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The Seventh Question[edit]

Please answer the following question:

What are the comparative and superlative forms for the words "good" and "bad"?

Himeji Mizuki's Answer:

"good — better — best

bad — worse — worst"

Teacher's Comment:

Correct Answer.

BTS vol 01 195.jpg

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:

"good — gooder — goodest"

Teacher's Comment:

I am surprised that you made such a common mistake. The comparative and superlative for good and bad is not just adding "er" and "est"; don't forget it next time.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:

"bad — butter — bust"

Teacher's Comment:

The meanings of these three words are 'bad', 'butter', 'bust'.[1]

"I am going to use the hidden strategy that I mentioned yesterday."

This was the first sentence Yuuji said when he came to school the next morning.

"Strategy? It's still not time for the war yet, right?"

The time now was 8:30 a.m. and the war was scheduled to continue at 9:00 a.m.

"I am not using it on Class B; our target is Class C."

"Ah, I see. What are you planning to do?"

"I plan to let you, Hideyoshi, wear this."

Yuuji took a female uniform out from his bag after he said that.

The uniform used black and red as its base color. It was a rare piece of artistic work for people in society and students from other schools.

Come to think of it, Yuuji, how did you get hold on this? What had happened to you?

"No problem, but why do you want me to wear this?"

Hideyoshi, as a guy you should care a bit more shouldn't you?

By the way, after wearing it Hideyoshi looked more like a girl, almost like his twin sister in Class A---

"I would like you to act like Kinoshita Yuuko, and pretend to be a messenger from Class A."

I see, that's why he wants Hideyoshi to wear a female uniform!

Hideyoshi had a twin sister in Class A. They looked exactly the same, just like monozygotic twins. The differences between them were their test results and the way they spoke.

In other words, pretend to be his sister, and using the name of Class A, put pressure on Class C?

"Hideyoshi, quickly go and change your uniform!"

"Oh, OK..."

Hideyoshi took the uniform from Yuuji, and changed into the uniform in front of them.

What's wrong? What is this strange feeling in my chest? Although he is a guy, I just cannot take my eyes away from him!

"..." *Sounds of picture being taken*

Silent Pervert used the speed that almost gets his finger on fire and kept pressing the button on the camera.

Luckily, I am not the only one having this strange feeling.

"OK, I have finished changing. Huh? What's wrong with you guys?"

Our faces must have looked very complicated I think?

"What should I say? I'm not very sure either!"

"You guys are so strange."

No, it is your outlook that is strange! Why do you look so pretty?

"Then, let's go to Class C."


Yuuji left the classroom with Hideyoshi.

"Ah, I want to go as well."

I quickly followed them.

I had been thinking about this yesterday. There was a very long distance between Class C and Class F. Although this was mostly due to the different sizes for each classroom, I still hoped the school could build it in a simpler way.

We continued walking, and eventually stopped in front of Class C classroom.

"I am sorry, Hideyoshi. You need to go in alone."

Since he needed to pretend to be a Class A messenger, Yuuji and I who were Class F members couldn't stay beside him. Therefore we planned to hide somewhere and observe how things went.

"I don't really feel like going..."

Hideyoshi looked very unwilling to do it. That's understandable, pretending to be his sister and cheating the enemy is not a good experience to go through.

"We are counting on you."

"Ah...There is no other way..."

"Sorry, but please provoke them as hard as you can. Make them hate Class A from the bottom of their hearts. I think you should be able to do it."

Hideyoshi is a genius in acting, with the nickname of 'Star of the Drama Club'. Although he is not good at studying, his performance in other areas is pretty impressive.

"Ah...Don't put too much hope in me..."

Hideyoshi sighed and powerlessly walked towards Class C. He looked very unhappy. Could he really cheat them in his current condition?

"Yuuji, are you sure Hideyoshi is fine? I think we better switch to another plan..."

"I think there should be no problem."

Really? I kept on feeling that Hideyoshi looked like he didn't want to do it at all. I just hope that his acting skill weren't affected by his mental instability.

"I'm worried..."

"Shhhhh! Hideyoshi is going into the classroom."

Yuuji put his finger to his mouth. We were so far away; they shouldn't be able to hear us. However it was better to play it safe so let's just follow what Yuuji said.

*Sounds of door opening* We heard the sound of the door that Hideyoshi opened.

"You dirty pigs, shut up now!"


"Hideyoshi really lived up to his name."

"Yeah, there is no better way to provoke them than this."

Even if he didn't say anything, Class C's hatred toward Class A should rise dramatically I think?

"W-What did you say!"

