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Special Bulletin: Ironfist-sensei's Life Counseling Chatroom[edit]

Ironman-sensei: This time, we’re going to learn about how to extract information.

Sugawa Ryo-kun: Sensei! What does it mean by extracting information?

What does it mean to extract information?

In recent years, with the advent of the internet and mobile phones being commonplace, there are overly vast numbers of information, even creating a term called Information Society. Remove all unnecessary information from the vast information you can’t remember completely and remember only those that are useful to you. I feel that this is information extraction.

Ironman-sensei: Then, please use the ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Advert’ sections of Fumitzuki News to try it out. Try and remove any unnecessary parts and use only information that is useful to you. Sugawa Ryo-kun: Okay! I’ll try!

Ironman-sensei: First, I’ll make a sample based on the reports of the previous issue. I will only take necessary information that Fumitzuki Gakuen’s teachers will next. As for the gastrointestinal drug advert, please don’t mind.

Ironman sensei's Chosen Reports Also, our reporter had interviewed the other students who took part in this experiment, only to get negative feedback like “I got messed around hard. I had enough of this.” and “I don’t want to experience such a thing. That damned old granny’s definitely up to no good no matter what she does.”

Also, the aforementioned children-sized summoned beasts are just modifications of the summoners’ characteristics, and the children’s growth environments and social relationships are not considered. As for this, due to the fact that technology isn’t at that level yet, it wouldn’t be easy to count in other factors.

The experiment is interesting, but there’s still room for improvement in this test.

Class 2-F’s grades are improving.

According to rumors, class 2-F, hailed the worst class in the school, has been improving their grades recently.

Home Economics Classroom exploded. Luckily, no one was hurt.

The Home Economics Room, which was opened for students to prepare their refreshments for club activities, exploded for unknown reasons.

in regards to the news that the Home Economics Classroom has to be closed

Girls Swimming Club--Having Special Training for the Meet.

In preparations for the Autumn Tournament Meet, the Girls Swimming Team has started on special training.

Fight against pressure in current society.

Works extremely well against stomachaches and vomiting!

~All-powerful gastrointestinal drug~

Please purchase from the Chemistry Department.

Proven to be unauthorized by the Government.

Sugawa Ryo's

Chosen Report

With number 1

academic results

Sugawa Ryo-shi


Himeji Mizuki-san

is loved


is seriously trying to learn how to be a bride

Girls Swimming Club

all members are taking part

in a competition for him

‘The Strongest will survive and the Unfit will be eliminated’ in order to achieve their qualification for the next IH tournament.

Let’s hope everyone can do their best to achieve a satisfying outcome.

Advert Popular King.

Sugawa Ryo, Special Edition.

The big reveal to the man who continues to break records.

Comes with DVD, 390 yen.

FFF produced.