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The Fourth Question[edit]

Please answer the following questions:

(1) What value of X satisfies the equation 4 sin X + 3 cos 3X = 2 and is found in the first quadrant?

(2) Which one of the following expressions is equivalent to sin (A+B)?

① sin A + cos B

② sin A – cos B

③ sin A cos B

④ sin A cos B + cos A sin B

BTS vol 01 061.jpg

Himeji Mizuki's Answer:

(1) X = π/6

(2) ④

Teacher's Comment:

That's right. You can write the angle with the symbol π instead of °. Your answer is perfect.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:

(1) X = probably 3

Teacher's Comment:

I think you're trying to slack off by saying "Probably". Even though you're close, I can't give you credit.

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:

(2) Probably ③

Teacher's Comment:

I have seen plenty of students' attempts before, but you're the first who tried to slack off on a multiple-choice question like this.

"Yoshii! Kinoshita's troop started the fight with Class D in the corridor!"

With her ponytail swinging behind her, Shimada, who was placed in the same troop I was, ran towards me. Under careful observation, you could see that she was tall, with long legs, so why doesn't she look like a girl? Which part of her was wrong?

"Ah, maybe it's the flat chest?"

"Let me break your fingers one by one! Evenly!"

Oh, no, I think I just stepped on a landmine.

"L-Let's just stop there. We need to focus on the War!"

The troop that was fighting on the frontlines was the vanguard led by Kinoshita. The backup troop we're in was located between the frontlines and Class F. I don't remember accepting an offer to be troop leader, but now I have to take the responsibility to lead everyone, so I need to focus.

First, we need to get a feel for the atmosphere of battle. If I listen closely, I think I can hear sounds of battle coming from the vanguard troop.

"Now Come! You Loser Dog!"[1]

"I... Ironman? No! I don't want to go to the remedial room!"

"Shut up! The prisoners of war will be staying in the remedial room and will be specially lectured until the battle ends! I'm not sure how long it will take to end, but it looks like I'll have enough time to lecture you!"

"P-Please, let me go! I don't have the confidence to get through the torture!"

"Torture? That's not true. It's just a marvelous educational lecture. By the time it's over, I'll have educated you into a standard student whose hobby is studying, just like Ninomiya Kinjiro[2]!"

"D-devil! Someone help me...! No...!!!" *Door closing*

OK, now I have a good understanding of what a Summoner Test War is.

"Shimada, give the order to the troop."

"OK? What order? What do you want me to say?"

During a dangerous time like this, there is only one order I can give:


"You coward!"

She used the hidden art that attacks both eyes!

"Ow, my eyes!"

"Did it wake you up, you big idiot!? You're the troop leader! How can you run away without putting up a good fight?"

Was the pain in my eyes necessary to clear my mind? If she wanted to say something like this, she should have just punched or slapped me instead of stabbing my eyes!

"Listen up, Yoshii. Our mission is to back up Kinoshita's vanguard troop, right? During the time they're replenishing their test scores, we need to hold the front line. If our troop runs away from our important mission, the vanguard troop won't be able to replenish their scores smoothly."

It was rare to see Shimada give a serious opinion.

What she just said is true; the mission we carried was very important. Our performance could greatly affect the result of this War. Instead, I was thinking about running away just because I was afraid of suffering from a remedial...

Shimada, you are so brave! I don't know why, but I'm even shedding tears (maybe from the pain of being stabbed?).

"I'm sorry, I was wrong. I'll throw away the fear of the remedial room, and focus on winning the fight."

"Good. I don't think we have anything to worry about, though. Although we may be weak in fighting one-on-one, fighting together against one enemy at a time should be fine."

That's right. Even though we have lower scores, it's not the deciding factor in the War. Depending on our tactics, we may still have a good chance of winning this War.

"You're right. OK, I'm full of energy!"

"That's the spirit, Yoshii!"

We all raised our fists. No problem, we can do this!

As our morale rose, a scout went up to Shimada.

"Shimada, the vanguard troop is losing!"


Wait a minute, that was totally different from those righteous speeches you just gave!

"Yoshii, we can retreat first, right?"

I had a feeling that this might cause a big problem, but maybe it was just me.

"OK, we should run away first! It's too difficult to fight now."

"That's right, we already did our best."

I looked back towards the direction where Class F was.

