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"It's great that A class could beat B class without a hitch."

"...I hope that you'll have time for the weekend."

"But us F class will definitely not lose that easily."

"...It's about time to discuss our wedding."

"We'll do our best, so you better--"

"...And after that, we'll have to choose the wedding ring during that time."




"...I had been paying attention to you, Yuuji."


"...Yuuji, such a response is very rude."

"You don't have any right to say that about me when I was talking about the summoning war while you're talking away about marriage..."

"...I was talking about events after the summoning war."

"Hah? After that? What do you mean by that?"

"...Un, well, if I win this time--"

"If you win?"

"--I hope that you're really mentally prepared, Yuuji."

"Don't say that it's my loss before it even began. I just need to win. I just need to win to change everything. I just need to win just need to win just need to win..."

"If you win, you can get happily married with me."

"Wouldn't that sort of win be meaningless?"

"...On a side note, if Yuuji loses--"

"If I lose?"

"...I can get married happily."


"...Don't worry, Yuuji. You'll be happy too."



"I mustn't lose. I definitely mustn't lose. I have to win this war right from the beginning anyway!"

"...I was joking."

"No, from your actions up till now, the chances of those words you said being a joke is nearly zero..."

"Don't worry."

"What do you mean by not to worry?"

"...I'll definitely make Yuuji happy."

"I say...wouldn't that normally be the other way around?"

"...I'll definitely make Yuuji suffer?"


"...That was a joke too."

"Your jokes can't really be considered jokes here..."

"...Though the current situation may be the opposite..."


"...But I'll work hard, so that one day, Yuuji will say those words to me."



"...My head hurts."

"...I guess this is most likely--love."

"Definitely not."

The First Question[edit]

Question: Please translate the following underlined part into modern language.

The samurai had disguised themselves, dressing shabbily before going to the handmaiden, who served the Lord Youken. These samurai, who served Youken, thought to themselves, ‘What manner of warrior would enter the quarters of a handmaiden?’ “Stand watch, and when he leaves the next morning, we shall lay our fury upon him,” So they said, preparing each other, and as a result, the maiden grew greatly depressed. Like another other day, dusk came, so he went to the maiden, so as the maiden cried, he said, “No such thing at all. I shall take a look and return”, and left.[1]

Shimada Minami’s Answer:

' '[2]

Teacher’s Comment

It is really a pity to leave the answer blank in this situation. Next time, try writing some words even if you do not know the answer.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s Answer:

‘Listen to me, Mike. My wife got involved in a traffic accident a few days ago.’

Teacher’s Comment:

I did ask you to write something…

Yoshii Akihisa’s Answer:

‘Don’t worry, Johnny. As long as you use this brand new Super☆Muscle, any stain can be washed off once!’

Teacher’s Comment:

Looking at this brand name, I think it is not used for cleaning stains, is it?

BTS WarriorMinami.jpg

“Miss Himeji Mizuki, I feel that the principal’s proposal is rather good. This should be better for you too, right?”


“Once you lose in the summoning war against C class, F class’ facilities will be downgraded to orange cardboard boxes and straw mats. I suppose your family doesn’t wish to see this.”

“That definitely won’t happen! Because we will win!”

“…Win…is it? You can beat C class in such a situation?”

“Yes, so our facilities will not be downgraded.”

“Even so, you’re just going to get C class’ facilities. I heard that if you go there, you’ll be treated like A class.”

“Even if that’s the case…the outcome will still be the same if we beat A class.”

“That’s true. That will be the case if you win—but, what if you lose?”

“If we lose…I want to stay all the more. I can’t be so irresponsible.”

“Because your classmates will look down on you for ‘running away after losing’, is it? Your friends aren’t so kind as to send you away first for your sake.”

“Tha, that’s not true at all! Everyone’s really kind, thinking about their friend…”

“I guess so. If it were your friends, they’re definitely people like that.”

“That’s right, they’re my important—friends.”

“Is that so? Won’t your kind friends feel guilty for making you walk down this arduous path while being bound by a sense of responsibility?”


“Well, speaking of which, these are just assuming that you people lose in the war.”

“…Don’t worry. We’ll definitely win.”

There’s a line called ‘rewarding according to contributions’.

This line, which was passed down since ancient times, had the meaning of ‘rewarding everyone suitably based on their contributions’.

During the Sengoku Era, people who had outstanding contributions during battles would be given land or treasures.

Though the form may vary, a summoning war’s a form of war.

Thus, the prizes we’re using to reward those who did well in the summoning war are—

“Nitta Yuu. I hereby present to you a Ero BookBible and a Secret SnapshotPortrait

“Yes, thank you for your graciousness bestowed upon me.”

He took the health education information and left.

“Then, Sugawa Ryo, who took down the head of the enemy general during the war against E class.”


Sugawa-kun straightened his back as he stood in front of Yuuji.

“Based on your contributions, I hereby reward you with Ash of a burnt Ero BookSacred Ash.”


Seems like Yuuji rates Sugawa-kun rather lowly. Well, he was the first one to betray in the war against C class and even led the uprising, so it couldn’t be helped.

But why would Yuuji have the ash of some burned Ero-books? I’m rather curious when I see some tears appear instantly in his eyes.

“Then, we’re going to hand out the rewards for the war against C class. To Yoshii Akihisa, who single-handedly broke through the enemy’s ranks and saved Himeji Mizuki from the assassination crisis.”


Once my name was called out, I responded as I stood in front of Yuuji.

“Based on your contributions, I present to you highly nutritious protein-filled drink that was left behind by a certain teacher.”

Looks like his opinion of me is rather low too.

“A certain teacher…who can that be…”

“Miss Takahashi maybe? How envious.”


“I’ll give everyone a hint. If you change the order of the name, it’ll be ‘Man’ Iron’.”


I grumbled in a rapid-fire manner that caused me to lose my breath. Yuuji then gives a mischievous smirk and says,

“Well, I’m just joking.”

Heh…? Joking…?

“Yoshii Akihisa, based on your contributions, I present to you two bibles, 5 portraits and an ERO DVDart piece.”


“What? You’re not taking it?”

“No, that’s not it. Thank you for your blessing.”

I knelt down on my knee in front of Yuuji and accepted the reward. I, I can’t believe that he rated me so highly! That Yuuji actually has a positive opinion of me…”

“Actually getting an art piece—that Yoshii has it good…”

“Leaving aside the bibles and portraits, an art piece is really quite the reward.”

