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Me and Real Motive and Summoned Beast[edit]

Me and Real Motive and Summoned Beast

“Haha, that’s really a masterpiece.”

“What’s the matter, principal?”

“Ahh, Takahashi-sensei. I was just trying out some changes in the controls of the summoning system.”

“Are you talking about the control system?”

“I’m trying to let it remain in semi-automated mode. If the settings up till now can be said to ready the controller’s consciousness, this will read the conscious and unconscious states of the controller, and will act independently to a certain extent. It can act according to what it wants.”

“Conscious and unconscious states…that’s the subconscious state, right?”

“It’s somewhat different from what Frued said about the subconscious state, but that’s about it.”

“I see.”

“Don’t worry too much about the psychological definition. Anyway, because of the changes in the controls, the summons’ actions have become interesting.”


“Yes, they got interesting. No matter what, I want to summon the summoned beasts and collect some data.”

“I don’t really understand, but if you just want to collect data, I can help out.”

“No. In this experimental phase, your score’s too great. I’ll be troubled if there’s any mishaps.”

“Do you want me to get a lower score?”

“I don’t mind, but after you get a low score, you need to take another test to get it back to normal. Wouldn’t that be too troublesome?”

“It’s not troublesome, but it’s a bit inefficient.”

“Right? Instead of that, we might as well—”





“—We might as well use those low scores idiots to test this out. That’ll be more efficient.”

“I see. So that’s what you were planning.”

“““Summoning test?”””

“Yes. I want you people to test this out.”

On a certain day as summer vacation was about to end, after F class' special remedial (on a side note, Kirishima-san attended this on her own will) ended, we were talking about the photos we took when we went to the beach, and the principal suddenly walked into the classroom and told us that.

Summoning test...

“Why us?”

Minami asked the principal as she kept the photos on the table.

“What do you mean by that? It's because you people are most suited to test it. Your scores aren't too high, and you're adept at controlling your summoned beasts, right? Besides—”


“—This can be considered punishment for a few certain idiots who tried to run away from remedial classes.”

““...(looks away)””

As the topic was suddenly turned on us, Yuuji and I subconsciously turned away. Was the reason why we weren't punished further after skipping classes and getting caught by Ironman something to do with what the principal wants us to do?

“Excuse me, exactly what do we need to do in this summoning test?”

To direct the question back on track, Himeji-san raised her hand to ask the principal. Himeji-san, good job!

“Nothing really special. Just summon the summoned beasts and make them move. Besides, we can't test if they don't move...”

“Ah, we just need to summon the summoned beast? If so, I should be able to do so.”

Himeji-san clapped her hands together as she heaved a sigh of relief.She believed the principal's words so easily, yet I smell a rat (and I think Yuuji thinks the same too). Summon the summon beasts? For punishment, that's something way too simple for what the old granny would do.”

“I'm willing to help, principal.”

“...Me too.”

Unlike me, who had a bad feeling about this, Himeji-san and Kirishima-san requested to help out without saying further. I can see their exemplary character from the way they were willing to help others without doubting.

“No, you two won't do. Your scores are too high.”

But the principal rejected their kind intentions without thinking.

That's true, I remembered that when we got the platinum bracelets, there was a case of rampancy because the scores were too great. If it was just a test, we do have to consider the dangers and exclude the ones with high marks. I guess it couldn't be helped that the principal would exclude these two who are the top of our year.

“That's how it is. So, this test will be taken by Yoshii, Sakamoto, Tsuchiya, Kinoshita and Shimada. The subject's Ancient Literature. I'll leave it to you people then.”

The principal named us as her lab rats, and the subject's Ancient literature. The ones taking part are me, Minami and Muttsurini—oi, hold on! Putting me on the same level as these guys!? Isn't this too saddening!?

“Wait a minute, old granny principal! I'm not happy about being associated with these guys!” (14 points)

“That's right, principal! Please don't put me on the same level as these idiots!” (6 points)

“...I am very very unwilling!” (9 points)

“You guys...where did you get the self-confidence to say say a thing...”

“Even with your scores added together, you can't even meet 1/10 of Himeji or Kirishima's scores...”

Thinking about it, my summoned beast has a lot of points worn off because I had to do all sorts of chores for the teachers (and that's extremely important). Right now, my marks are a little too low, and it can't be helped that I was chosen as a test subject.

“Wait a sec, old granny. My score shouldn't be that low, right?”

“I don't care whatever happens to you.”

“Is this what an educator should say?”

Yuuji's summoned beast won't cause any troubles even if it goes crazy. I guess that can be a correct judgment.

“Anyway, that's how it is now. The test will last for 1 hour from now. The summoning field for this test will be extended to the whole school, but I hope that you try not to leave the classroom as much as possible, since it'll be somewhat troublesome for me to get data. If the test goes about some canteen and book vouchers? I'm willing to help you get these for free.”


The moment the principal said that she was rewarding us, Minami, Muttsurini and Hideyoshi couldn't help but exclaim excitedly.

“I'll leave it to you people then. I'll give you the reward you deserve—so don't stop midway through.”

After saying this, the old granny left the classroom.

“Forget about the choosing of people...the principal sure is nice sometimes, to even prepare a reward for us. I just so happened to have a few books I wanted to read. That's great.”

“...Having lots of book vouchers isn't a problem.”

“I do think that the canteen vouchers are useful too.”

“That's great, everyone.”

“...I'm a little envious.”

Minami and the rest were chatting away happily, but I just couldn't open my heart and feel happy about it.

That's because it's too weird. That principal would actually reward us for doing a simple summoning.


Glancing aside, I see that Yuuji has the same suspicious attitude as me as he had a thinking look.

“Let's hurry up and begin then.”

“That's true. Things won't progress if we just stay around like this.”


Just when we couldn't tell what the ploy was, Minami and the rest were ready to summon their summoned beasts. Mu...should we think more and be more careful?

“You three, wait—”


Before I could speak up and stop them, the three of them said 'summon' in unison.

Then, there were some familiar patterned arrays at our feet, and the summoned beasts slowly appeared from there. Is, is it really okay now?

I looked at the summoned beasts that were in front of me warily. Mu...