The shout must have come from the Class C class leader, Koyama. I could feel the anger in her words without looking at her face. This was expected, they got scolded like pigs without knowing what was going on...

"Don't talk to me! Or your disgusting pig smell will spread to me as well!"

You walk up to them yourself and then blame them for spreading pig stench? Wow, aren't you overreacting?

"You're the Kinoshita from Class A right? Don't think that you can be so arrogant just because your test results are good. What are you doing here in our classroom?"

In terms of notoriety in the school, Kinoshita Yuuko was more famous than Hideyoshi. Also, Hideyoshi was wearing a female uniform now; there was no way they could see through him. Besides that, he had successfully provoked them, which has lowered their judging ability. This was just perfect.

"For me, the most unacceptable thing is that Class A's classroom is built beside this ugly and smelly classroom! For people like you, a pig sty is more than enough!"

"What! Are you trying to say that we are on the same level as Class F?"

Oi, Koyama! He never said anything about Class F!

"Although I don't feel like dirtying my hands, I will give you a special offer and let you go straight into the pig sty."

Is this the minimum level of acting skill required to get into drama club? Or is our school just too weird?

"You guys are preparing for a Test Summoning War right? Make sure you are well prepared, as we are going to clean out all of you dirty pigs later!"

After Hideyoshi said that, he purposely stomped hard onto the ground while he was leaving the room.

"Was that ok?"

Hideyoshi looked refreshed and walked towards us.

"Yeah, you have done well."

"We have no time to bother with an opponent like Class F! Everyone, prepare for the war against Class A!"

The scary shouts came from the Class C leader Koyama. It looked like the plan was going very smoothly for us. Still, why was I feeling a little bit guilty?

"The plan is successfully done. We should start our preparations for the war against Class B."

"Ah, OK."

There was no time to get distracted by minor things. The Test Summoning War was going to start in ten minutes.

We quickly walked back to the Class F classroom.

"Make good use of the doors and walls! Do not make the fighting area bigger!"

Hideyoshi's instruction echoed in the battlefield.

At exactly nine o'clock, the war against Class B officially started. We resumed from the position we were in the war yesterday, which was right in front of Class B's classroom, and started attacking.

According to Yuuji's instructions, our aim was to keep the enemies in the classroom.

While we were following those instructions, there was a new problem.

Something was not quite right with Himeji.

Although she was supposed to be the commander, she hadn't given any instructions at all. Besides that, it seemed that she was not willing to take part in the war. What happened to her?

"Try to use only one subject at a time to defeat the enemy! Keep an eye on the backup!"

Therefore the person who was leading the troop now was the vice commander, Hideyoshi. He followed Yuuji's instructions and achieved several objectives in just a few hours.

"The left entrance is under counter-attack by the enemies!"

"We are lacking in the Classical Literature force. We need backup!"

The left entrance that was under enemy attack was supervised by Takenaka-sensei right?

That didn't sound good at all. There were a lot of students in Class B who were good in literature related subjects. If we didn't counter their attack with our strong fighters, it might give them a chance to break through our troops.

"Himeji, please provide support to the left wing!"

In Yuuji's plan, Himeji had an important task to do in the afternoon. Although I felt sorry for troubling Himeji so early, it couldn't be helped.

"Ah, th-that..."

At this important moment Himeji didn't join the fight immediately. She looked like she was going to cry; panicking and walking around. That was not looking good; the enemies were going to break through!


I shouted, pushed through the crowd, and dashed towards the left entrance.

After that I whispered something to the supervising teacher Takenaka-sensei.

"Bla~bla...if this is announced...your image..."


Takenaka-sensei pushed my head low, and started to look around.

I never imagined that I would need to use the threatening information I prepared in case of emergency--- Classical Literature version! This was not part of the plan.

"I-I need to leave for a while!"

Just as I expected, we had a bit more leeway now.

"Those who still have some classical literature marks head towards the left entrance! Those who consumed their marks immediately go to replenish it!"

This was just a temporary solution, but it should solve the problem for now.

Now is the time.

"Himeji, what's wrong?"

I quickly asked Himeji what I was wondering. I didn't know what happened, but it looked like there was something wrong with her. Not knowing the cause would put us at a disadvantage in the war.

"A-Ah, I am fine!"

Himeji quickly shook her head, her long hair also swung around according to her action. Her action was so exaggerated.

It was obvious that there was something wrong with her.

"There must be something wrong right? Can you let me know if there is anything? Maybe what you say might affect our plan."

"R-Really it's nothing at all!"

She kept on denying it, but she looked like she was going to cry at any time. There must be something wrong with her!