“Damn it. I definitely must make a huge contribution during the next war.”

Vague voices of envy and jealously could be heard around me…so that’s how it is.

Looks like one of the reasons why Yuuji rated me so highly is to pump our class students up before the huge war against A class. Through everyone’s response, I can tell that this had quite the good effective.

“Next, it’s Hazawa, who became our stepping stone to victory in the ‘disposable armor tactic’ and didn’t oppose to it…”

Everyone’s contributions were praised as the reward ceremony continued.

“—That’s all for the reward ceremonies for the wars against Class C and Class E. Also, no one grumbled when I exchanged better facilities for worse. Good work, everyone!”

Yuuji looked around at everyone as he said this.

In the victory before this, we finally managed to win C class’ facilities, but traded these better facilities to E class when we beat them. Seems like that Yuuji uses such rewards as compensation for the action back then. It’s a tactic to beat A class, but everyone’s unhappy because we traded superior facilities to the losers. In other words, Yuuji intends to use physical goods to appease everyone.

“Once we beat A class, we’ll be able to use that super large screen.”

“I must do well, get an art piece and play it on the super large screen.”

“Let’s snatch what Yoshii got over at the same time.”

Therefore, such dangerous conversation could be heard. Not good. My precious will be taken if I’m careless.

Just as I was putting the art piece into my pocket to prevent theft, something heavy suddenly pressed onto my back. What’s going on?

“What are you hiding? Akihisa?”

My ears heard this voice that comprised of somewhat broken Japanese. This voice,

BTS vol 10 017.jpg


“That’s right. You still remember me, Akihisa!”

Linne-kun said happily as he held onto my back tightly. Ugh…this is unbearable…

“Un? Akihisa, who’s this brat?”

Yuuji asked me, staring at Linne-kun, who somehow got into our classroom.

“Ah, un. That’s Linne-kun. I met him during our battle against C class.”

“I’m Linne Kline, a first year student here starting today! Please take care of me!”

Linne-kun said with a cheery expression on his face. He, who was born with a natural blond hair and green eyes, has the Fumitzuki Gakuen uniform on his small body.

“Actually, I did skip grades, and I’m supposed to be studying in the third year, but Todou said that my Japanese is still not up to standard, so she sent me to study as a first year.”

On hearing this somewhat unfamiliar term ‘skip grades’, I felt some sort of realization. As a high school student, Linne-kun’s really too small looking.

“Then, Akihisa, what were you hiding?”

Linne-kun stared at me with a pure innocent look. No matter what I can’t tell this innocent kid that I’m hiding “Akihisa’s hiding an Ero DVD, brat”.

“Ero DVD? What’s that?”

“Seems like some educational movie film on health education.”

“Really? Akihisa’s really hardworking!”

Linne-kun’s innocent expression really hurts my heart.

“Akihisa was really cool during the summoning war before. It was amazing!”

“Eh? Is, is that so?”

“Un! Akihisa’s most active when in times of crisis, always thinking of his friends, just like a hero!”

Linne-kun continued to say words I’m not too familiar with. I do feel somewhat itchy when I’m being praised by him like this.


“Can everyone stop staring at me with the ‘wow, this guy’s really the worst’ expression? I didn’t do anything at all!”

My classmates’ expressions are honestly conveying their thoughts.

“Brat, is this guy really that cool?”

On hearing Yuuji’s question, Linne-kun answered loudly,

“He’s really cool! He’s the best!”

To me, who’s hiding the Ero-DVDs in my pockets, these words would only bring about a burden to me.

“How can such a cool guy have Ero DVDs?”

“If there’s such a thing, it should be left to us, the worst kind of people.”

“Yeah. An awesome and cool guy doesn’t match those things.”

And there’s a dangerous presence surrounding me.

“Brat, no matter how I see things here, this guy’s not such a cool guy, right?”


“Is that so? So, in times of trouble, Akihisa will transform himself into a HENTAI...”[3]

“Hey, your transform only has the same first syllable! And it is not even that similar!”

Linne-kun continued to insist on his own opinion. At this moment, Yuuji stares at me, shows an evil grin and asks,

“Then, Akihisa, what do you feel? Are you a hentai(pervert)? Or a hero?”

Gu…does this guy intend to confiscate my treasure based on my answer? How dirty can this guy get, to take back a treasure after raising everyone’s spirits…

Thoroughly humiliated, I forced myself to squeeze out the words.


“I can’t hear you if you don’t speak up.”

This guy…I’ll definitely send him flying later!

“A, a hentai.”

“Who’s that?”



Hideyoshi walked into the classroom, and the timing was so coincidental I bet it’s deliberately planned.


Hideyoshi went past me, who’s speechless at the point, put his stuff on his table and says,

“…So you already knew?”



“Akihisa, are you a hentai?”[4]

“Ah…eh…well, how do I put this…”

This is a question where it’s hard to either deny or admit it.

“It’s alright! I’ll save Akihisa with my love!”

“Thank you, Linne-kun, but if you want to help me, I’ll be more grateful if you don’t add another ‘—con’ to me.”

Because of Hazuki-chan, I got the title of ‘lolicon’. Because of nee-san, I got the title of ‘siscon’. If I get another title called ‘shotacon’ in this situation, it’ll basically be hitting a turkey [5]. These three black marks will become a huge hindrance to me, preventing me from walking down the path of a proper human life.

“Also! I want to see Akihisa being cool in many ways! Akihisa’s really cool when facing trouble! I love it the most!”

“No no no, I say, Linne-kun, that’s—hm?”

Just when I was about to deny it, I saw that a book dropped beside Linne-kun. No, it’s more like a notebook than a book.

Anyway, I pick the book up and look at the cover.

“What is this? ‘Tagebuch’?” [6]

I don’t know what that word means, so I take a look inside, but all the words there are in non-Japanese alphabet. It doesn’t look like it belongs to us since it’s of a foreign language, and since it’s dropped beside Linne-kun, it probably belongs to him.

“Linne-kun, you dropped something.”

“Eh? I dropped something?”

I handed the notebook over to Linne-kun, who blinked and showed a surprised expression.

“Isn’t it? It looks like English inside.”

“Uu…did I accidentally bring it over from home? Thank you, Akihisa.”

After thanking me, Linne-kun takes the notebook. Looks like Linne-kun can be rather klutzy sometimes, to not notice something he dropped.

