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The Sixth Question[edit]

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Please answer the following question:

In the space development project, a phenomenon is required to push Object A into space. Please answer what kind of force is required to be applied on Object A.

Sakamoto Yuuji's Answer

‘A force that gives Object A the speed to overcome the First Cosmic Velocity’

Himeji Mizuki's Comment:

As expected of Sakamoto-kun.

Also, the First Cosmic Velocity is stated to be approximately 7.97km/s

Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:

‘…I give up.’

Himeji Mizuki's Comment:

You can't give up!

There's still time to study until the exams. Let's work hard together!

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:

‘The power to turn the space development program back into paper.’

Himeji Mizuki's Comment:

That's not the kind of power I'm asking about!

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Once we descended down to 2-D’s classroom, I tell everyone loudly,



We climb into D classroom from the window, and as discussed earlier, there’s a path there. The teacher who was having lessons up till now has been stopped as D class’ rep Hiraga is talking to him. Everything is set.

“Takenaka-sensei! We’re having a summoning war here. Please allow us to call out our summoned beasts!”

Our F class comrades point at A classroom as we ask the teacher for help. The classics teacher Takenaka-sensei is shocked, but still agrees to our request.

“Don’t let those F class guys enter A classroom! Or else they’re going to do something!”

The enemy charged into D classroom.

And amongst those enemies—

“So you’re here, Sakamoto-kun. Is Kinoshita-san here with you?”

Amongst them is the opponent who’s ranked second even amongst A class, Kubo Toshimitsu.

“So it’s you, Kubo. You don’t have to replenish your depleted points, do you?”

“There’s no need for me to do so. I don’t feel we’re going to fight using world history.”

I can’t help but sulk slightly…this bastard is really bold. If the linkway is broken through by Himeji, the test subject will become world history.

“Let’s fight, Sakamoto-kun, Kinoshita-kun. We’ll end it here.”

Kubo-kun, who stands in front of the entrance as the watchmen, stares at me and Hideyoshi beside me as he says this. I didn’t expect Kubo to appear here, but things are still according to plan here.

Now, Akihisa, you have to follow the plan…

It has been two minutes since Yuuji and Hideyoshi started attacking. Now’s the chance for us to enter classroom 2-C.

We open the 3-C classroom window, hold our breaths and watch the timing.

“I remember it’s near the calendar on the right side of the blackboard…”

I still remember clearly the target position of breakthrough of the war. Once we enter C classroom, we’re going to control the teacher and destroy the wall, run into A classroom and open a war for Muttsurini to reach Kirishima-san. We have experience in doing this before, so there won’t be any problems.


Muttsurini tugs at my sleeve. It’s time.

“Let’s go, everyone.”

I softly make the final check, and my comrades nod their heads silently.

We stealthily and cautiously enter the classroom 2-C. On seeing us appear in such a manner, Endou-sensei, who’s still in the classroom, widen her round eyes in shock.

“Yo, Yoshii-kun? Where exactly did you people come from—”

“Sorry, Endou-sensei, but we have no time to explain. We’re having a summoning war, so please allow me to call out my summoned beast.”

I interrupt the teacher’s words and ask for her to grant us permission to summon.

“Eh? Ah, okay.”

Endou-sensei looks rather troubled, but she grants my request. Now I can call out my summoned beast!


I call out my summoned beast, and the summoned beast appears from the pattern arrays beneath our feet.

Also, the system then shows its scores.

A class, Kinoshita Yuuko, English 382 points


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, English 81 points.


At that moment, I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

The scores aren’t abnormal, and the subject is correct, but what I’m concerned about is—


The opponent list has a name I didn’t expect.

“Good afternoon, Yoshii-kun.”

The voice of the opponent that couldn’t possibly be appearing here comes from a corner of the classroom.

“Why are you here…”

“I feel there’s no need to explain, right?”

Kinoshita-san’s words is probably a signal as the other A class students outside the classroom is right in front of us.

“That means that our strategy is—”

“Yeah. Just as we expected. However, I wasn’t the one who expected this, but class rep.”

The unbelievable fact is just shown right before our eyes. However, Kinoshita-san and the other A class members are now standing in front of us. This is solid proof that Yuuji’s plan is seen through by Kirishima-san.

“For that reason, we met you on the corridor. Isn’t that right, Yoshii-kun?”

“No, well—”

“It’s useless to hide it. That’s because I heard very loudly from this classroom that someone shouted loudly ‘what in the world is that guy planning’.”


