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The Third Question[edit]

Question: Please fill in the correct answer in the following blank.

Michelangelo[1] is famous as a sculptor who created the David, and a ‘painter’ who’s famous as the artist who painted the arched mural on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Also, he’s an outstanding _____. He’s a multi talented man.

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:


Teacher’s comment:

Correct, Michelangelo’s most famed works are the St. Peter’s Basilica and the Basilica of San Lorenzo. It’ll be better if you can memorize them as much as you can.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

“A father to his family.”

Teacher’s comment:

You’re saying that he often makes sweets and toys for children, right? A famous sculptor and painter, and also a kind father to his children; that’s really a perfect person.

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

“The one who assassinated John F. Kennedy.”[2]

Teacher’s comment:

Return to me the father to his family.

BTS Aoi kogure.png

“Yuuji, did the enemy realize our aim and have some countermeasure?”

Hideyoshi, who just came back from the replenishing tests, reported to me,

“Yeah, that should be the case.”

From what I observed till now, it seemed that the enemy’s trying to avoid battle with Himeji and attack those that were retreating to replenish. Himeji will then use all her strength to protect them, and it looks like she was worn out.

“What’s Himeji doing now?”

“She went to replenish about 20 minutes ago.”

So it’s still early before she comes back…it’ll be the best chance for the enemy to attack us now.

“We got news from the frontlines! Saying ‘we’re at our limits here, please send in reinforcements’!”

As I thought about this, a request for backup came from the other side of the entrance. We’re trapped.

“What now, Yuuji?”

“Ah, yeah…”

Himeji’s still replenishing, so we can’t assist like before, so she can’t assist like before. However, we don’t have sufficient fighting power.

……In that case, it can’t be helped. Let’s use that move.

“Report back to the frontlines.”

The report back here is to pass the message back to them.

“Don’t give up until dea—the end.”

“Did you just think of saying ‘death’?”

“You’re thinking too much.”

“Of course, we’ll still send in reinforcements to prevent the entrance from being broken through, but I can’t send in people to assist in the retreating. Our numbers will decrease, and it hurts me here, but I have to endure my tears and let them sacrifice themselves honorably.”

“Please state the specific name of the strategy for this order!”

The one in charge of passing the message pleaded. Name of strategy…let’s use that then.

“Tell them that we’re using the ‘disposable human armor’ strategy.”


“Report! A lot of our allies went to surrender to the enemy after reporting the name of the strategy!”


“Well, that’s not something worth being shocked about, right!?”

“Can’t be helped. Report to everyone that those who execute this plan will have Aki-chan and Hideyoshi in maid outfits serving them tea!”


“Report! They said ‘not enough’!”

“Ugh! Add in Muttsurini too!”

“…!? I didn’t even…!?”

“Report! Everyone gave up on surrendering!”

“Alright. We can still maintain this for a while.”

“Yuuji…you bastard, making such a promise…”

“…Why even me too…”

“It’s fine. There’s no binding power in a promise on a battlefield. We’ll just say that those are emergency measures later.”

“You’re a demon…the demon’s over here…”

Even though he said so, the reason behind this tough situation is because of some stupid infighting. We’re tit for tat here.

As we’re saying this.


“Na? What is it?”

C Class, Yokoo Tomoe, Maths, 92 points.


F class, Himeji Mizuki, Maths, 201 points

A sharp summoning sound can be heard, and the points of a summoned beast can be seen from afar.

“Ha? Isn’t that Himeji? What’s going on?”

I remember that she shouldn’t be taking part in the battle now…?

“That’s weird. Himeji should be off to take the replenishing tests just a while back.”

Just when Hideyoshi and I tiled our heads in bewilderment, this battle ended without any thrill as the points indicated.

BTS vol 09 123.jpg

As we looked over at where the summoned beast was summoned, Himeji, who left the defense to the rest because of the change in subjects, noticed my stare and scampered over.

“Oi, Himeji. That was?”

“It seemed dangerous there, so I took part in the battle…”

“Is that so? You’ve been a great help there. Many thanks.”

