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Novel Illustrations[edit]

These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume 8.



“...I'm very happy about the hotpot tonight.”

“Really? It's great that you would feel this way. Ah, no time to hang out. Got to hurry back home. It's late now.”

“...Yuuji, wait.”

“What? Did you forget something?”


“Then what is it? I don't have time to stand here and chit-chat—”

“...I...don't want to go back home today.”

“Heh? What did you say?”

“...I...don't want to go back home today...”

“...Are you serious, Shouko?”

“...Really serious.”

“...I see. So you don't want to go home today...”

“...(Nods head).”

“In that case...”


“My house's over there. I'll make a move first.”

“...Even this kind and gentle me can't forgive that.”


“...Yuuji lacks awareness as a husband.”

“Awareness as a husband? I've never been someone's husband. Forget about being self-aware!”

“...Looks like I have to educate Yuuji properly.”

“ACK ACK ACK ACK...e, educate? What nonsense are you spouting? You're the one who needs education more than I do.”

“...That's why I feel that we should live together.”

“That's too different, about 540 degrees from the topic just now.”

“...This is for the kids' sake.”


“...Daddy's so cold-hearted, Shouyu.”


“...Then we'll stay together in Yuuji's room tonight and think of a good name for our child.”


“...That's because Yuuji's not good with modern language.”


“...Yuuji's so cold-hearted.”

“Nope, I'm even thinking that I'm kind enough to continue with this ridiculously stupid topic...oh yeah. Why must you come over with me? Did something happen in your house?”

“...No, nothing happened in my house.”

“Then why—”

“...The kiss back then made me pregnant, so I want to continue to the next step with Yuuji.”


“...Calm down, Yuuji. Your language's really terrible.”



“You...what's with that 'this idiot still doesn't understand anything' sigh!”

“...Since Yuuji really doesn't understand, I'll graciously tell you this.”

“Really~? Then say it.”

“...There's something called 'false pregnancy' in this world.”



“Oi, what's with that silence?”

“...So we have to live together to make this a reality...”

“Wait, Shouko! Let's talk it through first.”

“...The name of the child?”

“No, that's not it. It's about your admission to a hospital.”

“...I'm so happy.”

“Th, this person is thinking that she's about to be admitted into a gynaecology hospital...”

“...Then we should live together.”

“Didn't I say we can't?”


“No buts!”

“...But Yuuji, you said that you would be my boyfriend during the summoning war in the first semester.”

“Uu...ev, even so, one at a time, that has nothing to do with living together!”

“...That's not true. Yuuji's my boyfriend.”

“What nonsense are you saying? Do you see any high school students staying together?”

“...So you're willing to stay with me if there are high school students staying together?”

“Ah, okay okay. But it must be within our domain, students from Fumitzuki Gakuen.”

“...I understand. I'll work hard to find them.”

“Okay okay, whatever, but I guess we can't possibly have such people in school.”

BTS vol 08 009.jpg

The First Question[edit]

Question: Please read through the following passage and fill in the correct English phrase in the blank.

He is a very diligent student. However, he submitted the answer sheet without filling in anything in the examinations. The classmates who have seen it said:_________

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

“Why did he do such a thing?”

Teacher's comment:

That's correct. The front and back parts meant that 'he was a very diligent student, but handed in a blank script. On seeing that he handed in a blank script, everyone in class couldn't help but ask “why did he do such a thing?”'

BTS vol 08 011.jpg

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:


Teacher's comment:

Why is it that such a passage seems like it's worth celebrating over?

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

“Oh...let's party...”

Teacher's comment:

It's not something that can be brought over with just a little disappointment!

Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp. The sound of the birds flying outside could be heard.

I probably forgot to close the window blinds, didn't I? As the morning sunlight shone into the room, my body prompted me to wake up while ignoring the fact that my consciousness was still drowsy, trying to sleep.

“Well, Akihisa-kun...”

As the birds continued to chirp on, I heard that delightfully cute voice that rang like a bell. It felt like I was right in between reality and dreamland, but my blurry sense of realism was intertwined with the unrealistic feeling of dreamland. Thus, I accepted Himeji-san's voice without thinking even though she couldn't possibly be here now.

“Un...Himeji-san, just let me sleep a little longer...”

“Eh? Ah, you're right. It's Sunday, so you want to sleep a little longer.”

She would even answer the dreamy sleeptalk of mine seriously.

“I always wanted to see Akihisa-kun's sleeping face...”

As expected of Himeji-san, she's really gentle.

“But you said many times 'I want to get up and make breakfast, so you must remember to wake me up'...Akihisa-kun, hurry up and wake it. It's morning already.”

Himeji-san looked somewhat worried as she shook my head.

This was supposed to be an action to get me out of bed, but to me, it felt like I was being shaken in a cradle, as it felt really comfy.

“Uu, let me sleep for another 3 light years.”

“Uu...what should I do now...Akihisa-kun hasn't woken up yet, and even mistook light years as a unit for time instead of distance...well, Akihisa-kun, if you don't wake up—”

“—I'll be with you and continue kissing you for the rest of my life.”


Immediately awake, I tilted my head and used both hands to cover my face tightly, not showing any opening. I also exerted some force into my feet so that I could run away whenever I needed to. Is this a dream? Or is it a brand new way of waking people up? But what's with that emergency before!

Right in front of me, who's in a defensive stance—

“Really, who are you calling evil?”

Nee-san stared at me coldly.

“What in the world did you say you want to do to me? Say it again then!!”

I asked my sister, who narrowed her eyes and looked like she wasn't involved. It may be a little too much to call her evil, but I feel that there's no need to correct that, right?

“After kissing Aki-kun, I'll take away Aki-kun's freedom and make you do shameful acts, and after taking photos, I'll use them to blackmail you for the rest of your life. That's all.”

“Forget about an evil presence, you're basically a criminal!”

I'd like to take back my words. That's not some evil presence. It's more accurate to call it 'criminal'.

“Well...Akihisa-kun, good morning.”

“Ah, good morning, Himeji-san.”

A cheery morning greeting came from beside me. It was the first time up till now that I turned to look at Himeji-san.

Basking under the morning sun, her soft long hair seemed to be dazzling brightly. The long skirt matched the wool underwear under her, and she was twice as bewitching with that charm of her happy smile. She's actually in my house, and I could see such a cute profile that would cure my heart. Such Hold on a minute!




Why are you here—I hurriedly swallowed those words before I said it out loud. I now remembered that Himeji-san's staying at my house for the time being. Himeji-san's already so cautious. If I said such things to her, she'd be really insecure. That was really dangerous. I have to be careful.

“Hm? Akihisa-kun, what's wrong?”

“Ah, it's nothing, nothing at all. That's right. Did you sleep well last night?”

Himeji-san tilted her head in a confused manner after seeing me stop midway in my sentence, and I hurriedly changed the topic to get past it.

“Yes, I had a good dream!”

The topic that was just raised caused Himeji-san to reveal a sweet smile. I seemed to be able to feel her happiness. I was worried that she wouldn't be able to sleep in a place she's not used to, so it's great that she could sleep well.

“Hehe, that's great.”

“That's really a great dream. It was so cute that I want to witness it myself in real life.” it something related to small animals like kittens and puppies?


“Eh...Akihisa-kun, you're willing to help me fulfill this dream?”

“Nn, if it's really cute, I'll definitely want to help out.”

“Yes! It's really cute! If Akihisa-kun's willing to help out, I think I can see it immediately!”

“I don't really know what's going on, but I'm looking forward to it too.”

“I understand! I'll call you again once the clothing's done!”

Clothing? What's the situation? But since Himeji-san said so, I think I should be able to see the cute thing she said.

“I see. So that's how Aki-kun digs his own grave.”

“Hm? Nee-san, what did you say?”

“Nothing. It's not really something bad to me. You don't have to worry about it.”


What's going on? I suddenly had a chill on my back.

“Anyway, I'll go wash my face then.”

Forget about nee-san. Since Himeji-san's here in my house, I can't possibly show them such a sleepy expression. Better wash my face to keep myself awake.

Leaving behind nee-san and Himeji-san at the bed, I was ready to leave my room and head to the basin. At this moment, I randomly overheard Himeji-san and nee-san talking to each other.

“Speaking of which, Mizuki-chan. That was really a dangerous thing you just did. How can a girl of this age enter a guy's room like that?”

“Eh? It's dangerous? I guess there shouldn't be anything to worry about if it's Akihisa-kun.”

“No no no. Read this book yourself. If you're not careful, that Aki-kun will do something heavens forbid to Mizuki-chan!”


I hurriedly returned to my room and found Himeji-san blushing as she couldn't turn her eyes away from my reference books (ero-books), and I ended up wasting time dealing with my sister who was ready to punish me.

But speaking of which, those two, who had to walk out reluctantly as I was changing, may be living in another world with different common sense...

“And now, for another news report. We will now provide you the latest reports from our local correspondent, reporter Nakanishi, on the large-scale strike that happened in the foreign international airport. Nakanishi-san. Are there any new developments about the strike?”

“Yes, this is Nakanishi. After the sudden airport strike yesterday, it appeared that there was still a large divide between the worker union and the finance union, and there's no sign of any improvements soon. Many tourists could only stay in the hotels near the airports until they start operations again, but many of them were already fully booked, and some tourists could only stay there—”

Fried salmon, omelette, miso soup and rice. Beside the table of extremely ordinary breakfast, the reporter's voice continued to echo.

“Looks like the planes can't fly for the time being.”

Nee-san, who was removing the bones of the salmon with her chopsticks, said.

“Looks that's great if papa and mama comes back sooner...”

On the other side, Himeji-san looked worried as she put her chopsticks down and stared at the screen.

Why is Himeji-san eating breakfast at our house? The answer's simple. Himeji-san's parents aren't at home, so nee-san invited her to stay at our house for the time being as she was worried about what would happen when a girl stays at home alone.

Himeji-san's parents seemed to have attended a friend's wedding, and ended up in the midst of the airport strike just when they were about to head home. As the plane couldn't take off, Himeji-san's parents couldn't go back. Himeji-san knew of this news after the hotpot party at my house ended. Thus, she ended up staying at our house for the time being.

“You must be worried that they couldn't come back, right?”


Himeji-san nodded her head in a somewhat dejected manner. Even though Himeji-san's mother seemed to have said that they would sightsee for a few days until the airport started operating again since the planes couldn't fly, this situation was really worrying.

“—I hope that mama wouldn't enjoy herself too much and say that she doesn't want to come back to Japan...”

Eh? Is Himeji-san worried about that?

“But it's good that they're in a place with rather good security. At least they won't feel bored staying there.”

“That's really this situation, it's better to wait at the airport or hotel for the airport to resume operations...”

“Ahaha, it's better than being all worried. Actually, I really like this trait of Himeji-san's mother.”


In this situation, it couldn't be helped if she's so worried, but since an accident happened, it's better to do something to make oneself happy. I really like such straightforward and optimistic thinking.

“We, well, Akihisa-kun...”

“Hm? What is it?”

“A lot of people said that I'm like mama...”

“Heh~I see. Your mother must be really kind and courteous, right?”

“Yes, that's right. I expected Akihisa-kun to have such a response.”

Himeji-san looked at me as she started smiling...even though I say this, for some reason, I just felt that her smile wasn't shown in her eyes.

“Oh yeah, Himeji-san, what do you want to do today? Do you have any plans for today?”

“No, I don't really have any plans. What about you, Akihisa-kun?”

“Me? Of course I'm going to play games for the whole day—”

“Nee-san's lips suddenly feel so lonely.”

“—Not. I want to clean the house up and wash clothes too! It's rare to get good weather like this anyway!”

On seeing nee-san narrow her eyes, I hurriedly took back my words.

But the weather's really good today. Since Himeji-san's here as well, it seems to be a good choice to clean the house. If there's too much dust in the house, Himeji-san may not feel well again. Also, I have some things I really want to hide.

“Are you cleaning? Please let me help.”

“Hm? No, there's no need to worry about it. You can take a break, Himeji-san.”

“If not, I'll handle today's lunch...”

“Himeji-san will be in charge of the living room then, I'll clean the corridor and my room.”

“Eh? Ah, okay, I understand.”

Phew...that was nearly a big one.

It's better to let Himeji-san focus on cleaning instead of letting her be in charge of lunch. It's best if she can be so busy that she can't worry about food.

“Nee-san will be in charge of lunch then.”


Although it's not as lethal as Himeji-san's cooking, nee-san's cooking can't be underestimated too.

“Can you two please leave the cooking to me? Nee-san's been busy at work recently too, right? Shouldn't you focus on your work instead of cooking?”

“Aki-kun, it's pointless to bluff me with such a reason. Nee-san's understands that Aki-kun won't allow nee-san into the kitchen.”

Nee-san looked at me unhappily.

Right, I got it. Since she said that, I'll ask a simple question.

“Then, nee-san, do you know how to wash rice?”

“...Aki-kun, are you treating nee-san as an idiot?”

The last time I asked nee-san to wash vegetables, she actually took out cleaning agent! Who'll dare believe that?

“Really. And you were wondering why there's a need to have a whetstone in a kitchen...”


Even though it was said to be 'a whetstone that would make it shine', it's not something suited to wash rice!

“Akira-san, that won't do. If you want to wash rice, you should use 'clean'—HACCHOO!!”


A cleanser's supposed to be used for cleaning utensils like plates! It can't, can't be used for washing rice!

This isn't good. There'll definitely be a huge tragedy if I let these two people into the kitchen...

“Anyway, let's start cleaning! I'll be in charge of lunch there!”

I used a somewhat forceful tone to say that.

“Really, Aki-kun. Since Aki-kun wants to cook for us like a little maid, nee-san should just endure it.”

“That's right. It can't be helped then.”

“Ahh, damn it! Aren't these two supposed to be really smart?”

I really felt that school exams should have an additional test subject called 'common sense'.

“Alright. I said that I wanted to clean up...but what should I do?”

I looked around my own room and muttered to myself. Recently, because I've been living with nee-san, my room's more or less tidied up. Since there's no need to tidy up, I should just get the vacuum cleaner to clean the floor and wipe the table.

I took the cloth to wipe the window sills and the book shelf a few times. Uwah, to think it they're rather dirty. Looks like I have to be more serious in cleaning.

Since I have already started cleaning, I arranged the stuff on the book shelf and under the bed, and then took out the vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust that accumulated in the covert places before wiping the surface clean. After seeing my own room being gradually tidy, I just started to feel happy.

Just when I was dealing with the unexpected cleaning.

Dok dok dok.


A soft knocking on the door could be heard. On hearing this voice, I guess that it should be Himeji-san, right?

“Hm? What is it?”

I stopped and turned around. As expected, I saw her standing at the door. The door was open, and yet she knocked the door. That's really what the serious Himeji-san would do.

“It's rare to have such a nice day, so I want to take the blankets out. Can I borrow yours for a moment?”

Himeji-san said as she reached her hand out for that blanket on my bed.

“That's a good idea. A blanket that's basked in the sun should be rather comfy.”

I don't understand why, but a blanket that's basked under the sun would feel comfy. It's really a good idea to do so.

“I can smell the sun like that when I sleep.”

“That smell really makes me calm. It'll be all the more sweeter when I sleep~”

Thinking about it, I couldn't help but look forward to my sleep tonight.

“Then, I'll take the blanket over.”

“No need. A blanket's nothing really heavy. I can take it over now. Heh~!”

“Thank you, Himeji-san.”

“Ah, there's no need. This is nothing much. I'll take it and wash it too~”

Himeji-san carried the blanket and stuttered out of the room.

Orderly when cleaning and quick when doing things. Himeji-san will definitely become a great wife...if her husband can really cook.

“Okay, then...”

I look around the room, and then thought that I should clear the drawers.

And thus, I continued to clean the room.

BTS vol 08 025.jpg

After washing the pail and the cleaning cloth, I wanted to use this time to head to the balcony outside—



In the end, I found Himeji-san burying her face into the blanket that was just taken out of my room.



She screamed out, shocking me when I was the one who wanted to gain her attention. Eh? What just happened? Did I do something I shouldn't have done?


Himeji-san frantically shook her hands as she tried to deny something in a flustered Was Himeji-san...secretly crying just now?

“Tha, that, Akihisa-kun! It's not what you thinking! I didn't use that excuse of borrow your blanket to hang it on the balcony. It, it's just that I accidentally—”

Is that so...Well, Himeji-san may look strong on the outside, but even after knowing that her parents shouldn't be in any danger as they're in a country with rather good security, it couldn't change the fact that her parents couldn't come back. She must be feeling anxious now, right? To be holding back her tears while hiding it behind out backs...

“Well, Himeji-san...”

“Ye, yes!”

“If you're willing, from tonight onwards...maybe you can sleep together with m—”

“Eh? EHHH! Wh, why are you saying this out of a sudden? We're living together, but being like this right from the start...well...I feel that it's a little daring!”

“—My sister.”

“Eh...Akihisa-kun, what are you mistaken about this time...”

If she's not willing to show her embarrassing side in front of me, it should be alright for her to talk it out with nee-san, right? Don't look at nee-san's irresponsible demeanour like that, she's still an adult, so she should definitely be able to ease that uneasy feeling in Himeji-san.

“Aki-kun, what did you say about me?”

“Ah, nee-san.”

Nee-san just so happened to be look at us from the living room. I entered the house and lowered my volume to explain to her what happened.

“Himeji-san's feeling uneasy now. If possible, can you sleep with her tonight, nee-san?”

Himeji-san slept alone in the guest room last night. Maybe she can calm down if someone's willing to sleep with her?

“I see, so that's how it is.”

Nee-san whispered back.

It's better not to talk about the reason now, right? If someone says 'let's sleep together since you look so lonely', I guess no one would answer 'I got it. I'll leave things to you then'.

“Mizuki-chan, how about you sleep with me tonight?”

“Ah, no...I don't really understand what's going on, but I guess Akihisa-kun must have been mistaken...”

“Mistaken...really? Like how?”

“'s...I actually...that, Akihisa-kun's...”

“To my?”


“To my blanket?”

“'s nothing...”


It seemed like Himeji-san wanted to change the topic and made up a reason but couldn't think of a suitable one. She really doesn't need to worry about that.

“Then you should be alright with sleeping with me on the same bed, right? Aki-kun wouldn't sleep with me now. Last time, he would be happy when he could sleep with nee-san...”

“I was completely unwilling, okay? Nee-san, you forced me to sleep with you!”

She twisted my joint to somewhere impossible until I lost consciousness! This can't be brought over with just a simple 'sleeping sweetly'!

“Besides, once you sleep with me, I can assure you that you will be safe from that despicable lust of Aki-kun.”

“Hold on! Don't say it as some despicable lust! If you have to describe it, you should overflow in abundance of youth—”

“—A lust to abuse housewives.”

“Or something like that...OI, THAT'S NOT IT!”

Overflowing in abundance of youth and a lust to abuse housewives? This expression would basically get me arrested by the cops!

“That's how it is, Mizuki-chan. To protect yourself, you're going to sleep with me in the same room.”

“Oh, okay...”

For some reason, it felt like my image was really belittled, but since I can let Himeji-san calm down slightly, I can only accept it silently.

“That's decided then. Nee-san, can you please move Himeji-san's blanket into your room? I think it's about time to start with lunch.”

“Got it.”

“Well, Akihisa-kun, if it's lunch, I think I...”

“No no no, it's alright you don't have to worry about it! Besides, don't you want to leave the blankets out in the sun, Himeji-san? I'll leave it to you then.”

I rebutted back without giving her a chance to response.

“Since you say so...”

Himeji-san looked really unhappy, but still nodded her head.

Alright, since I have to prepare lunch, let's prepare dinner too. I must take the first strike before Himeji-san wants to snatch the kitchen job.

The Second Question[edit]

Amongst the famous works of Shakespeare, please state the 4 great tragedies.

Himeji Mizuki's answer

“① Hamlet, ② King Lear, ③ Othello, ④ Macbeth.”

Teacher's comment.

Correct answer. Shakespeare had other famous works like 'Romeo and Juliet' and the 'Merchant of Venice', and these 4 are known as the '4 great tragedies'. Though Romeo and Juliet was the most widely known work, do remember that these are the 4 great tragedies.

Yoshii Akihisa's answer

“① Hamlet, ② King Lear, ③ Romeo and Juliet, ④ My dad's married life.”

BTS vol 08 031.jpg

Teacher's comment

How is your dad treated at home anyway!?

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer

“① Losing my wallet, ② Running out of film. ③ Dirt running into the eyes at the critical moment when a photo's about to be taken, ④ Broken Hard Disk.”

Teacher's comment.

If ④ really did happen, maybe sensei will be crying as well.

“Fuuwaa...why is it that I always feel like sleeping whenever it's morning...”

“You can't do that, Akihisa-kun. You have to sleep well at night or else you'll ruin your body.”

On Monday morning, Himeji-san and I were walking side by side with each other as we just so happened to talk about this.

“Even if you say that, that book was really too interesting, so I couldn't help but—fuuwaa~”

“Really...Akihisa-kun, your necktie's crooked.”

“Eh? Really?”

I moved my necktie a little bit. It should be alright now, right?”

“Ah, now the collar is undone...can you please turn around and face me?”

“Ahh, there's no real need to be concerned about it.”

“No. If you can't even wear your shirt properly, Nishimura-sensei's going to be angry with you.”

After saying that, Himeji-san turned around to face me and reached her hands out to adjust my necktie and shirt. Uu, uuu...why do I feel a little shy...






“Himeji-san, do you hear me?”

“Eh? Ah, yes!”

“What's going on? You were stoned over there and blushing.”

“It, it's nothing. It's just...a little weird...”

Oh, so I'm not the only one shy about this. This action of adjusting the necktie looks no different from husband and wife...

“Tha, that's right, Akihisa-kun. Did you bring your handkerchief?”

To change the mood, Himeji-san changed the topic. Let’s see, handkerchief, handkerchief…

“Ah! Now that you said it, I forgot.”

I don’t remember putting my handkerchief into my bag. OR rather, I’ll normally forget about bringing it.

“In that case, please use mine.”

On hearing that I didn’t bring my handkerchief, Himeji-san immediately took out a handkerchief from her bag and passed it to me. Is she lending it to me?

“Ah, no need. It’s alright even if I don’t have it. Also, Himeji-san, if you lend it to me, you won’t have one to use, right?”

“It’s alright. I brought another handkerchief along too.”

Himeji-san said that as she took out the other handkerchief from her pocket. She’s really well-prepared.

“Uu, since Himeji-san says so…”

In that case, I’ll take this handkerchief according to her kind intentions. As I thought this, I reached my hand out for the handkerchief in her hand.

“Here, guys must not trivialize such minor things, or else you won’t be popular with girls—”

For some reason, Himeji-san went silent. She didn’t hand the handkerchief over to me, but held it tightly in her hands.


“…I guess…it’s alright not to have one!”


After saying that, Himeji-san hurriedly placed the handkerchief back into her pocket.

I really don’t understand what she meant by that, but on seeing that I can talk with Himeji-san in such a happy manner, I’m rather happy too.

—And up till now, these were all the only happy memories I had in the morning.

“From now on, we’ll start with the interrogation of the heretic Yoshii Akihisa.”

About 5 minutes after that, I was arrested by the FFF.

I was forcefully taken away from the puzzled Himeji-san, and my limbs were all tied up as I was mercilessly pushed onto the hard tatami of class 2-F’s floor.

“Yoshii Akihisa, do you have any last words?”

“I only met Himeji-san on the way to school! It’s not like I’m completely innocent…but I earnestly request to have my punishment reduced!!”


After hearing my explanation, the leader of the FFF seemed to ponder for a while. Even if the FFF would severely deal with any guy who interacts with girls, if I only met her coincidentally on my way to school, wouldn’t that be too heavy of a punishment? If they’re always jealous about this, it would never end! Don’t tell me that they were blinded by jealously because of such a trivial thing? I think they’ll send 5 members to pinch my arms with the thumb and middle fingers—

“—Then, 10 members shall deal flying kicks to Yoshii Akihisa.”

Seems like their jealousy’s more than what I could imagine!

“Wa, wait! Isn’t this punishment too heavy!? If you want to punish me, what will happen if something similar happens to you?”


The leader went silent again. He should be considering the possibility that ‘the same thing may happen to them’.

“Leader, I don’t think what the accused said is unreasonable.”

“We’re not merciless devil. For this level of action, I think we can just close an eye and forgive him.”

“Maybe one day, this lucky event of getting to walk to school with girls will happen to us too.”

“Also, I’ll be punished everyday if I’m being punished for ogling someone.”

The members rallied around me. It seemed that the ‘this thing may happen to you’ statement had some effect.

“In that case, we’ll specially reduce the punishment such that it’ll be a flick on the forehead by the leader.”

Just when I heaved a huge sigh of relief because of such a large reduction in punishment—

“Please wait a moment!”

Himeji-san panged as she rushed into the classroom. Hm? What’s going on? Did Himeji-san run over because she was worried about me?

“Akihisa-kun didn’t do anything wrong! I—”

Himeji-san blushed as she desperately tried to explain to everyone.

“—I forced him to come to school with me today!”

“20 members shall now carry out German Suplexes.”


What’s going on? What Himeji-san said changed my punishment from a flick on the forehead to German Suplexes, and the number went from 1 to 20! Such a drastic change is really hard to react to!

“Hi, Himeji-san, I’m grateful that you spoke up for me, but what you just said would only create an opposite effect…”

“But, it’s my selfish intention to adjust Akihisa-kun’s collar and let our hands touch each other! This has nothing to do with Akihisa-kun, it’s not Akihisa-kun’s fault at all…”





Damn it! These guys are already thinking about burying this immobilized me now! If I don’t hurry up and explain…that’s right! I just need to make them feel like this is nothing! I just need to explain to them that it’s something trivial in our everyday lives—

“Everyone, calm down! If you’re punishing me because of this, what about Yuuji? Don’t you often see him coming to school with Kirishima-san?”

“In that case, we shall punish Sakamoto Yuuji as well.”

Sorry Yuuji, it seemed that my words caused you to be punished too.

I was sending my apologies in my mind to that bad friend of mine with the wild presence as I clapped my hands together. At this moment, CRAK, the entrance door to the classroom was slid aside.

“Good morning~fuuwaa…I really feel like sleeping…”

Ahh, Yuuji, why did you have to turn up just at this moment?

“Hm? Akihisa? What’s up? You got captured by the FFF again? It’s been tough on you in the morning—OI, WHY ARE YOU GUYS SNEAKING BEHIND ME AND TWISTING MY ARMS!!?”

