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Me and Brother and the Mysterious Bolster[edit]

Me and Brother and the Mysterious Bolster

“How’s your preparations for the High School visit?”

“Nothing much. I don’t have a specific target, so I guess I’ll be fishing around~”

“Me too~”

I heard my classmates lazy conversation—

‘Keisei Middle School, student Kubo Yoshimitsu from class 3-C hopes to attend Fumitzuki Academy.’

I wrote my brother’s school on the form indicating which high school I hoped to visit.

“Arre? Kubo-kun, you hope to go to Fumitzuki Academy too? I’m the same too!”

Tsuchiya Hinata-san, who’s sitting at the table beside me, opened her form after seeing mine.

“You hope to take a look at Fumitzuki Academy, Tsuchiya-san?”

“Un. Onii-chan is studying over there, so I want to take a look.”

“Is that so? I see.”

“Aren’t you the same too, Kubo-kun?”

I’m hesitating somewhat over my response. The fact is that our brothers are in the same school.

However, there’s a basic difference in reason as to why I’m going to the school as compared to her.

“For me…I’m actually going there to check on something instead of visiting.”

“Check? About what?”

Tsuchiya-san naively answered back. As for what, well…of course, it’s—

“—A family member’s shame.”

Recently, I found a mysterious bolster and blanket in brother’s room. I want to go to Fumitzuki Academy to find out the reasons behind these items.

“—And so, our school integrated an advanced education system…”

The female teacher who was superintendent over the second years introduced Fumitzuki Academy to us at the sports hall.

I had a little interest in this format, but half my mind was thinking of some other thing.

My brother was obviously being overly happy recently. To him, it was a very good change, something that would be really welcomed. A family member’s happiness is definitely my happiness.


“…Why do you have a bolster and photos of a guy, brother…!!”

I looked inside the half-opened cabinet shelf when I went to my brother’s room to borrow a dictionary. Before that moment, I never ever believed that there was no Pandora Box that was never meant to be opened.

A weird change in a family member is a weird change for me. I have to investigate what’s going on and eliminate the situation…!

“—And that is all for the explanation. Now, we will have the free trip around the school.”

The teacher finished explaining as I clenched my fist to swear.

“Also, there are a lot more people who wanted to visit A class, so we prepared a guide. Kirishima-san—“

“…Yes, I’m sorry for being late.”

A female student appeared in front of everyone as she apologized.

On seeing her, the visiting students gasped.

“What a beauty…”

“How, pretty…”

“I think that person has the top grades in the year…”

“Alright, I’ve decided to attend this school…”

I can understand the cries of amazement around me. The student who appeared in front of us is really pretty.

If she has the best grades, that means she’s in A class too…which means she’s brother’s classmate. So brother has been studying together in the same classroom as this beautiful person.

But even if I say so…

“Why…why did brother skip through that person to fall for a guy…!”

I cannot understand this at all! No, I think a lot of people other than me will not be able to understand as well.

“Hm? No, wait…?”

Instead of saying that I cannot understand this, maybe I should say that the chances itself did not seem to be right? Yes, in other words—

“My brother was brainwashed or something, right…?”

My guess here may be ridiculous, but since this itself is not normal, I cannot pass up on all possibilities.

To a certain extent, even if it was not of that level, was brother fooled by that person? Was he fooled by some guy with a unique interest or something?

Tricked, blackmail, brainwash. I cannot stop thinking when I lose control of my thoughts.

“Alright…as much as anything else, I have to collect all information first.”

I have to grasp the current situation in order to solve this situation no matter what. Luckily, I just need to investigate on this person ‘F class’ Yoshii Akihisa’. I do not think that it will be difficult to gather information on him.

I leave the A class group that is led by the pretty upperclassman and head towards F class.

“Ah, Kirishima-sempai. Your hand got dirtied by some coloring, you know?”

“You’re making something? Amazing!”

“…In a certain sense, I did dirty it when creating something.”

“What sense?”

“…I had some resistance when I said that I wanted to make Shouyu.”

“? Do you need red paint to make soy sauce? ”[1]

“…It’s not paint.”


“Where are you going, Kubo-kun?”


Someone taps me on the shoulder as I look for F class.

“Ah, Tsuchiya-san. Aren’t you going to visit A class?”

