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Novel Illustrations[edit]

These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume 10.



"It's great that A class could beat B class without a hitch."

"...I hope that you'll have time for the weekend."

"But us F class will definitely not lose that easily."

"...It's about time to discuss our wedding."

"We'll do our best, so you better--"

"...And after that, we'll have to choose the wedding ring during that time."




"...I had been paying attention to you, Yuuji."


"...Yuuji, such a response is very rude."

"You don't have any right to say that about me when I was talking about the summoning war while you're talking away about marriage..."

"...I was talking about events after the summoning war."

"Hah? After that? What do you mean by that?"

"...Un, well, if I win this time--"

"If you win?"

"--I hope that you're really mentally prepared, Yuuji."

"Don't say that it's my loss before it even began. I just need to win. I just need to win to change everything. I just need to win just need to win just need to win..."

"If you win, you can get happily married with me."

"Wouldn't that sort of win be meaningless?"

"...On a side note, if Yuuji loses--"

"If I lose?"

"...I can get married happily."


"...Don't worry, Yuuji. You'll be happy too."



"I mustn't lose. I definitely mustn't lose. I have to win this war right from the beginning anyway!"

"...I was joking."

"No, from your actions up till now, the chances of those words you said being a joke is nearly zero..."

"Don't worry."

"What do you mean by not to worry?"

"...I'll definitely make Yuuji happy."

"I say...wouldn't that normally be the other way around?"

"...I'll definitely make Yuuji suffer?"


"...That was a joke too."

"Your jokes can't really be considered jokes here..."

"...Though the current situation may be the opposite..."


"...But I'll work hard, so that one day, Yuuji will say those words to me."



"...My head hurts."

"...I guess this is most likely--love."

"Definitely not."

The First Question[edit]

Question: Please translate the following underlined part into modern language.

The samurai had disguised themselves, dressing shabbily before going to the handmaiden, who served the Lord Youken. These samurai, who served Youken, thought to themselves, ‘What manner of warrior would enter the quarters of a handmaiden?’ “Stand watch, and when he leaves the next morning, we shall lay our fury upon him,” So they said, preparing each other, and as a result, the maiden grew greatly depressed. Like another other day, dusk came, so he went to the maiden, so as the maiden cried, he said, “No such thing at all. I shall take a look and return”, and left.[1]

Shimada Minami’s Answer:

' '[2]

Teacher’s Comment

It is really a pity to leave the answer blank in this situation. Next time, try writing some words even if you do not know the answer.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s Answer:

‘Listen to me, Mike. My wife got involved in a traffic accident a few days ago.’

Teacher’s Comment:

I did ask you to write something…

Yoshii Akihisa’s Answer:

‘Don’t worry, Johnny. As long as you use this brand new Super☆Muscle, any stain can be washed off once!’

Teacher’s Comment:

Looking at this brand name, I think it is not used for cleaning stains, is it?

BTS WarriorMinami.jpg

“Miss Himeji Mizuki, I feel that the principal’s proposal is rather good. This should be better for you too, right?”


“Once you lose in the summoning war against C class, F class’ facilities will be downgraded to orange cardboard boxes and straw mats. I suppose your family doesn’t wish to see this.”

“That definitely won’t happen! Because we will win!”

“…Win…is it? You can beat C class in such a situation?”

“Yes, so our facilities will not be downgraded.”

“Even so, you’re just going to get C class’ facilities. I heard that if you go there, you’ll be treated like A class.”

“Even if that’s the case…the outcome will still be the same if we beat A class.”

“That’s true. That will be the case if you win—but, what if you lose?”

“If we lose…I want to stay all the more. I can’t be so irresponsible.”

“Because your classmates will look down on you for ‘running away after losing’, is it? Your friends aren’t so kind as to send you away first for your sake.”

“Tha, that’s not true at all! Everyone’s really kind, thinking about their friend…”

“I guess so. If it were your friends, they’re definitely people like that.”

“That’s right, they’re my important—friends.”

“Is that so? Won’t your kind friends feel guilty for making you walk down this arduous path while being bound by a sense of responsibility?”


“Well, speaking of which, these are just assuming that you people lose in the war.”

“…Don’t worry. We’ll definitely win.”

There’s a line called ‘rewarding according to contributions’.

This line, which was passed down since ancient times, had the meaning of ‘rewarding everyone suitably based on their contributions’.

During the Sengoku Era, people who had outstanding contributions during battles would be given land or treasures.

Though the form may vary, a summoning war’s a form of war.

Thus, the prizes we’re using to reward those who did well in the summoning war are—

“Nitta Yuu. I hereby present to you a Ero BookBible and a Secret SnapshotPortrait

“Yes, thank you for your graciousness bestowed upon me.”

He took the health education information and left.

“Then, Sugawa Ryo, who took down the head of the enemy general during the war against E class.”


Sugawa-kun straightened his back as he stood in front of Yuuji.

“Based on your contributions, I hereby reward you with Ash of a burnt Ero BookSacred Ash.”


Seems like Yuuji rates Sugawa-kun rather lowly. Well, he was the first one to betray in the war against C class and even led the uprising, so it couldn’t be helped.

But why would Yuuji have the ash of some burned Ero-books? I’m rather curious when I see some tears appear instantly in his eyes.

“Then, we’re going to hand out the rewards for the war against C class. To Yoshii Akihisa, who single-handedly broke through the enemy’s ranks and saved Himeji Mizuki from the assassination crisis.”


Once my name was called out, I responded as I stood in front of Yuuji.

“Based on your contributions, I present to you highly nutritious protein-filled drink that was left behind by a certain teacher.”

Looks like his opinion of me is rather low too.

“A certain teacher…who can that be…”

“Miss Takahashi maybe? How envious.”


“I’ll give everyone a hint. If you change the order of the name, it’ll be ‘Man’ Iron’.”


I grumbled in a rapid-fire manner that caused me to lose my breath. Yuuji then gives a mischievous smirk and says,

“Well, I’m just joking.”

Heh…? Joking…?

“Yoshii Akihisa, based on your contributions, I present to you two bibles, 5 portraits and an ERO DVDart piece.”


“What? You’re not taking it?”

“No, that’s not it. Thank you for your blessing.”

I knelt down on my knee in front of Yuuji and accepted the reward. I, I can’t believe that he rated me so highly! That Yuuji actually has a positive opinion of me…”

“Actually getting an art piece—that Yoshii has it good…”

“Leaving aside the bibles and portraits, an art piece is really quite the reward.”

“Damn it. I definitely must make a huge contribution during the next war.”

Vague voices of envy and jealously could be heard around me…so that’s how it is.

Looks like one of the reasons why Yuuji rated me so highly is to pump our class students up before the huge war against A class. Through everyone’s response, I can tell that this had quite the good effective.

“Next, it’s Hazawa, who became our stepping stone to victory in the ‘disposable armor tactic’ and didn’t oppose to it…”

Everyone’s contributions were praised as the reward ceremony continued.

“—That’s all for the reward ceremonies for the wars against Class C and Class E. Also, no one grumbled when I exchanged better facilities for worse. Good work, everyone!”

Yuuji looked around at everyone as he said this.

In the victory before this, we finally managed to win C class’ facilities, but traded these better facilities to E class when we beat them. Seems like that Yuuji uses such rewards as compensation for the action back then. It’s a tactic to beat A class, but everyone’s unhappy because we traded superior facilities to the losers. In other words, Yuuji intends to use physical goods to appease everyone.

“Once we beat A class, we’ll be able to use that super large screen.”

“I must do well, get an art piece and play it on the super large screen.”

“Let’s snatch what Yoshii got over at the same time.”

Therefore, such dangerous conversation could be heard. Not good. My precious will be taken if I’m careless.

Just as I was putting the art piece into my pocket to prevent theft, something heavy suddenly pressed onto my back. What’s going on?

“What are you hiding? Akihisa?”

My ears heard this voice that comprised of somewhat broken Japanese. This voice,

BTS vol 10 017.jpg


“That’s right. You still remember me, Akihisa!”

Linne-kun said happily as he held onto my back tightly. Ugh…this is unbearable…

“Un? Akihisa, who’s this brat?”

Yuuji asked me, staring at Linne-kun, who somehow got into our classroom.

“Ah, un. That’s Linne-kun. I met him during our battle against C class.”

“I’m Linne Kline, a first year student here starting today! Please take care of me!”

Linne-kun said with a cheery expression on his face. He, who was born with a natural blond hair and green eyes, has the Fumitzuki Gakuen uniform on his small body.

“Actually, I did skip grades, and I’m supposed to be studying in the third year, but Todou said that my Japanese is still not up to standard, so she sent me to study as a first year.”

On hearing this somewhat unfamiliar term ‘skip grades’, I felt some sort of realization. As a high school student, Linne-kun’s really too small looking.

“Then, Akihisa, what were you hiding?”

Linne-kun stared at me with a pure innocent look. No matter what I can’t tell this innocent kid that I’m hiding “Akihisa’s hiding an Ero DVD, brat”.

“Ero DVD? What’s that?”

“Seems like some educational movie film on health education.”

“Really? Akihisa’s really hardworking!”

Linne-kun’s innocent expression really hurts my heart.

“Akihisa was really cool during the summoning war before. It was amazing!”

“Eh? Is, is that so?”

“Un! Akihisa’s most active when in times of crisis, always thinking of his friends, just like a hero!”

Linne-kun continued to say words I’m not too familiar with. I do feel somewhat itchy when I’m being praised by him like this.


“Can everyone stop staring at me with the ‘wow, this guy’s really the worst’ expression? I didn’t do anything at all!”

My classmates’ expressions are honestly conveying their thoughts.

“Brat, is this guy really that cool?”

On hearing Yuuji’s question, Linne-kun answered loudly,

“He’s really cool! He’s the best!”

To me, who’s hiding the Ero-DVDs in my pockets, these words would only bring about a burden to me.

“How can such a cool guy have Ero DVDs?”

“If there’s such a thing, it should be left to us, the worst kind of people.”

“Yeah. An awesome and cool guy doesn’t match those things.”

And there’s a dangerous presence surrounding me.

“Brat, no matter how I see things here, this guy’s not such a cool guy, right?”


“Is that so? So, in times of trouble, Akihisa will transform himself into a HENTAI...”[3]

“Hey, your transform only has the same first syllable! And it is not even that similar!”

Linne-kun continued to insist on his own opinion. At this moment, Yuuji stares at me, shows an evil grin and asks,

“Then, Akihisa, what do you feel? Are you a hentai(pervert)? Or a hero?”

Gu…does this guy intend to confiscate my treasure based on my answer? How dirty can this guy get, to take back a treasure after raising everyone’s spirits…

Thoroughly humiliated, I forced myself to squeeze out the words.


“I can’t hear you if you don’t speak up.”

This guy…I’ll definitely send him flying later!

“A, a hentai.”

“Who’s that?”



Hideyoshi walked into the classroom, and the timing was so coincidental I bet it’s deliberately planned.


Hideyoshi went past me, who’s speechless at the point, put his stuff on his table and says,

“…So you already knew?”



“Akihisa, are you a hentai?”[4]

“Ah…eh…well, how do I put this…”

This is a question where it’s hard to either deny or admit it.

“It’s alright! I’ll save Akihisa with my love!”

“Thank you, Linne-kun, but if you want to help me, I’ll be more grateful if you don’t add another ‘—con’ to me.”

Because of Hazuki-chan, I got the title of ‘lolicon’. Because of nee-san, I got the title of ‘siscon’. If I get another title called ‘shotacon’ in this situation, it’ll basically be hitting a turkey [5]. These three black marks will become a huge hindrance to me, preventing me from walking down the path of a proper human life.

“Also! I want to see Akihisa being cool in many ways! Akihisa’s really cool when facing trouble! I love it the most!”

“No no no, I say, Linne-kun, that’s—hm?”

Just when I was about to deny it, I saw that a book dropped beside Linne-kun. No, it’s more like a notebook than a book.

Anyway, I pick the book up and look at the cover.

“What is this? ‘Tagebuch’?” [6]

I don’t know what that word means, so I take a look inside, but all the words there are in non-Japanese alphabet. It doesn’t look like it belongs to us since it’s of a foreign language, and since it’s dropped beside Linne-kun, it probably belongs to him.

“Linne-kun, you dropped something.”

“Eh? I dropped something?”

I handed the notebook over to Linne-kun, who blinked and showed a surprised expression.

“Isn’t it? It looks like English inside.”

“Uu…did I accidentally bring it over from home? Thank you, Akihisa.”

After thanking me, Linne-kun takes the notebook. Looks like Linne-kun can be rather klutzy sometimes, to not notice something he dropped.

“Since I let you see how I look in uniform, I should head over to the staff room, Akihisa.”

“The staff room?”

“Un! I’m going to prepare what I’m going to say in the afternoon! Bye bye!”

After waving goodbye to me, Linne-kun leaves the room. This boy’s really lively.

“Afternoon meeting? Since it’s today afternoon, it probably refers to the 3rd years guidance counseling, I guess?”

“Un? What is it, Yuuji?”

“No, I’m just thinking whether a first year really has to take part in a 3rd year meeting?”

Now that he mentions it, this is really a little weird.

“Because he’s a foreign student?”

“Maybe. Some 3rd years will definitely want to study in foreign universities.”

I see, so Linne-kun has to take part in the guidance counseling to explain about the schools and cultures overseas.

“Then, since the reward ceremony is over, we’ll begin preparing for the war against A class today.”

After saying that, Yuuji returned to his seat and took out a notebook. He must be checking everyone’s scores for today’s war.

Maybe I should start preparing in my own way. As I thought about this, I saw a girl with a ponytail muttering as she lowered her head and walked into the classroom. That’s Minami.

“…Where did my diary go to…”

“Good morning, Minami.”

“…I did have it yesterday and accidentally brought it to school…what should I do…if someone sees it, I…”

I greeted Minami, but she doesn’t seem to notice me as she seem to be thinking about something. What’s with her?


“Eh? Ah, ahh, good morning, Aki.”

“Un, good morning.”

We greeted each other good morning, but Minami doesn’t seem to be paying attention. Is there something on her mind?”

“A, actually, Aki, there’s something I want to ask you…”

“Wha, what is it?”

Minami looks rather serious, so I tensed up the moment I was asked.

“It’s nothing, it’s not something really big! Un, really, I just want to ask about something trivial.”

But it doesn’t look trivial to me…

“Well, my Tagebuch—no! Eh, have you seen my classic literature reference book? I think I dropped it somewhere…”

“Classic literature reference book?”

The moment I hear her say this, I start to look around, and see that there’s something hidden behind someone’s bag and edge of the chair.

“Ah, is that it? It looks like it has the classic literature title on it.”

“Eh? Where?”

It seems that Minami couldn’t see it.

“This one—erm, eh?”

I get up from the seat and pick up that thing to have a look. In the end, what dropped there was only the cover of the reference book, and the book’s not inside.

“Oh dear, only the cover?”

“Ah, Aki…where’s the book inside?”

“Un…I can’t seem to find it…”

I look around, but can’t find the book inside. It’s weird for the cover to drop here. If the book cover drops off because the book fell, the book itself should be somewhere nearby.

“I did see an English book of similar size…”


For some reason, Minami’s grabbing me in a very agitated manner.

“Ca, calm down, Minami! It’s just an English book, not a classic literature book!”

“Did you read it? Did you read what’s inside!!?”

Minami sounds really agitated. Is there something that’s causing this?

“Minami, don’t tell me you—”

“Wha, what?”

“Did you use the reference book cover as a disguise to hide another book inside?”




“Leaving aside that, Aki, did you read through what that book has carefully?”

“Nope. I opened it before, but I have no idea what’s written on it.”

“Is, is that so? That’s true. It’s impossible for Aki to understand a foreign language in his lifetime.”

Minami seems like she seems to heave a slight sigh of relief. It’s true that I can’t read it, but there’s no need for her to say that I’ll never be able to understand it in my lifetime.”

“Then, just show me the reference book. Where is that English book?”

“I handed it to that foreign first year student because I thought it was his book.”


After hearing my words, Minami rushed out of the room without a second thought. Most likely, she’s going to check whether that book, is the classic literature reference book. But Linne-kun’s heading to the staff room, and shouldn’t be in the first year classrooms.

Hideyoshi and Yuuji seem intrigued by Minami’s panicked reaction as they head over to my table and ask,

“What’s with Shimada?”

“Is there a problem?”

“Un…I think there shouldn’t be a problem. Looks like she’s trying to find a classic literature reference book.”

“A reference book? Is there a need to panic so much over it?”

“You ask me. I don’t know either…”

Maybe she’s going to borrow a book from someone else? [7]

“Fmm…for some reason, the girls in our class are a little weird recently. Even that serious Himeji has been arriving at the classroom late.”

“That’s true. Looks like Himeji’s still not here yet.”

Because we were proceeding with the rewards, almost all the boys came to class early. But right now amongst the girls, only Hideyoshi is around.

“I’m not sure what’s with Minami, but did Himeji-san mix up the classroom?”

“That’s you yesterday.”

“Uu…because we’ve been changing classrooms all this time…”

I went to the F class classroom as per usual yesterday, and was shocked to find that there were C class students there. Koyama-san even glared at me.

“Haa, I won’t mix up the classrooms, but even I can’t be certain which class is using which room.”

“Yeah, it’s a little complicated.”

“You guys… this isn’t that complicated. Remember this properly.”

Yuuji sighed, pointed a finger and started to explain.

“Listen up! Our former F class’ classroom is changed to C class’ classroom and into E class’ classroom, and the former E class’ classroom is now the C class’ classroom now while the former C classroom…”

“That’s enough Yuuji. Akihisa has given up on thinking.”

“That’s not true. The former F class has become E cup while the former E class has become C cup…”

“I see. I was wrong.”

Yuuji and Hideyoshi showed helpless looks. But how am I supposed to understand when he’s saying such complicated things at one go?

“You’re right…so in order not to mess things up, I’ll give up on saying ‘the former F class’ classroom’. Even after switching over to C classroom, we still call ourselves F class, so this should be easier to understand.”

“Un, that’s true.”

“Then, as for facilities…since it’s ‘C class’ classroom’, we’ll call it ‘C class’ room’.”

“Haa, that’s the case. If we replace it with ‘cup’ as Akihisa says, those guys in our class may rush towards F classroom.”

That’s true. It’s not hard to imagine that many of our classmates will ignore Yuuji’s order to attack ‘A cup’ and even come up with their own order to ‘attack F cup’.

“In other words, the current situation is—”

“Us F class is in ‘E classroom’, C class is in ‘F classroom’, and E class is in ‘C classroom’.”

“That’s a whole lot easier.”

Yuuji said as he drew a map on the notebook. Now I can understand it…I guess.

BTS vol 10 029.jpg

“Eh, so the remaining A class is in ‘A classroom’, and B class is in ‘B classroom’, right?”

“No, A class is fine, but B class lost to A class before, so they’re using ‘the B class that has facilities downgraded to C class’.”

During the summoning war, the losing lower ranked class doesn’t have to change their classroom, but their equipment will be downgraded. The school can’t let the losing class swap with other classes that haven’t done anything, and it’s impossible to change the classroom to look more tattered.

“Now that you see it, there’s quite a bit of changes.”

Amongst the 2nd year classes, D class is the only one that hasn’t taken part in the summoning wars, while the other classes have taken part. This war has become quite huge.

“And there’ll be quite the shake-up today too.”


Hideyoshi and I stare at Yuuji, and Yuuji, who’s being looked at, nods hard,

“If everything’s set, we’ll start our war with A class at 10am today.”

The moment he said that, the tension immediately went through us. To F class, it has been half a year since we lost in the summoning war to A class. The time for revenge has finally arrived—as I think about this, my body can’t help but tense up.

“Thus, I want to explain the crucial points about this strategy once everyone’s gathered. However…”

Unfortunately, not everyone’s here. As for our class attendance, there’s Minami who left the classroom just now, Himeji-san who hasn’t arrived at school yet, and…

“Muttsurini isn’t here yet, is he?”

“…I’m here.”

Hideyoshi muttered, and Tsuchiya Kouta, nicknamed ‘Muttsurini’, suddenly appeared from somewhere. Hideyoshi never attended the reward ceremony, so it seems he doesn’t know that Muttsurini’s here.

“What now, so you’re here already, Muttsurini? Where were you?”

“…There’s a lot of places to deal with in the new classroom.”

Muttsurini’s pockets are showing my tools I’m not familiar with. I see, so he disappeared to install microscopic cameras in the new classroom?

“In other words, Himeji’s the only one who’s not here, right?”

We, who are normally frivolous, are already at school, yet the most outstanding role model in our class hasn’t arrived at the classroom yet. This current abnormal situation makes me feel a little weird.

“There’ll be a problem if she’s not here…”

Yuuji frowns slightly as he mutters,

“Recently, during morning self-revision, Himeji has been the last one walking into the classroom, and will immediately go home once lessons ended.”

“That’s true of her recently…anything you know of, Akihisa?”

“Ah, no, nothing, I don’t…”

I don’t know why anyway, but it’s not like I don’t have an idea. The thing I can think of is the weird thing Himeji-san did that morning before our war against C class. She ignored my protests and, well…kissed me. I really wanted to ask Himeji-san why she did that, but recently, she hasn’t been alone, and there would be Minami and other people around. Thus, I couldn’t ask even if I wanted to.

As for why Himeji-san would do that, the reason I can think of is—regret. She probably wishes that what happened that morning never happened, or is deliberately hiding from me out of shame. But to me, I don’t feel regret at all, just embarrassed and happy…

“But whenever I talk to her, her response is like usual…”

“Mu? Is that so?”

On hearing my inadvertent muttering, Hideyoshi responds,

“To me, I’d say that Himeji will occasionally look like something’s bothering her.”

She looks just like normal, but is in fact not—it seems that Hideyoshi views Himeji-san this way. Since Hideyoshi, who’s good at observing others, say this, it’s definitely something that can’t be overlooked.

“Also, I feel that she’s trying too hard in the summoning war.”

Yuuji says, seemingly continuing off from where Hideyoshi left off. Actually, I had this feeling as well. Himeji-san’s expression seemed a lot worse than usual during the summoning war against E class.

However, whether it was because she was working too hard or whether something was bothering her, it’s hard to associate them with what happened that morning.

In that case, Himeji-san’s actions recently have nothing to do with being shy, is it? But are there any other reasons?

I calm myself down slightly and try to think about Himeji-san. I want to recall what happened when I was living with her and find clues from there.


I close my eyes, search through the sea of memories, and maybe I might find some form of hint floating on the surface.

On the day when Himeji-san came over to my house.

—Everyone had hotpot together, and she witnessed nee-san getting drunk and hugging me.

The holiday morning.

—Himeji-san woke me up from bed and found out about the Ero books I had been hiding.

That holiday afternoon.

—Himeji-san and I went shopping. For many reasons, I barged in on Himeji-san changing while having an underwear on my head.

Normally at school.

—During the war against C class, someone spread the rumors of me and Yuuji being madly in love.

That day, after school.

—Himeji-san discovered some Ero-books I was hiding.

The next day after school.

—Himeji-san discovered more Ero-books I was hiding.

“…What…wrong options have I chosen in my life…”

“Wha, what is it, Akihisa? Why are you crying out of a sudden?”

“Hideyoshi…maybe Himeji-san feels that I’m a pervert…”

“There’s nothing ‘maybe’ about it. Didn’t you just boldly proclaim yourself to be a pervert…?”

The more I recall, the more I want to beat the past me. I see, so that’s why Himeji-san wants to be alone?

“What are you two saying? Wasn’t it a well-established fact that Akihisa’s an idiot?”

“That’s true.”

“…This isn’t enough reason for her weird behavior.”

I have a feeling I’m being scolded here.

“Haa, let’s leave this aside for now. Anyway, once everyone’s gathered, I’ll explain the plan. It’s better to explain earlier, but we’ll only start fighting at 10am, so we just need to make it by then.”

After saying this, Yuuji ends this conversation.

In the end, Himeji-san and Minami enter the classroom at almost the same time as Ironman, who’s here for self-revision period.