“It’s thanks to her that our little fighting strength left didn’t decrease any further.”

“But didn’t you go to replenish your points?”

“Ah, yes. It seemed that I didn’t have time to relax, so I hurriedly answered those questions I could answer and came back.”

Himeji casually said.

Though she came back midway through, oi oi…she said it so easily, but it’s not easy getting so many points in 20 minutes. What kind of brain does this person have…

“I’ll go continue with my replenishing then.”

And then, Himeji intended to go back and replenish her points without any delay.

“Ah, hold on, Himeji.”


I called her first. It’s good that she’s willing to continue working hard, but…

“Is your body alright?”

I’m more worried about Himeji’s body.

Replenishing here will often give the impression of rest, but in fact, these are tests we’re talking about here. It’s both physically and mentally draining. Also, Himeji has to gather her concentration in such a short time, answer, come back to do summoning battles, and go back for more replenishing tests. This has to be tiring somewhat.

“Yes, it’s alright. I’m not running around anyway.”

Even so, Himeji continued to smile.

“That’s right, but…”

“And I’m happy. Being relied on like this and being able to help everyone. It’s like we’re ‘friends for life’ and not ‘ordinary friends’.”

Himeji really looked happy as she said that. For some reason, it seems that we’re being helped here instead of helping each other…

“Before this, I was occasionally thinking that ‘it’s great if I could be born as a boy’, and then, if possible…I can fight alongside you, Sakamoto-kun.”

We’ve discussed this many times before, and it seemed to be something Himeji has an inferiority complex about. It seems weird, but Himeji seemed to envy the relationship between me, Akihisa, Muttsurini and Hideyoshi.

“But I don’t think of it now.”


“That’s because—I can’t fall in love if I’m a guy.”

Himeji seemed to be joking as she teased me somewhat.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“In other words, I may have caught up to Minami-chan, that’s all.”

It’s really a weird conversation that seemed and yet didn’t seem to link. However, I could feel a huge change in Himeji’s heart from this conversation.

“Erm, I seemed to have said something strange here. I shouldn’t be doing this now. I have to go replenish my points.”

Himeji turned around and ran over to the teacher in charge of the replenishing tests. Really…what happened in Akihisa’s house…

“Oh well, that’s not something I need to be worrying about.” I laid the scoresheet on the table and started to record the updated marks. Alright, time to consider when I’m going to use my next move.

“I’m a guy here, but it seems that I’ve been treated more like a lover nowadays…”

I’ll just pretend that I didn’t hear Hideyoshi muttering to himself. Even if I want to try and deny it, I have nothing to prove it.

BTS vol 09 128-129.jpg

“I’m going first then~”

Five minutes before the third period was about to end, Kudou-san walked out of A class and went to B class. Can we stop B class successfully?

“…She’s opening a slight gap in the door.”

“What did she throw inside the classroom?”

Kudou-san opened the back door of the classroom slightly, and threw in something without anyone noticing. Is that a speaker? B class is large and has lots of stuff too, so it should be hard to find something that’s thrown inside. It’s going to succeed.”

“In other words, there’s a lot more feminine songs in the Kokin Wakashuu[3] as compared to the Manyoushuu[4]. It’s a set of poems composed by the Emperor Daigo[5]—”

As the other classes were having lesson, it was very quiet, and when I pricked my ears, I could hear some parts of B class’ lessons.

<<Sorry, sensei.>>

And then, my voice came from there.

“Yes, what is it?”

The teacher didn’t seem to realize that the voice came from the speaker Kudou-san threw into the classroom. It seemed that he thought that it came from the guy who’s sitting beside him (sleeping really deeply).

<<Nemoto-kun seems a little weird.>>

“A little weird? What’s wrong, Nemoto-kun?”

“No, I’m al—”

The speaker again let out a voice to interrupt the argument.

<<No, he’s definitely not feeling well, but trying to hang on.>>

“Not feeling well? Where?”

<<The intestines>> <<came>> <<flying out>>.


