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"What is it, Shouko?"

"...I want to see your cellphone."

"What's wrong? Why do you suddenly want to see my cellphone?"

"...Because yesterday, a TV program said it."

"TV? What did it say?"

"...A lot of evidence of an affair will remain on the cellphone."


"...So, show it to me."


"...Clench your teeth."

"Wait! I think you've skipped a lot of steps! You're suddenly going to punch me? Do you want to punch me?"

"...Show it to me."

"Ah-...No, I can't, I accidentally forgot it at hom-AAHHHHHHHHH! M-MY EYES!"

"...I should have done this from the beginning."

"You always end up stabbing me in the eyes! Why did you even want me to clench my teeth! Was that just a fake-out, you animal!"

"...Yuuji. Unclench your fist. I can't take your cellphone like this."

"I-I'm not giving it! I finally got it back after having it fixed, how can I let you steal it!"

"...If you resist, I'm going to take away your pants and trunks."

"Tru...!? I can give up and hand over my pants even though I'm unwilling, but what do my trunks have to do with this!? Are you saying that you want me to go to school with my bottom part naked!?"

"...Half-naked boys that are only wearing a shirt are really loved by mother, I heard her say that once."

"Wrong! This has nothing to do with 'like'! More important than that is that I don't want to, don't make that mistake!"

"...Also, I also want to see what Yuuji looks like there."

"Are you a pervert!?"

"...I'm not a pervert. I, your childhood friend, have an obligation to check on Yuuji's growth."

"Eeh, take your hands off my belt! Get away from my belt straps! I got it! Here! Take my phone!"

"...........I see."

"Shouko. Why do you have such an obviously disappointed expression."

"...Show me your cellphone."

"Really... Please don't break it, you idiot at machines."

"...I'll do my best."

"Please do so."


"And? There's nothing of note there, right? Once you understand, please give me back my cellphone--so wait! Why is your hand creeping towards my pants!? I gave you my cellphone, right!?"

"...You have more mails from Yoshii than me."

"Oh? What's wrong with that?"

"...In short, the person that Yuuji is going to have an affair with is Yoshii."

"No, that's wrong."

"...So, time for punishment."

"Why is it that around me there are so many people that think that gender difference is a small matter...? Alright Shouko, take a look at the contents of the mails. It's just a playful correspondence, right?"



"Ah, a mail? It's my cellphone, right? Let me check my phone! No, wrong. Before the phone, give me back my belt, which you stole from me so skillfully."

"...No. I'm not returning it."

"Ha? Why----uwaah!? This time you're trying to take my pants again!? Anybody can see us from here--NO, NO, I GOT IT! I'm an adult. I'm fine with giving up and giving you my pants even though I'm extremely unwilling. So at least, my trunks--!"


"Are you insane!? Do you know what you're doing right now!?"

"...I will definitely, not forgive, cheating...!"

"Damn it! What was inside that mail!?"

【Message From: Yoshii Akihisa】

Can I stay at your house? Tonight, I don't really...feel like going home.

The First Question[edit]

Please write down the correct name of the piece of equipment in the picture on the right.

BTS vol 05 016.png

Himeji Mizuki's Answer:

Measuring Cylinder.

Teacher's comment:

Correct answer. Understanding the names and usage of lab equipment is very important basic information. Being able to remember the names of these pieces of equipment won't hurt at all. Also, remember to look at the labels denoting the graduations.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:

Mesu Shiri.[1]

Teacher's comment:

You only pay attention to areas that you have interest in, I already understand that. I hope that you can remember the 3 letters [ンダー] (ndaa) though.

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:

Graduated glass tube.

Teacher's comment:

I've lost hope in you.


It was a Sunday afternoon, and this place that’s rarely affected by a rainy climate had a rare drizzle in the morning. But now that the rain stopped, the outside was a nice clear weather. However, I didn’t go out as I was holed up at home playing games.

“Yosh! Ho~ yosh, and!”

Showing up on the television screen was the boxing experience game I just bought last week, and I was controlling the device in my hand like I was in a trance. Yuuji came over to my house and actually played better than me. How infuriating. However, that guy was always better at such games that are related to reflexes or motion.

“Even so, it infuriates me to lose to that kind of guy!”

