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The Fifth Question[edit]

Yoshii Akihisa and Sakamoto Yuuji’s real horror story introduction.

“Alright, I’m going to read the next mail then. This is from a person with the handle name ‘A troubled little brother’.”

“Really there, let’s hope it’s a scary one…”

“’Hello to both hosts for the first time. I want to let everyone hear about the horror experience I had.’”

“Oh, that’s still a normal start. Hello there.”

“‘Actually, I have an older brother.’”

“Fm fm.”

“‘My brother is very serious, good at studies, and I feel very proud to have such a brother.’”

“Looks like that guy is a very good brother.”

“‘However, my brother suddenly changed completely once he came back from the school study camp.’”

“Changed? Is he possessed or something?”

“‘He’s always showing a happy expression, always talking excitedly and passionately about a certain male friend called the <Biggest Idiot in the School>.’”


“‘My brother was so passionate it was weird, so I worriedly snuck into his room to check…’”


“‘In the end, I found a photo of a boy who should be of the same age as my brother in his drawer’”


“‘Ever since then, I've been terrified of staring at my brother’s face directly.’”


“‘I guess my brother accidentally stepped into a horrific world during the school study camp. Both of you, please be extra careful.’”


“The letter above is submitted by a person with the handle name 'Kubo Yoshimitsu’-san—no, from ‘a troubled little brother’.”

“I’m sorry…Kubo’s little brother…”

BTS6 Miharu.jpg

Kubo-kun and Shimizu-san (or whatever that is) make quick work of the two 3rd year sempai girls who’re absolutely terrified, and C classroom is cleared safely, so A classroom is the only one left.

“Then, we’ll win if Yuuji and Kirishima-san can safely break through A classroom.”

“Yeah. They don’t have many people with them, do they? A classroom doesn’t look like it has any frightening traps. I’d say, Yuuji and Kirishima should be able to win easily.”

Maybe it’s because A classroom is so big (it’s 6 times the size of D classroom) that there aren’t many scary decorations around. There’s only a maze made from the ample space and a few simple traps of summoned beasts appearing out of a sudden.

The effort the 3rd years put into A classroom is basically to build a maze that anyone will get lost in. It lacks the chilling feeling, and we do know what to expect through the tracking cameras' images, but it’s not like it’s not scary at all. Thus, the groups that went in after Kubo-kun and Shimizu-san are all disqualified.



“…3 and 5, fail.”

The screams can be heard from the monitors. They’re all shocked by the monsters that pop out. However, this is just an ordinary situation that will happen in a test of courage tournament. Those students who were scared by the traps just now are now enjoying the fun that comes with it.

(I can’t find it…where did those two go to? If we don’t hurry up and find them, the bond between those two may be…ku…!)

(Where are you…onee-sama…where exactly are you…?)

Kubo-kun and Shimizu-san are at the intersection of the maze, widening their eyes as they seem to be looking for something. Right now, they look like shinigamis who are trying to find more people to drag along to hell.

“Yare yare, leaving aside Shimizu there, I didn’t expect Kubo to lose his normal composed decision making…they broke through the checkpoint. It’s about time for them to notice that there’s no one around in that classroom.”

“They’re probably panicking because they lost sight of Akihisa’s group.”

“…Love is blind.”

“Eh? I know Shimizu-san is looking for Minami, but why is Kubo-kun panicking?”


Uu…Shimizu-san does look anxious, so Kubo-kun’s accompanying her to look around? In that case, Kubo-kun’s really so kind.

“Ah! Or is it that Kubo-kun likes Shimizu-san?”

In that case, Muttsurini’s ‘love is blind’ explains things.

“Ahh…well, it’s true that they can’t remain calm because it involves people they like.”

“I’d say…why are you so slow…?”

That’s weird. Did everyone find out about it a long time ago? I did realize it today, so it can’t be helped if Hideyoshi’s scolding me for being slow.

“I see. In that case, I have to check with the person himself the next time. Actually, I really want to help him out.”

“Akihisa…how can you be so cruel…”

“Better give it up, Akihisa. You’ll make Kubo cry.”

“…That’s too much.”


Not good. I don’t understand what the three of them are saying at all.

(Where…where are they…hm? There seems to be light in front…)

(O, onee-sama…where…?)

“Hm? Looks like Kubo and Shimizu reached the checkpoint.”

“Ah, really.”

The monitor shows them walking out of the maze and appearing in front of a wide space. They deliberately set up lights to decide the winner, and it does look like this is the checkpoint of A classroom.

(Ohh, looks like you guys are here. You kept us waiting!)

(You’re the first pair to reach us. I’ll show you our abilities as 3rd years, so grit your teeth and die!)

The ones standing at the checkpoint are the two sempais, the familiar Mohawk and the crewcut, the Toko-Natsu pair. We can see a teacher from a corner of the monitor. This checkpoint is manned by Kimura-sensei, so it looks like they’re going to fight using physics.

(I’m sorry, but have Yoshii-kun and Shimada-san passed by here?)

(Hm? You are the first pair here.)

(Eh? Why did this…those two should be earlier than us…)

(It seems that Yoshii’s group snuck out midway through. I remember seeing it on the monitor.)

(How, how can that be…then aren’t we just wasting our time here…?_

(Hm? I don’t know what are you talking about, but if you want to see them, you have to beat us before you can return back to your classroom—summon!)

(That’s how it is, hurry up. Summon!)

(Is that so…then, summon…)


Kubo-kun, who looks like he's lost a little motivation to fight, and Shimizu-san, who doesn’t look human anymore, are facing the Toko-Natsu pair as they summon their monsters.

“Can Kubo-kun’s group win?”

“Maybe not. Shimizu and Kubo should be stronger in humanities, so if they’re going to fight using physics…it’ll be rather hard.”

Yuuji probably investigated the grades of the other classes’ important members during the past few summoning wars, so that’s why he made this remark. Those who chose the sciences will be more interested in subjects like physics and chemistry, while most of those who are into humanities are more into biology[1] and geology. This is because there are different methods of studying them, to calculate or to memorize the content. Basically however, every subject for the 2nd years is necessary, so I think it’s not like Kubo-kun and Shimizu-san don’t have a complete chance of winning.

“The 3rd years are studying based on the exam format. That Toko-Natsu pair must be somewhat confident if they’ll choose physics as a deciding subject.

“Speaking of which…this might be a tough battle for Kubo-kun’s group.”