That roar was because of the words ‘Invisible ink’, but I better not tell the truth.

“The reason why they were so angry is because you’re about to break through the wall, right?”

Kinoshita-san looks over at the wall separating A classroom and C classroom as she says. In fact, the letter didn’t say so, but A class’ conclusion is just as what we planned.

“If someone’s going to destroy their own classroom’s work, they’ll definitely be roaring.”

Basically, because of Yuuji’s prank, A class got a hint and saw through our plan.

“Damn it! That idiot Yuuji…”

“Eh? Did you say something, Yoshii-kun?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Then, things will become difficult. Right now, I have to fight Kinoshita-san and the rest while our cards are exposed and find a way to break the wall to create an opening.

However, we’re still not in despair yet. Once I can break through the wall, there’s still a chance of winning.

“This is the key to winning! I’m going to fight on!”

“Alright. If you’re not going to give up, I’m going to make you retire from here, Yoshii-kun.”

The other people from A class behind Kinoshita-san call out their summons. We have 5 A class members, and since the subject is English, I can’t hope for Muttsurini to provide support. My only hope is to break the wall, and there’s no need to defeat them.

“Let’s settle this, Kinoshita-san.”

I let my summoned beast run towards the wall at maximum speed. The longer the time, the chances of the opposing reinforcements—especially Kudou-san appearing in this classroom will become bigger. I don’t know how long my comrades fighting on the other side can hold on, so I have to make sure this plan succeeds even if it’s a second earlier!

“Even though you say you want to fight, your target isn’t me. You’re really stubborn in this sense, Yoshii-kun.”

Kinoshita-san let her summoned beast raise its weapon and let it charge right between my summoned beast and the wall. So my intention to target the wall is exposed…?

Anyway, I let my summoned beast charge towards that wall with the calendar. However, its charge is stopped by the enemy’s horizontal swing.


The right arm that defended that attack brings about some pain. This is due to the feedback.

I have to change my standing position and lure Kinoshita-san away from the wall.

I let my summoned beast jump back so as to lure Kinoshita-san away. However, the opponent doesn’t leave where she is.

“Based on your reaction, there should be some tricks done over here, right? I don’t feel that there’s anything here though.”

Kinoshita-san mutters as she stares at the area near the calendar. Damn it…she even deduced the place? Right now, I can understand the reason why Yuuji hopes to beat her right at the start.

“Sorry everyone, but I can’t leave this place. Can I leave Yoshii-kun to you?”


Kinoshita-san doesn’t move as she commands the rest to surround me. Not good, this isn’t good at all…!

The trio attack me, and one of them watch Muttsurini and the others, while Kinoshita-san stands right in front of the wall.


My F classmates decide that I won’t have a chance of winning if this keeps up, so they hurriedly summon their monsters. I can be saved in this situation, but I have to carry out another mission after destroying the wall, so I definitely have to avoid getting everyone defeated here.

Even so, this is a lot easier to fight. The opponent’s attention is scattered on the rest, and right now, I can fight a way to get over to Kinoshita-san. If I can destroy the wall before everyone’s defeated, it’ll be alright!


I call out the other summoned beast and let it attack the opponent in front of me.


The main beast rushes past the opponent who stopped to defend and charges right at Kinoshita-san. Kinoshita-san has her back against the wall, so I can’t ignore her being right over there.

In that case, I’m going to slam Kinoshita-san’s summoned toward into the wall.

My summoned beast leaps right over with the realization of being hit. As I do so, Kinoshita-san doesn’t let her summoned beast swing its weapon, perhaps because she realized what I’m going to do, but try to push back my summoned beast that’s trying to send it flying by leaping over. In that case, my summoned beast will be sent flying due to the difference in points, and everything will be over.

At this moment, I move my other beast. I deliberately let it take the opponent’s move and let it fly like a kite with its string snapped. The sub-beast that’s sent flying away hits the back of the main beast that’s attacking Kinoshita-san.


I grit my teeth to endure the pain.

The main and sub beasts and the impact caused by the opponent’s move cause them to fly straight—


They managed to send Kinoshita-san’s summoned beasts flying.

DOK! Our summoned beasts are tangled together as they slam towards the wall. The force of this hit is reduced drastically, but there’s still a powerful force human strength can’t compare to. It’s alright!

“Everyone, I’ll leave the rest—”

To you. just when I was about to say it, I am unable to say anything.


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—That’s because, the wall wasn't destroyed.