Such a great tragedy. No wonder the teacher was shocked.

“Is, is it that serious!?”


Wrong, absolutely wrong, sensei.

<<That’s why>><<the floor>><<is>><<so>><<dirty>>.


And worrying about the floor in such a situation? The one saying this must be a bad guy.

<<And>><<I>><<am not>><<wearing>><<underwear>>.


Actually admitting that you’re a pervert at this situation—hey, what was that, Kudou-san!? That wasn’t necessary at all, was it!?

“That voice just now…isn’t it Yoshii from F class?”

“Eh!? Yoshii-kun’s not wearing underwear!?”

“That’s a felony!”

And my voice’s identified! There’s an increase in number of weird rumors now!?

“You made me write such an embarrassing letter, Yoshii-kun. You better get some retribution…”

I seemed to hear Kudou-san muttering to herself.

Kudou-san, that’s called kindness coming to no good…

“An, anyway, we have to let Yoshii-kun put on some trunks first—”

“Calm down, sensei! Send Nemoto to the sick bay first!”

“No, we should call the ambulance!”

“Oi, wait! I’m fine here.”


“Isn’t that statement weird or what?”

Before I knew it, a commotion was started in B class. At least it seem that the delay worked…using something important to me as a price…

“…It’s about time.”

Kirishima-san looked at her watch to check the time. Soon after,


The bell signaling the end of lessons rang, and the third period ended just like that. The other classes that aren’t involved in the summoning war can take action independently. I’ll leave B class (though I’m being uneasy here) to Kudou-san. I better focus on dealing with C class here.

“Just as we thought, they came out.”

We looked away from B class and started looking at C class’ situation. It’s just like what Kinoshita-san said. The bell signaling the end of lessons rang, and C class sent a boy and girl. So there’s two of them…

"Really? That’s a lot less people than I thought."

"Seems that way…it does seem weird somewhere."


They’re in a summoning war, and I feel that it’s amazing that they could even send out two people…

If it’s F class, it’s a question of whether we can send someone.

“…They should be checking B class’s situation.”

“Looks like the plan is still going smoothly.”

The teacher’s still in B class, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone coming out from the classroom now, so nobody went in. Kudou-san’s hidden properly too, so it should look like we’re successful here.

“Alright. It’s our turn then. The girl over there is…Suzuki-san. I had some interaction with her in the committee before, so leave her to me. I just so happened to have some things I want to talk to her about.”

Kubo-kun said as he stared at the girl, one of the two C class’ messengers.

“We’ll handle the boy then.”


Kinoshita-san and Kirishima-san said as they looked at the guy on the other side.

“It seems Kubo-kun knows the girl, which makes things easier. How are you going to get the enemy out, Kinoshita-san, Kirishima-san?”

“Well…let’s just try to be like Aiko and try and say some topics that will lure the guy out. Let’s go, prez.”


Kinoshita-san called Kirishima-san, and they went onto the corridor. Both of them then slowly went beside the target and started such a conversation.

“Prez, I brought the clothes you requested me to bring.”

“…Thank you, Yuuko.”

“But the size might not match…”

“…Then let’s try it.”

“You know that we can’t change here.”

“…But we still have to try.”

“In that case, we should go down to the empty classroom downstairs. I’ll help.”

“…Un, thank you, Yuuko.”

Fm, I see. So Kirishima-san and Kinoshita-san are going to change?

“Where are you going to, Yoshii-kun?”

“Sorry, the toilet downstairs.”

“What will happen if you’re the one being lured out inside…they’re lying. More importantly, look.”


I looked over at where Kubo-kun directed me, and the guy amongst the two C class messengers took action.

“Sorry. Doesn’t look like B class’ done with lessons yet, so I’ll go the toilet first. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Ah, wait!”

The guy left the place, leaving the girl behind. I do understand such feelings very well.

“Really…why are the guys in our school like that…the most important thing about guys is that they have to be serious and honest.”

