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The Fifth Question[edit]

Please answer the following question:

Please calculate the area of the shaded region. Use π as the circular constant.

BTS pi.jpg

Himeji Mizuki answer:

Assuming that the radius of the small circle is r, and the circumference as ℓ.

ℓ = 2πr

The question asks for the area between radius 1 and 3, so we’ll call it ‘S’.

BTS Integrate.jpg

Therefore, the answer is 8π.

Teacher's Comment:

Well answered. This is a standard question for area.

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:


Teacher's Comment:

It's been a while since I felt my veins popping.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:


Teacher's Comment:

Come over to the counselling room. I would like to hear your explanation.

BTS ExcaliburMizuki.jpg

Having finished our strategic meeting, we were all feeling very motivated, what awaits us is the replenishment tests as we have to replenish the marks we lost before noon.


There’re still a lot of questions I can’t understand, so I’ll try to answer with the best of my ability.

Answer, skip, answer, skip, answer halfway, skip, skip, skip

As I continue to write, the difficulty of the questions becomes harder and harder. It looks like the questions at the back are ones I can’t answer, so I jump back to the front to answer.

“(Scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble)”

“(Scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble)”

Minami and Himeji-san are near me, Minami filling her maths points, and Himeji-san filling her chemistry points. Both of them are writing with their pens practically glued to their hands.

It’s dangerous to let both of them leave the frontlines, but there’s a good reason why we’re doing this.

Minami’s taking the replenishing test because her best subject's points had been depleted.

Himeji-san’s taking part in the replenishment test because we heard that Kubo-kun’s taking the replenishment test.

We need Himeji-san’s strength to stop Kubo-kun's powerful attack, so Himeji-san’s taking the replenishment tests at this moment.

“Ono, Asaga, Mitarai, go to the second level for standby. Try and fight using combined subjects. They switched subjects three times, so there should be quite a lot of enemies with depleted combined subjects points. Also, I hope you can try and make some big actions to lure them.”


“Saitou, bring the physics teacher near the stairs. I’m going to use a diversion to make them think the subject will be changed to physics and change their members.”


“Once Saitou takes action, Watarai, go get ready and change the subject on the linkway to world history. Harada, follow their actions and lead the reinforcements with Manaka, Mutou, Watanabe.”

Yuuji continues to give commands one after another as his voice can be heard from afar. He has never given such detailed commands in our battles before, and this shows how strong the opponent is.

However, this also means that we—who weren’t treated seriously when we challenged D class to a war half a year ago—are now able to fight this powerful A class as an opponent head on.

We—who were viewed as a bunch of idiots half a year ago—have gained the admiration of all our fellow peers

As I think about this, my hand that’s holding the pen becomes a little more forceful. Maybe this might be the first time I feel that the summoning war is interesting.

The replenishment tests lasted quite a while.

“Fuu~ finally over…”

Once the second check was over, my modern language’s replenishment test is over. My scores should be the same. Now, once I hand my script over to the teacher for marking—


At this moment, this intel came flying into our ears.

“Kubo? That guy should need some time before he can get back onto the battlefield.”

On hearing the report, Yuuji immediately frowned.

Himeji-san’s still having the exams, but Kubo-kun’s back on the battlefield. This itself is weird as Himeji-san is taking the replenishing tests at the same time as Kubo-kun in order to fight him, so both of them should be back on the battlefield at the same time.

“No, that’s definitely Kubo! Anyway, hurry up and send reinforcements!”

But based on the report, it seems that Kubo-kun’s back on the battlefield.

Both of them are taking the tests at the same time, but they’re leaving at different times. In that case, the only possibility is—

“In other words, that bastard ended the replenishment tests earlier!”

This means that Kubo-kun took lesser time for the replenishment tests.

“Damn it…he’s a model student, and yet he’s using such underhanded methods!”

Kubo-kun’s actions are really not to be expected of A class. His act of handing in the replenishing test earlier is more of F class’ style.