“Since I let you see how I look in uniform, I should head over to the staff room, Akihisa.”

“The staff room?”

“Un! I’m going to prepare what I’m going to say in the afternoon! Bye bye!”

After waving goodbye to me, Linne-kun leaves the room. This boy’s really lively.

“Afternoon meeting? Since it’s today afternoon, it probably refers to the 3rd years guidance counseling, I guess?”

“Un? What is it, Yuuji?”

“No, I’m just thinking whether a first year really has to take part in a 3rd year meeting?”

Now that he mentions it, this is really a little weird.

“Because he’s a foreign student?”

“Maybe. Some 3rd years will definitely want to study in foreign universities.”

I see, so Linne-kun has to take part in the guidance counseling to explain about the schools and cultures overseas.

“Then, since the reward ceremony is over, we’ll begin preparing for the war against A class today.”

After saying that, Yuuji returned to his seat and took out a notebook. He must be checking everyone’s scores for today’s war.

Maybe I should start preparing in my own way. As I thought about this, I saw a girl with a ponytail muttering as she lowered her head and walked into the classroom. That’s Minami.

“…Where did my diary go to…”

“Good morning, Minami.”

“…I did have it yesterday and accidentally brought it to school…what should I do…if someone sees it, I…”

I greeted Minami, but she doesn’t seem to notice me as she seem to be thinking about something. What’s with her?


“Eh? Ah, ahh, good morning, Aki.”

“Un, good morning.”

We greeted each other good morning, but Minami doesn’t seem to be paying attention. Is there something on her mind?”

“A, actually, Aki, there’s something I want to ask you…”

“Wha, what is it?”

Minami looks rather serious, so I tensed up the moment I was asked.

“It’s nothing, it’s not something really big! Un, really, I just want to ask about something trivial.”

But it doesn’t look trivial to me…

“Well, my Tagebuch—no! Eh, have you seen my classic literature reference book? I think I dropped it somewhere…”

“Classic literature reference book?”

The moment I hear her say this, I start to look around, and see that there’s something hidden behind someone’s bag and edge of the chair.

“Ah, is that it? It looks like it has the classic literature title on it.”

“Eh? Where?”

It seems that Minami couldn’t see it.

“This one—erm, eh?”

I get up from the seat and pick up that thing to have a look. In the end, what dropped there was only the cover of the reference book, and the book’s not inside.

“Oh dear, only the cover?”

“Ah, Aki…where’s the book inside?”

“Un…I can’t seem to find it…”

I look around, but can’t find the book inside. It’s weird for the cover to drop here. If the book cover drops off because the book fell, the book itself should be somewhere nearby.

“I did see an English book of similar size…”


For some reason, Minami’s grabbing me in a very agitated manner.

“Ca, calm down, Minami! It’s just an English book, not a classic literature book!”

“Did you read it? Did you read what’s inside!!?”

Minami sounds really agitated. Is there something that’s causing this?

“Minami, don’t tell me you—”

“Wha, what?”

“Did you use the reference book cover as a disguise to hide another book inside?”




“Leaving aside that, Aki, did you read through what that book has carefully?”

“Nope. I opened it before, but I have no idea what’s written on it.”

“Is, is that so? That’s true. It’s impossible for Aki to understand a foreign language in his lifetime.”

Minami seems like she seems to heave a slight sigh of relief. It’s true that I can’t read it, but there’s no need for her to say that I’ll never be able to understand it in my lifetime.”

“Then, just show me the reference book. Where is that English book?”

“I handed it to that foreign first year student because I thought it was his book.”


After hearing my words, Minami rushed out of the room without a second thought. Most likely, she’s going to check whether that book, is the classic literature reference book. But Linne-kun’s heading to the staff room, and shouldn’t be in the first year classrooms.

Hideyoshi and Yuuji seem intrigued by Minami’s panicked reaction as they head over to my table and ask,

“What’s with Shimada?”

“Is there a problem?”

“Un…I think there shouldn’t be a problem. Looks like she’s trying to find a classic literature reference book.”

“A reference book? Is there a need to panic so much over it?”

“You ask me. I don’t know either…”

Maybe she’s going to borrow a book from someone else? [7]

“Fmm…for some reason, the girls in our class are a little weird recently. Even that serious Himeji has been arriving at the classroom late.”

“That’s true. Looks like Himeji’s still not here yet.”

Because we were proceeding with the rewards, almost all the boys came to class early. But right now amongst the girls, only Hideyoshi is around.

“I’m not sure what’s with Minami, but did Himeji-san mix up the classroom?”

“That’s you yesterday.”

“Uu…because we’ve been changing classrooms all this time…”

I went to the F class classroom as per usual yesterday, and was shocked to find that there were C class students there. Koyama-san even glared at me.

“Haa, I won’t mix up the classrooms, but even I can’t be certain which class is using which room.”

“Yeah, it’s a little complicated.”

“You guys… this isn’t that complicated. Remember this properly.”

Yuuji sighed, pointed a finger and started to explain.

“Listen up! Our former F class’ classroom is changed to C class’ classroom and into E class’ classroom, and the former E class’ classroom is now the C class’ classroom now while the former C classroom…”

“That’s enough Yuuji. Akihisa has given up on thinking.”

“That’s not true. The former F class has become E cup while the former E class has become C cup…”

“I see. I was wrong.”

Yuuji and Hideyoshi showed helpless looks. But how am I supposed to understand when he’s saying such complicated things at one go?

“You’re right…so in order not to mess things up, I’ll give up on saying ‘the former F class’ classroom’. Even after switching over to C classroom, we still call ourselves F class, so this should be easier to understand.”

“Un, that’s true.”

“Then, as for facilities…since it’s ‘C class’ classroom’, we’ll call it ‘C class’ room’.”

“Haa, that’s the case. If we replace it with ‘cup’ as Akihisa says, those guys in our class may rush towards F classroom.”

That’s true. It’s not hard to imagine that many of our classmates will ignore Yuuji’s order to attack ‘A cup’ and even come up with their own order to ‘attack F cup’.

“In other words, the current situation is—”

“Us F class is in ‘E classroom’, C class is in ‘F classroom’, and E class is in ‘C classroom’.”

“That’s a whole lot easier.”

Yuuji said as he drew a map on the notebook. Now I can understand it…I guess.

BTS vol 10 029.jpg

“Eh, so the remaining A class is in ‘A classroom’, and B class is in ‘B classroom’, right?”

“No, A class is fine, but B class lost to A class before, so they’re using ‘the B class that has facilities downgraded to C class’.”

During the summoning war, the losing lower ranked class doesn’t have to change their classroom, but their equipment will be downgraded. The school can’t let the losing class swap with other classes that haven’t done anything, and it’s impossible to change the classroom to look more tattered.

“Now that you see it, there’s quite a bit of changes.”

Amongst the 2nd year classes, D class is the only one that hasn’t taken part in the summoning wars, while the other classes have taken part. This war has become quite huge.

“And there’ll be quite the shake-up today too.”


Hideyoshi and I stare at Yuuji, and Yuuji, who’s being looked at, nods hard,

“If everything’s set, we’ll start our war with A class at 10am today.”

The moment he said that, the tension immediately went through us. To F class, it has been half a year since we lost in the summoning war to A class. The time for revenge has finally arrived—as I think about this, my body can’t help but tense up.

“Thus, I want to explain the crucial points about this strategy once everyone’s gathered. However…”

Unfortunately, not everyone’s here. As for our class attendance, there’s Minami who left the classroom just now, Himeji-san who hasn’t arrived at school yet, and…

“Muttsurini isn’t here yet, is he?”

“…I’m here.”

Hideyoshi muttered, and Tsuchiya Kouta, nicknamed ‘Muttsurini’, suddenly appeared from somewhere. Hideyoshi never attended the reward ceremony, so it seems he doesn’t know that Muttsurini’s here.

“What now, so you’re here already, Muttsurini? Where were you?”

“…There’s a lot of places to deal with in the new classroom.”

Muttsurini’s pockets are showing my tools I’m not familiar with. I see, so he disappeared to install microscopic cameras in the new classroom?

“In other words, Himeji’s the only one who’s not here, right?”

We, who are normally frivolous, are already at school, yet the most outstanding role model in our class hasn’t arrived at the classroom yet. This current abnormal situation makes me feel a little weird.

“There’ll be a problem if she’s not here…”

Yuuji frowns slightly as he mutters,

“Recently, during morning self-revision, Himeji has been the last one walking into the classroom, and will immediately go home once lessons ended.”

“That’s true of her recently…anything you know of, Akihisa?”

“Ah, no, nothing, I don’t…”

I don’t know why anyway, but it’s not like I don’t have an idea. The thing I can think of is the weird thing Himeji-san did that morning before our war against C class. She ignored my protests and, well…kissed me. I really wanted to ask Himeji-san why she did that, but recently, she hasn’t been alone, and there would be Minami and other people around. Thus, I couldn’t ask even if I wanted to.

As for why Himeji-san would do that, the reason I can think of is—regret. She probably wishes that what happened that morning never happened, or is deliberately hiding from me out of shame. But to me, I don’t feel regret at all, just embarrassed and happy…

“But whenever I talk to her, her response is like usual…”

“Mu? Is that so?”

On hearing my inadvertent muttering, Hideyoshi responds,

“To me, I’d say that Himeji will occasionally look like something’s bothering her.”

She looks just like normal, but is in fact not—it seems that Hideyoshi views Himeji-san this way. Since Hideyoshi, who’s good at observing others, say this, it’s definitely something that can’t be overlooked.

“Also, I feel that she’s trying too hard in the summoning war.”

Yuuji says, seemingly continuing off from where Hideyoshi left off. Actually, I had this feeling as well. Himeji-san’s expression seemed a lot worse than usual during the summoning war against E class.

However, whether it was because she was working too hard or whether something was bothering her, it’s hard to associate them with what happened that morning.

In that case, Himeji-san’s actions recently have nothing to do with being shy, is it? But are there any other reasons?

I calm myself down slightly and try to think about Himeji-san. I want to recall what happened when I was living with her and find clues from there.


I close my eyes, search through the sea of memories, and maybe I might find some form of hint floating on the surface.

On the day when Himeji-san came over to my house.

—Everyone had hotpot together, and she witnessed nee-san getting drunk and hugging me.

The holiday morning.

—Himeji-san woke me up from bed and found out about the Ero books I had been hiding.

That holiday afternoon.

—Himeji-san and I went shopping. For many reasons, I barged in on Himeji-san changing while having an underwear on my head.

Normally at school.

—During the war against C class, someone spread the rumors of me and Yuuji being madly in love.

That day, after school.

—Himeji-san discovered some Ero-books I was hiding.

The next day after school.

—Himeji-san discovered more Ero-books I was hiding.

“…What…wrong options have I chosen in my life…”

“Wha, what is it, Akihisa? Why are you crying out of a sudden?”

“Hideyoshi…maybe Himeji-san feels that I’m a pervert…”

“There’s nothing ‘maybe’ about it. Didn’t you just boldly proclaim yourself to be a pervert…?”

The more I recall, the more I want to beat the past me. I see, so that’s why Himeji-san wants to be alone?

“What are you two saying? Wasn’t it a well-established fact that Akihisa’s an idiot?”

“That’s true.”

“…This isn’t enough reason for her weird behavior.”

I have a feeling I’m being scolded here.

“Haa, let’s leave this aside for now. Anyway, once everyone’s gathered, I’ll explain the plan. It’s better to explain earlier, but we’ll only start fighting at 10am, so we just need to make it by then.”

After saying this, Yuuji ends this conversation.

In the end, Himeji-san and Minami enter the classroom at almost the same time as Ironman, who’s here for self-revision period.

“Everyone listen up! I’ll now explain the key points to our plan in our final battle against A class!”

Morning self-study has already ended, and once Ironman walked out of the classroom, Yuuji immediately went to the podium and announced to all the students in class. This time, Himeji-san and Minami are in the classroom, so at least everyone’s here.

“…We just need to beat A class…”

“…Have to hurry up and find it…if that was seen, I’ll…”

But those two look very weird.

“Before this, we have to send our messenger—hold on, Akihisa, where are you going?”


The memory from half a year ago awoke within me. The higher the opponent’s position, the more it seemed that they viewed the worst F class declaring war on them as ‘looking down on them’, so I was dealt with badly whenever I declared war on them. I had enough of this merciless treatment.

“What are you worrying about…”

Yuuji said in a tired manner. Oh yeah, thinking about it, there’re a lot of people I’m familiar with in A class, and all of them are so kind, so I probably won’t be treated so cruelly—

“—You should be used to being beaten up, right?”