Yuuji, who looked sleepy as he came to school, was immediately grabbed on the waist from the back by the FFF members with their strong arms.

“Himeji-san, can you please turn over and look at me?”

“Eh? Ah, okay.”

I tried to gather Himeji-san’s gaze and concentration onto me.

From the corner of the classroom, Yuuji’s body flew in a beautiful arc in mid-air, and at the same time, ‘THOMP’, ‘THOMP’, ‘THOMP’, blunt sounds could be heard. That would be three times already…


17 times already?


As the heavy sound echoed for the 18th time, Ironman’s arrival finally calmed down this commotion. Ah, that was dangerous. Once Yuuji’s head takes another 2 hits, the next one would be me…

“Damn it, ending up with such dumb luck in the morning!”

After morning lessons ended, afternoon break finally started. Yuuji finally regained consciousness as he sat at the seat right in front of me with his bento there.

“Though it is the same as usual, seeing that so early in the morning really isn't good for the heart...”

The one who said that was the bishoujo girl carrying the bento—Hideyoshi as he walked over. He had smooth silky hair and wide puppy-like eyes. Hideyoshi himself was already very cute, but ever since second year started, I started to feel that Hideyoshi looked a lot tenderer. Is this so-called youth? Does Hideyoshi have someone he likes?

“…Other people’s happiness is the taste of poison. This is the tradition of the FFF.”

After that, the one who approached us silently after buying the rice ball from the convenience store was Tsuchiya Kouta, nicknamed ‘Muttsurini’. He’s a short and small classmate of mine who gives a silent vibe.

“That’s strange? Didn’t you take part in the execution this morning, Muttsurini?”

“…I went to investigate a few things.”

“To think that there are even executioners and accused amongst friends. Even I feel that this is way too weird…”

“Really? Isn’t there a saying that ‘yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend’?”

“I say…the way you guys switch between enemies and friends is way too intense.”

From my personal experience, we’re enemies about 90% of the time and 10% in critical danger.

“You guys are always repeating the same thing over and over again.”

“I thought that this would be a peaceful class when I came to second year…”

Minami swung her ponytail about as she walked over, and Himeji-san followed her from behind.

After moving a few short tables together, the six of us tucked in our lunches like usual. Such a scene is gradually becoming more common nowadays.

“Eh? Aki, you brought a bento today?”

As I opened my bento on the table, Minami asked me.

“It’s rare for Akihisa to bring his own bento.”

“Yeah, there were a lot of side dishes left yesterday.”

I accidentally cooked too much yesterday. Luckily, these were all dishes that can be eaten cold.

“Then let’s do ‘that’ again. Scissors, paper…”


Muttsurini showed scissors. Everyone else showed stone.


Muttsurini looked at his hand that showed scissors in a remorseful manner. It seemed that he was really bothered.

“It’s rare to see that we can decide the winner in one go. I want Oolong tea.”

“I’ll take green tea then.”

“I want lemon soda.”

“I want milk tea.”

“Excuse me, please help me get sugarless red tea.”

Everyone took out a 100 yen coin and handed it to Muttsurini.

“…I’ll get the drinks then.”

After collecting the money, Muttsurini ran off alone to the teamwork club to buy drinks for everyone. This punishment game of being a gofer is a common scene during lunch break.

“Ah~ I’m hungry.”

Yuuji opened the bento he brought, and everyone else opened their bentos on the table. It’s a basic rule not to wait for the gofer to come back before we start eating. If not, we will feel bothered and end up restraining ourselves.

“Akihisa, your bento looks rather good.”

“Yours too, Yuuji.”

It’s rare that Yuuji and I would each bring our own bentos as we couldn’t help but compare. Yuuji’s side dish is teriyaki pork…it looks good.

“Is that tuna…ginger fried tuna? Not bad…”

Yuuji’s voice came from beside. It seemed that he had already locked onto his target.

“Alright, Akihisa, let’s have an exchange.”

“Ok, what do you want, Yuuji?”

“I want that ginger fried tuna of yours. You?”

“I want that teriyaki pork of yours.”

“Okay, deal’s set.”

“Yeah. Here’s the ginger fried tuna.”

“Oh, your teriyaki pork.”

IN Cherry tomato stalk (dipped in teriyaki sauce)

OUT cabbage shreds (Ginger flavored)



Both of us grabbed each other on the collar. This guy’s really petty! Can’t he just let me win a little bit?

“Are you two kids…”

Seeing Yuuji and I tussle each other as we grabbed each other on the collars, Hideyoshi could only sigh in a somewhat reluctant manner.

“No, that’s not it, Hideyoshi. I’m already an adult, but Yuuji’s a despicable scumbag!”

“Hideyoshi, don’t compare me with Akihisa, will ya? That guy’s the only one with the brain of a primary school kid!”

““!”” (Widening our eyes and glaring at each other)

“You two are just like kids in situations like this…really, you guys…”

Hideyoshi sighed and then used his chopsticks—

“Well, isn’t this enough?”


Just when Yuuji and I were roaring at each other and holding each other off, Hideyoshi had already switched our dishes over.

“Of course, I want my share too.”

Hideyoshi said as he moved his chopsticks and swapped the deep-fried pork chop he brought over too. Now everyone’s dishes looked much more interesting and appetizing.

“Can’t be helped then. Since Hideyoshi said so, I’ll forgive you for today, damned Yuuji.”

“That’s my line!”

My hand released Yuuji’s collar and retracted back. Instead of doing such a stupid and meaningless thing, it’s more important to put the food into my stomach.

“Really…can’t you two just eat your own bentos quietly?”

“If someone would prepare a bento for me, of course I’ll just eat my own share.”

“There’s a lack of surprise when I prepare my own bento. It’s kinda lonely.”

“Then shouldn’t you guys just exchange your dishes in the first place…”

If Yuuji and I are to bring our own bentos, we’ll normally prepare our own dishes. It’s good that we can choose whatever dishes we like, but there will be no sense of expectation when we open the bento box, and that’s a little empty feeling.

On a side note, the option to exchange dishes quietly never existed in the first place. Because if that happened, we can’t increase our bento’s share. Don’t underestimate a high school guy’s stomach!

“Mizuki, what did you bring to exchange with everyone today?”

“Ah. In that case, then…let’s exchange a little…”

“Un. Then, here.”

“Here, please have some.”

Seeing our commotion, it seemed that the girls wanted to try it out too. Himeji-san and Minami wanted to try the fun of exchanging dishes as they handed their bento boxes over to each other. It’s a lot gentler when girls do the same thing, and this is quite a nice scene.

“Heh, you have quite the interesting side dish. Is this tuna…ginger-fried tuna?”


“Un? Ginger-fried tuna?”


I choked hard on my food.

DA, DAAAAAAMMMMNNNN IT! Speaking of which, I prepared Himeji-san’s bento too, so the dishes inside are completely similar to mine! Got to smoke this through somehow!

“Tha, that’s quite a coincidence, Himeji-san! Did your mom watch the ‘simple cooking’ program yesterday?”

The next second, I blurted out the excuse of watching the same TV program. Please, Himeji-san, please go along with what I said and end this topic right now!

“Eh? Akihisa-kun, have you forgotten? Today’s bento was prepared by yo—UU!”

“Himeji-san, let’s go somewhere else to talk first!”

She’s way too naïve!

I frantically covered Himeji-san’s mouth and moved to a corner of the classroom. I vaguely realized it a while back, but Himeji-san’s really slow-witted!

(You can’t tell them, Himeji-san! If you tell them the truth, wouldn’t they know that we’re living together?)

(Eh? We can’t tell everyone else that we’re living together?)

(No way! Absolutely not! We mustn’t let other people know about this!)

Whether it’s about Himeji-san’s reputation or my own life.

(Ah…that’s right. It’s really not good if the school knows that we’re living together.)

(That’s right, that’s right. It’s great that you can understand.)

(I got it. Then, this will be our little secret.)

Himeji-san clenched her small fist in front of her chest.

Now that I remember, I realized we have never talked about keeping the fact that we’re living together a secret. Even so…but she never really thought about it. It seems that Himeji-san’s really a little weird. She said that she’s like her mother, so I guess it’s definitely about being so naïve that she‘s an air head.

(Akihisa-kun, let’s work hard to hide this secret!)

(Un, let’s do our best.)

After achieving common understanding with Himeji-san, we returned back to our seats. From now on, we have to protect this secret with a bronze wall like stance!

“What the heck, Akihisa, did you prepare the bento for Himeji?”

But the first attack rattled me.

“Ahh, no. That’s…eh…”

It’s moments like this that Yuuji can easily see through lies. Also, he had Hideyoshi beside him. To think that there’s such big trouble at this moment!

Just when I was thinking about this—

“What are you worried about? She’s just helping you finish off the seafood deluxe set you drew the last time, right?”

“That was really a lot.”

It seemed that Yuuji and Hideyoshi didn’t really worry about it. That’s strange? Was I able to sneak through like this?

(You must have said to Himeji something like ‘since there are leftovers, I’ll just prepare something for you as thanks’ and prepared the food for her before sending her off, right? Your mind’s rather quick at times, Akihisa.)

(I really have to look at you in a different light.)

They deliberately whispered to me. I see, so there’s such a misunderstanding. Anyway, it’s great that they would think this way about that.

“That’s right. It’s like we didn’t use up much food after we had the hotpot party.”

“It can’t be helped though. A lot of things happened back then.”

“The hotpot then became a black hotpot that didn’t really have any relation with the seafood. The only one who really used the seafood was the cold dish Shimada and the rest did, right?”

“Yeah, that was really good.”

I remembered the appetizer Minami, Kirishima-san and Kudou-san made for us that day. There was a seafood cold dish, steamed oysters and seafood salad. Each one of them was really good.

“That’s right. Minami, the sauce for that seafood cold dish—”

I wanted to turn around and ask Minami how she prepared that sauce. But…


I found that Minami was giving me an unhappy look.

“What’s wrong, Minami?”

“…Nothing, nothing at all.”

Though she said that, it’s obvious that she was unhappy about something. Uu, does Minami want a bento too? We tried her cooking the last time, but there wasn’t any response, and I only made a bento for Himeji-san, so it’s kinda unfair to Minami. I see. If that’s how it is…

“If you don’t mind, Minami, I’ll make a bento for you next time.”

“Eh? Will you?”

“Un, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a 3 persons share or 4 persons share.”

It didn’t really matter whether I cooked a person’s share or many’s. If the current situation can be resolved by making a bento, it’s not some difficult problem.

“I see. I’ll tell you the recipe for that cold dish~ for the sauce, do not add too much balsamic vinegar, and also—”

Minami shook aside the unhappiness that shrouded her and happily told me the way to make the cold dish sauce.

“Balsamic vinegar? Must I add distilled pesticide to acetic acid?”

Beside me, Himeji-san muttered something really scary. If she says that she wants to make a seafood cold dish, I have to be careful the next time! I again checked the danger hidden within Himeji-san.

Anyway, let’s tuck in first. This is the first time I tried making ginger-fried tuna, and unexpectedly, it tastes good even after being cold. Maybe it’s really suited to be added to a bento.

“…I’m back.”

Just when everyone was talking and eating, Muttsurini carried a large number of dishes with both hands as he finally came back.

“Oh, you took quite some time today. Were there a lot of people inside the teamwork club?”

Yuuji asked as he received the Oolong tea Muttsurini handed over. It really took quite some time today, and for the quick and nimble Muttsurini, it’s really rare.

“…Someone discussed something with me when I went to buy drinks.”

“Discussed something with you—”

Who is it? Just as I was about to ask, a certain person happened to appear right before our eyes.

“It doesn’t matter, Tsuchiya-kun. I’ll talk to them directly.”

She had nice short shoulder-length hair and a cold expression. Her arms were folded right in front of her as she looked down at us while we were tucking in as we sat on the tatami mat. This person in front of us was—

“Hello, everyone in class F.”

“Hm? That’s quite a rare guest.”

The one who came over was the class rep of C class, Koyama-san. Like what Yuuji said, she was really a rare guest.

“In that case, the one who went to discuss things with Muttsurini was—”

“That’s right, it was me. But, instead of a discussion, I’ll say that we just so happened to meet each other in front of the teamwork club, so I asked him a few questions.”

“…It seemed that she wanted to know about F class’ plans for the summoning battle.”

“Our class’ plans?”

“It seems that the system maintenance was done, and we should be able to carry out our summoning battle two days later in the morning. I want to ask what F class will be doing.”

The summoning war that was supposed to be allowed once the second term started had to undergo some maintenance because of change of equipment and other situations (the given reason though was that they wanted to change the summoned beasts' equipment). However, the summoning war that was delayed for quite a while will finally be restarted two days later. Our F class’ aim is obviously to take revenge after losing in the first semester.

Even so, it was unexpected that she would actually come over to check on us, the worst class.

“You’re really cautious.”

Yuuji said in a mocking manner. As for this, I had the same thoughts as Yuuji.

“Really? You F class created lots of chaos in the first semester among the second years, and it wasn’t any different from the eye of a tornado. It’s obvious that I would be more cautious, right?”

Koyama-san wasn’t affected by Yuuji’s taunting words as she calmly smiled back.

“That’s quite an appraisal for us…but can that really do? Once second term starts, class C will finally get back their original facilities, but to think that you would consider about the summoning battles…”

Yuuji said to Koyama-san in a criticizing manner.

One of the rules of the summoning war was that ‘the facilities that were swapped because of a loss in the summoning war will be reset once the new term starts’. Of course, while nothing will change when the upper-ranked class lost to a lower-ranked class and caused a change in facilities, but if the lower-ranked class lost and had to degrade their facilities, it’ll be reset in the new semester.

“Speaking of which, C class lost to A class before and had their equipment downgraded to D class, right?”

“Then C class should be able to get back C class’ equipment once the new term starts, right?”

To emphasize on this rule. The main aim is to hope that the students can take part in a summoning battle enthusiastically. In that case, once a summoning battle begins at the end of the semester; the lower class will challenge the upper-ranked class without much risk.

Even if we wanted to carry out a summoning battle after we were streamed, the points difference between us was way too great, and normally speaking, we won’t easily go for battle. The school hoped that students would study hard while regretting this and check their progress at the end of the school semester. However, we started a riot right from the beginning of school term, and with the adjustments of the summoning system and all sorts of events, the end of the school semester was rather quiet.

“What do you mean by starting a summoning battle? I never talked about taking the initiative to fight. I just want to know the action of F class, which was the central cause of everything the last time.”

“That’s really an indirect way of saying it. In other words, if we don’t provide information, you won’t say anything, right?”

“You can interpret it like that too.”

Koyama-san gave a proud smirk as she said that.

Is she asking for an alliance? I guess not. She’s just going to make a deal with us. She will talk about C class’ movements, and also, we have to talk about F class’ movements. There won’t be any problems if we don’t get into each other’s way. If not, we can think of a countermeasure early and avoid attacking each other if we know what will happen.

“In that case, why didn’t you just ask Yuuji straight away?”

Why did you ask Muttsurini?

“Well, if I ask Sakamoto-kun, I won’t have to make such a deal. It’ll be best if I don’t have to automatically provide information.”

Facing my doubt, Koyama-san didn’t flinch as she honestly answered. That’s just like her.

“Uu…Yuuji, what do you intend to do?”

“That’s good. I accept this deal.”

“Really? That’s really a great help.”

Koyama-san looked like she knew that Yuuji wouldn’t refuse right from the beginning and said thanks indirectly.

“I just need to tell you the class we intend to go against, right?”

“That’s not enough. You need to say the time you intend to attack. If we know the class you intend to target, I wouldn’t have to come over and ask you.”

Koyama-san’s right. Our F class’ ultimate aim was to beat A class, and everyone knew about this. It’s not much of a deal if she knows who we want to attack.

Yuuji showed a somewhat hesitant look as he was asked to mention the timing of the attack. Don’t tell me that he hasn't decided on those details yet? It’s not like Yuuji to say triumphantly that we’re going to beat A class without thinking of a plan.

“As for A class, about a week after the summoning battles are allowed—latest 2 weeks, and we’ll attack. That’s my plan.”

“Un…I see…”

That’s strange? Do we have to wait that long…I thought that with Yuuji’s personality, we’ll be attacking immediately after the summoning battles are allowed.

I wanted to ask the question, but Yuuji gave me a sharp stare that said ‘don’t talk too much’. It seemed that the information battle had begun silently even when the battles hadn’t started. In that case, I’ll let Yuuji handle this.

“And what about your class? If you’re aiming for A class, we’re enemies.”

“We’re not so ambitious. We just want to attack B class. It’s about the same as you guys, most likely, about a week or two after the summoning battles are allowed.”


C class was aiming for B class? It’s true that this was a rather logical consideration. They couldn’t fight it out to decide the winner the last time, so they intended to fight B class. I can understand that.

“But is that really good? I remember B class’s Nemoto-kun…should be Koyama-san’s boy—”

“I’ll kill you if you dare continue.”

It seemed that I misappropriated her unforgettable past.

“I like smart guys, and not guys who’ll only study.”

“That’s right. That Nemoto’s just a despicable scum.”

“To achieve victory, it’s rather effective to use all sorts of despicable tactics, isn’t it? I kinda like it…but I had enough of that guy.”

Koyama-san cackled. To think that she would like despicable guys. I guess everyone thinks differently…

“I’ll be later than others when playing janken.”

“What are you saying!? Don’t you always lose even when you showed up late? You’re not despicable. Unlike me, I’ll pretend to have a tummy-ache every time it’s my turn to sweep the floor!”

“Nonono, I’m the real despicable person.”

“There’s no such thing. I’m the really despicable one here.”

“…Actually, I have a cousin of the same age. I once asked him about dating, and he introduced his classmates to me.”


“…But I remember that guy should be studying in a guys’ school.”

“…I’ll give you this can of juice.”

“…I’ll treat you to takoyaki when we go home.”

“…Thanks guys…”

Our nearby classmates started boasting about how despicable they were. Our guys were really too understanding.

“I see, so Koyama-san likes smart guys.”

“That’s right, Himeji-san, I like smart guys. Fufu~”

Koyama-san gave a somewhat meaningful smile.

“In that case…Sakamoto-kun’s a smart person too, right?”

“““…(Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh)!”””

“Oi, you guys! Don’t stab those penknives into the tatami mat. That’s really uncomfortable, you know!”

A few of our classmates far away stabbed the tatami mats beside them with the penknives. If they were a little more direct, the ones that would have holes pierced through wouldn’t just be tatami mats, but Yuuji’s body.

“Speaking of which…really? One, two weeks after the ban’s lifted…I see…”

Koyama-san muttered with a somewhat meaningful tone, and Yuuji looked surprised as he stared at her.

“Thanks for sharing this with me. It seemed that our aim was different. Let’s do our best when we start the battles, then.”

Leaving this sentence behind, Koyama-san folded her arms, turned around and left F class’ classroom. Now that we knew that we wouldn’t be fighting C class in the next summoning battle, there was one less enemy we had to be wary of.

“Looks like the other classes are already testing each other out and preparing for the summoning war.”

“It’s been a while ever since we swapped classrooms. Now even if the quality of the classes have changed, it’s not really that surprising, isn’t it?”

The last time, it seemed that only F class took the initiative. However, the summoning war that will soon start seems like it will cause quite the ripple among the 2nd years. Will that be good or bad for us…

“Ah, speaking of summoning battles, didn’t I hear that the summoned beasts’ equipment changed? What will they be like now?”

Beside me, Minami tilted her head and asked. That’s right, how do our summoned beasts look like now?

“Change in equipment…we have to check it out so that we can control the summoning battle well.”

“…It seems that the system’s repaired.”

“Now we can summon our summoned beasts, right?”

“I guess. Do you want to try it out? Who’s going to get the teacher—”

Anyway, we have to get permission from a teacher before we can summon our summoned beasts.

Perhaps it was perfect timing as we saw our homeroom teacher, nicknamed Ironman—Nishimura-sensei walk over from the corridor…

“It can’t be helped then…”

“Yeah, lunch break’s about to end soon.”


“Hm? Yoshii, Sakamoto, what’s the matter?”

Once I called out, Ironman walked into the classroom. He frowned in an irritated manner. That attitude was basically ‘there’ll be trouble once we talk to him’. How rude!

“Sorry, can you please ‘nope’ allow us to ‘no way’ summon? ‘Rejected’ the summoning war ban’s ‘I refuse’ lifted, ‘give up’ so the new summoned beasts ‘don’t force me’…oi, how many times have you refused us? I only asked you for one thing, and you refused me six times before I even finished. This is the first time I met such a situation, how infuriating!”

“It’s because you brats never listen to me, right?”

No, I think that was completely far off. Sensei wasn’t even listening to me…

“I mentioned it before that your summoned beasts can’t be summoned whenever you want to, right?”

“Even though you did say so…”

My summoned beast’s different from others, one that can touch other physical objects. As I have a special summoned beast that can touch other objects and has several times the strength of an ordinary person, it’s no wonder that Ironman would be so worried. However—

“Sensei, don’t worry about it. Have we deliberately caused trouble up till now?”

“I remember you two had to write more than 100 reflections in the first term, right?”

“Let me see…that’s about 1 every day.”

“That’s enough to make a book…”

“How many have you two written anyway…?”

Yuuji definitely wrote 99 of them!

“Besides, if you would call me ‘sensei’, it means that nothing good will happen. Are you going to come up with some tricks again?”

Ironman stared at Yuuji and me with a suspicious look. What the heck, so we called him wrongly.

That’s simple then. We just need to change the way we call him.

“Please, Sou-kun~ (PAKK!)”

“Thousand please, Souichi~ (BEKK!)”



As we just said that, our arms that were reached out were twisted by a powerful pliers-like force. If we can’t call him that, what’s next?

As we were clutching our right hands and rolling on the floor in pain, Himeji-san and Minami went in front of Ironman.

“You can’t allow us, Nishimura-sensei? It’s not like I and everyone else want to do something bad. We just want to call out our summoned beasts and see if there’s any change in equipment.”

“Minami-chan’s right. We won’t summon our summoned beasts for pranks.”


““Please, Nishimura-sensei.””

“Haa…it’s not like I don’t understand how you feel about wanting to check out your new equipment.”

As the two model students in our class pleaded earnestly, Ironman’s attitude showed some signs of softening.

Alright, now, once more!

“Please, Tetsun (PAKK)☆”[1]

“We’ll leave it to you then, Te-chan (BEKK) ♪”[2]

Now our left hands, which were fine, were twisted. Damn it! How can there be such a stubborn guy!?

“You two, really…okay, make it quick.”

“Eh? What quick?”

“I’m busy here. Just summon if you want to. Really…”

Ironman sighed as he said that. What, so he still agreed in the end.

“And besides, no matter how I refuse, you’ll use Sakamoto’s platinum bracelet to summon, right? In that case, I might as well let you take action under my watch, and I’ll…feel more at ease.”

I see, so there’s such a reason. But in that case…

“If you think that way, shouldn’t you have just allowed us to summon right from the beginning?”

“Yeah, and my hands got twisted. That was really quite the loss.”

“If I gave you permission just like that, you guys will definitely get ahead of yourselves.”

Of course we won’t…ah, maybe.

“Never mind, at least we got permission.”

“Yeah, we got what we wanted in the end.”

“…(Nods head).”

“I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know how our summoned beasts would look.”

“I’ll just pray that it’s not a concrete wall like the last time…”

“Then lets summon and see, ready—”


Our gang shouted out. Soon, patterned array appeared around our feet, and the summoned beasts that were shaped off everyone’s looks appeared.

“Wow…nice armor…it really looks awe-inspiring.”

“A lance and armor? Have I evolved into a knight? That’s great…it’s great that I’m not using a chopping board as a shield. This is really great!”

“Oi, Yuuji, look at me. My uniform has a dragon woven.”

“Look, Akihisa, mine’s a tiger.”[3]

“A longsword and a coat…so I became the Shinsengumi. Looks really strong.”

“…I got improved to a jonin.”

Unn, I see. So everyone’s equipment became better.


“What now, Yoshii, Sakamoto? You’re really noisy.”



“Yeah! Just look at the changes on Himeji-san!”

“Eh, my armor’s sturdier than before, and my weapon became longer and larger.”


“My army uniform became a knight’s uniform, and my spear became a lance.”

“Then Hideyoshi?”

“My Naginata warrior became a Shinsengumi member.”


“…I went from a Chonin to a Jonin.”

“But Yuuji and I—”

“Only had patterns woven on our school uniforms!”


Yuuji and I said that in perfect unison. This is way too different from the rest! Why is Yuuji and my equipment almost the same as before!

“No, Akihisa, wait, I’m different from you. My weapon changed too.”

“Eh? Really?”

“Yeah. My metal knuckles became a bat.”


It looks like no matter how much changes happened, I’m always given the equipment of a delinquent. Or rather…is it the principal’s doing?

“Alright, you should be happy now, right? I’m going to revoke the permission.”

Once Ironman said that, the summoning field disappeared, and at the same time, our summoned beasts disappeared. GUUUUUU…! I CAN’T ACCEPT THIS…!

“Lunch break’s almost over. Don’t play around and prepare for the next lesson.”

Leaving those words behind, Ironman left the classroom.

“Aki and Sakamoto haven’t grown up at all.”

“Shimada, don’t associate me with that idiot. It’s too disrespectful.”

“Yeah, Minami. My brain’s different from Yuuji’s brain and Minami’s chest, I did grow—(CRACK)”

“What did you just say?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Akihisa really hasn't grown up at all…”

I held my hands that were twisted to the limit and endured the sharp pain that came from the joint as I continued the afternoon lessons.

Time flew, and it was already after school.

“It’s been a while since things were quiet. Let’s just look forward to the upcoming days of school dismissal.”

Carrying the school bag that wasn’t really heavy, Yuuji walked beside me and muttered.

“Because we had to stay behind for after-school supplementary lessons recently.”

The school’s nature allowed for more supplementary lessons for classes that were more likely to be involved in summoning battles. We had to take lessons, and also had to take exams to replenish our points.

“It’s because you guys always skipped lessons that you ended up having more supplementary lessons than the rest.”

I had no idea about what Minami was talking about at all.

“…We should be grateful that we can look forward to school dismissal in such a free manner.”

“Speaking of which, it’s like our free time was extended. It really feels like we earned it.”

Muttsurini and Himeji-san said that in a seemingly happy manner. On a side note, Hideyoshi went for his drama club practice. He’s the only one among us who’s taking part in club activities, so there’s not many chances for him to go back with everyone.

“It’s rare for us to leave school early. Why don’t we walk somewhere?”