“That's great, the summoned beasts have reverted back to their own sizes.”

“As expected, this look is more suitable.”

“...The ears and tail are the same as before.”

Like what they said, based on appearance alone, they did revert back to the summoned beasts we were familiar with. The monster shapes from before don't exist now, and the summoned beasts' aren't too much of a trouble here.

“...They don't have any weapons.”

“Their uniforms are just like the school uniform.”

“Didn't the principal say that she wants to readjust the summoned beasts' equipment? I guess that's the reason.”

Kirishima-san and Himeji-san joined into the conversation too.

They're right. If there's a need to say what's different about the appearance of the summoned beasts, it would be that these summoned beasts are wearing the uniform of Fumitzuki Gakuen. They don't have any weapons in their hands, and since these three summoned beasts are in a similar state, it means that they haven't decided on the basic design of the equipment.

“At least we haven't found out anything suspicious up till now.”

“It's too early to relax now, Akihisa. According to what the old granny said just now, the changes this time should be more on the controls. The important point is when they move.”

“Un. If that's the case, I'll try moving it for a while.”

After checking that there wasn't much changes in the appearance, Hideyoshi got ready to command his summoned beast.

At this moment—

“Maybe I should jump on Akihisa and scare him.”


A kid's sharp voice suddenly rang inside the classroom. Wha, what's going on? Who's talking now?

“Wh, what...was that just now?”

“It seemed like a kid was talking...”

Looking around, there wasn't anyone else in this classroom other than us, let alone a kid. Then, where did that voice come from.

“Speaking of which, our summoned beasts did change into monsters. Was it because of that there's this unexplainable supernatural phenomenon?”


Himeji-san and Minami cried out at the same time. Uu, supernatural phenomenon...

“But isn't this weird? This has nothing to do with the change of controls.”

“That's true. Then, the voice just now wasn't a supernatural phenomenon, right?”

“...Maybe it had nothing to do with the summoned beasts.”

Just when I was discussing this with Yuuji and Muttsurini—

“Where did that voice come from?”

We heard that voice again.

Mu? “Where did that voice come from?”. Isn't that...

“That mannerism...was that Hideyoshi?”

“No, I didn't say anything at all.”

Hideyoshi shook his head to indicate that he didn't open his mouth. But,

“That sounded like how Hideyoshi would talk...”

The voice sounded immature, but the tone and manner of speech was Hideyoshi's. But Hideyoshi said that he didn't talk at all,

“Wha, what!? A monster? Uu...that's scary!”

“...This voice belongs to a kid who hasn't had the voice broken.”

Besides the voice just now, we now heard the voices of other children. What's the situation now?

“Some, someone must have hidden an audiospeaker in the classroom!”

“Tha, that's right! That must be true.”

“...I don't think so.”

Muttsurini immediately shot down Himeji-san's and Minami's view. Since Muttsurini, who's an expert on this, made such a judgment, that should be the case. And besides, the voices just now didn't sound they they came through a machine to me.

I widened my eyes to look around as I try to find the source of the voices.

At this moment—

“...The summoned beasts were talking.”

Kirishima-san muttered. Eh? The summoned beasts were talking...

“Speaking of which, that's really troubling. How should I end that incident this morning...”

“It;s scary, it's scary! I hate stuff like monsters~”

“...A look from a lower position would be fine.”

As I looked closely, the summoned beasts' mouths were moving slightly, and we could hear the voices of the kids with the lip movements.

“Tha, that's true! The summoned beasts are talking!”

“Heh ~ that's rather interesting.”

I widened my eyes and watched the summoned beasts in front of me. One had his hands folded, one had her head covered as she squat down, and another was looking up to look at the scenery above. Each of them were acting according to their own consciousness.

“An, anyway, at least it doesn't look like a supernatural phenomenon.”

“..fuu...that's great...”

Himeji-san and Minami, who are completely useless against things like ghosts and monsters, finally relaxed. They could finally relax after understanding that there's no supernatural phenomenon in the classroom. That's great.

“But well...instead of improving the controls, it felt more like automating the summoned beasts. Did they do this because you told them to?”

“...I didn't tell the summoned beast to do anything.”

“I didn't tell my summoned beast to do such a thing too.”

Up till now, the summoned beasts were either sighing, putting the hand on the chest, or lying on the chest.

And then,

“Good thing it's not some monster...or else I would end up so scared I couldn't sleep like the test of courage tournament the last time. I even had to sleep with Hazuki...”

“I got confessed to by a guy from a nearby middle school...if Akihisa knows of this, he'll treat me like a girl. I have to reject that person privately...”

“...I can see the secrets under a girl's skirt no matter when!”

The summoned beasts started talking. Eh? Did I...just hear something?

“Minami. The summoned just said've been sleeping with Hazuki-chan after the test of courage tournament because you were scared of that true?”

“ were finally confessed to by guys outside school?”

“Muttsurini...oh well, you're no different from usual anyway.”

The three of them shook their heads to deny our questions.

“Aki, wha, what are you saying!? Those summoned beasts were saying things I never even thought of before! How can I be afraid of ghosts!” “Not just sleeping time too. I've been bathing together with Hazuki because it's really scary to wash my hair alone in the bathroom!”

“Shimada's right! No matter what, how can I be confessed to by a middle school guy when I'm a guy!? There has to be a draft before you lie!” “And it's the third one this month...”

“...I have no interest in girls' upskirts.”"Deep beneath the skirt lies a man's romance, dreams and hopes. Tights, mini-skirts, long skirts, flare skirts, pleated skirts, all sorts of skirts have their own allure, but I don't consider culottes as skirts. Culottes have their own charm, but the defense's way too high..."

Is this what it means by shooting oneself in the foot?

"But thinking about this carefully, this may be a pity. If I didn't act so tough and be honest in saying that I was scared, maybe Aki would hold my hand or something..."

"Wa, wait a minute!? What are you saying all of a sudden!?"

Minami hurriedly leaped at her summoned beast as something she did not want others to know was revealed. But Minami's summoned beast slipped out of her hands, and for some reason, came to grab my legs. Is this summoned beast thinking of using me as a shield?

"Eh? That's strange? Minami's summoned beast can touch me..."