But no matter what kind of game it was, losing to Yuuji alone made me want to puke. That’s why I agreed with him to have another match tomorrow after school, and I’m trying my best to train.


A sharp sound from the bell suddenly rang while I was training.

“Hn? Is it express mail? Really, at such a moment…”

On the screen, the character I was controlling sent a right uppercut that slammed into the opponent’s jaw. I continued on with my attacks on the opponent as he got scared, so I should be able to win now. That’s why I really don’t want to pause at such an important moment—however, I can’t just leave the bell alone.

“Really…at such a bad timing…”

Can’t be helped. I could only sigh and press the pause button, get up and walk towards the corridor.

“Here. Who is this?”

I said as I unlocked the door and pushed the door out.

The feeling of summer that had heat and humidity immediately came in through the tiny gap between the door.

I frowned a little in an irritated manner, but I pushed the door wider a little more.

On the other side of the metal door, there was a bright clear sky after it rained, a light vestige of rainbow that was about to mix into the sky, and—a short-haired woman carrying a large luggage bag.

“…Eh? Arre…?”

I couldn’t help but doubt my own eyes and started watching that person in front of me even more closely. What’s going on? Those wide eyes, the lax-looking expression, this person… looks just like someone I know.

I have a bad feeling about this. I don’t think it’s really possible, but maybe…

“…Nee, nee…san…?”

I tried to call this family member of mine who should be overseas and shouldn’t be appearing here.

And then, the person immediately,

“Yes. It’s been a long while, Aki-kun.”

She answered me. The neat short-hair swayed gently with the wind, and a slight smile appeared on her face.

—And for some reason, she’s wearing a bathrobe.

BTS vol 05 017c-1-.jpg


I was really shocked to see my sister, who I haven’t seen in a year, dressed up like this.

Why are you here? If you’re going to come back, why didn’t you call me? These obvious questions were immediately blown aside. Her surreal get-up made me feel dizzy.

No, it’s plausible if my sister who just came back from overseas actually came out from the room. It’s rare in Japan, but there’re some people who would wear bathrobes after bathing. However—


As far as I know, bathrobes aren’t evolved to such an extent that they could be used outside, right? I never heard of such news!

“Aki-kun, Japan’s really hot?”


“Aki-kun. How can you stand in the corridor and make a ruckus? Nee-san doesn’t remember raising a kid who lacks common sense like you, right?”

“Kuu…I didn’t expect to be told off about common sense by someone who’s wearing a bathrobe as she walked in front of everyone…”


“And I should have told you before. You have to listen to what others say until the end, you know? Nee-san has her reasons for being dressed up like this."

Nee-san started telling me off.

“Eh? Ahh, I see.”

After hearing her say that, I heaved a sigh of relief.

That’s right. Who would walk around outside in a bathrobe without any reason?

“Of course.”

After seeing me understand somewhat, nee-san nodded and then slowly started to explain to me.

“It was really hot today, and I had to carry such heavy luggage. Nee-san ended up sweating a lot.”


“Even if I’m meeting my own brother, nee-san is still a woman. It’s normal to take note of my appearance.”

“That’s right. Girls would normally be mindful about this.”

“So nee-san changed into a bathrobe to absorb the sweat.”

“Yes, that’s the strange part.”

“Because the bathrobe is the only clothing in my luggage that absorbs the most sweat. Nee-san’s sweat was soon dried up.”

“Why didn’t your brain think of the option to ‘take out a towel and wipe yourself dry?…”

“So it’s because I changed into the bathrobe that I was able to safely maintain my pride as an older sister, and reunite with my brother that I haven’t met in a year while being clean.”

“I say, even if you’re proud of your own achievement, you ended up failing because you were thinking too much, didn’t you, nee-san?”

In my mind, her pride as a sister was completely gone.

“What are you talking about? Even though sweat contains impurities like sodium chloride, magnesium, potassium and calcium, it mostly contains water. This bathrobe’s material is cotton, so it’s absorbent and very permeable, and did suck up the sweat from nee-san’s body just like I wanted it to.

“No…you did manage to absorb the sweat away…”

But it’s not like it doesn’t matter what you wear just because it can absorb the sweat away!

“If you can understand let me into the house. Nee-san has to look in to see what kind of life Aki-kun is living and report it to mom.”

“Ah, is that so?”


“I see~ so you’re going to check up on how I live~”

“That’s right.”

“I see I see…that’s right…nee-san…”

“What is it?”

“What’s that?”

“What do you mean?”

I pointed far away, and nee-san looked over at where I was pointing without doubt.


While she looked over at the other side, I immediately closed the door calmly at the fastest speed possible, and even remembered to lock the door.


"Aki-kun, hurry up and open the door. Nee-san still hasn’t gone in yet."

I covered my ears and crouched down, unwilling to listen to the voice that came in from outside.

“You actually did it, mom!!”

Why must she do such a thing to me!? Sending nee-san over to check on my life without warning is too despicable.


"Aki-kun, did you hear me? Did you not notice that your sister is still standing outside?"

What should I do? If this keeps up, the life I've lived up till now will be seen through. If she reports to mom about my situation here, I really won’t know what will happen to my happy life of living alone. I could have hidden my manga and game consoles if they had contacted me first…


"Aki-kun, are you bullying nee-san here? Do you hate seeing nee-san in a bathrobe?"

And she actually came over before the end of the semester exams. Mom definitely wants to know my results. She definitely waited for such a time to send an assassin over. I could only think of such a possibility. Not good, what should I do?

"Why aren’t you willing to let nee-san enter the house? Is there some reason why you don’t want nee-san to come in? The reason…what can it be?"

As I was hugging my head and thinking, nee-san outside seemed to be thinking as well. What is she thinking now?

"—Ahh, I see. So Aki-kun is thinking about that."

I didn’t say anything, but it seemed that nee-san realized it. Is she willing to give me some time to pack my room? I see. We’re siblings, so minds do think alike.

“You mean that if I want to enter the house, I need to wear a maid outfit and not a bathrobe, right?”


“No, don’t do it…! This is a trap nee-san set…! If I open the door and snark back at her, she’ll be like a detective searching the house and will immediately step into the house without hesitation!”

Don’t answer her, Akihisa! You definitely mustn’t…I continued to warn myself deep inside my heart. It’s a matter of life and death in this situation.

"…Really. I’ll go over to the neighbor and ask them to lend me a maid outfit."


I couldn’t help but open the door and shout out.

I can’t stand it anymore! I really can’t leave this person alone in the corridor.

“Is that so? But I had a foreign friend who told me last month that ‘Fujiya-ma, Tempo-ra, Maid Outfits’ are all part of Japanese culture.”

“Nee-san, that guy’s definitely not normal! Why can’t he even pronounce ‘Mount Fuji’ and Tempura’ correctly, yet pronounces maid outfit that smoothly?”

What kind of strange friends did she have? Weirdos attract weirdos. Isn’t this something like flocks of a feather sticking together?

“He really loves to play. He even called himself A-Boy”

“Didn’t you notice it or something!? He should be called B-Boy here!”

Akiba-Boy and Bad-Boy don’t sound different at first, but there’s a whole lot of difference there.

“Speaking of which, even if you live overseas, your misunderstandings of Japanese culture is way too bad…don’t you normally come back home, nee-san?”

And she’s been living in Japan till a few years ago. How could her understanding of Japan become so bad? But that’s right, my sister here wouldn’t look at anything other than the things she’s interested in. However, the few years of living overseas seems to have made things worse.

“Well, talk about that later. I better enter the house first.”


Before I could even stop, nee-san stepped into the corridor.

“At least I still know that I have to put my shoes down neatly when I enter a Japanese house, Aki-kun.”

After saying that, she immediately took off her shoes and placed it in the corridor. And then, she seemed to finally notice something as she clapped her hands.

“I see, so that’s how it is. You’re locking nee-san outside to tidy the room, right, Aki-kun?”


At least she finally thought of the reason ‘cleaning up the room’ after seeing the corridor that’s filled with shoes thrown all over the place. Normally, people would be thinking of housekeeping before a maid outfit, but…never mind. She’s my sister anyway.

“Really now, Aki-kun….”

“That’s not it, well…I’m…”

Uu…those lecturing eyes are looking at me.

“Nee-san is an adult already. Even if Aki-kun uses more than 2,000 H-books to fill the living room, nee-san won’t even be surprised.”

Eh…if possible, I hope you can be surprised here?

“I don’t have the money to buy 2000 H-books…”

How can I even get that sort of spare cash when I’m living in poverty and hardship without…well, anyway, it’s not like I don’t have them at all…

“I heard that the kidneys of young males can be sold for a good price.”


“Well…if there’s a chance to take part in a school study camp, you would devote everything you have, without care of integrity or honor to peep into the girls’ bath, that kind of brother whose interest in sexual relationships are to such an extent.”

“Ahaha, what are you talking about? How could I do such a thing?”

I clearly felt the cold sweat spurting out from all the pores on my body. My, my sister’s observation is way too sharp here…!

“Anyway, I have to check on whether you’re living properly.”

The corridor was a little messy, but the living room was somewhat neat. Yuuji came over to play games at my house yesterday. Besides, if the room is too dirty, I can’t control the joystick properly.

“Arre…? It’s unexpectedly clean.”

After looking around the living room, nee-san put down the luggage bag, turned off the power of the game console that I was playing on midway, and slowly bent down to sit on the sofa.


I finally got a character I can use, and yet she wordlessly turned off the switch. At least let me save first before turning it off!

“Be quiet.”

I couldn’t help but protest at this inhumane treatment, but my sister sternly told me to shut up.

“Aki-kun, nee-san raised two conditions for you if you want to live alone. You haven’t forgotten about them, right?”

“I forgot about them a long time ago—will you be angry if I say that, nee-san?”

The moment I said the word ‘forget’, my sister’s eyebrows seemed to twitch, so I hurriedly added that last part.

Unexpectedly, nee-san was rather calm.

“No, I won’t.”

“Eh? Really?”

“Yes, I won’t be angry.”

“That’s great~ Actually, I forgot about that promise a long time ago—”

“But I’ll kiss you in return.”

“—Not! Of course I remember about it clearly!”

“And it’ll be so intense that it’s impossible to be someone else’s wife.”

“What are you trying to do!? What are you thinking of doing to your own brother!? And I’m a guy, so I won’t become someone’s wife here!”

“Don’t worry, the one who can’t be the wife will be nee-san here.”


“In that case, Aki-kun’s life will forever be tainted with the guilt of making nee-san unable to get married.”


You don’t have anyone you can get married to. Stop blaming such things on others!

“I understand, nee-san. Please don’t punish me…”

“Really? You do? Let me hear it then.”

“Un. Eh—ermm…”

What can I still remember…I did promise mom before, but my memories are all mixed up. I don’t know what to say at this moment.

Let’s see, I remember the promise I made with my sister is…

“Aki-kun…time to close your eyes…?”

“I remember! I really do! Don’t make such a strange atmosphere and lean toward me!”

This person isn’t the kind to make jokes. If she says that she wants to do something, she will definitely do it without hesitation. Even if I was used to direct violence by Minami and the other classmates, this type of threat isn’t something I want to mess with.

“The promise I made to nee-san was one, ‘I can play video games for only 30 minutes a day’ and two ‘Illicit sexual relationships are forbidden’. Un, I do remember them clearly!”

“That’s right. That’s how it is.”

Nee-san showed an unhappy look as she returned to her seat. Ahh, that was close…I nearly ended up kissing the lips of my sister. That was no joke.

“Though you remember, it doesn’t look like you obeyed it.”


This is a game that shows the amount of time spent playing it. It’s my bad luck that she discovered it. It’s impossible to defend myself by saying that I didn’t play for more than 30 minutes.

“Then I have to deduct points.”

Nee-san took out a notebook from her pocket and started scribbling in it. I wonder what she was writing inside?

“Deduct points, what’s that?”

“I’m counting the points to see if Aki-kun can live alone. I’ll add and deduct points from your attitude to daily life and your grades as the standard. If your grades aren’t enough, I’ll report to mom and explain that you aren’t suited to live alone.”


“On a side note, I just deducted 20 points from you.”

20 points…should that be a lot or very little?

“Nee-san, when you said deducting points, at what point will I be out?”

“At the time your grades in the end of term exams come back, if the total is less than 0, you’re out.”

Let me think…in other words, if after my end-of-term results are out and I still have negative points, my days of living alone will be over.

“What should I do if I want to add points?”

“Then live a proper life and show good results. Once I assess it, I’ll decide whether I want to add points.”

Ugh…! My daily meals are salt water, and my grades are so bad…I’ll be deemed out if nee-san knows about this!

“You don’t have to give that look of despair, Aki-kun. Your learning ability is a lot worse than the standard. Nee-san and mom knows. The most important point is whether you have the heart to improve.”

“Eh? In other words, you’re willing to let me off if I work a little harder?”

“Yes. I’ll use the last test scores—the streaming exams score, isn’t it? I’ll compare to that score and see whether you have improved or gotten worse and use that as the standard.”

In other words, my total exam score the last time was 800 points. If I can get 820 points for my end-of-term score, the 20 points extra can be used to offsets the points that were deducted. In other words…if I work hard now, maybe it’ll still be of use.

“That’s right. What about the other promise? Did you follow it?”

“Is the other promise the one about no illicit sexual relationships?”

“That’s right. However, the only females who would look at you, a dumb guy who is unpromising, has no living skills, is extremely stupid and very ugly seriously in this world, are either nee-san or mom.”

Why are you talking about my bad points like a storm? But from the beginning of my memories, I’ve always been told off like this, so I do have some form of resistance to such degrading words. However, I’ll still feel unhappy about hearing that.

“But for precaution sake, I have to check on it. You don’t have any illicit sexual relationships, right?”

A sharp and vicious stare was shot at me.

Illicit sexual relationship, illicit sexual relationship…in other words, is she asking that I did any pervy things to the girls or Hideyoshi? But basically, what kinds of things? For example…(though that was a misunderstanding), is my situation with Minami considered one? Better go about asking in an indirect manner.

“Nee-san, how many negative points do I get if I did do something?”

“If you hold hands with a girl, I’ll deduct 100 points.”

—I’ll definitely die if she knows.


“What’s wrong, Aki-kun? You don’t look so good.”

“Ah, ahaha…you’re just thinking too much.”

“It really feels suspicious. Are you really not hiding anything from nee-san?”

As expected of my sister. She seemed to have noticed that there’s something suspicious. Whether it’s Hideyoshi, Yuuji or even my sister, why is it that everyone around me can easily see through my lies?

“Of, of course I’m not hiding anything from you. And I never directly kissed a girl before!”

“I see. So it really happened. Please explain clearly.”

“Didn’t I say that it’s nothing!?”

I tried my best to deny it, but nee-san continued to stare at me. Ugh, it’s really unbearable…

“Aki-kun, if you’re not going to tell the truth…I’m going to do something cruel to you, you know?”

Nee-san clenched her fist tight like she was going to threaten me, and even let out a ‘haa’.

Eh, what? Just a normal attack this time?

“Un~doing something cruel to me…”

“Yes, I’m going to do something cruel to you.”

This may sound a little disrespectful, but as compared to that strange way of threatening me, this level of threat isn’t that painful to me.

Using a fist to punch an ordinary high school student isn’t going to see much effect. Besides, someone like me fights for my life desperately every day, and this level of attack is too laughable. Though I should be scared, I could just find it cute that my sister is deliberately clenching her fist like that.

“What cruel things are you talking about?”

I casually asked nee-san.

She must be angry and using the fist to threaten me, but there’s not enough drive.

Maybe it’s because I’m not showing any reaction that nee-san felt a little troubled, looking a little lost as she stared at me for a while before muttering,

“Well…anyway, it’s cruel. In other words…I’ll do something cruel to Aki-kun.”

But she didn’t say any details. Hey hey, there’s not much threat, is there?

“Ahaha. Try it if you can.”

I couldn’t help but mock after seeing my sister being so lost.

Really, how could nee-san be so violent—

GAK!! (The sound of my feet being tripped)

DOSSST!! (the sound of my seat sitting on me how I fell).

GOK GOK GOK GOK (The sound of nee-san slamming her fist into me)

“I did it.”


I supported my body while being in tears.

Speaking of which, she is really such a sister. That’s why I didn’t dare to let her into the house. I’m really a big idiot for forgetting such an important thing!

“Listen carefully, Aki-kun. I told you this a long time ago. You definitely have no characteristics to attract the opposite gender. This is an unmistakeable advice nee-san will give you as a woman. So if a girl decides to approach you, it must be a bad girl trying to trick you. Nee-san doesn’t want to see her precious brother being tricked like that, so nee-san banned you from having any illicit sexual relationships. That’s all because nee-san is worried about you. Do you understand?”