The C class girl who was left alone on the corridor muttered. I do feel that there’re very few guys who are serious and honest in this school. As for why, it’s because of a peeping incident that caused all the guys to be suspended from school…

“Alright, I’ll take action too.”

“Ah, I’ll leave it to you then, Kubo-kun.”

“Un. I’ll do it well.”

Kubo-kun didn’t force himself as he nodded his head. He looked rather relaxed like how he’s going to the toilet, opened the door, and walked out.

“Ah, hello there, Suzuki-san."


Kubo-kun seemed to randomly walked towards the C class girl—Suzuki-san and greeted her. Suzuki-san, who was watching the situation in B class, was shocked by this sudden greeting and turned around to look.

“Ku, Kubo-kun!? Wha-a-a-at’s going on!?”

And then, she panicked once she found that it was Kubo-kun who greeted her. Eh? That’s weird. Did something happen between the two of them?

“Well, didn’t the committee ask us to buy some appliances? Can I bother you for a while?”

“Un, sure. I’m fine with it as long as it’s you, Kubo-kun.”

“Thank you.”

They continued one like this, and Kubo-kun brought Suzuki-san over to another place, seemingly to somewhere where she won’t meet Kirishima-san. Kubo-kun walked up the stairs and went upstairs. I followed Kubo-kun up the stairs and hid there. They stopped at the platform on the stairs and started talking.

“Eh? You can’t come along next week, Kubo-kun?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“Ah, no! It’s alright! Don’t mind!”

“I’m glad you can say that.”

“…Even though…I’m rather looking forward to it…”

“I can’t call this compensation, but allow me to help you in something the next time I can help. I’ll agree to anything, whether it’s to take something or whatsoever.”

“…Eh…? Really?”

“Un. If it doesn’t bother you.”

“Not at all! You won’t be a bother! I’ll be glad! When will be an appropriate time?”

“Well, other than the weekend…”

It seemed that the girl was the one who ended up talking enthusiastically and completely ignored the situation around her. Since that’s the case, there’s no need to bring her somewhere else.

While Kubo-kun was chatting with her, I sneaked behind and approached her, taking the letter that was slightly protruding out from her shirt pocket. I suppose it’s perfect execution as the girl only looked straight at Kubo-kun and talked with him in such an engrossed manner that she didn’t realize that I went so close to her to steal the letter. I’ll put the fake one in then…alright. I’m done.

I stealthily went back to A class like before.

And soon after, Kubo-kun came back to A class.

“Looks like it went well, Yoshii-kun.”

“Ah, un. Even though it does look like it went well…”

“Even though? Is there any problem?”

“Sorry…it looks like I can’t co-exist with you, Kubo-kun…”

“!!!??? Why!!!???”

Kubo-kun showed a very shocked look. No, well, because of that…right?

“Never mind. Let’s ignore that for now. We have to deal with the situation at Kirishima-san’s side.”

“No, this isn’t a small problem I can’t just leave aside…”

Kubo-kun muttered as he followed. She does like a serious and honest guy. Oh my, Kubo-kun’s really popular…smart, good-looking, nice; I suppose that’s to be expected…he really can’t co-exist with us F class guys who aren’t popular. If there’s a need to mention who’s similar to us, it will be…

“Damn it…I can’t see…why must the window be so small…!”

Like—this guy’s who’s putting his entire face on the window just to peep.

“Well, I just feel relieved on seeing him like this…”

That’s because I know that I’m not the only negligible human here.

“Alright, let’s start dealing with this.”

“There’s a teacher around.”

It’s rest period now, and there are a few teachers who’re walking by, having ended their lessons and ready to return back to the office. I got Endo-sensei, the English teacher, who was walking nearby, and told him ‘Please grant me permission to summon as we’re having a summoning war’. I still have some points for English, so I guess it should be alright.

“Got it. I’ll allow you permission to do so.”

“Thanks, sensei.”

I got the teacher’s permission. I just need to fight with him, a student of C class, and win.

“The changing’s going to be done soon…in that case, I should just barge in like a man. Just for a moment, if I can see Kirishima and Kinoshita changing, I won’t regret it even if I die…”

Such a manly attitude…to be honest, I don’t hate it.