Yokoda (Class F) who was supposed to be staying in the classroom was standing right behind me.

"Yokoda? Why are you here?"

"I'm here to give you a message from the class rep."

Yokoda looked at the memo, and read the message out loud:

"'If you dare to run away, I will kill you!'"

"Everyone charge...!"

When I came to my senses, I was on my way to the battlefield. It was all for the victory of Class F!

Suddenly, there was a pretty girl in front of me running in my direction.

"Yoshii, you're here to support me!"

Oh, it was Hideyoshi. What should I say; this guy looked cute no matter the time or place...

"Hideyoshi, are you OK?"

"Yeah, I somehow managed to survive. But my score was greatly reduced."

"I see, then how about your Being?"

"Too tired to move; it can't continue fighting anymore."

"OK, then you better do some tests to replenish your score!"

"You're right. There may not be enough time to have tests for each subject, but it still helps to have even one or two subjects' scores replenished."

He immediately ran towards the classroom, and following behind him were the members of the vanguard troop. It seems that their numbers were fewer than when they left. A lot of people must have been sent to the remedial room.

"Yoshii, do you still remember the rules of a Summoner Test War? If a teacher's not around, you can't summon your Being!"

"I know that!"

It was just as Shimada had advised. While we're using our test scores to fight, we need to comply with the rules on the following page:

Fumitzuki Academy Rules for Fights Related to
Classroom Facilities and the Summoner Test War

1. In principle, the fight is between classes. Under the supervision of a teacher of any subject, students may activate the summoning system to summon their Beings. Also, a fight that uses cumulative scores must be supervised by the Head Teacher.

2. A student may have only one Being. The strength of a student's Being is equal to their last test score. The cumulative score is the sum of every subject's latest test score.

3. A student's score will be reduced proportionally to the strength that their Being loses in the fight. Once a student's score is reduced to zero, their Being will die and they will receive remedial classes in the remedial room.

4. A student may replenish their score infinitely as long as their Being is not dead.

5. If a student fails to perform the summoning after their opponent summons their Being, that student will be considered as forfeiting the fight, and therefore will receive remedial classes in the remedial room as punishment.

6. The valid range in which a Being can be summoned is a circle with a radius of ten meters from the supervising teacher (may vary between teachers).

7. The fight may only be carried out by the Beings. Any summoner who is involved in actual fighting will be punished.

8. The war ends only when the opposing class representative is defeated. As long as they are under teacher supervision, a student may use any method or tactic in order to win the War. This is the 'war' that uses test scores as weapons. Those who wish to participate must be mentally prepared.

These are probably all of the rules! Although there were some changes and some more specific rules, these are the general rules for this War. If you didn't read through them carefully, you might have missed the main point of the War: basically, "the War uses the Beings to decide the result, but the students can use other methods or tactics besides test scores".

It seems that the Head Teacher was supervising now, so the subject we were fighting under now was the cumulative score mentioned in the first rule...

"Yoshii, look!"

Shimada, who was running beside me, shouted loudly. What happened?

"It's Mr. Igarashi and Mr. Fuse! Those Class D bastards, they brought the Chemistry teachers here."

I looked carefully. The Chemistry teachers for Year 2, Mr. Igarashi and Mr. Fuse, were standing at the corridor that linked the new school building to the old one.

I see. The duration of the War would be much longer if there was only one teacher supervising- in our case, the school's Head Teacher- so they're trying to increase the number of supervisors to finish us off in one shot?

That's why Hideyoshi needed to retreat earlier than we had originally planned.

"Shimada, are you confident with your Chemistry score?"

"Not at all; I only get around 60 every time."

That's what could be expected from Class F. No matter how much you lower the standard, 60 was not a good result.

"OK, then, we'll need to stay away from Mr. Igarashi and Mr. Fuse and head towards the Head Teacher."

"Head towards Ms. Takahashi? Understood."

Shimada and I sneaked through the corridor and headed towards the corner.

Everyone, look! These was the heroics of the backup troop leader and his subordinates.

"Ah, isn't the one sneaking over there my Onee-sama from Class F? Mr. Igarashi, hurry here!"

"Damn, I was being careless."

One of the students in Class D discovered Shimada, and brought one of the teachers, Mr. Igarashi, here. Oh, no, if we don't summon our Beings and fight, it would only take one hit to send us to the remedial room.