Yuuji raised this usual plan as we never had a planned schedule.

Normally, I would definitely agree to hang out with him, but…

“Forget about today. I need to go to the supermarket to buy ingredients.”

“You’re going shopping? I thought there was a lot of that seafood you won.”

“There is a lot, but I want to cook meat. I remember that eggs and meat will be cheaper on Monday.”

In fact, as there were 3 people at home, the seafood we won was almost finished. It’s okay if nee-san and I were at home, but since Himeji-san’s living at my house, I had to put some more effort in cooking. As we had been eating seafood for the past few days, I wanted to try a meat dish.

“Really? I’ll have meat today too.”

Yuuji’s in charge of cooking today too (In his situation, it should be ‘again’)? He seemed to be pondering as he said this.

“Oh yeah. What do you intend to cook tonight?”

“Hm…about that…”

That’s really troublesome. Even though I said that I wanted to cook meat, I don’t really have things that I want to cook…and every menu has to vary, which is really troublesome…ah, that’s right!

“Himeji-san, what do you want to eat tonight?”

“Eh? Me?”

I turned around and asked Himeji-san. It’s rare for her to be a guest of mine, so I’ll like to hear what she wants to eat. I’ll have some idea on what to cook.

“I don’t really have things I like or hate…but more than that, Akihisa-kun, what do you like to eat? Akihisa-kun cooked yesterday, and it’s my—”

“No no no no no! It’s my job to cook! You really don’t have to worry about this!”

Before Himeji-san could say something even more dangerous, I hurriedly interrupted her. I’ll handle the cooking; no way will I back off from that!


Just when I was discussing dinner with Himeji-san, Yuuji and company looked at us.

“Oi, Akihisa.”

“What is it, Yuuji?”

“Why are you asking Himeji what she wants for dinner?”


Now that Yuuji mentioned it, Himeji-san and I subconsciously looked at each other.

Damn it! I was thinking about dinner tonight and accidentally blurted out that we’re living together! How could I make such a simple mistake! An, anyway, got to calm down! Got to find some way to hide this!

“Tha, tha tha tha that’s because of that! Right, Himeji-san?”

“Ye, yes! It’s because…eh, Akihisa-kun just wants to use what I like as reference so that he can prepare dinner tonight. It’s not for me to eat!”


After hearing Himeji-san’s explanation, the stares on us had even more doubts and suspicions.

“Eh…the…I’m going to the supermarket first. I’ll make a move first!”

“I, I have something I have to do. Sorry, I have to leave!”

Before everyone else could comment, we ran off. Though they didn’t chase up, the stares on my back were so piercing that they were aching me.

“Is, is it alright? We weren’t discovered, right?”

“I, I guess we’re definitely alright. We just explained it properly just now.”

After turning around the corner, Himeji-san and I looked at each other. It’s really hard to hide secrets from others…

“In that case, how about you go home first, Himeji-san? I’ll go back once I’m done buying the stuff.”

“No, I should come along if I want to buy stuff. I've been treated kindly by you, and I would be bothered by it.”

“But it’s not good for us to buy ingredients together…”

“How about you leave the shopping to me? I’ll be in charge of dinner tonight. Akihisa-kun can go back to study for tomorrow’s lessons…”

“Alright, let’s go shop then! What should we have for dinner tonight?”

“Ah, Akihisa-kun, wait for me!”

Asking Himeji-san to cook, and for me to study…wouldn’t that be the worst case scenario? There’ll be no problems if it was the complete opposite…

“Akihisa-kun, I heard that eggplants are going at a special price today?”

As I carried the basket into the supermarket, Himeji-san said to me after seeing the vegetable area near the entrance.

“Eggplant...that's good. Do you eat eggplants, Himeji-san?”

“Yes, I like eggplants the most!”

Himeji-san answered with an ever-radiant smile.

We're now entering autumn time, and it's the time when eggplant tastes best. If it's a little cheaper, I'd really like to buy it. Maybe I should deep-fry and then stew it, or maybe I should add green peppers and meat slices to stir fry if I want some seasonal taste. It'll taste good once I add ginger soy sauce after frying. My mouth started to water as I imagined it. “Miso yakitori’s good too…no, we can also steam it with chicken…”

“Sounds good. Eggplants have low calories and are really healthy, and since it is autumn, it’s the best season to eat eggplants.”

“That’s right.”

Just when we intended to buy some eggplants, a shop worker was walking over and shouting energetically.


It seemed like I heard this mysterious tone before…is this shop attendant a foreigner?

As Himeji-san and I widened our eyes curiously, the shop attendant continued to shout in front of us.


At that moment, the shouting stopped.

The shop attendant’s eyes were staring at the eggplant he was holding in his hand as he tilted his head slightly before shouting again.


Doesn’t this guy know what an eggplant is?


What’s with that eggplant? What’s added inside!?

“Ohh, the newly-wed couple over there! How do you feel about this…purple thing? Wanna buy some?”

Maybe we were looking too interested as the shop attendant that was hawking soon noticed us. Damn it. This person doesn’t look normal in any way. It’s best to run away before we get involved with him…

“Call, calling us a newly-wed couple…”

Himeji-san beside me was blushing as she looked all fluffy, and had no intention of running away.

Speaking of which, Himeji-san’s really like a girl. It seems that girls are powerless against words like ‘bride’ or ‘newly-weds’.

“Come, look! What do you think of this purple rod, kiddo? It’s cheap and ripe! It’s extremely sweet!”

“Sorry. If possible, please don’t give me that ripe and sweet one.”

That unnaturally soft and sweet smell must be because the inside’s rotten already, right?

“No no, kiddo, you don’t have to be so kind with me! This purple rod’s sweet part is the best! This, eh…this has the label ‘local produce’! It has lots of calories, and has nothing to do with nutrition! Also—”

This shop attendant was not even listening to me at all as he continued to mutter rubbish…Himeji-san hadn't recovered yet. Looked like I could only continue to stay there…

“…And something like that. It’s a good that’s well-loved from the past! Once this vegetable had been used in the north pole 800 years ago…”

As I stood in front of the shop attendant who was continuing to fire off, I sank into deep thought. Let me see…aside from the ingredients for the dishes tonight, is there anything else I need to buy?

“Ah, speaking of which, kiddo…”

There are still napkins, and there’s no problem with the toilet paper and toothbrushes.

“I’d like to know the name of this purple vegetable?—”

If I have to say it, it’s the one thing we didn’t have much left the last time we did cleaning…

“—Toilet cleaner…”

“Oh! I see! Thank you very much!”


Once I recovered, I found that the shopkeeper was standing in front of me, holding my hand and thanking me. Ahh, so he finally finished talking?

“I’ll have a bag then. Let’s go, Himeji-san.”

“Ah, okay, my beloved—no, Akihisa-kun!”

Himeji-san looked like she finally recovered too. I took a bag of eggplants, and soon after, left the vegetable section.


The shop attendant just now was shouting behind me about something he was selling.

“Akihisa-kun, what was that shop attendant selling?”

“I don’t know either…”

I heard toilet clean or sweet or something. Are they selling a new product, edible toilet cleaner?

“Oh yes, Akihisa-kun, do you know?”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Do you know the saying ‘don’t let your wives eat eggplants in autumn[4]’…”

“Ah, I think I heard of that before.”

The source of this saying should be because aunties feel that ‘it’ll be a waste that the delicious eggplants in autumn are fed to those irritating spouses’, I guess. That’s rude.

But Himeji-san was thinking so thoroughly for her to ask this. Maybe she was wondering if she could eat eggplants.

“Himeji-san, you don’t have to worry about that saying. That’s an old generation's way of thinking.”

“Tha, that’s right. I shouldn’t be thinking about this and work hard to give birth to a healthy and energetic baby!”

Why must you mention a baby? I don’t understand what she meant at all.

“Akihisa, I think I have to explain it to you. The saying ‘don’t let your wives eat eggplants in autumn’ is because ‘eggplants have few seeds, and they feared that the chances of pregnancy would be lowered’, so they would prevent their wives from eating eggplants.”

“Heh~ I see. Yuuji’s really knowledgeable.”

“It’s not that I’m knowledgeable, but that you lack common sense.”

Really? I didn’t know that—HEY, HOLD ON A SEC!

“Yu, Yuuji? Why are you here?”

“Sa, Sakamoto-kun! When did you come here?”

“Nothing, I just came here to buy ingredients for dinner…”

Speaking of which, Yuuji did mention that he had to cook dinner tonight too…there are not many supermarkets from school to home, so it’s not really surprising that we would meet here. It’s because we just went our separate ways that I made a huge mistake…

“Say it! What’s going on?”

“Wha, what are you saying? Himeji-san and I just happened to meet at the supermarket and went together!”

“That’s right, Sakamoto-kun. We really met coincidentally before shopping in the supermarket!”

“Hoho? Really, you two said that you wanted to buy ingredients for dinner together. Looks like you have quite the good relationship there.”

“That’s not it. It’s not like that at all!”

“Speaking of which, it’s too suspicious that you two would enter a supermarket together. You must be hiding something else besides shopping together, right?”

Seeing that Himeji-san and I were looking uncomfortable because of his words, Yuuji placed his hand under his chin and gave a pondering look.

“Yesterday’s dinner, today’s lunch and tonight’s dinner are the same…it seems that you two have been eating the same dishes together…and you two came to school together…”

WAAAAHHHH!! Yuuji’s getting closer to the truth! Got to find some way to change the topic!

“S, speaking of which! There’s a lot of social news everyday!”

“Yes yes! Like airport strikes, flights terminated and all that stuff!”

“That’s really bad! A lot of people can’t go back to Japan if the airport’s under strike!”

Himeji-san and I tried our best to divert the topic to the latest news. But after hearing what we said, Yuuji frowned harder.

“…Airport stop…Himeji had to stay at Akihisa’s house two days ago…are you two…”

Most likely, Yuuji noticed some critical fact as he inadvertently widened his eyes. Wha, what what? Does he know about it?

“Oi, Akihisa, answer me honestly! Don’t tell me—”

“Wha, what do you want to say?”

“—You’re staying together with Himeji…!?”




“Yo, you two…why must you two come up with something like this at this moment!?”

Our denials were meaningless as Yuuji gave us vengeful looks as he glared at Himeji-san and me. Damn it! If anyone knows of what happy things happened in my life, I’ll have people jealous of me and killing me…

I predicted the attack manner Yuuji may choose and stealthily got into defensive position. However—

“How did that happen…this is bad! This is really bad! Damn it…!”

Yuuji was clutching his head and shaking as he didn’t do anything cruel to me. Eh? That’s strange?

“What’s with you, Yuuji?”


If you really want to do so, couldn’t you just hit yourself only?

“Ah well, it’s pointless to grumble about it. Oi, Akihisa. Nobody knows that you two are living together, right?”

“Uu, ah, yes. I don’t think anyone other than Yuuji knows.”

“That’s really the best thing I heard in this misfortune. If you find out that this is about to be discovered, hurry up and tell me, and I’ll try to cover up for you.”

“Eh…Ah, un, thanks then.”

To think that Yuuji would say such things. I thought that he would be hollering in anger ‘how can you get so cocky you idiot’ and beat me up.

“However, you must never ever let anyone else know that you two are staying together! You must be extremely careful, understood!?”

“I’ll definitely try my best not to let others know…”

“What’s with those spineless words!? It’s not even to try! Akihisa, listen up! You must, never, ever, let anyone else know about it!”

“Uu…un, I understand.”

Yuuji glared at me viciously as he continued to remind me over and over again.

“If other people come to know about it, I’ll beat you down into the path to hell, or else I won’t be able to erase the anger within me!”

What’s going on? Will something horrifying happen to Yuuji if the fact that Himeji-san and I are living in the same place gets out?

“Got it, Yuuji. I’ll keep that secret no matter what.”

“Please. I really want to avoid doing meaningless actions like taking revenge on you! Hurry up and go back before other people discover you.”

“Got it. Then, here’s a present.”

After handing the eggplant in my hand, we said goodbye to Yuuji. It’ll be alright. Though that guy said it as if something will happen, but nobody will know that Himeji-san and I are living together!

“I’m worried, but it can’t be helped…I have to hide this secret for them with my utmost—!”


“…………………………………What is it?”

BTS vol 08 079.jpg

“…Do you remember our promise?”

“Ha…haha, ha…Shouko, since when were you…standing there…”

“…Right from the beginning. Because Yuuji wouldn’t come home with me, I came over to punish Yuuji.”

“I, I see…I’m really sorry then…”

“…Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter now.”

“That’s right. Then—”



“…Don’t run. You won’t be able to escape.”


I felt a little killing intent behind me, but I must be thinking too much.

After walking out of the supermarket, Himeji-san and I walked side by side with each other as we went home. Really, it’s because Yuuji suddenly appeared that I forgot to buy vegetables…

“Wah, speaking of which. I haven’t bought ingredients for dinner!”

“Ah, you’re right.”

It took a lot of my mind to think of how to handle the situation just now, and I forgot to buy vegetables. This is bad.

“Can’t be helped then. I’ll go back and buy again. Can you please head home first, Himeji-san?”

“No, in that case, I should follow…”

“No, we were just discovered by Yuuji. I don’t know what he will say if we head back to the supermarket together.”

“I see…”

“I’m going back then.”

“I understand. Please take care.”

I waved my hand and bid farewell to Himeji-san for the time being. Alright, I have to buy the ingredients for dinner tonight and hurry back home.

And so, after buying all the ingredients for dinner, I went back home.

“I guess it’s about time it starts raining too, but this is bad…”

I already felt that the air was a little too humid, and soon, it started raining as expected.

“This is bad. And I didn’t bring an umbrella…”

I took note not to let the rainwater enter the grocery bag with the dinner ingredients inside. Anyway, better get to a nearby convenience store to avoid the rain. It’s not far from home here, and I’m fine with running back in the rain, but I saw some manga that were recently released—maybe I should go home when the rain’s lighter.

I noticed the outside situation as I took the magazine out to read. Unn, there’s going to be a lot of games coming out next month. I don’t know if I can secretly get some money from nee-san…

I browsed through the magazines for quite a while and found a lot of interesting reports, but just when I wanted to stop reading and brought it directly over to the cashier, I found—


The rain outside was like a pail that was fully filled with water being kicked, and had become a torrent. Looks like…I will get wet no matter whether I bring an umbrella out or not…

I took out my handphone, went to the internet and checked the weather report. The webpage did note that I have to be wary of heavy rain. This is bad. I was thinking about not letting Himeji-san cook so much that I didn’t notice the weather change. But the good thing is that I let Himeji-san go home first.

“Looks like the rain won’t be stopping anytime soon…”

Looking at the current situation now, the rain will only get stronger. Can’t be helped then, I can only run home…

I got ready to get drenched as I walked out of the convenience store. The magazines will only get wet under such large rain. Next time, I guess.

BAYABAYABAYA. The rain continued to pour on me as I couldn’t see the road in front of me. Uuu…if I don’t hurry back to take a shower, I might catch a cold…

The ground collected lots of rainwater as the cars that moved by created splashes like they were wading through a river. The sound of rain and wind swirled beside my ears, and my eyes and hearing were covered by the stormy rain all around me.

At that moment—


It seemed that I heard a soft sound.

Hm? I think I have heard this voice before…

To hear that voice clearly, I gathered all my concentration.

“Uu…it’s so cold…this place is so cold…”

On hearing that, it sounded like a girl crying.

To find the owner of that voice, I could only widen my eyes at the visual range that was only several meters in radius and search. That voice…I think it came from the park?

Since I’m already wet, I might as well go into the park.

Looking inside the pavilion,


“Ah...baka onii-chan?”

I found Hazuki-chan, all wet and looking like she was about to cry.

“Why did you come here? You’ll catch a cold.”

“I came to see baka onii-chan! I thought that I’ll see you here if I waited here!”

“Eh? You came to see me?”

Ah, that’s right. Speaking of which, I did meet Hazuki-chan for the first time at this park.

“But why are you looking for me?”

“Onee-chan was too much. She always lied and wouldn’t let Hazuki go to baka onii-chan’s house.”

As she said that, Hazuki-chan puffed her cheeks unhappily.

“So Hazuki kept it a secret from onee-chan and came to look for baka onii-chan!”

“But it suddenly rained, and you didn’t even know where my house is, so you came to the pavilion in the park to avoid the rain?”

“That’s the case…”

And that’s quite the coincidence. But since I can meet Hazuki-chan here, I guess it’s the best thing among all these.


Hazuki-chan was trembling from the cold as she let out a cute sneeze.

As I went there before, I guess Minami’s house wasn’t that near to my house. It was really tough for Hazuki-chan to go out alone in such weather.

“Then come over to my house. You’ll catch a cold if you continue to stay here.”

“Can I really? That’s great! Hazuki’s really happy!”


It seemed that she was really happy as she hugged me happily and hit her head straight into my chest. Due to the difference in height, that one hit from her slammed straight into my weakest point. I know Hazuki-chan shouldn’t have any ill intent, but if she’s going to meet me like this all the time, my life may be at risk…

“Hazuki-chan, you better grow up…”


At that moment, your head won’t be hitting my chest.

“Ah, that’s right, so baka onii-chan means that. Hazuki understands and will do her best. Hazuki will work hard and grow bigger!”

“You understand?”

“Yes! Hazuki wants to hurry and grow up to become a beautiful bride!”

Un, she’s thinking the wrong way.

“But I don’t really have confidence about my chest’s size…”

Hazuki-chan placed her hand on her chest and said in a somewhat dejected manner.

That’s not true—I wanted to comfort her like that, but I couldn’t say more. I remembered Muttsurini saying before that this is most likely genetic…

“An, anyway, you have to get yourself dry. Let’s go, Hazuki-chan.”


To escape from this rain that continued to pour hard, I took Hazuki-chan’s hand and started running again.

“Akihisa-kun, you finally came back. It’s quite the heavy rain outside, are you—oh my?”

“Ah! Pretty onee-chan!”

“I’m back, Himeji-san.”

Himeji-san, who came back home first, met me at the entrance with a large towel, but she couldn’t help but widen her eyes after seeing Hazuki-chan come back with me.

“I found her at the park nearby. She can’t go back home alone in such heavy rain, so I brought her back. Right, Hazuki-chan?”


“I see. It’s easy to catch a cold when you’re all wet. Hurry up and wipe yourselves dry, I have prepared the bath.”

The indoor slippers let out a clapping sound as Himeji-san went back into the house to get another towel. To think that she would even prepare the bath water. She’s really a thoughtful girl.

“Go take a bath first, Hazuki-chan, I’ll see if nee-san has a shirt or something for you to wear—”

“Got it! A bath it is, right?”

Hazuki-chan nodded her head and immediately got ready to take off those wet clothes of hers. Eh? That’s not good no matter what, isn’t it?

“Well…Hazuki-chan, it doesn’t really matter if you wet the floor, but you should head to the changing room before taking off your clothes.”

“? I can’t take off my clothes here?”

“Un. Hazuki-chan’s not that young anymore. I feel that it’s not right to take off clothes in front of the opposite gender.”

I won’t have any perverse lust for such a small kid (I guess), but even so, she can’t just take off her clothes right in front of me like that. Though Hazuki-chan’s naïve and carefree, she’s a little too liberal in some aspects.

“But even if we take off our clothes separately, Hazuki’s going to bathe with baka onii-chan, right?”

“You want to bathe with me!?”

“Eh? Hazuki often bathes with onee-chan, like after watching a scary TV show, we will always bathe together.”

Minami…if you’re so scared that you have to bathe with a primary school kid after seeing such a scary show, you might as well not watch it in the first place, right…

“And I would also bathe with daddy and mummy.”

“No, it’s not really a problem if it’s with family members…”

“Then it’s alright, because baka onii-chan’s Hazuki’s husband, so you’re family!”

It sounded right, but our conversation didn’t seem to match. Uu…what should I do now?

“Or rather, will baka onii-chan feel weird somewhere if you bathe with Hazuki?”

Hazuki-chan looked at me with really sincere eyes. Nononono. It’ll be bad if I have such an interest!

“That’s not true! There’s no one able to keep a steady emotion and remain unshakable like me!”

“That’s great. Then we can bathe together!”

“Of course!”



“??? Baka onii-chan, what’s wrong?”

Eve, even though it’s not really possible, but did I…

“Did I lose in a debate to a primary school kid? How did this happen…”

“Hazuki’s not really sure what’s going on, but Hazuki is happy that baka onii-chan’s willing to bathe together!”


Did I just verbally lose to a primary school kid? I’m already a high school student!

“Hazuki-chan, that won’t do. Akihisa-kun’s a boy, so how can you bathe with him? That’s not good.”

Just when I was clutching my head because of this unacceptable fact, Himeji-san came over with another towel.

“Uu…that won’t do…”

“That’s right. Hazuki-chan’s a girl, so you have to be more wary of guys.”

“I understand. Hazuki wants to bathe with pretty onee-chan then!”

“Eh? Bathe with me?”


Hazuki-chan smiled happily. Girls can bathe together, and that will really help me out a lot. That’s gratifying, gratifying—

“Akihisa-kun. I’ll like to talk to you later about you two wanting to bathe together just now.”

As she handed the towel to me, Himeji-san’s eyes gave off an inexplicable aura.

“Alright, Hazuki-chan. Let’s hurry up and bathe.”


Himeji-san led Hazuki into a room. I suddenly felt a bad chill and hurriedly used the towel to wipe my wet hair as I entered the house. While they’re bathing, I should wipe myself dry and change clothes…ah, before that, I should call Minami first. I think she should be worried about where Hazuki-chan is.

After taking out the handphone, I used the towel to wipe the wet screen and searched for her handphone number. However, the phone rang a few times and then went straight to the mailbox, so I could only leave a message in her phone ‘I found Hazuki-chan in the park nearby, so I’ll send her back later. Don’t worry’. That should do, I guess?

“Waa~ pretty onee-chan’s really amazing! It’s completely different from my onee-chan!”

“Hazuki-chan, you’ll get a cold if you don’t hurry up and enter.”

“I will enter only when I touch your breasts!”

“No~! I’ll let you touch later. Get into the bathtub first—”

“Fuwaa…amazing…onee-chan’s breasts are so soft…”

“Ahh, really…can’t be helped. Once you have enough, get inside the bathtub and warm your body up.”



Okay, now I should…


“Ah, yes. What is it, Akihisa-kun?”

“I’ll go run a few rounds outside.”

“Eh? Isn’t it raining now?”

“And also, I bought some dishes on the way back. You can start off with Hazuki-chan. No need to wait for me.”

“Ah? Akihisa-kun! Why are you suddenly…”

“I’m going out then…”

Himeji-san’s surprised voice came from behind, but I sprinted out of the house. No! This isn’t some despicable perverse lust, but that I’m overflowing with abundance of youth and a lust to abuse housewives…that’s all!

I muttered to myself in the rain and ran for quite a few minutes, catching Minami’s call on the way. The moment I got home, my brain and my body were all cold.

“Fuu…that’s a nice bath…”

It felt really good to be bathed in hot water after being drenched in rain, and I accidentally stayed inside the bathtub for too long. It was a luxurious happiness to be able to have a warm bath in cold weather.

“Onii-chan, you’re all warm now that you bathed!”

As I returned back to the living room, Hazuki-chan, who was dressed in pajamas, ran to me.

“Are you cold, Hazuki-chan? There are no problems, right?”


Hazuki-chan showed me a bright smile. Seeing her like this, I won’t have to worry about her getting a cold, right?

“That’s strange? Where’s Himeji-san?”

“Pretty onee-chan looked like she went to dry Hazuki’s clothes.”

The blow-dryer’s buzzing came from the room. Himeji-san, must be using the iron and blow dryer to dry Hazuki-chan’s clothes.

“Hazuki said that she would do it, but pretty onee-chan said that it’s dangerous and wouldn’t allow me to do it…”

“Un…that’s true. The blow dryer is alright, but the iron is really too dangerous for you.”

Maybe Hazuki-chan can really dry her own clothes, but it’s better to leave this to Himeji-san. Having lived together in the same house as Himeji-san during these past few days, I understand that Himeji-san is good at every form of housework except cooking.

“Hazuki-chan, do you want to watch TV with me?”


I took the remote control and sat on the sofa in the living room. Hazuki-chan then sat beside me. Unn, this little critter-like action’s really cute.

“What show do you want to watch, Hazuki-chan?”

“Erm…Hazuki wants to watch a drama!”

“A drama? Which one?”

I don’t really watch dramas, so I was somewhat shocked to hear her say that. So do kids nowadays love to watch dramas?

“Hazuki doesn’t really want to choose one…but Hazuki wants to watch one!”

Hazuki-chan looked around before answering. Oh, I get it…she’s trying to be like an adult, right? Hazuki-chan most likely watches other shows.

“But there are a few interesting shows on other channels too.”

“I don’t want to watch those childish shows. I want to watch those shows that are related to romance!”

Hazuki-chan forcefully voiced her opinion. Un…was there something wrong with the way I suggested it? Maybe I should choose a show Hazuki-chan may be interested in. Besides, I feel that it will be better watching it.

“Then, let’s see what sort of interesting drama we can find…”

I searched the program menu, but the time wasn’t right, and there was no drama showing now.

“There’s no drama.”


“Ah, speaking of which.”

I remember I recorded some ridiculous drama accidentally because I failed in my recording. I guess I haven’t deleted that program…oh, got it, found it.

“Can this do, Hazuki-chan? This looks like a drama too.”

“Okay, Hazuki wants to watch this!”

After obtaining her permission, I pressed the play button on the remote control. Soon, the melody of the main theme came from the screen, and then the drama was aired. This drama’s called ‘Waiting for you under that legendary tree’[5]…hmm, let me see.

“Shinji, I’m sorry for taking something to smash you. Thinking that you wouldn’t accept my love, I couldn’t hold back my emotions…”

“That’s not something that can be settled by apologizing.”

“As an apology, I prepared a bento for you. Are you willing to eat it?”

“That’s suspicious. Did you spike the bento?”

“Ho, how could I do such a thing?”

“As expected. Let’s check it out first. (licks) this is…anesthetic!”

“Damn it! You find out…that’s right! That’s a powerful anesthetic that will numb you with just a lick. As expected of George, for you to find that out!”

“Fufun, I’ve already seen through your thoughts (bkun bkun)”

Fuu…this drama was really boring…we started from the middle, so I really couldn’t tell what the drama was about, and up till now, it was all about guys…

“…(Nods head, nods head).”

As I looked beside me, Hazuki-chan seemed to feel bored too as she leaned on me and slept.