If we consider Kubo-kun’s breakthrough ability, there’s now no time to wait for Himeji-san to return. Even if she can hand in her paper earlier, the opponent will break through our defenses if we wait for the teacher to finish marking the scripts.

If we can send in our remaining forces, we can stop Kubo-kun. Kubo-kun’s just attacking without bothering to defend, so everyone should be able to wear his points down if we all attack with a suicidal mindset.

But doing this will cause our side to lose my people. With many of us dying, the chances of the final strategy succeeding will be lowered. The plan that everyone hoped that would grant our wish will fail easily.

—I want to go over.

I thought.

I hope Yuuji leave Kubo-kun to me so that we can focus our forces in the plan. I want to gamble on this in order to increase the chances of the final strategy succeeding.

I was completely helpless when I met Kubo-kun before noon.

And I don’t have any decisive strategies of winning here.

If I go over now, I won’t be able to wait for the teacher to give me the modern language score. In that case, I have to give up precious time to replenish.

There’re too many disadvantageous factors.

In contrast, there’s practically no advantage to me. I still have some confidence in my summoned beast control—this only advantage is the only chance of winning I have that I’m using to encourage myself.

Normally, I won’t be doing such a disadvantageous bet, and I won’t even think about this.

This should be the case, but—

“Akihisa! Scramble! Hurry up and stop Kubo!”

Yuuji immediately says without hesitation.

“Oi, Sakamoto, Yoshii’s still waiting for the teacher to mark the modern language paper—”

“We have no time to wait! Stopping Kubo is more important here! Mori and Hirata, follow Akihisa. You’ll be the support!”

Such a fast and decisive choice. Even I do feel that my urging self is rather stupid.

“Can you do it, Akihisa?”

Yuuji stares at my eyes as he asks.

Before answering, I have to check something.

“Yuuji, Kubo-kun doesn’t look like he’ll hold back no matter who the opponent is.”

“Ahh, I know that, but I have to ask you.”

Yuuji’s eyes aren’t showing any signs of joking. Does this guy really feel that I can fight Kubo-kun? Does he really feel that I can fight the 2nd ranked in our year?

This guy’s really here? Even I, who wanted to raise this plan, is doubting whether I can stop Kubo-kun.

“Akihisa, if it’s you, you can definitely stop Kubo.”

Yuuji concludes decisively as if he’s trying to nudge me from behind.

These words blow aside all doubts and anxiety in my mind.

“Understood. I’ll definitely stop him.”

“Sorry for making you lose the marks you worked so hard to earn.”

There’s no need for Yuuji to apologize for this. I even want to thank him.

“One more step before we fight it out. Listen up…we mustn’t let him through!”


As we answer back, I rush out to the corridor with Mori-kun and Hirata-kun.

Then, we see the opponents rushing over here.

“Yoshii, it’s A class! Two of them broke through the line so quickly!”

There’s only 2 people for now, but if some people are able to break through like this, it shows that the defense line on the front is collapsing gradually because of Kubo-kun. Now’s a time where we have to fight for every single second. Not a single moment of hesitation is allowed!

“You intend to interfere with Kubo-kun? I won’t let you do so, Yoshii-kun! Summon!”

The girl who comes running over here has permission of Ujiie-sensei as she summons.

“Gek! Isn’t that Satou Miho?”

Mori-kun’s words cause me to remember. That person is Satou-san who fought against me half a year ago. I’m not very familiar with her, so I can’t remember her name immediately.

“What should we do? Yoshii. She’s rather powerful!”

“We take her on!”



I didn’t answer Mori-kun’s words as I run and call out my summoned beast.

A class, Satou Miho, Japanese History, 281 points.


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Japanese History 189 points

Satou Miho-san beat me thoroughly in physics the last time when we challenged A class to a summoning war half a year ago. At that time, I wasn’t able to fight with her at all.

But if it’s a duel of Japanese History—

“Yoshii-kun, let’s go!”

Satou-san let her summoned beast raise its weapon as she charge at me.

I let my summoned beast charge from the front, and as we move by each other, I use my wooden sword to hack at the opponent’s body before quickly turning back to hit the opponent’s back.

