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The Fifth Question[edit]

Next, I, Yoshii Akira, will give you questions completely different from normal school tests. This does not mean that there is only one correct answer. Therefore, I hope that you guys can have more freedom and open your hearts to answer these questions. The following questions are definitely not meant to invade your personal privacy, so I hope all students can answer the questions honestly.

Q: Explain your association or experience with the opposite sex up until now in English.

Himeji Mizuki's answer:

『I have not associated with a male.』[1]

Yoshii Akira's comment:

Mizuki-san isn't associated with any male? That is really splendid, as a student's duty is to study.

In addition, when being used with the opposite sex, "associate" usually accompanies negative connotations. Of course it is still better than a term like "romantic overture".

Sakamoto Yuuji's answer:

『I was kissed while sleeping.』

Yoshii Akira's comment:

While the english answer is correct, I have some doubts with the content. High School students nowadays are rather bold to be kissed while being asleep. I don't know whether my stupid little brother did that. I'm rather looking forward to his answer.

Yoshii Akihisa's answer:

『I cannot answer in English.』[2]

Yoshii Akira's comment:



"Himeji-san, did anything happen after you went home yesterday?"

During lunch break on the next day, we gathered together at a short table. Of course, I prepared the bento for my sister's sake (This is all her fault).

"Actually......they were so angry that they threw tantrums......"

Himeji-san murmured dejectedly. Of course her parents would be angry... but they have the right to be angry. For two consecutive nights, their precious daughter came home late.

"Because of this, I can't go anywhere else aside from the school until the weekend......"

"Arara. That's too bad."

This is a worry I, as a boy who lives alone (although not at the moment) cannot understand. It's really tough being a girl.

"It was your own fault. Really, at least just a call would make your parents feel at ease, Himeji."

"That's right...... I regret it......"

I feel that being able to reflect on one's bad deeds is one of Himeji-san's good points.

"What on earth is this? Never mind Akihisa, didn't Yuuji and Himeji immediately go home after leaving Shimada's house?"

"Yuuji and Himeji-san were still near Minami's house when I was about to go home"

"Yeah, I wanted to send her back immediately. But Himeji was throwing tantrums like a kid at me, so I couldn't send her back."


Himeji said while narrowing her shoulders, making her look shrunk.

"But, what about you, Yuuji?"

"Hmm? My parents didn't say anything, so I guess it was alright."

"No, that's not it."

"What then?"

"You were with girls until late at night for two consecutive days, and you were also alone with Himeji-san on the street at night, right? Isn't Kirishima-san fuming?"


Oo. I've never seen such an expression that clearly shows "I'm in deep trouble".

"W-well, it should be fine. As long as she doesn't find out."

"......Yuuji. Please explain this."

Ah. It's Kirishima-san.

"W-wait a minute, Shouko. You've misunderstood, what you're imagining did not happen. Moreover, you are not eligible to question me."

"......Ok. Let's go over there. I will slowly hear your excuses."

Yuuji & Kirishima-san left.


After that, the mail ringtone of my cell phone resounded.

I took out my cell phone and read the mail.

[Message From Sakamoto Yuuji]


He must be trying to type "Help me". Thinking about this, my tears couldn't stop flowing out.

" would be difficult to have study sessions after school."

"That's right. Mizuki and Sakamoto aren't here, so no one is here to teach me."


Yuuji still lives on in my heart. Unfortunately, the Yuuji in my heart cannot help me to revise.

"If it's like this, do we have to stop the studying session? That's too bad..."

"I'm sorry. It's all because I went out of hand yesterday.."

"Don't be silly, this isn't your fault, Himeji-san. I'm very grateful that you're willing to sacrifice your own studying time to help me study."

At her level, Himeji-san definitely won't need to panic and start cramming when exams are near. I suppose the term capable person would refer to someone like Himeji-san.



Who suddenly called me from behind!?

"Ki-Kirishima-san? You scared me...... What's the matter?"

"......Are you worried about studying?"

"Ah, yeah. That's right."

I tried to avoid looking at the red liquid stuck on Kirishima-san. It must be tomato sauce or Tabasco that had accidentally poured on her during lunch.

"......If that's the case, I'll help too."

"Eh? Help?"

"......Everyone can stay at my house this weekend."

Everyone──stay!? In short, I can study at your house for a long time? And the smartest in our year Kirishima-san's going to teach me personally! Isn't that a super-duper awesome proposal!?

"Is it ok, Kirishima-san?"

"(Nods) …...I always want to return my gratitude to you, Yoshii."

That would help a lot! I didn't even dare to think i could obtain the best studying environment at this critical juncture where I have to spurt before the tests.

"Is it ok if everyone else come along?"

"......Of course."

"If it's next week, I should be able to make it. I'll just bother you a little. Mizuki, can you make it?"

"I-I should be able to make it. Even if I can't, I'll try my best to convince my parents!"

"......I'll join too."

Hideyoshi, Minami, Himeji and Muttsurini also decided to participate in Saturday's studying session. It looks like I'll benefit a lot this weekend.

"I wonder if Yuuji will participate?"

I don't think there's a problem, but since he isn't here, I can't tell.

After hearing my question, Kirishima answered in place of Yuuji.

"……It's ok."

"Ah, is that so?"

"……By that time, he surely would be discharged from the hospital."

"I see. I'm glad about that."

Everyone smiled as they nodded to each other, looking forward to the weekend.

Un Un. I'm glad everyone was able to participate.

………………………………Discharged from the hospital?

Current score [-340 points]


  1. Answer is given in English in RAWs. Please don't complain of bad grammar here. It's given as such...
  2. Of course, the answer's in Japanese.