The summoned beast that wasn't supposed to touch humans and physical objects is now holding onto my leg tightly. That's strange, except for my own summoned beast, the other summoned beasts shouldn't be able to touch anything...

"Is this something that old granny came up with? I think she messed up on the adjustments or something."

"Un~...I feel the same."

Yuuji's right. The principal must have messed up on the settings or something. The proof is that we haven't seen the scores of the summoned beast up till now.

"Forget about that! Aki, hand that kid over to me!"


Minami's summoned beast declared her own will as it was unwilling to move from my leg at all. She looked just like a kid.

"Eh? Did Minami's summoned beast just go against her master's will?"

"...The principal said that the summoned beast is now following the master's subconscious will."

"I see, so the summoned beast will follow its own will instead of what it insists on."

Yuuji's side is discussing about something difficult. What subconscious action will be more of their own nature, being self-conscious as they're automated, personality being like a kindergartener...un, I really don't understand what they're talking about.

"Eh, anyway..."

"...These summoned beasts have the self-awareness of a child, and their actions are no different from children."

"In other words, the summoned beasts will now say the true thoughts out, and they're somewhat like a child version of the summoner."

"I see. A child version of the master, so Minami's summoned beast would do such a thing."

"Aki, huggie~"

"Stop hugging! Why are you playing around? That's enough, let go of Aki!"


Minami continued to try and pull away the summoned beast that's holding onto me. Mu, this situation's rather interesting.

"It's okay, Minami. Don't mind. I'm used to it anyway."

"Eh? Aki, you're very used to this sort of thing?"

"I don't understand why, but I've been rather popular with kids ever since a long time ago."

"Maybe that's because your intelligence level are about the same as them."

"Shut up, Yuuji!"

As I reached my hand out to pat the summoned beast's head, Minami's summoned beast seemed to enjoy it as it closed its eyes. Ah, this really looks like Minami's little sister Hazuki-chan.

"Aki, aki, listen to me!"

"Hm? What is it?"

"I've been doing a lot of overboard things to you, actually, I li--"



Minami suddenly did a wrist twisting attack on me. What's going on!?

"Oi, what are you trying to say!? Why are you trying to do such things that'll trouble me even though you're my avatar?"

"Are you alright, Aki? Does it hurt? Sorry~"

"Oi! Are you listening to me!"

If possible, I would like you to explain to me what's going on too..."

"That's really bad. No matter how much I tried to explain that I was a guy, that boy just wouldn't believe me."

"--Skirts are full of charm, but the thing that's most worth mentioning are the kind hope that can be seen inside!"

"Muu...I really want to remove this summoned beast..."

"...The summoning area was too big. We can't go out of it."

Hideyoshi and Muttsurini's summoned beasts summoned to have their own will, and these talkative summoned beasts seemed to be troubling them.

Even if they want to remove the summoned beasts before they say anymore of their true thoughts, but the summoning field covers the entire school, so they can't remove them as when they want to. Besides, since the summoned beasts can move on their own, Hideyoshi and the rest don't dare to look away from it, which makes it even harder for them.

"But that's really amazing. Let alone Muttsurini, we hardly get to hear the secrets Hideyoshi wants to hide."

"That's right. Because Kinoshita-kun's most adept at making poker faces."

"No no no, Yuuji, Himeji, what are you saying? I'm normally hon--""They're praising my acting skills. I'm so happy.""..."

Hideyoshi's summoned beast was jumping about happily. That's interesting. I should try this too.

"Oh yeah, Hideyoshi..."

"Wha, what is it, Akihisa?"

As he was wary about me, Hideyoshi stuttered for a moment. Let's ask him some interesting questions.

"Hideyoshi, have you been confessed to by guys?"

"HOW CAN I BE CONFESSED TO BY GUYS!""It's been every day recently."



Hideyoshi continued to look flustered as he tried to hide what his summoned beast said. But Hideyoshi thought too much as this little thing won't change our thoughts on him, Besides, I already know that Hideyoshi was popular with the guys anyway.

"Then let's talk about Muttsurini. What should we ask him? Muttsurini, you--"

"...Do, don't ask me, I, I'm thinking about skirts."


"...!(shakes head flusteredly)"

I see...he's that concentrated on such a fantasy world...

Even if we hear Muttsurini's words, it doesn't seem any different from usual. Let's just ignore him for now.

"Then, finally--"

"--It's Shimada's turn."

"Wha, what?"

On feeling the stares from me and Yuuji, Minami looked extremely awkward. Then, she seemed to be trying to buck herself up as she coughed once before saying to us,

"Let me say this first! I don't have anything to hide! No matter what you try "Actually, yesterday, I got a confession from a first-year girl" NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"


I haven't asked anything seems that Minami's not good at hiding secrets subconciously.

"Tha, that's too despicable, Aki! Using such a method to ask about my secrets!"

"No, I think it's that you just revealed it yourself, Minami..."

"Stop trying to defend yourself! Anyway, summon your summoned beast out and share your true thoughts with everyone!"

"True thoughts? As in the person I like? Actually, I like--"


She wants me to summon my summoned beast? Even if it's Minami's request, I won't agree to that at all. In this situation, if I summon my summoned beast, it'll become an all-out confession. It was because I was wary of the principal's words that I managed to avoid self-destruction, and I won't summon my summoned beast no matter what.

"...It will say the true thoughts, is it..."

Just when I was thinking about how to avoid this calamity, Himeji-san, who was standing beside me, muttered to herself, and took out a pen and paper before writing some kanji. What is she trying to do?

"Well, Akihisa-kun..."

"Hm? What is it, Himeji-san?"

"Do you know how to read these words?"

"Let's see. 'Gap Problem', right?"[1]

"Yes, that's right."

After hearing my answer, Himeji-san seemed to be rather happy as she smiled sweetly.

What did that question mean--

DON<--My summoned beast appeared.


"I'm sorry, Akihisa-kun, but I have something I want to know no matter what."

That's too cruel! Himeji-san, what did you do to me!

"Haha, you're really an idiot, Akihisa."

"Yuuji, who wrote 'De l'esprit des lois'?" "


DON<--Yuuji's summoned beast appeared.