"The subject at the right entrance has been changed to Modern Japanese!"

"What happened to the mathematics teacher!"

"Maybe kidnapped by Class B!"

Even the right wing's subject had been changed into one that Class B was good at, we were in serious trouble now!

"I am going to fight!"

Himeji quickly ran out and planned to join the fight after she said that. However---


She suddenly stopped moving and turned her head down.

What happened? It looked like Himeji saw something and then behaved like that.

I looked towards the direction that Himeji was looking at.

At the end of the sight was a bastard leaning at the window and looked down on us--- Nemoto.

What did Nemoto do?

It was not very clear from where I stood, so I started to look carefully but I didn't see anything special---


Suddenly, something in his hand jumped into my sight.

It was a very normal item. It was not hard to get it, but it was also something that you could not buy.

The item in his hand was---

The letter that the shy Himeji wanted to hide from me three days ago.

"I see, so that is what happened!"

I was wondering when I heard about the treaty with Class B. That cheap and cunning Nemoto would never suggest such a fair treaty.

It seemed that he was planning to paralyze Himeji. If that was the case, then it was reasonable for him to suggest such a treaty. If Himeji couldn't fight, that treaty would be very beneficial for Class B.

It really was a good tactic. There was neither any loss, nor any risks involved.



"Since you are not feeling well, don't force yourself to join the fight. The Test Summoning War hasn't ended, you need to take care of your health."


"OK, I have something else to do and need to leave now."


Although Himeji looked like she wanted to say something, I just turned away from her and ran away from the scene because I had something more important to deal with.

"Nemoto, you have done something very interesting."

I couldn't stop myself from saying something like that.

That bastard, I must kill him at any cost!


"Huh? What's up, Akihisa? Are you running away from the war? If you are I will use scissors to stab you!"

When I rushed back to the classroom, Yuuji was writing something on the notebook. When I took a closer look, it had all the information for both the enemies and our sides remaining forces.

"I need to talk to you."

"Then I shall force myself to listen to you!"

Now I had no time to reply his joke, and it seemed that Yuuji realized that my attitude was different from normal. He looked at me seriously, so I looked at him with a serious face as well.

"I need the uniform that Nemoto is wearing right now."

"What happened to you?"

D-Damn! This sounds like I am a pervert!

"Ah, no, that, er..."

Actually I wanted the letter in the uniform, but I couldn't explain it... what should I do? If I don't clarify, I will become a guy who is a pervert that wants a uniform that is worn by another guy. I would definitely face the destiny of cruel questioning.

"Sure, no problem. When we win the war, I will think of a way to get it for you."

He agreed? Don't give me this reaction! It was just like saying "It's not surprising that you have such interests!"

On the other hand, I couldn't explain the situation. Darn... Although it was painful, I could only accept this misunderstanding for now.

"Is that it?"

Yuuji looked at me with a helpless face. Of course that was not all I wanted.

"Also, I hope you don't send Himeji into this fight."

"What is the reason?"

"I can't say."

Although Himeji was going to tell him later, this was not something for me to let him know.

"I can't send her no matter what the situation is?"

"Yes, no matter what the situation is."

Yuuji used his hand to support his chin, considering the request that I had just made.

The request I made now was really unreasonable.

Not using Himeji in the fight against Class B did not just greatly reduce our fighting ability, it was also a suicidal action. It was very possible that we would lose this war because of this request, and Yuuji would need to take responsibility for the result.

"I am begging you, Yuuji!"

I bowed deeply towards Yuuji.

I also understood that this request was too selfish. Not only would it fail to give Yuuji any benefit for accepting my request, he would need to bear a huge amount of danger. Honestly if I were him, I would not accept such an unreasonable request like this without explaining the situation.

"I can agree only on one condition."

"A condition?"

"You will take the mission that is planned to be done by Himeji. I don't care how you do it; you must accomplish it at any cost."

However Yuuji accepted my request, he really was made of a higher caliber than me.

"Of course, leave it to me! I will definitely complete the mission!"

The corner of Yuuji's lip slightly rose.

"So what should I do?"

"Attack Nemoto at the right time with any subject."

"Any backup?"

"None. The class B entrance needs to be blocked."

"Your requirement is really hard to meet!"

I am in big trouble now.

The fight now was at both entrances of the Class B classroom. Because of the location, the fight could only be done one by one. This was a key step for earning more time in order to achieve Yuuji's plan. To get close to Nemoto, who set up a formation in the classroom, one must have a very strong individual fighting ability. That's right, someone with similar power as Himeji, and I did not have such power.

"What happens if I fail?"

"Failing is not an option; you must accomplish the task even if it costs your life."

