good classroom of class 3-A due to the summoning war against the 3rd years...well, the only thing that changed for the better are the facilities, and we're still treated as our usual F class.

"But sensei! Please think of of our feelings!"

The guys in our class express their feelings to Ironman with a sincere attitude.

"We hate Yoshii and Sakamoto to death!!"

"Yeah! I want to dice them up!!"

"And we'll feed their corpses to the dogs!"

I don't know any other classmates who are as much of a scumbag as these guys.

"I understand your feelings. If you think you can cool off after executing Yoshii and Sakamoto, go ahead."

And I don't know any other teacher who's as much of a scumbag as him.

"But is this really going to get you guys to calm down?"


Because of Ironman's logical question, our classmates went silent.

And after a while, somebody dejectedly said,

"'s as you said, sensei..."

And then, the other classmates too,

"Even if we do execute Yoshii and Sakamoto, Christmas Eve won't be gone..."

"And we won't be happy..."

"Our desires to curse Christmas Eve won't disappear..."

They start to express their honest feelings one by one, and to end off, they shout in unison,


What they probably need to attend isn't English lessons, but philosophy classes now.

"Ah...anyway, calm down for now."


"For your sake, the principal seems to have a proposal."

Once they heard that it was the principal's proposal, everyone in class start to chatter. Yeah, anything that hag proposed, nothing good came out of it.

"Erm, Nishimura-sensei, what's the principal-sensei's proposal?"

Amongst the voices of the sons of the devil in the classroom came an angelic voice.

She has soft wavy hair and a gentle face. That matured, calm presence of hers would make anyone who interacts with her feel healed. That person's name is Himeji Mizuki--erm, how do I put it? ...she's also someone important to me.

"The principal handed this down. You can take one and hand it down to the back."

Ironman then handed the printouts down to the front row.

I receive a notice Hideyoshi handed from in front of me, and then I send one to Minami behind me. Eh, what's written on it?

Official End-Of-Year Notice

To experience a foreign culture

A Christmas Party will be held.

Besides the usual tree-topper stars and bells,

A Christmas Tree decorated by Kugels and Mistletoe

will be placed at the gymnasium.

There will also be food provided.

All students attending the party are welcome to

Expand their horizon and experience the difference in Christmas cultures

in Japan and foreign countries.

Time: December 24, 15:00

Venue: Fumitzuki Gakuen Gymnasium

Participation Requirements: Fumitzuki Gakuen students.

Gender is not an issue

"Ohh! How nice of the Principal to actually organize a Christmas Event!"

"Looks like I don't have to go hunting those heretics on the streets just to spend time!"

Well, I don't need to use the nail bat and mask that I prepared."

Our classmates are exclaiming praises.

Amongst those words, the last one seems to capture my attention for some reason.

(Gender is not an issue? What does this mean?)

"What's going on here?"

It's now noon break after the lessons ended.

We're having lunch at the tables that were gathered together, and Hideyoshi blurted that as he stares blankly at the printout that was distributed.

"You find it weird too, Hideyoshi?"

"...Me too."

"Since it's that hag's proposal, it's no wonder that we're thinking of it this way."

Muttsurini and Yuuji do find this suspicious as well, but that's not surprising. That old hag caused us to suffer so many times, it's natural for us to be doubting her now, right?

"We don't know what is going to happen this time."

Himeji-san looks a little worried.

In contrast to her, Minami, with her trademark ponytails, continue on,

"Even if she's planning something, it's probably an event to make up for the new school rules, I guess? Isn't this a good thing?"

The new school rules were clamps on us after our showdown against the third years.

"Love between Students shall be forbidden."

Even though I went to protest to the principal saying that it's the mistake of an era, this rule was still passed, and there's an abnormally high support for it amongst our F class guys. Yeah, their main aim is to obstruct the happiness of others.

"I'd guess that's how it is. Since the school forbids love between students, there should be something during Christmas Eve, right?"

If two people do have interest in each other and end up meeting during Christmas Eve, it'll be a violation of the school rules. That'll be too cruel though, so I guess the principal wanted to organize such a major event in school."

"I'm having mixed feelings about it. I don't know what to make of this..."

"What are you saying, Mizuki? It's because of that rule that you can't be alone together with Aki. You should be happy now, right?"

Minami's showing a profound smile.

I confessed to Himeji-san during that showdown against the third years, and though Himeji-san accepted it...the school rules stopped us, and I can't be together with her right now, so we can only remain as friends. To heck with the rules, I can just ignore it--well, such a thought process won't work in our F class (Even though we're in A class right now). Those heretics who serve the name of justice will definitely make use of their intel and work rate to obstruct our date using whatever means they can.

"But if the old hag's going to organize an event for real, it'll really help me out a lot."

Yuuji said, looking nonchalant.

As for this guy, if he doesn't accept Kirishima-san's invite, he'll get violated her. If he does accept it, he'll be executed by the FFF. It's a tragic fate where he'll die either way.

"We shall be going to Akihisa's house to party anyway."

"But even so, we'll be targeted for execution no matter what we do."

While we're talking, the guys of the FFF have swapped into white clothes before we know it. According to rumors, they intend to use the spilled blood to dye these white clothes and become Santa Claus. If this event's able to be held successfully, their rage will probably subside a little.

"...In any case, it's not a bad thing."

"Yeah, we can enjoy our Christmas Eve in school now."

Muttsurini and Himeji-san accepted this too, unexpectedly.

Now that I think about it, nobody will meet any misfortune because of this plan. I'll say that this probably is a plan where every participant will feel happen. It's once in a blue moon that the principal does come up with something good.

"I'm starting to feel that this is a good plan too."

While everyone's laughing away, this is a peace we worked so hard to attain at the end of the year, after a year of chaos. This really is something to celebrate, I guess.

"...I too find this to be a marvelous plan."

"Woah!? Shouko!? When did you appear!!?"

While we're chatting away, Kirishima-san suddenly appears behind Yuuji. As usual, she's someone whose presence can't be felt.

"I see. So you're supportive of this plan too, Kirishima-san."

"...Yes, it is wonderful."

"It's unexpected. I'd thought you would surely object to this, Kirishima."

Once Hideyoshi replied, Kirishima-san shakes her head, saying,

"...Because the objective of this activity is 'to experience a foreign Christmas Culture'--"

Normally, Kirishima-san would show a poker face, but right now, she's looking a little happy as she continues,

"...Because there is a rule overseas that 'the ones standing under the mistletoe cannot refuse a kiss'."