“Everyone listen up! I’ll now explain the key points to our plan in our final battle against A class!”

Morning self-study has already ended, and once Ironman walked out of the classroom, Yuuji immediately went to the podium and announced to all the students in class. This time, Himeji-san and Minami are in the classroom, so at least everyone’s here.

“…We just need to beat A class…”

“…Have to hurry up and find it…if that was seen, I’ll…”

But those two look very weird.

“Before this, we have to send our messenger—hold on, Akihisa, where are you going?”


The memory from half a year ago awoke within me. The higher the opponent’s position, the more it seemed that they viewed the worst F class declaring war on them as ‘looking down on them’, so I was dealt with badly whenever I declared war on them. I had enough of this merciless treatment.

“What are you worrying about…”

Yuuji said in a tired manner. Oh yeah, thinking about it, there’re a lot of people I’m familiar with in A class, and all of them are so kind, so I probably won’t be treated so cruelly—

“—You should be used to being beaten up, right?”

No, this isn’t the main point.

“Really…in this case, we’ll decide by winner.”

Winner? Uu…

“Someone definitely has to do this, so you can’t be the only exception, right?”

For some reason, Yuuji only had the two options of ‘me’ and ‘someone else’ in his mind…haa, leaving aside this for the time being, I just need to win.

“Un, got it.”


“But the contest has to be fair and decided by someone else.”

If I let Yuuji decide how we’re going to win this, it may very likely be very disadvantageous to me. I definitely can’t step aside.

“Fine. I’ll beat you no matter what kind of contest it is. Hideyoshi, can you please come up with a question?”

After agreeing to the two conditions I made, Yuuji nominated Hideyoshi to come up with the question. Un, if Hideyoshi’s the one deciding this, I can relax. He’ll definitely come up with a fair question.

“Well then…since you two are always arguing, it might be good to praise someone else.”

Once called out, Hideyoshi starts to think hard.

Then, he claps his hands and says,

“Okay, I have a question here. How about ‘Please name a good point about the principal’?”


Hideyoshi’s question caused me to inadvertently lower my head.

This is really…too painful!


However, that Yuuji’s showing a dying expression. I see, this is definitely an even contest.



Both of us continue to remain silent.


“………………………Ah, being healthy is considered a good point, right?”

Yuuji suddenly muttered. Damn it! There’s still this method!?


“Hah! Akihisa! You’re 100 years too early to beat me!”

It’s logical for Yuuji to be this satisfied. It’s an impossibly great accomplishment to raise a good point about the principal. Those who can do so definitely have the right to lift their heads up high.

“How…badly do you view the principal here…”

No, after considering the painful treatments we suffered in the test summoning, this is a logical reaction.

“It’s decided then, Akihisa.”


I have no objections to the outcome of this. But, to declare war…to be honest, I feel a heavy heart. If we’re going to declare war on A class, there shouldn’t be something wrong—even though I think, there’s something making me uneasy .

“Eh…can’t be helped. I’ll go over to A classroom later—”

“Ah, Akihisa, you seem to be mistaken.”


“You’re going to ‘C classroom’. You’re not going to declare war, but give orders to those guys in E class.”

“Eh? Is that it?”

I’m going to C classroom where the E class students are now? Not A class?

“Because I already declared war on A class yesterday.”

What the. So Yuuji already did such a thing.

“That was close! You could have said it earlier if you’re giving orders to E class! I was so nervous because I thought it was to declare war.”

“Really? It’s great that you can agree to it so easily. Those guys from E class are from the sports clubs and all very hot-blooded. It seems that they’re enraged over losing to F class and being pitied by the enemy. To be honest, I kind of bothered that they’re showing ill intent to us.”

“Eh? Hold on! Is E class like this right now?”

Won’t it be bad to give orders to this class in such a situation? And it seems that E class rep Nakabayashi-san hates me a lot…

“Since Akihisa has taken the most troublesome mission, I’ll begin the explanation of our plan today. Sorry to keep everyone waiting! I’ll again explain how to win in the war against A class!”

“Oi, Yuuji! You’re basically sending an important fighting force to his death before the duel with A class!”

“Listen up. First, look at this map.”

Yuuji completely ignores my words as he starts to show the layout plan of the 3rd level (the level us second years are using) and explains. Uu…I really have a lot of things to say, but beating A class was our long-awaited wish. Since it’s a briefing of the strategy to achieve our aim, I better listen to him.

“Our F class is currently here, and the enemy is located here.”

Yuuji points to ‘E classroom’ and ‘A classroom’.

“Then, if we simply compare both sides fighting strength by points, there’s about a difference of 3 times between us and A class.”

3 times—even after hearing such a difference in strength, none of us showed shock or sigh, and some even give an expression of ‘only this difference’. Of course, the reason why everyone would have such a reaction is because we faced differences in ability far greater during previous wars. So to us, this war where we can fight in our best condition is a lot easier.

“Our basic strategy here is to try taking them all down, and absolutely no one on one battles. Once your points are worn down by even the slightest, immediately retreat to replenish and make sure you’re ready before challenging again.”

This is a strategy we’ve been using up till now, so everyone should be familiar with it.

“Our F class’ marks aren’t as good as A class, but our summoning war experience, spirits and strength are still advantageous to us. If we continue to make use of these advantages well, we won’t lose. Also, we’re going to expand the battlefield to make use of these advantages to the maximum—in other words, we have to scatter the enemy forces. The reason why we gave up on C classroom before this and moved our base to E classroom is because of this.”

C classroom is beside A classroom. If we start the war there, we’ll be restrained in that battlefield. In that case, it will be hard to carry out Yuuji’s strategy of taking them all down.

“Yuuji, in that case, we didn’t need to take C classroom and just remain in F classroom, right?”

Hideyoshi raised his hand to ask this question I find rather reasonable.

“No, I wanted to crush B and C class before our war with A class. If we didn’t do so, we might end up getting unnecessary interference.”

Right now, B and C class lost their right to carry out summoning wars because they lost. In that case, our class won’t have any unnecessary interference for the next 3 months. This is to get rid of any potential future trouble.

Also, when talking about this Yuuji—

“You obviously thought of some sly trick, right?”

“How rude. Please call this a strategy.”

Yuuji can’t possibly start a war just to cover our backs. He must have prepared some kind of despicable plan.

“Yuuji, since everyone knows the basic plan, how exactly do we beat A class in terms of outcome?”

Hideyoshi asks again.

This question’s rather logical too. Our opponent’s A class, the strongest academic-wise amongst the second years, and the opposing class rep Kirishima-san’s grades are the best in our year. If we can’t beat her, we won’t be able to win this war. When facing the record holder for the highest score in our year, it’s rather important to find out a way to win.

“Yuuji, don’t tell me you’re going to pull a fast one on Kirishima-san?”

Kirishima-san’s outstanding in all her grades, so there logically shouldn’t be any weaknesses. But for some reason, she has good feelings on Yuuji, which is her greatest weakness. If we make use of this weakness well, and if the plan goes alright, maybe we might have a chance of winning…

“Who’s going to do that? I don’t intend to carry out this plan I’m not sure whether it will be successful or not.”

“Let’s pour sulphuric acid down the mouth.”

“Not spraying nitric acid into the eyes?”

“How about whacking the butt with a bat full of nails?”

“Un…that’s no different from usual.”

“How about we go to the library and borrow the <<Interrogation History>> for reference?”

“““Let’s do this!”””

“Besides, if we win that way, my life will be in danger.”

“Ahaha, that’s right.”

I agreed verbally.

In fact, the moment that pretty, smart and model-looking Kirishima-san fell for Yuuji, he was basically guaranteed the death sentence. The reason why he’s still alive is because he’s an important talent in beating A class. Thus, once the war against A class ends, Yuuji, who has nothing to do with planning will be eliminated by everyone—but I’ll remain silent on this as I want to see Yuuji being executed as well.

“Well, leaving aside my life, I don’t intend to do this anyway.”

“Eh? Really?”

I thought he will use any means necessary.

“Think about it. We’re what others call the worst idiotic class, but we’re going to beat the best class in our year! Won’t it be a waste to use such a boring method to win this awesome duel?”

Yuuji smirks, giving a grin brimming full of arrogance and self-belief. I feel somewhat nostalgic seeing that smile that’s like half a year ago.

“Then, back on point, there are two ways for us to beat Shouko. One of them is to grind it out with a human-wave tactic. We continue to attack to prevent the opponent from replenishing their points and wear them out to win.”

Yuuji raises his index finger as he explains.

“However, while this can be done theoretically, it’s basically impossible to do so realistically.”

The current situation Yuuji’s talking about will only happen if A class has no other forces. In fact, Kirishima-san probably won’t be isolated. Even if we manage to isolate her, we can’t keep this up for long as F class is overwhelmingly weak against A class.

“Thus we have another method. We’ll combine our class’ strength and launch an attack on her. Basically, it’ll be either me, Himeji or Muttsurini having a showdown against Shouko.”

Yuuji has improved in his grades by quite a fair bit, Himeji-san is ranked second academically in our year, and Muttsurini is unmatched in the subject of health education. These three are the record holders of having the most strength in F class’ instant attacks.

“In other words, the key to this war is ‘how to send one of the trio to Kirishima’, right?”

“That’s the case.”

In the duel before this, our plan was ‘to duel a chosen member one on one’. Then, what plan does Yuuji have this time?

“Any other questions? If not, I’ll explain some specifics.”

After saying that, Yuuji draws a member list on the blackboard.

“First, the linkway. This will be the most intense area this morning. Akihisa and Shimada will lead 20 people to watch this place.”

Yuuji draws a marking on the map. 20 people? That’s quite a lot of people.

“The most important mission here on the linkway is to defend. You have to seal the passage and prevent the enemy from linking in directly. This is the bare minimum. Please do so.”

Yuuji’s explaining our group’s job. Got to remember it well.

“The second mission is to beat Kinoshita Yuuko. If that person appears here, please find a way to get rid of her.”

“Yuuji, why target Kinoshita-san?”

“Basically, I want to cause disturbance in there. It’ll be troubling to some extent if the people who can command the forces remain there.”

In other words, I have to try and best Kinoshita-san as fast as I can and send her into the remedial room.

“Also, Akihisa.”


“Don’t force yourself. Just stay at the back of the squad.”

“Eh? What? It’s disgusting to hear you say such a thing…”

These unexpected words cause goosebumps to rise up. I thought this Yuuji will tell me to attack without caring for my life.

“If something unexpected happens, I hope that you can assist our forces, so that’s why I’m asking you to do this.”

“So you want me to save my strength to provide support?”

“Un. Also, there’s a mission only you can do as the Punishment Inspector. I’ll be bothered if you leave the battlefield before that.”

“What’s the mission after that.”

“I’ll explain that later.”

“Un…I don’t really know what’s going on, but I understand.”

A plan that requires me not to work so hard is beneficial to me. Besides, while I can replenish my deducted points when my summoned beast is beaten, but the feedback pain that’s caused won’t disappear.”

“Then, next is…Himeji, your group is the patrol group. Guard the stairs and watch for any enemy ambush. If you see the enemy, send someone not involved in the fighting to report to me.”

“Ye, yes! I’ll do my best!”

Himeji-san has the ability of second rank in our year, so she won’t lose to most of our opponents. She probably won’t be having any problems if the opponent doesn’t send in a large force.

“Then, it’ll be the backup forces and the messenger forces—before this, Akihisa, you should start handing this to C classroom. You won’t be able to leave once the summoning war begins.”

Yuuji takes out a letter and puts it on my table.

“Eh? Em, but, I have to sit through this strategy planning.”

“I finished your part’s explanation already, so it’s alright.”

“I should more or less know the entire strategy.”

“You’ll forget after hearing that anyway. Go go go, hurry up.”

After hearing this explanation, I was ushered out of the door. Really, that Yuuji’s so rude. I can understand the plan…about half of it.


The linkway links the new building to the old building, and if I move on, it’ll be C classroom. I have to go forward and hand them the letter Yuuji asked me to hand over. But…

“…I really don’t want to go…”

Even I’m not that stupid so as to head into C classroom casually after hearing Yuuji’s explanation. I’m already used to pain, but painful things are painful.

“Alright, first, time to check the situation.”

I stealthily peep inside the class to check on the situation. Now, I can see the scenery near the cupboards. The things put over there should belong to E class.


Bamboo sword.

Metal bat.

That’s weird, uneasy factors are piling up.

“Oh, oh yeah. Let’s check the contents of the letter!”

If I check through what Yuuji told me to hand over, I’ll be able to tell whether this negotiation can end peacefully. Anyway, let’s see the letter before deciding.

Eh, the content of the letter is…uu!

“ Invisible ink.”

Damn it! This messed up text is worrying me all the more.

“What in the world is that guy planning! If my life is offered to E class just like this, how is he going to compensate!?”

Is this an action for the sake of the summoning war? No matter how I think about it, it’s because that Yuuji personally holds a grudge against me and wants me dead!

“Speaking of which, I have to send this letter…”

As I’m hesitating—

“Yoshii-kun, what’re you doing?”

“You look suspicious clutching your head like that.”

“Ah, Kudou-san, Kinoshita-san.”

A class’ Kudou Aiko and Kinoshita Yuuko just so happened to pass by. For a moment, I thought Kinoshita-san’s Hideyoshi, but…um, she’s wearing a skirt and giving off a manly vibe, so I didn’t make a mistake here. This person’s not Hideyoshi, but his sister.

“…I just find this annoying…but I’ll let you off this once. There might be problems if I do something to you before the summoning war.”

What does she mean by doing something to me? I interacted with her before during the war against C class, and I felt that there was some killing intent or something similar under that smiling face of hers.

“Oh yeah, what are you doing here, Yoshii-kun?”

“Eh? Ah, no, not, nothing.”

I hurriedly hide the letter Yuuji handed me. We’re going to have a showdown against A class later, and Kinoshita-san is of A class. It’ll be bad if I accidentally leak out something regarding the plan, so I better hide this letter!

“Does F class have some plan?”

Both of them continue to stare at me. Uu…how troublesome…I’m really bad at hiding secrets…

“Un~oh well, it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s something you don’t want us to see, right?”

“Eh? Doesn’t matter?”

Unexpectedly, both of them didn’t pursue this matter further. Such a straightforward attitude caught me off guard.

“Because we already knew you’re planning something when you swapped facilities with E class.”

“Nn nn, we already knew~”


We got C classroom, but deliberately shifted over to the lousier E classroom. This weird action is known through the entire school year, not just A class. Since we deliberately did this, our opponent must be expecting something.

“And someone like Sakamoto-kun definitely won’t use a plan that will fail because someone spots you. He must be planning some countermeasure, right?”

Kinoshita-san really looks up to Yuuji, huh? I’m rather curious what will her reaction be after seeing this letter that requires heating of invisible ink?

“Ah, that’s right, speaking of Sakamoto-kun.”

“Hn? Wha, what is it?”

“When he came over to declare war on A class, he even said to us ‘thanks for your help in our war against C class’.”

“He didn’t need to worry about such a thing. Besides, we already heard the important information from you that ‘B class and C class are working together’, Yoshii-kun.”

That’s true, but without Kudou-san and the rest helping out, that would be our complete loss. Thus to us, it won’t be enough no matter how much we thank them.

“And in our war against B class, we obtained a very weird letter from Nemoto-kun!”

“That letter really shocked us. To think that Nemoto-kun is that kind of person. We thought that he would use some weird lie to agitate class rep, but…”

“Unexpectedly, it was a wedding invitation of him and Nishimura-sensei. We were really shocked!”

“Legally, this may not be allowed. This is probably about declaring that they’re getting married.”

Kudou-san and Kinoshita-san nodded as they said.

Eh? Do they really believe in the content of that envelope?

“Ahaha. We’re just joking, Yoshii-kun. Nobody will believe such a thing.”

“Somebody from somewhere must have switched the letter meant to trick class rep. We wanted payback for this.”

Both of them give me hesitant looks. Then, what do they mean?

“Well, Nemoto-kun got his comeuppance, right? He did lots of immoral things before.”

“That’s the karma he deserves~”

Kudou-san chuckles. This time, the one who first interfered with other people’s summoning wars was Nemoto-kun, so he’s got what he deserved.

“Oh yeah, Yoshii-kun. It might be weird for us to say this to you when we’re disturbing you, but do you have time to actually chit-chat with us here?”

“Eh? Ah, you’re right.”

I have to hand the letter over to E class.

“I don’t know what you plan to do, but other classes are having lessons, so be careful not to get scolded.”

“Yeah. See you at the summoning war later, Yoshii-kun.”

After saying that, Kudou-san and Kinoshita-san leave.

“Eh? They’re saying it’s class time now…”

In that case, why are they appearing in such a place? Is A class preparing something as well? But it doesn’t look this case…

“What are you thinking about, Akihisa?”


Some kind of impact came from my back. It’s not really heavy, and from the weight pushing down on my neck, I can tell that it’s him.


“Un, we meet again.”

Linne-kun grins as he gives a happy smile.

“Is there something you want from me?”


Linne-kun gently gets off my back and moves in front of me.

“Akihisa, the book you just handed me wasn’t Sverige [8].”

“Eh? Really?”

“Un, so I’m guessing its something else.”

I don’t know what this Sverige is, but I do understand that Linne-kun is telling me that this doesn’t belong to me. Really? Not his…

“I look inside and found that there’s a lot of ‘Akihisas’ in there. So I feel the owner of this notebook has some relationship with Akihisa.”

“Un? With me? Who?”

If it’s someone related to me, the chances of the owner of the notebook being a member of the E class student that used the classroom before is lower. Since that notebook has English written all over it, the only one who’ll have such a book will be Himeji-san. Is that the notebook she uses to study English? But if that’s the case, the notebook should have some Japanese…

“I’ll help translate the notebook content for you, Akihisa! You can return it to the owner then.”

Just when I was giving a troubled expression, Linne-kun proposes something I’m really grateful for.

“Really, Linne-kun?”

“Un! It’s just a small matter.”


“Nope, don’t mind.”

Linne-kun said cheerily. He’s really a good kid.

“Then, see you later~”

“Un, I’ll leave it to you then.”

Linne-kun energetically waves his hand and walks down the stairs before leaving.

“I can’t remain in thought here for long. Have to hurry up and send the letter.”

I stand in front of C classroom and start thinking.

Right, since E class is having lessons, I just need to write ‘to E class rep’ and sneak it to someone in the classroom. Right, let’s do this!

I take out the pen and write down the name of the recipient. I then open a slight opening at the back door and hand it to the person nearby. The person who receives the letter has doubts about this, but hands this letter to E class rep.

“That’s done. Now to hurry back to the classroom.”

Before I realize it, it’s time to start battle. Have to hurry back to F class.


There’s an angry roar from behind, but I decide to ignore it.

By the time I made it back to everyone in F class, the briefing was over as Yuuji has returned back to his seat.

“Wow, Akihisa, you made it back safely?”

Yuuji mutters regretfully as he sees me. What’s with that disappointed look.

“Ah well, I’m used to it anyway…oh yeah, Yuuji, what’s with that letter (that only shows words when heated)?”

“Un? That? That letter wasn’t anything much.”


“Calm down a bit, Akihisa. It’s dangerous to suddenly swing a punch at someone like that.”

The punch I swung out was caught tightly in Yuuji’s palm. Damn it, what evil is this…I was so bothered all because of that meaningless letter!


“That’s why I’m telling you to calm down. That letter’s content has no significance, but your action to send it does.”


There’s a meaning to my action of sending the letter? In that case, this is just a deliberate show that F class has a message to send to E class, right? That means that the action just now has something to do with the disturbance strategy’s best that, right? The fact that I went to E class will cause A class to think that we’re doing something to A class, and Yuuji will use this thinking to carry out some plan.

“Ah, I met Kudou-san and Kinoshita-san on the way, so I guess I’m lucky in this sense.”

Because they’ll report the fact that I went to C classroom back to A class.

“Is that so? So you met Kudou and Kinoshita.”


“So even the almighty A class will check to see what their challenger will do. But this might make our action more believable.”

Yuuji mutters, but he doesn’t seem overly concerned by this. Speaking of which, Kinoshita-san just mentioned that ‘we already knew you’re planning something when you swapped facilities with E class’, so this should be expected by them.

“Eh? But in this case, the reason to make me go to E class is…”

There’s definitely some shady dealing in this—if this is a fact to both sides, my action to send the letter is unnecessary. In that case, why does Yuuji want me to go out?

“—You’re messing around with me?”

“There’s this intent too.”


“Who’ll get hit by that, you idiot?”


“The important summoning war’s about to start, why are you still so relaxed!? We have to win this time and fulfill our wish—”

“See, that’s it.”

That? What?

“I’m saying that you’re too tense.”


Now that he mentions this, this is the first time I realize this. Ever since we lost the war, we’ve been hoping for a chance to challenge A class. Maybe it’s because we’ve been waiting for a long time that I feel myself to be somewhat excited. There’s a definite bit of tension, but this excitement will numb my mind and body. Looks like Yuuji’s trying to correct me on this.

“Really… thanks Yuuji. You sure think in many ways even though you don’t seem to be thinking.”

“Yeah, I find that this excuse I just thought up’s rather good.”


This guy’s really…

“Even if it’s just a little, I hope you can have a pure innocent heart like Linne-kun uwahh!”

Someone suddenly grabs me by the back of my collar and drags me off. What’s going on?

“Aki, can you please come over with me!”

While I’m still not calmed down, Minami, who’s showing killing intent in her eyes as she forces me into a corner of the classroom to carry out investigation. Eh? What? Did I say something unnecessary?

“Answer, me, Aki. Is that Linne-kun you mention that transfer student who took that book from the floor?”

“Uu, yeah. I just met him. He’s different from Yuuji, a complete pure and innocent person.”

“When you met him refers to…”

“I stopped to chat with him for a while when I went to send the letter to E class.”

“I-is that so…”

Speaking of which, I remember Minami went to look for Linne-kun before self-study period. Looking at this, I guess she never met him yet.

“Do you want to know where Linne-kun is?”

“I-I don’t really want to know! It’s just, well… I just want to know where you met him.”

“Near the linkway.”

“Is... is that so~”

Minami pretends not to mind as she leans her body over at me.

“Then, he… erm… did he say anything?”

Linne-kun? Well…

“Linne-kun said that what I handed over to him wasn’t his.”

“Mu, hm. Is this it? is that what he said to you?”

Eh, and also…

“That book has my name written all over it, so Linne-kun wants to help me translate this and hand it over to me. Then I will know who’s the owner and return it—that’s what he said.”


Minami’s face turns pale as it’s so ghastly white it’s funny. Amazing! It’s like she applied white powder on her face.

“Minami, about this…”



Minami suddenly moves towards me and grab my shoulders tightly.

“You cannot believe a single word that foreign student says. Also, if he comes over to find you, inform me before you two talk, okay?”

“Eh? Why?”



I hear my shoulder bones let out creaking sounds as I frantically nod my head.

What’s with this pressure? This is definitely called Pressuring through Demonic Will, right?

“Very good! Then, I have something to do, first—”

“Hm? Shimada, where’re you going?”

Minami hurriedly tries to leave the classroom, but is stopped by Yuuji.

“No-nothing at all.”

“Sorry, but can you remain here? The war’s about to start.”

“Eh? Erm…well…uu…”

“Hm? Is there something important?”

“Im-important? Not at all! I just want to go find a normal reference book, so it’s not important at all!”

“Oh, really? Then remain here then.”

As Minami starts to tremble for some reason, Yuuji walks towards the podium.

“Ahhh… I’m an idiot… I can’t go once the war starts, is it…”

And for some reason, Minami’s showing a painful expression. What’s with her?

Yuuji ignores this weird looking Minami and he stands on the podium and puts his hands on the desk.


He doesn’t even say a single word as he merely stands right in front of our classmate.


This action alone quiets the noisy class.

The minute hand ticks forward.

Soon, Yuuji says slowly to everyone in the classroom,

“Then… sorry to let everyone wait.”

He’s not roaring, but his words echo throughout the classroom clearly.