GARANK! The door was opened, and the guy barged into the empty classroom.

And then, inside.

“Unexpectedly, someone actually dare to come peep even after the suspension…”

Kinoshita-san was standing there with her hand supporting her forehead, being thoroughly speechless.

“That’s the case. Sorry, we’re going to take you out here.”

And then, I came in from the back of the classroom to block his escape. The guy from C class panicked on seeing Endo-sensei and me.


“I guess this isn’t something a guy who’s barging into to see girls changing instead of peeping from somewhere should be saying…”

I understand his feelings really well. Anyone will be baited after hearing the bewitching words of Kirishima-san and Kinoshita-san saying that they’re going to change. I can’t argue back even if we’re scolded for this.

“But we’re in the middle of a war. Sorry, but I’ll be taking you out here! Sumo…!”

“Wa, wait, Yoshii! Hold off the summoning first!”

Just when I was about to declare battle, he actually begged me to stop. Hm? Do what? Is he going to beg for his life?

“You want this letter, right? I’ll hand this over to you! I’ll give it to you, so just spare me the summoned beast or whatsoever! I don’t want to be sent into the remedial room!”

He said this as he handed an envelope that seemed to have a letter inside.

I see. Unlike us, who’re used to it, the guys in C class hardly get the chance to go for remedials. They’re likely scared of getting sent to the remedial room where Ironman is.

If I think about it now, should I beat him now or take the letter and let him go? Which one will be better? If I take the letter, I can achieve my aim without danger, and if I insist on fighting, I have a chance of losing. The subject’s English, which is advantageous for me, but I’m not really good at. The enemy’s from C class, so I have to make sure that I achieve my aim.

“I understand. In that case, just hand the letter over to me…”

“No, Yoshii-kun. You might be merciful here, but you should send him to the remedial room.”

Just when I was about to let him go, Kubo-kun interrupted me.

“Eh? But we can achieve our aim if we get the letter.”

“That’s if he’s only holding onto one. He must be holding more than one if he’s handing it over so easily.”

“Ugh! Damn it!”

Kubo-kun exposed him, and that guy suddenly went pale and bolted off. I won’t let you get away!

“Endo-sensei! F class’ Yoshii Akihisa challenges Nakamura-kun[6] from C class! Summon!”

I declared my summon before Nakamura-kun could escape the effective area of the summoning field. However, Nakamura kun didn’t response to my challenge and ran out of the field.

“How foolish. You’re disqualified once you run away from the enemy.

“…That’s against the rules.”

“Le, let go! Let go of me!”

Nakamura-kun ran away from the enemy and was disqualified. He was held on both arms by Kirishima-san and Kinoshita-san on both sides. I just need to hand him over to Ironman, and his letter won’t reach Nemoto-kun.

“If you wanted to run away, you should have at least fought Yoshii-kun.”


“Ku…! Can’t be helped! My English only had 27 points left!”

F class, Yoshii Akihisa, English, 27 points


“…Well…what should I say. Sorry…”

Speaking of which, I didn’t replenish my English points yesterday. What I replenished was English writing. That was close.

“I…hate you guys…”

Nakamura-kun lowered his head weakly, looking extremely worn out.

“Alright, now we managed to prevent B class and C class from working together…what do you want to do next, Yoshii-kun?”

We watched Nakamura-kun being forcefully taken to the remedial room, and Kubo-kun immediately asked me.

“…Are you going to meet up with F class?”

Beside me, Kirishima-san looked at me.

Meet up with F class? That can do…but for some reason, I just have a bad feeling. Uu~

“Hey, the bro over there.”[7]

“That’s because any bad premonition I have will always happen…”

“Hey hey, you there, bro.”

“I have to look for a chance to meet up and find out what’s the reason behind this bad feeling.”



I got puled on the shirt from behind, and my throat got choked. What’s going on!?

“Nihi—so you finally noticed me.”

What entered my eyes was a young small-looking boy who’s smiling.