Kirishima-san's words indicated the certain bloodshed that would occur during our Christmas Eve.

The Legend of the Mistletoe.

In Celtic and Norse Mythology, the Mistletoe was deemed a sacred tree that had the meaning of good luck.

Also, the Mistletoe was seen as a good luck charm 
that would protect the children from the demons, and became a target of worship from the people.

Happiness and luck occurs under the Mistletoe, 
and it was said that men and women who affirmed their relationships under the Mistletoe shall obtained eternal happiness.

As time went on, it became a legend stating that 
'Those that reject a kiss under the Mistletoe shall have ill omens upon them', and some cultures imitated it as a result.

"Wait, you serious!? If nobody can refuse a kiss, that means even Sugawa can kiss someone, right!?"

"Awesome! If even Sugawa can kiss anyone, isn't this the best event ever!?"

"Like hell you can believe in it! If even Sugawa's kiss can't be rejected, there's something wrong with this event."

The F class idiots definitely wouldn't miss out on such things, and they're creating a ruckus again. Yeah. It's strange if they aren't reacting to such words, I guess?

"Eh...? Eh!? Ehh!?"

The fact Kirishima-san mentioned caused Himeji-san to widen her eyes.

"Ah--speaking of which, I think there's actually something like that."

And on the other hand, Minami seems to know about that culture, so that's why she's answering so calmly. I guess that's to be expected of someone who grew up in Germany.

"...Mizuki, calm down."

"Ah, yes, I've calmed down."

Kirishima-san patted her shoulder on a panicking Himeji-san. It looks like Himeji-san has calmed down thanks to that, and she takes a long breath, before looking at Kirishima-san.

"Shouko-chan, doesn't that mean--"

"...Yes. Though there is the risk of kissing someone you don't wish to kiss--"

Kirishima-san realizes Himeji-san's doubts, and answers as such,

"...It's an experience of the overseas culture, so the good thing about this is that kissing someone else isn't considered an impure interaction between different genders."

Kirishima-san's eyes are looking as harsh as a raptor.

"Eh? But the rules I know of seems to have become that only girls can't refuse the kiss."

"...So there's an added line."

Kirishima-san points at a line, and the words clearly written there are 'gender is not an issue'. Th-that's it...!?

"I thought it was done out of consideration of Hideyoshi."

"...Akihisa, did you mistake me as a natural monument or something?"

So in other words, as long as we get the ones we like 'irregardless of gender' to the Christmas Tree decorated with Mistletoe, we can kiss that person, right...? While this event may have unlimited possibilities, there's a large risk at this...!

"Now then, what do we do? Who are we bringing?"

"Do you have to ask? Of course we'll get anyone we meet. Drag every single girl we meet over!"

"Hmph, that's a stupid question."

The voices of those idiots reach us, and it appears they're going to drag anyone over there no matter who it is. These guys really are F class guys, and it's been almost a year.

But even though they're F class guys, I can't leave them alone like this. I got to say something.

"We can't, everyone! It's not breaking the rules, but it's not a good thing!"

"You're too noisy, Yoshii!"

Enough with that sweet talk!"

"We'll slaughter you, you bastard!"

Well, this is basically the reaction I expected. I'm already used to this level of insult, and I don't mind, so I continue,

"But think about it! Even if you do bring them over, you'll be seen as trash by those girls, they'll be giving you disgusted looks! Are you fine with that?"


Everyone remain silent. Even if they manage to bring someone over while being all pumped up and such, they probably will feel dejected after thinking of the situation after that.

Just when I'm thinking that this is fine and prepare to head back to my seat, Sugawa-kun stands up, turns to everyone, and yells,

"You guys are hopeless! How can you be dejected just like this!? Can you be considered proud members of the exalted FFF Inquisition!?"

If you're proud of it, I think you won't be forcing unwilling girls to kiss you.

"But Sugawa!"

"The feeling of being rejected entirely really doesn't feel good!"

"Yeah! You're the exception to be looked down on all the time!"

Everyone in class answer.

Sugawa-kun reaches his hands out, seeming accepting everyone's views, and the continues with a calm tone.

"I understand your feelings. Kissing is part of the rules, but even I'll be heartbroken to be utterly hated by girls."


"So you guys, when you face such a situation, this is where you repeat this 3 times in your heart."

He stops, looks around at everyone, and then says,

"--Hate me, hate me, and then you'll love me."

"""As to be expected of you, leader--!"""

Looks like I underestimated these guys' stubborn will.

"Wait wait, calm down already, you guys."

Hideyoshi claps his hands as he stands up, trying to calm down the rowdy class.

"You guys are being so open with your words before you're even hated. There's no way the girls will come."


This is where our classmates seem to have realized this. Eh? Me? Of course I knew right from the get go.

"Well, ah...I guess that's it."

"Haha...what daydreams are we having anyway...?"

"There's still something more suitable for us to do..."

"""Our raison d'etre is to unite together and wreck this event!"""

This class is really the worst!

"...We won't let you."

"Yeah. How can we allow you to ruin everything!?"

"Th-that's right! I waited for so long, and I can't give up on this chance!"

Kirishima-san, Minami and Himeji-san stands up to protest against Sugawa-kun and the others.

"Even if it's your heartfelt voices, I won't listen to you!"

"Right! Don't think you can beat us here!"

"I'll do my best to kiss the girl! I don't care how much I'm looked down!"

"I want to wreck this event! This event shouldn't exist!"

"We can't wreck this event!! This may be the only chance for us to kiss someone!"

"Anyway, only the misfortune of the couples can protect me!"

After this incident, us second years were divided into three factions,

<The faction that wants to break the school rule forbidding love and get together.>

<The faction that wants to kiss a girl no matter how much they're looked down on.>

<The faction that wants to ruin other people's happiness, as long as they're the only ones getting happiness.>

And what was supposed to be an event held on the Christmas Eve became a riot because of all kinds of thoughts.

It's the day of the Eve itself.

The third years aren't attending because it was nearly time for their exams, and the first years said that they would be negatively affected if they got involved with us (how rude), so they aren't coming. As usual, only the second years are gathered at the gym for the Eve itself.

"Wow! They really did prepare drinks and snacks!"

"Even the decorations have a Christmas feel to them."

The decorations in the gym we entered really can be said to be in a party mood. They also did prepare simply drinks and tidbits.