"OK, Shimada, I leave this to you. I'll be on my way."

"Wait a... It's normally not like this, right? It should be 'Leave this to me, you better go now', right?"

"Those lines are useless in the real world!"

"Y-Yoshii! You're so mean!"

"Onee-sama! I won't let you run away!"

"It's Miharu! It seems I need to fight for my life..."

I was standing more than ten meters away from Mr. Igarashi, so I can rest and observe how Shimada will fail. The girl from Class D had already summoned her Being.

Shimada also prepared to counterattack; she stared at Miharu and shouted,


At Shimada's shout, a magical circle with some geometric shapes was formed below her feet. This was proof of activating the summoning system under a teacher's supervision. After that, her Being appeared.

The Being that appeared, besides wearing a military uniform and wielding a military-styled sabre in its hand, had a ponytail and strong-looking eyes that were exactly like Shimada's, but its height was just around eighty centimeters. If I had to describe it in one sentence, it would be "the chibi version of Shimada Minami". And the opposing Being was also the chibi version of its owner, but it was holding a normal sword.

"I've been waiting for this moment for a long time ever since I was dumped by Onee-sama..."

"Wait a second! You should give up already!"

The battle would start any moment now. Although I was not the one on the battlefield, I couldn't stop shaking when I thought about it.

"Shimada, about the 'Onee-sama' thing she mentioned..."

"I don't want you. Onee-sama will only be Miharu's onee-sama no matter what!"

"Don't get close to me! I'm just a normal girl who likes boys."

"You're lying! Onee-sama should love Miharu as well!"

"You don't know anything about me!"

BTS vol 01 071.jpg

Somehow, I had a feeling that Shimada was in a world far away from me.

"Onee-sama, I'm coming!"

Both Beings went close to each other, and the battle finally started.



Their shouts filled the corridors.

Their Beings held their weapons high, and started to fight head-on with brute force.


"Miharu won't lose!"

Both Beings were channeling their forces through their swords. Even those who were watching the fight were thrilled.

"Shimada, your opponent's score is higher; fighting head-on isn't good for you."

"I don't need you to remind me of that, but I can't control my Being well enough to do any special techniques!"

The swordfight was broken immediately. Shimada's Being did not have enough power, and its weapon fell to the ground.

"That's it!"


The opponent immediately pushed Shimada's Being to the ground, and their strength values (scores) appeared above their heads.

Class F Shimada Minami VS Class D Shimizu Miharu


53 VS 94

Shimada, why did you inflate your score? Actually, could you even score up to 60?

"Onee-sama, this victory is mine."

The opponent's sword was held to Shimada's Being. If it was just the wrist or the leg being attacked, the score would only be reduced a little bit, but if the neck or the heart was stabbed, the Being would be dead- which would also mean that she'd be sent to the remedial room. Shimada couldn't move at all.

"N-No! I don't want to go to the remedial room!"

"'Remedial room'? Hu hu..."

Shimizu had a happy-looking smile on her face. She dragged Shimada's hand and left the scene.

Eh? Shimizu, that's the direction to the infirmary, right?

"Hu hu hu. Onee-sama, there should be an empty bed available in the infirmary right now."

"Y-Yoshii. Back me up now! I have a feeling that the infirmary is more dangerous than the remedial room!"

That's right, I have the same feeling as well. But...

"I will kill you... Those who stand against Miharu's love with Onee-sama, I will kill you all..."

I am sorry, Shimada. I don't have the courage to rush forward.

"Shimada, I will never forget you!"

"Ahh! Yoshii! Why are you saying that before you fight?"

"Death to all who try to stop me!"

The hands and legs of Shimada's Being had been attacked, so it couldn't move at all. Now the enemy was rushing towards me! I'm going to die!

"Yoshii, look out! Summon!"

A voice came from my side; it was Sugawa from my class! Thank you! You look like a messiah right now!

Class F Sugawa Ryou VS Class D Shimizu Miharu


76 VS 41

Sugawa's Being slashed the enemy into the ground.

Aw, yeah, Sugawa won! It seems that Shimizu lost too many points in the previous fight, making her lose this one instantly.

"Shimada, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm saved. Thanks, Sugawa. Iron- no, Mr. Nishimura, hurry up and bring this dangerous person to the remedial room."

"Oh, isn't it Shimizu? I will give you a good lecturing, come with me."