He spoke in a very strong tone that was totally different from normal. It seemed that this mission was closely related to the whole strategy.

What should I do? How can I accomplish this mission?

"Well, I am counting on you now."

Yuuji stood up and prepared to leave the classroom, leaving me who was in deep thought just now.

"Huh? Where are you going?"

"I am going to Class D to give them instructions. It is about the agreement last time."

Class D... Most probably about that air conditioner machine outside their classroom.

It was not important. What should I do, how can I accomplish the mission for Himeji...


Before Yuuji walked out the classroom, he turned his back to me and said:

"Your test results are really bad; however, just as Hideyoshi and Silent Pervert, you have something that others can't compete with. That's why I can trust you so much."


"Do it well, I won't change the plan."

After saying that, Yuuji left the classroom.

What I am good at? My adept syokanju controlling technique is useless when fighting in a confined area.


Although it was not really an advantage, I still had one special technique compared to the others. There was a way to complete the mission which could only be done by someone who had scores as low as mine. However it needed a lot of determination.

"It must be very painful!"

Just imagining what was going to happen caused a huge pain to go through my body.

The amazing thing was that I gathered my resolution easily.

"OK! Now is the time to teach the evil person a good lesson!"

I gave my cheek a few good slaps to cheer myself up.

Now there is a way, with a high success rate, and it can be done if I have courage! I have no reason to run away. Consequences? Who cares!

"Minami! Muto and Kimishima! Come and help me for a while!"

I shouted to the three people who were in the middle of testing to replenish their score.

"What happened?"

"What for?"

"I am in the middle of a test now."

The three of them have consumed a lot of marks in the battle yesterday, so their mission was to take tests to replenish their scores.

"Stop the test, come and help me. It is a mission that will decide the result of this war."

"It sounds pretty important."

"Yeah, no joking from now."

"What should I do?"

"Duel against my Syokanju."

"Are the two of you serious?"

The supervisor for syokanju duel from Class D--- English teacher Endo-sensei, reminded us again.

"Yeah, of course."

"I am going to duel with this idiot sooner or later."

Minami and I stared at each other.

"But there is no need to come all the way to Class D and fight, is there?"

Just as the teacher said, we purposely came to Class D to duel. Also both of us were Class F students, around us were Class F students as well. This must be a very strange situation for Endo-sensei.

"There is nothing we can do about it, this idiot is 'Kansatsu Shobunsha.' If we are fighting in the lousy Class F classroom, the power of the Syokanju will definitely make the whole classroom collapse."

"Both of you, please think about it again!"

"No, I have decided. If I don't repay what she normally does to me, I can never sleep peacefully."

"Alright. There is a saying: two might understand each other better after the fight, it seems that this is also part of education!"

Endo-sensei deeply sighed and stayed away from us after saying that.

Now we can summon our syokanjus.

I took a deep breath, and spoke loudly.

"Syokanju Summoning---"

The familiar syokanju appeared in front of my eyes. Although there were a lot of troubles for being a "Kansatsu Shobunsha," this was the first time I felt thankful for having this title.


Minami's syokanju appeared in the scene to reply my fighting will. I made my other self hold it's bokuto tightly, so tight that the bokuto almost became one with its hands, and dashed towards the enemy. Go!

Facing the enemy that had the wall at its back, my syokanju made use of the inertia produced from the dash and swung out a strong punch.



The act was too obvious and the enemy dodged it easily.

After that, the pain from the Syokanju's punch on the way bounced back to me.


I commanded my Syokanju to give a more powerful hit.

The enemy easily dodged to the side and the punch landed onto the hard wall again.


My fist suffered a great pain again.

The hit that was enough to shake the whole classroom, would also have a huge reaction force. There was a huge amount of pain going from the top of my head to the bottom of my leg and it gave me a sickening feeling.

"Aki, we are running out of time."

Minami looked at the clock on the wall and said.

It was now two fifty-seven in the afternoon, only three minutes away from the starting time of the mission.

"Isn't it about time for you to give up? Using so many people to block the entrance of the classroom, it makes the classroom so hot."

The voice of Class B's class leader, Nemoto, came from far away.

"What? The gutless Lord Class Leader of Class B is planning to surrender now?"

The familiar voice that replied belonged to Yuuji. Since Himeji couldn't join the fight, so he needed to use our main troops and commanded them?


The Syokanju moved again.

That huge move still failed to hit the enemy.

It looked like the syokanju lost the ability to learn and kept on hitting the wall with full power. Before the pain faded away, a new pain appeared immediately.

"What? It should be you who needs to give up right?"