Yuuji and I ended up summoning our summoned beasts because of their tricks. Ha! Yuuji has no right to call me stupid like that!

"Nice job, you two! Answer honestly, Aki! Who do you like!?"

"Listen to me, listen to me, I like--"

"No one will treat you as a mute if you don't speak! Hurry up and answer, Aki!"

"A, Akihisa-kun! I want to know too!"

"...Yuuji, how do you view me? Tell me now."

The girls are now looking at Yuuji and my summoned beast. As their stares closed in, our summoned beasts,



Our summoned beasts started fighting for some reason. Ahh, so those were our true thoughts.



On a side note, we started fighting each other as well.

"Eh, Akihisa-kun, please ignore Sakamoto-kun for now and say who you like, okay?"

"That's right, Aki! You can't ask other people for their secrets and try to care about something else!"

"...Yuuji, tell me your true thoughts."








Just when we were fighting

"Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone~ eh, what's going on? What interesting things are you doing? Let me take part too!"

Kudou-san, whose club activity ended, came to meet up with us after being late for so long.

What do we do now? I have a bad feeling about this for some reason...

"Heh~, summoned beasts that can say true thoughts out~ That seems interesting."

"""NOT AT ALL!!!"""

After knowing the reason, Kudou-san said that happily. It's because Kudou-san didn't summon her summoned beast, she found this interesting.

"Then, let me try and see if the summoned beasts will say its true thoughts~"

"""...(Looks away)."""

Everyone looked down to avoid being targeted.

At this moment, Kudou-san unhurriedly spoke up and chose the one she wanted to test,



"I have something I always wanted to ask you~"

Kudou-san stared at Muttsurini and gave a smirk. Great! The victim's chosen!

"Hey, Muttsurini-kun, I want to ask you something."

"...I have nothing to--"

"...I'm very willing if it's ero-stuff."

"...Nothing to say to you."

The summoned beast immediately went against Muttsurini's will and spoke on its own. Is that really alright?

Ignoring our worries completely, Kudou-san just continued to look at Muttsurini in the eyes and said mischievously,

"Haha, we can talk about that, but this seems to be a little different from what I want to talk, Muttsurini-kun."

Kudou-san deliberately paused for half a beat, perhaps to give him time to think, and then said,

"You often said that you're 'not interested' in me--well, you should be rather interested, right?"

On hearing Kudou-san's question, Muttsurini snorted coldly before saying,

"...What idiotic words are you saying..."

"...What kind of secrets are hidden under the shorts?"

"...Uu (pak pak pak)!"

"...It hurts."

BTS vol 07.5 092.jpg

Muttsurini forcefully hits the summoned beast that subconsciously revealed his true thoughts a few times.

Muu, no matter how Muttsurini tries to force it, the fact that he's interested in Kudou-san (or at least what's under her shorts) can be seen clearly from the way he's nosebleeding.

"Ahaha. This little fellow's really frank. How interesting~"

"...Not interesting at all!"

"...I really want to see the shorts."

"...Uu (pak pak pak)!"

"...Stop hitting me."


Even after knowing Muttsurini's true thoughts, Kudou-san seemed rather happy.

"Seems interesting. Shall I have some fun too~"


Kudou-san looked away from Muttsurini and turned to Yuuji and me. What does she want to do to us?

"Hey, Yoshii-kun, Sakamoto-kun..."

After calling our names, Kudou-san suddenly reached out to grab her skirt for some reason.

"Maybe I'm not interesting for wearing shorts--"

She deliberately stopped halfway to give us time to talk. Wha, what is she trying to do?

"Do you see what's under my skirt?"

As she said this, Kudou-san even lifted her short skirt under. Do I want to look under her skirt? Haha, really, I thought she would say something else!

"What are you saying, Kudou-san? We're not"Please let me look under your skirt!"perverted people..."

"That's right Kudou. No matter how you try to fool us"Wait Akihisa! Me first!" it's useless..."

"Aki, come over for a while."

"Akihisa-kun, I have something to say to you."

"...Yuuji, come over."

What's going on? Why do I sense impending death?

~Please hold on for a moment~

"Really, it seems that the punishment for the peeping and the confiscated manage haven't made you learn. You'll definitely create a lot of problems with you create those pervy things. Right, Mizuki?"

"Eh? We, well, I guess it couldn't be helped that boys at this age would think of such pervy stuff...bu, but anyway, Akihisa-kun shouldn't look at Aiko-chan that way! If you continue to think those pervy things, I will have to punish you with Minami-chan."

"...Yuuji, I won't allow you to cheat on me."

""We remembered it deep inside our hearts.""

Yuuji and I put our foreheads on the tatami mat and apologized in unison.

Uu...Minami's wrestling techniques and Himeji-san's warning made my body ache all over...

"I'm sorry, Muttsurini-kun, Yoshii-kun and Sakamoto-kun, I just want to tease you."

Kudou-san put her hands together and apologize to us tragic people.

"...I have no interest in Kudou."

"That's right. You're too much, Kudou-san."

"Please show some self respect to yourself, will you?"

"Hm? I shouldn't lie just to tease you. Sorry."

"It's great that you can honestly reflect on things--hm? lie?"

What did she mean by lie?

"That's right. I just lied. Actually, I--"

Lifting her skirt up to a height where something can be vaguely seen underneath, Kudou-san said slowly,

"Actually, I'm...not wearing shorts today."

"...U (Tatata)!"

"...U (Tatata)!"

"...U (Tatata)!"


"""No need to explain! Come over!"""

~Please hold on for a moment again~

"Damn consciousness' starting to fade..."

"Not fingers are trembling..."

Yuuji and I collapsed onto the tatami mat lifelessly and muttered. We wanted to get up, but it seems that we need some time before we can recover."

"...Yuuji, I'm not wearing shorts underneath as well."

"Really, Aki, why are you always thinking of those pervy things in you mind?"

"Akihisa-kun, please reflect on your actions this time."

The girls lectured us one by one as we lay on the tatami mats. Muu...even if you say so...

"...(Unable to move at all)."

On a side note, Muttsurini couldn't move at all as he lost too much blood due to noseblood. Because of that, he was able to avoid the anger bombardment of the girls. On a certain sense, we're really envious of him.