Unlike Shimada's Being, Shimizu's was dead, so she was sent to the remedial room; this was the condition we called "Killed in Action".

"Onee-sama! Miharu will never give up! Don't think that you can graduate from this school safely!"

After leaving some lines which were filled with dangerous words, Shimizu was forcefully sent to the remedial room.

From many different points of view, this really was a dangerous duel.


"Shimada, you must be tired. You should head back and replenish your Chemistry score!"


"Then, Sugawa, we should be on our way now. The War is still going!"



"How could you leave me alone and run away just now?"

"...I don't remember doing such a thing."

This really was a battlefield. The killing intent made my skin hurt... but there was only Shimada behind me.



A short moment of silence. Wh-what now? Why do I have a feeling that this is not good?

"DIE, Yoshii Akihisa! Summo-"

"Someone help, Shimada's gone mad now! Bring her to the main troop immediately!"

Sugawa stopped Shimada's actions and tried to persuade her at the same time.

"That's not true! He is the enemy! My greatest enemy!"

I couldn't deny what she had said.

"S-Sugawa, sorry to bother you."


"Let me go, Sugawa! Yoshii! I will not forgive you!"

"Quick, quickly bring her back! I'm going to be killed by her scary glare!"

"Wait, let go...! I'm going to kill you!"

After leaving some lines which were filled with some threatening words, the scary figure was taken away. For now, I am safe.

"Good. While Hideyoshi's troop is replenishing their scores, we need to hold the front line! We can't let the enemy take another step forward!"

Angry shouts and cries never stopped coming from the corridors.

"I won't let you do that! If we can get through the front line, there will be only troops that are replenishing scores beyond it! We need to get through here now!"

To counter my commands, someone who looked like the commander of Class D gave out an order as well.

This is my battlefield; I need to gather my courage!

"Commander Yoshii! The troops at the corridors on both sides have been defeated! We only have two men left around Mr. Fuse!"

"I'm the only man standing at the corridor where Mr. Igarashi is! Need backup as soon as possible!"

"Toudou's Being can't make it, please help us!"

Damn, the situation is worse than I thought.

I feel like requesting help from the main troop, but that would reduce the number of people needed to execute our plans. We can only rely on ourselves to hang on here!

"Tell those around Mr. Fuse to stay in guarding status! Swap the guys around Mr. Igarashi with those fighting using their cumulative scores, make good use of time, and defeat the enemy! As for Toudou, I'm sorry, but we have to give up on him!"


Everyone changed formation as told; it seems that they still considered me a leader.

"Those bastards in Class F, they're clearly aiming to waste time!"

"What are they waiting for?"

Looking at our fighting methods, those in Class D should have started to realize what we were trying to do. That's not good; it's getting harder to carry out our mission now...

"Damn! The scout brought the report; Class F brought the World History teacher Mr. Tanaka here."

"World History teacher Mr. Tanaka?"

"Class F bastards, do they want to have an extended battle?

It seems Class D's scout troops discovered that our class brought Mr. Tanaka to mark scores.

Mr. Tanaka taught World History, was old, had slow reactions, and had a pretty loose marking standard that was welcomed by the students. However, his marking speed was not very fast. If we wanted a longer War, bringing Mr. Tanaka would be the right choice.

"Yoshii, Class D brought the Mathematics teacher Mr. Kiuchi."

Sugawa, who had just taken Shimada away, came and gave me the report. It seemed that he brought new information after he reached the main troop. That Mr. Kiuchi, right?

Mathematics teacher Mr. Kiuchi had a strict marking standard, but his marking speed was very fast. It seemed that Class D was using a totally different tactic and wanted to finish us off quickly.

However, to accomplish our mission, we couldn't be beaten so easily.

Yuuji entrusted only one mission to me: to maintain the front line, hold up the blockage line, and drag out the battle as long as possible, at least until those classes that were not involved in this War finished their classes.

To achieve this target...


"What's up?"

We could only use tactics instead of brute force, at least to steer the situation towards a direction that benefited us.

"In order to win more time, go spread false information immediately."

"False information? Fine by me, but the enemy will realize it immediately, right? The Class D front line commander has a loud voice, so even if the tactic succeeds, he can immediately reorder the formation."

Just as Sugawa said, Class D's commander Tsukamoto was really loud. Although it was really convenient to overhear their tactics, giving false information to confuse them would not be easy at all.