A class, Satou Miho, Japanese History, 95 points.


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Japanese History 189 points


Satou-san gives a shocked expression, not knowing what happened, perhaps because she let her guard down because of the overwhelming victory she had before.

If it’s a battle using Japanese History, I don’t think I can lose!

“Nice going Yoshii! If the opponent’s Japanese History score is like this, I can barely take on the enemy!”

“Me too! Leave this person to us! Summon!”

“Thanks, I’ll leave it to you, Mori-kun, Hirata-kun!”

We switch over on who’s to deal with Satou-san, and I continue to run forward.

Kubo-kun…you toyed me before noon, but I’m not going to let you do as you wish. I’ll definitely stop you from moving forward in order to win this war!

I move through the old building and reach my destination, the linkway. I see everyone from F class in a disadvantageous due to the collapsing formation.

“Oi! It’ll be bad if we continue to let him through!”

“Talk is cheap here! Who can stop that monster!”

“Everyone in F class, I’m sorry, but can you please let me through?”


“—It can’t be helped then. Let’s settle this.”


A class, Kubo Toshimitsu, World History, 323 points


F class, Takashi Atsuya, DEAD

Takahashi-kun’s desperate attack grazed the opponent’s shoulder, and Kubo-kun’s giant mace sliced down Takahashi-kun’s summoned beast head.

“Let’s move forward, Kinoshita-san.”

“Thank you, Kubo-kun. Then, we’ll leave the sweeping here to Okui-san and the rest. Let’s deal with Sakamoto-kun directly and end this war.”

With Kubo-kun leading, A class swept their way here. They have about 10 people with them, trying to break through the perimeter F class set at the linkway.




The summoned beast walking in front of Kubo-kun stops to block my attack.

A class, Kubo Toshimitsu, World History, 323 points


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, World History, 158 points


“Kubo-kun, it’s not like you to submit your script early. No need to rush things. Slow down here!”

The system shows my marks and Kubo-kun’s once it was depleted by Takahashi-kun’s attack.

Right now, Kubo-kun’s world history scores aren’t more than 400, so if he doesn’t use the power of the bracelet, we may have a chance!

“Nice going, Yoshii!”

“Now! Those still alive, gather here! We need to regroup with forwards and defenders!”

My comrades from F class immediately regroup and get into action to hold off Kinoshita-san and the rest behind. Their thirst to repay and the countless battle experience isn’t for show.


“Yoshii-kun. We have a war here, so I can’t involve personal feelings here, but at least I don’t want you to feel guilty. Can you please leave before you feel the feedback?”

Kubo-kun’s right in front of me. If we force him back, we’ll be able to regroup our defense.

“That’s my line, Kubo-kun. Everyone in A class is kind, but winning this war is our long-awaited wish, so we can’t back away here.”

“…I understand. If you say so, I’ll make my resolve here.”

Kubo-kun’s summoned beast exchange glares with my summoned beast as we face off.

My opponent is holding his specialty weapon Deathscythe in a diagonal position, and it leaps at me. Kubo-kun can’t use the power of the bracelet, but his score is still more than 300 points, and the onrushing speed isn’t small.

However, I went through lots of battles during this half a year. No matter how fast the opponent is, this straightforward attack can’t possibly hit me.

I can predict the direction the opponent will be attack at from the way the opponent rushes in, the posture and the weapon type. Kubo-kun looks like he’s going to use a horizontal scythe that can maximize the attack range. Like before, he has no intention of defending.


I already predicted Kubo-kun’s attack path, so I exhale slightly and lean down to avoid his attack.

No matter how much the marks have improved by, it’s impossible to do this technique without actual combat experience. Including the study camp, Kubo-kun only had combat experience 4 times, so I definitely won’t be beaten by his attack!


Kubo-kun’s summoned beast pulls back the deathscythe that missed and raises it high this time to reveal a large overhead cleave. Based on that position, he’ll definitely swing the scythe down. No matter how strong the opponent’s strength is, it’s not hard to dodge such a big move.