"But I'm surprised by you, Akihisa. I'd say that back then, you would be rushing over whenever you see food."

"Right now, my food money's kept in check because nee-san's watching me."

What happens next is that the money to buy games and manga vanished. If I have to say, I prefer my previous lifestyle...

"For me, I'm glad that Akihisa-kun's living a healthy lifestyle. But I don't have a reason to make food for me, so I'm a little lonely..."

But thanks to that, the chances of me eating Himeji-san's killer cooking is much less than before. Maybe I have to thank nee-san about that.

"But nobody's really interested in the food."

"Of course. Eating isn't the main point for everyone today."

We're hungry high school students with large appetites, but none of us in the gym is touching the food and drinks. We're just staring at the large Christmas Tree in the middle of it all.

"Hey, what do we do, Sugawa? Do we kill off that bastard Yoshii first?"

"No, wait. Himeji and Shimada won't come to the tree if that happens. Lure the prey in. Wait for it to fall into the trap, and go for the kill."

"I see. So the trick's to use the girls as bait and execute him."

That's the conversation of the <We just want to kiss the girl no matter how much they look down on us> faction centered around Sugawa-kun. That gang's planning on the toughest thing, but with so many people around, I should be most wary of this group.

"What should we do...?"

"What? Anyway? Let's destroy everything!"

"But 'he' hasn't given any instructions..."

That's the conversation of the <event destroying faction>.

Most of the genuine scumbags are part of Sugawa-kun's faction, and the non-scumbags students typically won't come to wreck everything. Because of that, this faction is in the awkward position of being the smallest, and there doesn't seem to be someone leading them. I can't just ignore them, but there's nothing worth being wary against them of.

And then,

"Let's do our best...let's experience a foreign culture."

"...I'll do my best too."

This is the event supporting faction led by Himeji-san and Kirishima-san. Of course, I belong to this faction too.

"Yuuji, what do you think we should do first?"

I ask Yuuji, who's standing beside me.

"Oh, yeah."

Yuuji stares at the Christmas Tree, and answers.

"First, we need to break from the girls and act separately."

"Eh? Why?"

I can't help but blurt. We're aiming to go to the Tree with the girls. If we're to work separately, we can't do so.

Yuuji seems to have predicted that I would answer this, and continues,

"Did you just hear Sugawa's words? if we're going to achieve our aim, we need to first eliminate our enemies and ensure our safety. If things are going as what those guys want, Himeji's going to end up experiencing the foreign culture with someone else now, you know?"

"I-I see! That's how it is."

Well, what Yuuji said is rather correct. Forget about being unable to achieve my own aims; I can't let Himeji-san's lips be taken by anyone else! He's right. We need to first eliminate our enemies.

"Do you understand this too, Shouko? Move over to a safe place for now."


"Don't let me explain myself again. The most important thing to me is to ensure your safety."

"...Yes, I got it. Let's go, Mizuki."


Himeji-san nods lightly, and follows Kirishima-san.

"Now then, Yuuji, how about we clean up this trash once the event starts?"

"Right. You can have the barricade tape and start off first. I'll clean up the scraps."


The basic plan was set. Our attentions are gathered on the signal to indicate the start of the event.

And about five minutes later,

What sounds like Takahashi-sensei's voice can be heard as the announcement comes from the readied speakers.

"The Fumitzuki Gakuen Christmas Experience Program shall begin from now. Please be discreet and have a pleasant Christmas Eve."

"""GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!"""

These words indicated the start of a discreet, enjoyable Eve.

Speaking of which, based on what I just heard, as long as Himeji-san and Kirishima-san aren't around, the chances of any attack from Sugawa-kun and the others, the ones we should be most wary of, should be low now. Doesn't look like I'm in much danger--

""Die, Yoshii, Sakamoto!!""


Sugawa-kun and Fukumura-kun suddenly attacks Yuuji and me. They don't care about their plan now?

"Calm down, Sugawa-kun! Fukumura-kun! Your plan won't work even if you get rid of us!"

I dodge as I try to calm them down.

""Like hell it won't!""

But my words were rejected by them.

"That's why I say that you're stupid, Yoshii."

"You're seriously too naive there!"

"Wh-what's going on?"

What's wrong with my thinking here? They definitely won't attack us without Himeji-san and the others around. Am I wrong?

"We'll hang you on the Tree to lure Himeji out!"

"So you can just go ahead and die first."

"That's more evil than what I imagined!"

And what's ridiculous is that they're making it sound somewhat logical. Even their personalities have rotted further! Looks like I need to do something now!

"Let's go, Yuuji!"


A charging Sugawa-kun faces off against me, and standing in front of Fukumura-kun is Yuuji.


I dodge Sugawa-kun's punch, and turn behind him to give him a kick.

On the other hand, Yuuji uses the momentum to grab the enemy and throw him off.



Fukumura-kun was thrown away, and knocked into Sugawa-kun who was kicked away.

And then, when they crashed.



"Wh-what's going on now? Why are they looking at us now?"

--They rolled to the bottom of the Christmas Tree...they're there now.

"Sugawa Ryo-kun and Fukumura Kouhei-kun of class 2-F have arrived under the Mistletoe. Please experience the culture together."

Takahashi-sensei calmly announced.

"W-wait, you're kidding, right!?"

"It's impossible for us guys here, right!?"

"There was a notification in the event announcement. Do experience the culture as quickly as possible."

Wait, don't tell me that the 'gender is not an issue' part isn't just for a girl and a guy, but even guy on guy is fine here...!?

"W-wait! This is too ridiculous now!"

"Yeah! I object!"

"Objection overruled. Both of you are to experience the culture as quickly as possible. If you wish to continue resisting, the teachers' summoned beasts will forcibly carry it out."

Since the rules were set, it's useless no matter how Sugawa-kun and Fukumura-kun protests. Well, it's because they wanted to use this rule to kiss girls, and the girls have to accept this, yet they want to arrogantly refuse this. There's no way there can be such a good thing.

"The second warning is over. Since the parties involved have no intention of carrying on, the teachers shall forcefully execute this."



The flustered yells happen right when the two faces approach each other.


And then, their lips met.

...............This is...terrible......

"Hey, look...that Fukumura has passed out..."

"That bastard Sugawa's eyes are gone now...he's now a vegetable, isn't he...?"

The students watching the chaos from afar can be heard whispering.

'"Now then, we have a pair experiencing the culture festival. All other parties, please participate with enthusiasm."