"It is none your concern."

"Oh really? Even though the condition of your savior, Himeji, is not looking good?"

"For opponents like you, there is no need to bother Himeji. I left her to rest at the back."

"Hmph! It seems you are pretty good in talking, loser class leader."

"Loser? If you are talking about Class F, you will be enjoying that feeling very soon."


This is the fourth attack.

The warm liquid dripped down from my fist.

When I looked at it, it seemed that I had lost quite a lot of blood. There was a small pool of blood on the ground now.

"There is a loud noise from the wall for a long time, what is going on?"

"Who knows? Maybe you are too disgusting and cause others to give you some trouble?"

"Hmph, say whatever you like, the winner will be decided soon. Everyone, dash out together!"

"Reform the ranks! Step back first!"

"What? Boasting and running away at the same time?"

"Aki, it is about time."

"Yeah, I know."

I gave the comrades around me a signal with my eyes.

Everyone nodded silently.

"Yoshii, Shimada, what are you planning to do?"

Endo-sensei suddenly turned back and looked at us.

I needed to finish the job before he realized our fake duel and recalled the syokanjus.


I used all my force and roared.

It must be done in the fifth time! There is no turning back!

"I will leave the rest to you, Akihisa."

After luring all the main troops away, Yuuji used his usual and clear voice to make the announcement.

It is exactly three o'clock in the afternoon, the mission starts now!


BTS vol 01 219.jpg

I concentrated all the syokanju's power in it's fist, and punched at the wall.

Our aim from the beginning was the wall that separated Class D and Class B. The duel with Minami was just an excuse to summon the syokanju.


The pain that ran through my whole body was stimulating the nerve.

However, only I could do this. With the price of suffering the pain that bounced back, my syokanju had the ability to touch physical objects.

*Sounds of wall collapsing*

A clear collapsing sound opened the way to Class B.


Beyond the collapsed wall was Nemoto's face, distorted due to extreme shock.

Almost all the enemy's troop had left the classroom to chase after Yuuji's main group.

It is a rare opportunity now. Since the main troops have gone, the defense force around the class leader is extremely weak now, it is now the time to win!

"Die, Nemoto Kyoji ----"

We dashed forward and prepared to challenge Nemoto, who was still stunned because of all the sudden changes.

"Endo-sensei! Class F Shimada wants to----"

"Class B Yamamoto accepts the challenge! Syokanju Summoning!"

"Damn! It is the personal guards!"

The personal guards that remained in the classroom blocked the way in front of us.

We were only twenty meters away from Nemoto, however we were inside a small classroom which made this distance look extremely long.

"H-Hahaha! You really surprised me! However it is so unfortunate! Your surprise attack plan still failed!"

Nemoto Kyoji purposely laughed loudly in order to cover his action just now.

It was true that our surprise attack plan had failed. The personal guards already surrounded Nemoto. Since we have lower scores, we couldn't really break the current state anytime soon. However we achieved our goal.

I know this is a sudden change of topic, but let me explain the characteristic of each subject!

Every subject has a different teacher teaching it. Depending on the teacher, the situation of the test will differ as well.

For example, mathematics teacher Kiuchi-sensei marks the paper very fast.

For example, world history teacher Tanaka-sensei is very loose in terms of marking.

For example, English teacher Endo-sensei, which is in the scene now, tends to give away some marks when he is marking the paper.

Then, how about health education?

Health education teacher isn't very fast in marking papers and his marking criteria is not really loose. Also the summoning area is not very far and the teacher doesn't run very fast.

The characteristic of health education, is the teacher's---

*Sounds of people landing*

The entrance was blocked. The classroom was filled with unimaginable heat. Suddenly a student and a teacher appeared in the scene; a clear landing sound spread all over the classroom.

Because the air conditioner was broken, the windows were opened to let the air flow.

Two people climbed down from the roof using the rope, then jumped into the classroom and landed right in front of Nemoto Kyoji. That's right, the characteristic of health education was his extraordinary ability to move around.

"Class F Tsuchiya Kouta."

" bastard!"

"Will challenge Class B's Nemoto Kyoji with health education."

"Silent Pervert----"

Because the personal guards were fighting us, Nemoto Kyoji had no bodyguard to protect him. Now he had no way to run.

"----Syokanju Summoning."

Class F Tsuchiya Kouta VS Class B Nemoto Kyoji
Health Education 441 marks VS 203 marks

The short knife in Silent Pervert's syokanju hand flashed, and instantly killed the enemy.

The war against Class B officially ended here.


  1. In the novel, the answer is in English, the teacher's explanation is in Japanese.