"No problem; the target of the false information isn't Class D."

"What are you trying to say?"

"I want you to spread the false information to the teachers, and make them go to other places."

"...I see, that will definitely have some effect."


"Yeah, leave the content of the false information to me. I'll think up a good lie to tell them."

"I'll leave it to you."

After Sugawa had said that, he ran off. Sugawa loved to do this sort of thing, right? He seemed really happy doing so.

"If we can't win in a one-on-one fight, we'll have to rely on teamwork!"

Anyway, as a commander, I stayed at the back of the troop. It was my mission as troop commander to stay safe, not because I was timid.

"Tsukamoto, there's no end to this!"

"Just hold on a bit longer; I'll go bring Ms. Funakoshi here!"

The bad information for us Class F came when the situation was stalled.

Class D was going to bring Mathematics teacher Ms. Funakoshi (age 45, female, single). Their aim was to have her become another supervisor instead of mark papers. To tell the truth, this was not good for us at all. If the battle range increased, the difference in our troop forces would be even larger.

What should I do? It was probably time for me to join the front line and fight now.

Just as I was thinking this...

*Dang, dang, dang, dang*. "School announcement, school announcement."

A familiar voice came from the school broadcast.

It was Sugawa's voice! I see, if he had headed directly to the teachers' office, he might be spotted by Class D students; that's why he headed to the broadcast room instead. Good job, Sugawa!

"Ms. Funakoshi, Ms. Funakoshi."

In addition, the broadcast was talking about the Ms. Funakoshi that everyone wanted to get their hands on now. Excellent work, Sugawa!

"Yoshii Akihisa is waiting for you behind the gym."

...Huh? Sugawa? What's going on?

"He wants to cross the line between student and teacher and speak to you as a man."

Oi! This is too dangerous! She is Miss Funakoshi, right? Are you sure? The Ms. Funakoshi that used scores to threaten students into dating her, right? Doing this could definitely make her go straight to the gym, but she'd be waiting there forever before she saw me, which meant my virginity was in danger!

"Commander Yoshii... you are too manly!"

"Oh, my spirit, I am so touched. I could never imagine that you would sacrifice so much for our class!"

The vanguard troop members were all really touched and crying; they even wanted to shake my hand to show their respects.

No, that's not right! I never gave such a command!

"Oi, did you hear the broadcast just now?"

"Yeah. I didn't realize that Class F really wants to win this War."

"Can we win against a class with such strong determination?"

The murmuring sounds from Class D kept coming through. Please! Don't make the situation about me! It only makes it harder to deny!

"Everyone, we cannot let Commander Yoshii's sacrifice go in vain!"

"We must win!"

Ah! Even our morale rose dramatically! Give me a break!

"Commander, we're getting the upper hand now! Let's take this chance and defeat them!"






One more name was added into my death note.

"Kudou Shinya's dead!"

"Nishimura Yuuichirou's cumulative score is now 40!"

"Morikawa isn't back yet! Has he been defeated?"

Our side was able to temporarily fight against the enemy due to the morale boost. However, the lack of troop strength was starting to affect the situation; bad information was flowing back now.

Kudou and Morigawa were dead (sent to the remedial room), and now our number went down from originally eighteen people to only five. This was probably our limit.

"Akihisa, just hold on a little bit longer!"

Just when I started to think about retreating, an encouraging voice came.

I looked around, and saw Yuuji and the others at the far back. Support had finally come!

But come to think about it, how could their sound travel so far? They were so far away from me, so why could I hear what they said so clearly?

"It's their backup troops! Defeat Yoshii and his men before they combine their forces, or else it will be dangerous for us!"

The voice of Class D's front line commander, Tsukamoto, was clear as well.

Damn! Even if Yuuji's troops were here, they were still far away from where I was. If we are defeated before they arrived, all of us will be sent to the remedial room!

"Nishimura Yuuichirou's dead!"

Four people left.

Yuuji, all of them were... still very far away from us!

What should I do? What should I do? Yoshii Akihisa!

"Mr. Igarashi, I am Suzuki from Class D. Summon!"

"I'm not going to lose! I am Tanaka from Class F. Show yourself, my Being!"

Damn! Tanaka was caught as well?

Class D Suzuki Ichirou VS Class F Tanaka Akira


92 VS 67

Tanaka immediately turned into a lost soul.