On a side note, unlike our 2nd year students’ learning format, the 3rd years can choose certain subjects (like physics, chemistry, biology, geology, geography, Japanese History, World History), so the rulings of carrying out summoning wars for them seems to be a little different from us. They can change their subjects, like ‘physics for biology’ or ‘chemistry for geology’. Basically, these are the summoning rules designed for the central exams, and our overall points are roughly calculated through this set of rules…well, we don’t have to understand this level of technology too deeply.

“In other words, the reason why the subject used is Physics is because the Toko-Natsu pair are science based. Am I right?”

“That’s how it is. But of course, the opponent will choose a subject beneficial to them, just like who we would choose for health education.”

Because of the principal’s teaching directive, health education is a necessary subject all students need to study. However, many people will give up on that subject if it’s not tested during the central exams, let alone the 3rd years who are preparing for these central exams. However, the 2nd years do have super experts on health education, so this was actually beneficial to us.

On the other hand, the 3rd years have an advantage in chosen subjects like physics and geology. Unlike us, who have to study all the subjects, the 3rd years just need to focus on the subjects they’re specializing in. Even if they are humanities students, there’s no comparison between the 2nd years who have to study every subject and the 3rd years who can focus on a select few. Of course, the teachers may vary the difficulty level in response to this, but there are still differences in points. This is why the summoning wars carried out by each year has different rules, and thus, the subject for this abnormal matchup will be much more important.

A class, Kubo Toshimitsu, Physics 213 points


D class, what was originally Shimizu Miharu, Physics 71 points.

First, the 2nd years’ scores are shown.

As expected of Kubo-kun. He specializes in humanities, but is still able to get points that are above average for class 2-A. Even if it’s not at the extremely high level of 400 or something, this level of battle ability is rather amazing. As for Shimizu-san…she doesn’t seem to be particularly good in physics, and her points are comparable to mine.

“With their points, it’ll be dangerous if our opponents here have more than 200 points.”

“There should be no problems, right? Our opponents are the Toko-Natsu pair after all.”

“Yeah. Yuuji really helped us out by taunting them.”

“…Good foresight.”

“Our opponents are 3rd years. It will be tough.”

I hope Kubo-kun’s group can try to wear out their fighting strength and let Yuuji and Kirishima-san finish them off.

During the previous battles, we fought using Japanese history during the summoning tournament, and there was the battle using world history before. The Toko-Natsu pair have points of around 200. In that case, even if physics is their best subject, I guess it will be around 250 points. In contrast, Yuuji and Kirishima-san will be—

A class, Tsunemura Yuusaku, Physics 412 points


A class, Natsukawa Shunpei, Physics 408 points.


We’re all so shocked that our exclamations are all in unison.

“Wai, wait a second! What’s with those scores? Are the Toko-Natsu’s scores that good?”

“Looking at such scores, they’re basically elite students in A class itself.”


Even if these are the subjects they’re good at, these marks are way too high! The scores are really far apart compared to their other subjects!

“I didn’t expect this…it’s no wonder they accepted my taunt so easily. Those two already saw through my intention!”

The Toko-Natsu pair aren’t tense at all probably because they had expected our side to send Yuuji and Kirishima-san to deal with them. So that’s what they were planning. It’s really our mistake to underestimate our opponents…

(Alright then, try your best, kouhais.)

(You kept us waiting for long. Don’t get beaten in just a few hits.)

The Toko-Natsu pair’s summoned beasts are demons that aren’t any different from the controllers themselves, wielding metal rods. These summoned beasts give off an evil antagonistic presence, and this really fits them.

However, Kubo-kun and Shimizu-san have to find a way to fight them! I believe those two will give their all ((We admit defeat)) that’s too fast! The winner’s decided like this!?

“Kubo and Shimizu are unwilling to battle because of that conversation just now, is it? That must be the Toko-Natsu pair’s sure-fire move.”

“Well, that’s how it is. They were aiming for something else right from the beginning anyway.”

The monitor shows the opponents’ metal rods slam down viciously on Kubo-kun and Shimizu-san’s summoned beasts. Un. This difference in battle ability is really too great.

“What do you think, Yuuji? Do we have a chance of winning?”

“Un…in the best case scenario, I’ll say a 40% chance.”

“That’s really tough.”

We don’t even have a 50% chance of winning.

“Leaving aside Shouko, I have only 150 points for physics. Also, our opponents here have one more year of summoned beast control experience compared to us. They have the advantage both in terms of scores and experience.”

“In that case, shall we send some other team to wear down their strength?”

“…That’s tough as well. Including those who went in, we have only 4 pairs of fighting forces left.”

Muttsurini looks over at the name list as he answers my question.

Only 4 pairs left, 8 people altogether? If we don’t include Yuuji and Kirishima-san, there are 3 groups left. We don’t even know whether any group can keep themselves from screaming and getting to the final checkpoint in the first place either.

“…Just to mention it. One of the 4 groups is your group, Akihisa.”

“Eh? Me? Ah, that’s right. I’m not disqualified anyway, now that you mention it.”

I forgot all about it. We’re still not considered to be disqualified because Minami fainted out of fear, and didn’t scream out.

“But if Minami fainted, our group will not be able to provide any battle support.”

Even if I carry the unconscious Minami back into the battlefield, my physics alone can’t do anything. I can’t help but grimace at this.

“…(Shakes head)”

But Muttsurini actually shakes his head to answer my self-pity. Eh? Am I wrong?

“Akihisa, Muttsurini isn’t talking about your pairing with Shimada.”

“Eh? But isn’t Muttsurini talking about me…”

“Um, besides you, Yuuji and Kirishima, ain’t there someone else? There’s another great talent[2] who hasn’t been disqualified.”

Now that Hideyoshi mentions it, I look around at everyone present. Muttsurini is disqualified, Hideyoshi too, Yuuji’s a pair with Kirishima-san, and the one left is…”

“Are, are you talking about me…?”

Oh yeah! There’s still Himeji-san! Looks like she thought that she’s disqualified too because she’s too scared.

But even if she’s not disqualified, can Himeji-san really take part in this test of courage tournament? It’ll be too much if we force her to take part. Since Minami was so terrified despite taking the initiative, it’ll be too pitiful for Himeji-san here.

“Ah, ahh…I, I really can’t handle that kind of thing…”

Himeji-san mutters with utmost apology from the bottom of her heart. She must be troubled thinking that she can’t contribute to the team. Such a kind girl.