"Aki, you idiot! Pervert!"

Minami's summoned beast even climbed onto my back and jumped on me. But because of her Ancient Literature scores, the summoned beast wouldn't hurt me no matter how they try. If it's just that, there's no need to be scared even if I made her angry...

Just when my body regained its senses, Kudou-san again ran to us.

"Also, listen, you three. I overslept this morning, so I didn't have time to wear my bra."

""Please spare us "What did you say happened to your bra!?" the agony already!!""

AHHH!! Even though we know that we can't be taken by Kudou-san, we'll still show our honest reactions subconsciously!

Just when we were getting scared of the sudden storm of rage, Kirishima-san came over to Yuuji. This guy will have to take the third punishment today...and I don't think even he will take that, right? Goodbye Yuuji, we'll meet up in the other world.


"No, that's not it, Shouko! This is a normal reaction a guy can't control...!"

Yuuji continued to flail his arms as he tried to defend himself weakly. However, Kirishima-san continued to remain silent and walked closer to Yuuji,


"Hm? WHOA!"

She suddenly reached out and put Yuuji's head into her chest. What? That bastard!!! I'm so envious of him!!

"...Are you happy?"

"Wha, what are you saying! How can I be so happy about such a "YAHHOOOO"TTHHHHIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG!!!"

Yuuji used all his strength to try and cover the true thoughts his summoned beast said.

On hearing Yuuji's true thoughts, Kirishima-san smiled and held Yuuji's head in even tightly.

"...Then let's hug longer."

"What are you saying, "WOOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHH!!!" LET GO OF MEEEEEE!!!!"

Yuuji tried his best to struggle and get away from Kirishima-san's clutch.

Really, that guy's really not honest. He should just express how happy he is in this situation.

"You're so lucky, Yuuji! I'm jealous! I'm jealous!!"

See, why is my summoned beast so honest?

"Akihisa-kun, you shouldn't look at Shouko-chan that way."

"Aki, you haven't reflected on yourself enough?"

I'm really too honest here.

"I'm happy that Akihisa-kun's interested in the opposite gender, but you can't look at Shouko-chan and Aiko-chan like that. Akira-san will be angry. Even if she isn't, haven't you created a lot of problems recently because of pervy stuff?"

"Yes...I'm really sorry..."

I kneeled down and listened to Himeji-san lecture me. Minami, who was sitting beside Himeji-san, wanted to tell me off too, but on hearing her summoned beast comment about Yuuji's situation "Will my small breasts make others happy", she immediately ran out. However, I guess the reason Yuuji (summoned beast) was that happy was that, more than the size of the breasts, the bigger reason was that Kirishima-san was the one who hugged him.

"Speaking of which, if you're really interested, you should calm down and find a steady partner. Everything has an order."

Himeji-san put her hands on her waist and warned me. Himeji-san may be angry, but her angry side had an undescribable charm. It really looks cute to me.

"...Akihisa-kun, are you listening to me?"

"Ye, yes, I was listening to you!"

Wah, that was bad. Looks like I have to listen to her properly. Himeji-san's angry now. If I let her know that she's cute when she's angry,

"Angry Himeji-san's really cute, and there doesn't seem to be any terrifying punishment on the body."


"A, Akihisa-kun?"

I said that it'll be bad if she finds out, yet I said it out! This idiot summoned beast! It's rare that she didn't beat me up today; what will happen if she changes her mind!?


I timidly looked for Himeji-san's response.

Himeji-san's still angry, but she couldn't hide her happy expression. As a girl, of course she would be happy about being called cute, but she must be feeling complicated about being called cute when she's angry. Anyway, it's best if she doesn't change her mind and punish me...

"(Ahem) Akihisa-kun, an, anyway..."

"Ye, yes, Himeji-san?"

"Are you going to punish me now?"

Seeing Himeji-san peek forward for some reason, I subconsciously took a step back.

"No, I don't have any intention of punishing you...I, I know that this is sudden--A, you have anyone you like?"

"Eh? Why are you asking that out of a sudden?"

I couldn't catch up to the sudden change in topic. What is Himeji-san saying out of a sudden?

"...Even though I knew it, but Akihisa-kun really doesn't understand others when this is involved..."

"Why is she asking me whether I have someone I like at this moment? Is this like those movies when someone will pass my words to the person I like so that I can rest in peace? Speaking of which, I believe this sort of scene happened in the movie I watched last week. Holding tightly onto the hand of the dying comrade, letting him say his last words and lit a cigarette for him to smoke in his mouth. That person was then called back to be with the Lord. Then...will Himeji-san make me smoke later? But I'm underaged. Can this really do...?"

"Erm, Himeji-san, I'm still underaged here..."

"And also, that's thinking in a completely wrong direction..."

How troublesome. I'll definitely be expelled if I smoke in school.

"Does Aki have feelings for me? I really want to know!"

"Damn it! Just be quiet!"


"Don't say no!"

Slightly far off, Minami was fighting with her summoned beast. She also has it hard today.

"You're mistaken, Akihisa-kun. I just want to know if Akihisa-kun has someone he likes."

Himeji-san asked again. Ah, so that's not a declaration of death--someone I like? Un, but that's something I can't just say in front of others...

"Well, I like--"



"Ahh! chibi Akihisa-kun!"

I kicked the summoned beast into the dustbin as precaution before it spoke. Though the feedback will hurt my body all over, I managed to prevent my secrets from being revealed. That was really close.

"How could you do that, Akihisa-kun? Even if the one being kicked is you, that's..."

"It hurts."

"Okay, okay, pain pain go away, go far far away~"

Himeji-san saved my summoned beast from the dustbin and stroked the summoned beast's head softly. Damn it! My summoned beast, stop fooling around over there!

"...Yuuji, how about you? Do you like me?"

"Humph, how stupid. I don't have a duty to answer that."

"Me? Of course I--"



"...Yuuji's too much."

Seems like Yuuji's having it tough over there too.

"Well, Akihisa-kun..."

Just when I was focusing on Yuuji's situation, Himeji-san carried my summoned beast and walked over.


"Akihisa-kun, what's wrong?"

"No, nothing, nothing at all!"