There were only three people left.

It seems that Yuuji and the others won't make it in time.

Damn it, damn it, damn it!


The enemy army was rushing at us fiercely; could it be that they also felt that it was an important time now?

Class D Suzuki Ichirou VS Class F Shibazaki Isao


25 VS 66

Although we had successfully defeated Suzuki, we were not in good shape.

"Teacher, Sasajima Keigo from Class D is here! Summon!"

Class D Sasajima Keigo VS Class F Shibazaki Isao


99 VS 41

After defeating Shibazaki, Sasajima brought his Being and rushed towards me. I was in the range of summoning, and if I didn't summon my Being now, I would be sent to the remedial room.

"Yoshii Akihisa! Your head is mine!"

There's no other way! I can only fight him head-on!

I took a deep breath, and gathered all my strength.

"I am not going to lose to you!"

Making use of the time made when the enemy Being rushed towards me, I shouted out loud,


After that, a magical circle appeared below my legs.

Some sort of material was taken out from my body, and I was filled with a feeling of being freed.

What appeared besides me was another me which was wearing a special uniform.

"Class F troop commander Yoshii Akihisa is here waiting, where is my- Ouch, that hurt!"

My shoulder suddenly suffered immense pain.

It really hurts! Don't appear right in front of the enemy! The pain that bounced back really hurt!

"The commander is an idiot! I can handle him alone; everyone, step back!"

Additionally, I was humiliated as well! It was just because the position where I summoned my Being was a little bit bad!

"Die, Yoshii!"

The enemy rushed towards my Being that was on the ground.

"It won't be that easy!"

First, rush to the enemy and maintain low position, and then...

*Dashing sound*

Making use of the time lag, I made the enemy trip and fall on the ground.


Sasajima's split self easily tripped over.

"Ah! Kirishima's skirt flipped!"

I pointed to a spot behind Class D and shouted that out loudly.


This was surprising. She was really famous, the beautiful and talented Class A representative and Year 2 representative Kirishima. Not only had the Class D boys turned around, but even the Class D girls had also turned around to look.

Female students, since we are studying together, please have a little bit more interest in guys! Come to think about it, Kirishima was interested in girls as well.

Although my brain was thinking about this sort of useless stuff, my movements didn't stop because of it. Making use of the time gained when everyone's focus was diverted, I took off one of my shoes and threw it towards the window with all my strength.

*Window-breaking sound*

Along with the breaking sound, the window glass scattered around.

"What? What happened?"

The sudden accident shocked everyone. Good, then there's no problem now!

"Wa, Shimada! What are you going to do with that?"

In order to avoid punishment later, I performed this act, and then I grabbed the fire extinguisher and pulled out the safety ring.

*Spraying sound*

The powder was sprayed along with the sound.

"Wa! What's going on?"

"*Cough* Isn't it the dry powder from the fire extinguishers?"

"I can't see a thing in front of me!"

With the low visibility, it was quite impossible to continue the fight.

"Shimada, why did you do that!?"

I shouted another line just to be safe. Now everyone would think that Shimada was the culprit, right?

"Shimada from Class F! You're such a mean girl!"

"Unforgivable! I'm going to add her to the 'Most Unwilling to Be Her Boyfriend' top ten rankings!"

"That's right! Make her unable to find any boyfriend before she graduates!"

"But it was so cool... Onee-sama..."

...I think I did something that can't be settled by the breaking of only one or two ribs.

I-I am sorry, Shimada. I won't let your sacrifice go in vain!

I lowered my head and stayed silent to pray for her sacrifice. I turned back, and saw Yuuji and the others just meters away from me.

Good, we finally joined forces!


I lifted the empty fire extinguisher and threw it towards the water sprinkler on the ceiling.

Right on target! Then there should be no problem...

*Water-spraying sound*

Just as I thought, the water sprayed, and the powder fog was fading away with the water.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Yoshii! Mr. Igarashi, Kondou Yoshimune from Class F is here!"

The person who appeared in the scene with the clear view and gave out the challenge was Kondou, one of the members of the main troop lead by Yuuji.


Class D Nakano Kenta VS Class F Kondou Yoshimune


43 VS 91

"Damn! Retreat first! Everyone, keep up the pace!"

Enemy troop commander Tsukamoto's retreat command came from not far away.