I let my summoned beast move sideways and swing the wooden sword right at the opponent’s body with minimal action.

A class, Kubo Toshimitsu, World History, 303 points


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, World History, 158 points

My summoned beast gives a light damage to the opponent and quickly leaps away from its position. At that instant, the deathscythe rips through a space no one’s at.

I already saw that even with a little damage, Kubo-kun will ignore it and continue to attack. In that case, I’ll dodge the hit and give a small yet sharp attack.


Kubo-kun’s summoned beast uses its right hand to wield the two-handed scythe, perhaps because he felt that big strikes won’t hit me with my posture like this, while the left hand is clenched. He probably wants to use the fist that strikes faster and pulls back faster to stop my attack and use the deathscythe when I stop. As expected of Kubo-kun, his analytical and decision-making abilities are really amazing.

This time, Kubo-kun’s summoned beast raises the deathscythe back onto the shoulder, and it then charges right at me.

I gather my concentration and let my summoned beast use more delicate movements.

My opponent raises its fist, while I aim for the left shoulder. Klang. A soft and sharp sound rings. This attack can’t cause damage to Kubo-kun with his high marks, but this isn’t my aim.


Kubo-kun’s summoned beast can’t swing its fist out as the starting point of the movement is hit. In that case, Kubo-kun will think of using that deathscythe and let his summoned beast swing it in the right hand, but the power and speed by swinging with one hand isn’t enough, so even I can block it with my points.

This time, the one attacking is me. I let my summoned beast rush at the opponent, pretending to attack. My summoned beast then dodges the fist that cuts through the air and swings the wooden sword. However, this move is blocked by the opponent’s deathscythe in its right hand.

I didn’t stop as I quickly pull back. The opponent’s left fist misses.

“Oi oi oi…that Yoshii, is he for real…?”

“…Fighting against that Kubo head on. He must be mad…”

The tense attack and defense battle continue. A normal opponent will probably make much bigger movements due to anxiety, but Kubo-kun is rather calm as he controls his summoned beast within the best of his ability.

I want to force the opponent back, but the attack power isn’t enough. Kubo-kun can win if he can hit once, but he’s unable to hit the target. Everyone in F class is collapsing in formation, but they’re still fighting alongside their comrades. However, they’re starting to be pushed by the opponent.

Just when I’m thinking that this situation can’t last for long, she appears.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Akihisa-kun! Please move aside! Summon!”

“Okay! Himeji-san!”

“!? Damn—”

My summoned beast move aside, and the fiery path blaze through the space I made.

Kubo-kun’s summoned beast became the target, and was slow in dodging as the right half of its body is burned off.

A class, Kubo Toshimitsu, World History, 34 points


F class, Himeji Mizuki, World History, 379 points

The system shows the points depleted in the damage Kubo-kun took and the power Himeji-san used.

Should I be saying that Kubo-kun’s amazing for not dying in battle after taking the bracelet attack, or should I say that Himeji-san’s amazing for being able to nearly kill Kubo-kun even if the attack missed? The clash between two people with high marks show that I can’t determine the outcome.

“…Sorry, Kinoshita-san. I have to retreat and replenish my points here.”

Kubo-kun isn’t stunned by the sudden change in situation as he quickly retreats from the battle area.

We’re unable to defeat the enemy thoroughly, but we managed to force them back. Now we’ll be able to regroup our defenses.

“Everyone, get in line!”


My allies never let go of this chance as everyone tries to regroup in a lance team formation with Himeji-san at the center. I continue to dash forward to stop Kinoshita-san who’s trying to stop them.

“You’re really meddlesome, Yoshii-kun. I should have tried to find a way to get rid of you immediately when we surrounded you this morning.”

Kinoshita-san takes my summoned beast’s attack as she says.

“You flatter me, Kinoshita-san. It’s thanks to Himeji-san’s power that we could make Kubo-kun retreat.”

“No, Himeji-san is really strong, but that’s a strength that can be predicted and countered. Those opponents that can be countered through planning aren’t scary even if they’re scary.”

“Does that means I'm unpredictable?