“Ah, un. Thank you for being so caring to me.”

I don’t know whether this is a good thing to me or not, but I’m somewhat happy that someone is worried about me. In that case, my mom and sister here are completely different.

“But aren’t you way too worried? If I can’t even hold hands, I won’t be able to take part in a folk dance.”

Better not mention the kiss. I can ensure my safety like this.

“That’s true. Aki-kun is already a mature 16 year old. Nee-san obviously understands that you’re troubled by your young body and many strange emotions.”

“No, how did it end up like that?”

“That’s why nee-san intends to concede as much as possible.”

“Eh? Concede?”

“Yes. Though I’ll still forbid you from illicit sexual relationships with girls…”


“But nee-san will close an eye and accept your illicit sexual relationship with guys.”


At least she was still normal before.

“Alright, Aki-kun. We’ve talked for a long time. You must be tired, right? How about a bath to make yourself feel better?”

“Isn’t that unnatural change in topic too obvious? You want to search the house while I’m bathing, right?”

“No. Why would nee-san do such a thing?”

Nee-san gave a serious look as she denied that, but I don’t trust her at all.

“It’s too early now, so I don’t have to bath. Besides, I’ll bath before I sleep tonight.”

On a side note, the gas bills I owed were paid last week, so I can get hot water from the tap. In that sense, I can say that it’s perfect timing now that nee-san is back.

“Really? So you don’t intend to bath.”

“Yeah. It’s still early. You still look like you’re planning something, nee-san.”

“I understand. Also…”


“I bought some local produce for Aki-kun. It’s coffee.”

Nee-san took out cans of coffee from her bags. They look like they’ve been bought from the nearby vending machines. Are they actually local produce?

“Here, have some.”

“Un, thanks.”

I reached over and got ready to take the coffee she handed over. At this moment, nee-san did something I expected. Basically, she deliberately tried to spill the coffee on me.

“Ah, sorry. My hand slipped—”

“Watch me!”

I immediately dodged it. This is just nothing to me, nothing at all—

GANK (The sound of my feet being tripped)

DOSSTT (The sound of my sister immediately sitting down on me).

DAPADAPADAPA!! (The sound of nee-san pouring coffee on me)

“My hand slipped.”


It’s futile no matter how I resisted. Right now, I’m all stained in coffee. I don’t understand what nee-san is aiming at, but she’s been either beating me up or dirtying me ever since just now…

“Sorry. Nee-san was careless.”

“Damn it! Are you still trying to find excuses?”

“Anyway, you should take a bath?”

“I’m already feeling that there’s a huge problem in that attitude and tone that looks like this doesn’t have anything to do with you, but I can only bath according to your intent. But, there’s one thing I have to tell you. You mustn’t—enter my room and mess it up.”

“Of course. It’s just Aki-kun’s room. Nee-san will definitely not touch the things inside the house before Aki-kun finish bathing.”

“Eh? Ah, oh…if you really won’t touch anything, it’ll be great…”

That’s weird. Why is her reaction completely different from what I expect? This reaction made be unable to respond. She went all the way and yet assured that she won’t ransack the house. What’s going on? Nee-san didn’t look like she was lying too.

Don’t tell me…I’m full of sweat even if I didn’t notice it? I was moving up and down when I was playing, and it was really hot today. Maybe there is such a possibility.

In that case, I guess it’s nee-san’s kindness for not telling me directly that I stink and I need a bath.

“I see. So that’s how it is. Thank you for being so considerate, nee-san.”

“That’s nothing. As a sister, I’m happy to let my brother be all nice and clean.”

“I’ll go take a bath then…”

I walked towards the changing room, being careful not to let the coffee that stained on my clothes touch the floor. Once I stepped into the changing room, I took off the shirt that was sticking to me and used water to wash up some stains that may be left behind before putting the clothes into the washing machine. I won’t have any coffee stains if I can wash my clothes dry.

“I can finally have a hot shower…”

I walked into the bathroom with a little delighted feeling. I twisted the tap with the red marker open, and warm water immediately came out from the tap.


