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Author Notes[edit]

I will like to thank you sincerely for picking up this book, I’m the author of this light novel, Inoue Kenji.

Unknowingly, the baka test series has reached the 15th volume. It has been 5 years and a half, and I really want to thank you, the readers, very much for following this series for a long time. Please continue to support me until the end of this series.

Speak of which, the interludes this time include the polling I got from the okamas I mentioned in the afterwords of the previous volume! Thank you very much for allowing me to make use of this, everyone. I’ll also like to express my apology for mentioning this story again…

And then, there were a lot of questions I asked, and everyone’s replies were really interesting. Everyone around me was telling, “This is really interesting! Let’s do this again next time.” I really never expected them to be so proficient at talking about such things. I am really curious as to how they managed to refine such outstanding talking skills here.

I had a lot of things I wanted to write, but due to the limited number of pages, I have to cut quiet a few things out from here in tears

Thus, this becomes a simple introduction for every single chapter. I am really sorry here.

“Me and Brother and the Mysterious Bolster”

How did I come up with this short story?

It seems that everyone has been asking me about this at one point. I am sorry, but I do not know where I got this inspiration from. I just wrote this chapter while thinking “They don’t have any underclassmen…” Kubo-kun’s little brother is one of those with the precious (relatively) common sense in this work. If he really enters Fumitzuki Academy, he will probably be playing the straight man so much until he starts getting ulcers in his stomach. I must definitely write about him properly if he does appear in the future.

“Me and Yuuji and the Dangerous Black Magic”

I always wanted to write a story about swapping around, and if I wanted to write it, I can probably write out a volume. To be honest, I really cut out a lot here. I originally wanted to include Ironman, Takahashi-sensei, Hazuki and so on in this story. It really is not easy for me to shorten this.

“Me and the Future and Summoned Beasts”

This is the series of the principal that comes in handy anytime and the summoned beasts. In the end, what I want to say is that “I just want to see the illustrations”. I do not have any second thoughts about this.

“Me (Watashi) and Usagi and My Ambiguous First Love”

Who are you!? This version of Akihisa appears, and to be honest, it might not be a reach to call it his heyday. What exactly caused him to end up like this…? The Yoshii couple probably argued a lot over how to education their children here. I personally wanted to let the high school version of Akira appear, but in that case, Mizuki’s presence in this story will have to be removed completely, and Akihisa’s chastity and morality will be doomed. Thus, I restrained myself here and chose to write about how Akira felt jealous that Akihisa was popular with the girls.

BTS vol 10.5 287.jpg

As I write on, the pages are coming to an end. I don’t have any space left to write, so I can only write some simple thanks here. I am really sorry about this.

To Haga-san, who is in charge of the illustrations, I am really left speechless by the cover page, beginning of the volume, and insert illustrations. With all these wonderful illustrations, I really want to have a look at Akira in high school!

K-sama in charge of editing. I really admire your attitude, and I was saved by your enthusiastic “I will think of a way!” positive thinking. Really, thank you very much.

I will also like to thank all the people involved in this work in all sorts of ways. I will continue to work hard in the future!

And finally, it is time for a synopsis of the next volume. The next volume is the last volume in this series. There is still a little left, and I will like to ask everyone to continue supporting me until the end!