“Yes, it's because you’re an idiot, Yoshii-kun.”


I’m rather hurt.

“Just joking. What I mean is that you can call out two summoned beasts even with low points, and you’re the Punishment Inspector. You’re more of a threat than those who are simply strong. Of course, the scariest is Sakamoto-kun who can make use of you to the maximum and manipulate the situation.”

Kinoshita-san mutters. I wonder if I really have such a threatening ability, but it’s rather bad for us F class if the enemy knows of our situation like that. If A class doesn’t know anything, they’ll drop their guard thinking that we’re the worst class in the entire year, and they won’t even bother checking on Muttsurini or Himeji-san’s whereabouts. Maybe our only chance of beating A class is during that war half a year ago. I couldn’t help but think.

“Akihisa-kun, it’s alright now! Please retreat!”

Himeji-san’s voice reaches my ear, and my side’s reformation seems to be complete.

In that case, there’s no need for me to appear.

“Bye then, Kinoshita-san.”

“Humph, I definitely won’t let you run away the next time.”

It seems Kinoshita-san doesn’t want to rush over when our side is reorganized, so she doesn’t try to attack me while I’m retreating back.

I return back to E classroom that became F class’ base, and find that it is rather empty.

“Eh? Where’s the rest?”

I ask Yuuji, who stayed behind in the classroom. A lot of people were still taking the replenishing tests until just now.

“I moved everyone to the 4th level during the chaos. That was a perfect chance I couldn’t have asked better.”

Once the opponent sees everyone moving, Yuuji’s plan will be revealed. To me, the attack Kubo-kun and the rest did was just a simple crisis, but it doesn’t seem to be like this for Yuuji.

“So we moved them successfully?”

“Un. Thanks to you showing off on the linkway, the enemy got distracted, so the movement was successful.”


I actually feel like the stepping stones to victory are falling to us one after another, pumping me up.

“Oh yeah, aren’t you going to move, Yuuji?”

“Idiot, I’m the class rep. Our position will be revealed to the enemy like this.”

“Ah, you’re right.”

According to the rules, the position of the class rep has to be revealed to prevent the war from becoming a stalemate. If Yuuji moves up to the 4th floor earlier, the opponent will immediately notice that we are scheming something.

“So I’m going to stay here until the last minute. Once the rest are moving, I’ll rush there at that moment.”

Until his position is revealed, the opponent will not be able to react to that exact moment. Yuuji will remain on standby at this position without any defenders. This means that once an opponent breaks through the defenses, the war will immediately end. However, it’s because we’re going to such an extent that the chances of us beating A class will appear.

“I’ll go over to classroom 3-C to wait then.”

“Oh. go then.”

I put my hand on the classroom door as I prepare to carry out the final battle.



Yuuji suddenly calls me right before I’m about to walk out of the classroom.

“…We’ve finally reached this point.”

Yuuji’s words has all sorts of meaning behind them.


I answer back, and Yuuji silently looks down at the notebook beside his hand.

The decisive moment is slowly inching closer.

Once we reach classroom 3-C, I find 5 students there, including Muttsurini, and—

“Hello, Yoshii Akihisa-kun. How are you feeling today?”

For some reason, Takashiro-sempai is here.

“Eh? Why are you here, Takashiro-sempai?”

“…I just asked the same question.”

According to Yuuji, the 3rd years should all be gathered at the sports hall attending the graduation guidance talk or something.

“Because I already knew what that event’s going to be about.”

He already knew what it’s going to be about? That seems rather weird.

“So since I have time, I decide to check on Miss Himeji Mizuki’s class 2-F whereabouts.”

Himeji-san’s class 2-F’s whereabouts…

“You’re rather insistent on having Himeji-san.”

“Oh my, are you unhappy about that? Pardon me for that.”

Takashiro-sempai pretends to bow as usual. For some reason, this sempai’s actions somewhat angers me.

“…This can’t be considered the answer to the question.”

I couldn’t contain my rage as my tone grew harsher. But Takashiro-sempai’s eyebrows don’t even twitch even when he’s faced with my tone as he answers with a polite tone.