The killing intent that was roaming just a while back is now completely gone, and replacing it is a gloomy atmosphere covering the gym.


Everyone present gulps.

Now...we can't move carelessly at all...!

I can feel tension throughout my body.

Or I'll say that thanks to this tension, the sixth sense I've refined for so long unconsciously captures the killing intent coming from behind, and I manage to dodge that attack successfully.


Whoosh. That kick grazes past the top of my head right when I squat.

While I hastily adjust myself and pull my distance, standing in front of me is the scumbag who's clicking his tongue because his attack missed.

"What are you doing, Yuuji!?"

"Damn it...your sixth sense is ridiculously good, Akihisa!"

That opponent is--the guy who's supposed to be my buddy--Yuuji.

"Stop it, Yuuji! Aren't we having the same aim!?"

"How can we possibly have the same aims!? I never intended to be on your side!"

"Why!? Don't you want to experience the culture with Kirishima-san!?"

You're a guy too, and you're in love with Kirishima-san. There's no reason for you to be unwilling!

"This isn't a question of whether I want to do this, Akihisa! Well, I don't think you'll understand when you confessed so loudly it could be heard from anywhere near the school."


"--Isn't it just a punishment game for any ordinary person to do that sort of thing in front of so many people?"

...Ohh, now that you mention it, yeah.

"I get it, Yuuji."

"Yeah. In other words, we just need to deal with everyone watching, right?"

"You don't have any right to criticize Sugawa-kun and the others!"

Yuuji raises his fist. Ugh!...Negotiation breakdown!

I'm fine though! A scumbag's rebellion is nothing in the face of so many in our faction!

"<Event supporting team>! End this trash now!"

I shout out.

But in response of my shout, everyone around me


Doesn't seem to be responding to my shout. What's going on?

"'re really an idiot, Akihisa."

"What the?"

"Did you forget that the central members of your faction Shouko and Himeji aren't here?"

Suddenly, I understand what Yuuji meant at the start of the event...he sent Himeji-san and Kirishima-san not to ensure their safety, but to get rid of them...!

"No way, Yuuji...! And I still trusted you as a're an ally...!"

"Ha! Thanks for trusting me so much, Akihisa! I'm against this event to begin with!"

How cruel...! My trust was actually betrayed...!

"Does that mean that the bug I set just in case comes in handy now!?"

"...Yuuji, I heard everything."

"Woah? Shouko!? Akihisa you bastard! You didn't trust me at all, did you!?"

"...Yuuji, don't you dare run away."

Yuuji's scampering like a rabbit, and Kirishima-san's giving pursuit from behind. Now then, I've sealed Yuuji for now.

"Alright, up next, I'll--hm?"

"...don't you dare escape, Akihisa."

Another killing intent, and this time it's from Muttsurini holding a taser.

"Impossible! Why are you on that side too, Muttsurini!?"

"...Akihisa, you won't understand."

Muttsurini's glaring at me with vengeful eyes.

"...The pain of this body cursed by blood whenever there's a good opportunity."

While he does look decent, the main thing is that he'll have a nosebleed whenever he's about to kiss someone.

"Ah, I get it. If you get too close, you will touch a girl's breasts, right?"

"...(Shakes head furiously)"

Muttsurini continues to deny with his old usual self. If this guy's doing this action, he's basically admitting to it.

"You don't have to give up, Muttsurini. You just need to get together with a girl who's flat-chested."

"...Are you talking about Shimada?"

Now even Muttsurini's thinking is that 'flat-chested = Minami'. I can't help but find this pitiful.

"...She has someone she likes."


Muttsurini's words and eyes cause me to let out a strange squeal. Do-don't say such embarrassing things now...

"N-no, isn't there someone else?"

"...Hideyoshi's a friend."

Ahh, yeah, well, Hideyoshi's rather flat--no!

"Isn't there anyone else other than Hideyoshi?"

Muttsurini then goes through a quick thought.

After that, he seems to have thought of something, and says to me,



"...Going for Shimada's sister is a crime."

I'm thinking that Muttsurini's brain is dangerous to actually think like that.

"Seriously. Why are you having such tunnel vision--"

"...Shut up. I'll kill you."

While I'm focusing on talking, Muttsurini charges at me with his agility and the taser in his hand. I-I'm doomed--!

Right when I'm a step slow in my reaction, thinking that I'll be hit by Muttsurini.

"Well then, can I bother you for a while, Muttsurini-kun?"


Somebody's voice can be heard from the side, and his actions immediately stop.


Using that rare chance, I roll aside to dodge that attack. That was real close.

"Thanks for helping, Kudou-san. You saved me."

"No no. It's not much."

Helping me here is Muttsurini's nemesis, Kudou Aiko-san of A class."

"...Kudou Aiko, what are you doing here?"

"Ahaha. It's nothing much."

While Muttsurini jumps back and warily guards himself, Kudou-san raises her chest, and laughs.

"Well, my breasts are really small, you know?"


Muttsurini and I are left speechless. This really is a troubling confession.

"...What are you trying to say?"


She places a finger at her chin, and chirps,

"Do you want to experience the foreign culture with me?"

"...The presence of death looms...!"

Muttsurini rolls aside in his panic, and flying right by him was a ball point pen and a penknife.


Also, there's the loud sound of clicking tongues around us. The FFF Inquisition won't allow traitors to exist.

"...Kudou you trying to kill me...?"

"Not all. I"m just wondering if it's time we should at least end the proposition when we first met?"

"...What do you mean?"

"Do you need to ask?"

While Muttsurini keeps his guard up, Kudou-san takes a step forward.

"--Shall we have practical health education?"

"...Killing intent...!"

Muttsurini dodges the assault of stationery that's definitely heavier than the last time.

While he continues to keep his guard up, Kudou-san then continues happily,

"You don't have to be so nervous, Muttsurini-kun. I'm different from you in that I do have lots of practical experience."

"...This really isn't good...!"

"Ahaha. It's just a normal culture experience. No need to be shy about it!"

Muttsurini turns around and runs off, while Kudou-san continues to pursue him. Well...if it's Kudou-san, maybe Muttsurini can pass through this safely without a nosebleed. Now that's a little interesting experience...though I'm so envious I want to kill him.

"Well, whatever. Looking at this, Muttsurini will have the option of either bleeding out due to nosebleed or be executed by the FFF Inquisition."

In any case, it's better to see Muttsurini retreat first.

"Now then, what shall I do."

"Push the tree down! Once we're done with that, the event can't possibly continue!"

"Get all the girls to the Tree, no matter whether we have to beg or lie to them!"

Looking at this, I can take down the anti-event and unscrupulous factions down at once.

"Yoshii!! You're the one who's happiness is something I hate more than anyone else!"

"I'll probably go jump off from a building if I see this idiot kiss Himeji!!"

"In other words, this is a proper defense! Us murdering you is legal by law!"

There are people swarming in from everywhere.

But even so, it's troublesome to be underestimated. I've been through such battles so many times, and I can't possibly be waiting for my death here!

"Photo barrier!"

Saying this, I fish out a certain photo.

"Hah! You're begging for mercy using an erotic photo?"

"We might as well search you for them after we end you life...!"

The trio charging at me--Nakamura-kun, Yano-kun and Mori-kun stopped. Humph...idiots!

"Looks like you've notice it, Nakamura-kun, Mori-kun. In fact, Yano-kun's on my side!"

On the photo I took out is Yano-kun holding hands with a girl.

"Yano! You bastard...!"

"I was wrong about you, ex-comrade!"

"W-wait! It's a misunderstanding! I don't have a girlfriend! Have a closer look!"

"Your explanation can come after your death!"


Yano-kun's executed in the blink of an eye. Good work! Now I have one less enemy to deal with.

"No, wait, doesn't this photo look photoshopped?"

"Damn it! Yoshii, you bastard! You made us snap Yano's finger joints, tie his limbs and drop a rock on despicable..."

Let me say this first, I didn't ask them to go this far.

"An-anyway, now's a chance!"

I charge in towards Mori-kun and Nakamura-kun while they're faltering.

But even though it's 2 vs 1, they're keeping their distance from me, wary of me, and they shout to their buddies behind them,

"Hey, come help us already, you guys!"

"Yoshii's here! Everyone, surround him!"

It seems they putting a high bounty on me in this war. I'm glad for this, but right now, this situation isn't something I can be happy about.

"Eh, well whatever. I'm used to being surrounded anyway."

While the scumbags are swarming in one after another, I proceed to adjust my position. While making sure I'm not being attacked from behind, I'm making sure that the enemies behind the first row can't attack. Right now, I just need to wait for them to reveal an opening before I attack.

"You bastard...! You're dodging around!"

"You're in the way! Scram!"

"Shut up! I don't have a reason to breathe anymore if I don't personally get my hands on this bastard!!"

While the attacks come at me, I proceed to dodge some, parry others, and once in a while, fight back. There's no real development, but this little moment isn't that bad for me.

The change in development is,


There's static coming from the speakers. Looks like Takahashi-sensei's about to broadcast some news. What is it this time?

"Sorry to inform everyone, but we are adjusting the summoning system right now, so we shall be implementing a summoning field all over the school. Everyone's summoned beast will be able to touch physically, and as it is dangerous, please do not do so carelessly--"


They summoned without hesitation. These guys are undoubtedly scumbags, the king of the trash.

"Now you're dead no matter what you do now, Yoshii!!"

"We too went through lots of summoning wars!"

"Don't think you're the only one with an advantage controlling your summoned beast!"

The summoned beasts charge at me at a speed that exceeds humans. I don't think there's anyone other than Ironman who's able to fight a summoned beasts with his physical body.

In that case--

"Right! I'll make you regret challenging me with summoned beasts! Summon!"

I too can only fight back with a summoned beast!

"Let's do this, you bastards!!"

"""Take thisss!!"""

The enemies charge in along with their summoned beasts.

And they ignore my summoned beast.



"Grit your teeth!"


The summoners and the summoned beasts charge right at me. It's bad if I'm targeted by so many at once...


I let my summoned beast attack the enemy before I'm surrounded, but their summoned beasts merely take my attacks and charge right at me.

"So what?"

They shrug off the attacks, and they're aiming at me.

This is really bad! So many people are ganging up on me, and they're partnered with summoned beasts that they are stronger and faster than a human. If they're going to attack me at once, I can only forget about controlling the summoned beast and attack. But my summoned beast is unique in that they'll feel the pain from the feedback. If I leave it there and let it be attacked, I won't be able to focus on dodging because of the pain.

In other words, the enemy can just focus on attacking me, and I'm in a fix where I have to focus on dodging and controlling my summoned beast. I've been had...!

"I got careless...! These guys are actually thinking--"

"Go and die, Yoshii! Die die die!"

"We don't care about the summoned beast or whatever!"

"I really hate you to death!"


I guess that's the outcome when they act on their instincts instead of thinking.

We-well, leaving aside the process, I'm really cornered right now. What do I do now...!

Right when I'm gritting my teeth.


A familiar voice can be heard from the other side of the human wall.


I duck in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, the summoned beasts following the people surrounding me vanish without a trace. Is it the summoned beasts that were beaten back causing an interference that clears them all?

"Thanks. You saved me there, Minami!"

"Hoho, it's not much."

Once she says so, she pats the ponytail on her shoulder.

"If you really want to thank me, invite me to that Tree."

Is it just me, or did I just hear something really extraordinary?

"M-Minami, that was..."

"You idiot. Do you...really want me to say that thing?"

I'm speechless.

If we go based by what Minami said, that means, that...she wants to experience the culture with me, or something like that. Ever since the summoning war against the third years, she'll occasionally let out these bombshell like words.

"E-ermm, Minami, well, I'll be troubled."

"Really? Didn't the principal just say it? It's just a culture experience. It's no different from a greeting in Germany where I grew up in."

"Are you serious? Then, Shimada, you might as well give up on that garbage and come with me, how about it?"

"Me next!"

"Just thinking about it is enough to make me puke."

Something like greeting is enough to make you puke, huh?

"Okay, Aki, let's go."

"Wa-wait, Minami, this really is bad!"

Minami grabs my hand, and I'm retreating away, trying to retreat.

Seeing me like this, Minami looks hurt.


"So-sorry, Minami. I-I can't explain this to you well.."

"It's fine. I know you'll be bothered by this, Aki."


Well, it's a culture experience in name, and though I already have Himeji-san, we aren't officially going out together. I do feel however that I can't develop that kind of relationship with Minami, so even though the rules state that I can't refuse, if I'm to go on a Christmas date with Minami, I don't know what kind of face I should show. No, I don't know whether I should reject or accept this.