“I want to check on Kou-nii’s F class. What about you, Kubo-kun?”

“I want to go to F class to look for something too.”

“Nice. I was wondering where the classroom is in the first place~”

Tsuchiya-san clapped her hands together as if she found a savior.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t know what to do since I don’t know where the place is either.”

“Hm? Is that so?”

They gave us a guidebook, but for some reason, only the locations for A to D classes were shown. Logically, there should be an E and F class, so it looked like they didn’t print something they don’t want us to see…why? Maybe I’m thinking too much, definitely.”

“If you don’t know too, we’ll just ask someone else then, Kubo-kun. Sorry—”

The fearless Tsuchiya-san moves to a girl on the corridor to ask for directions.

“Yes, what is it?”

That person who answered with a gentle voice had soft hair and…well, I’ll say, a very developed area for a certain female part. The type is different, but she has a charm that won’t lose to upperclassman Kirishima.

“Wow, amazing…I can see them even with the uniform on…”


Tsuchiya-san looked at the person’s chest and muttered. I guess even those of the same gender finds it amazing.

“Ah, are you lost during your visit?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

The upperclassman deduced this from how we looked and our attitude. She’s holding onto a ‘Tendencies of Prestigious Universities and Countermeasures’, and I can tell that she should be a smart person.

“Where are you going? I can bring you there if you want?”

She’s kind, pretty, gentle, and has a nice figure.

There’s such a person here, but I can’t help but think. Brother! Can’t this person do either…?

“That will be a great help to us. We’re looking for class 2-F.”

“Eh? Our class?”

Our class…?

“Erm…may I ask? Are you a student of F class, sempai?”

“Yes, I am.”

The upperclassman smiled as she answered. I really did not expect this person to be of F class…

“Then, let’s go. F class is on the other side of the corridor. It’s in the other school building.”

Tsuchiya-san and I follow her.

So it’s in another school building. No wonder I can’t find it around here.

“Excuse me…are you Himeji Mizuki-sempai?”

Tsuchiya-san asked the upperclassman Himeji as we proceed on.

“Ah, yes. How do you know my name?”

“Sorry for introducing myself late. I’m Tsuchiya Kouta’s little sister Hinata. Sorry for Kou-nii’s usual troubles.”

Tsuchiya-san introduced herself, and upperclassman Himeji widened her eyes in shock.

“Is that so? Tsuchiya-kun’s little sister, Kubo-kun’s little brother.”

““Thank you for taking care of our brothers.””

“No no, I should be the one here.”

Everyone introduce themselves as we walk towards F class.

We proceed down the corridor, and I can ask about what I wanted to investigate.

“Himeji-sempai. There’s something I want to ask.”

“Yes, what is it?”

Then, what should I ask? It’ll be too direct if I immediately ask what kind of person F class’ Yoshii Akihisa is like…

“How’s everyone from F class like?”

“Better ask in a roundabout way.”

“Un…well…if I have to say in one line, it’s that they’re all a bunch of cheerful people.”

Upperclassman Himeji showed no signs of malice as I could tell that she really believed so.

“I heard this from Kou-nii before too. I really want to see how it’s like~♪”

“Ah, we’re here.”

Upperclassman Himeji opened the classroom door.


“All pretty boys in this world shall be cursed!”


“All popular guys can go and die!”

“““Go and die!!!”””


“Sorry, Himeji-sempai, but I think the black magic club is using this classroom.”

“Ah, no, that’s…everyone from F class…”

The mysterious group dressed in hooded robes was having a Massive Congregation in the shady classroom.

“What is it what is it, Kubo-kun? I haven’t seen anything yet.”

“It might be better not to see it.”

“I want to see it all the more when you say it like that!”

Tsuchiya-san ignored my advice as she opened the door.

“Hm? Visitors?”

“Oh my, a girl I’ve never seen before.”

“Welcome, cute lady.”

This time, what appeared in front of me was a group of boys who invited Tsuchiya-san and upperclassman Himeji with shining teeth. It feels like the mysterious scene just now vanished without a trace.

“Kubo-kun, it’s weird to have tatamis and short tables, but I don’t see any black magic club.”


As Tsuchiya-san had said, I don’t see any trace or even a dust of mystery.

But what I saw just now shouldn’t be a hallucination.