“Yoshii-kun, do you know him?”

“No, I think this should be the first time we met…”

Even if it’s me, I can’t possibly forget my foreign friends. Undoubtedly, this would be our first meeting.

“Un, you’re,”

“Bring me around the school, bro!”

“Even if you say it, that’s still…”

I don’t know this kid at all. Where did he come from? He’s not wearing a uniform, so he should be a relative of someone or something.

“Aren’t you with someone?”

Kubo-kun talked to the boy. This serious Kubo-kun will never leave him alone.

“Takashiro’s guide is too boring, so I ran away. I see that you guys are rather interesting, bro. It should be even more fun here!”

Did he just see our conversation with Nakamura-kun? It’s not to be shown to others, and there’s nothing really detailed to be seen…

“So I want bro to lead me.”

“Sorry, this onii-chan here is busy.”


I refused, and the boy pouted. The situation is urgent now, so please let me off.

“If you lead me around, I’ll tell you something interesting, bro.”

“Nn~…I’m interested in interesting things, but,”

“For example—what Kogure and the rest are planning?”


After hearing Kogure’s name, I couldn’t help but widen my eyes. Kogure, as in that third year Kogure-sempai!? Since we’re talking about what the person giving suggestions to C class is thinking, I can’t pretend not to hear it!

“Wha, what do you mea—”

“Are you going to lead me?”

‘Nihi—’ The boy gave a chuckle. Looks like you’re telling me that you’ll tell me once I bring you around the school. I really have to hand it to you there…

“Can’t I just bring you another time?’”

“No, now!”

I got refused hard.

Uu…can’t be helped.

“Alright. So I just need to bring you around the school, right?”

“Yay! Thanks!”

The boy was happily shouting. I feel that there shouldn’t be any C class people around as this is the new school building, but I hope that you don’t make such ruckus…

“Is that alright, Yoshii-kun? I don’t think now’s the time to play around.”

“You have a point…but I just have a bad feeling. I want to know what’s going on, so I agreed to bring him around.”

It’s just like what Kubo-kun said. Now’s not the time for games, but I feel that my own strength will make it difficult for me to meet up with F class. Besides, Yuuji’s plan will definitely not include me, so it will be better if I collect information from the outside.

“I’ll accompany you then. It’s now like this, and we can’t concentrate even if we go back for self-study.”

“You’re right. And we can’t leave a troubled person around. Me too.”

“…Me too.”

Looks like everyone’s coming with me. Everyone’s so kind…very different from the F class guys who always hope for misfortune on others.

“Ah…hold on a second, Kinoshita-san.”

“Nn? What is it, Yoshii-kun?

It’s just rumors, but there will be trouble if I don’t confirm me.

“If possible, well…please hold back on teasing young boys in the school.”

“Who will do that!? I’m only interested in those of my age in real life!”

“Heh? In real life? Are there other,”

“Nothing. Forget about it.”

“No, but.”

“I won’t say it a second time.”

“Yes, I forgot about it.”

That’s a harsh tone. Kinoshita-san has somewhat shown a different look besides her usual honor student appearance at times…

“Then, I’ll let you check out the first level. This is the entrance corridor here.”

“Ahaha, there’s no need to explain that this is the entrance.”

“Is, is that so? I guess.”

I’ll just try and carry forward since I don’t understand.

“Yoshii-kun, won’t it be interesting to bring him around the labs opposite?

“Nn, you’re right.”

The office and labs are on the first level of the school buildings so there’re basically no classrooms around. There’s nothing interesting about the office, and there’re all sorts of labs for all sorts of things, so it should be interesting to look through them. Also—I’ll likely end up meeting the people from C class when they’re calling the teachers’ out.

“Yoshii, hurry, hurry!”

The boy called my name and pulled my hand to prompt me.

“Speaking of which, what’s your name?”

“Un? My name?”

“Yeah, can you tell me your name?”

I asked, and the boy went silent for a while before giving a smile indicating ‘listen well’.

“My name is Vock—”


“Vocken? Uun, I’m called ‘Vock’.”

Ahh, I don’t know if I should be using honorifics for students. Since he looks like a kid from overseas, I shouldn’t be calling him as a student.

“Also, the middle is ‘Ollie’.”

Middle, as in middle name. I read it in some books, but this is the first time I’m hearing it.

“And after that, my family name is ‘butte’.”

“Is that so? I’m Yoshii Akihisa. Nice to meet you, Vock.”

“Akihisa. It’s a rare chance, so try calling me with my full name. You can shorten my middle name too.”

“Full name?”

“Un! Hurry up and remember my name!”

He’s really a kid who likes interacting with people. Us Japanese will only remember the surnames if we’re not close to each other, so it might be different if it’s overseas. It’s not a bad thing to be close to others, so if he asks me to use the full name, I’ll just call him by that.

“This is how it’s written. It’s a little long, so don’t forget it.”

“Un, got it.”

Vock-kun took out a notebook and wrote the name ‘Vock Ollie Butte’. It’s really longer than a Japanese name, so I might not be able to remember.


The three people from A class showed a delicated expression. I suppose they’re bothered over the difference in culture.

“I want to check out the commotion opposite.”

Vock-kun pointed to the old school building that was in the opposite direction from the labs.

“It’s the old school building. A really old place. There’s a lot more fun and interesting things in the new school building here.”


Vock-kun let out an unhappy sound at Kinoshita-san. However, there’s nothing worth looking at in the old school building, and it’s dangerous to get involved in the summoning war (myself actually), so I don’t think it’s good.

“But I just saw the labs already. I don’t wanna see it. Go somewhere else. Let me see something more interesting.”

“But over there is,”

“Don’t talk too much and just bring me somewhere else!”


Kinoshita-san’s smile seemed a little stiff because of Vock-kun’s words.

“…As expected, the cute ones are only in 2-D.”

Kinoshita-san muttered aside.

For some reason, it seemed that I got a glimpse of what’s under Kinoshita-san’s mask.

“Yoshii-kun, since he said that he came here before, it’s likely that he may have seen most of the areas downstairs.”

Kubo-kun looked over at the labs. It’s pointless to bring him to the first level in that case.

“How about we go upstairs?”

“Un. We can look far away. I really like it.”

Vock-kun energetically nodded his head.

As for looking afar, the only place that could allow that is the roof. There’s no other people there, and we set Nemoto-kun up to be there, so it’s not a bad idea to look there.

The roof is divided into the new school building and the old school building. It’s better to go over to the new school building if we consider the danger here. If we go up the old school building, we might end up seeing the summoning war going on.

“Ah, also.”

“Vock-kun. Be quiet when going up the third floor, okay?”

“Okay. It’s troublesome if the C class people know, right?”

“Ah, un. That’s right.”

Eh? What does this kid know about me—and he even said something like ‘you guys seem interesting’. But it makes things easier for me.

“Also, my name, isn’t, called Vocken.”

“Ah, sorry.”

“And you didn’t call me by my full name.”

“I completely forgot. Will take note of that later.”

“You promised, okay?”

I took out the slip of paper he gave me from my pocket, and then checked his name.

Un, I remember the full name is—yah. Vock Ollie Butte. The middle name seem like it just need a letter. Alright. I memorized it. Better call it out correctly later.

We continued our conversation and went to the second level, where the first years’ classrooms are. At this moment, some people walked down the stairs. Are they C class people!?”

“Ah, Yoshii-kun. So you’re here.”

“Whew. So it’s Kudou-san…what a relief~”

“Ahaha, you thought that it was C class? Relax. No one was around when I came down.”

It seemed that she helped us take note of the surroundings when she came down. I’m really grateful.

“Just wanna ask here. Who’s that kid?”

And then, Kudou-san tilted her head as she saw Vock-kun who was walking with us. I should introduce him first. I want to know what’s going on with B class, but it’s not urgent.