“So, well…I will end up causing Akihisa-kun lots of trouble…”

“Don’t worry about such things, Himeji-san. The punishment of losing isn’t anything great!”

“If possible…I, I want to take part in this with you too, Akihisa-kun…”

“You really don’t have to force yourself to take part—wait, ehh? Himeji-san, you’re really willing to go?”

“Ah, yes. If it doesn’t bother you, Akihisa-kun…”

“Why would I? I won’t feel bothered at all! I’ll be really welcoming of it too!”

I’m really happy here! Not because we got extra firepower, but because Himeji-san is willing to take part in this test of courage tournament.

It’s rare for everyone to experience this kind of activity. It’ll really be a pity if one only has the memory of ‘being terrified to death just by watching the monitor image in the classroom’. It doesn’t matter if we get disqualified by screaming the moment we step into the haunted house; the most important thing is that everyone can take part in this and laugh about it, saying things like ‘it’s really scary’ once everything’s over, and making wonderful memories of it. Thus, I’m really happy that Himeji-san is finally willing to take part in this.

“Is that so? So you finally decide to join, Himeji…yeah, you definitely won’t have a chance of winning after seeing Shimada and Akihisa like that. Now’s the time to summon your courage.”

“Sa, Sakamoto-kun! I’ll get angry if you continue!”

“Okay okay okay. I won’t say anything. I’ll just shut up, alright?”

Yuuji shows a sinister grin on his face.

I see. Minami’s passion in taking part despite being scared brought lots of courage to Himeji-san. It’s true that Minami’s hard work is really making my heart race. If I think about it this way, I can understand why Himeji-san would nod her head and agree.

“Le, let’s go, Akihisa-kun.”

“Un, you’re right. Let’s hurry up then!”

I better hurry before everyone realizes that Himeji-san and I are paired up and come for my throat.

“Right, I better get ready.”

“…Yuuji, you can hug onto me tightly if you’re scared.”

“I refuse. Also, please do whatever you want if you’re scared.”

“…Impossible. Those kinds of scary things scare me the most. I’ll definitely stick to you, Yuuji.”

“I’ll show you the expressions you make when you attack me next time. That’s a real demon.”

“…Kyaa, it’s so scary.”

“Uggooh!! My, my joints!?”

“…Cough, cough. Kyahh, kya…? Iya…?”

“You’re practicing your cries now? Damn it! I definitely won’t be tricked by you—GYAAAHHHH!!!”

“…I see. Gyaahhh, that…”

I can hear Yuuji and Kirishima-san’s conversation while I leave the classroom with Himeji-san. That Yuuji…I hope he won’t scream out in pain once his joints are restrained.

“A, Akihisa-kun…please don’t let go of my hand…”

“U, un, I get it.”

Himeji-san holds onto my hand tightly. I can’t let go even if I want to because of how she’s holding my hand.

In fact, Himeji-san has been sticking tightly to me ever since just now, causing me to sweat out of nervousness. I do feel embarrassed for being held by her so tightly…

“…It’s not scary, it’s not scary…I won’t feel scared as long as I’m with Akihisa-kun…”

But it seems that Himeji-san doesn’t have the time to focus on such things. Or rather, I can’t relax at all either. Himeji-san is being so close to me that I can’t be bothered about whether those demons will scare me or not.

“Speaking of which, those monsters haven’t appeared yet.”

Himeji-san and I have just stepped into this classroom, but this is way too quiet. I remember that in C classroom, there would be 4,5 times the summoned beasts that would try to scare us. What’s going on? Is it because A classroom is too big, and that there are too few summoned beasts available? Or are the 3rd years intending to carry out a terrifying act once we relax since we’re all tensed up? The enemy must be thinking of using such a plan, like using “Akihisa-kun…(hugs)” soft meat buns, the squishy and soft feel and the smell to scare us. Even if we fail here, I’m already mentally prepared to live together with Himeji-san for eternity. In that case, I have to make sure I have my water supply, beat the Toko-Natsu pair, and finish my mission uboah!

“Ahh, that was dangerous…it’s really dangerous now when this maze is so dark and so quiet…!”

“That, that’s right…it’s quiet and dark. It’s really scary…”

“No, that’s not it Himeji-san. I’m saying that it’s dangerous, not scary.”


I nearly became Yuuji’s summoned beast (a werewolf). If I attack Himeji-san at this moment, she’ll scream out of fear, causing us to get disqualified, and I’ll be hated by her, beaten up by the other classmates, get expelled from school and get forcefully kissed by nee-san, leaving my life to be left with an endless darkness…dangerous! This situation’s really dangerous!

“Well, Himeji-san…”

“Ye, yes?”

Anyway, I better speak up to break this silence first, or I may lose control of my sanity in such a silent moment. If I can talk, I might be able to divert Himeji-san’s attention and not let her be so scared.

“Thank you very much for taking part in this activity even though you’re so scared.”

“Ah, don’t say that. I should be the one thanking you for being willing to pair up with me even though I might bring you lots of trouble, Akihisa-kun.”

“Why would I? I won’t feel troubled. I just feel happy inside to be able to take part in this with you. I don’t find this troublesome at all.”

“I’m happy to hear you say this.”

The fearful Himeji-san finishes her words, and breaks out a beautiful smile right at me.

“But you do feel rather scared, right?”

“We, well…ye, yes…I do feel scared…”

“There hasn’t been a single monster appearing, but this dim-looking maze is already scary enough without anyone around. Also, I have to endure the pressure of the summoned beasts appearing out of nowhere. It must be stressful for people who are scared of such things, I guess?

“Well…Akihisa-kun, I’m sorry…that I’m not athletic, and scared of such things, always relying on you to help me…”

“Ah, don’t worry. You really don’t have to apologize to me because of this.”


Himeji-san still gives an apologetic look, and I can only open my mouth slowly and say.

“Himeji-san, even if you blame yourself for this…us guys don’t hate it when you can rely on us.”

“You don’t hate me…relying on you?”

“Un, because, for a, erm…cute girl like you, Himeji-san, any guy will be happy that you’re willing to work hard even though you’re scared, and how you rely on me. I can only feel delighted that you will rely on me, Himeji-san, so why would I feel troubled?”

“Cu, cute, is it…hou…”

Himeji-san blushes as she lowers her head, and I feel awkward for saying such a foreign line, and my face feels like it’s going to blow out fire.