“Speaking of which, the boy over there. What do you have with us?”

“Are you the boyfriend of that young lady over there? …We’ll kill you.”

“Ah, boy. Do you want to play punching with us until one side bleeds?”

The upperclassmen talking to me seemed to have some agenda behind their words. As expected, what I saw just now was real.

“No, I’m just visiting with a classman.”

“““That’s fine then.”””

The thick killing intent faded off.

My body will definitely be sliced into fine pieces and fed to the fishes if I said ‘that’s right there~, my girlfriend is very cute, isn’t she?’

While I’m in cold sweat, beside me was.

“Ah, Kou-nii! I came to play!”

“…! Hinata, why are you…!”

Tsuchiya-san spotted her older brother in the classroom and walked over.

“Everyone, get ready.”


“…No, you’re mistaken…!”

The killing intent gathered again. I never thought that I would experience such murderous killing intent twice within 5 minutes of stepping in.

“Tsuchiya, it’s really a pity that you’re dating such a cute girl.”

“You shall experience for yourself the code of blood the FFF Inquisition has established.”

“…No…! Hinata’s my blood-related imouto…!”

“““So what!?”””

I feel that it’s important here.

“Wait, everyone, calm down.”

“““Leader! Why are you stopping us!”””

“Muttsurini undoubtedly called his little sister to everyone in F class to introduce us to her. Tsuchiya Hinata-san. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Hm? No.”

“Nice to meet you for the first time. I’m your brother’s good friend, Sugawa Ryo.”

“Ya, you’re really cute, imouto-chan. What a coincidence that I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Brother-in-law Muttsurini, I’ll definitely make her happy!”

Tsuchiya-san was immediately surrounded by the upperclassmen. What’s with this class? It has nothing to do with the ‘prep school’ concept at all.

“Well, even if you say so…I don’t have any intent to go out with anyone right now.”

Tsuchiya-san laughed as she said.

“That’s because I’m busy with taking care of onii-chan here.”

“Terminate him.”

“““Yes sir!”””

“…I won’t be caught by you! (Runs away)”

The classroom immediately descended into chaos.

I stare blankly at the persecution that’s going on as I ask upperclassman Himeji beside me.

“Well…Himeji-sempai. Is everyone normally like this…?”

“Ah, no…if I have to say, it’ll be a little…more overboard usually…”

My impression of a prep school has finally collapsed completely.

“Excuse me, can I disturb you for a moment?”

“Hm? What is it, Kubo-kun?”

“Sorry, there’s something I want to ask.”

I wanted to ask the upperclassman Yoshii Akihisa himself, but he’s not in this classroom, so I ask around the upperclassmen in the classroom.

“What do you want to ask?”

“Erm…I heard that there’s a very interesting person in this class.”

“Really interesting? The face?”

“Why must you consider that before the personality!?”

The conversation can’t even be completed successfully.

“Well, what is it that you want to ask about that Yoshii’s face?”

“Sorry sempai. I never said a single word about that.”

I don’t think there is a need to describe him like this after a look from my brother’s photo. Even so, that was the first name they immediately threw out. How is this Yoshii Akihisa normally being treated everyday?

“But you’re asking about Yoshii, right?”

“Yes. Well… since he’s famous, I thought that I should know what kind of person he is.”

I asked vaguely.

“An idiot.”

“A rather stupid idiot.”

“Ah yes, an unprecedented idiot who’ll probably never appear again.”

My impression of upperclassman Yoshii Akihisa has been covered with regret.

“Erm, to be specific?”

“During our first year, he splashed a pail of water on a teacher.”

“At the start of our second year, he destroyed a wall.”

“During the school festival, he even blew up the Head of Teaching Staff’s office.”

It’s already a big thing to splash water on a teacher, and yet he destroyed a wall and blew up the Head of Teaching Staff’s Office. This is completely unheard of, really unbelievable. These upperclassmen must be joking, right—

“MOVE—ASIDE—(Glass Shatters)!!!”





Some weird noises could be heard from the other side of the corridor. Huh? Did I just hear the sound of windows breaking…? To think that I can hear such noises during an ordinary life besides watching those Hollywood movies…

“Anything you still want to ask, Kubo-kun?”

If possible, I want to ask about something regarding common sense—never mind. For some reason, I feel that it’ll be a waste of my time if I do so here.