"Don't chase after them. Combine forces with Akihisa and return to the classroom."

This was the command of Class F's representative, Sakamoto Yuuji. He gave this passive command because he was probably afraid that stepping too deeply into enemy territory would attract the enemy's main force. Otherwise, he should have been laughing out loud crazily and going after the retreating enemy.

"You look like you're fine, Akihisa."

"Yeah, not too bad!"

Somehow, I managed to avoid danger.

After I had a Chemistry test to replenish my score back in class...

"Akihisa, good work!"

General Yuuji actually said something nice, and honestly praised me? Did he just take the wrong medicine?

I looked at his face with questions.

He had a bright smile that made it hard to look at his face, which made me a bit unhappy.

The guy in front of me-

"Did you hear the school broadcast?"

"Yeah, I heard it very clearly."

Just as I thought, he was laughing at my misfortune! Unforgivable!

Although I felt like throwing him out a window, I didn't have time to deal with him now because there was a more important person I had to eliminate immediately.

"Yuuji, do you know where Sugawa is now?"

Where was the cute little Sugawa that I wanted to see the most now? He could be hiding somewhere; in that case, I'm going to find him even if I have to dig into the ground.

"Didn't he come back a while ago?"

With respect to my determination to kill, Yuuji said something out of my expectations.

Ohhh! He came back? I felt my heart beating very fast!

There was no need to hurry; I need to calm down. No problem, there was no problem at all. I had just grabbed a knife from the Home Economics classroom, and my sock was filled with sand and rocks as well.

"I can do it. I can definitely kill him..."

"Are you going to kill him?"

Ah, Sugawa... I want, I want to see you soon.

"By the way, I have something that I forgot to tell you."

It seems that Yuuji had something to say, but leave it for later! The most important thing now is-

"The content in the broadcast was my idea."

You bastard!


I dashed towards Yuuji, pulling out the knife and aiming for the liver that was hard to defend but could easily become a deadly wound while my right hand held the sock with sand and rocks and was aimed at the blind spot on Yuuji's head-

"Ah, Ms. Funakoshi."

Damn! I need to retreat first. Eliminating Yuuji was important, but my virginity mattered even more!

I kicked the chabudai along the way, rushed into the cupboard with the cleaning tools, and closed the door tightly. Now she won't know where I am, right?

"Don't bother with that idiot; it's about time to finish the war."

"That's right. There are students leaving the school now, so now is the time."

"... (nodded)"

"Good! Let's go get the head of Class D's rep!"


I could feel everyone leaving the classroom.

Actually, I needed to go together with him. But Ms. Funakoshi was outside; I can't just jump out and die.

Damn! At this rate, Yuuji will run away!

"Ah, Akihisa."

"I was lying when I said Ms. Funakoshi was here."

Along with the footsteps, the classroom was now empty.


I peeped out from the gap of the cupboard.

There was no one there.

...I was cheated!

I kicked the cupboard door open, and dashed out to the corridors.

Since we were starting our final attack on Class D, the enemy should be at the corridors that linked the old and the new school buildings.

I moved cleverly, stayed out of sight of those who had finished classes, and dashed towards the destination. Now the enemy troops and our troops were mixing with the students and fighting against each other.

"Hide well amongst the students going home! Try to create a situation to fight one enemy together!"

My enemy's voice was spreading across the battlefield.

"You, go around that way! I'm going to challenge this guy with Mathematics!"

"Then I'll use Traditional Japanese to challenge him!"

"I'll use Japanese History!"

From where I was standing, I could see my classmates surrounding the student from Class D individually. Our side used the lowly tactics that made use of the chaotic situation when classes had finished in order to get close to the enemy, surround them, and then attack together.

"I have defeated Tsukamoto from Class D!"

A really loud voice rang.

It seems that the Tsukamoto who had been giving us a hard time had been beaten. Now that homeroom meetings in each class have ended, it was much easier to get a teacher to supervise the battles, which was why this plan could go more smoothly.

But all of this meant nothing to me now... if I don't kill Yuuji!

"Yuuji, where are you!?"

I headed towards the direction where the sound was coming from just now.

Mixing with the students made it harder to find him, but he was very tall, so I could definitely find him in a- There you are!

"Yuuji, wash your neck and prepare..."