“Ever since we gathered, a lot of things happened this past half a year.”

Before we realized it, it has been half a year since we became second years. In other words, our class has spent time using the same facilities in the same room.

“We were looked down on all the time, but looking back at this half a year, are we really a group of trash? Are we scum that can’t win no matter what we do?”

We attended the class festival, the school camp, the war against D class, the baseball tournament and the test of courage. Have we achieved outcomes that people will only look down on? Were we unable to change our situations to victory in the most important battles?

No such thing.

We’re weak academically, but we fought on through the efforts of everyone in our class, and we earned results.


So that’s why Yuuji can say this confidently. What we accumulated during this past half a year wasn’t for naught. This will become experience, strength. Today is our chance to settle this debt and prove our ability.


“““RIGHT ON!!”””

We again challenge the target we had half a year ago.

There’s still some time until the summoning war. The final duel in this past half year is right in front of us.

The Second Question[edit]

Please answer the following question:

Please state what the Prince Shoutoku [9]did in the years 603 and 604 respectively.

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

‘In Year 603, Prince Shoutoku created the Twelve Level Cap and Rank System. In Year 604, Prince Shoutoku created the Seventeen-article Constitution’.

Teacher’s comment:

That’s right. Please memorize the sequence of events during these few years, including the sending of diplomats[10]

Shimada Minami’s answer:

‘Year 603, Prince Shoutoku ate. Year 604, Prince Shoutoku had a good sleep.’

Teacher’s comment:

I’m not referring to daily activities that don’t need thinking.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

‘In Year 603, Prince Shoutoku got married. In Year 604, Prince Shoutoku went crazy.’

Teacher’s comment:

What happened to the prince during that year?


BTS vol 10 068.jpg

As I prepare to leave the classroom and head for the area I’m in charge of,

I glance over at Himeji-san to check on her, since I haven’t had the chance to talk to her recently.

“…It’s alright, we’ll definitely win, we’ll definitely win…”

She feels different from usual, and that worries me.

—And now

Right now, I’m standing on the linkway controlling the battle, and I turn over to Minami to check on her.

“…It’s alright, I just need to stay with Aki and get that book before that foreign student meets him. I just need to bring him away from Aki. I just need to stay with Aki and not let him move on his own…”

She obviously looks different from usual, and that worries me a lot.


“Ye, yes! May I know what you want, Minami-san?”

“I’ll definitely live and won’t die in battle. Is this alright?”

“Un, of course it’s alright.”

“Everything will be over if I lose my freedom once I’m brought to the remedial room, so I’ll definitely fight hard. Okay?”

“Un, you’re very reliable.”

“Also, if it really can’t be helped, I’ll bring you over to the remedial room too. Is that alright?”

“Wait a second, Minami. That’s not good at all.”

I’m really worried over what happened to Himeji-san and Minami…

As I ponder about this,

“Yoshii! The guys from A class are here!”

Sugawa-kun’s words interrupt my thoughts.

“Let’s go, Aki!”


Minami was rather weird just now, but now changed expressions completely. She just said a lot of ridiculous words, but she has no doubt about letting our class win. Alright! Time for me to get into the mood and get into the action!

“Everyone, don’t forget the mission Yuuji asked us to do!”


This is the linkway that connects the new and old school buildings. Our duel between F class and A class will begin here.


The two A class students standing at the front carry out their summons. There’re 5 A class students standing behind, perhaps because they’re trying to investigate the situation for a while.

Since the opponent is that relaxed…we’ll take them down before retreating!

“Katou-kun, Kondou-kun, please!”

““Okay! Summon!!””

Our side sends out two people as well as Katou-kun and Satou-kun carry out their summons

A class and F class both summon two summoned beasts as we face off in the middle of the linkway.

A class, Kurimoto Raita, Maths 239 points & A class, Youta Nana, Maths 243 points.


F class, Katou Takashi, Maths 91 points & F class, Kondou Yoshimune, Maths 84 points

Both sides subjects and scores are shown. As expected of A class, their grades are higher than any class rep we faced in the past. If it were a frontal fight, we’ll definitely lose.

Katou-kun and Kondou-kun’s summoned beasts are leading off as they raise their weapons over their heads. The straightforward attacks are blocked by the opponent’s wielding weapons.

Both sides clash with each other, and then—


Another 4 F class comrades summon.

Katou-kun and Kondou-kun who led the charge are rather specialized in maths.

Then, as for the latter 4—

F class, Udou Sumiyoshi, Maths 58 points and F class, Endou Kensuke, Maths 70 points.

And F class, Hotsuta Kiichi, Maths 87 points and F class, Manaka Tatsuo, Maths 64 points.

As one can see, their scores are rather scattered, and maths isn’t their best subject.

However, this group isn’t just randomly created. They’re formed through factors other than scores and best subjects.

“Long-ranged weapons group, attack!”


Udou-kun and the rest who’re sortied raise their weapons and charge towards the enemy in a row.

Their common point is that their summoned beasts weapons have length. These four are weapon wielders of longspears or rods, weapons with large attack range.

“How’s that po…!?”

Our side’s actions cause the opponent to widen their eyes in shock. To them, we may seem rather reckless.

It’s not easy to control a summoned beast as its size is not of the same proportions as our bodies, and the power is greatly different from a human. We have to line up 4 summoned beasts in a row on the narrow linkway, side by side before attacking the opponent in front of them, but this in practice is a lot harder than described. Ordinary people would have crashed into their allies, have varying attack speeds, or stab our spears into our partners’ backs.

But if it’s us, we can definitely do it. Our F class has experienced countless summoning wars and went through all sorts of battles. To us, this isn’t something that’s impossible for us to do.

A class, Kurimoto Raita, Maths 73 points & A class, Youta Nana, Maths 179 points.

The opponents fighting our 2 F class vanguards took stabs directly from the front.

““How’s that po…””

The two people from A class give regretful looks.

After seeing this, Kondou-kun shows a devious smile.

“Don’t look down on us F class!”

F class, Kondou Yoshimune, Maths 26 points.

Kondou-kun brags about the victory as his back has a buddy’s spear stabbed into the back…I better remain silent about this.

“Can’t be helped! Switch—“

The hurt opponents intends to sub themselves out with another member, but why would we let them do so?

“I’m counting on you Minami, please attack with Katou-kun! Kondou-kun, retreat. Hurry up and replenish your points!”

“Understood. Summon!”

“Don’t you dare run away!”


“Eh? Why must I replenish my points?”

3 out of 4 attacks hit the opponents when it’s so hard to control the summoned beasts, so this strategy sorta worked out. Now, we just need to deal the finishing blow.

A class, Kurimoto Raita, Maths 73 points


F class, Shimada Minami, Maths 161 points.

Minami immediately closes in on the opponent that’s slowed down by the attack. Once the points drop, our side will have the advantage due to experience, so it’s impossible for our side to lose.

“Hu, hurry up and cover Kurimoto-kun! Summon!”

The other people from A class start to panic. It seems that they feel it’s not the time to sit back and observe after taking such a vicious attack. In that case, our class has something else!

“Saitou-kun, Tanaka-kun!”


I add in the numbers and send in Saitou-kun and Tanaka-kun who’re better at maths. At this moment, the 4 people raising their long weapons back off for summoned beasts’ spacing. Not a lot of classes can do such an organized movement. This is a strong point of our F class.


Someone from A class shouted.

If the other members from the opposing class take part, there will be 7, while we’re left with 4 because our participants backed off. In such a difference in numbers, it’s obvious that A class is better.

However, that’s not the case.

“Damn it!”

“I won’t lose!”

Minami beats Kurimoto-kun from A class and retreats while the other three form a line. Now, the opponent will definitely form a line and fight back. The key here is the width of the corridor. If we line up side by side, a squad of 4 will be the maximum. In other words, 3 people from the opponent’s side will be unable fight. No, Minami just finished off one opponent, so 2 out of 6 can’t fight.

“Wai—watch it…!”

“Tha, that’s dangerous!”

“Damn it, move aside there!”

The people from A class start scolding each other. It seems they’re unable to move freely.

Our side is using a packed formation, and actually, the opponent should be making good use of their high marks and let someone launch a powerful attack. Our strength alone can’t stop this force.

However, our opponent is already fuming over our pre-emptive attack, so they’re sending all their forces. However, they’re unable to deal decisive blows because they might hit each other.

On the other hand, our side’s situation—




And just like that, our side will continue to attack even though we’ll hurt our comrades. These guys were attacking Yuuji and me with all they got even though we were in a war against C class.

The smart A class people should understand such logic, but being able to understand mentally is completely different from being able to do so physically.

While the opponent is confused, we skillfully use the narrow space to battle, and will occasionally attack with the support of the long-ranged weapons.

In the initial skirmish, our F class may have gotten the advantage.

“Keep it up. Be careful not to mess up the formation.”

“““Roger that.”””

I set up the people with higher scores (amongst us) at the front, and let those with wider attack range support from the back. This cautious and impregnable tactic wore down on their forces.

“Calm down and retreat back to the classroom first.”

The A class girls start to retreat in order to regroup. The opponent’s retreating…what should I do? Should I deliberately press on and pursue them?

At the current stage, we’ll reach the new building after a few more steps. Once we continue to move on, we’ll be able to seal off the new building’s stairs, and this will be a great chance to seal off the enemy’s movements.

As I wonder about this, Minami walks to me and whispers,

“Aki, the order the opponent gave just now was a little suspicious.”

“Eh? How?”

“Some of them glanced at the stairs when they said they’re retreating.”

If it’s the stairs…I don’t think they’re checking the path to retreat back to A class, but them deliberately glancing over there shows that there’s something over there.

“An ambush…?”

“Most likely.”

They probably planned some counterstrategy here. It’s thanks to Minami reminding me that I can notice it, and this will affect the situation greatly.

“Thanks for noticing that, Minami.”

“I, I’m not losing concentration in the summoning war! It’s just that I’m very wary of the surroundings because I feel that someone may come by here!”

Minami definitely did contribute something, so why is she panicking for some reason?

“Then, what should we do, Aki? Do we stop here?”

“Uu…has Kinoshita-san appeared in the opposing base?”

“Not for now.”

Based on Yuuji’s deduction, Kinoshita-san will normally appear at the scene and direct them, but up till now, she hasn’t stepped onto the main battlefield. In other words, she may be hiding somewhere.

“Alright, keep chasing. Minami, Sugawa-kun, Yokomizo-kun and—4 people with higher marks will form one team and standby on the left side.”

“You want us to take on the opponent?”

“Un, I intend to finish the other mission Yuuji gave me.”

Revealed ambush forces aren’t scary at all. I want to beat the hiding Kinoshita-san at this point!

“Yeah, let’s try and make sure the advantage’s on our side! We have to hurry up and finish this war even if it’s a second earlier…!”

The voice with intense emotions in it rings in my ears. Minami’s momentum today isn’t to be underestimated. What’s with her?

“I’ll explain the plan to Sugawa and the rest.”

Minami again returns to the frontlines and gets into standby beside the stairs. Sugawa-kun and Yokomizo-kun then follow her. Alright, let’s move!



The reliable calls echo back as my comrades charge forward.

In contrast, A class learnt their lesson due to the attack just now, so they aren’t resisting that much as they gingerly retreat back. A class retreats while F class pursues on, and this is not a common sense.

Also, as the battlefield moves to the stairs, expected voices can be heard from the left.


Alright—right on target!

“I’ll leave it to you, Minami!”


The opponent appears from the stairs, and Minami and the rest immediately attacks them.

The opponent was charging in for an ambush, but we shocked them back.

“…Not bad, Yoshii-kun. To think that you can realize this.”

Kinoshita-san’s voice, which sounded like Hideyoshi, came from the stairs as she intended to ambush us from the side. There’s only 3 people over there, so we can win if it’s just this number of people!

“Yozawa-kun, Negishi-kun, Himuro-kun, go over to Kinoshita-san! We’ll beat her here!”


Kinoshita-san has 6 people against her, including Minami, Sugawa-kun, and I have another 6 in front of me. It’s not easy to break through here, so we’ll take the win here!


Kinoshita-san gives the order. As if we’ll let you!

“Everyone, pursue on. We must finish her off here.”

I give the order from the back of the squad in order to finish Yuuji’s given mission, and let everyone chase down the escaping Kinoshita-san.

The moment I did this, Kinoshita-san mutters from the stairs.

“Oh? You’re chasing after me?”

Her voice still remains calm even though she’s being cornered. Hold…on…? I think I have a bad feeling about this…

“—Rep really understands Sakamoto-kun really well.”



Calls can be heard from the opposite direction, and everyone in F class widen their eyes in shock. The other side is…B class? What’s going on!?

A class, Tokito Masahiro, Maths 265 points


F class, Himuro Tadashi, Maths, 6 points.

A class, Hanaoka Rei, Maths 243 points


F class, Nomura Ippei, DEAD

The attacks that came from behind cause several comrades on our side to have their points reduced or suffer the tragic fate of dying in battle.

Not good. Our back is wide open to the enemy because we’re charging to the stairs where Kinoshita-san is!

“Surround them! Send them all into the remedial room!”

I hear Kinoshita-san’s orders. They were retreating from the stairs, and now they’re using this chance to counter. We’ve been had…is Kinoshita-san bait here?

Once we’re surrounded, the flexible tactic can’t work, and we won’t be able to head back to replenish our points. In this case, we’ll definitely be wiped out, and F class will lose half their forces in the first fight alone. Our opponent’s A class, and I got greedy and let things get way over my head…

“Everyone, hurry up and retreat—line up at the linkway!”

But there’s still a way to salvage this situation! The opponent hasn’t surrounded us yet!

“Who’ll let you!?”

“Nope, let’s run away—summon!”

I call out my summoned beast to fight as I face the onslaught of enemies coming out from B class. If I stop here to stop the opponent’s attack, I’ll be able to create a path of retreat. I see, so Yuuji expected this and let me be at the back, is it?

“Yoshii…! Please don’t get in the way!”

“That won’t do. I won’t back off.”

As the opponent tries to aim for the back of Minami’s group, I stand right in front of them and swing my wooden sword. My foe blocks this move and gets ready to counter, but this time, I move to the side and swing out at them without particularly aiming anywhere. I’m not aiming to beat them, but to slow them down, so there’s no need to hit them.


The opponent’s been making large movements, maybe because of lack of battle experience as he keeps missing.

“Everyone, hurry up and run away! Those with depleted points are to run away fast!”

“Don’t let them get away! Surround them! Forget about spending your efforts beating Yoshii-kun!”

Kinoshita-san and I exchanged orders.

“Tokito-kun, leave that side to me!”

“Damn it. Please!”

As I continue to fight Tokito-kun, the other A class girls try to get by me. Do you think I’ll let you do so?

“Double summon!”

I call out the other summoned beast to block the opponent’s path. We’ll definitely not be taken down here!

“Move aside!”

The A class girl uses the difference in points as a shield as she curls herself up and charges over. She must be thinking that she will still have enough points even if she takes 1, 2 hits.

However, I’ve seen this tactic too many times, so I’m already used to handling this.

“Over here!”

As the opponent’s summoned beast steps forward to accelerate, I let my summoned beast do a sweeping kick at the ankle and slam it into the opponent while it lost its balance.

“Ah! So, sorry, Tokito-kun.”

The summoned beast that was sent flying tangled with Tokito-kun’s summoned beast, and during this time, I swing the wooden sword down.

A class, Tokito Mashiro, Maths 224 points.


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Maths 82 points

“You bastard…!”

Tokito-kun stares at me vengefully.

“Leave Yoshii-kun aside for now, Tokito-kun! He’s not someone that can be taken down easily!”

“Ugh…I, I know that!”

“That won’t do. I have to let you play around with me.”

While saying this, I trip the third opponent who’s trying to get through. My summoned beast is weak, but it doesn’t mean that it’s useless.

As I try to buy time, my surrounded comrades start to slowly come back. If I keep this up, we’ll be able to limit damage control to the minimum.

“Kinoshita, we’ll let them get away at this rate! We’ll leave that to you!”

“Uu…do, do I have to do this?”

“What are you saying now? Didn’t we decide to go all in this time?”

“Ahh, really! I got it, I’ll do it—Yoshii-kun, I won’t forget this debt!”

After saying this, there’s some movement at the stairs where Minami and Sugawa-kun are fighting. Kinoshita-san seems to be talking to someone. That person is—Sugawa-kun?

“Uu, erm, you’re…Sugawa-kun, right?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“I probably shouldn’t be saying this at this moment, but well…”


“On, on closer look…I feel that you’re—my type…”

“““SUGAWAWe have MUSTdiscovered DIEthe heretic. ”””


Our comrades who finally managed to break through the perimeter and return to our base returned back to the frontlines to interrogate Sugawa-kun. This situation’s definitely not good, right!?







“We’ve been fooled by such an obvious lie…”

“Anyway, let’s get through this crisis before executing Sugawa.”


Everyone seemed to have recovered, but it seems to be a little too late…

“Yoshii-kun, once I handle this gang, I’ll ask you what you meant by ‘that Kinoshita-san’.”

Minami and Sugawa-kun’s 6 man group is completely isolated at the front of the stairs.

Not good. Minami and the rest may be annihilated!

“Damn it…is this the end…!?”

“To think that we’ll die because of Sugawa…this bastard!”

“No good deeds going unpunished, like this, huh…”


Including me, everyone present is already thinking that they’ll die in battle.

In this situation—

“(GATAGATAGATA)…stop joking around…sent into the remedial room in such a place? Impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible…”

For some reason, Minami’s more terrified of dying in battle than everyone else.

“…What should I do if I’m sent to the remedial room in such a place? I will have to remain in the remedial room and wait for my diary to be translated? Impossible! I can’t admit defeat here! I definitely must find a way to survive…”

Minami’s voice sounds like she has collapsed mentally. Got to go save her!

“I’ll be there, Minami!”

“Wait, Yoshii! Give up, we can only give up on Shimada’s group!”

“Ku…! But!”


Minami’s expression?

“…I can’t lose I can’t lose if that diary’s revealed I might as well die together uu no that’s not right even if I die I can’t prevent anyone else from revealing that diary…if I die I might as well bring Aki along…”

Ahh, not good. She’s completely lost it.

“Alright, everyone, retreat!”


Sorry Minami! But you don’t seem like a comrade when you’re giving killing intent at me even after being surrounded by enemies!

“Those in charge of encircling, get rid of them! The rest are to follow me! Attack!”

After devouring the isolated Minami’s group, Kinoshita-san leads 4 comrades over here. Damn it! we haven’t regrouped ourselves yet! In that case…I can only buy time here!

“Kinoshita-san, let’s fight!”

I call out my summoned beast and stands in front of Kinoshita-san. Then—

“Un, alright. A duel it is then, Yoshii-kun.”

I thought Kinoshita-san will ignore my presence and attack the rest, but unexpectedly her summoned beast raises its summon as it stops here. Eh? She’s not going over to where everyone is?

“Kinoshita-san? This is…”

“Sorry, Yoshii-kun. Please retire from here.”

The moment Kinoshita-san says this, the other A class member stop chasing after the escaping lot, and seem like they intend to surround me as they stop, raising their weapons…eh, if A class doesn’t send some people to chase after them, I’ll have nowhere to escape…

“You’re an important person, Yoshii-kun. The first key affecting this war is definitely you.”

“Your, your opinion on me is really high, Kinoshita-san…but, you do know that I’m the most defining idiot in this school, right?”

The opponent’s trying to limit my movements even with the rest escaping. Normally, they won’t give up such a huge chance of pursuing on just to focus on me.

“If you think this way, can you please let us finish you off, Yoshii-kun?”

Kinoshita-san’s summoned beast raises its weapon as it leans forward.

“If you don’t mind, I can accompany you to the remedial room.”

Kinoshita-san’s eyes are showing a simple serious look as she says this. She really wants to finish me off here.




And my comrades treat me as a sacrifice without hesitation as they escape. My urge to pierce through my allies and enemies is derived from this sort of thinking.

“Damn it…I’m really an idiot for even worrying about them by the slightest!”

I should have dumped those guys and ran away in that situation just now, damn it!

“To put it…that as quite the straightforward retreat…”

“If you pity me, please let me go…”

“I can’t do that, let’s duel.”

A class, Kinoshita Yuuko, Maths 313 points


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Maths 82 points.

Our scores are shown. As I expected, the difference in combat ability on both sides is so big it can’t be compared. Also, besides the overwhelming difference in points, there are 4 A class students surrounding me. In this situation, I’ll be dead tired trying to prevent an opening at the back. What should I do, what should I do…?

As my back’s giving off irritating sweat—


Some summoned beasts are blown aside behind Kinoshita-san. What’s going on?

“That voice just now…Shimada-san? What’s going on?”

Kinoshita-san’s taken aback as she looks behind.

Minami, who’s giving off a demonic presence, rushes past the wall of A class people and charges right over here.

“I can’t lose…I definitely mustn’t lose here!”

Minami shows a serious expression I’ve never seen before. What’s causing her to become like this?

“Eh, this isn’t important!”

Now’s not the time to think about anything else. I have to make use of this opening Minami made for me!

“Thanks Minami! I owe you one!”

“Don’t mind—I just want to be you. I just want to make sure that I can send you to Heaven if something happens!”

Leaving aside Minami’s dangerous line she just said for some reason, it’s thanks to her action that the opponent’s distracted from me. Now I have to use this chance to escape!

“I, I won’t let you get away, Yoshii-kun!”

While the A class folks are still standing around, Kinoshita-san recovers first and gives up on surrounding me safely as she lets out an attack. Damn it, this person’s judgment’s really quick!

I wanted to let my summoned beast try to run away, but now I have to dodge. Kinoshita-san swings down the one-handed sword, and it grazes my summoned beast’s arm.

“It hurrrttttsss!”

The sharp pain strikes through my body through the feedback. A graze alone hurts me like this, and I feel my points dropped by a lot.

But I still manage to jump back at the last minute. Now, I just need to retreat.

“Long weapons, cover me!”

“““Roger that!”””

Once I retreated back to the linkway, the long weapons guys that retreated back to the summoning field started to attack. This is more to hold the opponents off then to beat them, a cover to allow us to escape safely.

“…It’ll be dangerous to pursue them any further.”

It’s precarious to try and get through, so Kinoshita-san and the rest stop.

Alright! We’ll be fine here! I’ll let Katou-kun and the rest handle this while they’re regrouping. I’ll go replenish my points!

“Katou-kun, Saitou-kun, I’ll leave the back to you!”

““What…Yoshii, why the hell are you still alive…!?””

No matter how I think about this, this isn’t a line my comrades should be saying. Despite this, let’s forget about this. The current situation is such that it’s more important to replenish my points.

“Everyone must guard this place well!”

After leaving the frontlines to Katou-kun, I head back to E classroom to replenish my points.

Since the battlefield’s shifted back to the linkway, we should be able to at least pull our defensive line back. Once I head back to E classroom and call Yuuji to rotate forces, we should be able to hang on for a while.

“Wait, Aki.”

“Un? Ahh, Minami, it’s great that you’re safe.”

The call behind me causes me to turn my head. It seems that Minami was able to escape from that chaos successfully as she arrives behind me.

“You’re going to replenish your points too, Minami?”

“Un, I’ll come along with you.”

Then, she grabs onto my hand tightly. Eh? Why?

“Mi, Minami? Why are you doing this?”

I instinctively try to wave her hand off because I’m terrified of the FFF, and in the end…

“You mustn’t let go!”

She grabs my hand with even more force. Wai wai wai wait wait!

I thought this is some kind of joke or prank, but looking at her—

“Listen up! You must be with me, okay?”

Minami’s expression is extremely serious. Did, did that crisis just now scare me? But her eyes don’t seem to give this vibe. I have no idea what Minami’s thinking. I, I have to find some sort of hint in her words…

“Mi, Minami, that was really amazing from you just now. You managed to fight your way out from that deadly situation.”


Minami grabs onto my hand as she says this.

“Once a person is ready to die, anything is possible.”

Really, what in the world caused her to be like this?

“—Well, if I died, you’ll die with me too, Aki.”

