Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume7.5 Special Bulletin-Brainy Spec's Advisory Session

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From now on, allow me, Kubo Toshi—no, ‘brainy specs’ answer everyone’s problems.

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3rd year, student T-mura Y-saku's problems.

Brainy specs-sensei, please listen to my problems.

I have someone I like. During the test of courage tournament, I summoned my courage and recited my love poem to him loudly, but he screamed and didn’t respond to me directly. Am I rejected?

It’s about time for the National exams, and I should change my mood and prepare for the exams. Please give me a suggestion.

Brainy specs-sensei's suggestion.

First, you have to change your thinking. If you start to have negative thoughts at the start, nothing good will happen no matter what you do. You shouldn’t be afraid to step forward. It’s important to face things with a positive attitude. More so as an exam entrant, right?

As for your confession, I’ll say something I personally feel. The other party just screamed, and I don’t think he rejected you. He could be shy about it. This still has lots of room to develop. The most important thing about love is to view your feelings honestly, and you can’t give up until the very end. So I hope you don’t feel dejected before of such a trivial thing and work hard to chase after him.

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2nd year, student S-mizu M-haru's problems.

Hello, brainy specs-sensei. This is the first time I’m writing to you. I’ve always loved onee-sama ever since our first year, but onee-sama just wouldn’t look straight at me. I’ve tried my best to attack, but she would be mindful of other people’s looks and get away from me. What should I do to let onee-sama look straight at me? Please teach me.

Brainy specs-sensei's suggestion.

Before I suggest this, I must applaud for that straightforward and fearless attitude. I find that it’s great that you would love a person single-heartedly.

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As for how to let the other party notice your feelings, I guess you just have to do what you’ve been doing. Anyway, you have to express your love to the other party enthusiastically, which I find is the most important thing. I hope your romance will blossom.

N-bayashi H-romi's Troubles

Brainy specs-sensei, please listen to me. I like that guy who’s second in our year and has such a knowledgeable presence, but he seemed to like a certain big idiot. What should I do?

Brainy specs-sensei's suggestion.

Give up.