“About that…”

“U, hm? Is there anything you want to say, Himeji-san?”

“Well…do you feel happy to be with me, Akihisa-kun?”

That slender small hand holding onto mine is exerting more force.

“Of, of course I am! You’re cute and smart, and also kind too, Himeji-san. I basically can’t find any weaknesses in you, and I’m basically protecting a princess whenever I’m with you!”


I think I often hear people say that the name represents a person, and the ‘Hime’[3] in the name ‘Himeji Mizuki’ really suits her.

“But I guess the problem is about how you’re walking with a guy like me who’s stupid, doesn’t know how to fight, and is unreliable, Himeji-san—hm?”

Suddenly, Himeji-san pulls our hands that are held together.

“Did you say…princess?”

I turn my embarrassed face to the side to look at Himeji-san, and see her looking down sadly as she stops.

“What’s the matter, Himeji-san?”

“…There’s something…”

Himeji-san lets out a teeny-weeny voice.

“…There has been something…I wanted to ask you since a long time ago, Akihisa-kun…”

Something she wanted to ask me since a long time ago? What’s the matter? Looking at her expression now, it does seem to be something unhappy…did I accidentally mention something bad?

“Wha, what is it? Is there anything you want to say to me?”

“…Akihisa-kun…what do you…think about me…?”


Why is Himeji-san saying this out of a sudden? What’s the situation now?

“That’s because…I’ve always been wondering, even though you’ve been treating me carefully like a princess, are you just trying to keep your distance away from me…”

“Keep my distance from you, Himeji-san?”

I don’t have that intention…do I?

“Because, Akihisa-kun…didn’t you just say it…that I’m like a ‘flawless princess’?”

“Ah, un, I did say it.”

“But I’m not! I’m not a princess at all! I’m always so slow-witted no matter what I do, and I’ll get jealous all the time. Even when everyone keeps praising me for doing well in schoolwork, I always pass out during the important exams, and my urge to have it all to myself…I have a lot of faults, and I keep causing trouble for others…”

“No, not at all…”

“That’s how it is! I have lots of weaknesses, but you don’t understand at all, Akihisa-kun. I think this is because there’s a wide gap between us…”

It’s not very loud, but Himeji-san does talk fast and rushed.

“Is it really weird for me to be walking with you like this, Akihisa-kun? To me…it really doesn’t suit me to be with this Akihisa-kun who’s cheery, kind, attractive and charismatic. But Akihisa-kun, you praise me so much and belittle yourself, so I feel that you’re trying to keep your distance away from me…”

I never thought that Himeji-san will ever say such a thing, and I don’t even know how to respond.

“Akihisa-kun, you’ve always been taking care of me…but the person who caught your eye isn’t really me, right?”


I can’t describe Himeji-san’s current expression now, either she’s trying to probe me, or she’s trying to rely on me.

I didn’t know that Himeji-san has always been troubled by such a thing…but I do feel that being isolated isn’t a good thing. The friends who often play with me are all close to me, but even I will feel unhappy if the way I’m being treated is different. Himeji-san has been conscious of her weak health, and so she’s more sensitive to how people react to her actions, I guess?

“Ah! So, sorry…for saying such weird things when you helped me a lot here…”

Himeji-san looks like she suddenly recovered after seeing that I’m utterly speechless. She doesn’t cling onto me now as she takes half a step back, and pulls the distance between us.

“Hi, Himeji-san, that…”

“Ple, please forget about what I just said. I just said that stupidly because I was too scared. It’s really nothing, sor—”

Himeji-san suddenly seems to remember something as she stares at my hand, unable to finish her words. What is she looking at—ah, this is bad! I forgot I’m still holding the camera! In that case, won’t Himeji-san’s words just now be heard?

“Eh, erm erm…that, I’m just thinking, maybe you might be shocked if I tell you my troubles, Akihisa-kun! Tha, that’s because…you don’t feel scared at all, right, Akihisa-kun? I wanted to scare you a little…”

“Ah, ahaha. I was really shocked by you. I nearly screamed out there and got disqualified, ahahahaha…”

We can only try to hide this. I don’t know whether Himeji-san’s words just now were real or not, but we have to put this aside for now. I can’t add on to Himeji-san’s troubles in this situation where everyone can hear us.

“It’ll be really scary if we don’t joke around a little in this situation, huh? Ahaha.”

“Really, your joke went overboard there, Himeji-san. Those who don’t know what’s going on will think you have an interest in me after hearing that, right?”

“Ah, no. About that…that’s not a joke…”

“No, not a joke? Yeah…it’s not the time to play a joke…”

“Ahhh, no! I’m not saying that this isn’t the time to play a joke…”

Himeji-san waves her hands flusteredly.

Anyway, it seems that our conversation has gone back to normal. In this situation, we better just laugh it off.

“Alright, let’s stop standing around here and chat. We have to move on.”

“Ah, you’re right. Sakamoto-kun’s group may be catching up soon.”

“But those jokes are rather interesting.”

“Ahaha. Ah, but the serious[4] thing I was talking about is true!”

“Eh…’heavy’ as in…”

Is it that part that’s developed exceptionally well compared to ordinary people?

“Ah…I, I’m not talking about the body, I’m talking about how my thoughts and heart feels heavy. As for my weight…un…it, it’s a little heavy…”

Himeji-san puts her hand on her stomach as she mutters.

Why are girls so mindful of their own weight? It’s like many people really want the slender waist of a model, but I do find Himeji-san cuter than those girls that are too skinny.

“There’s no need to worry about this! I don’t find you pudgy at all.”

“No, I’m really heavy. Whether it’s in terms of weight or thoughts…”

In this aspect, Himeji-san is really a girl, unlike my sister who doesn’t care about such trivial things at all.

“So…I’ve been concerned…you’re so close to Minami-chan, but it’s like you’re keeping your distance away from me…”

“Hm? Himeji-san, did you just say something?”

“Nothing, I didn’t say anything at all. Okay, let’s keep going.”

“Ah, Himeji-san, if you’re so far away—”

“It, it’s okay to keep this kind of distance! It’s definitely because you’re thinking for me so much if you’re worried about such a small thing…!”

Once she said that, Himeji-san’s small hand that was grabbing onto mine just lets go like that as she looks determined while moving off.

I don’t really think that Himeji-san is fine now, but since she herself says so, I shouldn’t be talking much about this. Besides, she must be concerned about the camera in my hand, I suppose? Or is it that she’s not scared because there aren’t any monsters coming out anymore? Either way, since Himeji-san’s trying to get involved in the game, I shouldn’t be obstructing her…but what’s with this sense of helplessness?

“Speaking of which, we haven’t seen one appear even after walking for so long…what’s going on?”

We could only see the dim maze ever since the beginning. Is this part of the 3rd years’ plan? Do they think that my pairing with Himeji-san will fail right from the beginning? Or are the 3rd years planning to send all their forces to deal with the formidable opponents of Yuuji and Kirishima-san? However, I don’t think they will be so foolish so as to think of sending more people to stop those two…in that case, there’re other plans, right? The reason why they’re leaving Himeji-san and me alone when we can be dealt with so easily…what is it?

Himeji-san’s still quite some distance away from me, and I continue forward while having all sorts of doubts in my mind.

At this moment, I hear familiar sounding voices from the wall.

“…Yuuji, I’m scared. You should be sticking close to me.”

“I refuse. I have to hold the camera too.”

“…In that case, I have to do this.”

“No, I don’t mean that you have to help me hold the camera…”

“…But I’ll be scared if you don’t stick closely to me.”

“Stop lying! Anyone can tell that you’re not scared of this at all. Also, there hasn’t been a monster appearing up till now.”

“…In that case, let me change this.”

“Hm? What do you want to say?”

“…If you don’t stick to me tightly, something horrifying will happen to you, Yuuji.”


“…Yuuji, you won’t run away.”

“Stop joking around! Who wants to be killed by you here!”

Yuuji and Kirishima-san’s conversation reaches my ears. Those two should be very close to us because we’re just separated by a wall. It’s really great that they’re still as amicable with each other as ever.

But there’s something that concerns me.

“Hasn’t anything happened to Yuuji’s side…”

It’s getting weirder and weirder. Even if those 3rd year sempais feel that I won’t cause them much damage, it’s too unnatural for them not to be wary of Yuuji and Kirishima-san. There must be a ploy in this.

As I’m thinking about this—


The lights that brightened this dim maze vanish.

“Eh? A, Akihisa-kun?”

Himeji-san’s troubled voice is ringing nearby.

I want to get over to her immediately, but I can’t move immediately if I don’t have the lights guiding me. Damn it, I really shouldn’t have let go of Himeji-san’s hand and let her move off alone.

“Calm down first, Himeji-san. You should stay at where you are instead of moving around and wait for your eyes to get used to the darkness. Also, you should close your eyes so that you won’t feel scared.”

“Okay, I understand…”

I remain where I am once I reminded Himeji-san too as I wait for my eyes to get used to the darkness.

I let Himeji-san close her eyes because I fear that the summoned beasts will suddenly close in on her and scare her when the lights are lit. That should be the case.

It seems that there’s a sound coming from somewhere in the darkness. Bring it…the 3rd years are finally making their move!

The weird noises nearby disappear, and my eyes are somewhat getting used to the darkness as I can vaguely see what’s around me. Now, the most important thing is to get back to Himeji-san and calm her down.

“Eh? That’s weird? Why’s the road…”

I can’t see clearly, but there’s a wall that appeared between Himeji-san and me when we’re 2, 3 steps away from each other…did the 3rd years change the panel layout of the maze during the time when we couldn’t even see our fingers?

“This isn’t good…! I have to get over to Himeji-san fast…!”

I frantically search around for a path. I’m still not disqualified yet if I’m alone, but it’s pointless even if I get to the checkpoint if I’m not in a pair. Also, the most important thing is that it’ll be really pitiful if I let the terrified Himeji-san be alone in such an environment.

While in the midst of the darkness, I reach my arm out to the space approximately 10cm in front of me. After walking for a while, I think I can sense the presence of someone else here, and hurriedly hold his hand. Great! I managed to find Himeji-san without taking too much time.

“Sorry, Himeji-san, you must be scared, right? But I guess you're—”

PAK (Lights are switched back on)


“I’ll kill you.”

Standing right in front of me is the guy who’s completely different from the endearing looking Himeji-san, Sakamoto Yuuji.

“Uu…it’s already shocking to see your face when you just appeared in front of me like that, Yuuji. I really want to see Himeji-san now. This is really quite the trauma to me…”

“Shut up. Move your hand away from me. That’s disgusting.”

“Ah, sorry.”

I hurriedly let go of Yuuji’s hand, whom I mistook for someone else. It’s no wonder why I was wondering why Himeji-san’s hand got so thick and hard…

“Ah, now’s not the time for this. Yuuji, have you seen Himeji-san?”

“Nope, I didn’t see her.”

What should I do? Got to find her quickly!

“Alright, Yuuji. That’s how it is. I have to hurry up and find Himeji-san.”

“Wait, Akihisa.”

I turn around, only for Yuuji to suddenly call me.

“What is it? I’m anxious now!”

“I think you’ll just be wasting your efforts if you want to look for Himeji.”

What does he mean by that?

“We’re being toyed with by them now.”

“Eh? Why?”

Yuuji’s usual simple explanation causes me to have lots of questions. “Himeji and Shouko should have met already. Maybe we might hear screams later.”

“Himeji-san and Kirishima-san will scream after meeting? What do you mean?”

“This is the plan they thought of to deal with Shouko. Actually, there’s nothing surprising about it at all. Shouko’s scores are extremely outstanding, so if they want to make such a tough opponent get disqualified, there’s no need to deal with her directly. They just need to deal with her partner. However, it’s almost impossible for me to scream as Shouko’s partner, so they chose to switch our partners.”

“Eh? That means the 3rd years want to let Kirishima-san and Himeji-san be in the same group and attack them?”

Leaving aside what kind of ploy there is, Himeji-san should be alright if she’s with Kirishima-san, right? On thinking about this, I can finally feel relieved.

“No, they may not be targeting Himeji. The 3rd years are aiming at those who might scream, whoever it may be.”

“Whoever it may be, is it?”

“Weren’t there quite a few groups who got lost and couldn’t get out before we entered? I guess they weren’t disqualified, but stuck inside and unable to get out.”

“This…is to let Kirishima-san switch partners, is it?”

“Yeah. Our opponents have some form of understanding in regards to the numbers and type of people we have. They already guessed that Shouko and I will be the last pair, and deliberately left the first few teams to switch over when its necessary.”

If Yuuji and Kirishima-san enter midway through the game, the 3rd years just need to make them switch partners while they’re stuck in the maze and unable to get out. However, they can’t do so if it’s the last pair. That’s why they deliberately left the first few teams.

“Eh? But even if they want to do so, aren’t there quite a lot of uncertain aspects? They have to split us up if they want us to switch partners, don’t they? Can the 3rd years really grasp the timing and do such a thing?”

“That’s why they designed this maze. Those 3rd years will hide the path leading to the destination as long as the situation is beneficial to them, whether it’s an extra wall, an extra path, or a rule not to break the passages. It’s not impossible.”

“Uwah, that’s despicable…”

In other words, the 3rd years intend to trap us inside this maze until the situation is beneficial to them, don't they? In that case, it’s not a mere accident that the lights went out when Himeji-san and I were slightly apart from each other, but because they already planned on the moment to split us up.

“Then why did Kubo-kun’s pair get all the way to the checkpoint?”

“This is a cover to prevent their ploy for creating the maze from being revealed, I suppose? Also, they already had a rough idea on Kubo and Shimizu’s scores during the last checkpoint. Besides Kubo, Shimizu is just at D class level, and the Toko-Natsu won’t have to spend much effort dealing with them thanks to their control and summoned beasts scores. They’re much easier to deal with than Shouko and me.”

I see. Even if Kubo-kun and Shimizu-san’s pair managed to reach the checkpoint at the end without getting disqualified, we won’t suspect anything weird about it. Most probably, they already saw through this and carried out such a plan.

“Also, there’s the issue of wanting to reclaim their pride.”

“Ahh, that reason seems to be enough for them to do this.”

The Toko-Natsu pair’s physics scores aren’t just abnormally high. They must be rather concerned about not letting the kouhais think that their world history scores yesterday were their real abilities. Well…it’s like they want to show off their outstanding scores because they want to give this impression.

“Anyway, that’s how it is. We’ve been completely had by those two.”

“Is that so…but Yuuji, I feel that you’re really different today, aren’t you?”

“Nn? Really?”

“Yeah. Normally, you’ll think of a counterplan if you know that you’ve been had by the opponent, right, Yuuji?”

“Well, you’re right there.”

Yuuji’s just calmly explaining the current situation to me even after we’re being cornered so badly. This really isn’t like Yuuji.

“Did something happen?”


“Really? If there’s nothing, why aren’t you feeling bothered and thinking about a counterplan?”

“Because my objective is complete.”


“That’s right. The reason why we had this tournament was originally to escape Ironman’s summer remedials. My objective was complete the moment this tournament was organized, whether we win or lose.”

“Oh, I see.”

“But it’s really vexing to lose to those two. And it’ll be troublesome to be in charge of the sports festival and clean up after it. If possible, I don’t want to take over this hot potato, so I’ll try my best to win this tournament.”

Now this is the Yuuji I know of. Since we escaped Ironman’s sobering hellish remedials, we’ll just be in charge of preparing the sports festival and cleaning up, but this kind of preparatory work is heaven compared to F class’ summer Iron-fist remedials. Also, the time taken to prepare for the sports festival will probably be overlapped with the time taken for lessons. In that case, even if we don’t have to do things for the 3rd years, we still have to face Ironman. If we can’t prepare using our free time, Ironman might suddenly add in after-class supplementary classes. Anyway, there’s not much difference between whether we win or we lose. Yuuji’s right in that in this current situation, the reason why we don’t like losing now is probably because we’re losing to the Toko-Natsu pair.

“This test of courage tournament is just a game. There’s no need to be so serious.”

Yuuji folds his arms and proudly nods at me. Even though he says so, it feels like he did seriously think when we were deciding on the rules.

“But it doesn’t sound like you want to admit defeat when you say this.”


Arre? Did I guess correctly?

I lift my stare at Yuuji, and he immediately pretends to look calm as he says,

“Anyway, I did think of a plan for you and I to break through this current situation now…”

“Eh? You already have an idea?”

“But the most important part of that plan has to be done by you. I have to find a way to hold off the Toko-Natsu, and this really annoys me.”

“I see. So you’ll get jealous if I’m the only one who gets to show off?”

“I’m concerned that you can’t finish the job properly, you idiot.”

Yuuji retorts back unhappily.

I do feel that this strategy seems boring to Yuuji just by listening, especially when he has to hold off the Toko-Natsu pair.

“Never mind. That’s how it is anyway. We just need to watch how things go, so just leave Himeji to Shouko.”

“Is that so…but Himeji-san should feel a little more relaxed if Kirishima-san is around.”

Luckily, the ones holding the cameras this time are Kirishima-san and me, so we still have a camera each despite splitting up. Without the cameras, we'd have to return back to the classroom.

“Alright, Akihisa, let’s go.”

“Okay okay, I get it. Ah—to think that the person walking beside me has changed from Himeji-san to Yuuji; why must such a calamity happen to me…”

Just when I’m muttering unhappy, I suddenly realize something.

Nn? Wait a moment. Based on Yuuji’s explanation just now, it seems that he noticed their intention, so why did he allow himself to split up from Kirishima-san as according to the opponent’s plan? I already realized their intention and had a counterplan.

I don’t think it’s really possible, but maybe, this guy…

“Yuuji…did you purposely go according to what they wanted just to get away from Kirishima-san?”

“What are you saying, Akihisa? Our opponents are the 3rd year sempais. Isn’t it amazing for them to come up with such a plan? Also, it can’t be helped that our F class is rendered helpless in this intense battle of wits.”

“And your true thoughts?”

“I remembered the horrifying experience of being pursued with the nail-bat when I entered the haunted house with Shouko.”

Ah, this is due to the wedding experience I planned before.

“What the heck, Yuuji. You’re scared of taking part in this even though you sound really impressive here.”

“What nonsense. Those ghosts or youkais don’t scare me at all.”

“Ah. Kirishima-san is over at that corner.”

“Ku…! I can make it. Akihisa barrier[5]…!”

“I see what you’re scared of now, Yuuji.”

Also, Yuuji might use me as a shield if anything happens.

“Why are you so concerned about such a small matter, shie—Akihisa.”

“You submariner…! You nearly ended up calling me shield, right…?”

Yuuji’s the only person I’ll definitely not go to a real haunted house with.

“Speaking of which, it’s really weird.”

“The weird thing is your brain, Yuuji?”

“Shut up, you disposal armor plate. I’m saying that the weird thing is how we haven’t heard Himeji scream yet. Isn’t that weird?”