And why am I involved in this too?

I have no idea what the current situation is about, and this is confusing me. At this moment, I think there’s a soft mutter coming from the stairs of the old building.

“Un…this isn’t the Akihisa I wanted to see.”[11]

I turn to where the voice came from, and can only see a petite figure over there. Un? Is that…

“Un? Aki, what’s wrong?”

“Eh, I think I just saw Linne-kun over there UWAHH!!”

While I’m explaining, my eyes see a sudden black. Eh? What now? What’s going on?

“Aki, you’re just too sensitive.”

Minami says to me while I’m all confused.

BTS vol 10 099.jpg

I just feel real comfortable, and I can smell something fragrant. Minami’s voice is right at my ears too. Until now, I just realize something—am I being hugged by Minami?

“Eh? What? Why? What’s going on up till now?”

“Aki, you just need to focus on the summoning war. Forget about the foreign student and the lost item you handed to him. Understand?”

“…(Nods nods).”

My mind is mentally shaken due to the sudden situation as I can only nod in Minami’s arms.

“What is it? Shimada, Akihisa? Are you two replenishing your points? Eh, Akihisa, do you have a fever? Your face is all beet red now.”

After finally managing to escape from Minami’s clutches, we return back to E classroom, and Yuuji says this after seeing my face.

“Yu, Yuuji…”

“What is it? You’re an idiot and yet you can get a cold?”

“Himeji-san’s all weird here, but Minami’s situation now is worse…”

“Wait a second, what happened on the linkway?”

I should be the one asking what’s going on here.

On a side note, that weird Minami has been occupying a position near the corridor the moment she returned back to the classroom, and is staring outside like someone out for revenge. It seems like she’s out looking for someone rather than being wary…

“Ahh, leave aside what business you two have for now. How’s the situation at the linkway?”

“Yeah, sorry Yuuji. Can you send the reserve squad to the linkway? Everyone lost quite a bit of points.”

“I understand. Fukumura, Asakura, Kimijima, go over for a while. Hideyoshi, go get a teacher. We’re going to change the test subject on the corridor from maths to chemistry.”

Yuuji gives the command in a refined manner. Those good in maths have lost quite a lot of points, so switching subjects here is a logical decision.

“Then, Akihisa, I want to know why everyone lost so many points in such a short time. What happened?”

“Eh, actually…”

I explain what happened on the linkway.

After hearing my explanation, Yuuji mutters unhappily,

“So, they’re using Kinoshita as bait to surround our side…our intention is seen through. That damned Shouko…”

As expected of Kirishima-san, her reputation as valedictorian of our year is not for show.

“And she’s using some otherwise passive moves, that’s tricky…it’ll be great if she looked down on F class…”

“Un, to think that Kinoshita-san will actually say such things to Sugawa-kun.”

I can definitely say that if it were half a year ago, they’ll definitely not try this kind of trick on us.

“Yeah, leaving aside Kinoshita’s words, A class’ plan to position people in other classes is ridiculous.”

“Eh? Really?”

Yuuji’s probably talking about how A class people are in B class. But is that really unexpected?

“How? Think about it, are the other classes having lessons? In other words, the people over there are—”

…I see. Even if it’s to win the war, they’re still intruding on other people’s class time. To A class people, doing this,

“Is really embarrassing.”

“AH, you’re not talking about disturbing other people’ classes, but something else, right?”

I see. Thinking about this, everyone’s attending lessons like usual, and standing quietly at the entrance on standby is really embarrassing. They’re trying to achieve victory despite the shame—I see, so A class is really serious about this.

“Eh, a normal reason ‘no one’s in the classroom because of practical lessons’ doesn’t work here?”



“Because I checked on the other classes’ schedules.”

“When, when did you…”

The paper Yuuji’s holding onto has the information of where each class of every single year is having their lessons, including all the classes in our second year. The 3rd years’ afternoon schedule has the column ‘graduation counsel’. This is probably the gathering we were talking about this morning. I didn’t expect Yuuji to investigate things so thoroughly. This guy’s not afraid of any hassle as long as he decides that he has to do things.

“Then, how’s our damage report compared to the opponent?”


I answer as best as I can, and Yuuji records the situation into a notebook.

“I understand. So far, there isn’t too much damage on the other sides, so we can hang on until noon. You and Shimada are to replenish your maths scores.”

“Eh? There’s till noon break? We have a summoning war.”

I can’t help but ask. I remember we never had one in our war against C class.

“This is a request made by A class. They hope for a ceasefire during lunchtime.”

“I see.”

Noon break…in that case, those worn out physically and mentally can use this chance to rest. This condition is good for those who aren’t good physically.

“Eh? In this case, won’t it be advantageous for us not to have a noon break since we’re so confident in our physical abilities?”

“That’s true, other than Himeji.”


I see. When challenging Kirishima-san, Yuuji, Himeji-san and Muttsurini will be important. Then, even if it looks like A class will have the advantage, we’ll have the benefit of having the lunch break since our 3 ‘aces’ will have time to rest.

“Also, the other important point to me about the lunch break is that everyone can calm down, and I can properly explain the next plan.”

“Is that so? So there’s such an advantage.”

To us, who’s unable to win by points, the key to deciding the victory here will be the teamwork between our comrades, the strategy. As long as everyone can calm down while the strategy is explained, we can reduce the mistakes made in battle. This is what Yuuji is saying.

“Besides, even if I say so once, the chances of you guys remembering this until the end isn’t very high.”

Well, you can put it that way too.

“Then, hurry up and go replenish your points. If you have any subjects with depleted points, you’ll have a disadvantage when taking the combined subjects.”

At this moment, Yuuji’s words are interrupted by a classmate who’s panting as he rushes in.

“Sakamoto! Kubo appeared on the 4th floor! Hurry up and send reinforcements!”

On hearing the name Kubo, Yuuji’s face shows a fleeting tense expression. Kubo-kun’s marks are second only to Kirishima-san, and if we consider that the class rep Kirishima-san can’t move on her own, Kubo-kun will become the greatest force A class has.

“In other words, luring Himeji over on the second floor was a diversion.”

Yuuji’s tone seems to imply that he’s bothered. It seems that Himeji-san’s held on by the battle downstairs.

“Can’t be helped…Akihisa, can I leave it to you?”

“Eh? Me? You’re not going to send a lot of reinforcements?”

“No, if the enemy’s Kubo, you’re the most suitable candidate. Please.”

Yuuji lowers his head as he mutters. Such a gentlemanly way to ask. Is this mission really that important?

“Since you say so, I’ll do my best…but I might not be able to hang on for long.”

“Once the battle on the second level is done, I’ll immediately send Himeji over. You just need to hang on until then.”

“Okay, understood.”

“If possible, try and buy some time by offering yourself.”

“Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying here.”

Anyway, no matter what, I can’t let the opponent pass through, right? As I think about this, I get up from my seat. Kinoshita-san just now, and now Kubo-kun. The opponent has such depth in firepower, as expected of A class.

“Sorry, I can’t send more forces. Besides, since the opponent is Kubo, nobody else I can randomly send will be a match for him.”

Well, I don’t feel that I can fight him on. But if it’s just to buy time for escape, I should more or less be able to do so…maybe?

“I’m going then.”

“Un. Be careful not to be finished off. Prevent Kubo from moving forward.”

“Don’t make such unreasonable requests…”

Even so, I can only do this. The opponent is A class. It’s impossible to win if I don’t get reckless.

As I hurriedly leave the classroom—


It seems that Minami’s wail or something entered my ears.

As I step onto the 4th level, I hear the cries of my comrades. They’re fighting in front of class 3-F.

“Wa, wait a moment, Kubo! Calm down! NOOOOO!!!”

“Kubo—let’s sit down and have a talk you’ll understand HIIIIII!!”

“Being so serious on us F class as your opponent is too UKKIIIII!!!”

My comrades’s summoned beasts are running around like headless flies, and in the middle of them is—

“Can you please move aside. I just want to move past here.”

Kubo-kun’s summoned beast is waving the Deathscythe, and there are other A class people standing behind him and our F class comrades who’re being decimated and taken to the remedial room. This…the defense line is collapsing!


I hurry up and call out my summoned beast to assist my comrades. It’ll be bad if Kubo-kun’s allowed to move forward. I have to stop him here!

A class, Kubo Toshimitsu, Modern Language 428 points


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Modern Language 69 points

But what should I do about this despairing difference in scores…

“!! …Yoshii, kun…”

After seeing me, Kubo-kun uses his hand to nudge his glasses. Eh? Is he shaken up?

“Ah, well…”

Kubo-kun may look rather aloof, but he’s rather kind. Maybe he finds it hard to take action on me as a friend. The current situation is like this, so in this case, I probably won’t receive any divine retribution if I make use of Kubo-kun’s goody-goody nature.

“Eh, Kubo-kun. Even though the conditions are rather—”

“I’ll give all I have without holding back.”


What bad thing did I do to Kubo-kun?

“I heard Kirishima-san say that you hate people who don’t give their all in fighting, Yoshii-kun. I do feel that you’re looking rather pumped up now, so let’s fight it out with all we have!”



But even if I say this, it won’t be able to break the deadlock. We’ll decide this victory through teamwork!

“Everyone, hurry up and line up!”




I loudly declare the theme of the top rated DVD I got this morning, and my side’s morale is increased. Our side isn’t surrounded like just now by Kinoshita-san and the rest, so we should be able to handle this.

That’s what I thought, but—



“I did say I’ll go all out, right?”


Kubo-kun’s summoned beast raises its deathscythe and lets its gold bracelet glow. Eh? Wa, wait a sec wait a sec! Kubo-kun has more than 400 points in Modern Language?

I hurriedly let my summoned beast jump aside, and a wind blade like thing immediately pass by. Ripping through my comrades’ summoned beasts at the back.



Two of my comrades who regrouped are taken away by Ironman, who wordlessly appeared. That move just now is a super move only those with more than 400 points can use. There’s not a lot of people who have these scores, so I forgot about this move—DOOOHH!?

Kubo-kun’s summoned beast swings its summon, and the deathscythe buzzes as it grazes past the flank of my summoned beast. For, for some reason, it seems like Kubo-kun is way too competitive for being such a cool and collected guy.


But there’ll be an opening shown when making such big moves.

My summoned beast aims at the opponent’s defenseless body and strikes down the wooden sword.

Kubo-kun’s summoned beast doesn’t dodge or defend as it takes this hit head on—and fearlessly swings the deathscythe at me. No way!?

I let my summoned beast drop the wooden sword and leap backwards. If it were holding a weapon, it won’t be able to dodge in time.

“As expected of Yoshii-kun, you’re hard to handle.”

The outcome of this causes the opponent’s slice to only hit the top of the summoned beast’s shoulder. That, that was close!

A class, Kubo Toshimitsu, Modern Language 321 points


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Modern Language 27 points

Both sides’ points data is updated. Kubo-kun’s points dropped by more than 100 because he took my attack and used some points by using the bracelet. In contrast, I have more than half my points reduced by being grazed. This power difference isn’t to be underestimated! I have to let Kubo-kun go easy on me a little more!

“Well, Kubo-kun, I don’t have any weapons in my hands now, so can you please—”

“I understand. You’re saying not to hold back even if you don’t have any weapons, right?”


Even so, whether I do have my best weapon or not, I only have the option to dodge. My summoned beast will be destroyed together with the wooden sword if I want to defend such a powerful attack. In this case, it might be right not to hold back even if I’m barehanded.

“Then, let’s continue, Yoshii-kun.”

Kubo-kun’s summoned beast raises its weapon and closes in on me.

“““<<THE NEW H-HOME TUTOR>>~!”””

At this moment, my comrades are enthusiastically chanting the spell that’s motivating them as they regroup themselves and brazenly attack Kubo-kun. Ah…it’ll be alright if it were other people, but this won’t work on Kubo-kun!

“The way you guys are gathering around helps me a lot.”

Kubo-kun’s summoned beast takes the continuous attacks from the front and swings the large deathscythe forward.


The forwards were decapitated and sent to the remedial room. The people wielding lances at the back are saved, but lose quite a lot of points. Now, we have 3 dead and 5 in need of replenishing points. We’ve been dealt badly by Kubo-kun…

“That’s the end. Let me pass through.”


Kubo-kun’s summoned beast continues to advance, not intimidated by our attacks. Based on his strategy, those near him, friend or foe will all be hit. Their plan must be to let Kubo-kun make an opening and then mobilize their A class comrades to finish off the rest.

A class, Kubo Toshimitsu, Modern Language 211 points.

After another update, Kubo-kun’s points are shown. We’ve taken so much damage here, and yet he has half his points left.

As I anguish over this desperate situation, an A class girl walk towards Kubo-kun and says to him,


“What is it?”

“It’s time to switch. Himeji-san seems to be here.”

“Himeji-san? Is that so…it seemed that I wasted too much time here. Sorry, can I leave this to you?”

“Un, leave it to me.”

On hearing Himeji-san’s name, Kubo-kun leaves the scene to the other girls to take charge and walks out of the summoning field. He probably feels that it’s not wise to fight Himeji-san with his points depleted.

“Yoshii-kun, until next time.”

Kubo-kun leaves these words as he moves back to the new school building.

On seeing this, my remaining comrades regroup themselves and get ready their defenses. We finally managed to escape…I guess?

“Haa…thank goodness.”

I leave the summoning field and call back my summoned beast. That was really close. If Himeji-san’s a step later…on thinking about this, I can’t help but tremble.

I’ll thank Himeji-san before I head back then. As I think about this, I turn to look at the stairs, and Himeji-san appears right in front of me as she runs over here.


Himeji-san looks rather serious as she continues to run.

As I want to call out to her, a certain thought just appears in my mind without warning.

Speaking of which, I haven’t talked with Himeji-san directly like this for a long time…

“Sorry for being late, Akihisa-kun!”

As I’m thinking about this, Himeji-san stops right in front of me and lowers her head as she apologizes.

“No, you’re not l—”

As I was about to say ‘not late at all’, Himeji-san lifts her head as her mouth enters my stare… or rather, a certain part of it.

This alone causes my face to gradually become hot, and it’s so obvious even I know of it.



Why the heck am I thinking of such a thing in this situation!? IS THIS AN EVIL THOUGHT!? IS IT AN EXISTING EVIL THOUGHT DOING THIS TO ME!?

“Disappear be purified leave oh my evil thoughts vanish my troubles…”

“Akihisa-kun! Pull yourself together!”

I recover to see Himeji-san shaking my shoulders.

“Ah, it, it’s nothing! Nothing at all. I’m just thinking about something.”

“Haa…that’s good…”

I just said an excuse even I don’t really understand.

Uu…I don’t think I can make it whenever I think about that incident. My mind’s a lot slower than usual.

“Don’t let your guard down. We’re fighting an important war here!”

In contrast, Himeji-san doesn’t look any different from usual other than being motivated. Maybe girls have a stronger immunity to such things.



Eh, so now’s not the time to be thinking about that.

“Thanks, Himeji-san. Your reinforcement really saved us.”

“No, it’ll be better if I had arrived earlier…I’m sorry.”

Himeji-san lowers her head guiltily. But she definitely made her way here with haste.

“Then, leave this place to me. You can go back to take your replenishment tests now, right, Akihisa-kun?”

“Understood. I’ll leave the rest to you, Himeji-san.”

“Alright, summon!”

Once she called out her summoned beast, Himeji-san turns to face the A class people. Our reinforcements Yuuji sent is now fighting the opponents around us.

There’s no reason for me to stay.

“Those with depleted points are to head back to replenish them. Also, don’t forget to check who’re taken to the remedial room.”

I turn my eyes to look behind and see that our side’s pushing back with Himeji-san’s power, and again head towards the E classroom that became our base.

BTS SamuraiHideyoshi.jpg

The Third Question[edit]

Please answer the following question.

In a world-renowned musical, what is the character called ‘Hideous looking, woe befall those who see him’? Also, here’s a line said by that character in the drama.

A hideous face I may have, yet my heart is clear. I watch from the shadows, dreaming of beautiful things.

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

‘The Phantom of the Opera’

Teacher’s Comment:

That is right. It’s impressive that you are familiar with musicals, Himeji-san.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

‘A scary looking demon’.

Teacher’s Comment:

Can you not try to think of any other answers?

Yoshii Akihisa’s Answer:


Teacher’s Comment:

Such an unrestrained way of putting things.

BTS vol 08 183.jpg

The bell rings just when I return back to the classroom. Based on the time now, it’s lunch break.

“So Kubo’s that powerful now…”

“That breakthrough ability’s definitely not normal…”

“…A berserker.”

“Un un. That’s the kind of feeling I get. I can’t imagine the cool-looking yet kind and gentle Kubo-kun using such a scary tactic.”

Hideyoshi and Muttsurini are gathered at my table as we have lunch and discuss about the battle just now. Well, Kubo-kun just now was really scary.

“Looks like the idea of sending Akihisa to let Kubo relax won’t work.”

“…Our intentions were exposed.”

The opponent already knows of Himeji-san’s ability, Muttsurini’s health education marks and my platinum bracelet. Thus, it can’t be helped that they’ll strategize on us. Even so, we had a hard battle.

“If we want to beat Kubo, we have to have some points like Himeji.”

Hideyoshi says as he looks behind.

“Well…can I join you for lunch?”

Standing over there is Himeji-san with her bento.

“Since when did we not welcome you?”

“…Just like usual.”

Hideyoshi and Muttsurini welcomed her. Of course, I can’t possibly object here.

“Thanks everyone.”

After thanking us, Himeji-san sits down at a chair nearby.

“What’s with Shimada?”

Hideyoshi looks at Himeji-san as he asks,

“Eh, Minami-chan doesn’t look like she wants to leave that seat…”

Himeji-san had a troubled look on her face as she stared at a corner of the classroom and answers. Minami will normally come and have lunch with us, but she’s now occupying the seat at the corridor, staring outside.

“…That transfer student will most likely come and find Aki at this time…

I definitely mustn’t miss him!”

Minami stares at the corridor with a gaze that’s enough to kill as she mutters. It’s really hard for us to approach her like this.

“Oh yes, what were you talking about?”

“Nm? Kubo got Akihisa into a tough fight before lunch break, so we were discussing a counterstrategy here.”

“…Powerful enemy.”

“Powerful enemy…in that case, I have to focus!”

Himeji-san clenches her fist in front of her chest. Even during lunch break, she doesn’t look distracted at all. Himeji-san must be focusing on this war will all she has, so I have to learn from her!

“Alright, now I have to fill my stomach properly to achieve this aim.”

I open my bento package and open the lid. As nee-san’s watching, my lunch today is a countryside-styled beef stew comprises of leftover beef and vegetables and demi glaze sauce, coupled with omelet and potato salad, decent bento dishes. Once I finish my lunch properly, I’ll do my best in the afternoon.

“I’m tucking in.”

I graciously tuck in as I put the omelet into my mouth.

Maybe I put in too much sugar—I continue to chew as I wonder about this. At this moment, I feel a strange strong stare looking over. Hm? What’s going on?


Seems like Himeji-san’s the one staring over.

She’s staring at…the chopsticks tips in my mouth. What?



Once I called her, Himeji-san shrieks back frantically with a high-pitched voice.

BTS vol 10 123.jpg

“Eh, erm, that…we, well…!”

Himeji-san is blushing so much and waving her hands wildly as it seems that she finds it embarrassing that I discovered her looking over at me. Ah, don’t tell me?

“Do you want to have some?”

I pick up a slice of omelet and hand it over, but Himeji-san doesn’t notice my action as she continues to wave her hand.

“I, I’m not thinking about that when I look at you! I just can’t help but look at your lips when I see you enjoying yourself!”

There’s no need to hide it to such an extent, you know. It’s not like I feel that you’re gluttonous.

As I’m thinking about this, a familiar voice enters my ears.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Akihisa! That book just now—”

“Found you—! You kept me waiting, foreign student!”

“Eh!? What what? Onee-san, are you looking for me?”

“We’ll talk later! Anyway, hand over the diary in your hands!”



This sudden event left us speechless for quite some time.

Looks like after Linne-kun walked into the classroom, he was taken away by Minami…

“Was that the transfer student this morning?”

“U, un, I guess. It seemed like he was bringing something over to me…”

Linne-kun disappeared before I can even talk to him.

I look over at where Linne-kun was standing on, and then, a piece of printed paper appears in my eyes. Ah, is he bringing what he translated from the English book to me?

I walk to the door, pick up the paper, and walk back.

“Erm, it’s written…‘test summoning system induction and use’? Eh, what’s this?”

“Hm? Let me have a look.”

Hideyoshi pokes his head in from the side.

“Do you know what’s going on, Hideyoshi?”

“Muu…I’m not really certain, but it’s probably about things a sister school should take note of when implementing this summoning system.”

“I see…”

This so-called sister school, is it the foreign school Linne-kun was from? He said that he was going to prepare for the gathering, so is he referring to this? But it doesn’t feel like something he will be explaining at the third years’ meeting…un~I don’t really understand.

“Anyway, this isn’t the translation of that book.”

Based on what Linne-kun said, my name appeared in that book, so this paper should be something else.

Once I make this conclusion, I turn back to face the bento on the table. Hideyoshi and the rest reach out for the bento as we ignore that piece of paper.

“Speaking of which, Akihisa, that foreign student seems rather close to you.”

“Hm? Really?”

“Yeah. If he’s not close to you, he won’t be coming over from another level just to find you.”

On hearing Hideyoshi say this, this might be the case. I knew Linne-kun earlier than anyone else, and he came running over to me to show me how he looks in uniform, and will even hug me. But the reason why he’s so close to me is—

“Maybe he feels lonely having to leave his group of friends over there.”

“Mu…that’s true. He and his friends probably feels lonely.”

He definitely feels lonely since he has to say farewell when he goes overseas to study, and the people around him are people he doesn't know.

“…I don’t know if anyone overseas tried to stop Linne-kun?”

Himeji-san gives a depressed look as she says this. She must be thinking about how Linne-kun and his friends may be feeling.

How Linne-kun and his friends may be feeling…

“Well…I think they want to keep Linne-kun, but more importantly, they’ll feel that it’s good for him and should cheer him on as friends.”

“Um. He’s doing his country proud after all.”

“…Not a dying farewell.”

We answered, and I thought Himeji-san will feel motivated. For some reason, she looks even more depressed. Eh? She seems weird…




“…Heh? Ah, yes! Is there something? Akihisa-kun?”

Himeji-san is acting weird here. What’s causing her to lose concentration?

“Himeji-san, is there anything bothering you—”

“Eh, erm! I’ll go buy drinks! Everyone wants the usual, right?”

Himeji-san stands up and leaves the classroom before I can even finish. Uu…very suspicious…

“Hideyoshi, Muttsurini. What do you think about Himeji-san’s actions just now?”

I ask the other two left at the scene.

“She definitely feels that you have Became a shotaconfeelings for the foreign student, so she’s probably worried, Akihisa.”

“…She must be really thirsty.”

I got very reliable answers.

Can’t be helped. Looks like I have to think this through on my own. Hm…

“She can’t helped but cry because she thought of Linne-kun’s predicament, is it?”

The reason why Himeji-san’s doing this is definitely not because she wants to let me see her cry. It’s definitely not that she doesn’t want to continue talking with me.

“Nn? What? Pervert, did Himeji run away because you were wearing underwear on your head again?”


Yuuji walks over and hurts my heart. Such a cruel guy!


“Oi, hold on. When did I make you wear a pair of panties on your head during the holiday in a shopping center and run into a girls’ changing room?”

“That trap was really elaborate…”

“What kind of trap must I make to make you do such a perverted act! Oi, Muttsurini, don’t give such a ‘so this reason can be used as well’ look, alright!? Your actions are really your interest!”

“…Your tactics are really scary, Yuuji.”

You should be saying that the ability of the one who used to be called a genius lives up to his former title.

“Really, and you’re now giving such a baseless excuse because you’re a pervert…”

“I’d say, you’re already amazing for calling other people out for being baseless when you led the entire year-group to go peeping…”

“Come on, let’s eat, eat!”