I rushed towards him, and at the same time,

"The backup troops are here! Don't worry, everyone! Calm down and look around you before you act, and make sure that you don't get surrounded!"

Damn! Isn't that Class D's representative, Hiraga?

"That's Class D's main troop! They finally made a move!"

It sounded like someone from my class.

Now the main troops from both sides were gathering in the corridors.

"Half of the main force will aim for Sakamoto's head! The rest will go help our classmates who are being surrounded!"


Hiraga gave the command, and Yuuji immediately was surrounded by Class D's main troop.

Yuuji placed the main troop around himself. Although he wouldn't be in any immediate danger, the whole situation was getting very complicated.

Also, I couldn't even get close to Yuuji, who was being surrounded by layers of enemies. Damn!

Can't I get revenge for what happened to me?

"Class F, retreat first! Blend with the students to disturb the enemy's movements!"

Yuuji's voice was still as clear as ever.

The situation was really bad now; we better retreat.

"Don't let them get away! Fighting one-on-one is definitely to our advantage! Hunt them all down!"

Only Class D could carry this tactic out because they were stronger individually.

Now their main troop was separated and started hunting down our troops individually. At this moment, the defense beside Hiraga was much weaker, but Hiraga was the representative for Class D, which meant that his score was the highest in the class. To deal with Class F, as long as they didn't get surrounded, they wouldn't be in danger. Splitting the force now was quite good judgment.

I was running around the battlefield when Hiraga suddenly appeared in front of me. The defense around him was so weak that there was no personal guard around him.


Since I couldn't kill Yuuji, I'll just do what I needed to do in this War.

I quickly ran towards Hiraga. Luckily there was the Modern Japanese teacher Ms. Takeuchi and the Traditional Japanese teacher Mr. Mukai there, so even if I couldn't finish him in one hit, I could still do some decent damage to him!

"Mr. Mukai! Yoshii from Class F will-"

"Tamano Miki from Class D. Summon!"

"What! A personal guard?"

Although we were hiding amongst the students going home, they were still looking out for suspicious people- for example, Class F students!

"Too bad, Ms. Funakoshi's boyfriend."

Hiraga's face was filled with the smile of victory.

"Y-you are wrong! That's just bullshit from Yuuji!"

"Don't be shy. Go, Tamano, show him our most sincere wishes."


Tamano had already summoned her Being, armored with Traditional Japanese scores.

"Damn! I was that close to defeating Class D by myself!"

"What are you talking about, Ms. Funakoshi's boyfriend? Even if the defense around me looks weak, my personal guard will appear when Class F students approach. Besides, even if there was no personal guard around me, a minion like you wouldn't be able to defeat me anyway."

Hiraga had a look of disgust on his face, and looked down on me. That was driving me mad!

So I learned from him, and counter-attacked with one of my eyes closed and said,

"I feel the same way; it is too hard to do it all by myself. Therefore..."

I purposely stopped and took a breath.

"Himeji, it all depends on you now."


Hiraga's face had "what the hell are you talking about, you idiot?" written on his face.


Himeji shyly tapped on Hiraga's shoulder from behind him.

"Huh? Himeji? What's up? This isn't the corridor heading to Class A, right?"

Hiraga still didn't know what was going on until now. That's understandable; no one normally would think that she was in Class F, right?

"I-it's not like that."

Himeji was shy and feeling uneasy, which made her look even cuter. Hmm, she really was cuter than Hideyoshi- wait, it was wrong enough to think that Hideyoshi was cute.

"Himeji Mizuki from Class F, nice to meet you."

"Ah, nice to meet you as well."

"Er... I would like to challenge Hiraga with Modern Japanese."

"...I see, OK."

"Er... S-Summon."

Class F Himeji Mizuki VS Class D Hiraga Genji

Modern Japanese

339 VS 129

"Huh? What?"

The confused Hiraga made his Being pose, and both of them were confronting each other.

However, he didn't stand a chance... Clearly Himeji's Being was much stronger, and it easily held a long sword that was twice as long as its height.

"I... I am sorry."

Himeji's split self used speed that didn't fit its huge weapon to immediately get close to the opponent.

Without giving the opponent any chance to counterattack, she defeated Class D's representative in one hit and ended the War.


  1. さぁ来た!この負け犬が!
  2. Also called Ninomiya Sontoku (1787-1856), a famous role model in Japan. For more information please check wiki: