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Author's Notes[edit]

I'm really grateful that everyone's holding onto this wacky 'Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju Volume 3.5'. I'm Inoue Kenji, the author in charge of writing this series. The series has finally reached the 4th volume, and if it wasn't for the support of the readers, I would definitely have given up midway through. At this point, I really want to express my thanks that can't merely be expressed through words.

Also, since there's the term 'test' in this series' name, I'll introduce the test question I had during college.

Let's talk about a mini test that a 'practical English' professor gave us.

Professor: "I'm passing the test papers down, please write out the words that I'm going to read."

Having received the papers, I first wrote down my name and student ID down.

Professor: "Then, the first question."

I wrote a (1) on the paper as I prepared to answer the question.

Professor: "Rheumatic heart disease."

Just like that, I decided to leave (1) blank.

Speaking of which, is this really practical English? Is this really practical as compared to haggling terms or greetings? The United Kingdom is really terrifying.

Professor: "The second question."

"I wrote a (2) on the paper.

Professor: "James Thomas."

This is a specialized name. My definition of an 'English test' is wavering.

Maybe this is really practical, but even if that person is called Jackson or Smith, so what? Is this kind of English common? I start to feel unsettled.

Anyway, I just followed what the professor said and wrote the answer, but as for whether it was correct, I didn't have any confidence at all, because I never learned practiced writing a person's name anyway.

The professor seemed to noticed my emotions, and gives me a few comforting words.

Professor: "I'll give you people a hint."

That really helps me out.

Professor: "This is the name of a horse."


random stuff and hand in my answer. On a side note, the professor gave a total of 3 questions, and the last question was 'anything that you can write'. How are you going to grade that? Until now, it's still a mystery to me. English is really hard.

Okay, enough of that. Next, let's listen to my explanation of each short story. The following may reveal the contents of the story, so to the readers who haven't read yet, I apologize.

Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju ~Preparation Chapter~[edit]

This work was written earlier than my first volume, so it should be considered my first work. As it was released on a website called FB online[1], I suppose not a lot of people know about it, right? The website will have updates every Friday, so readers, if you're interested, you may check it out. There are also many works that aren't released, and they may be removed without you knowing. There's also a lot of Famitsu Bunko upstarts works and other information about new books. If you have the chance, please visit the site. The readers-online zone also allows readers to ask questions about the works. This is just a little promotion.

Oh yeah, Hazuki who appeared in the 2nd volume appears in this volume. It seemed like a lot of people were confused after reading that volume, so I'm really sorry about it.

Me and Thugs and a Love Letter[edit]

This was a short story that was on a FBSP booklet. As for when the story occurred, it's about between the 1st and 2nd volume. The love letter in the beginning is part of the content of a love letter that I don't want people who know me to know of, but please relax, I edited it before. The original letter was really from a real female! no, no, it's not my mom who wrote it. Anyway, the people around me (even my immediate relatives) don't even know that I'm a writer. This love letter was based on a love letter I got in the past--AIYO, I TOLD YOU IT'S NOT! AND IT'S NOT MY GRANNY WHO WROTE IT!!

Me and Shouko and Kisaragi Highlands[edit]

The protagonist this time is Yuuji, and the story occurred between the 2nd and 3rd volume. I tried to change my usual sctick as I wrote this story. Though it's a love comedy, I was somewhat sensing that it was only a comedy...anyway, doesn't matter. As Hideyoshi's phone was damaged in this story, he had no handphone to use in the 3rd volume. It was really not an elaborate explanation, so i'm really sorry.

Me and the Pool and the Swimsuit Wonderland[edit]

Everyone seemed to have imagined Hideyoshi in a swimsuit, and this time, I finally managed to write it out. How is it? Did it meet your expectations? For some reason, a lot of people seem to feel that Hideyoshi should be wearing a school swimsuit, and the next most popular idea was a fundoshi[2]. Unbelievably, Hideyoshi's a guy, yet it's really hard to draw him without him wearing a top. Isn't that inexplicable? On a side note, everyone should have expected Minami to wear a competitive swimsuit, but I'm really sorry. This story happened between volumes 2 and 3, so Minami doesn't even know of such things.

Me and Part-time Work and a Dangerous Weekend[edit]

This is also between volumes 2 and 3. Akihisa's mother finally appears for the first time! As I was told by my colleague that 'The mothers that Inoue-bro writes about seem somewhat weird', so I always couldn't think of what to write. As for why is it, that's because I don't even know what a normal mother is like!! On an unrelated note, a few days ago, my mother encouraged me on a phone: "Since you're an ugly person, you have to find someone who's willing to marry you!". WHAT NONSENSE ARE YOU SPOUTING, YOU DAMNED OLD GRANNY! WE'LL WAIT AND SEE!

--Sorry, I got a bit carried away. My relationship with my mother's still very good.

Okay okay, now for the usual thanks.

To Haga Yui-san, who's in charge of the illustrations, the moment I saw the cover of this volume, my eyes widened. Right now, my PC desktop background should have a change now. You're a terrifying person! N-sama, who's in charge of editoring, your abandoning of your family to focus on work is so cool. I'm really sorry for not being able to let you rest. Kagaya-sama, who's in charge of designing, I'm really sorry that the sudden inclusion of this volume caused your workload to increase. However, I still believe fully in your ability! So please don't abandon me! To all my sempais, whether it's in a banquet or a message or a handphone, I really bothered you people a lot. Because of everyone's suggestions, I am finally able to embrace the 1 year anniversary of starting out, and I really like to thank everybody.

Finally, of course, I have to thank the readers! I'm really, really grateful for everyone's affections. For you bought this book, I can finally continue to write this story. I don't think I can say enough as to how much I'm really grateful for this. Some readers even sent me their handmade book covers, which allows me to gain momentum in my work. Please allow me to earnestly thank everyone again.

Then, let's meet in the 4th volume where Minami's all-out assault continues! I will try my best not to make everyone wait for too long.


  1. FB Online:
  2. A fundoshi is the traditional Japanese undergarment for adult males, made from a length of cotton.