“I’m tired from all the running today too. I just had a nice warm bath. Now I want to sleep…”

My consciousness felt like it was floating away as my eyelids became heavier and heavier…

BTS vol 08 097.jpg

“Hm? Ugh...”

Ah, this is bad. I fell asleep!

My mind wasn't really awake, but I still tried to wake up, and I found—

“Eh...ah, waahh! Akihisa-kun!”

Himeji-san was in front of me, looking all flustered.

“Eh...Himeji-san, what are you doing?”

“Eh, we, well...I entered the living room and found that both of you were sleeping, so I wanted to join in...”

“But your eyes were open, weren't they...”

“Tha, that's not true! I wasn't staring at Akihisa-kun's face!”

Himeji-san raised her hands to deny it. Is that so? I guess I'm mistaken then.

“Hm...baka onii-chan?”

“Ah, Hazuki-chan, are you awake?”


Rubbing her eyes sleepily, Hazuki-chan sat up straight on the sofa. I looked at the clock and found that the minute hand was between '9' and '10'.

“Ah, we slept too much. Hazuki-chan, it's about time to go home.”

“I understand...”

I handed the still sleepy Hazuki-chan over to Himeji-san and let her change Hazuki-chan's clothes. I got up to prepare the rainy day attire to send Hazuki-chan back to Minami's house.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

After waiting at the corridor for several minutes, the still-somewhat-sleepy Hazuki-chan came walking towards me with her clothes changed.

“I'll send her back then, Himeji-san.”

“I'll go too...”

“No no no. If you do that, Minami will know that both of us are staying together.”

“Ahh...that's right. I'll stay at home and wait for Akira-san then.”

“Un, I'll leave it to you.”

I took two umbrellas and pushed the main door of the corridor.

“Good night, Hazuki-chan.”

“Good night, pretty onee-chan.”

Hazuki-chan waved her hand and said goodbye to Himeji-san before following me out of the house.

The heavy rain's over already, I guess. As it drizzled, I held Hazuki-chan's hand as we walked slowly down the night street.

“Hazuki-chan, are you still sleepy?”

“A little...”

Hazuki-chan struggled somewhat with holding the umbrella as she yawned and walked.

“In that case, I'll give you a special service.”

I knelt down in front of Hazuki-chan, who was nodding away in a sleepy manner, and she immediately understood my intent.

“Thank you, onii-chan...”

Hazuki-chan said as she climbed up my back.


I leaned the umbrella in my hand on my shoulder and carried Hazuki-chan as I walked on. The weight that came from behind was warm, and that sure did feel good.

And then, we continued to walk in the middle of the rain.

“Aki! Hazuki!”

Just when we were about to reach Minami's house, someone called our names.

“Ah, Minami, sorry for being late.”

“No, I should be the one. I'm sorry for not bringing her back.”

It's dangerous for a girl to walk alone at night. Even though Minami wanted to come over to my house to pick up Hazuki-chan, I was the one who stopped her, so she didn't have to apologize to me. Minami's rather polite too.

“My turn to carry.”

“I'll just carry her over to your house.”

“It's alright here. My house's nearby.”

“Un, got it.”

I handed the weight over to Minami. Hazuki-chan twitched for a moment, but soon found that Minami was the one carrying her and went back to dreamland.

“Hazuki, say thank you to Aki.”

Minami shook Hazuki-chan gently and prompted her to thank me.

“No need for that. She's still asleep. You don't have to worry about that.”

“That won't do. Oi, Hazuki, thank Aki.”

“U...onii-chan, thank you very much...”

Even though she was almost asleep, Hazuki-chan thanked me politely.

“No no, it's alright.”

I responded back,

And then—

“Please help Hazuki thank that pretty onee-chan too...”

“Eh? Hazuki? Are you talking about Akira-san?”

Minami asked the half-asleep Hazuki. Argh, just treat it as if she was talking in her dreams and leave it at that!

“I, I understand! I'll pass Hazuki-chan's feelings over to nee-san!”

I deliberately emphasized that the sister Hazuki-chan said was nee-san and wanted to end this topic.


“That's strange? I remember pretty onee-chan is used on Mizuki...”

Minami still noticed the suspicious thing about this. In that case, it can't be helped!

“I'll leave it at that then, Minami! See you at school tomorrow!”

“Ah! Wait a minute, Aki!”

If all else fails, retreat! I ran away as fast as I could before Minami discovered even more.

The Third Question[edit]

BTS vol 08 102b.jpg

BTS vol 08 102a.jpg

From the picture on the right, state from 1-4 the identities of the Indian Caste System.

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

① Brahmin ② Kshatriya ③ Vaishyas ④ Shudras

Teacher's comment

Correct answer. When translated down, they are separately known as 'priests', 'nobility or warriors', 'citizens' and slaves' It's best to remember their meaning.

Tsuchiya Kouta's answer:

① Brahmin King ② Brahmin Knight ③ Brahmin people ④ Brahmin.

Teacher's comment

BTS vol 08 103.jpg

Can you please remember something more than just Brahmin?

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:

① Brahmin (Mother) ② Brahmin (Older Sister) ③ Brahmin (Others) ④ Brahmin (Younger brother) ⑤ Brahmin (Father)

Teacher's comment

How in the world is your father being treated?

Nothing bad happened after that, and the day ended like that. The next day, Himeji-san and I pretended to meet together on the way and went to school.

It seemed that Himeji-san was the person on duty for today, and had to head to the staff room. So I went alone to the classroom and saw the frail Yuuji lying at his seat.

“Morning Yuuji—wah, what happened to your face?”

As I walked near him and wanted to say hello to him, I found that his face was all covered in bruises of all sizes, which really shocked me. That's right. His face was entirely covered with wounds and bruises. What happened?

“Ahh, morning Akihisa. I just fell down from the stairs due to lack of sleep.”

“Lack of sleep... were you playing computer games all night long?”

“Yeah...that was a very realistic game. Once I'm caught, I would be locked up inside a room that's no different from a prison.”

“Heh~ I didn't know such a game existed.”

Did such a game come out in the market?

I never remembered seeing this kind of game. Maybe it's because I hardly touched games ever since nee-san was living with me?

“But for Yuuji to be unable to sleep like that, I guess it's a rather interesting game, right?”

“No, it's not about whether it's interesting or not.'s more like a survival game where I have to continue even if I want to stop.”

“Un...I see. I'll try that game next time then.”

“Leave it to me. Even if you're not willing, I'll make you play it until the end. We'll start playing after school!”

Yuuji's tone had a mysterious determination in it. It's rare for Yuuji to recommend it so strongly. Is that game really that interesting? Even I'm looking forward to it.

“Ah, speaking of which...”

“Hm? What is it?”

Yuuji's eyes were sparkling strangely, probably thinking about the contents of that game just now. To be safe, I deliberately kept my voice low to ask something I had been wondering the entire time.

(Yuuji, you haven't told anyone about that, right?)

Of course, that thing I was talking about was the fact that I was living with Himeji-san. If this is revealed, I'll be pursued by everyone in class, so I have to keep this secret no matter what.

(I never said it to anyone. That's to be expected, right?)

After saying that, Yuuji's scarred and bruised face gave a radiant smile.

Un, as expected of the most trustworthy person when we're on the same boat. Once this guy can be used, my safety's assured.

(Thanks, that was a great help.)

After thanking him, I returned back to my seat.

I couldn't help but ask Yuuji just now just to be safe, but there's no need to worry that he would reveal my secret in the first place.

As the classroom's quieter than usual, it didn't feel like anything big will happen. Besides, once these guys know that Himeji-san and I are living together, their nature wouldn't allow them to sit back. These guys will immediately leap at me once they see me, and they didn’t do so, which would be the biggest proof that my secret's not revealed.

“Eh? What's wrong? Today's rather quiet compared to yesterday.”

“Ah, morning Hideyoshi.”

“Ohh, Hideyoshi, so you came.”

“Morning, Akihisa, Yuuji.”

Maybe it was because of morning practice that Hideyoshi came into the classroom slightly later. He looked around and said that. It's true that yesterday was really noisy...

“If it happened every day, it'll be really bad for our health. Right, Yuuji?”

“Yeah, that's how it is.”


Perhaps Hideyoshi sensed something strange as he gave a strange look.

“Is this ‘the calm before the storm’…”

Hideyoshi muttered to himself, and for some reason, his words remained in my ears.

The premonition never came true, and nothing special happened as things went on until school dismissal.

“Class dismissed. Don’t hang out on the streets. Hurry up and head home.”

With these words ending things, homeroom ended. Ironman didn’t stay for long and turned to leave the classroom.

“All right, then I’ll head for club activities.”

As if trying to follow Ironman and get away, Hideyoshi carried his bag and walked towards the gym.

“Sorry, I was called to help in the staff room. Please go home first, everyone.”

And then, Himeji-san said so as she packed her stuff and left the classroom. I’ll definitely make her feel bad if I wait for her here, so I decided to go home like she said.

“Then let’s go home, Yuuji?”

“Hm? Ahh, wait a sec.”

Yuuji said ‘wait’ and didn’t take his bag. What’s going on?

“Is it alright now, Muttsurini?”

“…There’s no presence of people nearby who will stop us. No problems.”

Yuuji closed his eyes and nodded his head slightly at Muttsurini? People who will stop us? What are they talking about?

“Everyone, sorry to keep you waiting.”

“No, I wasn’t really waiting for long…”

Hm? Yuuji’s eyes seem to look past me, right behind me—

“—Let the festival begin.”

“““YEAH! LET’S PARTY!!!”””

Killing intent!

Before I could even think too much, my body reacted instinctively and jumped aside. The next moment, there was an extra table at where I was standing. What? What’s the meaning of throwing the table onto the tatami!

“Yuuji! What’s going on!?”

“Akihisa! Today’s the day of your death! Return quietly to Hell and regret being born in this world!”

“Ever since Sakamoto brought it up in the morning, we have been waiting for this moment for a long time, Yoshii!”

“We waited until after school so that nobody would disturb us. We’ll make you see Hell clearly! DIE! YOSHII AKIHISSSSSAAAAAA!!”


Unknowingly, my classmates built several layers of human walls around me.

How did this happen! These simple-minded yet quick-footed straightforward guys would be able to endure until now after knowing my secret just to punish me!

“If we attacked you right from the beginning, there would still be lessons midway through, and we would be forced to stop the execution for the time being. But I won’t let you off that easily. Akihisa, enjoy the happy after-school time with everyone!”

Yuuji’s eyes were giving an uncomfortable evil glint. He didn’t take action on me yesterday when he found out the truth, and even said that he would try to hide this for me. Was that all a lie!?

“Yuuji! Why did you betray me!? Didn’t you promise?”

“What a pity, that’s only useful to me when it’s effective. When it’s not helpful to me and even causes disasters for me, what’s left is my rage towards you! I can’t get back anything by killing you, but I can’t get rid of my rage if I don’t do this…”

I have no idea what Yuuji was talking about at all, but the killing intent he was showing was definitely—and I’m absolutely certain about this. This guy’s…really is intending to send me to Hell!

“Everyone! Calm down! Yuuji’s obviously lying! How can Himeji-san be staying at my house? That’s a trap Yuuji set!”

To escape from this crisis in front of me, I desperately mentioned this baseless thing.

At this moment—

“Yeah. Everyone, please wait.”

At this moment, the only girl who stayed behind in the classroom—Minami suddenly spoke.

“Mi, Minami, are you willing to save me?”

“Didn’t you help me take care of Hazuki yesterday? I have to thank you properly for that.”

Minami said and smiled at me. That’s great! I’m finally saved! Thinking about it, I’m often in danger, but this may be the first time someone’s willing to stand up for me.

“Aki, thank you for yesterday. Because of you, Hazuki didn’t get a cold due to the rain.”

Seeing this delighted me, Minami shook her ponytail slightly and bowed slightly to me.

“Nonono, that’s nothing much.”

In fact, that’s really nothing much. Hazuki-chan’s just Minami’s little sister and my friend, so we should help each other out.

“No, you really helped us. Because of this, I…”

“Because of this…so?”

“—So I could tell that Mizuki was really staying at your house!”




The killing intent Minami released caused the classmates that were surrounding me to take a few steps back. Is this how we should thank when necessary and punish when necessary? Did Minami intend to thank me and execute me when she said ‘please wait’ while I’m still conscious?

“I thought that Hazuki mixed up Akira-san with Mizuki, but after hearing what Sakamoto said, it seemed that Hazuki wasn’t mistaken. Aki, you really know how to anger me.”

That Yuuji…why did he reveal my secret! If he didn’t say too much, Minami would have thought that Hazuki-chan was wrong, and things wouldn’t get worse…ah, I can’t let things go on let this! Got to find a way to escape! While everyone’s backing away in fear of Minami, it’ll be the best chance for me to escape!

“I can’t die here!”

“Ah! Yoshii! Hold it right there!”

“Damned bastard! You dare to run away!? Sakamoto, what should we do?”

“There’s no need to panic. Send 5 guys to hunt him down. Everyone else is to stand guard at each of the school’s entrances, and shrink the perimeter down. We have a lot of time to catch him. There’s no need to panic!”


The conversation could be heard from behind me. I may be able to escape if they searched for me frantically. That damned Yuuji…maybe it’s because he had to escape so many times that he knew all the scenarios a fugitive doesn’t want to meet the most! I feel that he’s a very disgusting person when we’re on the same side, but he’s really irritating when he’s my enemy.

“Yuuji…I’ll make you pay for what happens today!”

The rage of being hunted down…I’LL MAKE YOU PAY WITH YOUR LIFE!

I’m not a man if I don’t take revenge. I swore solemnly to myself and quickly ran to the new school compound to avoid Yuuji’s perimeter.

“Damn it! Someone’s keeping guard here too…?”

After having finally shaken off the 5 guys, I came to the first level and looked around where I was, but I could see F class members everywhere.

“Damn it…I can’t get away like this.”

I was so anxious that I felt like biting my fingernails.

Yuuji’s normally an idiot, but no matter how rotten he is inside, I can’t underestimate the fact that he was once called a ‘genius’. The tactics Yuuji ordered were so precise that it was irritating, and all the exits that could lead outside (even the windows) were guarded. They weren’t just guarding, but showing signs of shrinking the perimeter. Even if I deliberately show myself to mess their movements up, these guys wouldn’t just follow, and the contact with each other didn’t collapse as they closed in on me, slowly but surely. They had such efficient movement as they closed in, and I couldn’t hide my whereabouts at all and break through their perimeter. This is bad, this is really bad!

“In that case, I can only think of getting to the second level window and jump up…”

I don’t really want to do this, but it couldn’t be helped. Better go to the first years classrooms and jump out from the windows…

Once I had this thought, I looked around to check the situation and moved to the second level. At this moment—

“How about your side? Did you see him?”

“Yeah, we just spotted him. We have definitely surrounded him.”

“Okay, continue with Sakamoto’s plan.”

I could see F class people chasing me on the second level. So they have shrunk the perimeter to that small a size…to even think about my hesitation to jump out from the window and shrink the perimeter slowly like that…that damned Yuuji!

It’s now dangerous to escape from the second level. Right now, I can only head to the third or fourth level, or even the roof. Without any preparations at all, it’s impossible to jump off from the window and hope to survive.

“Damn it. My actions are being controlled by him.”

There’s a powerless feeling like I’m being forced into a dead end. If this keeps up, I’ll be completely trapped. If I really have to do something before I die, the best thing to do is to kill that Yuuji…but unfortunately, there’s no such chance.

Thus, I could only grit my teeth and move to the third level. I had no way back.

“In that case, I can only use the escape device for fire escape—no, if I use that slow thing to get them, they’ll be waiting for me to land there, and it’ll all be over.”

Anyway, I better get to the third level and find some way to escape. Maybe there’s something I can use…

“Yoshii, what are you doing?”

A voice suddenly came from behind me and nearly caused me to scream out.

Damn it! Was I found out?

I timidly looked around to see the person who spoke—the one who called my name. It was a girl with neat short hair and sharp eyes.

“Eh? Aren’t you C class’ rep…Koyama-san?”

“That’s right, that’s me.”

Koyama-san showed me a rather unenthusiastic expression as she responded. What should I say? She look like she’s reserved against calling me, but why did she call me in the first place?

No, now’s not the time to think too much about this. Right now, the most important thing is to escape from this current crisis.

“I’m escaping to save my life because a lot of things happened. If there’s nothing, I’m on my way!”

Just when I got ready to turn around and leave—

“Please wait. Are you being chased by F class?”

“Nn, that’s right.”

Koyama-san started asking for some reason.


Reason…because the fact that Himeji-san’s living with me was revealed, so—

“Eh…basically, it’s because of jealousy.”

"Jealousy? Un…I see.”

I seemed to see a glint flash in Koyama-san’s eyes for some reason.

“To take action faster than me. As expected of F class…”

Koyama-san started muttering something to herself. What’s going on?

“I understand. In that case, I’ll help you get away from here.”


It’s unexpected that she would say that, which made me suspicious. She’s going to help me escape? Koyama-san? She’s willing to help me?

“Please don’t be mistaken. Besides, if F class creates trouble again in this situation, our second year batch which already had a bad reputation will be even lowered. I’m not doing this to help you.”

Koyama-san coldly answered my question.

Ahh, I see, so it’s because of that reason. It’s true that the 3rd year sempais were giving us sterner looks. As a fellow peer, she couldn’t just sit back and watch.

Well, no matter what reason it is, anyway,

“Koyama-san, are you willing to help me out?”

“Yes, I’ll make an exception only this time.”

That’s great! Someone was actually willing to help me! And I never even expected this person. This should be something Yuuji didn’t expect, so I may really be able to break through and survive!

“Basically, you’re being hunted down by your classmates, right?”

“Un, that’s how it is. And they’re strategically hunting me down slowly. Right now, I can only escape to the fourth level and the roof.”

“Fuun…in that case…”

Goso goso, Koyama-san rummaged something out.

“Put this clothing on, wear a wig and dress up as a girl. Wouldn’t that do? I guess you should be able to avoid being hunted.”

Koyama-san took out a girls uniform and a wig, the so-called female attire set. Eh…why does Koyama-san have such things?

“Koyama-san, are you…”

“What? Is there anything you’re unhappy with?”

“Are you…actually a guy?”

“What’s with your thinking!?”

She’s angry.

“My situation has nothing to do with you, right? Are you wearing them or not?”

Koyama-san said that with an unhappy look. Uu…another girl’s outfit…emotionally, I’m really unwilling. I don’t want to dress up as a girl at all.


“Really, that Aki, where did he go? I’ll only be willing to forgive him if I push him down the roof. If he scampers off again, once I catch him, I’ll push him down without questioning him! I can’t get rid of my own anger!”

However, the voice that came with the wind was muttering ‘take the lesser evil of the two’. Comparing between my pride and my life, my life would be more important! Right now, I have nothing to hesitate about even if I have to wear it once or twice.”

“Koyama-san, please lend me this then. Thank you.”

“Shouldn’t you have said it right from the beginning? You’re really troublesome. Here, take it.”

Though she muttered this, Koyama-san handed me my disguise. Right now, I have no right to complain.

“Speaking of which, is it really alright to lend me this outfit?”

“It’s alright. That was specially prepared for you anyway.”

“Eh? For me?”

“Ah! It’s nothing, nothing at all! Don’t worry.”

Koyama-san looked a little panicky as she waved her hands. Un…I don’ t really understand…

“Anyway, thank you very much, Koyama-san.”

“I think the pursuers from F class haven’t gone near the empty classroom that’s unlocked in the old building. You can change there.”

“Un! I’ll go there to change then.”

After taking the uniform and wig from Koyama-san, I turned around and head towards the empty classroom. The perimeter that was meant to capture me was becoming smaller and smaller, and now I have no time to hesitate.

“Then do your best…in more ways than me.”

Koyama-san said with some special meaning behind it.

“Girls’ uniform…guys normally wouldn’t be associated with such a thing…”

I ran through the corridor linking towards the old school building as I muttered to myself. Luckily, like what Koyama-san said, those pursuers look like they haven’t surrounded the classroom.

“Saa…it’s pointless to sigh. Better change first…”

I rushed into the empty classroom, closed the door tight and started to take off my clothes.

“Eerm…how do I wear this?”

It’s really complicated to wear a girl’s uniform, and I really don’t know, but if I waste too much them and they rush in, it’ll be bad. Anyway, I better put my wig on.

Thinking about this, I stripped myself until I had my boxers on and wore the wig in my hands.

“Ah, Aki-cha—Yoshii-kun!”


A seemingly familiar female student rushed into the room. No way! The pursuers!

"Like what Koyama-san said! Aki-cha…Yoshii-kun’s really here!”

A seemingly quiet and well-behaved girl with 3 braids was blushing hard as she stared at me. Was she Yuuji’s assassin…no, this person couldn’t be a pursuer. How could an ordinary girl join that horrifying FFF?

But…if that’s the case, why would this girl follow me and enter this classroom? From the words she spoke, I can tell that she was looking for me.

“As expected…so cute…”


What’s going on? This girl’s stare is making me feel hot.

“Well…I’m Tamamo Miki from D class.”

“Ah, un. I’m Yoshii Akihisa from F class.”

We lowered our heads in the empty classroom and introduced ourselves. My own life and death’s pressing right down between my forehead. What am I doing…

“Well…can I talk to you for a while?”

“Sorry, I’m being hunted now, and I only have boxers on. If possible, can we talk next time?”

“Well, actually I—”

“Hello, are you listening to me? I did say that ‘I’m being hunted’ and ‘I only have a pair of boxers on me’. Either way, now’s not a situation where I can talk carefreely! Why can you still continue to talk?”

She really looks well-behaved, but she’s just someone who’ll do anything according to her own whims. That’s really hard to get along…

“Actually, I have someone I like.”

“I, I see. That’s good. Anyway, can you please turn around?”

“That person’s really, really cute~”

“Someone cute. That’s great. Anyway, can you please turn back?”

“And he’s a little stupid.”

“I got it! I know you have someone you like! But can you at least let me change?”

I’m now embarrassed and in an awkward position here, but she never had any intention of looking away from me. What! What kind of prank is this!

“But, that person, that person looks so happy everyday~”

“Ahh, I see. Unnn.”

Can’t be helped then. I don’t understand what’s the situation at all, but it seems that she’s not concentrating on me, so I can only use my clothing to block and change secretly.

“I feel that I can get happiness by being with him. That’s the impression the boy gives me.”

That boy? The term sounds a little weird, but now, the most important thing is to hurry up and change before talking. It’s so embarrassing to wear girls’ clothing in front of a girl, so much that I wanna die…but, if I don’t wear it, I’ll really die…

“Oh, so he’s such a boy.”

I responded nonchalantly, and as I took the shirt, I suddenly thought. If it’s the shirt, guys and girls shouldn’t be too different, right? In that case, I might as well wear my own shirt.

Just when I took that shirt I just took off,

“That’s right! He’s really really cute! He’s the best!”

My hand that was about to get the clothing was suddenly grabbed. Ehhh!? Did she just hear that response I made just now!?

“Wa, wait a second, Tamano-san! Calm down and let me go first—”

“He’s so cute he’s so cute! He’s so cute that I really want to eat him up!”

I know that person’s cute already! So please hurry up and hand me my shirt!

Maybe she was overly excited as Tamano-san continued to grab my hand and my shirt. Wait…what’s the situation now? Why am I wearing boxers and tussling over a shirt with a girl in an empty classroom?

“He’s so cute that I nearly forget his gender!”

In comparison to her forceful tone, the force Tamano-san used to pull was even harder, and my shirt landed in her hands mercilessly. I, I actually lost to a girl in strength…

BTS vol 08 123.jpg

As a boy, I’m really devastated by this fact, but looking at the current situation, it’s hard to get my shirt back from her. I can only reach out for the girl’s shirt Koyama-san lent. This is really bad…I never intended to dirty a borrowed shirt!!!

“And that boy has a lot of fans in school, both male and female!!”


The girl in front of my snatched the girl’s shirt Koyama-san lent me with shocking force. This girl looks like she’s really in her own world, but she’s always looking at me! In this case, I can’t even appear in front of anyone, let alone those guys from F class!

“If I continue to drag on, other people will take the initiative…so, I, I decided to gather my courage and confess!”

“Ahh! Even the coat…Tamano-san, I beg of you! At least leave the pants to me!”

Tamano-san snatched my clothing one by one and laid them on her arms.

I don’t know what to do if I’m only left with a skirt, but if I can wear pants, I won’t be arrested by the cops. Now I have to cling on to this last line of defense…

“It’s my first time, but I’ll do my best!”

“I got it! I’ll help you! I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ll help you with all I’ve got, so please don’t be so forceful. You’re going to rip the waistline! Please return my pants, will you!?”

My pleas obviously became feeble, and unknowingly, all my clothing was in her hands. Maybe she’s really the assassin sent by Yuuji, right? Yuuji already knew that I would be stuck in such a situation, and actually snatched my clothing. That’s way too despicable!

“It’s okay, it’s okay…I practiced this many times at home…”

Tamano-san continued to breathe hard in front of me. The uniform that she snatched away was already thrown somewhere I couldn’t reach. Looks like I can’t get them back.

Anyway, since things ended up like this, I better settle this with her before moving on. Once she’s completely satisfied, she’ll definitely return the uniform.

Even if I only have boxers on myself, I better not think too much and listen to what she has to say first.

“Then…are you willing…to listen to me?”

“Un, tell me.”

Seeing such a serious girl, I nodded at her as one of my hands was holding onto the wig I took off. Don’t worry about such small things! Right now, I have to think of how to break through this tough situation!

“That’s great…well, Aki-cha—Yoshii-kun!”

“Tamano-san, I think I should tell you straight first. You must be calling me ‘Aki-chan’ secretly all the time, right?”

“I, I have someone I like!”

“No, you mentioned this before. Anyway, you should call me properly—”

“So, Aki-cha…Akiko-chan!”

“No! I don’t want such a worsened ending! My name’s Akihisa!”

What’s this person trying to say to me? Bullying? Or is it some gag show messing with me? Is everyone hiding somewhere and laughing at me while I’m all troubled?

I have no idea what her intentions were at all, but Tamano-san said in a really passionate tone.

“Please! Please go steady with me!”


The conversation just now went into a vague direction, on hearing those words from her, my mind was left blank.

Going steady? What? What’s that?

“Erm…you’re talking about that…with you?”

“Tha, that’s me…tha…and Aki—Aki-chan…”

The Aki-chan she said should be referring to…me? Me, Tamano-san—dating? Isn’t this a so-called love confession!?