No, this isn’t the main point.

“Really…in this case, we’ll decide by winner.”

Winner? Uu…

“Someone definitely has to do this, so you can’t be the only exception, right?”

For some reason, Yuuji only had the two options of ‘me’ and ‘someone else’ in his mind…haa, leaving aside this for the time being, I just need to win.

“Un, got it.”


“But the contest has to be fair and decided by someone else.”

If I let Yuuji decide how we’re going to win this, it may very likely be very disadvantageous to me. I definitely can’t step aside.

“Fine. I’ll beat you no matter what kind of contest it is. Hideyoshi, can you please come up with a question?”

After agreeing to the two conditions I made, Yuuji nominated Hideyoshi to come up with the question. Un, if Hideyoshi’s the one deciding this, I can relax. He’ll definitely come up with a fair question.

“Well then…since you two are always arguing, it might be good to praise someone else.”

Once called out, Hideyoshi starts to think hard.

Then, he claps his hands and says,

“Okay, I have a question here. How about ‘Please name a good point about the principal’?”


Hideyoshi’s question caused me to inadvertently lower my head.

This is really…too painful!


However, that Yuuji’s showing a dying expression. I see, this is definitely an even contest.



Both of us continue to remain silent.


“………………………Ah, being healthy is considered a good point, right?”

Yuuji suddenly muttered. Damn it! There’s still this method!?


“Hah! Akihisa! You’re 100 years too early to beat me!”

It’s logical for Yuuji to be this satisfied. It’s an impossibly great accomplishment to raise a good point about the principal. Those who can do so definitely have the right to lift their heads up high.

“How…badly do you view the principal here…”

No, after considering the painful treatments we suffered in the test summoning, this is a logical reaction.

“It’s decided then, Akihisa.”


I have no objections to the outcome of this. But, to declare war…to be honest, I feel a heavy heart. If we’re going to declare war on A class, there shouldn’t be something wrong—even though I think, there’s something making me uneasy .

“Eh…can’t be helped. I’ll go over to A classroom later—”

“Ah, Akihisa, you seem to be mistaken.”


“You’re going to ‘C classroom’. You’re not going to declare war, but give orders to those guys in E class.”

“Eh? Is that it?”

I’m going to C classroom where the E class students are now? Not A class?

“Because I already declared war on A class yesterday.”

What the. So Yuuji already did such a thing.

“That was close! You could have said it earlier if you’re giving orders to E class! I was so nervous because I thought it was to declare war.”

“Really? It’s great that you can agree to it so easily. Those guys from E class are from the sports clubs and all very hot-blooded. It seems that they’re enraged over losing to F class and being pitied by the enemy. To be honest, I kind of bothered that they’re showing ill intent to us.”

“Eh? Hold on! Is E class like this right now?”

Won’t it be bad to give orders to this class in such a situation? And it seems that E class rep Nakabayashi-san hates me a lot…

“Since Akihisa has taken the most troublesome mission, I’ll begin the explanation of our plan today. Sorry to keep everyone waiting! I’ll again explain how to win in the war against A class!”

“Oi, Yuuji! You’re basically sending an important fighting force to his death before the duel with A class!”

“Listen up. First, look at this map.”

Yuuji completely ignores my words as he starts to show the layout plan of the 3rd level (the level us second years are using) and explains. Uu…I really have a lot of things to say, but beating A class was our long-awaited wish. Since it’s a briefing of the strategy to achieve our aim, I better listen to him.

“Our F class is currently here, and the enemy is located here.”

Yuuji points to ‘E classroom’ and ‘A classroom’.

“Then, if we simply compare both sides fighting strength by points, there’s about a difference of 3 times between us and A class.”

3 times—even after hearing such a difference in strength, none of us showed shock or sigh, and some even give an expression of ‘only this difference’. Of course, the reason why everyone would have such a reaction is because we faced differences in ability far greater during previous wars. So to us, this war where we can fight in our best condition is a lot easier.

“Our basic strategy here is to try taking them all down, and absolutely no one on one battles. Once your points are worn down by even the slightest, immediately retreat to replenish and make sure you’re ready before challenging again.”

This is a strategy we’ve been using up till now, so everyone should be familiar with it.

“Our F class’ marks aren’t as good as A class, but our summoning war experience, spirits and strength are still advantageous to us. If we continue to make use of these advantages well, we won’t lose. Also, we’re going to expand the battlefield to make use of these advantages to the maximum—in other words, we have to scatter the enemy forces. The reason why we gave up on C classroom before this and moved our base to E classroom is because of this.”

C classroom is beside A classroom. If we start the war there, we’ll be restrained in that battlefield. In that case, it will be hard to carry out Yuuji’s strategy of taking them all down.

“Yuuji, in that case, we didn’t need to take C classroom and just remain in F classroom, right?”

Hideyoshi raised his hand to ask this question I find rather reasonable.

“No, I wanted to crush B and C class before our war with A class. If we didn’t do so, we might end up getting unnecessary interference.”

Right now, B and C class lost their right to carry out summoning wars because they lost. In that case, our class won’t have any unnecessary interference for the next 3 months. This is to get rid of any potential future trouble.

Also, when talking about this Yuuji—

“You obviously thought of some sly trick, right?”

“How rude. Please call this a strategy.”

Yuuji can’t possibly start a war just to cover our backs. He must have prepared some kind of despicable plan.

“Yuuji, since everyone knows the basic plan, how exactly do we beat A class in terms of outcome?”

Hideyoshi asks again.

This question’s rather logical too. Our opponent’s A class, the strongest academic-wise amongst the second years, and the opposing class rep Kirishima-san’s grades are the best in our year. If we can’t beat her, we won’t be able to win this war. When facing the record holder for the highest score in our year, it’s rather important to find out a way to win.

“Yuuji, don’t tell me you’re going to pull a fast one on Kirishima-san?”

Kirishima-san’s outstanding in all her grades, so there logically shouldn’t be any weaknesses. But for some reason, she has good feelings on Yuuji, which is her greatest weakness. If we make use of this weakness well, and if the plan goes alright, maybe we might have a chance of winning…

“Who’s going to do that? I don’t intend to carry out this plan I’m not sure whether it will be successful or not.”

“Let’s pour sulphuric acid down the mouth.”

“Not spraying nitric acid into the eyes?”

“How about whacking the butt with a bat full of nails?”