“If there’s none, we’ll proceed to join Yoshii’s execution team.”

“Ah, yes, thank you very much.”

“No biggies. Let’s go, Fukumura.”

“Right. We must make sure that guy ceases to breathe today.”

“That bastard better get ready.”

The upperclassmen wielded whips and wooden swords as they walked out of the classroom.

It’s too unreliable to obtain information from one side alone. I have to obtain information from many sources to increase the reliability.

That’s why I have to ask other people.

I ask another male student on the corridor. It seems like this guy is from F class too.

“About Yoshii? What do you want to know about that idiot?”

Idiot. I heard that description about him before.

However, let’s hear what others have to say.

“Well…like what people of the opposite type he likes?”

“What he likes…hm…”

From what I hear, it seems that he’s not usually a good guy. Maybe he might be the opposite of how he looks in the photo, a rather bad student. If that’s the case, his interests in girls may not be gentlemanly at all. I just need to find ample reasons to believe that he like girls who matter what kind of girls they are.

“I think he said before that kangaroos are rather cute.”

But I never thought that he would cross the line of species.

“Well…you mean they’re cute as pets?”

“Nope. Don’t underestimate that guy. Kangaroos do stand on two feet.”

That’s really weird. No matter what, the standard’s definitely weird here.

“I never confirmed it myself, but that guy may have ostriches in his range.”

“Ah, sorry…that’s enough.”

I found out that he probably has the defensive range of a center fielder’s catch.[2]. For this kind of guy, gender issues and such are merely a small problem.

I record the information I got in the notebook and look for the next source of information.

“Erm, excuse me. There’s something I want to ask of you.”

I call out an upperclassman with 3 braids as I walk around the new building.


“I’m from the news club. Actually, I’m researching on a person called Yoshii Akihisa-san.”

I raise the name of the news club to make questioning easily. I am lying for convenience sake, and I do feel rather apologetic about it. To this upperclassman I don’t know of, I’m really sorry.

“Yoshii Akihisa-kun?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“In other words, that’s Aki-chan!”

That nickname does sound rather dangerous. Why does he have a –chan when he’s a guy? Does he somehow have the heart of a maiden?

Let’s keep asking anyway.

“Can you tell me what do you know about that Yoshii Akihisa-san?”

“Un, alright! Aki-chan’s…very suited for maid and nurse outfits, the cutest kid in the world!”

The answer I got is far beyond what I expected.

“Let me ask, are you talking about Yoshii Akihisa-san?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“He’s a guy, right?”

“Ahaha. I think it’s not common sense and reasonable to call ‘Akihisa’ a girl, right?”

I don’t dare to say anything here.

“Thank you very much for your help.”

“It’s fine. Show me the news report when it comes out.”

“Yes. I’ll definitely do so once it comes out.”

I apologized to this upperclassman in my heart as we bade farewell.

Next, time to collect more information.

I just asked people from the culture department, so this time, I should ask people from the sports area. Does anyone around me give this vibe…ahh, let’s ask that person.

“Sorry. Can I ask you something?”


This time, I’m asking an energetic-looking upperclassman with a headband. She has tan lines as well, so I guess she often hang out during club activities.

I wanted to use the name of the news club, but this time, I’m asked.

“Arre…? You do resemble Kubo-kun, you know?”

The upperclassman in front of me stared at my face.

This Kubo-kun would probably be referring to my brother. Is she an acquaintance? Well, it’s not like it’s a fact I have to hide, so I’ll just answer honestly.

“Yeah, we’re brothers.”

“Eh? Kubo-kun’s little brother!? In…in that case…erm, I’m Nakabayashi Hiromi! Ask me anything you want!”

“Thank you very much, Nakabayashi-sempai.”

I don’t know why she’s agitated out of a sudden, but it’s great that she said that she can help me with whatever I ask. I’ll just ask her directly then.

“Actually, I’m investigated a person called Yoshii Akihisa-san.”


Nakabayashi-sempai looks like she bit a bitterbug the moment I said that name.

“Since you say that you’re investigating, I guess that you asked others before, right?”


“You should have heard about how ridiculously stupid that guy is.”

That’s the first reaction most people have. I guess that person’s stupidity is not in doubt now.