“Ehhh!? What’s going on!? Why does Tamano-san like someone like me…”

“Please don’t say ‘someone like me’! Yoshii-kun may not know it very well, but Aki-chan’s really an attractive person!”

She forcefully declared that. This is the first time since I was born that a girl confessed to me. Well…how should I describe this…

“Because Aki-chan’s so handsome and so cute! Whether it’s the thin and soft skin, the large eyes or the shyness when you are forced to wear girls’ clothing and blushing, they’re all so cute! Yoshii-kun should know the charm of that kid!”

The overly excited Tamano-san closed in on me with shocking momentum.

“Ah…so, sorry.”

Perhaps she noticed that she was being way too rash as Tamano-san recovered and back away from me before lowering her head.

“So, that…”

Thinking about it for a while, Tamano-san then continued.

“Please, please become…my one and only Aki-chan who belongs to me only!”

That’s way too strange. I should be even happier than someone of the opposite gender confessed to me, but why is it that I can’t really answer her when I really got confessed to?

Actually, there’s really nothing much to say. Since she’s really serious in asking me to go steady with her, I should be more cautious and think of how to answer her.

In my mind, I simulated what the situation will be like if I went out with her.

“Yo, kept you waiting for long?”

“No, I just happened to arrive just now—hey, what’s with that attire of yours?”

“Eh? Just an ordinary T-shirt and jeans.”

“No wig and skirt? That’s too much! I wanted to bring you to an accessory shop that’s suited for Aki-chan!”

“No no no, Tamano-san, I have no interest in those things at all—ACK! Killing intent!?”

“Yoshii Akihisa…to even dare get a girlfriend. Have you forgotten about the pact of the FFF…”

“Wait a second! Our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriends are still in douuubbbbtttt!!!”

“Bury him!”


Shockingly, that’s not a heartening scene for me.

The problem’s not whether I liked or hated Tamano-san, but that we’re already fated not to be together. I can’t go out with her.

After saying that, I looked up and exchanged looks with Tamano-san.

“Sorry, Tamano-san. I’m really sorry, but I—”

Without waiting for me to finish, Tamano-san hurriedly said,

“I, I’ll definitely do my best! I’ll work hard to make lots of cute clothing for you to wear! Every week—no, every day! I’ll make lots of cute things that Aki-chan will like!”

Perhaps Tamano-san heard that ‘sorry’ part as she started to promote her good points. No…how should I put it. If someone says that ‘I’m willing to go out with you’ after hearing those words from her…will Tamano-san be really happy about having such a boyfriend?

“I don’t mean that. I’m sorry. I can’t go out with you.”

I really can’t follow her to that world.

On hearing my answer, Tamano-san went silent, and half a beat later, she asked me,

“You can’t go out with me, don’t tell me…it’s because you have someone you like…”

No matter whether I have someone I like or not, it’s unlikely that I’ll change my answer.

Even so, now that she’s using such a serious expression to ask me, I really find it hard not to answer her properly. Uu…how should I explain this to her? I really have no experience in this…

“Well…if I really have to say it, I do have…”

It’s really hard to say it out. No…instead of saying that it’s hard to answer, it’s more like I really don’t know how to answer. Besides, I never really thought through this seriously.

“Then, the person Aki-chan likes is—”

“Tha, that’s…”

My voice was stuck in my voice. This is really tough. I really don’t know what to do now.

Speaking of which, why am I forced in such a ridiculous predicament?

Maybe in my life, there wouldn’t be such a memorable confession, yet I’m only wearing a pair of boxers, and I’m really scared of the imminent danger. Also, I’m not the one being confessed to, but me in my girl disguise. How is fate manipulating me now?

To escape from the trouble in front of me, to escape from this reality that’s hard to resist, I started to use all my brain cells to find the culprit behind all this mess.

Where did I go wrong? How did such a negative chain of reaction occur?

“That person is…”

After thinking about it, a person’s profile appeared in my mind. That’s right. It all started once this person betrayed me!

The rage continued to rise up from the bottom of my torso. It’s all that guy’s fault! I won’t let it rest the next time I see him!

I started to search to all sorts of ways to execute my enemy.

At this moment, that mastermind himself appeared on the corridor, perhaps to check things out as he appeared in my eyes. Found him! So he’s actually moving about this! Now that I find you here, you’re dead meat! I’m going to kill you mercilessly and appease the rage inside me!



I couldn’t help but curse as I roared out. As I roared out, the other pursuers may definitely find me. But~, who cares about that now!?”

“Yo, you’re saying Yuuji…Sakamoto Yuuji!? Yoshii-kun likes Sakamoto-kun?”

Tamano-san seemed to be really shocked by something, but I’ll talk about that later. I have to catch that scum and beat him up good!

I transformed into Asura and leaped on the corridor. Yuuji, it’s your death today!!

I used all my strength to run down the corridor, and on the way, I seemed to hear someone tremble and mutter softly,

“…I, I’ think I just heard something big…!”

I just wanted to head to the empty classroom to get some props, but such a thing actually happened…knowing this unexpected thing, I really don’t know what to do…

“…Hideyoshi, what’s wrong?”

“Muu, un…Muttsurini…actually, that...I just went to the empty classroom to get some props the drama club needed, but I heard something big.”

“…Something big?”

“This really isn’t something that should be said to others, but I really can’t calm down…Muttsurini, are you willing to listen to me?”

“...I understand. Muttsurini store will definitely keep this secret tightly.”

“That’ll really help me out. Actually…”


That female student—if I remember correctly, she’s Tamano from D class, right?

That girl called Tamano,

“Likes him!”




To think that it wasn’t just Himeji and Shimada. That lad actually got confessions from other students…that fact really shocked me…

“…I, I just heard something really big…”

While heading to my club, I went by a certain classroom, and heard Muttsurini-kun and others talking about such a thing…that unexpected thing’s really shocking…

“Aiko? What’s with you?”

“Ah…Yuuko. Actually…that…I just went by the old campus for club and heard something unbelievably big.”

“Something big?”

The way he talks, it’s definitely Yuuko’s little brother—Kinoshita Hideyoshi.

That Kinoshita Hideyoshi—

“Likes him!”




“…Mi, Miharu just heard something big…”

I went after Yuuji in hot pursuit, but I lost him the next moment. Damn it, I revealed my position while being pursued. Besides, even though she's a little weird, it doesn't feel right to leave a girl who confessed to me in the classroom.

“Better head back to the empty classroom and sort things out...”

Ah, after muttering for a while, I found that I'm wearing only boxers! More than her problem, I have to wear my own clothes first!

I frantically returned back to the empty classroom and intended to wear my own clothes. Tamano-san looked like she had left, and there's only a uniform of each gender in the classroom. It looked like I really did something bad to Tamano-san...

As I was just confessed to, I lost all motivation to wear a girl's uniform, so I casually took my boy's uniform and wore it. Got to return this girl's uniform to Koyama-san...

“'s just like yesterday. Things just happen one after another...”

I sighed and tucked my borrowed uniform under my armpit. Is Koyama-san still in school?

Being wary of the situation around me, I cautiously moved to C class—


Howls of anger came from below. What's going on!?




If killing intent can be materialized, Fumitzuki Gakuen would likely become rubble.

A horrifying atmosphere came from downstairs, and I don't even dare too look down at, it's not downstairs. This vengeful and horrifying killing intent is obviously closing in on me!

“Yoshii-kun. Found you~I'm going to kill you~It's alright to kill you, right? I can fly, right?”



My classmates were moving in an empty manner like ghosts as they swayed about in front of me. They ignored Yuuji's instructions completely, and now they're a gang of berserkers. What happened to them?

“What? What's going on?”

It seemed that they rage had reached the limit, and the situation now became so dangerous it couldn't be controlled. The bones in their necks look so soft it felt like their necks couldn't support their heads. My classmates were swaying and moving closer to me, looking just like the ghosts that came out from a nightmare, disgusting and scary.

“This, this can't continue on! I’ve got to run away first.”

There's no time to predict their movements. I can only turn around and run quickly to escape this nightmare!




A somewhat normal commanding roar came from behind him.

What's going on? These people are all shouting to kill, capture and execute or something, but after hearing those classmates behind me, I just felt relieved. So, not everyone became a berserker. That's great...





I desperately tried to run away from my classmates who prided themselves in their leg power.

At this moment—


Unknowingly, my best worst friend looked like he was running away from something and dashing beside me.

“...Yuuji, what are you doing?”

“You can tell right? I'm running away!”

“Eh? What are you running away from?”

“The devil!”

“...Yuuji, I won't forgive you for cheating on me on the first day we're about to have our new life together.”

Looking closely, amongst the boys that are rather fast, there was a girl who had long black hair flying as she ran really fast. When did Kirishima-san...

“Cheating on her? What did you do this time?”

“How would I know?”

“And what's with you living together?”





We attacked each other as we ran, and at this moment, a few people appeared in front of us. It's those lifeless faces. They're...

“You can't get away~how troublesome~should we kill those people together? It may be lonely for someone to die alone~”



“Akihisa, I'll help you out. These guys really don't look good.”

“Okay, Yuuji! The most important thing right now is to keep my life safe!”

To get away from those berserkers, we immediately rushed down to the first level.

They're holding onto metal pipes and bats with nails that were obtained from someplace I don't know. If I'm not thinking too much...they just need to swing it about and the concrete walls beside them will show cracks!

“...Yuuji, is Yoshii really that good? Is that rumor true...”

“Wait, Yuuji! What's the rumor Kirishima-san said? Why did my name appear all of a sudden?”

“I'm not sure too! I heard that after Tamano Miki from D class confessed to you, you used some reason that's related to me to reject her, which caused this absurd rumor!”


I tried to recall what I just did up till now.

Let me conversation with Tamano-san back then seemed to be like—

“Then, the person Aki-chan likes is—”

“Tha, that’s…”

“That person is…”


Oh, I see...

“It's a baseless rumor alright! Other people would misunderstand this because of Yuuji's bad nature!”

“You must know something about it!”

“Of course not! If someone asks me to be honest and say whether I like or hate Yuuji, I'll definitely say 'I hate him so much that I want to rip him to shreds'!”

“I have the same feeling about this too! If anyone asks me if I like or hate you, I'll definitely say 'I really want to mince him into pig feed'!”

“Really? Our hearts are really in sync.”

“Oi, those two were already living with girls and confessed to, but they really seem like they like each other...”

“That's too dangerous! For the sake of all the humans in the world, it looks like we can only bury them deep inside the mountains.”

“...Yuuji, I won't ever forgive you.”

I didn't mean that when I said that our hearts are in sync! But no matter how I explain it, they won't really listen seriously.

“Yuuji, we better hurry up and escape. To the right!”

“I got it!”

We're running to those berserkers with lifeless eyes! It's scary! These classmates of mine are really scary!

“Don't get away~don't run away~you're not running over~”

Seeing the metal bat they're holding about to swing down,

“Watch me!”

We suddenly dodged into the classroom. It was a short moment, but they'll lose sight of Yuuji and me, right?

“Alright, now let's hurry and see if there's any suitable weapon to use...”

They're not just scary berserkers, but also holding weapons, so we have to find weapons to fight against them!

Thinking about this, Yuuji and I desperately tried to look for weapons nearby we could use.

However, at this moment, a strong and sturdy body with immense fighting ability appeared right in front of me.


That's right. It's the teacher who's looking at us reluctantly, that teacher called 'Ironman'.


Looking around the classroom, what appeared in my eyes was the spine of several books with the title 'Life Counselling Outlines'.

““Sorry, we're mistaken!””

Yuuji and I felt a chill down our backs as we bowed to Ironman and turned right.


“Well, you've been dragged into this classroom by me so many times, so I guess you should understand this well...”

The rough and heavy voice came from behind.

“—The door to the life counseling room can't be opened without the key.”

No matter how we tried to twist the handle, the metal door wouldn't budge at all.

“Open it! Hurry up and open! Get me away from this hell!”

“Da, damn it! Damned bastard! Open up!”

Crak crak crak. We tried our best to twist the handle, but what we got in response was the mercilessly cold touch from the metal handle.

“Alright, you two. I don't know what you two caused again, but to think that you two would automatically come over to accept counseling, it's really heartening.”

“No no no, you're mistaken! It's Yuuji—this idiot Sakamoto said that he wanted to have sensei's counseling, so I came over to accompany him!”

“Hold on a minute, you bastard! You have guts to betray me and run away! Ironman, don't be mistaken! This guy—”

“Don't say it. You two came over, and even though I'm busy, I can help you with extra remedial.”


Yuuji and I were grabbed by the strong and sturdy arms on our necks. Let go of me! Let me escape! Someone save me from here!

Perhaps our inner thoughts were passed out as the door that wouldn't budge at all let out a thud and is being pushed from the outside. This, don't tell me...a miracle's happening!

“...Sensei, I want to take this remedial as well!”

As Kirishima-san said that, the door slowly closed behind her just like how it opened before. In a poetic way of putting it, it's like that door leads us to our future,

“It's Kirishima. You have no need to take remedial, right?”

“...In that case, I'll teach Yuuji things like health education and common sense.”

“Is that so? That'll really help me out. Sensei can focus entirely on Yoshii then.”

That door that leads to our future closed in an icy and merciless fashion.

“Wait, Shouko! I don't need your help to teach me! Especially about common sense!”

“Sensei, this is too much! Why can Yuuji get a personal lesson from the beautiful Kirishima-san, and I'm stuck with a one-on-one personal teaching with Ironman? I strongly demand for a change!”

“What are you saying? Kirishima's the first in the cohort. You two have to learn from her.”

“...Sensei, we'll move to the sofa on the other side. I want to personally teach Yuuji the practical application of health education.”

“You heard that, Ironman? Didn't she just say something that would cause people to question her sanity? I have no need for such a remedial! Hurry up and let me go!”

“Who are you calling Ironman?”

“Oi! Why did you only hear the last part? Isn't what Shouko said before that more important!?”

“That's right, sensei! The most important thing is that this scum Yuuji tricked Kirishima-san! As a teacher, shouldn't you be guiding us to the right path!?”

“You're very noisy! Stop yapping and sit down!”



“...Seems like those two can't get out today.”

“We can only execute them tomorrow then.”

“That's really too bad. I really wanted to kill them today~!”

In the end, we were forced to take Ironman's special lesson until the school gates closed.

“It’s raining again today…”

Once special remedial ended, I walked out of the school gate, and it started to drizzle.

I didn’t bring my umbrella again, but after yesterday’s experience, I decided not to look for a place to hide from the rain, but run quickly back home in the rain. However, it was different from yesterday in that the rain stopped before I got home. Really, this…I suddenly felt that I had lots of things I could spot from these small things…

“I’m back…”

As I raised my hands to shake off the water droplets on me, I opened the door to the corridor.

“We, well, welcome back, Akihisa-kun!”

“Ah, I’m back. Himeji-sa—NNNNNNN!?”

Himeji-san, who came home earlier than me, deliberately went to the door to invite me in. This is good…this is supposed to be good…

“Well, Himeji-san…”

“Ye, yes!”

“What’s with your attire?”

“I, I wear this normally! That’s my attire at home!”

She’s wearing a T-shirt that revealed much of the skin on her shoulders, a mini-skirt that would show lots of dangerous images once she bends down! No matter how I see it, it’s overly revealing! How should I put it? This really makes Himeji-san look too perverse…Himeji-san’s breasts were already so big, and this revealing outfit that exposed much of her shoulders, and they would show so much of her figure that ordinary people won’t be able to hang on. No matter whether her shirt would slide down her shoulders or not, it wouldn’t be surprising at all…

“Do you normally wear this at home? But it seemed like you've never worn this before yesterday…”

Up till yesterday, Himeji-san was wearing shirts that didn’t show much skin, and the skirt was a little long. For her to come up with such a bold style, what caused a change in her mood?

“Yesterday…ye, yes, it was colder during the past few days! The temperature just went back up today, so I’m wearing what I normally wear!”

It’s true that it’s a little warmer than yesterday, but there’s no need for such change thar she had to suddenly change her attire, right? And it rained today. Though it’s a little warmer, I can still feel a little cold today.

“What happened?”

“Nothing at all! This is how I am normally!”

Himeji-san raised her voice agitatedly. Seeing her like this, something definitely happened.

Speaking of which, I’m a guy, so of course I’ll be happy about seeing Himeji-san wearing such sensual and revealing clothes. However, that’s before I mention my personal safety. If I find that Himeji-san’s wearing such clothing and living with me, my nee-san will definitely break two or three finger bones. Also…seeing Himeji-san like this, I may even lose my sanity and do something unforgivable by accident!

“Let’s leave that aside for now. Shall we eat first? Shall we have dinner first? Or…shall we have dinner[6]?”

It sounded like a sweet conversation newlyweds would have, but it’s a little weird hearing Himeji-san say that. That sounds really similar to the ‘Death or Die. Choose one you like’ someone told me before.

“On a side note, I recommend—”

“I’ll take a shower then.”

“Sho, shower, is it?”

Upon hearing my answer, Himeji-san seemed like she squeezed out all the courage in her and had paused at this conversation.

“In, ininin that case—I’ll help you scrub your back!”

What is this Missy saying now?


I couldn’t help but let out this puzzled tone. Eh…what did Himeji-san just say?

“Nonono, Himeji-san, I’ll do the scrubbing myself.”

“Sorry. I know it’s against the rules to enter the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me, but I have no courage to go completely naked…”


Did she really think that nothing will happen if she just scrubs my back…?

“You, you don’t have to be so irate!”

“No, I’m not irritated!”

“Do, don’t look at me like this. Actually, I…”

Himeji-san stuttered, but she seemed to be working really hard to tell me something as she forcefully squeezed her voice out and complained.

“My, my breasts…are rather…big, you know…”

Maybe it was too shameful as Himeji-san immediately blushed and lowered her head after saying that. What’s going on? What caused her to become like this? And even if she never mentioned that her breasts are big, I already know how big her breasts are!

“Waiwaiwait a sec, calm down, Himeji-san! What happened?”

“Nothing at all! It’s normal when girls meet guys! It’s a lot healthier than having two guys together!”

Himeji-san continued. Hm? Two guys together? Healthy? Did she…

“Himeji-san. Did you hear some strange rumor at school or something—”

“It, it seems to be a little hot, isn’t it, Akihisa-kun?”

I haven’t even finished, and Himeji-san went to the next topic.

Maybe she was really nervous as she continued to fan herself into her chest clumsily, and this may be to show more of her breasts to excite me. But Himeji-san really didn’t know how to tug her shirt and fan herself as she could only wave about wildly in the air.

BTS vol 08 151.jpg

“Well, Himeji-san…you’re rather embarrassed, right? It’s better not to force yourself.”

“Embarrassed? What are you saying? I don’t understand at all!”

But she stubbornly leaned over to me. WAH! Himeji-san’s T-shirt collar is so wide that if she leans forward, I’ll see a lot of things I shouldn’t be seeing!

“That what is form is emptiness, that which is emptiness is form[7]…troubles quickly get away from me, don’t think of any perverted things!”


Seeing me try to chase those evil thoughts away from me, Himeji-san couldn’t help but widen her eyes. There’s no need for this girl to seduce me with such a clumsy method! The damage will be greater!

“Uu…Akihisa-kun’s not interested in me at all…do I have to do those things written in this book…”

Himeji-san turned around and muttered as she took out that secret reference book nee-san confiscated from me—OI, WAIT A SEC!

“Himeji-san, what are you reading? That’s not what a girl should be reading! Hurry up and return it?

“Ah…but, if he keeps this book, wouldn’t that mean that Akihisa-kun’s interested in girls too? But Akihisa-kun didn’t react to me at all, so that means Akihisa-kun feels that my presence is ignorable…uuu…”

“You’re crying now? I should be the one crying now!”

“That’s too much…Akihisa-kun’s too much…”

Himeji-san covered her face with both hands and sobbed in front of me.

“I’m back.”

At this moment, nee-san’s voice came from the corridor.

“Ahhh! Nee-san’s back! Anyway, please don’t cry and get something not that revealing, Himeji-san!”

“Telling me to wear something that doesn’t reveal skin. Akihisa-kun has no interest in me at all…that’s too much…”

“Da, damn it! In that case, at least return that Ero-book to me—”

“No! I’ll be troubled if this book’s taken away! This is the guide to make Akihisa-kun interested in girls!”

“Don’t say something that’s so vague—Himeji-san, please give up and stop resisting!”


Himeji-san continued to hug the Ero-book in front of her chest. Can’t be helped. In that case, even if I have to be a little forceful, I have to…

Just when I grabbed Himeji-san’s wrist,

“…I can roughly understand what’s going on.”

The cruel thing was, time ran out on me.

“Ah, nee-san, welcome back.”

“Welcome back, Akira-san”

“Yes, I’m back.”

Nee-san gave me a somewhat kind smile.

“Aki-kun, please choose a finger you like.”

In this situation, it’s really great that a broken finger can solve this problem…should I really be saying this?

The Fourth Question[edit]

Question: Please fill in a suitable English word in the blank.

Bread is made from ____.

Kirishima Shouko's answer:


Teacher's Comment

Correct answer. The meaning is 'Bread is made from ___'. 'Be made from' would be a passive way of saying 'make A from B', which means that 'A is made from this thing B'. Thus, if you answer 'toaster' it would be an equipment instead of ingredient, which wouldn't be correct. Please take note of this.

Yoshii Akihisa's answer

'Happy White Powder'

Teacher's comment

BTS vol 08 155.jpg

Happy White Powder. This won't do, not at all.

Himeji Mizuki's answer

'Potassium Carbonate'

Teacher's comment

To think that Himeji-san would know of such a difficult term called potassium carbonate. But this is a raw material for making glass, not for making bread. Did you mistake bread for bead? Though they are similar looking white powder, it'll be a huge disaster to use potassium carbonate to make bread.

But nobody will use such a thing to make bread anyway (laughs)

“I suppose everyone should understand this well, but from today onwards, you can start your summoning battles. This is a good chance to test out your progress in the first term, and I hope every student will take part enthusiastically.


“Also, there will be pipe lying in between the first and second level in the old campus, so—”


“And I'll have to talk to you about the student exchange module—”

“““Yoshii, Sakamoto...we'll kill you!”””

Nee-san's punishment yesterday (in the end, broken fingers weren't enough to appease her anger) made me lose consciousness in pain, and I finally managed to reach the classroom before I was late, during the homeroom period. While Ironman stood on the podium and reported a few things as usual, Yuuji and I were exposed under the killing intent and curses of our classmates.

It wasn't just Yuuji and me as everyone in class were in position, ready to rush out from their seats. As to why it is so, it's obviously so that we can all take action the moment Ironman leaves. At this moment, it's because of this powerful force Ironman controlling things that everyone could at least remain calm. If not, this classroom would become a dangerous and terrifying execution ground like yesterday. Is this the so-called imminent situation? To Yuuji and me, if everyone goes crazy while Ironman's around, Ironman can step in to exterminate a few enemies...

“That's all I have to report today. I hope that everyone can study hard and improve themselves.”

He used the same words to end again. Once Ironman leaves, our escape game will begin, and the bloody death match will start--


“Sorry, please excuse me.”

At this moment, someone knocked on the classroom door and slowly walked in. Eh...

“Koyama from C class. What is it?”

“Sorry, Nishimura-sensei, I have some things I want to say to the students of F class.”

After saying that to Ironman, Koyama-san turned around to face every one of us in F class.

She took a little breath.

“We, C class, will start a summoning battle against F class.”


We couldn't help but call out in shock. What? How did this happen?

“Koyama, is this really good? You won't get any benefit from declaring war on a weaker class.”

“No, Nishimura-sensei, that's not the case. Of course we do benefit! Like irreplaceable experience and...”

Koyama-san answered Ironman's doubts honestly.

“And—three months worth of peace.”

One of the rules of the summoning war is that 'the defeated class can't take the initiative and declare war for the next three months. In other words, C class' aim is to take away our right to declare war. Since they had the experience of defeat in the previous summoning battle, C class wouldn't let go of the opportunity when we're fighting amongst ourselves. Perhaps they might be thinking of getting rid of any worries.

“You're rather good, Koyama, reading the meaning in my words like that...”

Yuuji muttered in a bothered manner. Reading his words...what did that mean?

“What's going on, Yuuji?”

“It's simple. Once we sorted out the situation of the classes, our F class today was supposed to declare war on C class. But it's because of this thing that they were able to make the first move.”

Yuuji said.

If our class was completely prepared, we would surely ask for the enemy to declare war on us first. But in the current state, our class is really in a bad shape and can't even fight against other classes anyway!

The reason why we ended up in such a disadvantageous situation isn't a coincidence no matter how we think.

“Using the tactic of heterosexual relationship...and declaring war on us once you understood our current situation...I never thought that Koyama would be such a manipulative person...someone helped to plan that out, right?”

Yuuji grumbled and muttered to himself.

Perhaps Koyama-san heard what Yuuji muttered as she looked at him and responded with a mocking smile,

“Oh my, don't you know? Don't look at me like this—I'm from the Tea Ceremony Club.”

The moment she mentioned the tea ceremony club, my mind immediately remembered a certain sempai.

“Tea Ceremony Club—that 3rd year sexy looking sempai guided you.”

The 3rd year sempai from the tea ceremony club who looked really sexy...isn't that Kogure Aoi-sempai who wore the kimono and the leotard during the test of courage tournament? That person did look like she had lots of plans, and she belonged to A class, so she should be rather smart. The impression she gave was that she really knew how to use relationship between different genders in her strategies.

“That's all I have to say, please excuse me.”

After bowing lightly, Koyama-san turned around and walked to F class' door.

Just when she was about to leave,

“Sakamoto-kun, what I told you wasn't a lie.”

Finally, she left these words behind. What she said before...what was it?

“Oi, did you hear what she said?”

“She should be talking about that rumor yesterday, right? So that's true...”

“Unforgivable...we're about to start the summoning battle. I thought that we just needed to catch that damned Yoshii we're so jealous of and execute him...”


The killing intent in the class just got stronger. I just felt that I missed something...but even in such a critical situation, I still can't escape my fate?

“Isn’t this good? You can take part in the summoning battle immediately. Get ready to battle then.”

Ironman followed behind Koyama-san and left the classroom.

The moment Ironman's front foot stepped out, angry growls that would make hairs stand rang throughout the classroom.



Those are primitive roars full of hatred, not for the summoning battle—but at Yuuji and me!

C class declared war on F class!

But we're ignoring the important event we just established.



Our classmates who were supposed to be fighting with us had intense hate for us as they viciously attacked us.


Sprinting down the hall, Yuuji roared at our pursuers behind us.