“Well…this might bring about misunderstandings—”

Takashiro-sempai pauses for a while, and then declares,

“—I want to do indecent things with Miss Mizuki.”


Everybody present exclaimed. What is this person talking about?

“Can everyone please be quiet? Even if the new school building has soundproof insulation, it’s not good to be so loud.”




“That’s right, everyone. I really want to do indecent things to her.”


Ahh, I see. So this sempai’s just elegant in words, but not gentlemanly at all.

“Is it really alright to be so loud? It seems that everyone is carrying out a secret mission that I don’t think anyone else is to know of.”


Everyone frantically keep quiet. Sempai’s ridiculous words caused us to feel anxious, but if our position’s revealed, this won’t be good.

“But I suppose no one discovered anyone here. Once the doors and windows and closed, the sounds won’t be too loud.”

As the summoning war is an activity that creates lots of commotions, the soundproof facilities of Fumitzuki Gakuen are rather solid. Thus, this level of noise shouldn’t be a problem.

“…Why are you so insistent on Himeji?”

It’s rare for Muttsurini to ask. I’m wondering about this as well.

Himeji-san is definitely cute, and she does have a nice figure, but this sempai in front of me doesn’t look like he’s going to lack any women falling for him. In that case, why is he so insistent on choosing Himeji-san?

“I heard of what happened during the baseball tournament?”

“The baseball tournament? You mean the summoned beast baseball tournament?”

“Yes. I heard that she believed her classmates words and only focused on pitching earnestly, with her eyes closed too.”

The memory of that devastation, when Himeji-san stepped on the pitcher’s mound during our match against class 3-A, awakens in my mind. At that time, she really believed in Yuuji’s words, and believed in me (sort of), so she worked really hard to pitch. However, instead of trusting, I’ll say that’s simply being tricked…

“I can’t help but have feelings of love budding when I see such an innocent and pure girl.”

“Sorry sempai. It’s really too hard to understand when you say it this way. Can you put it in simpler words?”

“I love girls who’re easily fooled the most.”

Are these his true words?

“So that means you like girls who aren’t good at saying lies because you’re easily tricked…”

“What are you saying? How can a hardworking person like me who learns courtesy and elegance be easily fooled?”

“Sempai, being hardworking and graceful doesn’t have anything to do with being fooled.”


Takashiro-sempai gives a look of utter disbelief. Hm, this guy might be good at studying, but—

“You don’t seem to have a smart brain…”

“Wait a second. I don’t want you of all people saying that.”

No, this guy’s definitely more stupid than me. I can’t be mistaken here.

“…Well, never mind. The truth is crystal clear to a 3rd person.”

“Yeah, I suppose my allies know what the truth is.”

“That’s rather fierce. It’s like letting a chimpanzee fight an orangutan over intelligence…”

”Ahh…it’s like both of them are fighting to death over a banana…”

These classmates have no sense of foresight at all.

“Speaking of which, there are 3 people in F class if we’re talking about cute girls. But amongst them, I feel that Miss Himeji Mizuki is still the most eyecatching one.”

For some reason, Takashiro-sempai’s words really annoyed me. This isn’t jealousy…but how should I put it?

Himeji-san is cute, and sempai did say that Minami and Hideyoshi are cute too. My friends are being praised, but why am I feeling so frustrated?

“Innocent and diligent girls are still the most charming. I feel that Miss Himeji Mizuki is a splendid lady.”

I have no idea what kind of feelings I have exactly as I find myself saying these words to Takashiro-sempai,

“Takashiro-sempai. Please do not see Himeji-san in this light. She doesn’t like losing, and she will do things thoroughly. Minami has some girlish and cute aspects, and Hideyoshi is much more daring than anyone, and cool, you know?”

The reason why I’m not feeling happy isn’t because Hideyoshi and Minami are rated lower than Himeji-san, but another basic reason.