It seems Minami understands my feelings as she continues,

"But well, Aki. This is what I think."

"Eh? What?"

"If you're being so troubled--"

"Oh, okay."

"--I think it's fine if I knock you out in such a moment."

BTS vol 12.5 053.jpg

Isn't that already criminal!?

"So I say, Aki, go to sleep for a while."

"Ehh!! Isn't that decision too masculine already!?"

I jump back to dodge the punch Minami launches at me without hesitation. No wonder Minami's so popular amongst the girls given her decisiveness and mobility.

It's tough for me to fight Minami one on one, and also, we aren't the only ones here.

"E-everyone, help me fight Minami off!"

"Huh!? What are you saying now, you bastard!?"

"Who wants to help you now?"

All I get for my pleas are cold responses. However, I do want everyone to calm down and think.

"If Minami is to win now, I'll have to experience the culture festival with her."

"""Bring it!"""'

Thanks guys!

"What, Aki? You hate being with me?"

Looking at me, Minami puffs her cheeks unhappily. I hate Minami? That's...

"That's not it, Minami! It's because I don't hate you that I'm troubled!"


As Minami has said, I do find her to be a special girl. Right now however, I already have someone I've chosen, so I can't falter and give in to Minami now. It'll be dishonest to both Minami and Himeji-san, and I can't let this happen!

"It's because I don't hate you that I can't promise you that. You can understand right, Minami?"

"I-in that case...I guess I don't have a choice.."

Minami blushes as she lowers her head.

And then, she again lifts her head, beaming away as she says,

"Then, to give you a chance to find your excuse, I'll just knock you out and bring you to the tree♪"

This isn't what I'm getting at.

"Anyway, you guys! If you dare get in the way, prepare yourselves!"

Minami stands in front of my precious comrades, and squints her eyes.

Some of them are looking at our conversation, unable to contain the rage (jealousy) in their hearts, and they're in battle mode.

"Tch! Don't look down on us, Shimada!"

"You're the one who should be prepared!"

"Wipe your lips and wait for me to kiss you!"

"Humph, fine by me! Bring it on!"

Once Minami sees that everyone's looking agitated, she snorts, and says,

"I'll just rip off your limbs and use the flesh as hamburger patties."


Why is it that the guards around me always have such a grave misconception about cooking?

"What's the matter? You aren't coming?"

Minami takes a step forward.

Everyone takes a step back, seemingly escaping from here. You can't! We're losing in momentum against a creator of the cuisine of darkness different from Himeji-san's.

"E-everyone, we can't lose in terms of momentum! We can beat her with numbers!"

"Hohoho...cry if you're scared, like a little maiden."

"I found you, onee-sama!!!"

"NOOOO!!! Miharu!?"

Minami screamed like a little maiden upon seeing Shimizu-san leap at her. Well, she just showed us a textbook example. A textbook case of battery.

"Onee-sama, do as I wish! Come with Miharu to the Christmas Tree! Hurry hurry!"

"H-how...! This is impossible! I gave you enough anesthetic that can knock out an elephant in 2 seconds!"

What did you just make her drink?

"Onee-sama, it's definitely because miracles do happen during Christmas Eve. To be precise, Miharu felt danger the moment Miharu had it in the mouth, and spat it out!"

"Uu...! If I leave you alone like this, the party at Aki's house will...! Alright, Miharu! I'm going to stuff it down your throat and make sure you don't spit it out!"

"I don't want it unless it's mouth to mouth!"

The battle between Minami and Shimizu-san is gradually becoming a hot-blooded wrestling match. I'm starting to wonder if any ordinary person seeing them will think of them as fighters instead of high school students.

"I understand, onee-sama! I'll throw this man and that ugly pig to that tree so that you won't want to have a culture festival with them, and I'll show you an unbearable sight!"

"I'll throw you to that tree along with those guys before you can do it."

"Listen up everyone! It's dangerous here, so run away!"

"""No objections!"""

And all of us hurriedly escape from the place to avoid being caught in their argument.

At a safety zone far away from the Tree.


"Ack, Yuuji...! You bastard! You're still alive...!"

I just so happen to meet Yuuji, who managed to stay alive and escape from Kirishima-san. Damn it, this guy's as alive as a cockroach!

"Listen up, Yuuji, if you dare stop me now, I'm going to kill you here."

"Wait, calm down, Akihisa. Listen to me first!"

While I got into position, Yuuji moves his hands in front of me and shows a 'stop' sign. Eh? It's rare that this guy's begging for mercy before me.

"What are you planning, Yuuji?"

"Anyway, I need you to help."

Help? What's this idiot saying now?

"Weren't you trying to attack me as part of the anti-event faction? What's with this out of a sudden...?"

"Of course. I don't want Himeji to hate me when she's so excited, and it's better for me that the FFF directs their jealousy at you."

Yuuji's actually using that as an excuse. I could have helped, but now I don't feel like helping after he said that.

"Then, why do you want me to help now?"

"It's not--really unexpected, but my losses are more than I expected, and I'm lacking in numbers."

"Hm? What do you mean?"

"I lost 85% of my fighting forces trying to stop Shouko."

"So that means Kirishima-san basically took out an entire class by herself...?"

No matter how much of a minority they are, there should be quite a few of them. She's eliminating so many of them by herself, it's like she's a spartan or something at this point.

"I understand your situation, but you and I have different wishes, right?"

I'm of the faction wishing for the event to happen, and Yuuji's against it. How do I help him.

After hearing my words, Yuuji tells me off like he's educating a kid,

"I say, you're an idiot. Think about it. What will happen if your wish happens? And what will you do tomorrow?"


Now that he said that, I never did think of what will happen after tomorrow.

I had to endure thanks to the new school rules, but doing that culture experience thing in front of so many people is like a public execution. Also, once that happens, those guys will be so jealous that they'll carry out a public execution during the FFF Inquisition hearing.


Speaking of which, this doesn't just applies to us pro-eventers, it goes for the rest too.

Anyone will feel disgusted having to kiss someone they don't want to do with, so the ones happy will be hated by others starting from tomorrow. This is basically what it means to be on tenterhooks.

"That's the very least, it should be the Holy Night worth celebrating over..."

All kinds of lighting are placed on the streets since a month back, and kids and couples will get excited about this. This kind of activity is the real Holy Night.

Now that I mention it, what's the reality appearing in front of us?

Students wounded and fallen.

Decorations that were caught in the turmoil and wrecked.