But Yuuji's growls couldn't enter their hearts as our pursuers behind us showed no sign of stopping.

“Damn it, those idiots! Akihisa, let's hide first and talk!”


Yuuji and I nodded our heads at each other and jumped 3 steps down the stairs at a time as we hurriedly moved downstairs. The pursuers from F class were chasing with tremendous momentum behind us, but our escape was a lot easier than yesterday as they lack a commander like Yuuji.

“Alright, let's kill some time here first.”

We hid in the boys changing room beside the swimming pool, held our breaths and whispered to each other. Nobody's using this changing room now, and we can remain undetected here for quite some time.

“Though we're killing time, we can only hide for about 10 minutes.”

Yuuji grimaced.

“Only ten minutes? Why? It's not like someone will come over to the change and swim.”

“It's not like that. It's to follow the rules of the summoning battle.”

“Eh? What's that?”

“During a summoning battle, each class rep has a duty to reveal his/her location. Besides, if the class rep hides in a place too secretive, it's likely that the entire battle outcome will become unpredictable.”

A class rep has to bear such responsibility, and this seems to be one of the rules of the summoning battle. Like what Yuuji said, if we don't know the position of the class rep, we can't have a decisive battle. During this time, everyone else could take retests, and the outcome of the battle would be in doubt. Thus it's an important rule to declare the location of the class rep.

Even so,

“In this current situation, this rule's really a hassle.”

“Yeah. To think that they declared war in such a bad situation...”

Yuuji and I sighed inside the guys' changing room. This is really bad...

“Oh yeah, Yuuji. What was Koyama-san referring to when she said 'what I told you wasn't a lie'?”

“About that...”

If that guy really got confessed to, it'll be a serious betrayal! Maybe I'll execute this guy here first and drag him back to the FFF for a reduction in penalty.

“What she said should be that 'our aim is to beat B class' two days ago.”

“Aim...ah yes, you two did mention this.”

I remember it was an exchange of information or something. At that time, we did declare our targets.

“Koyama-san said that they're aiming for B class, and to think she lied to us...”

“No, she wasn't lying.”


But didn't C class really take action on F class?

“Basically, their ultimate goal is to beat B class—basically, that's how it is. Thus, even if they're to face against us F class in the process, she wasn't lying at all.

“But Yuuji...”

“And I said it to her in the exact same manner.”

Now that he mentioned it, Yuuji did mention just now that he intended to attack C class. In other words, Yuuji's final aim is to beat A class, but he intended to take down C class too.

“That's why you said that you wanted to attack A class 1, 2 weeks after the ban's lifted...”

“That's right. I think these words made Koyama—no, that Kogure-sempai at least see through the intention I didn't say out.”

“But that alone can't mean that we'll definitely attack C class, right?”

Even before declaring war on A class, we would attack other classes, but that didn't necessarily mean that we have to attack C class.

“There's no need to confirm. Since it's an enemy that may attack anytime, and that they already had plans to deal with us, and that C class wanted some battle experience before facing B class, these many reasons would be enough for them to declare war without hesitation. Besides that, Koyama has the strategist from the 3rd years who hated us. Thus, these things are to be expected.”

Yuuji explained to me. Having heard him say so much, I thought about it, and it was really likely...

“It's troubling, but they did take the step on us. In fact, to a certain level, even if the enemy came up with a plan, we should still be able to win this battle. However...we were too frivolous.”

Yuuji muttered.

For someone like Yuuji, even if our enemy's C class and we're in a disadvantage, he should have the confidence to win. Besides, the enemy's a higher-ranked class, and we're the lowest ranked class. In this battle, both of us already had such a huge difference, but unexpectedly, the enemy would go to this extent.

“To think that she would use that tactic to split our class up.”

In fact, there's a strategist guiding Koyama-san who caused us to be in a far more unimaginable situation. In this case, Yuuji's being toyed with by the opponent.

Even so, this really isn't like Yuuji. If it's a strategy, how could that unmatchable Yuuji allow such a thing to happen?

“I say, Yuuji, are you actually...”


“Are you bad against traps set by the other gender?”

“Ha? You're saying something really stupid...”

“But think about it. Aren't you always being overwhelmed by Kirishima-san? And you can't fight your mother, right?


Yuuji opened his mouth, but couldn't say anything. It's a little weird calling a mother someone of the opposite gender, but I'll leave it as that for now. Either way, the gender's different, and Yuuji's mother is still young and beautiful-looking.

“Anyway, stop yapping about and adjust your breathing. Soon, we won't be able to hide. We'll have to start running for our lives soon.”

“Haiz, this is's really irritating that a class rep has to reveal his location. Why do I, who's not a class rep, end up like this—hm?”

At this moment, I suddenly noticed something. That's strange? Don't tell me...

“Yuuji, you're the only one who has to reveal your location. This has nothing to do with me, right?”

It's true that a class rep can't hide, but I'm not bound by such a rule. In fact, if everyone's going after Yuuji, it'll be much easier for me.

Just as I was thinking about this.

“Oi, Akihisa!”

“Hm? What is it, Yuuji?”

“Don't you think we should stop betraying each other from now on?”

“Eh? What are you saying? Who are you? Get away from me. You should get ready to escape now—”



A mysterious sound came from my hand...what's going on? That metallic sound just now is—OI! HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! WHY IS THERE A STRANGE METAL RING ON MY WRIST!?

“Alright Akihisa! Now we'll live and die together and have the same fate! There won't be any problems even if we're cuffed to each other! Let's do our best and break through this trouble~☆”


It seemed that the metal handcuffs chained together by the rather long and sturdy chain are holding Yuuji and me together. That damned bastard...he dragged me down so that he wouldn't be the only one being hunted! Damned devil! Garbage! Scum! F class!

“Where's the key!? I won't get mad. Take it out before the summoning battle starts, you damned bastard!”

“Key? What's that? Can it be eaten?”

“Damn that case, you should think of a way to break this chain!”

“Oi oi oi, Akihisa, think about it. You should know that Shouko wouldn't use those handcuffs that would easily break on me, right?”

“Are these Kirishima-san's handcuffs?”

“I saw that she was acting strangely before and checked her belongings. To think that she would have such things hidden with her...”

Damn it! If this is something Kirishima-san prepared, pliers won't be enough to break through. It seems that we have to plead Kirishima-san and get the key from her...

Just when I was really angry and wanted to beat Yuuji up,

“Oi! I just heard something from the changing room!”

“It must be those two! Hiding in such a place!”

The familiar voices of those guys from our class reached us. Cheh! They found us?

“Oi, Akihisa! We got to run with all we got! You'll die badly if you don't work with me!”

“You damned bastard! You're going to die if we can get through this safely! Remember that!”

We'll talk about the handcuffs later. I'm really unwilling, but I have to work with this scumbag now. It's really disgusting...I'm not a man if I don't take revenge!

Before Yuuji and I were thoroughly surrounded, we dashed out of the changing room. As we arrived on the corridor, we found the hooded gang with whips in their hands. Very good. Anyway, let's,

“Let's go Yuuji!”

“Jump out from the window, Akihisa!”



Yuuji and I ran in completely different directions, and we were pulled back by that metal chain. Ugh! Without that thing, we would be more mobile...

“Idiot Akihisa! People will normally run outside where there're more escape routes!”

“Moron Yuuji! People will normally head to the classroom where there're lots of hiding spots!”

Unexpectedly, we didn't agree with each other so quickly. The handcuff that's chaining us together is altogether detrimental to us!

“Found them! It's those two!”


Just when we were messing around, our enemies started to close in on us.

“Let's counter, Akihisa!”

“Let's run away, Yuuji!”



The chain that linked us was obstructing our movements like just now. Ahh, this thing's really troublesome!

“Yoshii, you dare to break my desire of living a happy life with the Kinoshita sisters...compensate for your sin with your life!”

“Sakamoto! I won't hand Kirishima and Koyama! Kuuderes are the treasures of this world!”

“That's right! They're really correct! Hold on a minute, I'm going to get this guy to bear responsibility and pay for this with seppuku!”

“What dumb words are you saying? If we have to trace all this, aren't you the one behind all this mess!? Hold it, you guys! I'm going to make this guy bear responsibility and apologize to everyone with his death!”

Yuuji and I continued to beat each other and tried to hold each other down. I have to find a way to trample this bastard's life and end this!

“Relax, you two can still be good friends once you reach that world.”

“Isn't it good that you're handcuffed together? You two can live on each other and die together, you stupid couple!”


The bats that had nails on them swung over hard from the top, and I hurriedly curled back and dodged aside to avoid a bloody disaster. Then, a real katana was swung over from the side, and I managed to jump back to dodge it. The chain's really annoying, but I was able to dodge the attacks at the last moment.

“Ahh, damn it! Yuuji, at least follow my movements!”

“Couldn't you have done so!?”

We continued to grab each other on the collars as we blasted at each other right in front of the enemy. Seeing this, our classmates stared at us and said something ridiculous.

“Humph, you two look more like suitable men than cute girls.”

“That's how it is. You two can just remain together.”

More suited to be together...

These, these bastard!!!


The moment we heard the ridiculous words those guys spouted, Yuuji and I pulled the metal chain that dodge the metal bat that was swinging at us before sending a punch at the two people who were standing there blankly.



Even if it's a taunt, there are things to be said and things that should not be said.

Just when I was infuriated by those two idiots dumb words, someone asked,

“ amongst the rumored targets, Aki likes Kinoshita most?”

“Akihisa-kun, was what you said just now true?”

Since they asked, let me think through this first.

Uu...who do I like amongst those rumored? Let me see. If I have to choose between Hideyoshi, Yuuji and Tamano-san, I'll definitely like—

“I guess...Hideyoshi? He merely had a mistaken gender in his personal particulars. He himself is a really cute girl, and I understand him more—WAHHH!!!”

“Aki...can you please explain more about this?”

“I want to know more about this too, Akihisa-kun!”

ROOOOOMMMMMM!!! It seemed that Minami had this sound effect behind her as she and Himeji-san widened their eyes and looked at me. Damn it. Are those two's names amongst the list? In that case, what I said just now must have hurt their pride. I don't think a broken bone or two will be able to cool them off!


Once he knew that the duo were aiming at me, Yuuji lowered his head and tried his best to undo the lock. It's useless though! Actual results showed that this handcuff can't be undone easily!

“Aki, you've become more and more popular now recently and got things over your head. In this situation, it looks like I have a need to educate you again.”

“Nononononono, calm down first, Minami. Both of you—UOOOHHHH!!”

I dodged with the difference of millimeters as Minami silently attacked with her fist. And wasn't there a burnt smell or something? Did sparks fly when the fist flew by the air?


“I'm going to use my fist to beat your nose, swing my elbow to knock into your collarbone and kick your kneecap to bits.”

“That shouldn't be it, right? Those words aren't just to tell me what you're going to do next and make me grit my teeth before I die, right!?”

Speaking of which, what's with girls in their youth saying their actual plans before they kill someone...

“Akihisa-kun, please explain what do you like about guys? What's so bad about girls? Are you and Sakamoto-kun chained together to show everyone your determination?”

On the other side, Himeji-san demanded for my explanation as she made her own conclusion. Is it a given fact that I have no interest in girls?

“Got it! It's the key! Wait first, Akihisa! I'm going to undo the handcuffs now!”

“Forget about it, Yuuji! It's not too late to undo the handcuffs once we safely get past this!”

“I don't want to! You can just die alone!”

“Ahhh, forget about it! Stop yapping and hand me the key!”

“Don't get near me! A dying person's presence is infectious, don't you know that!?”

As Minami and Himeji-san continued to approach us, Yuuji and I were fighting for the key. If this guy betrays me again, my chances of escaping will decrease by a lot. So, no matter what, I have to snatch the key away from him!

“Ugh...just...a little more...”

“Who would...hand it to you!?”

Is this an abnormal amount of concentration that's exerted in a fire? It's unbelievable that I can win Yuuji in terms of strength at this moment.

But just when I'm about to get the key in Yuuji's hand,

“...Yuuji, over here.”

“Alright! Shouko! Nice timing. I'll leave it to you!”

Once Kirishima-san asked Yuuji for the key, Yuuji threw it to her hands without hesitation. Oh no! I was just about to get the key!

“Damn it...we're done!”

“It's too late no matter how anxious you are! Shouko, you can hand the key over to me!”

Having been released from this burden, Yuuji jumped away from me and got to a safe distance before asking Kirishima-san to return the key back to him.

“...Return to you? What?”

Seeing her show an emotionless face, we just realized the reality we accidentally forgot.

“...Yuuji, you bastard...what did you just do...”

“...Sorry, I accidentally....”

It's already tough having to deal with Minami, and the key to the handcuffs that's chaining us together is in Kirishima-san's hands. In that case...aren't we at a dead end?

“Akihisa! We'll talk about the key later! Let's work together and escape first!”

“I think it's because of you that things became worse! But I can only agree with you for now. It's more important to protect our own lives than to get the key back!”

Yuuji and I looked at where Kirishima-san, Himeji-san and Minami were at as we bent down and got ready to take action.

“Do you think you can run away, Aki?”

“I won't let you leave before you explain clearly, Akihisa-kun.”

“...Yuuji, you're not getting...never!”

The trio continued to approach us easily. If they get us in such a close distance, Yuuji and I will definitely be unable to live. In that case...we can only do this!

I took a deep breath and aimed for the perfect moment. Very!


“Himeji, Shimada!”


The next moment, we undid each other's Each other?

“Damn it, you bastard! Betraying me even at this moment!? What did you do now, you scum?

“What nonsense, you scum!? I'll return these words right back at you!”

The moment we undid the belts, our pants buckle were undone, and our pants slid down onto the floor. Of course, right now, everyone's seeing Yuuji and me in boxers.

“Wa, wait a second! What's with that, Aki?”

“A, Akihisa-kun? We,, your boxers are rather cute!”

Minami frantically looked away from me, and Himeji-san started to mumble some strange words as she started mumbling. Damn it...I'm angry, but I have to say that Yuuji's plan worked rather well. Because of that, we successfully diverted their attention (but Himeji-san still seemed as if she's looking at me).


Kirishima-san responded at a much slower rate and (sort of) screamed.

Kirishima-san shouted but didn't look away from Yuuji who's in his boxers. In other words, she's already used to seeing Yuuji in boxers...I won't forgive you, Sakamoto Yuuji!

“Damn that case, I'll just take off Yuuji's boxers too!”

“Stop it! If that happens, even the cops will come after me!”

Since Yuuji already is chased by those guys in class and Kirishima-san, I don't think there will be a lot of difference if we add the cops in.

And just when we were arguing,

“...Hold on a moment. I'll need to borrow a camera.”

Kirishima-san said that and left...that's weird?

“Eh, about that...”

“Oi, Akihisa! What are you spacing out for? Hurry up and get away!”

“Oh, un...”

How should I put it? Kirishima-san's smart, but sometimes, she will really show her Himeji-san.

Pulling up our pants that were pulled down and holding the buckles with our hands, Yuuji and I turned around to run.

“Ahh...da, damn it! Wait, Aki! I'm not done with punishing you yet!”

“Pl, please wait, Akihisa-kun! I haven't heard the explanation from you yet!”

Himeji-san and Minami called out from afar as they tried to stop us, but having run so far away, the two girls couldn't catch up to us. It seems that we finally managed to get away from that shocking situation. That was close...

“The summoning battle's about to start...this is really bad...”

“If my location wasn't revealed, it'd be easier to escape...”

We ran back into a certain empty classroom and took time to catch our breath. Really, whether it's yesterday or today, why are you always involved in all sorts of trouble...

Anyway, the fact that Tamano-san confessed (to my cross-dressed attire) seemed to have spread wide, but things didn't end there. Looking at the situation just now, it seemed that Himeji-san and Minami were involved somehow. It's like the rumors were spreading in ways I didn't know of. Looks like I have to check my situation out.

“Oi, Yuuji. Do you know what the situation we’re in now is?”

“Welll...I haven't heard of all the rumors, but from what I know—from the moment you rejected Tamano, Hideyoshi, Kudou Aikou, Kinoshita Yuuko, Shimizu Miharu, Shimada, Himeji, Toshimitsu Kubo, Muttsurini and even B class rep Nemoto like you.”

“I, I'm really that popular...”

“Yeah, and half of them were real, so the reliability increased a lot.”

“Haha, you're rather relaxed to be able to joke at such a moment.”

“...Oh well. Let's leave that aside for now.”

Those guys never even consider the gender! After hearing such baseless stuff, everyone should know that it's just some empty news...

“And about my rumors, it seems that I was living with Shouko, ditched C class rep Koyama and accepted your confession...”

“Now that's a really huge misunderstanding...”

Just when the misunderstanding's brewing wildly outside, Yuuji and I were handcuffed to each other, so it's nothing strange even if someone believes the rumors as fact.

“Got to shake off this misunderstanding first.”

“I don't really want to admit it, but that will be hard...if so many people believe in this, the lies will become reality. That's the so called group mentality.”

After explaining, Yuuji said,

“Besides, the more important thing is that—”


“These guys aren't listening.”

“Yeah, that's the biggest problem...”

What's most troubling is that we're surrounded by guys who just won't listen, or rather, they'll believe in rumors too easily and would make their own conclusions. In that case, it's meaningless for us to do anything.

“Yuuji, do you have any plan?”

At this moment, we're being hunted, and the summoning battle with our class equipment on the line will soon start. Is there any plan to improve this backstabbing situation?

“It's useless at this point no matter what we do. We can only drag on and wait for those guys to calm down before explaining things to them.”

“So it's not that good. There are no good ideas we can think of in this situation...”

To be precise, the battle this time should be 'C class and F class alliance' vs 'Yuuji and me'. This amount of difference in battle ability can only be described with the word 'despair'. Forget about winning or losing, it's almost impossible to drag the time on. The summoning battle ban has been lifted, so why are we in such a disadvantageous situation?

“Without that rule limiting us, there are many ways to save our lives, whether it's hiding or running away from school...”

“But the class rep can't hide once the summoning battle starts.”

Really, things aren't really good for us...

“Haa...if possible, I really wanted to leave you alone and hide somewhere, Yuuji.”

“I won't allow you to do so! Don't think of surviving alone! Stop dreaming!”

CLANK! The sound of metal could be heard as our handcuffs rang.

That's right, Yuuji and I are chained together by these handcuffs, and the key to these handcuffs are in Kirishima-san's hand. If we're unable to get rid of this, Yuuji and I will have to share the same fate of living and dying together.

“If you really insist, we can hide to protect our own lives. In other words, we'll give up on the summoning battle.”

Eh? Give up on the summoning battle? Yuuji?

“What are you saying? You don't have any intention of that, right?”

“Aren't you the same too?”

Kukuku. Yuuji laughed from deep within his throat. That's obvious. It's our greatest wish to win this summoning battle, but it's a joke to admit defeat on seeing such a disadvantageous situation.

“Ugh. In that case, it can't be helped...Yuuji, I'll try my best to help you out.”

“Don't be stupid. It's your job as soldiers to serve the king.”


At this moment, the bell that was like the signal to the start of the battle rang throughout the school campus. The summoning battle started at this moment.

“Let's go, Akihisa! Do your best if you don't want to be defeated!”

“Humph, you don't have to say it! I'll definitely do my best to get past this, and I'll get my revenge on you, just remember that!”

Yuuji and I ran out of the classroom we were hiding. What disadvantageous situation? It's just normal to us. What's the point of complaining? Better fight with all we’ve got!

BTS vol 08 183.jpg

The Fifth Question[edit]

Please read the following paragraph before answering the next question.

He’s such a serious person, so he should be bothered now, right?

Sachiko continued to ponder as she remained restless, and couldn’t help but knock on his door.

“Heisuke-san, I’m coming in.”

Without waiting for a response, she entered the room, and found that Heisuke was completed naked (sekishin, せきしん) and in deep thought.

What’s with that look of yours?”

Heisuke continued to remain in his own thoughts, completely oblivious to Sachiko’s existence.

Please write down how Sachiko was feeling as described from the underlined words.

Himeji Mizuki's answer

'Sachiko was completely shocked to see Heisuke's not wearing clothing and still deep in his own thoughts.'

Teacher's Comment

That’s how it is. In kanji, ‘赤身’ is mostly read as ‘akami’[8], but it can also mean ‘sekishin’. This has the meaning of ‘not wearing any clothes at all’. Thus, Sachiko was shocked to see Heisuke not wearing any clothing.

Tamano Miki's answer

‘It’s rare for him to wear a skirt, yet there’s so little frills, which angered her a lot.’

BTS vol 08 185.jpg

Teacher's Comment

Sensei is really shocked by such an answer that's not thought of before.

Yoshii Akihisa's answer

His necktie was crooked, so she felt really awkward.

Teacher's Comment

Is that what you're worried about? A naked man still wearing a tie?

“They’re here, Akihisa! To the left!”

“Got it!”


I rushed forward and exchanged punches with Fukumura-kun, but my attention was already on my summoned beast.

“Damn it…can you please stop dodging around?”

C Class, Touyama Heita, Biology, 115 points.


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Biology, 72 points

Facing the attack of C class’ summoned beasts, my summoned beasts dodged aside easily. As I’m moving about on my own, I can’t fight, but it’s not hard to dodge.

“Sensei! Noguchi from C class wants to join in the biology battle! Summon!”

At this moment, C class had reinforcement. There were 4 more pursuers from C class. This isn’t good…


“Got it! Activate!”

Just when 3 members of the FFF were chasing and fighting against Yuuji, Yuuji shouted out the keyword. At that moment, all the summoned beasts present disappeared.

“Ku…! Is this interference?”


Since there’s no need to concentrate on the summoned beast, I can focus completely on the opponent in front of me. I rushed in and slammed into Fukumura-san’s chest with blitzkrieg-like speed and smashed my fist into his chest.



I responded to Yuuji’s call and tugged my right hand hard.

“Oh? UOOOOH!?”

An enemy who rushed in between Yuuji and me was tripped by the metal chain and lost his balance.


Yuuji raised his left fist and slammed it down. The enemy flipped in mid-air before landing hard on the ground, and is unable to get up again.

“Sensei! Please cancel the summoning field! I’m going…summon!”


As Yuuji was using the platinum bracelet, he couldn’t take part in the battle, and I could only call my summoned beast out to fight against them. 2 v 1…no, those 4 behind them will join in the fight, right? In that case, it’ll become 6 v 1. No matter what, it’s a little too much to fight against so many people at one go.

“Akihisa! To the new school compound!”

“Got it!”

As our summoned beasts fought against each other, Yuuji and I ran to the new building and kept a distance from our battling enemies.

“What…you’re too despicable!”

“Isn’t that running away from battle?”

Once we pull away a certain distance, we’ll be out of the effective range of the summoning field, and the summoned beasts will disappear. At that moment, we won’t be able to fight.

This looks like running away from battle, which is illegal, but the rules of the summoning war clearly stated that ‘if the side who declared to battle is unable to fight back, they will be deemed to be running away from battle and disqualified’. However, I did fight the opponents for a while, so it’s not against the rules, and Yuuji, who created the summoning field, was just running as he wasn’t taking part in the battle. To be honest, this really is a somewhat despicable act of flirting with the rules, but there’s no time to worry about this. We’re in a tough spot too. Besides, we won’t hesitate about using despicable means.

“Yuuji, how many times can you use ‘interference’?”

“About 7 times or so. I have to take part in battles too, so maybe there are fewer chances for me to use it.”

But there’s a flaw to such a strategy. Every time Yuuji uses his platinum bracelet, his points will decrease, and there’s a limit to the number of times he can use it. The more times he uses it, the more his points will decrease. When Yuuji takes part in a summoning battle, this will become a really disadvantageous factor. It’s really a means we don’t want to use unless we are surrounded by a few people.

“Found him! It’s Sakamoto!”

“Yoshii’s with him—hey, why are those two cuffed together?”

“Is this a show that they will never break up…?”


The F class members who were running up and facing us are actually saying that!

I knew that this misunderstanding would spread around, but I still feel somewhat powerless that it’s futile to explain. Once we get through this safely, I must give something even more intense and horrible for those guys to remember!

“Yuuji, your bracelet?”

“Still activated.”

“Got it—summon!”

I re-summoned the summoned beast that disappeared as I ran out of the field. They’re F class classmates, and to be honest, there’s no need to decide this with my summoned beast. But—

“Che! That Yoshii summoned his summoned beast!”

“That guy’s summoned beast has the unique Punishment Inspector ability, right?”

“He even beat Ironman when we peeped on the girls’ bath! This isn’t good!”

They’re right. My summoned beast is a unique version, so it can touch physical objects and humans. It looks a little small, but those guys from our class will tremble in fear after seeing a summoned beast that’s stronger than a human by several times.

(Akihisa, once they call out their summoned beast, get out of the range to avoid battle.)

(Got it.)

Yuuji whispered to me.

They’re not opponents from C class, and if we fight against our F class classmates, we’ll be killing each other. Having considered the need to win this battle, we’ll be hurting ourselves without cause if we beat down our comrades’ summoned beasts. If we’re going to fight each other, I can only let my summoned beast disappear. Besides, the enemies’ summoned beasts can’t touch me even if they attack, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

“Damn it! They’re just 2 guys! There’s nothing to be scared of!”

“You’re right! We have 3 people here!”

“That’s the way! We won’t lose if we really have to fight!”

As they set their ready positions in front of us, the three of them shouted.

Ahh, this is really—


A perfect Death Flag set.

“What’s with these guys? They really had no spirit when fighting.”

“Humph. Looks like it was already decided before we fought.”

It’s hard to tell whether they knew that we’re going to run away. But F class is really F class…ah, I think I’m from F class too.

“Oh yeah, Yuuji. Have you thought of any new plans yet?”

“I haven’t thought of anything yet. Anyway, just stick to the original plan and continue to run! We can’t hide, so there’s no other way other than to run around.”

If we can’t allow ourselves to be spotted by the enemies, we’ll just have to continue running when we’re spotted until the enemy can’t catch up to us. That’s what he meant. Looks like it’ll be tough from now on…

“Why must we run around?”

“To increase the number of allies! If we’re successful, we should be able to get rid of the misunderstanding everyone has about us!”

Yuuji said that he hadn’t thought of any new plans, but he was thinking after all. Even if he’s all rotten inside, he really was called a ‘genius’ in the past by everyone, and that’s really reliable.

“Then we’re going to keep running until someone is willing to help us out!”

“That’s the way! We’ll just let the heavens decide our fates!”

We continued to run to the new campus without turning back. There shouldn’t be too many enemies gathered here---

“Welcome, Aki, I’ve been waiting here for you for a long time.”