“Ah, that’s right.”

Yuuji and I had been chatting for quite a while. If the opponent’s plan is successful, they should have scared Himeji-san already and make her scream…

As such a doubt pops up in my mind, a soft conversation can be heard from the wall.

“…Are you alright, Himeji?”

“Ye, yes…! I’m fine…! It’s not scary…!”

“…These things are just summoned beasts with modified appearances. They aren’t scary at all.”

“Yes. That’s right. They’re not scary because they’re summoned beasts…”

Aren’t these Himeji-san and Kirishima-san’s voices?

“Do you think they can hear us if we call their names?”

“Who knows? Maybe Himeji is trying to prevent herself from screaming and can’t be bothered to notice our voices.”

“Well, let’s try that out first then. Oii, Himeji-san.”

I deliberately keep my voice down to call Himeji-san on the other side of the wall so that I won’t be deemed disqualified. Since we can hear their voices on the other side, I guess they should be able to hear my call, right?

“…!? I, I didn’t hear anything...! There’s no one else here. I definitely can’t be hearing anyone here…”

“Better give it up here, Akihisa. This will bring about the opposite effect.”

“Looks like it.”

Himeji-san is trying so hard to fight her fear. It’ll be sorry of me to scare her by calling her now.

“But…Himeji’s really trying her best to endure even when she’s so scared.”

“Yeah. She’s probably used to how such summoned beasts are used to scare us, I guess?”

“What nonsense. Shimada’s as terrified as her and fainted already! Is it possible for her to go to such an extent when she’s used to this?”

“Yeah, seems like you’re right?”

It is like what Yuuji said. Fear comes from within, and isn’t something that can be conquered psychologically in such a short while. It’s like someone with acrophobia getting used to standing at a high place. It’s basically impossible.

“Be honest with me, Akihisa, did something happen when you two were alone?”

“Eh? U…n…now that you mention it, something did seem to happen…”

If I have to say what happened, it’s probably about the conversation between Himeji-san and me. Himeji-san’s troubles are like…how I deliberately try to keep my distance from her, how I seem distant to her. However, this isn’t something that can be freely discussed with others…

Yuuji sees that I choose to remain silent and not explain further, he suddenly walks over and whispers to me so softly the camera can’t record it.

(Actually, I did hear a little of what you two were talking about. Didn’t Himeji say something about being worried about something and keeping distance or sorts?)

Oh yeah. Just like how I overheard Yuuji and Kirishima-san’s conversation, Yuuji who’s standing on the other side of that wall should be able to hear our voices.

(Un…yeah. It seems that Himeji-san has lots of troubles.)

(Looks like it. I already talked to Himeji about that before.)


(Don’t be mistaken. I only chatted with her about this as a friend in an indirect manner.)

So Himeji-san does feel bothered for feeling isolated…

(That’s why Himeji is working hard in her own way.)

(Work hard?)

(She’s working hard to be a friend who can be relied upon so that we can be closer together. She feels that she’s always being helped, and she’s rather bothered by this.)

(Speaking of which, it seems that we talked about something similar before.)

I remember it was after that summoning war or something. At that time, Himeji-san once said at the park that ‘during the summoning battle, and it was the same this time. I'm always getting helped by others’, or something.

(But I feel that she doesn’t have to be bothered by such a small thing.)

(Even if you say so, Himeji may not have the same idea as you. That’s because of her nature itself.)

(Really…I guess you’re right.)

I don’t feel that I’ve always been helping Himeji-san in a one-sided manner, like how she often teaches me, how she tries to assist me during the summoning war, and how she often supports me; she does support me in lots of ways. However, it’s pointless for us to try and coax her if she still feels guilty, isn’t it?

If Himeji-san can’t feel relieved, there will be a heavy burden that she will never be able to let go. Now is the best chance to let Himeji-san work hard and abandon all the shackles in her heart. So I shouldn’t step in to help; I just need to support her from the shadows.

(Also, if Himeji is willing to work hard, it’s not just a dream for us to win this.)

(That’s right. It’ll be great if she can showcase her ability here.)

I just hope Himeji-san can work hard to overcome this, whether it’s for herself or for us.


“Uuu…! U…!”

“…Don’t be scared Himeji. These things aren’t scary at all. They’re fake.”

“Ye, yes! I’m alright…I’ll do my best…!”

The echo already has some sobbing in it, but she’s still trying to hold it in. Himeji-san right now is really moving me from the bottom of my heart now. Himeji-san, please do your best…!

“We should be moving forward now. Since you’re so worried, let’s head over to where Shouko’s group is. However, don’t reach the checkpoint before them.”


I follow what Yuuji said and move forward to where Himeji-san’s group is moving to. Looking at the alignment of the classroom, we should be nearer to the checkpoint.”

“Oi oi…that girl’s really worrying hard.”

“I think once more should be enough, but she has her eyes closed now. We have to find the moment to scare her.”

“Got it. Then, let’s begin…summon.”

We hear this suppressed conversation going on as we follow Himeji-san’s group. The sempais in charge of scaring seem to be hiding somewhere, watching the tracking images and waiting for a timely strike.


“—U! —U! It’s alright…I’m not scared at all…”

“…You’re a good girl, Himeji.”

I can tell from the voices that Himeji-san is trying to resist a seemingly scary looking summoned beast. I’m really happy that she’s working so hard to reduce the distance between us. I really feel proud to be friends with such an outstanding girl.

“Onee-sama look at me look over at me…”

“Hauu…! Uuu…! I’m just hallucinating, I’m just thinking too much…”

“…Onee-chan’s busy now. Talk again next time.”

I can sense that Himeji-san is working hard, and really pray that she can get her rewards for her hard work, and get to the checkpoint safely to beat the Toko-Natsu—even if they can’t crush them, I hope that she can try to wear out their battle ability and help us out as allies. Then, Himeji-san might feel some sense of importance in her.

Do your best…Do your best, Himeji-san…!

“—Hisa. Akihisa.”

“Do your best, do your best…!”

“Are you even listening to me, you big idiot!?”


My, my foot seems like it’s going to get squashed. This pain is really…Yuuji’s using a method of torture that won’t cause me to scream, but this pain is torturing me!

“Wha, what? Yuuji?”

“The front’s sealed off. We can’t get across.”

“Hm? Where?”

Now that Yuuji mentions this, I finally notice the situation in front of us. I’ve been focusing so much on encouraging Himeji-san secretly that I forgot to notice the surroundings.