I frantically waved my hands and tried to look around.

Himeji-san walked over. That's not the problem--the problem is that she's holding my summoned beast in those soft breasts of hers! I've been feeling a certain hot and squishy feeling. Don't tell me...

"No, that's not it! I was just scolded about thinking about pervy stuff, so how can I think about such impure stuff out of a sudden? I'm not some perverted person--"

"The soft breasts feel so nice!"


"Ah, Akihisa-kun! It's too much to kick your summoned beast outside no matter what!"

Himeji-san hugged onto my summoned beast tightly as if she wanted to protect it. DAMNED BASTARD! STOP GLEEING AWAY OVER THERE, MY IDIOTIC SUMMONED BEAST!

"Speaking of which, Akihisa-kun, as for the question just now."

"--The question just now?"

"Yes. It's the person...Akihisa-kun likes."

Ku...! Is she intending to ask the same question as just now? I really don't want to do this...! But since she insists on it, I have no other choice. Let's make Himeji-san try the pain of being questioned. We're all good friends, so we have to go through thick and thin!

Before my summoned beast could speak, I hurriedly spoke up to answer her question.

"Well, I like,"

"Ye, yes. Who does Akihisa-kun likes?"

Zuzu, in contrast to Himeji-san who couldn't help but bend forward--

"--G Class' Samon-san."[3]

I pretended to tell her.

"...Eh? Sa, Samon-san? Who's that? I've never heard of that name before, and does our school have a G class - AH!"

DON<--Himeji-san's summoned beast appeared.

"Okay, now everyone's assembled! Himeji-san, let's talk about who we like!"

"Tha, that's too sneaky, Akihisa-kun! Using the name of the person you like to fool me is against the rules!"

Now I won't be the one being questioned all the time, and I can get everyone else involved in this as well.

"Fufu, welcome here, Mizuki. Let's all talk about our true thoughts happily."

Minami walked over unknowingly as she put her hand on Himeji-san's shoulder and smiled. That's right, having an extra chat partner is something worth being happy about.

"No, no problems, I don't have anything to hide in the first place,"

"Just now, when Akihisa-kun was thinking about pervy things, I didn't punish him because I have some things I couldn't say."


Himeji-san frantically covered the mouth of her overly honest summoned beast. Welcome to our world.

"You're too naive, Mizuki. It's because you've been thinking about trying to hide things that the summoned beasts would end up saying them out."

"My doll and table have photos of that guy, and also..."

Minami and Himeji-san leaped towards their summoned beasts. How stupid...It's because they're thinking about hiding things that this,

"Something I want to hide? Speaking of which, I want to hide the fact that my A-books were under the laundry basket..."



I dumped my summoned beast into the dustbin. Who'll even care about feedback now?

~At a same time, in a different place~

"We, well, Kubo-kun."

"Un? Erm, you're..."

"I'm the class representative of E class. My name's Nakabayashi."

"Really? Hello, Nakabayashi-san, do you need something?"

"Erm, how should I put it...actually, I, I wanted to say a few words with Kubo-kun. My heart's all fuzzy recently because of, not fuzzy, or rather, sorrow? Sadness? Or worrying endlessly[4]? Anyway, I don't know how to express this clearly, but no matter what, I have to tell you, all my troubles up till now...well, Kubo-kun, are you busy now?"

"Not really. I have time to listen to your troubles. No problems[5]."

DON<--Kubo and Nakabayashi's summoned beasts appeared.

"Actually, I've always liked Kubo-kun from A class...maybe it's because I've been exercising all day that I really like those knowledgeable eyes of him--I really hope to go out with him!"

"Why must Yoshii-kun be so defenseless? He's really cute! Those clumsy actions, clumsy words, every clumsy action makes me fall in love with him."




"...I'm sorry."




Yuuji and I seemed to act in unison as we kicked our summoned beasts into the dustbin. I have no idea how many times I repeated this action today...

"Haa, haa, haa...why did I end up being so tired today..."

"Yeah...I didn't expect a self-aware summoned beast, to be this troublesome..."

"Yuuji, you have it light...unlike me...I still have to take, the feedback of my, summoned beast..."

It's tiring having our summoned beasts as our opponents, and this time, no matter how we attacked, the summoned beasts' points wouldn't drop at all...damn it, is this a trap that old granny set up!?

"...Yuuji, you should give up and tell me your honest thoughts."

"I want to dig up more secrets about Yoshii-kun~. This is for some people, right♪"


Kirishima-san and Kudou-san haven't summoned their summoned beasts, and looked completely uninterested. No, even if those two people summoned their summoned beasts, I think we can expect them to feel at ease.

"Kudou-san! Shouldn't you be asking your worst nemesis Muttsurini instead of me?"

"Mn, I wanted to do that too, but Muttsurini-kun became like that--"

"...I have no interest in Ero-stuff."

"...I'm very interested in them."

"...It doesn't matter what skirt it is."

"...How can it not matter? That's really important!"

"...It doesn't matter anyway!"

"...No, I love them all!"

"--He's not much different from usual anyway."

"U...that's too sneaky..."

Kudou-san's right. Right now, Muttsurini's nosebleeding like mad and practically letting his summoned beast say his true thoughts, and he doesn't look much different from usual. It's really not interesting to tease Muttsurini in this state.

"In, in that case, I'll--"

To get her away from me, I looked around to check everyone's situation. How's everyone's situation now--

"A, Akihisa-kun! You can't come over to us!"

"And you can't eavesdrop! Look around to the other side!"

"But I'm troubled that he's looking at other girls like that! Even though I didn't punish him, I did lecture him badly!"

"Ah, I'm the same here! I won't allow that to happen!"

Not far away, Himeji-san and Minami were frantically trying to get in front of their summoned beasts to prevent their summoned beasts' words from being heard. Though they tried their best, I could hear the summoned beasts' voices--but I would eavesdrop on some weird terms like 'punishment', 'H-stuff' and 'pillow'. That really increased my curiosity.

"That's too bad. I knew all about Mizuki-chan and Minami-chan's secrets the last time we stayed overnight at prez's house."[6]

Kudou-san clicked her tongue and reached her thumb out, shaking it at me. Damn it! Couldn't she just look for Himeji-san and the rest...

