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The Final Question[edit]

Please answer the following question

Please list the sizes of the following elements in increasing relative atomic mass, and write the correct names

'Ne Ga H O Po I Na'

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

H: Hydrogen O: Oxygen Ne: Neon Na: Sodium Ga: Gallium I: Iodine Po: Polonium

Teacher's Comment:

Correct answer. Gallium and Polonium are elements that appear more rarely. Sensei was thinking whether this question was too difficult, but you never disappointed her here, Himeji-san.

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

H: A Na: Per O: verted Ne: Re Ga: quest I: Please! Po: Pop! (*/▽\*)[1]

Teacher's Comment:

The order other than sodium itself is all correct, and that really vexes me here.

BTS6 Mizuki.jpg

“Heh~ I didn’t expect it to be so interesting, and the interior decorations are really great.”

“As expected of an activity financed by the school. Let’s play again when the Bon Festival begins.”

“The teachers will be in charge of scaring this time, right? I really wonder what kind of summoned beast Takahashi-sensei will have.”

“But what’ll happen if it’s Ironman?”

“There, there shouldn’t be any problems, I guess…it’s open to the public after all, so they’ll probably show summoned beasts that people are able to stand seeing…”

“I really hope so too…”

Once the test of courage event’s over, the relief of the last day of summer remedials and the summer briefing being over rush up my mind. Also, the principal allows us to not deal with the cleaning up. As we leave the school, everyone’s showing carefree and relieved expressions, except for the 3rd years who can’t hide their troubled looks after merely losing this battle. Now, all’s left is—


“Ah, Kirishima-san. What is it?”

“…Go to the roof.”

“? The roof? The one telling me to go there is—”

“…Hurry. Mizuki is waiting for you.”

“Himeji-san is waiting for me? Got it! Thanks, Kirishima-san.”

Now, all that’s left is Himeji-san’s issues.

I follow Kirishima-san’s instructions and hurry through the corridors, taking two steps at a time as I run up the stairs. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t seen her up till now. So she ran to the roof.

“What is it, Shouko? Sounds like you and Himeji got close, actually calling her name like that.”


“What’s with this change of attitude?”

“…Because she still worked hard even when she’s scared. I like this kind of people.”


“…I really do.”

“Why are you looking at me with such an expression!? I’m not scared of anything, and I don’t have that lofty emotion to work hard!”

“…Then, I’ll take your word for it.”

“Gu…! The way you’re saying it really irritates me…!”


Once I got to the roof, I immediately find Himeji-san, who’s curled up while sitting in a corner.


On seeing my face, Himeji-san immediately lowers her stare in an embarrassed manner…it looks like her eyes are a little red.

“It’s about time to go home. It’s the real summer vacation tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it, you know?”


“Actually, my sister said before going overseas that she wants to go to the seaside to play once she comes back, and she even rented a vehicle. If you have the time, why don’t you come along with us, Himeji-san?”


Himeji-san’s dejected expression doesn’t change even with my invitation. Now what should I do…

I scratch my cheeks while not knowing what to do. After a while, Himeji-san says,

“Just now…”

“Hm? Himeji-san, what did you say?”

“Just now, those two sempais came here and apologized to me.”

“Ah, is that so.”

The 3rd years classrooms are on the 4th floor, so they immediately discovered that Himeji-san is hiding here? Either way, I am grateful to them for sticking to our agreement.

“The reason why they would come here to apologize…is because of you, Akihisa-kun, right?”

“Eh? Ah, un…not really.”

“Please don’t joke around with me.”

“…Well, I guess I did…”

Was I found out? Did the Toko-Natsu blabber off at her again?

“I’m sorry…that it ended up like this again…always because I caused you to he…”

“Eh? No, you’re mistaken, Himeji-san. It’s really not like that!”

“I’m not mistaken at all! It has been like this all the time in the past! I couldn’t help at all! I only ended up pulling everyone back, and I still had to rely on Akihisa-kun for help…”


“I really…hate this me…I can’t help in any way, I can only cause trouble to everyone, always relying on you, Akihisa-kun! I really hate this me who’s useless in everything, I really hate it all!”

The large teardrops that appear in Himeji-san’s eyes slide down the face drop by drop.

Why does she hate herself? Himeji-san has been working so hard for us.

“Himeji-san, listen to me.”


“You really looked cool when you told off those sempais loudly just now.”


Is it beyond her expectations to be praised as cool? Himeji-san can’t help but lift her face and look at me.

“You’re rather amazing to tell them off like that.”

“Do, don’t joke around! That’s not what I want to talk—”

“Also…I really feel happy too! You threw quite the huge tantrum for our sake. It’s also because of those words you said that Yuuji and I would work so hard to win that battle. Really thank you.”

I earnestly give a bow to Himeji-san.

I really can’t use words to describe the emotions back then. She was trying so hard to endure, made it all the way to the final checkpoint, but her hard work was wasted on Yuuji and me, and I really have to feel sorry for that—she’d rather waste that hard work just to speak up for us, and that touches me as well. Such conflicting emotions are raging in my heart, tangled up and can’t be distinguished.

“But…I didn’t manage to wear out the opponent’s scores at all…”

“That’s not the issue at all. There are many important things that can’t be expressed in points—didn’t you say this before, Himeji-san? It’s like how you rated Yuuji and me other than in terms of grades that we got encouraged by you non-academic wise Himeji-san.”

It’s because Himeji-san worked so hard in the haunted house that Yuuji and I worked exceptionally hard this time. If not for the words she said back then, I guess Yuuji and I wouldn’t have bothered taking that fight.


“Also, we’ll have to rely on your points to fight in the summoning wars later on. You’re the main fighting force in F class.”

Himeji-san had been very active during our first war and the battle against D class. We’ll definitely get our ultimate wish of beating A class with Himeji-san’s help.

On hearing me say this, Himeji-san reaches her hand to wipe away the tears from her eyes and finally shows that usual cute smile on her face. Great, it’s back to the usual Himeji-san.

“Thank you very much, Akihisa-kun.”

“No, I should be the one thanking you.”

“Now that you say this, I feel like I gained some self-confidence.”

“Ah, that’s great.”

It’s really great that Himeji-san can abandon such negative thoughts.

“Since you say we’re helping each other, I shouldn’t be too polite here, should I?”

“Un, of course.”

“Then, Akihisa-kun.”

“Nn? What is it, Himeji-san?”

“Please call me ‘Mizuki’ from now on.”


Why is she saying such things out of a sudden?

“I’ve been bothered. You always called Sakamoto-kun ‘Yuuji’, Kinoshita-kun ‘Hideyoshi’, Tsuchiya-kun by his nickname, and even ‘Minami’ for Minami-chan. But you keep calling me ‘Himeji-san’; family name aside, you even add the –san behind.”

“Ah, ahh…I see. You’re right…”

“So I hope you can just call me ‘Mizuki’ like how you call others.”

“Ah…about that.”

“…You’re not willing?”

“No, it’s not that I’m not willing…”

This atmosphere is really irresistible…

“Himeji-san, listen to me…”

“I hear you.”

“Actually…the reason why I call you this is a complicated reason that’s hard to explain…”

“Reason? What reason? Please tell me.”

“No, it’s really hard for me to explain this, so please stop asking anymore, please~”

“Nope. I won’t accept it easily if you don’t explain it.”

Uu…this is really bad…

“...Will you laugh at me?”

“I won’t.”

“…Will you tell anyone else about this?”

“I won’t.”

Himeji-san’s expression is rather serious.

What should I do…it’s like she doesn’t want to let me run away from this issue…

“Actually, about that…it’s…”


“I studied in the same elementary school as you, Himeji-san.”

“That’s right.”

“So if I call you by your name, I’ll end up calling you ‘Mizuki-chan’ like before. It’s kind of awkward. I mean, just think about it. We’re high school students, and if I add a ‘chan’ to it, this is too—”

“You’re lying. You’ve been calling me only by my family once we entered high school, Akihisa-kun. You never called me by my name.”

“Tha, that’s…because…”

Guu…! She’s really pressing on…Himeji-san’s outstanding memory is really irritating now!


“…You really won’t laugh at me?”

“I definitely won’t laugh at me.”

“…You definitely won’t tell anyone else?”

“I definitely won’t tell anyone.”

Not good. I have nowhere else to run to.

Uu…this is the greatest embarrassment of my life…



“I did think of calling you by your name before, Himeji-san.”

“And then?”

“And then…I secretly trained at home how to call you by your name…”


Himeji-san can’t help but widen her eyes. It can’t be helped that she’ll be so surprised. People normally won’t be practicing calling their classmates by their names anyway.

UGAH! This is really embarrassing! I already decided to keep this hidden in my heart and never mention it to anyone!

“That’s how it is. So I better call you ‘Himeji-san’ in the future! Is that okay?”


“I understand. Since you say so, I’ll let things remain for now.”

“Is, is that so…thank you…”

“Also, I do feel rather happy in a certain way that you would think of calling me in another way instead of calling me in a neutral manner.”[2]


What does that mean?

“Since you’re willing to share your embarrassing side with me, I’ll tell you a little secret of mine.”

“Eh? Himeji-san’s secret?”

I want to know! I really want to know!


Himeji-san keeps her voice down as she slowly brings her lips to my ears.

“My first crush—is still going strong.”

After saying that, something soft gently sticks on my cheek.

Bts6 0275.jpg

That’s weird? This is…


“Let’s go, Akihisa-kun. We should be going home now. Summer vacation is finally starting. We have to hurry and come up with all sorts of travelling plans.”

“No, Himeji-san! Now’s not the time to care about travel plans! Listen to me!”

“I really look forward to this summer vacation.”

“Wait a moment! Himeji-san! Wait!”

From tomorrow onwards, it’ll be the summer vacation that really belongs to us.

What will happen this year?

“Oh yeah, Himeji-san…”

“What is it, Akihisa-kun?”

“If, just if—if I have something bad to say about your cooking, what will you do?”

“What else?”

“What else?”

“I’ll keep cooking for you to eat everyday to improve! Perseverance is the power to improve.”

“Tha, that’s right! It’s really just like you, Himeji-san!”


I get a response that I expected. Since I can’t improve the current situation, I might as well not say anything else for now. It’s not that I have some concerns or want to keep my distance, but simply because I’m thinking about ensuring my life’s safe. I better not tell her about my thoughts regarding her cooking—so as to prevent the hellish life that will come everyday.

“Oi, Akihisa, didn’t you say you’re going to the seaside to play? Which sea?”

“I guess it’s a certain place I went to when I was young.”

“The seaside…if possible, I prefer to go to the mountains…”

“Me, me too…”

“Whether it’s going to the sea or the pool, I like them all!”

“…I don’t hate them.”

Everyone’s gathered at my house to discuss the seaside trip beforehand.

Since we rented a vehicle, that means that we can go to several other places once we head out early, finish playing at the seaside and go back home, so it’s important to check on what we can do beforehand.

“I’d say, it’ll be really great if there’s a festival nearby.”

“Ah, that’s a good idea. Do you know anywhere a festival will be held?”

“…Swimsuits and yukatas…can I really make it back alive…”

I really worry whether Muttsurini can take it—physically and mentally.


“Ah, sorry. I’ll go get the phone.”

“Oh, go ahead.”

I take the phone and walk out of the living room. Who’s calling here—eh? Nee-san? Is there something?

(Hello, is that Aki-kun?)

“Un, nee-san, what is it?”

(I want to talk to you about the seaside trip we mentioned before.)

“Ah, perfect timing. I’m checking on which fun places we can go.”

(I see, as for where we’re going—)

“Un, what is it?”

(I already booked a chalet where we used to stay at before.)

“Eh? Cha…let…”

(That’s right. A chalet.)

“Nee-san, about that…”

(What is it?)

“Booking a chalet. That means…we’re staying overnight?”

(Yes. I want to go to a far away place when we have the chance, and we’ll have an overnight trip there.)

“Ah, is, is that so? I’m really looking forward to it, ahahahahaha.”

(What’s with you, Aki-kun? Is there anything bad with an overnight trip?)

“Ah, no. I did invite Yuuji and the others, so it might not be convenient to stay overnight…”

(Nee-san won’t mind. Us siblings can go out and play whenever we want to, and you did cause Yuuji quite some trouble during the last end-of-term exams, so just invite them along.)

“Is that so? That’s really great! Nee-san, you mean that Yuuji and the rest can come along, right?”

(Un, I do mean this.)

“Got it! Thanks nee-san! That’ll be it for now!”

(Aki-kun. I suppose you should know, but if it’s a girl—)


“…Didn’t expect this to happen…”

“The seaside, is it~ it’ll be troublesome to prepare for it, but I’m really looking forward to it.”

“I have to prepare the swimsuits too.”

“I’ll go buy a new suit then~”

“…Looking forward to it.”

“It’s really great to go out during the summer.”

The intoxicating bouquet-like voices of the girls can be heard from the living room.

But right now, there are two things I have to do.

One, I have to explain to everyone that we have to stay overnight this time.

As for the other…

“Hello? Is this the A&E?”

I better prepare blood bags to endure the overbearing punishment inflicted on me once nee-san knows that girls will be taking part in this trip!


  1. The original answer Muttsurini gave was: Hなお願いポッ (*/▽\*). Look at the arrangements of the elements...
  2. Note that -san is a gender neutral honorific.