“Un…that’s no different from usual.”

“How about we go to the library and borrow the <<Interrogation History>> for reference?”

“““Let’s do this!”””

“Besides, if we win that way, my life will be in danger.”

“Ahaha, that’s right.”

I agreed verbally.

In fact, the moment that pretty, smart and model-looking Kirishima-san fell for Yuuji, he was basically guaranteed the death sentence. The reason why he’s still alive is because he’s an important talent in beating A class. Thus, once the war against A class ends, Yuuji, who has nothing to do with planning will be eliminated by everyone—but I’ll remain silent on this as I want to see Yuuji being executed as well.

“Well, leaving aside my life, I don’t intend to do this anyway.”

“Eh? Really?”

I thought he will use any means necessary.

“Think about it. We’re what others call the worst idiotic class, but we’re going to beat the best class in our year! Won’t it be a waste to use such a boring method to win this awesome duel?”

Yuuji smirks, giving a grin brimming full of arrogance and self-belief. I feel somewhat nostalgic seeing that smile that’s like half a year ago.

“Then, back on point, there are two ways for us to beat Shouko. One of them is to grind it out with a human-wave tactic. We continue to attack to prevent the opponent from replenishing their points and wear them out to win.”

Yuuji raises his index finger as he explains.

“However, while this can be done theoretically, it’s basically impossible to do so realistically.”

The current situation Yuuji’s talking about will only happen if A class has no other forces. In fact, Kirishima-san probably won’t be isolated. Even if we manage to isolate her, we can’t keep this up for long as F class is overwhelmingly weak against A class.

“Thus we have another method. We’ll combine our class’ strength and launch an attack on her. Basically, it’ll be either me, Himeji or Muttsurini having a showdown against Shouko.”

Yuuji has improved in his grades by quite a fair bit, Himeji-san is ranked second academically in our year, and Muttsurini is unmatched in the subject of health education. These three are the record holders of having the most strength in F class’ instant attacks.

“In other words, the key to this war is ‘how to send one of the trio to Kirishima’, right?”

“That’s the case.”

In the duel before this, our plan was ‘to duel a chosen member one on one’. Then, what plan does Yuuji have this time?

“Any other questions? If not, I’ll explain some specifics.”

After saying that, Yuuji draws a member list on the blackboard.

“First, the linkway. This will be the most intense area this morning. Akihisa and Shimada will lead 20 people to watch this place.”

Yuuji draws a marking on the map. 20 people? That’s quite a lot of people.

“The most important mission here on the linkway is to defend. You have to seal the passage and prevent the enemy from linking in directly. This is the bare minimum. Please do so.”

Yuuji’s explaining our group’s job. Got to remember it well.

“The second mission is to beat Kinoshita Yuuko. If that person appears here, please find a way to get rid of her.”

“Yuuji, why target Kinoshita-san?”

“Basically, I want to cause disturbance in there. It’ll be troubling to some extent if the people who can command the forces remain there.”

In other words, I have to try and best Kinoshita-san as fast as I can and send her into the remedial room.

“Also, Akihisa.”


“Don’t force yourself. Just stay at the back of the squad.”

“Eh? What? It’s disgusting to hear you say such a thing…”

These unexpected words cause goosebumps to rise up. I thought this Yuuji will tell me to attack without caring for my life.

“If something unexpected happens, I hope that you can assist our forces, so that’s why I’m asking you to do this.”

“So you want me to save my strength to provide support?”

“Un. Also, there’s a mission only you can do as the Punishment Inspector. I’ll be bothered if you leave the battlefield before that.”

“What’s the mission after that.”

“I’ll explain that later.”

“Un…I don’t really know what’s going on, but I understand.”

A plan that requires me not to work so hard is beneficial to me. Besides, while I can replenish my deducted points when my summoned beast is beaten, but the feedback pain that’s caused won’t disappear.”

“Then, next is…Himeji, your group is the patrol group. Guard the stairs and watch for any enemy ambush. If you see the enemy, send someone not involved in the fighting to report to me.”

“Ye, yes! I’ll do my best!”

Himeji-san has the ability of second rank in our year, so she won’t lose to most of our opponents. She probably won’t be having any problems if the opponent doesn’t send in a large force.

“Then, it’ll be the backup forces and the messenger forces—before this, Akihisa, you should start handing this to C classroom. You won’t be able to leave once the summoning war begins.”

Yuuji takes out a letter and puts it on my table.

“Eh? Em, but, I have to sit through this strategy planning.”

“I finished your part’s explanation already, so it’s alright.”

“I should more or less know the entire strategy.”

“You’ll forget after hearing that anyway. Go go go, hurry up.”

After hearing this explanation, I was ushered out of the door. Really, that Yuuji’s so rude. I can understand the plan…about half of it.


The linkway links the new building to the old building, and if I move on, it’ll be C classroom. I have to go forward and hand them the letter Yuuji asked me to hand over. But…

“…I really don’t want to go…”

Even I’m not that stupid so as to head into C classroom casually after hearing Yuuji’s explanation. I’m already used to pain, but painful things are painful.

“Alright, first, time to check the situation.”

I stealthily peep inside the class to check on the situation. Now, I can see the scenery near the cupboards. The things put over there should belong to E class.


Bamboo sword.

Metal bat.

That’s weird, uneasy factors are piling up.

“Oh, oh yeah. Let’s check the contents of the letter!”

If I check through what Yuuji told me to hand over, I’ll be able to tell whether this negotiation can end peacefully. Anyway, let’s see the letter before deciding.

Eh, the content of the letter is…uu!

“ Invisible ink.”

Damn it! This messed up text is worrying me all the more.

“What in the world is that guy planning! If my life is offered to E class just like this, how is he going to compensate!?”

Is this an action for the sake of the summoning war? No matter how I think about it, it’s because that Yuuji personally holds a grudge against me and wants me dead!

“Speaking of which, I have to send this letter…”

As I’m hesitating—

“Yoshii-kun, what’re you doing?”

“You look suspicious clutching your head like that.”

“Ah, Kudou-san, Kinoshita-san.”

A class’ Kudou Aiko and Kinoshita Yuuko just so happened to pass by. For a moment, I thought Kinoshita-san’s Hideyoshi, but…um, she’s wearing a skirt and giving off a manly vibe, so I didn’t make a mistake here. This person’s not Hideyoshi, but his sister.