Just a little bit! There’s only a little tear in my eyes!

“Shimada…perfect timing.”


In front of the last boss-like Minami, Yuuji just said something I couldn’t understand. What does he mean by Minami being here at the perfect time?

“Yuuji, were you referring to Minami when you mentioned people who will help us?”

“That’s right. It’s her.”


“Aki…it’s unforgivable that you and Mizuki are living together, but you ignored me completely! Saying that you’re more interested in Sakamoto and Kinoshita than me…I won’t forgive you. I’ll definitely not forgive you this time!”

Seeing Minami reaching her limit, I don’t think that she’ll be willing to be our ally?

“Nonono, it’s really easy to let her be our ally. Once she kills you, she’ll listen to me. Where can you find such a reasonable ally? It’s low risk and high reward. There’s no one more suited than her.”


“What’s wrong, Akihisa? Don’t show that you’re going to cry and refuse her.”

It’s only low risk to Yuuji, but to me, it’s a deal that puts my life on the line!

“Okay, Shimada. Once you’re done with Akihisa, just listen to me.”

“Really, you.”


“Fufufu. Aki, you’re really stupid. Obviously, no one will come and save you. Who will pass by here randomly during lesson time—”

“…May I know what are you people doing here?”

“Ah, Fuse-sensei.”

Someone at least passed by here!

“Sensei! Things aren’t good! It’s a murder scene! She’s carrying out school bullying!”

I immediately asked for assistance from sensei. That’s great. At least someone’s willing to save me…

“Ah…I see…”

Fuse-sensei looked around at us, seeing who the people present were,

“Then, I’ll leave it at that for now. I still have to head for lessons.”

Leaving behind these words, Fuse-sensei left without turning back. Erm…



“Everyone knows that no one will come and save you. Who will pass by here randomly during lesson time?”

“You just repeated that again! And didn’t someone pass by here!? Didn’t Fuse-sensei just pass by here!?”

Even though I was completely ignored by him.

“Stop yapping about! Just let me crush your hip bone if you don’t want your brain to be drawn out alive!”

“No, Minami! This isn’t a case of whether a girl should say this, but that your thinking’s really abnormal in a peaceful country full of humans!”

Even in mangas or light novel worlds, it’s not common to see such bone-chilling words. At this moment, a female classmate of mine would say this with such a serious expression. It’s really horrifying! This is a precious experience, but I’m not happy at all!”


“This is the first time I’m seeing someone who’s going to get his brain drawn out alive.”

Not only did he abandon his ally, he’s even gleefully looking forward to my execution! This guy’s not human!

“Okay, Aki. You should be ready for this, right?”

Minami cracked her fingers. No matter what, this girl’s not going to dissect me with her bare hands, right?

In that case, I can only take off my pants to distract her again! Just when I was thinking about this,

“Please wait! Let go of everyone’s idol Aki-cha—Yoshii-kun!”

Suddenly, an extremely strange sentence barged into our confrontation.


Minami looked away from me and searched for the owner of the voice. Standing in front of the corridor and putting her hand in front of her chest as she looked at us was,

“Ta, Tamano-san? What are you doing here…?”

The person who came was Tamano-san, the girl with 3 braids. That’s strange. Why do I feel that there’s going to be even more trouble…

“Aki-cha—Yoshii-kun…I couldn’t sleep soundly last night and flipped around my bed, so I couldn’t get up in the morning and was late, but you’re letting me see such a scene…”

Tamano-san looked completely intrigued and answered my question.

This can’t be helped. Anyone who hears a girl from the same school saying that she’s going to ‘draw my brain out’ will be completely shocked.

“Aki-cha—Yoshii-kun! How can you cheat on others!? I won’t allow that!”

“Tamano-san, please calm down. Anyway, you have to stop calling me ‘Aki-chan’ from now on.”

“It’s okay, I’m really calm! Aki-cha—souuke-kun[9]!”


Suddenly, I’m wondering a little bit what she classifies me as.

“Aki…what does she mean by cheating?”

The presence of death loomed over at me. Damn it! If this keeps up, there’ll be a deadly tragedy!

“No, it’s not about cheating. I’m completely…”

“Because Aki-cha—kitty-chan is Sakamoto-kun’s wife!”


Speaking of which, everything began because I mentioned to her what seemed like a confession to Yuuji but wasn’t! I forgot about it all!

“Aki…so you and Sakamoto…”


There shouldn’t be that many people who can grip an apple and crush it, right? Why is it that there’s so many people around me who are able to crush skullcaps?

“…End of the line.”

At this moment, someone spoke and stopped Minami. This speech pattern, it’s definitely that guy!

“Muttsurini! You came to save me!”

“…Save you? What are you saying?”

Just when I cried out in delight, Muttsurini stared back at me with an icy expression.

“…I’ll end Akihisa’s life.”

“Damn it! Don’t I have an ally at all?”

Having been hunted down by everyone in class, I suddenly realized this thing. Do I really have these many enemies?

“Muttsurini, calm down first! This shouldn’t harm you in any way, right?”

“…Harm? Don’t make me laugh, Akihisa.”

On hearing my words, Muttsurini snorted.

“…This isn’t about that. That’s right, just like what someone said before—”

Muttsurini seemed to be reminiscing something as he then said,

“…The thing I hate most is your happiness.[10]


“No, I have the same thoughts about that as well.”


I’m supposed to be the one praying for Yuuji’s misfortune.

“Aki, what’s going on?”

“Ah…Erm…anyway, I’ll explain properly first, okay? So can you please let go of me? If this keeps up, I’m going to be unable to breathe.”

Actually, there are sounds of twigs being trampled on 2, 3 times near my temple, and there’s no need to mention further that my vision is becoming all distorted.

“You should have a reasonable explanation for everyone to accept, right?”

Minami unhappily let go of me. Very good, very good. In that case…


“Your actions were already within our guess.”


Just as I was about to run, the metal chain linking our handcuffs was tugged. Guu…these handcuffs are really troublesome!

“Found him! It’s F class’ rep!”

“Surround him and go for the decisive wing!”

Just while we’re arguing, our pursuers from C class just had to appear. We’re dead now—

“Akihisa, now!”

At this moment, my body reacted to Yuuji’s voice. That guy forcefully pulled up his left hand that was cuffed by the handcuff and flipped the skirt up.

“Wa, wait! What are you two doing!?”

Minami, who stood between us, couldn’t help but cry out. As Yuuji and I raised the metal chain, it grazed past Minami’s skirt and flipped her skirt up.

“…There’re things more important than revenge!”

In front of us, what happened was that Minami hurriedly reached her hand out to hold her skirt down, and a certain idiot took his camera out from his clutches. Minami’s hand let go of the metal chain, and now is the best chance to escape!

BTS vol 08 201.jpg

“Shimada! Muttsurini! We’ll leave those guys to you!”

“We’ll leave it to you then! Get rid of C class as members of F class! Do your best for the summoning battle!”

We raised our hands above our heads and let the metal chain get past Minami’s head. After crossing this obstacle, we’ll definitely continue with our escape!

“You, you despicable bastard! Remember this! You must explain this clearly to me after this! And I’ll repay you for flipping my skirt!”

“…As for this, I really have to thank you…”

Just when we escaped from the scene, the pursuers from C class arrived at where Minami and Muttsurini were. If they asked for a summoning battle, they will have to accept this. Now those two won’t be able to come after Yuuji and me. Also, they’re from C class, whose standard is higher than us. Minami and Muttsurini will have to end up taking detention once they lose, right? We’ll lose our pursuers and wear down C class. That’s two birds killed with one stone.

After running around in the new school building, Yuuji and I escaped to the second level where the first-year classrooms were. Looking at things now, there doesn’t seem to be any enemy nearby.

“That’s great…at least we managed to keep our lives…”

We stopped running around and caught our breaths. I really thought we were done for there…

“It was really a dangerous situation, but luckily those guys from C class appeared and saved our lives.”

“It’s really great that you could escape, Aki-cha—Akiko-chan.”



Tamano-san tilted her head slightly as she gave me a confused look. But it’s pointless for her to show such a confused look!

“Ahh…I know. So that’s how it is. Sorry, Aki-chan.”

“It seems that you’re not going to stop calling me Aki-chan…can you please not call me that?”

It’s great if she can understand the current situation.

“Un. You want to be alone with Sakamoto-kun, right? Sorry, I’m just that dim-witted.”

“Oi, Tamano! Don’t get me involved in this ridiculous situation, will ya!”

Yuuji said that in a thoroughly irate manner. What is he saying? He’s the one who started all this!

Even so, I have to find a way to disperse this misunderstanding Tamano-san has.

“No, Tamano-san, I think you’re mistaken. Yuuji and I feel nothing for each other!”

“It’s alright! Even if this world’s cruel to you two, you must follow through with your love thoroughly! I and—Yuuko will cheer for you!”

“AH? Wait a sec!”

Tamano-san left these words before turning around to leave. I have lots of things to say to her, but I’m somewhat shocked to hear her mention Hideyoshi’s sister. Why did she mention her?

“Akihisa…we’ll definitely lose a lot of things if we lose this summoning battle…”

“No…even if we win, I feel that a lot of things can’t be changed back…”

At our age, there should be lots of topics of boys and girls being in love, but we’re always stuck in gay romance. This should be rather rare in this age…

“Found them! It’s Yoshii and Sakamoto!”

“““KILL THEM!”””

“Here they come, Yuuji!”

The familiar grunts rang from afar.

It was C class just now. Is it F class now? Damn it, we’re really busy. It’s really annoying!”

“They’re going to start surrounding the second level. Looks like we can only run up or down—”

“No, we’re going to counterattack here.”

“Eh? Why?”

There’s no stairs built in the new school building. If we don’t move up or down now, there’s almost no place to hide. If we’re stuck in a place we can’t back down from, we’ll be dead!

“This is to win this battle. Are you ready, Akihisa. It’s the stage where we show our mettle!”

We’re in trouble, but Yuuji said this confidently.

“A stage to prove our mettle…”

Since that guy said this, there should be some chance of winning, right? No matter how we escape, things will only get worse, and it may be good to follow what he says.

“Okay, I’ll believe in your plan as much as I can Yuuji!”

“You don’t have any other ideas anyway. Stop being so arrogant! We’re going for it, Akihisa!”

“You too!”


Yuuji and I faced off against our classmates who attacked us. But even so, there shouldn’t be many people who would call for their own classmates’ blood.


In order to not lose to the enemy’s killing intent. I screamed out and faced off against those guys.

I continued to dodge and defend against the incoming violence that came in waves, Yuuji would occasionally help out, and I would then have the slight chance to counterattack.

“You were fooling around really happily with Shimada, Yoshii Akihisa!”

“Why, an idiot like you, and Himeji would actually...”


My classmates who should be down are like undead zombies, standing up again and again. To be honest, I feel that they're really scary...

“Yuuji! How long do we have to keep this up?”

“Be quiet and stop yapping! Concentrate on these guys!”

I dodged the wooden sword that was precariously swung at me. The wooden sword went by me and knocked into the metal chain between Yuuji and me.


The metal chain immediately tightened, and Yuuji and I lost our balance. Those guys never let go of this chance as they immediately raised their feet to trample us. Even though we're on the ground, I hurriedly rolled my body and dodged the attack. Ahhh, damn it! I can't move as I want!

It was already bad enough that scary scenes were happening one after another, and yet,

“I finally caught up to you, embarrassed me and made me and Muttsurini handle those guys from C class!”

“...It was your good fortune that you were able to keep your life. I'm going to take it for sure this time.”

“Damn it! You two are still alive...”

Unexpectedly, Minami and Muttsurini, who really are like terrifying last boss enemies, appeared right in front of us. Che! They managed to retreat under the disadvantageous situation of having to face C class...

“It's Shimada and Muttsurini! Leave space for them and don't get caught!”

“Everyone else is to attack Sakamoto!”

The enemies who surrounded us in a chaotic manner suddenly backed off, leaving lots of space.

“Aki! You're an idiot, yet why are you so popular? Gu...guys always stay away from me!”

“But you're rather popular with girls, right? Isn't that a good thing?”

“That's not good!”

“...Akihisa, it's because of you that even I got strange rumors about me (Swoosh)!”

“Wah! Muttsurini! You'll understand once you hear my explanation! That's just some baseless rumor!”

I dodge Minami's direct punch and the mechanical pencils and ball-point pens Muttsurini threw at me. That's really dangerous! Girls' hands and sharp stationery aren't to be used for such things!”

“Saying that it's some baseless rumor...Aki-cha—Yoshii-kun's too much! I did confess to you sincerely!”


Didn't she just go back to her own classroom?

“Aki, it's because you keep hiding things like this that you make yourself even less reliable!”

“...I'm so envious that I want to kill you!”

Minami and Muttsurini went faster, and I could only see afterimages somewhat. I know that the emotion of jealousy will make someone stronger, but the one confessed to was my girl persona! Isn't it too weird to be treated like this!?

“Haa, haa...I finally caught up. Akihisa-kun!”


At this moment. Himeji-san appeared. She's not really quick, but she came here. It seems that everyone in our class surrounded us. In other words, the current situation is such that Yuuji and I are unable to fight them off.

“In that case, Yuuji, hurry and use the platinum brac—”

I intended to use Yuuji's platinum bracelet and let my summoned beast join in the fight to increase our chances of winning. However,

“Everyone, get ready to summon! We shall take down F class' rep—Sakamoto Yuuji's head!”


On the other side of the human wall F class made, the army of C class students Koyama-san led came crashing. Damn it! Even if we summon here, there's a chance that we'll lose to those guys from C class!

“That's enough! Akihisa!”

At this moment, Yuuji finally said the keyword. I've been waiting for this for a long time!

“We're going to jump, Akihisa!”


Before we entered C class' summoning field, both of us turned back and ran, and from the open window—


We jumped.

If we can land safely, there won't be any damage caused from jumping down from the second level. It’s not easy to move with the handcuffs, but we should be able to succeed. We just need to summon our courage!


The next moment, Yuuji and I landed at the same time as the sound echoed. The impact of landing rushed from our legs to our head, but it looks like we're alright.

“Those two! Running outside is too despicable!”

“We can catch up if it's the second level! Hurry up and chase them!”

“Tha, that’s too much, Akihisa-kun! I finally caught up with you!”

Shouts could be heard from where we were. Looks like nobody would jump off from the window just to chase us.

“...Don't think you can get away from me.”

—Except for that guy.

“As expected of Muttsurini, to get down so easily...”

“...There're some filming places without stairs. This is nothing.”

Better not ask him what he was filming.

“Aki, stand over there!”

No, it's not just Muttsurini. There's someone else who has the ability to jump down from the second floor—

“Why isn't she jumping?”

“It can't be helped. Shimada's wearing a skirt.”

Guys and girls have the pre-determined difference in athletic ability, and for Minami, who's a girl, it's embarrassing for her to jump down from the window while wearing a skirt, and it doesn't benefit us at all.

“Alright. If she doesn't dare to jump, let's run, Akihisa!”

“Got it!”

Minami wouldn't jump no matter what, but we couldn't stand around there. The other guys will catch up to us if we don't leave,

Once he said that, Yuuji and I hurriedly gathered our steps and ran to the old school building.

“...Damn it! I can't catch up!”

Muttsurini may be bounded by the thought of being able to take a photo of Minami showing her panties and didn't follow us. To be honest, if we could see it, I really wanted to stay...

I had some regrets as we ran through the school. Just when we left the new school building and could see the old school building, Yuuji suddenly said to me,

“Very good. Let's go convince that guy.”


That's right. Yuuji said that he wanted to gather comrades, but up till now, no one in class was willing to support us. Who's the guy Yuuji's after?

“Is there a need to say it? Of course it's that guy who didn't move too much even after such a large commotion.”


“That's right. Hideyoshi. I'm going to pull him to our side.”

“Hideyoshi, help us get out of this mess.”

Because of this, Yuuji and I ran to the old school building to meet Hideyoshi in F class’ classroom. I see, so Yuuji lured everyone to the other side to achieve this aim.

“Un…but, I really heard this news personally. It is…Akihisa got confessed to by Tamano and said that you and Yuuji—”

“Nonono! That’s really a huge misunderstanding! I’m only interested in girls!”

“But don’t you often say some strange things to me, a guy…”

“Un, because I’m only interested in girls.”

“Why do I feel that we’re not talking about the same thing!?”

I feel that it’s alright though…but there’s no time to talk about this. We’ll talk about this later.

“Anyway, those are rumors. They’re not real!”

“Even if you say so…”

“Think about it. Aren’t there rumors that you like me, Hideyoshi? It’s not real, right? Rumors are rumors. They have nothing to do with reali—”


“Eh? Wa, wait a minute, Hideyoshi? What’s with that response?”

“No, that’s not it! It’s not what you think! I’m just thinking…if we’re friends who have quite the good relationship, wouldn’t that mean that I’m lying? That’s why I’m troubled!”

What the heck. So it was like that…well, I suddenly felt a little disappointed…

“Okay, since you say so, I’ll help you out.”

“Sorry Hideyoshi. It’s great that you’re willing to help us out.”

“But the situation’s rather bad now, right? I don’t think you guys stand a chance.”

Hideyoshi was rather definite in his words. It’s true. Like Hideyoshi said, the current situation’s really bad for us. Even so—

“Even so, we have to fight for it! Hideyoshi, even if it’s 99 times impossible, if there’s a teeny-weeny possibility.”

“From the way you calculate that, it’s completely impossible.”

“It’s impossible even if you reincarnate 8 times.”

I said wrongly! It’s 99%!

“Let’s ignore Akihisa’s calculations. If Hideyoshi is willing to help out, we’ll still have a chance of winning this war. It’ll be promising if we can resolve the misunderstanding our classmates have.”

“Even if you want to clear the misunderstandings, how many of them will believe us?”

“There’s no real need for them to believe in the truth. We just need to remove the antagonistic attitude those guys have.”

??? I don’t understand what Yuuji meant at all.

“In other words, you want to tell a lie those guys from F class can believe to cover up those rumors, is that it?”

“That’s right. We need your help to do this, Hideyoshi.”

“Uu…I still don’t understand what’s really going on, but I got a rough gist of it.”

I don’t understand the plan at all, but anyway, there’s a resolution to this situation. We can relax now, right?

“Thanks, Hideyoshi.”

“No, no worries. I should bear a little responsibility for spreading the rumors like that. It’s my duty to help you.”

As expected of Hideyoshi. So kind! Completely different from those idiots who’re sharing the same fate as me and yet betray me!

“Say it then. What do I need to do?”

“To ease everyone’s misunderstanding of us, we have to make those guys stop and listen to our explanation. So—”

“Found them! They’re back at F class!”

“Seems like they’re sweet-talking Kinoshita! Those two are really carefree even in this situation!”

“Kill them! Erase their existence and leave no bones behind!”

“Argh! Our pursuers are here! Where should we run to, Yuuji?”

“Damn it! They’re faster than I thought! I wanted to head to the audio broadcast room on the second level…”

“It’s too risky to continue on downwards.”


The voices came from downstairs. They just left the school building to look for Yuuji and me, and logically, they would head back to the classroom from downstairs.

“What should we do?”

“Anyway, get out of the classroom first! We’ll be trapped if we remain here!”


Unlike just now, the three of us were running towards the stairs to escape. But at this moment—

“It’s F class rep Sakamoto! Hurry up, beat him and get the peace we’ve dreamt of!”


Those guys from C class were running over from the corridor link on the other side. We’re now pincered! This is the worst situation!

“Yuuji, you said that you need to go to the audio broadcast room, but you just need audio equipment, right?”

“Yeah! We don’t have to face those guys head on and make them listen quietly to us. The best way is to use audio speakers!”

“In that case, let’s hurry to the roof! There’s audio equipment over there!”

“The roof, you say…didn’t Yuuji and I break it the last time?”

“Didn’t we use it during the sports meet? I guess that audio speaker on the roof should be repaired.”

The roof…we can only run up anyway. This is perfect!

“Okay, Akihisa! Let’s run up!”


We leapt three steps at a time and ran up the room. The F class members who came running up from the lower level met up with the C class members who came from the corridor, and to be honest, we don’t even know who’s chasing us.

“What do we do, Yuuji! Even if we need audio, we need to stall for time!”

“I know! Hideyoshi, lend me your ear!”


As we ran up the stairs, Yuuji whispered something to Hideyoshi’s ears. If we’re not going to accept the enemy’s challenge, we will be locked into the detention room no matter the reason. Thus, if it really came down to that, we can only accept their challenge…but because of the handcuffs, I can’t get away from Yuuji at all. Even if I want to buy more time, it doesn’t seem possible. What should I do now…

We finally got up to the fourth level and ran towards the new school building—

“C class’ Yamashita Kiyomi requests a battle in chemistry!”

We finally got all the way up to the roof, yet the guys from C class caught up to us. As we were running around for the entire day, we started to slow down.

“Finally caught up to you, Yoshii! Taste how thick our jealousy is!”

At the same time, Suzuki-kun from F class caught up to us. There were even more people from C class and F class who arrived.

Can’t be helped. If Yuuji loses here, F class loses this summoning battle. Hideyoshi is the only one who can carry out the next plan. Looks like I can only step forward.

“Understood. F class’ Yoshii Akihisa—”

Just when I was about to say ‘I accept this challenge’…

“F class’ Suzuki accepts your chemistry challenge!”

But I heard Suzuki-kun say this.


Suzuki-kun looked shocked as he looked at the teacher. It’s obvious that Suzuki-kun would be shocked as he had no reason to accept Yamashita-kun’s declaration. Also, if he accepted this, he won’t be able to attack us.

Just as I was surprised and unsure of what’s going on, Hideyoshi secretly winked at me. Ah, I see, Hideyoshi mimicked Suzuki-kun’s voice!

“Wa, wait a minute, sensei! I don’t have any intention of declaring battle—”

“You’re not going to call out your summoned beast? I’ll treat it as you’re running away from battle…”

“I’ll send him to the detention room. Follow me.”


One of the pursuers of F class cried out ‘NOOOOOO’ as he was brought to the detention room. That’s really great.

“Then, F class’ Seto will accept this challenge!”


“F class’ Takahashi wants to take part too!”

“No, I do not!”

“Shibasaki wants to summon!”


Hideyoshi immediately used different voices and caused a few F class students present to take part.


Those guys that were forced to summon could only summon their summoned beasts reluctantly. Having just seen Suzuki-kun forcefully taken into the remedial room, it’s obvious that they would make such a decision. It’s nothing to hunt Yuuji and me down as compared to the hellish detention.

“Let’s go, Akihisa, Hideyoshi! Let’s get away at this moment!”



Having stopped them in their tracks, we hurriedly ran towards the roof and pushed the heavy metal door aside. The voice mixer and microphone were located under the Prefab roof. Very good, that’s the one!

“Let’s see. We just need to broadcast through the 3rd and 4th levels…”

I have no idea how these machines work. Which buttons should I press?

“I don’t know how to use it too. How about we press this emergency broadcast button?”

“That can’t be pressed. If you press it, everyone inside school and even the audio speakers outside can hear the broadcast. Move aside and let me operate it.”

Hideyoshi stood in and operated the machine. So that emergency button is just like what the name implies, it’s a button that’s to be used only for emergency, not just all around the school. If even the nearby residents hear it, it will be really embarrassing and so we can’t just press it. We nearly embarrassed ourselves in front of the entire town.

“Okay, this will do. Then, what should I say?”

“Just pretend to be those who were involved in the rumors and explain to them that we had no such intention. It’s best if you can express their irritation at us.”

“Uu…so it’s to make an even bigger lie about whom everyone likes?”

“That’s how it is.”

I see, so this is Yuuji’s plan. It’s true that this can divert the jealousy everyone has against us.


“Wouldn’t this bother others if we do this?”

Regarding love, there should be some people who will be bothered that we would lie like that. Like those people who like Himeji-san and the rest will have to give up, or even have some misunderstanding about whom Himeji-san and the rest like…

“Of course, we’ll broadcast again later and clarify to everyone that ‘that broadcast was just Hideyoshi’s acting’. Right now, the most important thing is for everyone to calm down and listen to us.”

It seemed that Yuuji even thought of this and said this to me.

Is that so? Will it be alright after an explanation?

Speaking of which, the rumors circulating outside were all fake too. If we don’t get rid of this misunderstanding, we won’t be able to change the fact that lots of people are troubled.

“If that’s the case, I understand.”

Hideyoshi nodded his head understandingly and turned the mic on.

“Ah, ahh…I’m Kudou Aikou from A class. Can everyone please listen to me?”

And then, Hideyoshi changed his voice as he started talking into the mic. Is he going to start from Kudou-san?

“There seems to be rumors that I like Yoshii-kun, but that’s a misunderstanding! I have no interest in Yoshii-kun at all. To be honest, he’s the type of boy I really can’t handle, you know?”


“Yoshii-kun looks like he has no experience at all~ I’m not interested if it’s not a boy who’s experienced and knowledgeable. I can’t confess to him, and even if he confesses to me, I can’t go out with him. Sorry~”


This confession really…will bring mental trauma…

BTS vol 08 223.jpg

(Not bad, Hideyoshi. Pretend to be like your sister.)

(I understand.)

“Me too. Yoshii-kun looks like a really big idiot. Also…I only have interest in cute boys who are younger than me.”

For some reason, it seemed that I heard a scream that came from deep within the soul going ‘EVERYONE ALREADY FORGET ABOUT THHHHHIIISSSS!!!’

(Next, D class’ Shimizu.)

“Miharu hates that swine the most! How can I possibly have feelings of him? Stop kidding around! More than that guy, I'd rather love a stinky drain rat! If I have to touch him, Miharu would rather jump into a swimming pool full of worms!”

(Tamano too?)

“I have no interest in Yoshii-kun because I like Aki-chan! Yoshii-kun who’s not in girls’ clothing is as worthless as chewing on chewing gum that has lost flavor!”

(Kubo…should be even more passionate, right?)

(Why must it be the reverse now!?)

“Everyone, how can you say that? I love Yoshii-kun the most! No matter whether it’s his lousy brain or his clumsy aspects, I’ll accept them all. Yoshii-kun, I love you, I love you the most! If you’re willing to accept my feelings, I’ll work hard to enter politics and change the laws in this country for your sake!”

(Oi, Akihisa, don’t jump off from here. We’ll be banned from entering the roof if an accident happens.)

(Let go of me, Yuuji! If such content is allowed, going to the roof should be the real thing that should be banned!)