Yuuji pretended not to hear Hideyoshi’s snark. Such a despicable guy.

“Oh yeah, where did Himeji go?”

“…She went to buy drinks.”

“What? Janken already?”

“Nope, we didn’t.”

“She went out before we’d even stopped her.”

“Really? If she wants to buy a drink, I want to have her buy mine too.”

“If it’s Himeji-san, I think she’ll buy back for you, right?”

We continue to chat as we have lunch.

At this moment. Kok kok, a light knocking sound enters our ears.

“Sorry to intrude on everyone’s lunch, I’ll like to meet with a student called Himeji Mizuki.”

An unfamiliar voice and a polite tone—who is that?

It seems that Yuuji and the rest have no idea as well as everyone looks confused.

“Excuse me.”

As we search our memories, the door opens, and a person we never met before enters the classroom.

That person is really tall and lanky, someone with a delicate looking face and long narrow eyes, a cool looking student. Waa…isn’t he too handsome already…




Once they knew that it was a pretty boy, our classmates immediately started swearing out with hatred. This thoroughly despicable look really shocks me, or rather, moves me.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t intend on making everyone unhappy.”

The pretty boy gives an elegant bow as he apologizes. WOW! That’s the first time I’m seeing someone give a bow like what I see on television.




Perhaps everyone was agitated by this elegance as they’re all enraged. In this case, nobody will even believe that this is an integrated school.

The pretty boy tries to calm everyone’s anxiety as he says,

“No…I feel that everyone has cute animal-like faces.”


Does that person really think that he can comfort people with these words?

“Takashiro-kun, you haven’t made any progress in what you want to do.”

Another person walks out from behind that person called Takashiro. This time, it’s a person everyone’s familiar with. That person has a nice figure under her uniform and bewitching limb movements. She’s the one who helped come up with the idea for C class’ rep Koyama before—

“Kogure, sempai…”

“Hello, everyone in F class.”

BTS vol 10 133.jpg

Kogure-sempai lifts her skirt slightly and gives a bow, seemingly imitating that person called Takashiro. No no no, normally speaking, this is done with long skirts. If you’re doing this with short skirts…

“Please call us dogs, ojou-sama.”

“Welcome to the zoo, Kogure-sama.”

“Which animal do you wish to have a happy experience with?”

See, everyone’s all confused now. Really.

“No, Miss Kogure and I aren’t here to look for happy animals.”




Eh, this ruckus is really quite the scenery.

Kogure-sempai completely ignoreed our class’ ugly state as she walks towards us and says to us in a bewitching tone.

“This is such an amazing place, Yoshii-kun.”

Why did you deliberately make your way here to F class?Sempai, why can’t I see your underwear even when you’re lifting your short skirt up?

“Calm down, Akihisa. She’ll know where you’re looking, and you've jumbled the real question up.”

It seems that even I can’t calm down in front of this enemy who tried to trick us last time.

"It's because I’m not wearing any underwear.”

“And you actually answered the question!? Besides, what do you mean by you’re not wearing!?”



Kogure-sempai chuckles at us as she looks at this commotion,

“Fufu, I’m just joking. Everyone, please calm down.”

“The-the nosebleed finally stopped…really, this joke is too scary.”

“I think it’s because I’m wearing stringed underwear that it’s harder too see it.”


There’s a lot of things in this world that we don’t know of. Isn’t the reason why we’re born in this world to pursue these truths?

“…Miss Kogure , I feel that it’s harder for the topic to carry on with you around.”

“Oh my, sorry, Takashiro-kun. It seems I went overboard with my jokes.”

Blood can be seen splattered all over the place, and Muttsurini’s definitely in the middle of that lake-like blood spill.

“Then, why are you here? You say you’re here to look for Himeji, is it?”

Yuuji pretends to look tough as he asks.

“Yes, I have something to say to here, so I’m here to visit. However, it doesn’t look like she’s here.”

Hm? Himeji-san? What does this sempai have with Himeji-san?

“You have something to say to Himeji? Are both of you looking for her?”

“No, I can only say this to her myself.”

“Takashiro-kun, didn’t I tell you not to take action on your own like that?”

Kogure-sempai grumbles.

“Ahh…I’m really not used to this polite way of talking…can you please talk in an ordinary way?”

“If it makes you uncomfortable, please allow me to apologize. However, Miss Kogure tells me to talk like this.”

“Hm? What do you mean?”

“Wait, Takashiro-kun, don’t say anything unnecess—”

“According to her, ‘it’s smarter to talk this way’.”


The entire class went silent.

So the ‘Takashiro-sempai’s something’ Kogure-sempai is trying to hide is—

“You’re Takashiro, right? Aren’t you quite stupid?”

“Why would Takashiro-kun be like this? Don’t look down on Takashiro-kun like this, Sakamoto-kun. He’s the top ranked amongst 3rd years.”


“Yes, I am ranked first amongst the third years.”

It’s true that whether it’s his actions or refined attitude, it’s not surprising to see this guy have outstanding grades.

“Because Miss Kogure says that nobody will say that I’m an idiot who’s easily fooled if I get first ranked.”

“Takashiro-kun, please think of it as a request. At least say something that I can cover up, will you?”

But it seems that he’s an airhead.

“We-well…anyway, if you guys are here to look for Himeji, she isn’t here right no—”

“Fuu…finally took it back…now I can relax for the time being—what’s going on!?”

“Sorry to keep everyone waiting. There’s a lot of people at the vending machine…eh, what’s happening here?”

At this moment, Minami and Himeji-san walk into the classroom. Both of them widen their eyes the moment they see the devastation in the classroom. It’s true that ordinary people will be shocked if they see the classroom covered in blood.

“Are you alright today? Miss Himeji Mizuki? I forgot to mention some words the principal told me, so I came over to this classroom.”

Takashiro-sempai gives a polite bow, completely ignoring their reactions.

“Ah…Ta, Takashiro-sempai! What are you doing here?”

From Himeji-san’s attitude, it seems that she knows Takashiro-sempai.

“Excuse me. Will it cause any trouble for me to visit you here?”

“We, well, about that…erm…I think I’m a little bothered rather than troubled…”

Himeji-san shows a weak expression as she turns to stare at us. Why is she showing such an expression?

“What’s the matter, Himeji-san?”

“Nothing, I’m alright!”

I ask, but Himeji-san just shakes her head, and the one asking now is Minami.

“Mizuki, do you know this sempai? The principal’s words he’s saying just now is…”

“I-I think I do know him? Erm…”

Perhaps Himeji-san doesn’t know how to answer as she’s stammering. The principal and Takashiro-sempai…this combination really confuses me. What kind of relationship do they have?

As I ponder hard, Takashiro-sempai interrupts our conversation.

“Miss Himeji Mizuki, you can say that ‘we’re in an official relationship’, how about that?”

“Eh? Takashiro-sempai and the principal?”


“Takashiro-sempai, can you be more elegant in your words? Your stupidity will show.”

Himeji-san accidentally let out some vicious words. As for Kogure-sempai, I can vaguely guess that she’s going to say something vicious.

“Er, erm, the principal and my mother are tennis friends…”

“I don’t think that principal knows how to play tennis…”

“Ta-Takashiro-sempai is… well… he’s golf buddies with my father!”

“Miss Himeji Mizuki. Lying is not a good thing. I don’t have the habit of going golfing.”

For some reason, Takashiro-sempai’s happily breaking down Himeji-san’s lies.

And then, maybe because she doesn’t know how to get past this—

“Ah, auuu…”



Himeji-san runs off tearily. Really? So Himeji-san’s running away because this is more than what she can handle, right?

“Really, that Mizuki, what is she doing…I’ll going after her to check.”

Minami gives a wry expression as she follows Himeji-san out of the classroom. Since Minami cares for others so much, she definitely won’t leave Himeji-san alone like that, I suppose? I should just keep my nose out of this and leave it to her in this situation.

“As expected of Miss Himeji Mizuki. She’s so cute even when she’s saying a lie that can be seen through or running away in such a flustered manner.”

Takashiro-sempai continues to nod as he looks in the direction where Himeji-san and Minami ran out.

I feel that Himeji-san’s lies are easy to see through too. The principal knows how to play tennis? This is impossible.

“In that cast, the vague relationship between you and the principal is more believable, Takashiro-sempai.”

Once I said this joke,

“Hahaha, Yoshii Akihisa-kun, this joke is too much.”

Takashiro-sempai laughs. Hm? This guy really can take jokes.

“No no no, the principal is the researching-type, so maybe she really likes the 3rd year top-ranked and eye-catching Takashiro-sempai.”

“Miss Kogure, what should I do? If my grades become worse, other people will think that I’m easily fooled. But if this keeps up, the principal will really fall for me.”

Takashiro-sempai is seriously discussing this with Kogure-sempai. Eh? Is he treating this joke for real?

“Takashiro-sempai, you’re as easily fooled as normal. Yoshii-kun is joking with you.”


Takashiro-sempai’s silent now. No, I didn’t intend to lie to him!

“…It’ll be great if everyone in the world can be controlled just like Miss Mizuki….”

This muttering seems really serious. How many times has this guy been fooled?

“Fuu…easily fooled…let me try.”

Yuuji mutters as he stands in front of Takashiro-sempai.

“Takashiro-sempai, I suppose? Himeji and the girl who chased after her have an illicit physical relationship.”


“No, this is true. Think about it. Her looks, and that personality of hers, and yet she doesn’t have a boyfriend till now, so that means the answer’s very obvious right? Shouldn’t you be able to see through this as the top-ranked of the year?”

“(GAK GAK GAK GAK) Tha-that’s…right. I can guess this, so I’m not shaken up now…”

Ah, looks like he’s really gullible. Let me try.

“Takashiro-sempai, this school is actually connected to the magic world, and the summoned beasts are called out from the linked gateways.”

“In that case, there’ll be trouble one day if we keep using summoned beasts, right?”

Amazing, even I can trick him easily.

“Takashiro-sempai, looks like Christmas Day will be cancelled this year because of the bad economy.”

“I see. Then I have to call the girls I’m dating right now and cancel the dates with them.”


“Why are you suddenly abusing me?”

“Takashiro-sempai, I heard that guys and girls will be changing uniforms next time.”

“What are you saying? I’ve never heard of that before.”

“No, the proof is there, isn’t that girl wearing a male school uniform?”

“…I see, female uniforms…it’s a little uneconomical to change uniforms in our third years, but I can only do so if this is what the school wants.”

“I’m already too lazy to argue against this treatment…”

The lies made up are all able to fool Takashiro-sempai. This situation is terrible.

“My my, there’s a whole lot of things I don’t know of. Looks like I learnt some things from the infamous worst class in the school.”

“““These are all lies.”””


“Takashiro-kun, at least say something before leaving.”

“I have some urgent business to attend to. Please excuse me.”

Takashiro-sempai leaves the classroom, and his eyes are giving a glittering glow.

“Why’s that guy here anyway?”

“Who knows? Looks like he’s here for Himeji…”

Speaking of which, it looks like he’s here to pass a message from the principal.

“Then, Kogure-sempai, is there anything you want?”

“I’m just here to accompany Takashiro-kun. I’ve no idea what he wants to do.”

Kogure-sempai gives a wry smile after saying that.

“Then, I should be going. Sorry to disturb you, second years.”

This time, Kogure-sempai isn’t lifting her skirt, but greeting us politely as she leaves.

“No biggies. We know that all the 3rd years are rather interesting here.”

Yuuji may have thought of something as he says goodbye to her in a sarcastic manner.

Kogure-sempai gives a smile. Before leaving, she turns around and says,

“Let me leave some final words. Sakamoto-kun, you’ll be in for a brutal awakening if you underestimate Takashiro-kun.”

“Hn? That guy?”

“The plan that cornered you guys during the war against C class was planned by Takashiro-kun, you know?”


These words cause us to feel some tension.

I completely forgot about it. Speaking of which, I seem to remember hearing that Kogure-sempai was in charge of passing the strategy during the war against C class, so the one who planned it was Takashiro-sempai!

“Oi, sempai, what’s going on?”

Yuuji gives a stern expression that’s different from usual.

That fight was completely out of Yuuji’s expectations, and we were forced to gamble in the end. If it’s that sempai who was manipulating that match, Yuuji obviously can’t leave this alone.

“In other words, ‘being gullible’ and ‘being stupid’ are two different things. Bye then.”

This time, Kogure-sempai leaves without turning back.

“I thought that plan used in that battle was way too smart for Nemoto and Koyama…so that’s how it is.”

“I didn’t have much time to think about it, but now that she mentioned it, that strategy may not have any of those two styles.”

Takashiro-sempai can read Yuuji’s thoughts. In other words, it’s not a difficult thing for him to come up with that plan.

“Then, is his easily fooled appearance an act?”

“No, that looked like it was natural. He was really crying.”

I really have no idea whether Takashiro-sempai’s smart or dumb.

“…I’m concerned about this, but let’s leave that aside for now. Besides, A class right now is more important than this.”

“That’s true.”

“…There are priorities.”

“Um. Let’s think of the rest after the war.”

We finish our conversation with Yuuji and continue to eat our lunches.

“Hey, Mizuki, is there anything troubling you?”

“Hey? I, I’m not bothered, you know?”

“It’s useless to lie, Mizuki. Your lies are easily seen through.”

BTS vol 10 147.jpg

“Uu…e, even if you say so, Minami-chan, you look even weirder. You’re more worrying than me!”

“Ah…ahahahaha. I’m alright, I managed to deal with it!”

“I-I’m alright as well. There’s no need to worry!”

“So it means it’s settled, right?”

“…According to the plan, it’ll be settled after a while.”

“After a while will mean…”

“Once we beat A class, everyone will have a happy ending.”

“Fm…so we just need to win in order to settle this?”


“Sorry, but you’re not involved in some bad or weird thing, right?”


“Really? Since you say so, Mizuki, I’ll believe you then.”

“Sorry to make you worry…”

“Don’t worry about this…speaking of which, this really feels like the summoning tournament during the cool summer festival.”

“Summoning tournament?”

“Yes. You had something bothering you, Mizuki, and I asked you and you said that winning can solve everything in the end.”


“Isn’t it similar?”


“…It’s really…feels like…that time…”

BTS KudouAikoFlasher.jpg

The Fourth Question[edit]

BTS v10 Yuuji-sensei.jpg

Please answer the following question:

Please give an idiom for this line ‘over-the-top and unnecessary’.

Also, please use the idiom to create a sentence.

Model answer:

Idiom: Swatting a fly with a sledgehammer.

Example: Using an umbrella to block out the sun on a cloudy day like this is like swatting a fly with a sledgehammer.

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

‘Idiom: Sakamoto Yuuji having a beauty of a girlfriend.’

Sakamoto Yuuji’s comment:


Sakamoto Yuuji’s answer:

‘Sentence: Letting Yoshii Akihisa learn about health education is basically swatting a fly with a sledgehammer’

Yoshii Akihisa’s comment:


BTS vol 08 011.jpg

“Then, I’ll be explaining the strategy for the afternoon.”

After the many events that happened in this busy noon break, there’s only 10 minutes left, and we’re all gathered at Yuuji’s table as we begin our meeting.

The meeting’s starting, but…

“Only Minami and me?”

“Yeah. I told the others of the plan when you went to C class, and I reminded them before lunch.”

Really? So that’s why he came to look for us so late.

“But if you want to finish explaining things to everyone, there’s no need for me to do this. Won’t you have to do things twice?”

“I don’t mind. This is an important process.”

“Eh? Was it really that important?”

No matter what, I just feel that he’s just messing with me…

“Sakamoto, I heard your explanation in the morning.”

“You were listening, Shimada, but you never actually paid any of it to heart, right?”

“…I can’t deny that.”

Minami says that with a grimace. Looks like she’s back to normal, so what she’s worried about is settled, right? Anyway, thank goodness.

“Also, there’s something I forgot to tell you about, Shimada. Listen up too, Akihisa. It has something to do with you.”

“Oh? Sounds suspicious.”

“Well, don’t fret over the small details. I’m going to explain the strategy here.”

“Okay then.”

Since Yuuji, who’s in charge of this, is saying so, I shouldn’t be worrying. Anyway, we have to focus on the fight in the afternoon.

“As for our afternoon strategy, we’ll first try to pull the line on the linkway backwards to lure the opponent. We’re doing this to try and force the opponent away from their base.”

“Lure them from their base? In other words, we’re going to use this chance to…”

“Un, settle this once and for all.”

Yuuji’s words made me feel tense.

The decisive moment we waited for more than half a year is going to happen. On thinking about this, I naturally tense up.

“Then, how are we going to attack where Kirishima-san is?”

“Based on the plan, I intend to rush into the new building from another level. I got Muttsurini to get ready for this.”

“Get a ladder or something?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

If it’s Muttsurini, he’ll definitely be able to finish this without anyone noticing, and probably no one will notice him while he’s preparing this and cause our plan to be seen through.

“What’s the specific movement?”

“There’re two of them. You’re in charge of the second one…but, I’ll explain the main side.”


“The main forces are on the 4th level, and they’ll move from 3-D’s classroom to 2-D’s classroom.”

“Eh? D classroom? Not C classroom?”

This idea I never thought of before cause me to ask back. During the recent summoning wars, D class is the only class without any movements, so they’re still using D class. I didn’t expect D classroom to be involved in this plan.

“Our aim is to be A class, so why did we beat C class and E class? There’re many reasons for this, and one of them is this. As for why we’re not fighting with D class…”

“Because there’s no need to fight?”

“It’s rare for you to get this correct, Akihisa. Based on this, the main point isn’t why we attacked C class and E class, but also ‘why only D class is safe’.”

We fought against D class twice, the first summoning war half a year ago and the time after the study camp. Both wars ended in draws. To us F class, it’s a lot easier to talk to D class since they have less grudges with us than B, C and E classes.

“I see. A class is wary about a lot of things. If they see us appearing in D class, they’ll definitely be shocked.”

We moved from F classroom to C classroom, and now we’re in E classroom. That means that F class stayed in three classrooms before. A class might think that we did something to these classrooms, so they have to be very wary of us. In this situation, A class will definitely be in shock if the enemy comes out from the undefended D class.

“We’re going to gather most of our forces in this D classroom, and according to the plan, Hideyoshi and I will be here.”

Yuuji opens the namelist, and there are about 15 names on it. I see. That’s a rather large force if we consider the numbers left behind to us.

“But is it alright to gather so many people? D classroom is just the size of an ordinary classroom unlike the rest.”

“That’s why we had an agreement beforehand.”

“Ah, really?”

If it’s just moving the ladder, there’s no need to negotiate. But we need D class to open their window and make a way for F class to charge at A class in numbers. So Yuuji already negotiated with D class for this aim, is it?”

“Oh yeah, Yuuji. What’s the condition D class made? Even if they’re nice to negotiate with, they can’t possibly just agree to our request like that, right?”

“Ah, I’m rather concerned about that too.”

Since we’re going to use the entire D classroom, there’s a relative price we have to pay.

“As for the conditions we raised, I only told the D class guys that ‘we intend to use the large monitor in A classroom for watching Ero-DVDs’. Those against this are to vanish.”

“D class’ guys are just like you guys…”

It’s true, since the study camp, we had some sort of amazing chemistry with them.

“Then, I told the D class girls that ‘Shimada will be able to stay in the same building’, and they agreed.”


My mind immediately thinks of a girl with twin drill pigtails.

“But Yuuji, Minami’s right. Even if Shimizu-san agrees, this doesn’t represent the entire view of D class.”

“Eh, this is a little hard to say, but…”

“??? What is it, Sakamoto?”

“Maybe it’s because Shimizu brainwashed—correction, educated them, most of the D class girls have abnormally good feelings for Shimada.”


“Also, a few rare girls are happy that they ‘can be in the same campus as Aki-chan’.”


D class seem to be having some serious issues, so serious that I’m immediately feeling that it might be better for us not to move to the new school building.

“That’s how it is. So the raid on D classroom won’t be a problem.”

“There are a lot of problems for me though…”

But for me, I think it should be the same as before…I guess?

“Leaving aside that for now, if the D class attack is the main force, won’t it be better for Himeji-san and Minami to go over as well?”

“Un, that’s right. If possible, I want to bring Himeji and Shimada along.”

“Is there a reason why you’re not goin to do so? Like we need to hold off the enemy at the linkway or something?”

“This is one reason. But the biggest reason is how we’re going to invade D classroom.”

“Ah…I see…”

Himeji-san’s not very athletic. It will be rather tough for her to climb up and down outside the school building. Even if she can do so, it’s not suitable for her to take part in this plan that requires speed.

“Eh? But Minami should be alright.”

“That’s why I’m asking you to think? We’re climbing down with a ladder, but Shimada’s wearing a skirt!”

“Eh? You’re concerned about this? To think that you’re so gentlemanly, Sakamoto—”

“—Those guys coming along will all become trash.”

“That’s true.”

“…What are you guys treating me as…?”

In that case, everyone will fight for a place under Minami, and they’ll get excited after seeing it before becoming trash. Yuuji’s consideration here is rather wise.

“And I’ll feel rather regretful about this.”

“Eh? Aki, this…you mean that you don’t want mine to be seen by anyone else, right?”

Everyone’s taking part in such a fun thing, and I have to do something else. Won’t it be sad that I’m left out of this by everyone?

“Wait wait, wait a sec, Aki. Erm…”

Minami loosens the hook on her skirt and looks away. What is she doing?

“No, not today! Next time, maybe!”


Minami did something ambiguous.

“Shimada, you…”

“Eh? Ah, nothing! It’s not like this! I, I’m just a little confused, so…”

“Well, since you’re a member of F class…”

“Uu…for some reason, I feel you mentioned something I really don’t want to hear…”

“Then, the other path.”

“Un, please.”

Yuuji ignores the dejected Minami as he continues to explain.

Right now, we’re talking about the mission I’m being given, so I have to remember everything Yuuji says. Have to listen up!

“Your side has only one mission, to take Shouko’s head.”

“Eh? Isn’t this what you have to do, Yuuji?”

Based on what we said before, I thought Yuuji was going over to Kirishima-san.

In response to my question, Yuuji casually nods his head and says,

“Un, it’s a main force, but we’re just a decoy squad. Between me, Himeji and Muttsurini, the one who’s really going to face Shouko and take her down is—”

“…The real choice is Tsuchiya.”

BTS vol 10 161.jpg

“Muttsurini-kun? Not Sakamoto-kun or Mizuki-chan?”


“Prez, why are you so certain? Leaving aside Sakamoto-kun, I feel we can’t ignore Himeji-san.”

“…Yuuji will definitely use a tactic that has a more realistic rate of succeeding.”

“It’s true that the only realistic way to beat Kirishima-san now is Tsuchiya-kun’s health education.”

“But prez, what makes you certain that Sakamoto-kun will use a tactic that has a higher chance of succeeding?”

“…F class has been preparing for this battle for a long time, so they’re very motivated now. Also, they can’t spend too much time challenging me.”

“So they’ll focus on Tsuchiya-kun who can quickly win?”

“…Un, also, Yuuji might not have realized it—but the feeling of defeat at the last moment half a year ago is still in Yuuji’s mind.”

“So that’s why he’ll choose a definite chance of winning when fighting you in the last battle, prez?”


“I see. I understand now.”

“Un…but I feel that Mizuki-chan and Sakamoto-kun are scary too~”

“…It’s alright. Mizuki and Yuuji are strong, but—”


“—I’m probably still stronger than them.”

“It’s fine to bet on Muttsurini, but how are we going to send him over to Kirishima-san?”

“I’m going to make use of C classroom.”

“So you’re still using C classroom in the end?”

I thought the reason why Yuuji took C classroom was to hide our intention of assaulting from D class.

“Our opponent is A class. There’s a definite need to do this.”

Anyway, Yuuji will shock A class by appearing from D classroom. Once the opponent tries to fight back against Yuuji’s group, Muttsurini and I will fight against Kirishima-san. Of course, Yuuji might have considered of attacking Kirishima-san directly head on.

“Akihisa, your job is to send Muttsurini to Shouko.”

Yuuji said to me. This order basically just about what I expected.

In this situation, if Yuuji wants me to beat Kirishima-san, I’ll be bothered. Even if I have a massive advantage in control, I can’t possibly beat Kirishima-san.

“You guys are to enter 2-C’s classroom from the 3-C’s classroom and attack A classroom from there.”

“No no no, Yuuji, just wait a moment. What attack? You might say it simply, but how many opponents do you think there are from C classroom to A classroom?”

If Yuuji’s group is fighting in front of D classroom, there’ll definitely be a lot of opponents on the corridor from C classroom to A classroom. Even I with my weak offensive power can’t possibly just cut through, let alone Muttsurini who’s targeted tightly.

But Yuuji simply laughs it off casually as he doesn’t bother about my concern.

“Oi oi, Akihisa. Have you forgotten?’

“Eh? Forgot about what?”

“Didn’t you attack B classroom under a similar situation?”

“Similar situation? Don’t tell me…”

Half a year ago, Yuuji wants me to invade B classroom, so I attacked from D classroom. The method I used was—

“Destroy C classroom’s wall.”

“Are you serious?”

Destroying the wall between the classroom's—even I find that this is too crazy. I desperately apologized back then, and finally managed to earn the school’s understanding. What will happen to me if the same thing happens another time…?

“Relax, you definitely won’t be scolded by the teacher.”


“Un. I damaged the wall to make it easier to destroy. It just looks like it’s repaired.”

“You... you actually did such a thing…”

This is too troublesome for even Yuuji…does he intend to win this war no matter what?”

“If it’s a wall that can be destroyed easily, it’ll definitely be seen through, so I left some level of hardness intact. However, this won’t cause much difficulty to you.”

“Un, if should be alright if I rely on the strength of the summoned beast.”

Besides, I destroyed a brand new wall before.

“On a side note, the wall I damaged is on the right side of the blackboard, near the surface with the calendar on.”

“Okay, near the calendar on the right side of the wall, is it?”

“Yeah. Once the wall is destroyed, just charge straight into A class. Hold off any opponent you see in front of Shouko with the rest around you. As for the way to open the path, use that move against C class.”

The move against C class is probably to leap at the opponent without caring about dying in battle and opening a way for battle in an instant.

“So the tactic used against C class is one devised for this…”

“Sorta. I actually wanted to keep this move hidden so that A class won’t know of it. But on the other hand, it’s not a bad idea to practice this in a battle. Also, A class and B class were having a raging battle, so this move might not be revealed if we’re lucky.”

Yuuji adds on.

“Speaking of which, Sakamoto, I may have forgotten about it, but what about the health education teacher? I feel that since the opponent’s wary about Tsuchiya, they’ll definitely be watching where the health education teacher is moving, right?”

Minami puts her fingers under her chin as she asks. I haven’t completely realized this, but Minami’s question is logical.

“The health education teacher will come along with us. Once we win using another subject, I’ll let him go to A classroom alone.”

“So we have to ask the teacher beforehand?”

“Yeah. Besides, there’s nothing about the rules that states that we can’t send the teacher over beforehand. I’ll find a chance to let the health education teacher head over to Shouko. Once Muttsurini gets over there, I’ll ask him to open a summoning field.”

I see. If Yuuji’s group is bringing the health education teacher, the opponent will be wary of Yuuji. This guy really thought about a lot of things.

“Eh? But what about the teacher other than the health education teacher.”

If Yuuji and the rest are in D classroom to divert attention, they will need a teacher that’s of a subject other than health education. However, only Ooshima-sensei and Ironman have the ability to enter from the window. Ironman’s watching in the remedial room, so Ooshima-sensei’s the only one who can go along with that. In that case, they won’t be able to fight using a subject other than health education.

In face of my question, Yuuji gives a sneaky grin as if he just succeeded, and says,

“Of course there’s a teacher around. The teacher having lessons in D classroom.”

“Eh? That means…”

“The reason why I chose to attack during the time when class is dismissed isn’t to prevent distracting D class from lessons, but to catch the teacher who finished teaching.

Yuuji’s cunning ploy leaves me gobsmacked.

In this assault that’s like an acrobatic, if a health education teacher is around, they will assume that the opponent will be fighting using health education. If that’s the case, the opponent will definitely check whether Muttsurini’s around. However, this is just a decoy. In fact, Muttsurini will be waiting at C classroom with me, and D classroom will be having a war using a subject other than health education. In that cast, the opponent won’t have time to be concerned with Muttsurini who’s appearing on the other side.

“Ah. So C classroom’s teacher should be of the same situation, right?”

“Ahh. The English teacher Endou is over there, so let her allow you to call out your summoned beast.”

The English teacher Endou-sensei is a nice female teacher who’s easy to talk to. I might have to apologize for this, but nobody’s more suited than her in this situation where I have to ‘destroy the wall’. If I forcefully ask her ‘We’re having a summoning war. Please allow me to summon’ here, she’ll definitely allow us to.

“That’s the reason why we chose this day…”

“Sorta. The 3rd years aren’t around, so the 4th level is completely empty.; Also, the English teacher Endou is around in 2-C’s classroom, and today’s the only day with such perfect conditions.”

Now I finally understand why Yuuji has been checking on the other classes’ schedule.

Even if the summoning war’s curfew was removed earlier, Yuuji might not challenge A class before this day. To us, today’s such a beneficial day to us…no, that’s not it. it’s because Yuuji came up with a strategy ‘that made the conditions so beneficial’.

“On a side note, the status on the linkway should remain the same. It’ll be suspicious if we start retreating once noon break ends, so we’re going to pretend that we’re being forced back because of the difference in points. Even so, we’re forced back in the first place.”

Yuuji continues. It can’t be helped if the difference in abilities on both sides is obvious without a new strategy.

“Then, that’s it for the strategy in the afternoon. Are there any questions?”

“Sakamoto. If Mizuki and I are okay, can we go attack A class as well?”

“Of course. But you’re to hold off the enemy fighting the main force as priority.”

A class may feel that Minami and the rest are just decoys, so they won’t assign forces there. In that case, they’ll be able to use Himeji-san’s power to sweep the opponents and open a way like the move against C class. Then, Minami and Himeji-san will be able to rush to Kirishima-san. As long as A class reveals an opening somewhere, we’ll be able to beat them from there. Things will get interesting there then.

“Are Hideyoshi and Muttsurini back yet? Perfect,”

Yuuji looks over at a corner of the classroom. I look over too, and see that Hideyoshi and Muttsurini walk in from the back door and sit down. Did they go to the toilet?

“Mizuki’s back too.”

Himeji-san’s back at her seat too. Everyone’s here.

“Alright! Everyone, listen up! Head to where you’re in charge of before the break! Then, we’re going to get to the climax of this war!”


The roars that echoed the classroom rings, and our summoning war against A class continues.

The Fifth Question[edit]

Please answer the following question:

Please calculate the area of the shaded region. Use π as the circular constant.

BTS pi.jpg

Himeji Mizuki answer:

Assuming that the radius of the small circle is r, and the circumference as ℓ.

ℓ = 2πr

The question asks for the area between radius 1 and 3, so we’ll call it ‘S’.

BTS Integrate.jpg

Therefore, the answer is 8π.

Teacher's Comment:

Well answered. This is a standard question for area.

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:


Teacher's Comment:

It's been a while since I felt my veins popping.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:


Teacher's Comment:

Come over to the counselling room. I would like to hear your explanation.

BTS ExcaliburMizuki.jpg

Having finished our strategic meeting, we were all feeling very motivated, what awaits us is the replenishment tests as we have to replenish the marks we lost before noon.


There’re still a lot of questions I can’t understand, so I’ll try to answer with the best of my ability.

Answer, skip, answer, skip, answer halfway, skip, skip, skip

As I continue to write, the difficulty of the questions becomes harder and harder. It looks like the questions at the back are ones I can’t answer, so I jump back to the front to answer.

“(Scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble)”

“(Scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble)”

Minami and Himeji-san are near me, Minami filling her maths points, and Himeji-san filling her chemistry points. Both of them are writing with their pens practically glued to their hands.

It’s dangerous to let both of them leave the frontlines, but there’s a good reason why we’re doing this.

Minami’s taking the replenishing test because her best subject's points had been depleted.

Himeji-san’s taking part in the replenishment test because we heard that Kubo-kun’s taking the replenishment test.

We need Himeji-san’s strength to stop Kubo-kun's powerful attack, so Himeji-san’s taking the replenishment tests at this moment.

“Ono, Asaga, Mitarai, go to the second level for standby. Try and fight using combined subjects. They switched subjects three times, so there should be quite a lot of enemies with depleted combined subjects points. Also, I hope you can try and make some big actions to lure them.”


“Saitou, bring the physics teacher near the stairs. I’m going to use a diversion to make them think the subject will be changed to physics and change their members.”


“Once Saitou takes action, Watarai, go get ready and change the subject on the linkway to world history. Harada, follow their actions and lead the reinforcements with Manaka, Mutou, Watanabe.”

Yuuji continues to give commands one after another as his voice can be heard from afar. He has never given such detailed commands in our battles before, and this shows how strong the opponent is.

However, this also means that we—who weren’t treated seriously when we challenged D class to a war half a year ago—are now able to fight this powerful A class as an opponent head on.

We—who were viewed as a bunch of idiots half a year ago—have gained the admiration of all our fellow peers

As I think about this, my hand that’s holding the pen becomes a little more forceful. Maybe this might be the first time I feel that the summoning war is interesting.

The replenishment tests lasted quite a while.

“Fuu~ finally over…”

Once the second check was over, my modern language’s replenishment test is over. My scores should be the same. Now, once I hand my script over to the teacher for marking—


At this moment, this intel came flying into our ears.

“Kubo? That guy should need some time before he can get back onto the battlefield.”

On hearing the report, Yuuji immediately frowned.

Himeji-san’s still having the exams, but Kubo-kun’s back on the battlefield. This itself is weird as Himeji-san is taking the replenishing tests at the same time as Kubo-kun in order to fight him, so both of them should be back on the battlefield at the same time.

“No, that’s definitely Kubo! Anyway, hurry up and send reinforcements!”

But based on the report, it seems that Kubo-kun’s back on the battlefield.

Both of them are taking the tests at the same time, but they’re leaving at different times. In that case, the only possibility is—

“In other words, that bastard ended the replenishment tests earlier!”

This means that Kubo-kun took lesser time for the replenishment tests.

“Damn it…he’s a model student, and yet he’s using such underhanded methods!”

Kubo-kun’s actions are really not to be expected of A class. His act of handing in the replenishing test earlier is more of F class’ style.

If we consider Kubo-kun’s breakthrough ability, there’s now no time to wait for Himeji-san to return. Even if she can hand in her paper earlier, the opponent will break through our defenses if we wait for the teacher to finish marking the scripts.

If we can send in our remaining forces, we can stop Kubo-kun. Kubo-kun’s just attacking without bothering to defend, so everyone should be able to wear his points down if we all attack with a suicidal mindset.

But doing this will cause our side to lose my people. With many of us dying, the chances of the final strategy succeeding will be lowered. The plan that everyone hoped that would grant our wish will fail easily.

—I want to go over.

I thought.

I hope Yuuji leave Kubo-kun to me so that we can focus our forces in the plan. I want to gamble on this in order to increase the chances of the final strategy succeeding.

I was completely helpless when I met Kubo-kun before noon.

And I don’t have any decisive strategies of winning here.

If I go over now, I won’t be able to wait for the teacher to give me the modern language score. In that case, I have to give up precious time to replenish.

There’re too many disadvantageous factors.

In contrast, there’s practically no advantage to me. I still have some confidence in my summoned beast control—this only advantage is the only chance of winning I have that I’m using to encourage myself.

Normally, I won’t be doing such a disadvantageous bet, and I won’t even think about this.

This should be the case, but—

“Akihisa! Scramble! Hurry up and stop Kubo!”

Yuuji immediately says without hesitation.

“Oi, Sakamoto, Yoshii’s still waiting for the teacher to mark the modern language paper—”

“We have no time to wait! Stopping Kubo is more important here! Mori and Hirata, follow Akihisa. You’ll be the support!”

Such a fast and decisive choice. Even I do feel that my urging self is rather stupid.

“Can you do it, Akihisa?”

Yuuji stares at my eyes as he asks.

Before answering, I have to check something.

“Yuuji, Kubo-kun doesn’t look like he’ll hold back no matter who the opponent is.”

“Ahh, I know that, but I have to ask you.”

Yuuji’s eyes aren’t showing any signs of joking. Does this guy really feel that I can fight Kubo-kun? Does he really feel that I can fight the 2nd ranked in our year?

This guy’s really here? Even I, who wanted to raise this plan, is doubting whether I can stop Kubo-kun.

“Akihisa, if it’s you, you can definitely stop Kubo.”

Yuuji concludes decisively as if he’s trying to nudge me from behind.

These words blow aside all doubts and anxiety in my mind.

“Understood. I’ll definitely stop him.”

“Sorry for making you lose the marks you worked so hard to earn.”

There’s no need for Yuuji to apologize for this. I even want to thank him.

“One more step before we fight it out. Listen up…we mustn’t let him through!”


As we answer back, I rush out to the corridor with Mori-kun and Hirata-kun.

Then, we see the opponents rushing over here.

“Yoshii, it’s A class! Two of them broke through the line so quickly!”

There’s only 2 people for now, but if some people are able to break through like this, it shows that the defense line on the front is collapsing gradually because of Kubo-kun. Now’s a time where we have to fight for every single second. Not a single moment of hesitation is allowed!

“You intend to interfere with Kubo-kun? I won’t let you do so, Yoshii-kun! Summon!”

The girl who comes running over here has permission of Ujiie-sensei as she summons.

“Gek! Isn’t that Satou Miho?”

Mori-kun’s words cause me to remember. That person is Satou-san who fought against me half a year ago. I’m not very familiar with her, so I can’t remember her name immediately.

“What should we do? Yoshii. She’s rather powerful!”

“We take her on!”



I didn’t answer Mori-kun’s words as I run and call out my summoned beast.

A class, Satou Miho, Japanese History, 281 points.


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Japanese History 189 points

Satou Miho-san beat me thoroughly in physics the last time when we challenged A class to a summoning war half a year ago. At that time, I wasn’t able to fight with her at all.

But if it’s a duel of Japanese History—

“Yoshii-kun, let’s go!”

Satou-san let her summoned beast raise its weapon as she charge at me.

I let my summoned beast charge from the front, and as we move by each other, I use my wooden sword to hack at the opponent’s body before quickly turning back to hit the opponent’s back.

A class, Satou Miho, Japanese History, 95 points.


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Japanese History 189 points


Satou-san gives a shocked expression, not knowing what happened, perhaps because she let her guard down because of the overwhelming victory she had before.

If it’s a battle using Japanese History, I don’t think I can lose!

“Nice going Yoshii! If the opponent’s Japanese History score is like this, I can barely take on the enemy!”

“Me too! Leave this person to us! Summon!”

“Thanks, I’ll leave it to you, Mori-kun, Hirata-kun!”

We switch over on who’s to deal with Satou-san, and I continue to run forward.

Kubo-kun…you toyed me before noon, but I’m not going to let you do as you wish. I’ll definitely stop you from moving forward in order to win this war!

I move through the old building and reach my destination, the linkway. I see everyone from F class in a disadvantageous due to the collapsing formation.

“Oi! It’ll be bad if we continue to let him through!”

“Talk is cheap here! Who can stop that monster!”

“Everyone in F class, I’m sorry, but can you please let me through?”


“—It can’t be helped then. Let’s settle this.”


A class, Kubo Toshimitsu, World History, 323 points


F class, Takashi Atsuya, DEAD

Takahashi-kun’s desperate attack grazed the opponent’s shoulder, and Kubo-kun’s giant mace sliced down Takahashi-kun’s summoned beast head.

“Let’s move forward, Kinoshita-san.”

“Thank you, Kubo-kun. Then, we’ll leave the sweeping here to Okui-san and the rest. Let’s deal with Sakamoto-kun directly and end this war.”

With Kubo-kun leading, A class swept their way here. They have about 10 people with them, trying to break through the perimeter F class set at the linkway.




The summoned beast walking in front of Kubo-kun stops to block my attack.

A class, Kubo Toshimitsu, World History, 323 points


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, World History, 158 points


“Kubo-kun, it’s not like you to submit your script early. No need to rush things. Slow down here!”

The system shows my marks and Kubo-kun’s once it was depleted by Takahashi-kun’s attack.

Right now, Kubo-kun’s world history scores aren’t more than 400, so if he doesn’t use the power of the bracelet, we may have a chance!

“Nice going, Yoshii!”

“Now! Those still alive, gather here! We need to regroup with forwards and defenders!”

My comrades from F class immediately regroup and get into action to hold off Kinoshita-san and the rest behind. Their thirst to repay and the countless battle experience isn’t for show.


“Yoshii-kun. We have a war here, so I can’t involve personal feelings here, but at least I don’t want you to feel guilty. Can you please leave before you feel the feedback?”

Kubo-kun’s right in front of me. If we force him back, we’ll be able to regroup our defense.

“That’s my line, Kubo-kun. Everyone in A class is kind, but winning this war is our long-awaited wish, so we can’t back away here.”

“…I understand. If you say so, I’ll make my resolve here.”

Kubo-kun’s summoned beast exchange glares with my summoned beast as we face off.

My opponent is holding his specialty weapon Deathscythe in a diagonal position, and it leaps at me. Kubo-kun can’t use the power of the bracelet, but his score is still more than 300 points, and the onrushing speed isn’t small.

However, I went through lots of battles during this half a year. No matter how fast the opponent is, this straightforward attack can’t possibly hit me.

I can predict the direction the opponent will be attack at from the way the opponent rushes in, the posture and the weapon type. Kubo-kun looks like he’s going to use a horizontal scythe that can maximize the attack range. Like before, he has no intention of defending.


I already predicted Kubo-kun’s attack path, so I exhale slightly and lean down to avoid his attack.

No matter how much the marks have improved by, it’s impossible to do this technique without actual combat experience. Including the study camp, Kubo-kun only had combat experience 4 times, so I definitely won’t be beaten by his attack!


Kubo-kun’s summoned beast pulls back the deathscythe that missed and raises it high this time to reveal a large overhead cleave. Based on that position, he’ll definitely swing the scythe down. No matter how strong the opponent’s strength is, it’s not hard to dodge such a big move.

I let my summoned beast move sideways and swing the wooden sword right at the opponent’s body with minimal action.

A class, Kubo Toshimitsu, World History, 303 points


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, World History, 158 points

My summoned beast gives a light damage to the opponent and quickly leaps away from its position. At that instant, the deathscythe rips through a space no one’s at.

I already saw that even with a little damage, Kubo-kun will ignore it and continue to attack. In that case, I’ll dodge the hit and give a small yet sharp attack.


Kubo-kun’s summoned beast uses its right hand to wield the two-handed scythe, perhaps because he felt that big strikes won’t hit me with my posture like this, while the left hand is clenched. He probably wants to use the fist that strikes faster and pulls back faster to stop my attack and use the deathscythe when I stop. As expected of Kubo-kun, his analytical and decision-making abilities are really amazing.

This time, Kubo-kun’s summoned beast raises the deathscythe back onto the shoulder, and it then charges right at me.

I gather my concentration and let my summoned beast use more delicate movements.

My opponent raises its fist, while I aim for the left shoulder. Klang. A soft and sharp sound rings. This attack can’t cause damage to Kubo-kun with his high marks, but this isn’t my aim.


Kubo-kun’s summoned beast can’t swing its fist out as the starting point of the movement is hit. In that case, Kubo-kun will think of using that deathscythe and let his summoned beast swing it in the right hand, but the power and speed by swinging with one hand isn’t enough, so even I can block it with my points.

This time, the one attacking is me. I let my summoned beast rush at the opponent, pretending to attack. My summoned beast then dodges the fist that cuts through the air and swings the wooden sword. However, this move is blocked by the opponent’s deathscythe in its right hand.

I didn’t stop as I quickly pull back. The opponent’s left fist misses.

“Oi oi oi…that Yoshii, is he for real…?”

“…Fighting against that Kubo head on. He must be mad…”

The tense attack and defense battle continue. A normal opponent will probably make much bigger movements due to anxiety, but Kubo-kun is rather calm as he controls his summoned beast within the best of his ability.

I want to force the opponent back, but the attack power isn’t enough. Kubo-kun can win if he can hit once, but he’s unable to hit the target. Everyone in F class is collapsing in formation, but they’re still fighting alongside their comrades. However, they’re starting to be pushed by the opponent.

Just when I’m thinking that this situation can’t last for long, she appears.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Akihisa-kun! Please move aside! Summon!”

“Okay! Himeji-san!”

“!? Damn—”

My summoned beast move aside, and the fiery path blaze through the space I made.

Kubo-kun’s summoned beast became the target, and was slow in dodging as the right half of its body is burned off.

A class, Kubo Toshimitsu, World History, 34 points


F class, Himeji Mizuki, World History, 379 points

The system shows the points depleted in the damage Kubo-kun took and the power Himeji-san used.

Should I be saying that Kubo-kun’s amazing for not dying in battle after taking the bracelet attack, or should I say that Himeji-san’s amazing for being able to nearly kill Kubo-kun even if the attack missed? The clash between two people with high marks show that I can’t determine the outcome.

“…Sorry, Kinoshita-san. I have to retreat and replenish my points here.”

Kubo-kun isn’t stunned by the sudden change in situation as he quickly retreats from the battle area.

We’re unable to defeat the enemy thoroughly, but we managed to force them back. Now we’ll be able to regroup our defenses.

“Everyone, get in line!”


My allies never let go of this chance as everyone tries to regroup in a lance team formation with Himeji-san at the center. I continue to dash forward to stop Kinoshita-san who’s trying to stop them.

“You’re really meddlesome, Yoshii-kun. I should have tried to find a way to get rid of you immediately when we surrounded you this morning.”

Kinoshita-san takes my summoned beast’s attack as she says.

“You flatter me, Kinoshita-san. It’s thanks to Himeji-san’s power that we could make Kubo-kun retreat.”

“No, Himeji-san is really strong, but that’s a strength that can be predicted and countered. Those opponents that can be countered through planning aren’t scary even if they’re scary.”

“Does that means I'm unpredictable?

“Yes, it's because you’re an idiot, Yoshii-kun.”


I’m rather hurt.

“Just joking. What I mean is that you can call out two summoned beasts even with low points, and you’re the Punishment Inspector. You’re more of a threat than those who are simply strong. Of course, the scariest is Sakamoto-kun who can make use of you to the maximum and manipulate the situation.”

Kinoshita-san mutters. I wonder if I really have such a threatening ability, but it’s rather bad for us F class if the enemy knows of our situation like that. If A class doesn’t know anything, they’ll drop their guard thinking that we’re the worst class in the entire year, and they won’t even bother checking on Muttsurini or Himeji-san’s whereabouts. Maybe our only chance of beating A class is during that war half a year ago. I couldn’t help but think.

“Akihisa-kun, it’s alright now! Please retreat!”

Himeji-san’s voice reaches my ear, and my side’s reformation seems to be complete.

In that case, there’s no need for me to appear.

“Bye then, Kinoshita-san.”

“Humph, I definitely won’t let you run away the next time.”

It seems Kinoshita-san doesn’t want to rush over when our side is reorganized, so she doesn’t try to attack me while I’m retreating back.

I return back to E classroom that became F class’ base, and find that it is rather empty.

“Eh? Where’s the rest?”

I ask Yuuji, who stayed behind in the classroom. A lot of people were still taking the replenishing tests until just now.

“I moved everyone to the 4th level during the chaos. That was a perfect chance I couldn’t have asked better.”

Once the opponent sees everyone moving, Yuuji’s plan will be revealed. To me, the attack Kubo-kun and the rest did was just a simple crisis, but it doesn’t seem to be like this for Yuuji.

“So we moved them successfully?”

“Un. Thanks to you showing off on the linkway, the enemy got distracted, so the movement was successful.”


I actually feel like the stepping stones to victory are falling to us one after another, pumping me up.

“Oh yeah, aren’t you going to move, Yuuji?”

“Idiot, I’m the class rep. Our position will be revealed to the enemy like this.”

“Ah, you’re right.”

According to the rules, the position of the class rep has to be revealed to prevent the war from becoming a stalemate. If Yuuji moves up to the 4th floor earlier, the opponent will immediately notice that we are scheming something.

“So I’m going to stay here until the last minute. Once the rest are moving, I’ll rush there at that moment.”

Until his position is revealed, the opponent will not be able to react to that exact moment. Yuuji will remain on standby at this position without any defenders. This means that once an opponent breaks through the defenses, the war will immediately end. However, it’s because we’re going to such an extent that the chances of us beating A class will appear.

“I’ll go over to classroom 3-C to wait then.”

“Oh. go then.”

I put my hand on the classroom door as I prepare to carry out the final battle.



Yuuji suddenly calls me right before I’m about to walk out of the classroom.

“…We’ve finally reached this point.”

Yuuji’s words has all sorts of meaning behind them.


I answer back, and Yuuji silently looks down at the notebook beside his hand.

The decisive moment is slowly inching closer.

Once we reach classroom 3-C, I find 5 students there, including Muttsurini, and—

“Hello, Yoshii Akihisa-kun. How are you feeling today?”

For some reason, Takashiro-sempai is here.

“Eh? Why are you here, Takashiro-sempai?”

“…I just asked the same question.”

According to Yuuji, the 3rd years should all be gathered at the sports hall attending the graduation guidance talk or something.

“Because I already knew what that event’s going to be about.”

He already knew what it’s going to be about? That seems rather weird.

“So since I have time, I decide to check on Miss Himeji Mizuki’s class 2-F whereabouts.”

Himeji-san’s class 2-F’s whereabouts…

“You’re rather insistent on having Himeji-san.”

“Oh my, are you unhappy about that? Pardon me for that.”

Takashiro-sempai pretends to bow as usual. For some reason, this sempai’s actions somewhat angers me.

“…This can’t be considered the answer to the question.”

I couldn’t contain my rage as my tone grew harsher. But Takashiro-sempai’s eyebrows don’t even twitch even when he’s faced with my tone as he answers with a polite tone.

“Well…this might bring about misunderstandings—”

Takashiro-sempai pauses for a while, and then declares,

“—I want to do indecent things with Miss Mizuki.”


Everybody present exclaimed. What is this person talking about?

“Can everyone please be quiet? Even if the new school building has soundproof insulation, it’s not good to be so loud.”




“That’s right, everyone. I really want to do indecent things to her.”


Ahh, I see. So this sempai’s just elegant in words, but not gentlemanly at all.

“Is it really alright to be so loud? It seems that everyone is carrying out a secret mission that I don’t think anyone else is to know of.”


Everyone frantically keep quiet. Sempai’s ridiculous words caused us to feel anxious, but if our position’s revealed, this won’t be good.

“But I suppose no one discovered anyone here. Once the doors and windows and closed, the sounds won’t be too loud.”

As the summoning war is an activity that creates lots of commotions, the soundproof facilities of Fumitzuki Gakuen are rather solid. Thus, this level of noise shouldn’t be a problem.

“…Why are you so insistent on Himeji?”

It’s rare for Muttsurini to ask. I’m wondering about this as well.

Himeji-san is definitely cute, and she does have a nice figure, but this sempai in front of me doesn’t look like he’s going to lack any women falling for him. In that case, why is he so insistent on choosing Himeji-san?

“I heard of what happened during the baseball tournament?”

“The baseball tournament? You mean the summoned beast baseball tournament?”

“Yes. I heard that she believed her classmates words and only focused on pitching earnestly, with her eyes closed too.”

The memory of that devastation, when Himeji-san stepped on the pitcher’s mound during our match against class 3-A, awakens in my mind. At that time, she really believed in Yuuji’s words, and believed in me (sort of), so she worked really hard to pitch. However, instead of trusting, I’ll say that’s simply being tricked…

“I can’t help but have feelings of love budding when I see such an innocent and pure girl.”

“Sorry sempai. It’s really too hard to understand when you say it this way. Can you put it in simpler words?”

“I love girls who’re easily fooled the most.”

Are these his true words?

“So that means you like girls who aren’t good at saying lies because you’re easily tricked…”

“What are you saying? How can a hardworking person like me who learns courtesy and elegance be easily fooled?”

“Sempai, being hardworking and graceful doesn’t have anything to do with being fooled.”


Takashiro-sempai gives a look of utter disbelief. Hm, this guy might be good at studying, but—

“You don’t seem to have a smart brain…”

“Wait a second. I don’t want you of all people saying that.”

No, this guy’s definitely more stupid than me. I can’t be mistaken here.

“…Well, never mind. The truth is crystal clear to a 3rd person.”

“Yeah, I suppose my allies know what the truth is.”

“That’s rather fierce. It’s like letting a chimpanzee fight an orangutan over intelligence…”

”Ahh…it’s like both of them are fighting to death over a banana…”

These classmates have no sense of foresight at all.

“Speaking of which, there are 3 people in F class if we’re talking about cute girls. But amongst them, I feel that Miss Himeji Mizuki is still the most eyecatching one.”

For some reason, Takashiro-sempai’s words really annoyed me. This isn’t jealousy…but how should I put it?

Himeji-san is cute, and sempai did say that Minami and Hideyoshi are cute too. My friends are being praised, but why am I feeling so frustrated?

“Innocent and diligent girls are still the most charming. I feel that Miss Himeji Mizuki is a splendid lady.”

I have no idea what kind of feelings I have exactly as I find myself saying these words to Takashiro-sempai,

“Takashiro-sempai. Please do not see Himeji-san in this light. She doesn’t like losing, and she will do things thoroughly. Minami has some girlish and cute aspects, and Hideyoshi is much more daring than anyone, and cool, you know?”

The reason why I’m not feeling happy isn’t because Hideyoshi and Minami are rated lower than Himeji-san, but another basic reason.

I continue to search for the reason behind this frustrating feeling. At this moment, Takashiro-sempai says to me,

“I have no idea who this girl called Minami is…but I heard that Miss Kinoshita is very good at acting and concealing her own heart. Someone like her may lie or hide things, so her personality charm is a little—”

“That’s not true at all, sempai.”

I interrupt Takashiro-sempai’s words.

On hearing these words, I think I vaguely understand something, why I feel annoyed about this person’s words.

“You’re mistaken, sempai.”


“Yeah. Hideyoshi is good at making poker faces, and it’s not easy to read his heart, but this is because Hideyoshi works hard to do what he wants to do.”

Hideyoshi continues to focus wholeheartedly on developing his own interests and spent quite some effort on it? Is this part of him not even a result, but a flaw? This is probably the charming point about him beside his good point appearance-wise.

“It’s because Hideyoshi works so hard to do what he wants to do that he’s so charming. I even feel that I feel proud having this buddy of mine!”

This sempai only looks at how other people appear like.

He only appraises everyone through what he sees on the surface.

This is the point that I don’t like, which is why I feel repulsed by it.

“Since you can't see their greatest charming points, can you please not comment on my most important comrades, sempai?”

Even I feel that it’s rude for me to use this tone to speak to sempai. However, I had to say those words.

“Yoshii Akihisa-kun. This is your own personal view, and my view may not be similar to yours.”

That’s true but—

“…It’s about time.”

I want to argue back, but Muttsurini says this as he points to the clock on the wall.

“Ahh, unknowingly…”

Time unknowingly flew as I was talking to Takashiro-sempai. We have to hurry up and prepare for the raid.

“Sorry, Takashiro-sempai, we still have things to do.”

“I understand. Then, I’ll leave first as an outsider. Besides, it’s enough for me to simply watch this summoning war.”

“Simply watch the summoning war?”

The somewhat unnatural words cause me to feel somewhat puzzled. Takashiro-sempai ignores my response as he puts his hand on the classroom door.

“Ah, that’s right. Allow me to ask one more question, if you don’t mind.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“Yoshii Akihisa-kun. When a person with ability, but is unfairly treated, tries to get back the position he deserves, will you step in to interfere?”

Is this a question on whether those who work hard should get back what they deserve?

In that case, I obviously have only one answer.

“I won’t.”

“Well answered. I hope you can remember these words.”

Takashiro-sempai leaves these words that are hard to comprehend behind, and leaves the scene.

What is that person trying to say? What does he mean by interfere?

No…speaking of which, why is that sempai here in the first place? Since his grades are outstanding, he should belong to A class instead. There’s no reason for him to come to the current 3-C classroom.

“That sempai…he’s not here to cheer for us, is he?”

“Probably not. We may be hated by the 3rd years, but definitely not liked by them.”

My classmates’ words enter my ears, and I suddenly remember something.

That’s right, that person was the one who helped the opponent come up with the plan during our war against C class—the enemy.

Then, he’s here to interfere with us, is it? But sempai just said that ‘just watching is enough’. In that case, he feels that we will lose? Or does he feel that this strategy will fail?

“And why does he view us as an enemy…?”

I know that 3rd years aren’t on good relations with us 2nd years. In fact, I do have some sort of resisting feeling when it comes to that sempai. However, I don’t understand the reason why that sempai came out to interfere with us.

If that sempai doesn’t like me like how I don’t like him, he probably has no need to come to me. No, if I really have to say it, I only had such negative feelings on him just now. We don’t know each other, but the reason why he came to talk to me is—

“…(Tok tok)”

“Eh? What is it, Muttsurini? I’m thinking about something—”



Muttsurini’s soft words cause me to recover.

I nearly forgot. Now’s an important scene to decide the winner, and I’m thinking about such unnecessary things messily! Have to concentrate on the task at hand and beat A cass!

“Sorry Muttsurini. Thanks.”

“…It’s nothing.”

I look at the clock to check the current time.

It’s time to get ready to attack.

“Is everyone ready?”


We nod at each other, open the windows, and get ready to move.

The Sixth Question[edit]

BTS v10 Yuuji-sensei.jpg

Please answer the following question:

In the space development project, a phenomenon is required to push Object A into space. Please answer what kind of force is required to be applied on Object A.

Sakamoto Yuuji's Answer

‘A force that gives Object A the speed to overcome the First Cosmic Velocity’

Himeji Mizuki's Comment:

As expected of Sakamoto-kun.

Also, the First Cosmic Velocity is stated to be approximately 7.97km/s

Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:

‘…I give up.’

Himeji Mizuki's Comment:

You can't give up!

There's still time to study until the exams. Let's work hard together!

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:

‘The power to turn the space development program back into paper.’

Himeji Mizuki's Comment:

That's not the kind of power I'm asking about!

BTS ChibiMizuki.jpg

Once we descended down to 2-D’s classroom, I tell everyone loudly,



We climb into D classroom from the window, and as discussed earlier, there’s a path there. The teacher who was having lessons up till now has been stopped as D class’ rep Hiraga is talking to him. Everything is set.

“Takenaka-sensei! We’re having a summoning war here. Please allow us to call out our summoned beasts!”

Our F class comrades point at A classroom as we ask the teacher for help. The classics teacher Takenaka-sensei is shocked, but still agrees to our request.

“Don’t let those F class guys enter A classroom! Or else they’re going to do something!”

The enemy charged into D classroom.

And amongst those enemies—

“So you’re here, Sakamoto-kun. Is Kinoshita-san here with you?”

Amongst them is the opponent who’s ranked second even amongst A class, Kubo Toshimitsu.

“So it’s you, Kubo. You don’t have to replenish your depleted points, do you?”

“There’s no need for me to do so. I don’t feel we’re going to fight using world history.”

I can’t help but sulk slightly…this bastard is really bold. If the linkway is broken through by Himeji, the test subject will become world history.

“Let’s fight, Sakamoto-kun, Kinoshita-kun. We’ll end it here.”

Kubo-kun, who stands in front of the entrance as the watchmen, stares at me and Hideyoshi beside me as he says this. I didn’t expect Kubo to appear here, but things are still according to plan here.

Now, Akihisa, you have to follow the plan…

It has been two minutes since Yuuji and Hideyoshi started attacking. Now’s the chance for us to enter classroom 2-C.

We open the 3-C classroom window, hold our breaths and watch the timing.

“I remember it’s near the calendar on the right side of the blackboard…”

I still remember clearly the target position of breakthrough of the war. Once we enter C classroom, we’re going to control the teacher and destroy the wall, run into A classroom and open a war for Muttsurini to reach Kirishima-san. We have experience in doing this before, so there won’t be any problems.


Muttsurini tugs at my sleeve. It’s time.

“Let’s go, everyone.”

I softly make the final check, and my comrades nod their heads silently.

We stealthily and cautiously enter the classroom 2-C. On seeing us appear in such a manner, Endou-sensei, who’s still in the classroom, widen her round eyes in shock.

“Yo, Yoshii-kun? Where exactly did you people come from—”

“Sorry, Endou-sensei, but we have no time to explain. We’re having a summoning war, so please allow me to call out my summoned beast.”

I interrupt the teacher’s words and ask for her to grant us permission to summon.

“Eh? Ah, okay.”

Endou-sensei looks rather troubled, but she grants my request. Now I can call out my summoned beast!


I call out my summoned beast, and the summoned beast appears from the pattern arrays beneath our feet.

Also, the system then shows its scores.

A class, Kinoshita Yuuko, English 382 points


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, English 81 points.


At that moment, I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

The scores aren’t abnormal, and the subject is correct, but what I’m concerned about is—


The opponent list has a name I didn’t expect.

“Good afternoon, Yoshii-kun.”

The voice of the opponent that couldn’t possibly be appearing here comes from a corner of the classroom.

“Why are you here…”

“I feel there’s no need to explain, right?”

Kinoshita-san’s words is probably a signal as the other A class students outside the classroom is right in front of us.

“That means that our strategy is—”

“Yeah. Just as we expected. However, I wasn’t the one who expected this, but class rep.”

The unbelievable fact is just shown right before our eyes. However, Kinoshita-san and the other A class members are now standing in front of us. This is solid proof that Yuuji’s plan is seen through by Kirishima-san.

“For that reason, we met you on the corridor. Isn’t that right, Yoshii-kun?”

“No, well—”

“It’s useless to hide it. That’s because I heard very loudly from this classroom that someone shouted loudly ‘what in the world is that guy planning’.”


That roar was because of the words ‘Invisible ink’, but I better not tell the truth.

“The reason why they were so angry is because you’re about to break through the wall, right?”

Kinoshita-san looks over at the wall separating A classroom and C classroom as she says. In fact, the letter didn’t say so, but A class’ conclusion is just as what we planned.

“If someone’s going to destroy their own classroom’s work, they’ll definitely be roaring.”

Basically, because of Yuuji’s prank, A class got a hint and saw through our plan.

“Damn it! That idiot Yuuji…”

“Eh? Did you say something, Yoshii-kun?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Then, things will become difficult. Right now, I have to fight Kinoshita-san and the rest while our cards are exposed and find a way to break the wall to create an opening.

However, we’re still not in despair yet. Once I can break through the wall, there’s still a chance of winning.

“This is the key to winning! I’m going to fight on!”

“Alright. If you’re not going to give up, I’m going to make you retire from here, Yoshii-kun.”

The other people from A class behind Kinoshita-san call out their summons. We have 5 A class members, and since the subject is English, I can’t hope for Muttsurini to provide support. My only hope is to break the wall, and there’s no need to defeat them.

“Let’s settle this, Kinoshita-san.”

I let my summoned beast run towards the wall at maximum speed. The longer the time, the chances of the opposing reinforcements—especially Kudou-san appearing in this classroom will become bigger. I don’t know how long my comrades fighting on the other side can hold on, so I have to make sure this plan succeeds even if it’s a second earlier!

“Even though you say you want to fight, your target isn’t me. You’re really stubborn in this sense, Yoshii-kun.”

Kinoshita-san let her summoned beast raise its weapon and let it charge right between my summoned beast and the wall. So my intention to target the wall is exposed…?

Anyway, I let my summoned beast charge towards that wall with the calendar. However, its charge is stopped by the enemy’s horizontal swing.


The right arm that defended that attack brings about some pain. This is due to the feedback.

I have to change my standing position and lure Kinoshita-san away from the wall.

I let my summoned beast jump back so as to lure Kinoshita-san away. However, the opponent doesn’t leave where she is.

“Based on your reaction, there should be some tricks done over here, right? I don’t feel that there’s anything here though.”

Kinoshita-san mutters as she stares at the area near the calendar. Damn it…she even deduced the place? Right now, I can understand the reason why Yuuji hopes to beat her right at the start.

“Sorry everyone, but I can’t leave this place. Can I leave Yoshii-kun to you?”


Kinoshita-san doesn’t move as she commands the rest to surround me. Not good, this isn’t good at all…!

The trio attack me, and one of them watch Muttsurini and the others, while Kinoshita-san stands right in front of the wall.


My F classmates decide that I won’t have a chance of winning if this keeps up, so they hurriedly summon their monsters. I can be saved in this situation, but I have to carry out another mission after destroying the wall, so I definitely have to avoid getting everyone defeated here.

Even so, this is a lot easier to fight. The opponent’s attention is scattered on the rest, and right now, I can fight a way to get over to Kinoshita-san. If I can destroy the wall before everyone’s defeated, it’ll be alright!


I call out the other summoned beast and let it attack the opponent in front of me.


The main beast rushes past the opponent who stopped to defend and charges right at Kinoshita-san. Kinoshita-san has her back against the wall, so I can’t ignore her being right over there.

In that case, I’m going to slam Kinoshita-san’s summoned toward into the wall.

My summoned beast leaps right over with the realization of being hit. As I do so, Kinoshita-san doesn’t let her summoned beast swing its weapon, perhaps because she realized what I’m going to do, but try to push back my summoned beast that’s trying to send it flying by leaping over. In that case, my summoned beast will be sent flying due to the difference in points, and everything will be over.

At this moment, I move my other beast. I deliberately let it take the opponent’s move and let it fly like a kite with its string snapped. The sub-beast that’s sent flying away hits the back of the main beast that’s attacking Kinoshita-san.


I grit my teeth to endure the pain.

The main and sub beasts and the impact caused by the opponent’s move cause them to fly straight—


They managed to send Kinoshita-san’s summoned beasts flying.

DOK! Our summoned beasts are tangled together as they slam towards the wall. The force of this hit is reduced drastically, but there’s still a powerful force human strength can’t compare to. It’s alright!

“Everyone, I’ll leave the rest—”

To you. just when I was about to say it, I am unable to say anything.


BTS vol 01 017.jpg

—That’s because, the wall wasn't destroyed.

The Seventh Question[edit]

Please fill the number in the blank of the following question.

When concentrated sulfuric acid is added to ethanol and heated from (____)℃ to 170℃, ethylene will be formed. This reaction that causes water molecules to be removed is called dehydration.

Kirishima Shouko’s Answer:


Teacher’s Comment:

It’s impressive of you to study up on all the subjects, Kirishima-san.

Sakamoto Yuuji's Answer:

’16 ’

Teacher’s Comment:

There’s a missing ‘0’ at the back. You accidentally erased it when correcting the answer, right? Sometimes, you will make such careless mistakes that are quite a pity, Sakamoto-kun.

However, sensei does feel that you are really smart when I see your answers to the other questions, Sakamoto-kun.

Do continue to work hard and fulfill your abilities.

BTS vol 01 271.jpg

“But I can relax after hearing that your current situation is like the summoning tournament, Mizuki.”


“You just need to win in order to settle this, right?”

“Ye, yes! There’s definitely no mistake about it!”

“Then it’s alright. Everything will fall in place in the end.”

“Why are you so certain…”

“Because, even though there’s a lot of distractions or trouble along the way—those guys are the ones who’ll win in the end.”

“So even with the power of the summoned beast, you can’t destroy the wall like this, is it? Yoshii-kun?”

I’m standing right in front of the wall that doesn’t show a single crack, flabbergasted, and Kinoshita-san says these words to me.

“I thought you guys would do something here when you took down C class before.”

Kinoshita-san’s words weigh heavily on me.

Maybe that Yuuji failed in damaging the wall, or A class may have seen through Yuuji’s methods, and might have come up with a counter plan. In this situation, it’s impossible to destroy the wall even with 1, 2 attacks.

But in that case—

“I’m going to do it no matter how many times it takes! If I can’t destroy the wall, I’ll hit it until it’s destroyed!”

Who’ll give up when it comes to such a mere setback? We haven’t lost yet! Our summoned beasts are still alive! We’ll kneel on the floor and regret only after all possibilities are exhausted!

“Ordinary people would have given up in this kind of situation…but because of this, F class…!”

Kinoshita-san’s stares sharply at me. Fine! We’ll fight until the bitter end! Let’s see how much our experience of countless bloody wars match up against your knowledge through hard work!

“Everyone, move to the wall! Don’t let Yoshii-kun get close!”

Kinoshita-san instructed, and everyone from A class line up near the wall. It seems they’re protecting the target while trying to surround us.

Since the opponent’s using this move, we’ll use this then!

“Leave this to me! Muttsurini, go meet with Ooshima-sensei and run to A class!”


Muttsurini leaves the English summoning field as there’s no one surrounding him.

Muttsurini once fought both Kudou-san and Ooshima-sensei during the study camp, so once we let him reach A classroom, there might be a miracle. I have to block the attacks from Kinoshita-san and everyone and bet everything on Muttsurini’s strength!

In response to my change in strategy, Kinoshita-san immediately reacts.

“That won’t work! Aiko, please!”


Kinoshita-san calls out to the corridor.

And then, a female student walks through the door and enters.


“Hello hello, Muttsurini-kun.”

Kudou-san waves at us. Is A class still holding back.

“You guys will be able to do anything if the opponent’s Tsuchiya-kun. To be safe, we kept Aiko on standby until Tsuchiya-kun appears.”

Know where Ooshima-sensei is going, but do not enter this classroom until Muttsurini appears. This is likely the order Kudou-san received. Even if Muttsurini and Ooshima-sensei meet up due to some unexpected situation, she’ll try to delay them. Damn it…if he can get into D classroom, Yuuji and the rest can still delay her…

“Aiko, I suppose you know.”

“Un. Even I won’t be so stubborn as to wait for Ooshima-sensei and fight using health education. Of course, I want to fight Muttsurini-kun with health education if possible.”

And then, Kudou-san stands right in front of Muttsurini, and says to Takenaka-sensei who’s standing behind.

“Takenaka-sensei, if you please, I’d like to fight using modern language.”

Kudou-san’s target is obviously Muttsurini-kun. However, Kudou-san’s other grades besides health education are outstanding too, and Muttsurini’s Modern Language scores are rather low. In this situation, if he doesn’t accept the challenge, he’ll be disqualified for running away from battle, but he has no chance of winning if he fights her head on. In this situation, the only thing I can do is…

“Muttsurini! I’ll get over there immediately! Try and hang on!”

“Give it up, Yoshii-kun. Things were going smoothly before, but this match is our win.”

Kinoshita-san says in a warning-like manner.

I understand that we’re in a desperate situation, but even though I know—even so, I’ll continue to fight until the very end! Maybe there’s still something I can do, right?

I continue to rack my brains to find a way to break this deadlock.

Right beside me, Muttsurini mutters something,

“…A pity.”

What enters my ears is a declaration of defeat.

A pity, the feeling of regret—the declaration of unhappiness.

“Well, it is a pity, but since it’s just a war, you guys don’t have to have such negative thoughts—”

Kinoshita-san intends to emphasize on this, but this time, Muttsurini interrupts her words and clearly declares,

“—It’s seriously a pity, ane-ue.”


Muttsurini suddenly changes his voice and tone we’re all used to, and I, together with everyone from A class, are all shocked by this.

“Yuuji wins this battle of wits.”

Hideyoshi takes off the wig and gives a grin.

“…It’s time.”

Kubo appears, and I see all the reinforcements from A class entering C class. Amongst these people is Kudou. That’s enough.

“??? Sakamoto-kun, this is—”

“Let’s go, Muttsurini!”

“…Copy that.”