"How about Yuuji?"


"Mn~...Sakamoto-kun's under the control of the prez. There's no need for me."

Yuuji won't do? Then, Hideyoshi's left.

"That's strange? Speaking of which, I didn't seem to hear Hideyoshi's summoned beast talking."

"Mn? That's right? Isn't that too unfair?"

Thinking about it carefully, we didn't hear Hideyoshi or his summoned beast at all. What's going on?

"Arre? What's with you two? Did you call my name?"

Once I called Hideyoshi's name, Hideyoshi, who was sitting silently at a corner of the classroom widened his eyes. So he's been in the classroom all this time, but why is he so quiet?

"Kinoshita-kun, were you sleeping?"

"No, in this situation, even I can't sleep, Kudou."

It's true that anyone who can sleep in this situation is a big idiot who's a lost cause.

"It'll be troubling if my summoned beast continues to say stuff on its own. So I imagined myself to be like an abbot on a pilgrimage, and curb my emotions using Zen."


Hideyoshi's summoned beast was sitting down beside him with his legs folded, closing his eyes like Hideyoshi just now.

"Heh~so this can let our emotions settle~"

"I see. We just need to empty our consciousness."

"Um, seems that way."

The summoned beast with a calm and still expression straightened its back, and looked just like a kid. How cute.

Just when I was thinking about this--

"...I brought Yuuji and Yoshii's summoned beasts over."


"It hurts."

"She did some overboard things to us."

Kirishima-san carried our summoned beasts over with one hand on one. Damn it! When did she!?



"...No. If I return it to you, you two are going to jump over and disturb me."

Kirishima-san's dead set on not returning our summoned beasts as she carried both summoned beasts and hid behind Kudou-san. This is really bad!

"Now I can ask their true thoughts. Yoshii-kun, do you have anyone you like~?"

"...Yuuji, what are your true thoughts?"

Having finally gotten this opportunity, Kudou-san and Kirishima-san raised the doubts from their hearts. Even if we try to shut our mouths tight, that--

"Someone I like? That's--"

Our summoned beasts were ready to speak up obediently without caring about our intent. Damn it! If that's the case, we can only try Hideyoshi's method.

Yuuji and I hurriedly folded our legs and sat down on the tatami mat. Zen, Zen...

Soon after, our summoned beasts did shut up and sat on the tatami mat silently as they entered a Zen phase. Ohh, that's really effective!

"That's strange? Yoshii-kun?"

"...Yuuji? Your answer?"


Our summoned beasts continue to remain silent. Very good, this is really effective!

"Look at that, Minami-chan! It seems that we'll be alright once we enter a Zen phase."

"Really? Let us try it!"

We can't understand the situation the rest are going through once we close our eyes, but I can feel Himeji-san and Minami walking over to me with their summoned beasts and entered a Zen phase. I see. These two are sitting down cross-legged in a Zen phase. I see, I Cross-legged? If, if that's the case...

"Sitting cross-legged with skirts on? I wanna see, I wanna see!"


My summoned beast immediately regained its enthusiasm and jumped up. Damn it! You're too honest!

"What! sitting down cross-legged with skirts on?"

"...I wanna look too..."


Ah, looks like I'm not the only one who thought that way.

"A, Akihisa-kun..."

"Aki...why are you thinking of those obscene things again?"

"I, I'm not! You're mistaken! It wasn't like that! Actually, I "Cheh, they're sitting in a seiza position instead of a cross-legged position" I'm really sorry! I was thinking of such impure and obscene stuff!"

Damn it! They knew all of my dirty thoughts!

"...Yuuji, I won't forgive you for cheating on me."


That's really a dangerous situation. An evil thought that comes out for a moment will involve life and death. Zen, zen...

"That's right, I should have worn pink underwear today, right?"

"I'm wearing aquablue~"


Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen...!! Evil thoughts begone! Troubles begone! Hurry up and think of that damned old granny's naked body...!

"Uggeeeehhh...I don't feel so good now..."

I ended up disgusting myself, but at least I managed to clear my mind of evil thoughts. Very good, very good, let's just continue to keep this Zen phase.


After a while, all of us clear our minds, and silence occupied this classroom again. That's really great.

"Oi oi, Yoshii-kun."


I continued to close my eyes. Though Kudou-san called me a few times, it's not enough to get me out of my Zen phase. I continued to close my eyes and sit cross-legged, cutting off all information from the outside world.

"Mn~ really, it became so quiet all of a sudden."

"...How bothersome. I want to know Yuuji's true thoughts."

The two girls who were in a safe zone muttered to themselves. I'm really sorry, but there won't be any more interesting things from now on. We just have to wait until the time ends.

"Ah, that's right. I met the principal before I came into the classroom."


"The principal handed me some stuff, and told me that if everyone's not moving, I should use these."

"...The principal handed you something?"

"That's right. The principal handed me some boxes, and told me to take out the paper slips from the boxes one by one and read it out to everyone."

I opened my eyes slightly, and saw Kudou-san open four small boxes. What are no, let's forget about that. I should now focus on Zen. Calm down, calm down...

"...Three cards...word association game?"

"I don't really understand, but that's likely the feeling. Anyway, let's try it first. Let me see. Take the first piece out. Hear, prez, read it."


"Here's the second one."


"Here's the third one."


"Think of something from these three things. What will that be?"

"...That's really hard."


Not good! I got to calm down, and fast! This is a trap set by the enemy. I have to keep calm and clear no matter what, no desire for anything now...

"Now for the next round. Here's the first card."


"Here's the second one."

"..."Nurse uniform'."

"And here's the third one."

"...'Sailor uniform'."




I can't accept it! Hideyoshi's definitely the one if we're talking about cute dress-up, so why am I tied 3 vs 3 with him--eh? 3 votes? Those three are Himeji-san, Minami, and the last one...

"Don't tell me, even Hideyoshi thinks of me this way?"

"Hm? Akihisa, what are you saying? How can I look at my friend "If it's girls' outfit, Akihisa's definitely the one suited for it!" in a perverted fashion, right?"

This is way too scary. Hideyoshi could say a lie without blinking an eye, and didn't even change his expression at all. Is this the ability of being a born actor...