(Alright, calm down. Next, Muttsurini. Never mind. We’ll leave him aside. Let’s choose between Shimada and Himeji…I’m sorry to them, but we can only lie until the end. I’ll leave it to you then, Hideyoshi.)

“I, I don’t have any interest in Aki! I like—wild guys like gorillas or apes! Aki’s not within my consideration!”

Instead of it being a lie, it’s more like the confession she made right in front of me.

(Okay, finally, Himeji. But…)

But at this moment, Hideyoshi went into deep thought. About the rest, those words that came from Hideyoshi’s mouth had some truth (well, except for Kubo-kun, the rest were all true). Maybe Hideyoshi is silent at this moment because he didn’t know how to express Himeji-san’s feelings?

But about Himeji-san’s true side, there’s only one thing I know.

(Hideyoshi, about Himeji-san’s words, just say this.)

(Hm? Akihisa, what should I say?)

Hideyoshi turned off the mic for the time being and leaned over to listen to me. I’m worried F class would come attacking like an avalanche, but they should’ve stopped their chase.

(Uu…if you say so, it’s alright…)


On hearing my explanation, Hideyoshi nodded slightly, and Yuuji stood beside us as he looked at me.

Then, Hideyoshi turned on the mic and spoke.

“I’m Himeji Mizuki from Class 2-F.”

The voice that came from Hideyoshi’s mouth would sound just like Himeji-san’s to anyone unaware about this.

“I have someone I like.”

The voice that came through the mic was Himeji-san’s adamant voice.

“But, that person’s not Yoshii Akihisa-kun…because I—”

That’s right, because Himeji-san, she—

“I already liked someone else since I was young…he’s my first love, even until now.”

Himeji-san didn’t like me—but someone else.

That’s what Himeji-san herself told me when we were in primary school. And the one and only fact that I would use to watch myself.

(Alright. Now we just need to explain everyone’s misunderstanding about me before we close things.)

(Yeah. If we don’t explain clearly, Kirishima-san won’t return us the key.)

The problem is how to clear up the misunderstanding. However…

(Farewell, Yuuji.)

(What? Why are you sudden—GUUH!)

I used the handcuffs to choke Yuuji’s carotid artery hard and took away his ability to speak. Very good. Now things are a lot easier.

(Hideyoshi, I’ll leave it to you.)

(Un, leave it to me.)

Hideyoshi nodded and faced the mic in front of him again. Okay, now for the last step.

“I’m F class’ Sakamoto Yuuji. About me being confessed to by Koyama—that’s their trap. C class’ Koyama deliberately set the trap for F class in the summoning battle. It’s the same with that ridiculous rumor about Akihisa and me being gay for each other.”

After taking a deep breath, Hideyoshi then said.

“—So Shouko, I’ll promise you anything you want me to do! Just hurry up and give me the key!”


“And also, everyone in F class, the most important thing is to win this battle. After that, you can cook me, grill me or roast me! Anything you wish!”

“(Shakes head violently)!”

Even when his blood’s unable to circulate, Yuuji still tried his best to shake his head. Sorry Yuuji, but I won’t let your sacrifice be in vain.

“A trap…so that’s how it is…that’s true. If not, how can those guys be so popular with girls?”

“Despicable C class! Messing around with Sakamoto and Yoshii who have no luck with girls!”

“We must let C class know the rage those two had when they were being hunted!”

No, the ones who chased us down like rats seem to be you guys from F class…

I tried my best to hold back the urge to comment and looked downstairs through the window in the metal door leading to the roof. It seemed that those F class students on the stairs finally calmed down and started to focus on this summoning battle.

“This isn’t good…those guys may do random things if this becomes a messy battle…C class, retreat for now, regroup and fight them later!”

Once she saw that their plan was seen through and that their group was obviously wavering, Koyama-san had to call C class to retreat for the time being.

In the end, we ended up glaring at each other as we took replenishment tests for the rest of the day, and the designated time for the summoning battle ended quietly.

The Final Question[edit]

Please answer the following question.

A shooter was standing at the same height as a monkey on a tree. As the bullet’s shot, the tree branch under the monkey broke, and the monkey started to fall. What will happen to the monkey and the bullet? If needed, please use the following values to calculate.

The distance between the monkey and the shooter is A. The monkey’s height on the tree was H, and the time taken for the bullet to reach the tree branch is t. The height of the bullet then was h(i), and the height of the monkey h(j). The speed of the bullet is v, the force of gravity is g. Assume no air resistance.

BTS vol 08 228.jpg

Himeji Mizuki’s Answer

h(i)=H-1/2 gt2

h(j)=H-1/2 gt2



From this, we can prove that the height of the monkey and the bullet are the same, so the bullet will hit the monkey.

Teacher's Comment

Correct answer. People would normally assume that the bullet would be too fast and won’t be affected by gravity. But in fact, the monkey’s falling down to the ground at terminal velocity[11]. At this moment, the height of the bullet h(i) and the height of the monkey h(j) has nothing to do with the bullet speed V, but only related to the force of gravity g and time t. Sensei deliberately added unnecessary symbols in the answer, but as expected of Himeji-san, that was a good answer.

Sakamoto Yuuji's Answer

BTS vol 08 229.jpg

'The bullet will hit the head and the brains will splat out like pomegranate.'

Teacher's Comment

Himeji-san's performance in the summoned beast baseball tournament seems to have been really impressive.

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer


Teacher Comment

Even if it's not a monkey, it hurts.

"Wel, welcome back, Akihisa-kun!"


As I opened the door to my house, Himeji-san walked out and received me today.

She was standing in the corridor, like yesterday.

She was looking uneasy, like yesterday.

And she’s…wearing even more revealing clothes than yesterday.


“Well, Himeji-san…”

“Ye, yes!”

“That rumor was a misunderstanding, you should understand, right?”

“Yes, I misunderstood Akihisa-kun…I’m really sorry.”

Himeji-san seemed like she was really sorry as she lowered her head at me. Un, seems like she really understands that that weird relationship between Yuuji and me was just an empty rumor.

“Then, why are you dressed like this?”

“…That’s how I dress up normally.”

In that case, why aren’t you looking straight at me?

“Himeji-san, let me ask you again. Those rumors were completely baseless, and I like girls—you should understand, right?”


“If you understand, you don’t have to wear—”

“Tha, that’s why I have to do this all the more!”

Himeji-san suddenly bent forward. Wha, what?

“Because of that, I should dress up like this. Because—”

“Be, because?”

“Because Akihisa-kun likes girls and yet didn’t look interested in me yesterday.”


What in the world is she saying? My mind couldn’t process the development of this topic for the moment.

Eh, let’s see…in other words, I say that I’m interested in girls, but I didn’t do anything when I saw Himeji-san in light clothing yesterday, and this hurt her pride…is that it? Nononono! That’s definitely a misunderstanding! I’m interested in Himeji-san in her light clothing! It’s just that I’m using my sanity to suppress my lust!

“Thus I have to say it out! This is a battle I can’t back away from!”

Himeji-san said as she brought her body forward. Wa, wai, wait a minute!

“Ca, cacacacacacalm down, Himeji-san! This isn’t good!”

“I know this isn’t good too! But I have no way to retreat now that things become like this!”

“It’s because things became like this that I’m telling you to stop! If it’s a moment of impulse that causes you to hook up with someone you don’t like at all, you’ll regret this for the rest of your life!”

So take a deep breath first and calm down—just when I was about to say this, Himeji-san suddenly stopped.

“…Someone I don’t like at all?”

“Ah…un, that’s right. Someone you don’t like at all.”


“Wha, what is it?”

Himeji-san narrowed her eyes at me. Why does it feel so scary?

“Do you feel…I’m the sort of person who will do this to someone I don’t like out of impulse?”

On hearing her ask this, I pondered for a while.

Including Himeji-san, everyone around me would insist in what they believe in and won’t listen to other people’s explanations.

“Un, sort of.”


The next moment, I think I saw a vein explode on Himeji-san’s face. That’s strange? Did I say something wrong?

“Heh…in that case, you really misunderstood me…”

Putting her smile back on her face, Himeji-san said this with a heavy tone. Damn it. Looks like I made her angry.

“Since Akihisa-kun says so, I have my own thoughts.”

Just when I was about to kneel down and beg for forgiveness, Himeji-san said clearly, word for word,

“Akihisa-kun, let’s have a game of endurance.”

“Game of endurance? Eh…what’s that?”

“Will I be unable to hold back my shame, or will Akihisa-kun unravel this misunderstanding about me—it’s this kind of endurance match, a ‘woman’s determination’!”

As Himeji-san said that, she put her hand onto her own chest for some reason…heh?

“Wha, what are you doing?”

“I’m trying to seduce Akihisa-kun.”

Gchi, Himeji-san’s back had a light snap behind her. Was that sound…

“Shouko-chan and Aikou-chan taught me that guys like this. So—Akihisa-kun? You’re nosebleeding!”

“So, sorry, Himeji-san! I think some blood rushed up in me! I’ll go wash my face first!”

“Eh? Ho, hold on! Have you given up? I just undid the hook of my bra, and you had such a reaction…wouldn’t my determination I worked so hard to show be wasted? It’s kinda lonely—”

I ignored Himeji-san’s voice from behind as I ran to the basin. The moment she put her hand inside her shirt, the shirt was flipped up and showed a small amount of skin! And that collar! Her collar was so open that I could see a lot of her chest inside! This is bad—hm? What’s this? Do, don’t tell me…

“Akihisa-kun, please don’t run away! I haven’t done any—A, Akihisa-kun? Why are you bleeding even more!?”

Himeji-san followed me to the basin and shouted in shock. Fu…fufu…you’re really good, Himeji-san…

“To think that you would actually expect me to run away and set this trap…”

There was a pink undergarment next to the basin.

“How should I say this? This lonely feeling…in the end, I only undid my bra hook…”

I don’t understand what Himeji-san was planning, but if she wants to kill me, her plan worked. My mind’s all fuzzy.

“Uuu…this is bad. Why is my vision all blurry too?”

My mind’s all dizzy, and my body’s really hot. I know that Himeji-san’s seduction plan was really effective on me.

“Eh? A, Akihisa-kun? Are you alright? Your face is all red…”

“No, if you’re really worried about me, please don’t wear such revealing clothing—ugh, erm…”

My vision’s starting to sway. Is this what it means to be drunk?

“Akihisa-kun, are you having a fever!?”

“Nonono, I’m not—”

Before I even finished, Himeji-san opened her arms wide and hugged my swaying body. A certain warm touch came through the contact. No, wait. No matter what, this touch’s abnormally thin. Speaking of which, I think there’s only a thin shirt separating my hand from Himeji-san’s body.

“Akihisa-kun! Why is your face redder!? Are you having a high fever!?”

At this moment, I suddenly remembered what Himeji-san did. Didn’t she say it? She undid her bra hook!

That’s right. I see. The soft touch in my hand was actually that…



Feeling extremely fortunate, I lost consciousness.

Splash splash…the sound of water and ice cubes hitting each other reached my ears.

There seemed to be someone twisting something near my head, and then my head had an icy cold thing placed on it. Ah…how refreshing…


“Are you alright, Akihisa-kun?”

“That’s strange…what happened to me…”

Why am I lying on the bed? And Himeji-san’s standing beside my bed and looking at me worriedly.

“Sorry…it’s because I did such a strange thing that I caused you to become like that…”

Himeji-san said that as she looked really depressed.

“Sorry, Himeji-san. Looks like I fell asleep.”

“You didn’t fall asleep. You had a fever.”

No wonder my head felt heavy and my feet light, because I caught a cold. Maybe it’s because I’ve been caught in the rain for the past two days and ran around, causing myself to sweat all over.

“Don’t force yourself. Please continue to lie down and sleep.”

“Ahh, there’s no need. This little thing won’t even…”

“You can’t underestimate illnesses. A lot of people had major illnesses because of just a little cold.”

“No, I’m really alright…”

I don’t really feel uncomfortable. The reason why I had a fever just now should mostly be because of Himeji-san.

“You can’t. Please lie down and rest quietly. I guess it’s because you were too tired.”


“That’s how it is.”

Himeji-san concluded. I do have a little fever, but she’s really taking it too far.

I reluctantly gave up on getting up and could only lie down and watch the ceiling. Uu~ there’s nothing.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?”

Seeing that I had no intention to close my eyes and sleep, Himeji-san showed a somewhat troubled expression.

“It’s not that I don’t want to sleep, but I can’t just sleep as and when I like it…better do something else first…”

“No you can’t. Even if you can’t sleep, it’s alright. Please just remain here.”

Looks like Himeji-san won’t allow me to get off the bed no matter what. This is bad…it’s really boring to lie down like that…



Kach, Kach. The sound of the moving hand of the clock echoed throughout the otherwise silent room.

We didn’t talk as time steadily went by.

I lay on the bed, and Himeji-san sat on the chair beside me. That’s strange? What’s going on? It’s like I saw this scene before…

“Well…waiting quietly like this makes me remember past events.”

“Past events?”

“Yes, like during primary school.”

“But our positions were completely different.”

Himeji-san then said.

Ahh, I see. I just felt that I saw this scene before. So that’s how it is.

“Oh yeah, it felt like this when Himeji-san was hospitalized.”

“Eh…Akihisa-kun, you still remembered?”

Himeji-san widened her eyes and looked at me. Those eyes looked like they were expecting something.

“Sorry, I don’t really remember much, but I can vaguely remember that this happened.”

“No, it’s good enough that you can remember that.”

I’m likely unable to respond to her expectations, but Himeji-san smiled happily.

“Then, Akihisa-kun…”

“Hm? What is it, Himeji-san?”

“Can I…play a little prank on you…?”

Himeji-san looked at me with a questioning look, seemingly asking for my permission.

This doesn’t look good, and I don’t know what she’ll do to me…

“The most I’ll allow you is drawing on my face.”

“I won’t do that.”

Kuku, Himeji-san chuckled and smiled happily. Well, I have nothing against that then.

“Then please be gentle with me.”

“Thank you. Then, since I got Akihisa-kun’s permission—”

Before she finished, Himeji-san suddenly reached for her hair.

“—Okay, I took it off.”

She took her trademark bunny hairclip off and put it between my bangs. Is her so-called prank this?

“Really, I thought Himeji-san would do something to me…”

“Fufufu, you really look cute. Akihisa-kun’s really suited for this.”

It’s troubling that she would still view me as a girl in this situation. That’s troubling.

“Eh…that’s weird…”

Suddenly, my mind recalled a memory.

“When I was sick, I would feel lonely and anxious.”

“Eh? Un, yeah, maybe.”

As I don’t usually get sick, I wasn’t really certain about this, but when there’s someone beside me now like Himeji-san, it’s really something worth being happy about. Without Himeji-san beside me, nee-san would have continued to work and be unable to get home, and I’d continue to have my fever…let me see; I’d feel really lonely and anxious, right?

“Not feeling well, feeling really bored, and thinking of unhappy stuff…”

People normally say that mood and body have a close relationship. As the heart becomes weaker, the body will fall ill; and as the body falls ill, the heart becomes weaker. Thus, when humans are weak, they will have negative thoughts. I guess that’s the common logic amongst all this.

“Will I be lonely forever, will everyone bully me…I once thought about this.”

It was just a little saying—but what Himeji-san said etched mysteriously in my heart.

“So, during that time, a boy was willing to be with me, which made me really feel…happy…and it’s really wonderful.”

The current atmosphere made me unable to interrupt Himeji-san’s words as she slowly said her words out like she was confessing.

Maybe…to us, it’s not just an ordinary saying?

“I’m back.”

“Welcome back, Akira-san. It’s been tough on you to work till this late.”

“Sorry for being late. Did Aki-kun do something to you he shouldn’t do?”

“Uu, about this…actually, Akihisa-kun had a fever.”

“Oh my? He has a fever? That’s really rare.”

“He’s sleeping in his room.”

“I understand. I’ll take a look at him then. Is Aki-kun sleeping in his own room?”

“Yes, he’s sleeping in his own room.”

“Let me see…ahh, he’s sound asleep.”

“He was reading just now.”

“Thank you, Mizuki-san, for taking care of Aki-kun while he’s sick.”

“No, this is nothing.”

“Eh, but that kid, really…it’s because he ran around and got caught in the rain that he fell sick. I have to lecture him the next time I have a chance.”

“Because Akihisa-kun always forces himself…”

“That kid’s always been like that. Once something happens, he will go for it without thinking and end up being all hurt himself.”

“Ahaha, that’s true.”

“Or rather, that’s just like what that kid would do.”

“Like what Akihisa-kun would do…is it…?”



“Yes, what is it, Mizuki-san?”

“Aren’t you worried about Akihisa-kun?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Akihisa-kun would get involved and would sometimes even ignore his own situation or condition.”

“So you’re talking about that.”

“Yes. Don’t you want to stop him?”

“Well…I really want to do something if I can help him achieve his aim and stop getting into trouble…”


“But if I can’t do anything and that kid wants to do it—I will respect his decision and let him do whatever he wants.”

“But what’ll happen if he gets hurt?”

“Even if he gets hurt, it’s what he wants. There’s nothing to say then, is there?”

“How is it…”

“That kid can’t study, is stupid and clumsy and just fails to understand things. But…”

“But what?”

“But that kid’s straightforward personality is my greatest pride as a sister.”


“So I want to treasure that straight-forward side of his.”

“Akira-san…you’re really an adult.”

“No, I’m not that amazing. Instead of being an adult—”

“Instead of being an adult?”

“—I’m just an older sister who loves her little brother the most.”


The next morning.

Before my electronic alarm clock rang, I woke up as I felt that someone was closing in on me.

“Ah…sorry, did I wake you up?”

Beside my bed was Himeji-san, who was about to reach her hand out to pat me—ah, she wants to check my body temperature and see if my fever subsided yet, right?

“Are you okay, Akihisa-kun?”

Unfortunately, I woke up, and Himeji-san’s hand that was stretched towards me shrank back, which I felt was a pity.

“Un, ever better. My cold’s all good now.”

It’s not just that I don’t want to make her worry, but in fact, I don’t feel bad anywhere. Thus, I gripped my fist tightly and answered her energetically. Speaking of which, my cold wasn’t that serious. It’s because Himeji-san did those things that blood rushed up in me…


“You can’t lie, Akihisa-kun. Your face is still red.”

“Ahh, no, that’s because…”

That’s because I was thinking about what happened yesterday!

“Akihisa-kun, you can’t force yourself. Rest well for today and cure your cold completely.”

Asking me to take a break from school…I really can’t study well, but it’s not that I hate going to school. It should be more interesting being in school than staying at home, right? More importantly—

“The important summoning battle hasn’t ended yet. Even with such a level of fighting ability, I can’t just take a break all because I got a cold.”

If we lose this summoning battle, our distance from A class will be spread further. Then, we can only continue to use those lousy facilities. That’s why we can’t lose.

“Really, Akihisa-kun…you don’t have to worry about the summoning tournament. I’ll work hard together with Akihisa-kun. I’ll work even harder, so you don’t have to force yourself.”

“No, but…”

“You can’t say stubborn things. I won’t nag at you once you’re fully recovered.”

“I don’t mean that…”

“Really, why wouldn’t you listen to me? You would obey if Akira-san says it.”

“That’s not about me obeying. It’s her threatening moves that force me to submit…”

Looking at things now, nee-san should be out at work. Is she really busy nowadays?

Looks like I don’t have to worry about being lectured and punished by her in the morning as I heaved a sigh of relief.

BTS vol 08 247.jpg

However, Himeji-san said this to me,

“In that case…Akihisa-kun, if you’re not going to listen to me, I’m going to kiss you!”

What the heck? She’s copying nee-san? Really…

“Well…even if Himeji-san imitates nee-san, it won’t do anything to me—”


A soft sensation brushed by my lips.


“Okay. You must sleep now.”

Himeji-san left these words behind, bata, closed my door and left.


Being left alone inside the room, I still didn’t know what’s going on as I could only sit on the bed blankly.

Author Notes[edit]

I’m really grateful to the readers who bought this book. I’m Inoue Kenji, in charge of writing this book.

This series has finally broke double digits and is at the 11th volume! There’s about 1.5 million characters altogether! I’ll like to thank the readers who accompanied me down this path while I was criticized by my superior ‘it’s difficult to read’, ‘I have no idea what you’re writing’, ‘rewrite this again’ for my Japanese. That’s strange. I should be the one in the company writing the most, but it feels like there’s no improvement at all…

On a side note, amongst the latest mail, there were readers who asked me “Why must you hide the fact that you wrote ‘Baka Test’?”. I’ll use this author’s note to reply then.

My line of work is related to designing, and the details of the work includes lots of newly developed technology, most of it trade secrets that couldn’t be revealed. Since they’re secrets, we have to hide the technology that’s being developed. Our company earns profits through the secrets, so we would be strict about it and not let it out. We workers have a duty to keep it a secret. Also, our company has an ‘investigation committee’ to manage the secrets. A few important members of the company were members of this ‘investigation committee’, and they would take action against us when we reveal secrets.

Okay, then, let’s use our imagination to think of what will happen next. What will happen to Inoue Kenji, who works in this kind of company, is found out to be writing a light novel called ‘Baka to Tesuto to Shoukannjuu’?

—Yes, that’s right. I’m almost definitely going to be called up by these important members in the company for an investigation. Then, what kinds of questions will happen in the investigations?

The important members are all gathered silently in the wide meeting room. As it involves the company’s secrets, all the exits are tightly locked. I’m standing silently in the middle and watching my superiors read through the ‘Baka Test’ novels as reference.

And then, the chief investigator of this investigation committee will start questioning.

Chief investigator: “Inoue Kenji-kun, as for this…eh, what’s this called…this ‘Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu’. It’s written by you, no?”

Me: “Ye yes…”

Chief Investigator: “Are you certain?”

Me: “Yes…I did write this book…”

Chief investigator: “Then—can you please explain the contents of this novel?”

I have firm belief that I would collapse here and want to cry.

I have to explain the contents of the novels I wrote to people I know, not my colleagues or friends, but to my superiors who’re about as old as my parents. I have to explain that it’s a comedy, and I have to do it in a meeting room full of tension. Wouldn’t it be normal that I would be crying in shame, trying to get away as I’m asked to do such a thing?

But at that time, all the exits are sealed, so I have nowhere to run to. At that moment, I can only endure the shame in my heart and explain the contents of Baka Test to them.

Me: “That’s…that’s a story with a unique high school as the setting…the students there specialize in doing stupid things and will use a summoning system to battle…”

Chief investigator: “Fuum…”

I can even think of those impressive and important people chatting away ‘what’s the summoning system’, ‘what’s this war in school’, ‘letting those students—kids who’ll do stupid things battle each other? What are the parents doing?’.

Chief investigator: “Then, let me ask you something.”

Then the chief investigator questions me.

Chief Investigator: “As for the ‘summoning system’, please explain further as some of it may include secrets our company doesn’t wish to reveal.”

I really want to run away! I want to force open the locked doors, scream and get away from this meeting room.

All the people here are technicians, so they would be extremely sensitive to the term ‘system’. Thus, it’s very normal for them to ask about the test summoning system. If I answer that this is a creation through coincidence and supernatural phenomena and that I don’t really understand this system, I’ll definitely be scolded things like ‘is this really good? You’re a technician’. They may even lecture me after this investigation is over. Sorry, I feel that that’s enough. Please let me go.

Also, there are other possibilities.

Chief investigator: “Over here(Vol 5 Author Notes), there’s a mention of research. I have to check if there’s any mention of our company’s secrets.”

Me: “No problems. I did not mention about our technology in the books.”

Chief investigator: “In that case, please explain the original meaning of the word ‘sou-uke’ to everyone here. If we’re not sure, we can’t make our decision.”


Anything related to technology may need a complete explanation. But for me to explain it to my bosses in so many different ranks, it’s like going on a painful training to release the human level of pain…if my eyes were suddenly clear on the next day and that I say something like ‘war can’t bring anything’, what should I do? Should I create a new religion?

Also, it won’t be just the chief investigator questioning me. Those direct superiors of mine who are identified as witnesses will ask me. It’s likely that they will ask this—

Superior: “There’re a lot of familiar names amongst the introduced characters, including mine, is there?”

Yes. Those antagonistic roles were designed off you guys.

Besides, even if I want to say it, I can’t say my thoughts out and just insist that ‘it’s just a coincidence’. But since it’s a novel I wrote, people will take it to read the contents, right? That’s human nature. But, even if they browse through until they find a character with their own name appearing, they should still be shocked about being treated like that. In that case, I won’t be able to come out and be outstanding. But this form of being outstanding didn’t exist in the first place, and so I guess it can be called a form of redemption since it is one…

That’s how it is. Because of these hidden possibilities, I couldn’t boldly declare the fact that I wrote Baka Test. Having explained so much, I wonder if the readers understand? If you do, please don’t care about what kind of person am I. Sorry…

Unknowingly, there’s very few pages left fo the afterwords. I’m really sorry. Then, let me write these tranks like you.

Illustrator Haga-san, Mizuki’s really cute! And Tamano-san! I’m really grateful. K-sama, I’m really sorry for delaying my scripts over and over again…Kagaya-san, who’s in charge of design, I’ve bothered you a lot all the time. Please continue to rate me. And to all the readers, thank you for accompanying the journey of this novel. I can’t express the gratitude in my heart no matter how many times I say it. I can’t send a letter but, but I’m really happy to read each mail one by one. From today on, I’ll work hard and come up with more interesting storys.

Then, let’s meet in the next volume, the continuation volume of the summoning battle.


  1. Ironman’s called Tetsujin in Japanese, so Tetsun’s a somewhat~ affectionate way of calling him that, if you can get affectionate with Broskander Ironman.
  2. Peas in a pod here...
  3. Reference to the movie, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. This maybe? Its also the fact that in Asian mythology the tiger and dragon were rivals.
  4. 秋茄子は嫁に食わすな, Aki nasubi wa yome ni kuwasu na
  5. Note the name 'Under the legendary tree'. Under '下', tree '木'. Under the tree '木下' - Kinoshita.
  6. This is written in katakana, so English please.
  7. Buddhist chant of the Heart Sutra. It means that things (form) themselves are empty.
  8. '赤身' (Akami) would refer to lean meat (red meat, especially for fish like tuna) and heartwood.
  9. 総受け (Sou-uke). This term strikes again. Referring to Aki for being the receiving part in a sexual relationship all the time (Gosh, I hate myself for knowing this term...)
  10. From the story of Me and Thugs and a Love Letter
  11. A very important part of physics. When an object falls due to gravity, air resistance will increase until the object falls at constant speed. That is Terminal Velocity
  12. itai, いたい, Japanese for 'it hurts'.