“Ahh, but there seems to be a shadow in front. Maybe there’s another way around?”


“Anyway, let’s take a look first.”


We continue moving on towards that path that looks like there’s no way through.

“But that’s rather weird. Why haven’t we seen a summoned beast at all?”

“Yeah. Well, they probably thought that they could immediately deal with Himeji, but didn’t expect her to be so hard to handle, so they could only send everyone to scare her? Anyway, it’ll be much easier than dealing with us since we won’t be screaming.”

“I see…but Himeji-san will have it tougher.”

“Also, it seems that Toko-Natsu wants to challenge us no matter what.”

“Un. That’s really just like what they will think.”

Looks like Yuuji and I really offended those two unintentionally. That’s why the Toko-Natsu want to beat us in front of everyone to avenge this.

“Even if they have such useless thoughts, it’s meaningless as long as Himeji-san and Kirishima-san manage to break through the last checkpoint successfully—nn?”

“What is it, Akihisa?”

“Nothing. I think I just saw the road in front disappear…”

“What? They changed the layout of the obstacles in the maze again?”

I stare at the walls in front of me, and suddenly realize that there’s a gap right between the walls, as if they were moved. It seems that the wall that was used to block a certain place was moved aside.


“Ah, yes. What is it?”

“…This is probably where the last checkpoint is.”


“Gek! Tsunemura? Why aren’t those two disqualified!? What should we do now?”

“You’re asking me how…we can only fight them head on now!”

Besides Himeji-san and Kirishima-san’s voices, I can also hear the Toko-Natsu pair voices. In that case, the final destination is right in front. Himeji-san’s group is soon going to succeed.

“Ohh. Looks like they reached their objective. Himeji really worked hard there.”

“That’s great…that’s really great…”

I’m so happy that my voice is inadvertently trembling.

“It’s their fault for showing an opening accidentally when they were trying to stop us, and Shouko found the endpoint as a result. There’s no worse situation than now for those 3rd years.”

“Because Himeji-san worked so hard this time.”

What’s left is a lot simpler, they just need to challenge the Toko-Natsu. They just need to try and attack them, no matter the outcome. This isn’t too much of a problem to Himeji-san and Kirishima-san who have taken part in lots of summoning battles.

“Seriously…two girls pop up to mess things up before we can even teach that Yoshii and Sakamoto a lesson. Whose fault is it here!”

“These two girls are harder to deal with than those two scum.”

“Ahh~ who was the one who said at first that the 2nd years are all idiots and pushovers and that we can beat them easily?”

“Sorry, allow me to correct myself. Yoshii and Sakamoto are scum, but there are some serious guys amongst the 2nd years, and we have to watch out for them. You happy?”

“It’s too late to say this kind of thing. Yare yare…is this called the swans amongst the ugly ducklings? It’s really a waste for those two beautiful girls to mix around with those useless trash.”

I can clearly hear the Toko-Natsu’s conversation from behind the wall.

“Yuuji, you’ve been scolded.”

“I can’t argue back about you being viewed as trash and scum, but I really didn’t expect my name to be lumped with yours.”

“Nope, it’s definitely because you’re so stupid that even I got involved and viewed as an idiot. I’m the victim here.”

“What nonsense are you spouting, Akihisa? Who can be more trashworthy than you?”

“No no no, Yuuji, you don’t have to be so humble. You’re not like this smart me; your trash level can be ranked the highest in the world.”

““…!!(Grabbing each other by the collars)””

We continue to check on the situation around us as Yuuji and I glare at each other.

While we’re arguing with each other, we hope that Himeji-san’s group won’t talk with those two damned submariners and settle this quickly.

“It’s because this school has that kind of trash that we—”

“…Yuuji and the rest, aren’t trash.”


“…Yuuji and the rest aren’t trash.”

“Even if you want to defend them, facts are facts. Those two guys will attract the teachers' attention by wrecking things, don’t even have contributions taking part in club activities, and have atrocious grades. What can we call them other than trash?”

I really want to say something, but I can’t argue about that. If I have to say, I can only make the argument of ‘I don’t want you of all people saying this about me’.

“It’s really vexing to have those two say that about us, but they’re likely saying the truth here.”

“Because we did all sorts of stupid stunts.”

Let’s not mention about that peeping incident caused by every guy’s fantasy; those upright students wouldn’t have bombed the school repeatedly.

“Seriously, those two are really the black marks in our school. If they want to cause trouble to others, they should just stay in the trash treatment.”

Looks like they really hate us as one of the Toko-Natsu is rattling on.

As Yuuji and I can only shake our heads and shrug.


That’s a voice we can hear loud and clear. A shout came from the other side. The one speaking is…Himeji-san?





Bts6 0235.jpg

Himeji-san’s shouts are filled with sobbing, an emotion that’s strong and can’t be ignored.




“Un, you’re right. We’re really lucky.”


“…We don’t need to be reminded by you. We don’t want to keep looking at your ugly faces anyway. Let’s go, Himeji.”


Himeji-san and Kirishima-san’s presence are moving far away. They worked so hard and finally reached the final checkpoint. It’s really a pity.

“Yuuji, did you hear what Himeji-san just said? We seem to be kind, friendly people to her.”

“This is the first time I’m hearing this too. I’m not as bad as you, but I do feel that I’m a complete trash.”

“Yeah. I’m not as bad as you, Yuuji, but I do realize that I’m more or less useless.”

Speaking of which, our class is basically made up of useless people.

“Seriously, it’s a pity for Himeji-san. Making it all the way here after much hardship, and wasting all our efforts.”

“Yeah. There’s no need to be so agitated over this game. It’s really a waste.”


It’s really a pity. She did grit her teeth and make it all the way here with much difficulty.

“We should go, Akihisa.”

“Un. Sorry, Yuuji.”

“You’re owing me more favors now.”

We walk off to the final checkpoint where the Toko-Natsu pair is.

This test of courage tournament is just a game. There’s no need to be so incensed by this.


BTS6 Obakechouchin.jpg

“We’re going to get serious from now on, you damned submariners.”


  1. Biology is a science, not a humanities subject. This is a mistake on the author's part.
  2. Hideyoshi uses the term '人材' here. Talent in this case.
  3. 'Hime' here refers to 'princess'.
  4. 重い can refer to either serious or heavy.
  5. In case you never noticed it, there was a Sugawa barrier before.