Thus, I better not focus on this information I already know of.

“For example, what do people say about him in the sports club?”

“Comments about that idiot in the sports club?”

“Yes. Like if he’s very active in club activities or something?”

“I think that idiot doesn’t take part in any clubs…”

It seems that this person called Yoshii Akihisa doesn’t take part in club activities.

“Ah, speaking of which!”

“What was it?”

“Well, this is what I actually heard from others…”

“Please tell me.”

I believe that I won’t be shocked no matter what I hear now.

“I think I heard that he had a kid with his classmate Sakamoto Yuuji or something.”

My self-confidence was shattered.

“Then, is this Sakamoto Yuuji-sempai a girl?”

“No, a guy.”

It’s already rare to have kids while being in school, but it’s even rarer for the other party to be a guy. What’s going on? This school is basically another dimension the way I see it.

“An, anyway, thank you very much for your help.”

“It’s fine. There’s no need to worry about this.”

I lowered my head and bowed. I’ll think about the rest later.

And, as I’m about to leave, Upperclassman Nakabayashi calls me.

“Speaking of which, erm…can you please tell me what kind of person your brother likes?”

“Sorry, I’m investigating right now.”

“??? What do you mean?”

“I’m bothered because I don’t understand either.”

I leave behind the puzzled Upperclassman Nakabayashi and move away.

“Then…this should be enough, I guess.”

I write down the information I obtained into the notebook as I walk down the corridor.

According to the information I got, this person called Yoshii Akihisa is this kind of person.

  • Destroyed a school wall, blew up the head of teaching department’s room.
  • Is fine with anything with 2 legs, even kangaroos and ostriches.
  • Very suited to wear a maid/nurse outfit.
  • Idiot.
  • Has a kid with Sakamoto Yuuji (♂)

“……Brother…! I have no idea what you’re thinking at all…!”

How is this kind of person charming!? There’re beautiful people like Upperclassmen Kirishima and Himeji. This isn’t a difference in level! It’s impossible to have affections for such a person even if two people floated to an uninhabited island!

The shock’s so great it cause me to knock my knee on the corridor.

At that moment, someone seemed to rush over.

“…? That was…”

It was only for a moment, but I definitely did not miss it.


The source of all sorts of information came from there.

Alright, I don’t have to go around in a roundabout manner. Let’s just ask the person directly.

It’s against the rules to run in the school. I don’t really want to do this, but I can only ignore it. This is the only thing supporting my brother’s life and my family’s name here…!

I run towards where Upperclassman Yoshii is.

“I see him!”

It looks like my pursuit is effective as I see his back as I move up the stairs.

Even so,

“What’s with this speed…!?”

Fast is all I can describe this. He’s basically good enough to take part in track and field.

“Yoshii! You’re not getting by here!”

“Just accept your death unconditionally!”

“GO TO HELL!!!!”

The ones appearing in front of Upperclassman Yoshii are the Upperclassmen from F class.


Upperclassman Yoshii kicks the wall and escapes with a triangle jump[3]

“His specialty is running away…!?”

He got past the crowd and disappeared. It’s hard for me to catch up with him at the speed he’s running.

If I can’t catch up…

“Can’t be helped. I’ll just ambush on the outside…”

If he’s running, he’ll definitely be outside. I can’t be certain, but let’s wait near the entrance.

I head downstairs and put on my shoes.

And then, I walk out of the school.

“Erm, excuse me…”

A voice came from not too far away.

It’s not very clear, but I do have an impression of this voice.

“? What is it?”

I’m a little concerned by it, so I turn to look at where the voice may come from, only to find a girl being surrounded by two guys. Hm…? Isn’t that Tsuchiya-san? What’s she doing here?

“Excuse me, can you please let go of me…?”

The voice rang again.

This voice definitely belongs to Tsuchiya-san.

“How noisy. We don’t have much time to waste ”

“I’m very busy here.”

And then, the voices of the crew-cut and the Mohawk-head can be heard.

This sounds rather bad…wait, don’t tell me Tsuchiya-san is being harassed!?

I hurriedly look around, trying to find help. As for those who can help—there’s no one I can find. So I have to go alone…!


I hesitate. It can’t be helped. I’m dealing with 2 high school students. Normally, I’ll be scared about this.

But how can I just leave this alone!

“Hold on a minute!”

I shouted as I rushed over.


Those two guys look around at me after hearing the voice, showing very unhappy looks on their faces. Kids might end up crying if they see such expressions at night.

Even I’m scared by these faces, but I try my best to summon my courage.

“She’s someone I know. If there’s anything, just tell me.”

And the answer I get is,

“Huh? What are you saying, kid—”

They snorted as they stared down at me.

And right after,

“TokoNatsu-sempai, what are you doing?”

ZUBAM!!! Upperclassman Yoshii appears right in front of us with a ridiculous sound.

Eh…? Where, did he…?

I really can’t tell where Yoshii-sempai came from. There shouldn’t be anyone around from what I checked just now.

I inexplicably look around, and find that the window above me is open. Did this guy…just jump down from there!?

“TokoNatsu-sempai. I didn’t expect you guys to harass a middle-schooler with those thuggish looks of yours.”

Upperclassman Yoshii says to both of them while leaving the shocked me aside.

In contrast, the duo give back blank expressions on their faces.

“…Yoshii, what are you saying exactly?”

“I say, are you misunderstanding that we may be doing something shameless?”


Upperclassman Yoshii is stumped by their unexpected response. Let alone him, even I don’t know what’s going on here.

Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding?

As both of us look puzzled, the pair continue,

“Don’t tell me you’re thinking that we’re harassing a girl here!”

“Aren’t you?”

“You got to be kidding. Why would we do that?”

“‘You’re not popular, got high over it, and are regretting it now.’”


Both of them roared at Upperclassman Yoshii. Looks like the thought processes aren’t a match.



Both of them sighed as they said. Looks like it’s not like what we thought. Then why…

“For some reason, that girl’s the one talking to us.”

“How annoying. It’s about time for lessons soon.”

The pair look bothered as they explain. Did Tsuchiya-san talk to them first?

“Tsuchiya-san, what you’re saying…?”

“Hm? Well, I just heard sempais talk about ‘how’s Tsuchiya’s new photos~’, so I asked them about my brother. They wouldn’t tell me what they’re talking about in the end.”

Tsuchiya-san says nonchalantly.

Asking them what they said…? In other words, when I heard ‘please let go of me’, it was supposed to be ‘tell me’ instead of ‘let go’, right?[4]

“TokoNatsu-sempai, are the photos from the Muttsurini Company?”

“Shut it. It has nothing to do with you, right?”

“How can we say this to an underclassman girl?”

Upperclassman Yoshii is whispering to them about something. Muttsurini Company? What are they talking about?

“Ah—it’s alright I guess. Let’s go.”

“Really, why do we have to handle this at such a busy moment.”

“Sorry for troubling you.”

“Sorry for that commotion.”

“??? Erm…sorry about that.”

The pair grumble as they head back to the school building, while we, the remaining trio, lower our heads.

As we lift our faces.

“Speaking of which, why are you here, Kubo-kun, Yoshii-sempai?”

Tsuchiya-san asks us while looking rather puzzled.


I just feel very annoyed here.

Isn’t that too much from you? We’re here because we’re worried about you here.

But unlike me, who’s looking rather annoyed at the moment.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

Upperclassman Yoshii doesn’t seem to be overly concerned by it. Eh? Is he saying that he never thought much about it?

“?? What’s on my face?”

Upperclassman Yoshii can’t help but ask as I stare at him.

I already feel annoyed by Tsuchiya-san even though I often interact with her and understand her personality, but Upperclassman Yoshii here doesn’t seem to be bothered. What’s going on? Is this guy really a nice guy…?

I look up at the window. Even though he’s trying to save someone, there’s no need to jump down from there, right? Besides, she’s a middle school student from another school he had never heard before.

“Speaking of which, it does seem that I’ve been called an idiot more often recently.”

Upperclassman Yoshii scratches his head as he grumbles. That careless line he spouted out makes me feel that something’s out of place.

That move just now was stupid…? I don’t think so. It’s a misunderstanding in the end, but it’s respectable for him to do this just to save Tsuchiya-san.


“Hm? What is it?”

“Is it common to have such failures?”


I question Upperclassman Yoshii, who then put his hand at his chin and muses softly.

“I think there’s a lot of these…”

He answers while looking rather sorry.