“…I just find this annoying…but I’ll let you off this once. There might be problems if I do something to you before the summoning war.”

What does she mean by doing something to me? I interacted with her before during the war against C class, and I felt that there was some killing intent or something similar under that smiling face of hers.

“Oh yeah, what are you doing here, Yoshii-kun?”

“Eh? Ah, no, not, nothing.”

I hurriedly hide the letter Yuuji handed me. We’re going to have a showdown against A class later, and Kinoshita-san is of A class. It’ll be bad if I accidentally leak out something regarding the plan, so I better hide this letter!

“Does F class have some plan?”

Both of them continue to stare at me. Uu…how troublesome…I’m really bad at hiding secrets…

“Un~oh well, it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s something you don’t want us to see, right?”

“Eh? Doesn’t matter?”

Unexpectedly, both of them didn’t pursue this matter further. Such a straightforward attitude caught me off guard.

“Because we already knew you’re planning something when you swapped facilities with E class.”

“Nn nn, we already knew~”


We got C classroom, but deliberately shifted over to the lousier E classroom. This weird action is known through the entire school year, not just A class. Since we deliberately did this, our opponent must be expecting something.

“And someone like Sakamoto-kun definitely won’t use a plan that will fail because someone spots you. He must be planning some countermeasure, right?”

Kinoshita-san really looks up to Yuuji, huh? I’m rather curious what will her reaction be after seeing this letter that requires heating of invisible ink?

“Ah, that’s right, speaking of Sakamoto-kun.”

“Hn? Wha, what is it?”

“When he came over to declare war on A class, he even said to us ‘thanks for your help in our war against C class’.”

“He didn’t need to worry about such a thing. Besides, we already heard the important information from you that ‘B class and C class are working together’, Yoshii-kun.”

That’s true, but without Kudou-san and the rest helping out, that would be our complete loss. Thus to us, it won’t be enough no matter how much we thank them.

“And in our war against B class, we obtained a very weird letter from Nemoto-kun!”

“That letter really shocked us. To think that Nemoto-kun is that kind of person. We thought that he would use some weird lie to agitate class rep, but…”

“Unexpectedly, it was a wedding invitation of him and Nishimura-sensei. We were really shocked!”

“Legally, this may not be allowed. This is probably about declaring that they’re getting married.”

Kudou-san and Kinoshita-san nodded as they said.

Eh? Do they really believe in the content of that envelope?

“Ahaha. We’re just joking, Yoshii-kun. Nobody will believe such a thing.”

“Somebody from somewhere must have switched the letter meant to trick class rep. We wanted payback for this.”

Both of them give me hesitant looks. Then, what do they mean?

“Well, Nemoto-kun got his comeuppance, right? He did lots of immoral things before.”

“That’s the karma he deserves~”

Kudou-san chuckles. This time, the one who first interfered with other people’s summoning wars was Nemoto-kun, so he’s got what he deserved.

“Oh yeah, Yoshii-kun. It might be weird for us to say this to you when we’re disturbing you, but do you have time to actually chit-chat with us here?”

“Eh? Ah, you’re right.”

I have to hand the letter over to E class.

“I don’t know what you plan to do, but other classes are having lessons, so be careful not to get scolded.”

“Yeah. See you at the summoning war later, Yoshii-kun.”

After saying that, Kudou-san and Kinoshita-san leave.

“Eh? They’re saying it’s class time now…”

In that case, why are they appearing in such a place? Is A class preparing something as well? But it doesn’t look this case…

“What are you thinking about, Akihisa?”


Some kind of impact came from my back. It’s not really heavy, and from the weight pushing down on my neck, I can tell that it’s him.


“Un, we meet again.”

Linne-kun grins as he gives a happy smile.

“Is there something you want from me?”


Linne-kun gently gets off my back and moves in front of me.

“Akihisa, the book you just handed me wasn’t Sverige [8].”

“Eh? Really?”

“Un, so I’m guessing its something else.”

I don’t know what this Sverige is, but I do understand that Linne-kun is telling me that this doesn’t belong to me. Really? Not his…

“I look inside and found that there’s a lot of ‘Akihisas’ in there. So I feel the owner of this notebook has some relationship with Akihisa.”

“Un? With me? Who?”

If it’s someone related to me, the chances of the owner of the notebook being a member of the E class student that used the classroom before is lower. Since that notebook has English written all over it, the only one who’ll have such a book will be Himeji-san. Is that the notebook she uses to study English? But if that’s the case, the notebook should have some Japanese…

“I’ll help translate the notebook content for you, Akihisa! You can return it to the owner then.”

Just when I was giving a troubled expression, Linne-kun proposes something I’m really grateful for.

“Really, Linne-kun?”

“Un! It’s just a small matter.”


“Nope, don’t mind.”

Linne-kun said cheerily. He’s really a good kid.

“Then, see you later~”

“Un, I’ll leave it to you then.”

Linne-kun energetically waves his hand and walks down the stairs before leaving.

“I can’t remain in thought here for long. Have to hurry up and send the letter.”

I stand in front of C classroom and start thinking.

Right, since E class is having lessons, I just need to write ‘to E class rep’ and sneak it to someone in the classroom. Right, let’s do this!

I take out the pen and write down the name of the recipient. I then open a slight opening at the back door and hand it to the person nearby. The person who receives the letter has doubts about this, but hands this letter to E class rep.

“That’s done. Now to hurry back to the classroom.”

Before I realize it, it’s time to start battle. Have to hurry back to F class.


There’s an angry roar from behind, but I decide to ignore it.

By the time I made it back to everyone in F class, the briefing was over as Yuuji has returned back to his seat.

“Wow, Akihisa, you made it back safely?”

Yuuji mutters regretfully as he sees me. What’s with that disappointed look.

“Ah well, I’m used to it anyway…oh yeah, Yuuji, what’s with that letter (that only shows words when heated)?”

“Un? That? That letter wasn’t anything much.”


“Calm down a bit, Akihisa. It’s dangerous to suddenly swing a punch at someone like that.”

The punch I swung out was caught tightly in Yuuji’s palm. Damn it, what evil is this…I was so bothered all because of that meaningless letter!


“That’s why I’m telling you to calm down. That letter’s content has no significance, but your action to send it does.”


There’s a meaning to my action of sending the letter? In that case, this is just a deliberate show that F class has a message to send to E class, right? That means that the action just now has something to do with the disturbance strategy’s best that, right? The fact that I went to E class will cause A class to think that we’re doing something to A class, and Yuuji will use this thinking to carry out some plan.