Growls and grudges echoing everywhere.


"If it continues on like this, if we think of what awaits us afterwards, there'll just be suffering for everyone...?"

Once my mutter was heard,

"That is correct. You've finally noticed it, Yoshii-kun."

Appearing behind Yuuji is the second in our year, Kubo-kun.

"Eh? This? Why are you here, Kubo-kun?"

"What is the matter, Yoshii-kun? Why are you looking so shocked?"

"No, well, I'm shocked here. I thought you won't have any interest in this sort of thing, and that you wouldn't come, Kubo-kun."

When we were peeping on the girls a long time back, Kubo-kun wouldn't participate even until the very end. Looking at his serious personality, he probably won't like such a frivolous thing.

"It's true that I don't really like such activities. Based on tradition, it should be done between willing parties, and I'm not really comfortable with the liberal Euro-American style of liberalism."

"You're right."

"But, I'm not making it an absolute."

Kubo-kun nudges his glasses with his middle finger.

"Once I learnt of the one I like being involved in such an activity, I couldn't stand back and watch."

What's going on? I feel a chill on my back the moment Kubo-kun said these words. Is it because the heater in the gym's broken?

"I hope you're not mistaken, Yoshii-kun. I don't intend to participate in the culture festival with that person."

"Ah, I see."

He did just say that.

"It's just that I don't wish to see that person kiss anyone else again."

"I see...huh...?"

Kubo-kun's words seem very strange to me for some reason.

...Again, as in...?

"Even now, I'm dreaming of what I couldn't stop back then. I want to do my best to prevent any further regrets."

"I-I see. I don't really understand, but I think it's fine."

Anyway, let's end this conversation now. This is what my instincts are telling me.

"Yeah, that's how it is. It's about time to end this stupid event, Akihisa."

"It's as Sakamoto-kun said, Yoshii-kun. We're aiming for the same thing. Will you not help us?"

Now that they mention it, it's really the case. If the three of us can work together and end this activity, that'll be the best outcome for us.

"Alright, let's do this, Yuuji, Kubo-kun!"

"Alright! Let's cut that Tree down and put an end to this mass of evil!"

"We shall work together to achieve our aim, Yoshii-kun."


We should end this event that'll make all participants very unhappy here!

"I won't let you! --Summon!"


With a sudden shadow popping in, we got into battle positions.


Yuuji, and Kubo-kun then proceed to call out their summoned beasts to fight off the intruder.

2-D, Tamano Miki, Physics, 92 points


2-F, Yoshii Akihisa, Physics, 88 points.


2-F, Sakamoto Yuuji, Physics, 269 points.


2-A Kubo Toshimitsu, Physics, 353 points.

The opponent's Tamano-san from D class? She's a dangerous opponent in many ways...but with this level of points, it's fine!

"Sorry, Tamano-san, but I'm going to end this quickk."

Once Tamano-san's summoned beast appears, I let my own summoned beast charge over and attack. She's trying to let it defend itself, but there's still many openings in that defence, and my attack manages to penetrate through without much difficulty, hitting the main body.

2-D, Tamano Miki, Physics, 4 points


2-F, Yoshii Akihisa, Physics, 88 points.

Now that the numbers have updated, Tamano-san's summoned beast is dying. She can't so much use a kid's strength now.

But even so.

"It's...not over yet!"

Tamano-san continues to control her summoned beast while showing no signs of giving up.

As she's lacking in strength, the beast is just swaying around whenever it raises the weapon. I'm guessing that it's more likely for her to self-destruct than for me to beat her seeing how she's so weak now.

"I won't agree to cutting the Tree down!"

But even so, Tamano-san continues to desperately stand in front of us.

"Tamano-san, why must you...?"

I just blurt out without thinking.

There's Kubo-kun, second in our year with a powerful summoned beast.

There's Yuuji with amazing reflexes, skilled at fighting and high scores.

And there's me, the punishment inspector whose control of the summoned beast always puts me in an advantage.

It's the 3 of us versus Tamano-san herself. It's a little rude for me to say this, but--she's too weak.

But even so, Tamano-san continues to try and stand up, and I'm somewhat respecting her for this.

"Give up already, Tamano-san! If you keep this up, we're going to do some direct measures even if you're a girl"

While I'm trying to coax her to back down, looking at how she is right now, I'm guessing that even if her summoned beast is beaten, she'll charge right at us. If that really happens, we have to do something appropriate against it, but I really don't want to do it if I can. Please, back down...!

"I can't...give up...!"

Why is it that my earnest wishes can't reach her? Tamano-san drags her dying summoned beast and charges at us with that weak, girlish power of hers.

"Because, that Tree, is the symbol of hope...! It's something important to everyone...!"


"I won't admit defeat until Aki-chan, Sakamoto-kun and Kubo-kun reaches that Tree...!"

"Yuuji, Kubo-kun, let's do this!"

"Here we go!"

"I'm sorry, Tamano-san."

"Ahh! My summoned beast! My summoned beast--pwehh!?"

Yuuji and Kubo-kun defeats Tamano-san's summoned beast, while I proceed to carefully tie up Tamano-san with tape and wire. Phew...she's still as dangerous a girl as before...

"Nmm! Mhmmm!!!?"

While pinning down Tamano-san as she continues to struggle by her hands, I look for Yuuji.

Yuuji turns towards me, saying with a smile,

"I actually wanted to use you as a sacrifice, or a decoy at least. Kubo and I would then use the summoned beast to destroy the Tree."

"Yuuji, I can't accept this idea."

Assuming that even Kubo-kun and Yuuji are able to knock down the Tree, I'll be surrounded by a bunch of furious, dangerous people, and my chances of surviving will probably be zero. Even if I do something beforehand to ensure my safety, once this idiot achieve his aim, he definitely won't be saving me after this.

"Ah, I get it. So that's why I changed the plan a little."


Yuuji answers me so readily. Not good. There's something bad in this!

Right when I'm thinking of this and planning my escape,



That disgusting yell of Yuuji echoes in the gym. Th-this is bad!

"Hm? Yoshii-kun? Where are you going right now in a hurry?"

"L-let go of me, Kubo-kun! If I don't hurry now!"

"Nice, Kubo! Don't let him get away!"

"??? I don't really understand..."

Kubo-kun tilts his head in confusion. Right now, I really hate how stupid he is for not being able to understand the seriousness of this situation.

At this moment,


I can hear a terrifying voice that seems to be coming from underground. Oh dear dear dear!