I continue to search for the reason behind this frustrating feeling. At this moment, Takashiro-sempai says to me,

“I have no idea who this girl called Minami is…but I heard that Miss Kinoshita is very good at acting and concealing her own heart. Someone like her may lie or hide things, so her personality charm is a little—”

“That’s not true at all, sempai.”

I interrupt Takashiro-sempai’s words.

On hearing these words, I think I vaguely understand something, why I feel annoyed about this person’s words.

“You’re mistaken, sempai.”


“Yeah. Hideyoshi is good at making poker faces, and it’s not easy to read his heart, but this is because Hideyoshi works hard to do what he wants to do.”

Hideyoshi continues to focus wholeheartedly on developing his own interests and spent quite some effort on it? Is this part of him not even a result, but a flaw? This is probably the charming point about him beside his good point appearance-wise.

“It’s because Hideyoshi works so hard to do what he wants to do that he’s so charming. I even feel that I feel proud having this buddy of mine!”

This sempai only looks at how other people appear like.

He only appraises everyone through what he sees on the surface.

This is the point that I don’t like, which is why I feel repulsed by it.

“Since you can't see their greatest charming points, can you please not comment on my most important comrades, sempai?”

Even I feel that it’s rude for me to use this tone to speak to sempai. However, I had to say those words.

“Yoshii Akihisa-kun. This is your own personal view, and my view may not be similar to yours.”

That’s true but—

“…It’s about time.”

I want to argue back, but Muttsurini says this as he points to the clock on the wall.

“Ahh, unknowingly…”

Time unknowingly flew as I was talking to Takashiro-sempai. We have to hurry up and prepare for the raid.

“Sorry, Takashiro-sempai, we still have things to do.”

“I understand. Then, I’ll leave first as an outsider. Besides, it’s enough for me to simply watch this summoning war.”

“Simply watch the summoning war?”

The somewhat unnatural words cause me to feel somewhat puzzled. Takashiro-sempai ignores my response as he puts his hand on the classroom door.

“Ah, that’s right. Allow me to ask one more question, if you don’t mind.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“Yoshii Akihisa-kun. When a person with ability, but is unfairly treated, tries to get back the position he deserves, will you step in to interfere?”

Is this a question on whether those who work hard should get back what they deserve?

In that case, I obviously have only one answer.

“I won’t.”

“Well answered. I hope you can remember these words.”

Takashiro-sempai leaves these words that are hard to comprehend behind, and leaves the scene.

What is that person trying to say? What does he mean by interfere?

No…speaking of which, why is that sempai here in the first place? Since his grades are outstanding, he should belong to A class instead. There’s no reason for him to come to the current 3-C classroom.

“That sempai…he’s not here to cheer for us, is he?”

“Probably not. We may be hated by the 3rd years, but definitely not liked by them.”

My classmates’ words enter my ears, and I suddenly remember something.

That’s right, that person was the one who helped the opponent come up with the plan during our war against C class—the enemy.

Then, he’s here to interfere with us, is it? But sempai just said that ‘just watching is enough’. In that case, he feels that we will lose? Or does he feel that this strategy will fail?

“And why does he view us as an enemy…?”

I know that 3rd years aren’t on good relations with us 2nd years. In fact, I do have some sort of resisting feeling when it comes to that sempai. However, I don’t understand the reason why that sempai came out to interfere with us.

If that sempai doesn’t like me like how I don’t like him, he probably has no need to come to me. No, if I really have to say it, I only had such negative feelings on him just now. We don’t know each other, but the reason why he came to talk to me is—

“…(Tok tok)”

“Eh? What is it, Muttsurini? I’m thinking about something—”



Muttsurini’s soft words cause me to recover.

I nearly forgot. Now’s an important scene to decide the winner, and I’m thinking about such unnecessary things messily! Have to concentrate on the task at hand and beat A cass!

“Sorry Muttsurini. Thanks.”

“…It’s nothing.”

I look at the clock to check the current time.

It’s time to get ready to attack.

“Is everyone ready?”


We nod at each other, open the windows, and get ready to move.


  1. Supposed to be pronounced as eπ. Sounds like ippai, which means many
  2. Oπ sounds like oppai, which means breasts