“Ah, I met Kudou-san and Kinoshita-san on the way, so I guess I’m lucky in this sense.”

Because they’ll report the fact that I went to C classroom back to A class.

“Is that so? So you met Kudou and Kinoshita.”


“So even the almighty A class will check to see what their challenger will do. But this might make our action more believable.”

Yuuji mutters, but he doesn’t seem overly concerned by this. Speaking of which, Kinoshita-san just mentioned that ‘we already knew you’re planning something when you swapped facilities with E class’, so this should be expected by them.

“Eh? But in this case, the reason to make me go to E class is…”

There’s definitely some shady dealing in this—if this is a fact to both sides, my action to send the letter is unnecessary. In that case, why does Yuuji want me to go out?

“—You’re messing around with me?”

“There’s this intent too.”


“Who’ll get hit by that, you idiot?”


“The important summoning war’s about to start, why are you still so relaxed!? We have to win this time and fulfill our wish—”

“See, that’s it.”

That? What?

“I’m saying that you’re too tense.”


Now that he mentions this, this is the first time I realize this. Ever since we lost the war, we’ve been hoping for a chance to challenge A class. Maybe it’s because we’ve been waiting for a long time that I feel myself to be somewhat excited. There’s a definite bit of tension, but this excitement will numb my mind and body. Looks like Yuuji’s trying to correct me on this.

“Really… thanks Yuuji. You sure think in many ways even though you don’t seem to be thinking.”

“Yeah, I find that this excuse I just thought up’s rather good.”


This guy’s really…

“Even if it’s just a little, I hope you can have a pure innocent heart like Linne-kun uwahh!”

Someone suddenly grabs me by the back of my collar and drags me off. What’s going on?

“Aki, can you please come over with me!”

While I’m still not calmed down, Minami, who’s showing killing intent in her eyes as she forces me into a corner of the classroom to carry out investigation. Eh? What? Did I say something unnecessary?

“Answer, me, Aki. Is that Linne-kun you mention that transfer student who took that book from the floor?”

“Uu, yeah. I just met him. He’s different from Yuuji, a complete pure and innocent person.”

“When you met him refers to…”

“I stopped to chat with him for a while when I went to send the letter to E class.”

“I-is that so…”

Speaking of which, I remember Minami went to look for Linne-kun before self-study period. Looking at this, I guess she never met him yet.

“Do you want to know where Linne-kun is?”

“I-I don’t really want to know! It’s just, well… I just want to know where you met him.”

“Near the linkway.”

“Is... is that so~”

Minami pretends not to mind as she leans her body over at me.

“Then, he… erm… did he say anything?”

Linne-kun? Well…

“Linne-kun said that what I handed over to him wasn’t his.”

“Mu, hm. Is this it? is that what he said to you?”

Eh, and also…

“That book has my name written all over it, so Linne-kun wants to help me translate this and hand it over to me. Then I will know who’s the owner and return it—that’s what he said.”


Minami’s face turns pale as it’s so ghastly white it’s funny. Amazing! It’s like she applied white powder on her face.

“Minami, about this…”



Minami suddenly moves towards me and grab my shoulders tightly.

“You cannot believe a single word that foreign student says. Also, if he comes over to find you, inform me before you two talk, okay?”

“Eh? Why?”



I hear my shoulder bones let out creaking sounds as I frantically nod my head.

What’s with this pressure? This is definitely called Pressuring through Demonic Will, right?

“Very good! Then, I have something to do, first—”

“Hm? Shimada, where’re you going?”

Minami hurriedly tries to leave the classroom, but is stopped by Yuuji.

“No-nothing at all.”

“Sorry, but can you remain here? The war’s about to start.”

“Eh? Erm…well…uu…”

“Hm? Is there something important?”

“Im-important? Not at all! I just want to go find a normal reference book, so it’s not important at all!”

“Oh, really? Then remain here then.”

As Minami starts to tremble for some reason, Yuuji walks towards the podium.

“Ahhh… I’m an idiot… I can’t go once the war starts, is it…”

And for some reason, Minami’s showing a painful expression. What’s with her?

Yuuji ignores this weird looking Minami and he stands on the podium and puts his hands on the desk.


He doesn’t even say a single word as he merely stands right in front of our classmate.


This action alone quiets the noisy class.

The minute hand ticks forward.

Soon, Yuuji says slowly to everyone in the classroom,

“Then… sorry to let everyone wait.”

He’s not roaring, but his words echo throughout the classroom clearly.

“Ever since we gathered, a lot of things happened this past half a year.”

Before we realized it, it has been half a year since we became second years. In other words, our class has spent time using the same facilities in the same room.

“We were looked down on all the time, but looking back at this half a year, are we really a group of trash? Are we scum that can’t win no matter what we do?”

We attended the class festival, the school camp, the war against D class, the baseball tournament and the test of courage. Have we achieved outcomes that people will only look down on? Were we unable to change our situations to victory in the most important battles?

No such thing.

We’re weak academically, but we fought on through the efforts of everyone in our class, and we earned results.


So that’s why Yuuji can say this confidently. What we accumulated during this past half a year wasn’t for naught. This will become experience, strength. Today is our chance to settle this debt and prove our ability.


“““RIGHT ON!!”””

We again challenge the target we had half a year ago.

There’s still some time until the summoning war. The final duel in this past half year is right in front of us.


  1. Translation done by KF. Text originated from first paragraph of Imakagami, and apparently…used for an actual test question in 1993.
  2. If it weren’t obvious, Minami didn’t answer the question
  3. If you don’t know, there’s something called Super Sentai in Japanese that was the predecessor to Power Rangers. Yuuji’s making a pun out of it by calling Akihisa a hentai, which means ‘pervert’. He is also using a different kanji for "transform", one that reads "hentai" instead of "henshin"
  4. Keeping it for the lulz
  5. Bowling term, basically, three consecutive strikes
  6. Hint, it’s German…oh who am I kidding here…it’s German for Diary…you can guess where this is heading…
  7. To drive the point home, the text used is 参考書, which means ‘reference book’, and not textbook as some of you may be wondering. So yeah, this is to drive home the point that Akihisa’s an idiot. Why would you go borrow someone else’s notes…?
  8. Sweden. Keeping the original text given in the story, but Swedish here should be ‘svenska’