Quite a lot. That means this guy often does such things.

He probably failed a lot of times jumping out from a window, an act that doesn’t need much thinking.

However, he never doubted what he wanted to do. This guy’s always called an idiot because he’s like that, always failing in whatever he does.

As I think of it, the information I got beforehand lost its reliability.

I shouldn’t believe the rumors. I should see things for myself.

In other words, there should be some misunderstanding about brother. From how he acted just now, I guess he really does like girls, only to be misunderstood.

In that case, I need to ask him something to understand and get rid of this misunderstanding.

“Yoshii-sempai. Can I ask you something again?”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Erm…this might be too much, but sempai, you…”

And just when I’m about to ask the question.




The masked army of men come swarming down the corridor.


“Wait wait! It’s a misunderstanding! Both of us did go out together, but I didn’t have any uncouth thoughts here!”

Two people going out? Uncouth thoughts? What are these people talking about—


“…About that…I can’t say that it’s impossible…!”

This sudden change situation is making things much more confusing here.

But amongst this, I understand only one thing from that conversation.

Kinoshita Hideyoshi-->♂


“Damn it! Anyway, got to run away!”

Upperclassman Yoshii tries to run away in order to escape from the incoming army.


“Sorry! I’m busy now, so ask me whatever you want to ask next time!”

“Ah, it’s fine. There’s no need to ask.”

I stand behind Upperclassman Yoshii as he gets ready to run away, and grab him by the throat.

“? Speaking of which, I’m trying to run away, so please let go—”

“Everyone! I caught Yoshii-sempai! Please get rid of him!”


This guy’s a lost cause. There’s a lot of nice things about him, but this guy can’t be allowed to live on if my family is not to be destroyed!

“Good work, Kubo-kun! That’s a great accomplishment!”

“Eh…? Wa, wait a second, you! Why? What’s going on!?”

“I’m sorry. It’s my stubbornness at work here, but please deal with sempai.”




“Damn it…! How can I let myself be killed by you guys!!!”

I see puffing smoke at where Upperclassman Yoshii and the masked army were in the school.

“I’m really sorry, Yoshii-sempai. I don’t have a grudge against you, but this time, I definitely must…”

I must at least make an apology as I bow slightly towards the upperclassman running around.

“Well, Kubo-kun.”

“Hm? What is it, Tsuchiya-san?”

“I just noticed it.”


“Did you come save me because you thought I was being harassed?”


I’m suddenly speechless.

That, that’s true, but how am I supposed to answer this sudden question now…

Bothered, I remain rooted as someone pats me on the shoulder. Hm? This is—

“Nice going, Kubo-kun. You sure have lots of guts.”

“To carry out a love comedy right in front of us so daringly.”

“Yeah, you have a bright future…if you have a future, that is.”

“Huh? No, that’s not it! This isn’t that kind of situation—excuse me!”


When you harm someone else, karma will come right back at you.

I understand this logic as I wearily escape with all I have, and my trip to Fumitzuki Academy ends just like this.


“Ah, Yoshimitsu. How’s your trip to Fumitzuki Academy today?”

“About that…a lot of things happened. Anyway,”


“I want to beat you up till your head gets shocked back to normal, brother.”

“Wait a second, what happened at the visit today, Yoshimitsu?”

“Brother, there’re many pretty girls in Fumitzuki Academy, like Kirishima-sempai and Himeji-sempai, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“If you can think that way, it means that shock therapy will work.”

“You’re having weird thoughts, Yoshimitsu.”

“That’s not the case. You’re the one having weird thoughts, brother.”

“Yare yare…Yoshimitsu, did you go to F class during your visit today?”

“Hm? How do you know?”

“I know. Isn’t your thought process just like F class?”


“Since you got used to it immediately, you might find this school very suitable for you.”


On this day, I had a long overdue fight against my brother.


  1. Again, Shouyu (醤油)= soy sauce
  2. Center field, Baseball term. The player is called a center fielder, and needs to cover a lot of ground here. Basically, this player covers the most area in the outfield on defense. In other words, Yoshimitsu assumes Akihisa to have a wide array of fetishes.
  3. In other words, wall kick and jump like those kungfu movies…
  4. Let go—放してhanashite, and tell me—話してhanashite. Basically, both are pronounced in the same way.