"Hi-Himeji-san, you're..."

"Yes, I'm here. I thought it's time for you to be looking for me, so I was in the gym for quite a while."

"Ah, ahahaha. That's, quite a coincidence..."

"Yes, it is."

Himeji-san smiles.

"Speaking of which, Akihisa-kun."


"I just heard some strange stuff just now. What is it?"

The smile never vanished from Himeji-san's face as she asks me this.

Th-this is really bad! If I don't do anything to save myself now!

"...Well, that's a joke, Akihiksa-kun. No matter what happens, I know what kind of person you are, so it's most likely a mistake..."

"Yuuji you bastard! Take responsibility and be my shield!"

"Hey, Akihisa! Stop using me as a shield now!"

"S-stop it, Yoshii-kun, Sakamoto-kun! This isn't the time for you two to be fighting now..."

I stand behind Yuuji, using him as a shield, and Yuuji grabs me, trying to push me onto the floor; as a result we're rolling around. At this moment, Kubo-kun, trying to stop us right now, got tangled...


And the three of us end up rolling around.




The three of us dust ourselves and stand up at where we're at.

At the same time.


The guys surrounding us are watching us silently. Th-this is...?

"I-I say, Yuuji, Kubo-kun...why is it that everyone seems to be giving us pitiful looks?"

"Wh-who knows? I don't under..."

"Yoshii-kun, Sakamoto-kun, it's hard for me to say this moment...but we rolled to the Tree together..."

""I can't hear you (at all)!!""

"Yoshii Akihisa-kun and Sakamoto Yuuji-kun of class 2-F and Kubo Yoshimitsu of class 2-A have arrived under the Mistletoe. Two of them will have to carry out the experience."

Takahashi-sensei's unsympathetic voice can be heard.

"Th-those guys...I thought they were usually fooling around together here and there. As expected..."

"And it's three of them...they're hopeless..."

"Tch! Don't look over there. Our eyes will rot!"

There's condescending looks from our peers surrounding us.

I don't want to admit it...thought I don't want to...but I have to...! We're under the Tree right now...!

"Uu...we got no other choice, but it's the rules. Kubo-kun and Yuuji, you two reached the Tree just a little earlier than me, so you two can experience the culture together."

"Yeah. Rules are rules, so take it like a man. You two can kiss together since you reached earlier than me, Akihisa and Kubo."

"Ah, no, I'm sorry, you two, but you two are the first to reach, Yoshii-kun and Sakamoto-kun, and I got involved to break you two up...I'm really sorry."

The three of us have 3 different explanations. What are those two saying? I'm the last one there, right?

"That's wrong! I clearly saw Yuuji and Kubo reach first! You two can kiss and don't get me involved. That's the correct decision!"

"Shut up, Akihisa! I say, Kubo! You're on good terms with Akihisa, right? Now everyone except for Akihisa can be happy now, isn't it?"

"Sorry, Sakamoto-kun. Such a pretentious request is against my beliefs. It's you and Yoshii-kun who reached first...I'm so sorry."

"The decision has been made. Yoshii Akihisa-kun and Sakamoto Yuuji-kun of class 2-F, please proceed with the culture experience as soon as possible."


"Please redetermine this! It's definitely Yuuji and Kubo-kun!"

"Don't joke around, Akihisa! You got kissed by Takashiro once, so there's no problem for you to take a second one! Just give up now!"

"I think we should have Aki-chan, Sakamoto-kun and Kubo-kun take turns!"


"How did you break away from those sturdy knots!?"

"I managed to break out through brute force, but don't worry about such little details. More importantly, hurry with it! If you think you'll be embarrassed because you're both guys, let's have Aki-chan dress up as a girl again, shall me? Or rather, let's do it!"

"The second warning is over. It has been determined that the parties have no intention of doing so, and so the teachers will forcibly proceed with it."


"Yoshii-kun, Sakamoto-kun, I don't have any grudges against you...but let's wash away the hatred of being toyed around by you over the entire year!"

"Fuse-sensei, your hatred is showing completely..."

The teachers call out their summoned beasts to proceed with it, and they approach us. Th-these guys...!

"Damn it! Looks like we can only go head on now! I don't care whether they're teachers or not, I want to send them flying and live on!"

"Well said, Yuuji! That's how it is! Can't we just destroy the tree and everything else to put an end to this barbaric activity!?"

We proceed to get into battle position.

"Aki-chan! You can't be embarrassed now! You have to accept this wholeheartedly so that your body and mind will be happy!"

At the same time, Tamano-san, who managed to break free of those restraints through some god-given luck or something, is charging at us through superhuman movements.

"Ah! Wait! If those two idiots are going to kiss, won't that mean that Kubo-kun's left alone? He's under the Tree now, so that means I can go up and kiss him! Nakabayashi Hiromi, charge!"

"Hey, look! A girl's running towards the Tree!"

"What did you say!? So that means if we go now!"

"Outta my way! Me first!"

"No, me!"

And a bunch of idiots proceed to charge in after Nakabayashi-san.

As for what happened afterwards, I can't explain it with the words I know.

Only one person, Hideyoshi, who never participated because he sensed danger, stares at our faces once everything's over, saying,

"I-I'd say, no matter what happens to you guys, I'll treat you guys as friends."

That stiff smile of his left quite a deep impression on me

"--So in other words, the Tree was destroyed from the base itself, and the gym was partially destroyed. Also, the event was ended when the teachers were mobilized to stop the rioting students, with F class being the center of it all."

"I see. Good work there, Takahashi-sensei."

"No, that was an expected outcome. It was nothing too difficult, but more importantly, principal."

"Hm? What is it?"

"How shall we deal with them?"

"Ah, yes. We can't let them off that easily."

"Principal, that profound smile of yours is?"

"It's nothing. Normally, I would have suspended them, but it just so happens that Winter break is about to start."

"I suppose. We can't suspend them during the Winter break."

"Well, we have no choice. In place of that, the punishment shall be that 'they have to come to school during Winter break'."

"...Is that so?"

"Is there a matter?"

"No. I think I have a rough understanding of why you organized the event, principal."

"What are you saying now? I'm just doing this for the students to enjoy themselves happily."

"Back then, you did make a grumble saying 'Those second year students, especially the F class students, have a lot more summoning wars than I imagined. That's resulting in insufficient lesson time for them'."

"I don't remember that."

"Then I shall leave it as that."