"That's not right, Hideyoshi. I wasn't thinking about girls' outfit. Aren't those types of clothing what Hideyoshi will wear secretly?"

"Akihisa, so that's how you view me...!"

Ku...! I was too careless and said out my true thoughts!

"And now for the next round. Hee."

"...'Pervy stuff'."

"Here's the second one."

"...'Say it secretly'."

"Here's the third one."

"...'To Yoshii'."

Why me!? Why is it that I'm treated as a live target every time this happens!

No, wait, I have to calm down first. It's times like this that I can't fall into disarray. Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen...

"I see~ so I have to say pervy stuff to Yoshii-kun~ Fufufu~ Can I try it?"


"Thanks prez."

Someone save me--the thought came too late as Kudou-san already came close to me. She put her lips at my ears, took a short breath and muttered,

"Hey, Yoshii-kun."

That's something that people could associate, a charming and sexy voice.

Ku...! Kudou-san seems to be really motivated now! Got to endure! I got to endure this! I can only tell me that this involves life and death. Got to endure...

"Akihisa-kun, you can't think of pervy stuff because of Aiko-chan!"

"Aki, I'll definitely not forgive you if you make any strange response!"

They're warnings, but the girls looked like they were ready to send me 6 feet under anytime.


I cleared my soul and prayed for time to tick by faster.

Kudou-san seemed to think that my resistance was rather interesting and deliberately paused for a long time before whisper into my ear,

"...○▲×□ and......▲●※■。"


The words I've never heard of before made me cry out in a puzzled manner.

○▲×□? ▲●※■? What's that?


My summoned beast continued to sit down cross-legged and tilt its head in a puzzled manner.

I don't understand what did Kudou-san just say. What was that?

"...○▲×□ and▲●※■......! (PAAAAA)"

"...○▲×□ and▲●※■......! (PAAAAA)"

I don't know which idiot and his summoned beast were nosebleeding like crazy. Since that guy's being so excited, the words must be really perverted...but I don't understand what they mean at all, so I could escape unscathed.

"That's strange? Yoshii-kun, you don't have any response at all?"

"? I don't understand what you mean."


It seemed that Kudou-san was unhappy with my response as I felt Kudou-san puffed her cheeks unhappily in front of the calm summoned beast. That's a pity, Kudou-san. Though it hurts your pride, I win this time. Hurry and give up, return to where you belong--



Just when I was thinking about that, an abnormal feeling suddenly came from my ear.

What? What did she do to me? What am I feeling now?"

"Kudou-san!? Did you just blow into my ear!?"

"What the heck, my ear and back are feeling strange."

"Kyah. What do you think~"

"A, Aiko-chan! You can't do that! If you do that to Akihisa-kun "Akihisa-kun's voice was really cute just now" KYYYYAAAAAAHHHH!!!"

"That's right! You did that to Aki "So Aki's sensitive on the ears and neck" NOOOOOOO!!!"

"Everyone, shouldn't you continue staying in a zen phase instead of thinking about this~?"


The summoned beasts seemed like it was about to say something shocking. I hurriedly closed my eyes and steadied my thoughts.




Himeji-san and Minami's summoned beast were clinging tightly onto both left and right sides of my hand. My neck had to hold the weights of two summoned beasts, and to be honest, that's a little tough. It seems like they want to protect me from Kudou-san's demonic clutches. But in that case, I really can't concentrate on my Zen...

"Un. In that case, I can relax a bit."

"...Aiko, don't bully Yoshii too much."

"Okay, let's play another round. It'll end after this round. Here's the card."


"Here's the second one."


"Here's the third one."

"...'Someone you like'."

"""Erm, that"""


Once I recovered, I found Himeji-san, Minami and even Hideyoshi beat their summoned beasts as if they couldn't take it anymore, and finally stuffed the summoned beasts into the dustbin.

“I really can't take it...the feedback's killing my body...”

“I haven't felt this tired for such a long time...”


“Even I'm feeling tired...”

“Uu...if this keeps up, maybe I have to end up confessing in such a weird situation...”

“Me too, I don't want to confess because of such a ridiculous thing...”

Everyone started talking in weak voices.

There's still some time until we're released from this misery. What should we do....

“Speaking of which, why must we be humiliated like this?”

“Yeah! Even if it's unreasonable, there has to be a limit!”

“Yeah, who's the reason why we were treated so cruelly like that!?”

“Yeah, who's the real culprit!”

“Muu, if there's a need to say—”

Immediately, everyone started to think of someone.

White-haired, foul-mouthed, calling us to summon even though she knew this would happen, that damned old granny who's the source of all evil!


Zu, zt, zt, zt...

The next moment, our summoned beasts opened the classroom door and went out on their own.

Ahh, I see. Everyone got the same conclusion.

“But then again, that's how it should be.”

BTS vol 07.5 111c.jpg

“After thrashing others badly and treating them as guinea pigs, she's too naïve to think that she won't be involved.”

“I think that's the consequences of cause and effects.”

“...An expected retribution.”

“But I won't let her off that easily.”

Everyone answered in unison. Shouldn't we have done that right from the beginning?

A few minutes later, the old granny's hoarse scream could be heard from downstairs. But that must be because the summoned beasts weren't controlled. Since it's a problem with the summoning system, we aren't responsible at all.


  1. Social Inequality. 格差問題, kakusa mondai. sa mon=summon, the way the Japanese pronounce it.
  2. Again, Sa mon. Man, Shouko really got the hang of it there.
  3. Again, Sa mon. Way to go, Akihisa.
  4. Sadness: 切なさ (setsuna-sa), Continual worries (悶々) monmon
  5. No problems: 大丈夫さ (daijoubu-sa), Problems: 問題 (mondai). If anyone can correct the order in a way that can fit, please be my guest.
  6. If you're wondering, it happened in Volume 5. That's the last of three house visits. The first one, which was animated, was at Akihisa's house. The second was Minami (supposed to be Yuuji, but they ended up going to Minami's house so that they could take care of Hazuki. Oh, and Sakamoto Yukino appeared in that story). The last trip was to Shouko's mansion (note, mansion, not house), and we find out that Yuuji had a room prepared for him...