I give the signal, and Muttsurini, who’s pretending to be Hideyoshi, takes off the annoying wig and runs out.



I rush towards the shocked Kubo and activate my platinum bracelet. The summoning field takes interference, and Kubo’s summoned beast disappears. Now, there’s a path opened.



My classmates rush out onto the corridor during this opening, and clear a path to A class. Muttsurini runs through this path and out.


“I won’t let you through, Kubo.”

I seal back my platinum bracelet before Kubo can attack Muttsurini and the rest. Now, it’s my turn to seal the exit, and the ones being boxed out is the opponent.

“Letting Tsuchiya-kun disguise himself as Kinoshita-kun—you made him dress up as a woman…!”

Kubo remorsefully says a line that would make Hideyoshi collapse and cry if he heard it.

“You guys really underestimated Hideyoshi, didn’t you?”

Hideyoshi doesn’t have any outstanding subjects, and he’s not exceptionally good in controlling his summoned beast. His summoned beast isn’t the unique kind that can touch physical objects, and he doesn’t have a platinum bracelet. But that guy has his own unique skills.

“So Yoshii-kun and the rest were bait?”

“Of course. How is it possible for us to destroy a wall in the school a second time?”

“But I heard the sound of the wall being slammed on.”

BTS vol 10 223.jpg

“You have to fool your own people before you try to bluff the enemy.”

If that obvious idiot really believes it, the opponent will definitely think that there’s something going on there, so that’s why I didn’t tell Akihisa this.

“Also, I don't think people will like using classrooms with destroyed walls.”

“You sure can say so. You destroyed another classroom wall half a year ago, didn’t you?”

“That’s because it has nothing to do with our own classroom.”

I said, and Kubo shrugs as he smiles.


“…This noise is…”

“Looks like it’s decided.”

There’s noise coming from A classroom, and the summoned beasts that are battling disappear. I think those F class guys aren’t celebrating as they’re waiting for everyone to gather.

“Really…let’s go, Sakamoto-kun.”

“Oh, it’s been tough on you, Kubo.”

We move onto the corridor where the summoned beasts disappeared from and proceed straight to A class.

BTS BrainySpecsKubo.jpg

The Final Question[edit]

BTS v10 Yuuji speechless.jpg

Please answer the following Question:

Please write down the reasons why Japan is experiencing low birth rates.

Kudou Aiko's Answer:

‘According to the report from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, amongst men who are 30 to 40 years old, at the point where they can raise children, one out of four work for more than 60 hours a week. This causes a work cycle where they have no time to properly take care of their children, causing the burden of raising children to be on the mothers. Also, the government has not fully maximized the use of no-pay leave in the childcare system and all sorts of systems where the parents can raise the children and take care of their jobs. Due to the different regions, some children are unable to study in kindergartens. Also, the local cooperation agencies are losing their functionality, and the temporary childcare and local conservation centers and all sorts of children services are not exactly common, so the parents have to raise the children on their own. These are all thought to be reasons for the declining birth rate.’

Tsuchiya Kouta's Comment:

“…Still okay.”

Kudou Aiko's response:

Can’t you just praise me normally? You’re not honest at all.

Kirishima Shouko's Answer:

'Based on the Cabinet Office’s International Comparative Surveys, we can understand that the top reason why the number of young people in Japan is not increasing is because of the worry over the burden of education fees. According to the OECD investigation report, the percentage of GDP the Japanese government use to finance the education sector can be said to be one of the lowest amongst the developed countries. Thus, the education fees of the children have to be paid by the families, and this is the common viewpoint on why there are low birth rates.’

Tsuchiya Kouta's Comment:

…Correct answer. Perfect.

BTS ReporterMuttsurini.jpg

Kirishima Shouko's Response:

…I investigated on all sorts of information regarding children the sake of Yuuji and my future.

Sakamoto Yuuji's Answer:

‘Because of the rising prevalence of getting married later.’

Tsuchiya Kouta's Comment:

…That’s all?

Sakamoto Yuuji's Response:


BTS vol 10 231.jpg


“Um, it was a switch. It was part of the plan, but I’m sorry for having to lie to you, Akihisa.”

Hideyoshi, who’s back to normal, says this to me. Eh? Ehh?

“When, when did you switch around?”

“When noon break ended.”

That means Hideyoshi has been disguising himself as Muttsurini for the entire afternoon? I have been moving with Hideyoshi, yet I didn’t realize this at all…my other classmates are all snickering. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who doesn’t know?

“But even if you did think that I wasn’t around, you actually said those things to that person called Takashiro in such an unabashed manner…do you know how much effort I had to exert just to put up my poker face?”

Now that Hideyoshi mentions it, I remember. Speaking of which, I think I did mention about how charming Hideyoshi is…DAMN IT! THAT’S EMBARRASSING! SO EMBARRASSING I WANT TO DIE!

“But you just showed an attitude of not giving up until the end. I’d say, you’re more charming than me when you’re like this.”


Hideyoshi says this with a somewhat embarrassed manner. Eh? Was I just…praised?

“Arara…we’ve been had~. Now we can’t get right back at rep.”

Kudou-san flings her arms out. Since she declared war on Hideyoshi, she’ll be disqualified for running away from battle if she doesn’t fight.

“Wha, what are you saying, Aiko! Hurry up and beat Hideyoshi and get back to rep!”

“It’s useless, ane-ue. That Yuuji and Muttsurini won’t use such a method where you can try to salvage the situation, right?”


There’s buzzing coming from A classroom. Once the battle here starts, Hideyoshi will run out at full throttle to buy some time, and there’ll be F class students blocking the way, so it’s impossible for Kudou-san to get back to Kirishima-san right away.

“Then, Akihisa, I apologize for lying to you, so leave this to me. You can go over and see that battle’s proceedings.”

“Eh? Really?”

“Un. This is the wish you spent half a year trying to fulfill. It’s not good if things end when you don’t know what’s going on, right?”

Such nice words. I decide to accept Hideyoshi’s good intentions.

“Thanks Hideyoshi. I’ll go over then!”

After thanking him, I turn to leave the scene.

“Uh oh~ it’ll be our turn to return to the old school building then, Yuuko.”

“Aiko! Don’t give up, keep hanging on until the end!”

There’s such a conversation going on in the C classroom behind me.

I do feel sorry for those two, but I do feel that Kinoshita-san and Kudou-san’s conversation is somewhat weird.

A class, Kirishima Shouko, Health Education 351 points


F class, Tsuchiya Kouta, Health Education 803 points.

I step into A class, and Kirishima-san and Muttsurini have called out their summoned beasts.

Kirishima-san is the top in our year, but Muttsurini has a score of more than twice of hers that he should be proud of. It’s not because Kirishima-san’s weak…but she met the wrong opponent. Muttsurini has an advantage in both battle experience and points, so it’s impossible for him to lose.


Muttsurini lets his summoned beast use its unique ability, and it closes in on its target at near vanishing speed.

After an instant, Muttsurini’s summoned beast will definitely walk away victorious.

At this moment,

“Principal-sensei, if you please?”

“I get it. Really…those damned brats will be making a ruckus again…”

—Poof. Kirishima-san’s summoned beast vanishes without a trace.

At that moment, I wonder whether the difference between Kirishima-san and Muttsurini was so great that I couldn’t see the battle.

However, it doesn’t seem to be the case.


The proof is that Kirishima-san and Muttsurini are looking surprised as they look around.

I look around the noisy surroundings, and found something weird.

“The summoned beasts…disappeared…”

Besides Kirishima-san and Muttsurini, even the other fighting summoned beats disappeared.

“What happened? What’s going on now?”

“What did F class do?”

“Is this A class’ strategy?”

Both friend and foe are all puzzled. Looks like the reason the summoned beasts disappeared isn’t because of either us or A class.

Is this a system malfunction? if that’s the case, what will be the outcome of this? Will we have to fight again? But we forced A class to this state!

There’s some buzzing in the classroom.

In this situation,

“Please excuse us.”

The elegant voice interrupts us. This voice is…


“Are you well today? Yoshii Akihisa-kun?”

For some reason, Takashiro-sempai, who should have nothing to do with this war, walks into A classroom. Even the principal, Linne-kun, Kogure-sempai and the Toko-Natsu pair walk in.

Eh? What’s with this combination? What’s the exact situation now?

“Everyone in class 2-A and 2-F, I’m really sorry to interrupt your ongoing war at this moment. Actually, there is a message I want to pass to everyone, so I have to do this.”

Takashiro-sempai puts his hand on his chest, and bows to us.

Then, he lifts his head, and says something utterly unbelievable.

“We, the 3rd years of Fumitzuki Gakuen, challenge the 2nd years to a summoning war.”


Every second year student present is giving a speechless expression.

What does this mean? What’s Takashiro-sempai talking about here?

“We request for the facilities and classrooms for classes 2-A, B and C. If we win this summoning war, you have to hand them over to the 3rd years.”

Takashiro-sempai continues to explain while we still don’t understand the situation.

Handing over classes A, B and C means—

“Then, where will us second years be studying?”

“You’ll be moving to the second and third years’ D, E and F classrooms.”

Takashiro-sempai simply says so, but we have to spent several seconds understanding the meaning behind this.

As we slowly understood this line, and once our minds processed through this,


Angry roars echo throughout.




It seems the roars were all from F class, but there are some in A class that are going ‘such a joke’ or ‘that’s too much’.

As for those sempais we’re familiar with, they shout out loudly, not losing to our side.



They appeared, the Toko-Natsu pair. These two are still a bunch of hoodlums.

“Tsunemura-kun, Natsukawa-kun, please rein down your tone. Same goes for you too, second years. As for the details, I’d like to ask the principal to explain it to everyone.”

“Seriously…how troublesome…”

On seeing that the conversation has been diverted to herself, the principal frowns slightly as she takes a step forward.

“You may find this rather abrupt, but we already had this proposal a long time ago.”

“This proposal means…”

“It’s a battle where the entire school, all the students will be fighting regardless of year, with the class facilities on the line.”

In other words, the third year C class can challenge the 2nd year B class, or something like that, is it?

“Did the 3rd years propose this?”

“No, that’s not it. The 3rd years only voiced their agreement. The proposal was raised by external parties.”

“The school I used to stay in before said that they will want to do this if they integrate the test summoning system.”

Linne-kun pokes his face out as he says this. The school he used to stay in? Integrate the summoning system?

“Ah…don’t tell me it’s that piece of paper you dropped during lunch break, Linne-kun?”

“Hm? Did you see it, Akihisa? That’s the one. What’s on that paper were things the school I used to stay at ‘hoped Fumitzuki Gakuen’ would try.”

Then, the thing Linne-kun was talking during the 3rd years meeting was the summoning war that’s going to include the entire school year, is it?

“Besides, this is what I wanted to give to you, Akihisa. Sorry for handing it to you so late.”

Linne-kun takes out a few pieces for paper and stuffs them into my pocket. I’m grateful for this, but right now, I don’t have the will to be concerned about this.

“Oi oi…what’s going on?”

“The principal and the seniors…what exactly is going on?”

A little later, Yuuji walks into the classroom too. It seems that Kubo-kun is here with him too.

“The seniors are here to congratulate us on our victory—I suppose not, is it?”

After seeing everyone present, Yuuji narrows his eyes and says,

“Damned old granny, what’s the situation now?”

“Humph, if you want me to explain, change your tone first, damned brat.”

“Oi, Akihisa. Just tell me briefly what just happened in a single sentence.”

“‘Impossibly amazing! The old demon hag appeared in the summoning war’.”

“Sorry, I can’t understand anything else when you say this other than that the damned old granny principal appeared.”

“My name never even appeared once here!”

It’s really hard to explain this with one line.

“Sakamoto Yuuji-kun. It is I who requested the principal-sensei to accompany me here.”


Yuuji looks back and forth at Takashiro-sempai and the principal. Did that principal actually agree to a student’s request like that? What kind of relationship do these two have?

I start to rack my brains to clear this situation that’s definitely impossible. The only possibility I can think of is—

“I see, so you’re pregnant…?”

“I’ll kill you, you damned brat.”

I see. So that’s why the principal would appear together with Takashiro-sempai.

“Old granny, I understand your relationship now. I don’t intend to interfere, but go somewhere else where you can do whatever you want.”


“I’m sorry, principal-sensei. As you know, I intend to study at the university over there, so even if I do have your feelings in my heart, I’ll feel bothered by it.”


“(Grinning) It means I’m mistaken?”


Ah, does Takashiro-sempai still believes in the lie I said at noon? For some reason, I feel like I did a little bad thing.

“Well, leaving aside this romance the hag has been waiting for for half a century, what actually happened here, Akihisa? Did we win the summoning war?”

“Eh, well…”

“…The summoned beasts disappeared. We can’t decide the winner.”

Muttsurini, who was facing off against Kirishima-san before, walks over. So the summoned beasts disappeared not because the teacher removed the summoning field because there’s a winner between the two classes, but because of other reasons?

“You say we can’t determine the winner? Did something happen to the system again?”

Yuuji’s expression changed the moment he heard Muttsurini’s explanation.

“Relax, damned brat, the system’s fine.”

The principal turns to us and says this, perhaps because she doesn’t like hearing that the system’s not working.

“Not because the system is faulty? Then why did the summoned beasts disappear, damned old granny?”

“Because I switched off the system.”

In response to Yuuji’s question, the principal says this without any signs of remorse.

Switching off the system. This may sound easy, but it’s really unbelievable to us. We finally managed to earn victory in the end after working so hard, yet it disappeared like dew at the last second. If this situation isn’t handled properly, it will create an uprising.

Even though she already said this…

“Really? What’s your reason for doing so then?”

Yuuji still asks the principal in a rather calm manner.

“If we’re going to have a test summoning war between years, it’ll become a grand scale battle that’s never seen before. I switched off the system for adjustments.”

“Grand scale battle? Sounds interesting, but there shouldn’t be such an urgent need to carry out adjustments, right?”

“That’s right. There’s no need to be so hasty with the adjustments. But if you win, the facilities will be switched, and if there is a swap of facilities during the war between the school years, that would be troublesome, wouldn’t it? That’s why I interfered with your war before you guys won.”

“I see, this thinking is rather logical.”

“As the principal of this school, this is to be expected.”

“No no no, there’s no need to be so humble. This is really impressive.”

The principal and Yuuji happily exchange words that I don’t understand. Eh…that’s weird. No matter what I think about this, I feel that our long-awaited wish was prevented by the principal. Isn’t that the case? Did I miss something out here?

Both of them ignore me as I continue pondering as they continue to talk,

“Speaking of which, Sakamoto, you’ve become a lot sensible.”

“Oho, it’s an honor to be praised by you like that, principal.”

“I thought someone like you would be grumbling non-stop.”

“No no no. I’m not that immature. At least I know what’s right and what’s wrong.”

Yuuji smiles as he uses his eyes to give me a message. Eh…what what?

immediately, prepare, 4 dozen, bats with nails on.


“I’m sorry. To be honest, I always thought you were a hopeless idiot.”

“Hahaha, humans are creatures that grow.”

On closer inspection, I see that Yuuji’s eyes aren’t smiling at all. That guy…is for real. He really wants to kill the principal.

“Un? What is it, Yoshii? Why are you staring at me? Do you have something to say?”

The principal notices me while I’m watching these developments as she asks me.

Well…as for what I want to say to the principal…

“Hideyoshi, go prepare a shovel. The land at the back of the hill is rather hard.”

“Ca, calm down, Yuuji. You’re showing a scary expression I’ve never seen before here!”

The conversation that reaches my ears is between Yuuji, who has his back facing the principal, and Hideyoshi, who’s terrified by this atmosphere. Looks like things have gone to such an extent that he wants to finish off business.

“Yoshii, if you have something to say, just say it. I hate beating around the bush here.”

“…Principal. There’re a lot of pretty red leaves on the back of the mountain during this season. I hope you won’t feel lonely, so please enjoy your last trip.”

“Hm? Why are you saying such things?”

Even if she doesn’t know, she’ll understand the meaning of my words later.

“Takashiro-kun, your lover is in trouble. You should take her away as far as possible.”

“Lover, you say? There’s no such person around.”

“I’m referring to the principal. Isn’t she your lover?”

“Oh really? It’s really rare for you to joke around like this, my lady.”

“Do you feel that this is a joke?”

“Please say that this is a joke, okay?”

“My apologies. I’m really bad at lying.”


“Takashiro-kun, even if you hand your wallet over to me, the fact won’t change.”

“Alright, you guys. Have everyone gotten their bats and shovels?”


“Sorry to make everyone do manual labor after a war. Please work hard!”


The situation is A classroom is getting more and more chaotic. Yuuji’s expression is becoming abnormal, and my mind’s a mess as I don’t know what’s going on. Hm…what should I do here?

Alright, anyway—

“Takashiro-sempai, can you please take the principal away from here?”

“Oh my, Yoshii Akihisa-kun. I didn’t expect you to think of hiding the principal from your viewpoint.”

“Yes. Once the carpet is covered in blood, it will be very hard to remove the stains.”

“I see, this thinking is rather logical.”

“Can both of you please hold on? Compared to that situation, can you please explain that there’s really nothing between the principal and me besides a teacher-student relationship?”

“Hold it right there, Takashiro. Did you just describe my life with ‘that situation’?”

Damn it. It looks like we’re going out of person.

I really lost hope for someone to properly explain the current situation. At this moment,

“We, well…what’s with this commotion? The result of our summoning war is—”

Himeji-san finally arrives in the classroom, being a lot later than everyone else.

“Miss…Himeji Mizuki…”

After seeing Himeji-san, Takashiro-sempai mutters happily.

“Eh? Ta, Takashiro-sempai? Why are you here?”

However, Himeji-san’s response is an expression full of doubt as she blinks.

“I understand, Yoshii Akihisa-kun, Miss Kogure. Since you two say so, I’ll use this to prove who my lover really is.”

After saying these ridiculous words, Takashiro-sempai walks right at Himeji-san.

My mind immediately sounds the alarm. It’s saying that Takashiro-sempai is dangerous right now.

“Miss Himeji Mizuki. Is it convenient for you now?”

“??? Ye, yes. May I know what’s the matter?”

Takashiro-sempai walks towards Himeji-san, and then reaches his hand out to her face. NOT GOOD!!!



I hurriedly pushed Himeji-san away—

BTS vol 10 249.jpg



To me, this act brought about the greatest tragedy in my entire life.

Author Notes[edit]

I am grateful to everyone for purchasing this book. I am the author in charge of this light novel, Inoue Kenji.

With this volume’s release, the main series has finally reached the milestone of 10 volumes. This kind of idiotic story could be continued due to everyone’s kind support. I know what I want to say next had become customary words I would use in every single volume, but I do earnestly want to thank every single individual.

Then, even if I try to eloquently write a whole bunch of acknowledgements, it will look rather difficult, so I will find a topic to write about like usual.

This time, what I want to talk about is a crucial existence that mustn’t be ignored when a series like Baka Test is printed, the editor-in-charge.

The editor-in-charge’s job, to put it simply, is to ‘create the book’.

For the case of Baka Test, once I finish every chapter, I hand it over to the corrector, Haga-san will do the illustrations, the designers will design every cover, and the editor-in-charge will compile them all into a book.

Saying this alone might make it sound really easy, but the work of editing alone is already difficult.

He will get stomachaches while being harassed by the dates, get stomachaches due to lackluster quality of the work, and get stomachaches if there are many parts that need to be corrected. Also, he has to supervise the work’s adaptations into anime and manga, think of ways to create adverts, and help in all sorts of activities. He has work piled up like a mountain.

However, even with such a stressful workload, when there is a block when it comes to the story, or if the author lack themes, the editor-in-charge still has to give suggestions.

A while back, the editor-in-charge earnestly listened to my difficulties.

Inoue Kenji : “Hello?”

Editor-in-charge: “Hello, Inoue-kun? You don’t seem energetic at all. What happened?”

Inoue Kenji : “Yes…actually, I can’t think of any good themes recently….”

Editor-in-charge: “Is that so? That’ll be troublesome…”

After hearing my troubles, the editor-in-charge tries his best to think and settle this problem.

At this moment, the editor-in-charge provides a suggestion to save me.

Editor-in-charge: “Alright, let’s go to an okama bar then.”

—What is this person talking about exactly?

I could not comprehend what he said at all, and my mind went blank.

However, compared to the infamous me who writes badly, the editor-in-charge is a superman who worked on this job for many years. If I can compile the conversation and calmly think through this, I will definitely be able to understand the meaning behind these words.

Q: I can’t write anything interesting. What should I do?

A: Go drinking at an okama’s bar.

I do not understand…! I do not understand at all, editor-in-charge-san…!

This is like asking ‘what day is it today?’ and getting an incongruent response of ‘prawn tempura’. What exactly is going on? For some reason, I feel that there is a problem of whether the conversation is valid before we even talk about suggestions here.

I snarked back regarding the content, and the editor-in-charge laughs as he says,

Editor-in-charge: “Ahaha. That’s not it. I’m saying that we go to the bar to ask people about what they like and dislike about the characters in Baka Test. This might bring about some inspirating in you.”

I see, so that is how it is.

The editor-in-charge’s suggestion is really interesting. If we go by a normal popularity vote, Hideyoshi will definitely get first in an overwhelming manner, but I will not know what kind of outcome there will be if we see things from a different viewpoint.

Because of this, the editor-in-charge and I brought the character illustrations into the bar to get information. As for the outcome…I am sorry, but I cannot show it to everyone due to a limit of pages. Some of them even know of this light novel series Baka Test, so there were quite a few interesting results. I am really grateful to the people who provided assistance, so allow me to use this chance to thank these people.

But it seems like every time when I write the afterwords, I feel that there is not enough pages. I have not said anything at all, but why does this always happen?

Then, please allow me to get to the customary thanks.

Haga-san in charge of the illustration, I was really shocked to see Takashiro being such a bishounen. He looks so cool, but is completely naïve and useless. Is this really good?

K-sama in charge of editing. I used you for material during the previous pages, so it might not be convincing to say this now, but I am really grateful for the suggestions you provided, the time you took to edit the script, and other things you did for you. I really feel fortunate to have you as my editor.

To the designer Kagaya-san, thank you for often drawing pretty pictures. Please take care of me in the future too.

To all involved in the production of the anime and manga, the bad parts I could not illustrate properly when I wrote this work was presented in easy to understand and interesting ways, and it really moves me. I am really sorry for not being able to provide much assistance.

And to all the readers! Before I know it, this story has become a long-runner series. I am really happy that everyone can accompany me till now. I have read the letters and fancards everyone sent over. I will continue to work hard in the future, so please take care of me.

Finally, I will make a simple synopsis.

The main story is left with the final event. The direction of the story in the next volume is still unconfirmed, but if everyone can continue supporting, I will be very glad.

Then, I hope to continue meeting everyone on the stage of Baka Test.

BTS vol 10 255.jpg


  1. Translation done by KF. Text originated from first paragraph of Imakagami, and apparently…used for an actual test question in 1993.
  2. If it weren’t obvious, Minami didn’t answer the question
  3. If you don’t know, there’s something called Super Sentai in Japanese that was the predecessor to Power Rangers. Yuuji’s making a pun out of it by calling Akihisa a hentai, which means ‘pervert’. He is also using a different kanji for "transform", one that reads "hentai" instead of "henshin"
  4. Keeping it for the lulz
  5. Bowling term, basically, three consecutive strikes
  6. Hint, it’s German…oh who am I kidding here…it’s German for Diary…you can guess where this is heading…
  7. To drive the point home, the text used is 参考書, which means ‘reference book’, and not textbook as some of you may be wondering. So yeah, this is to drive home the point that Akihisa’s an idiot. Why would you go borrow someone else’s notes…?
  8. Sweden. Keeping the original text given in the story, but Swedish here should be ‘svenska’
  9. 聖徳太子. Prince Shoutoku
  10. To China
  11. It’s in katakana to signify broken Japanese. Make a guess who it is
  12. Supposed to be pronounced as eπ. Sounds like ippai, which means many
  13. Oπ sounds like oppai, which means breasts