I hummed as I let the hot water rain down on me. I was about to squeeze the shampoo out, and suddenly realized something.

“Ah…I forgot to bring a change of clothes.”

There is a towel in the changing room, but I have to head to my room to get my clothes. Normally, I won’t mind when I’m living alone, but now nee-san is back. My sister here fusses about such things the most. If I walk around with only a towel, she’ll definitely tell me off. This is bad…

Just when I thought about that—

“Aki-kun, I brought your clothes here.”

Nee-san’s voice came over from the changing room. It seemed that she too noticed that I didn’t bring a change of clothes over.”

“Thanks, nee-san.”

I thanked my sister who was standing outside the bathroom door. It’s easy to live alone, but it’s not bad to have someone notice such things for me.

“I don’t know what sort will be fine, so I brought a few types over. Just choose whatever you want.”

After leaving these words, nee-san walked out of the changing room.

“Alright, I should hurry up, wash myself up and get out. Nee-san seemed to have sweated a lot when coming back. She probably wants a bath too.”

I hastened myself, washed my hair and body and walked out of the bathroom before standing in the changing room.

Like nee-san said, there were three clothing I could choose from. She is probably telling me to choose one I like.

“It’s too early to wear pajamas, so I guess it’s fine if nee-san brought a T-shirt and shorts for me.”

I took out the towel from the cupboard, wiped my hair dry and looked over at the storage basket. Let’s see, what should I wear?

→Nurse Uniform


→Baseball cap.

What should I do? I can’t find a normal option!

No no no. Calm down first, Yoshii Akihisa. It’s looks rather weird, but there might be some meaning behind this. Just investigate through this and choose an option you think should be correct.

Option 1: Nurse Outfit.

A clothing that people of noble sentiment that save the injured or sick would wear. It’ll give a clean and reassuring feeling, but it’s definitely not an outfit an ordinary high school student would wear after bathing.

Option 2: Apron.

A common attire seen at home. No matter the age or whoever wearing it, it would not feel out of place. However, if it’s worn on its own, the supposedly normal kitchen will immediately become a strange world. This isn’t an outfit suited for high school guys. It’s more of a higher-class clothing.

Option 3: Baseball cap.


“Sorry, Aki-kun. The sizes may not match, so just wait a moment.”

“Ahh, no…I think the problem’s not about the sizes…”

Not good. No matter how many times I look at this, there’s no normal clothing in the basket.

Speaking of which, where did these things come from? It’s strange for nee-san to prepare an apron when she doesn’t cook, but the other options don’t look normal. Especially the nurse outfit! What happened to my sister overseas!?

“Really…is there a limit to nee-san’s lack of common sense…”

I combed the strands of hair attached to my forehead back and couldn’t help but mutter.

Of course I can’t possibly wear such stuff, so I could only wipe myself dry, put the towel at my waist, and open the changing room door.


“Hey, Aki-kun, didn’t I prepare clothing for you already? Don’t walk around with the towel like that. Put on the clothing and come out.”


I was locked in.

“No, even if you’re asking me to wear them…how can I wear them when they’re either female clothing or a cap!?”

“Don’t worry, those clothing will definitely suit you.”

“Nee-san, these words aren’t considered flattery.”

Did she deliberately spill coffee on me to make me change into this? She’s really someone I can’t understand.

“In that case…sorry, can you please come over to my room and get my clothes?”

“I can’t do that. I promised not to enter your room. Better give up, get yourself pretty and show nee-san.”


“Nee-san here doesn’t understand what Aki-kun’s talking about.”

“Fine! I’ll walk around with a towel wrapped around me!”

“Nee-san won’t allow you to walk around with only a towel. You should be acting more like your age.”



“Argh, damn it! In that case, go to my room and get my clothes for me!”

“No way, I can’t do it.”

“Why not?”

“Nee-san promised Aki-kun just now. How can nee-san not follow her word?”


“…I got it. Since you said it, I’ll just do as what you want and go to your room.”

She finally agreed. Tha, that’s really tiring me…

“But bathing and getting a change of clothes alone is already like this…”

What will my life become like starting from tomorrow?

Current score [-20 points]



  1. Mesushirinda [メスシリンダー] is measuring cylinder. Mesu [メス] is female. Shiri [シリ] is butt.