“Then, first—”

Let’s introduce him. Well, his full name is,

“—Vock ‘O’ Butte.”[8]


Once I introduced Vock-kun, Kudou-san strangely pulled her distance from me. Wha, what’s with this reaction? Did she hear of Vock-kun’s name? Is Vock-kun a famous person?

“Kudou-san, what’s wrong? What’s wrong with Vock ‘O’ Butte?”

“Wa, wait, wait a sec, Yoshii-kun. I’m not really good in that aspect.”

“Eh? What do you mean by not being good at it? It’s Vock ‘O’ Butte.”

“Well, Yoshii-kun. I think you may be trained by Minami-chan and the rest such that you enjoy it, but this is really,”

“??? What are you saying?”

I have no idea why Kudou-san is so awkward. Have to clarify about this.

Just when I wanted Kudou-san to explain, I saw Vock-kun going up the stairs.

“Kudou-san, can you please explain—”

“Akihisa, I’m going up first.”

“Ah, no, wait, Vock ‘O’ Butte!”

“If, if you say so—eh!”


“What interesting thing is there?”

Damn it! He’s going off before I could even ask her. Can’t let it happen.

“Wait, Vock ‘O’ Butte!”

“You, you want another one? EEHHHH—!!”


It’s hurting me now, but I have to catch up to Vock-kun first!

“…As expected, that name’s is weird.”

“Yeah, I’ve never heard of such a name.”

“We don’t even know what country’s name that is.”

As Kirishima-san and the rest seemed to be talking about something behind, I continued to be bullied by Kudou-san as I ran up the stairs to chase after Vock-kun.

“Everyone! Faster! Faster!”

Vock-kun seemed to be laughing as he called us. Luckily, Vock-kun ran past the dangerous 3rd level where C class will most likely discover us and ran up to the 4th level.

“Bring me here, Akihisa.”

“Ah, okay. But if possible, please keep your volume down.”


The third years’ classrooms are on the fourth level. There’s a very low chance that C class people are here, but I’m not sure about Kogure-sempai, who’s on friendly terms with Koyama-san. It always pays to be careful.

“Eh? Isn’t this Yoshii? What are you doing on the third years’ level?”

I inadvertently heard this familiar voice. This voice is,

“Ahh, erm—sempai.”

“Hey, didn’t you remember my name already…”

The Mohican-head sempai sighed. I know he’s one of the Toko-Natsu pair, but with both of them separated, I can’t tell who is who.

“I’m Tsunemura. It’s time for you to remember that.”

“I do remember that you’re the sempai who confessed to Hideyoshi.”

“I still haven’t gotten a reply yet.”

“No, Hideyoshi screamed already, so you better give up…”

This isn’t being optimistic. It’s a case of diehardiness.

After some time, Kirishima-san and the rest caught up. Then, Tsunemura-sempai’s eyebrows twitched the moment he saw Kinoshita-san.

“Ohh, Kinoshita Hideyoshi. My sun—”

“Ah, no. I’m.’

“—Oh, no. The one that drew the short straw.”


Immediately, I felt a Minami-level killing intent from Kinoshita-san, but it’s better not to pursue things.

“Then, what do you want? Do you have something you want in the third years’ classroom?”

“No, it’s not that we wanted to come to the third years’ classrooms. It’s just that we’re bringing Vock ‘O’ Butte around the school.”

“Oi, pervert, there’re some strange words you said that.”

“Yo, Yoshii-kun. If you don’t mind, I can work towards that too, so don’t say such words to everyone you meet (SNAP)”


“Do, does it feel good, Yoshii-kun…?”


“So, sorry. Then—”

“Eh? You’re mistaken here! I don’t mean that a slap isn’t enough so I wanted a wrestling technique used on me (CRACK)—OW OW OW…okay (POP)”

“Yoshii-kun, you can’t live a normal life anymore if you can just snap your dislocated joints back together without any concern.”

I just feel that it’s naturalized.

“Ahaha. You’re really interesting, Akihisa.”

Laughter came from aside.

“It’s not funny at all. Really.”

“Ah? That brat down there, isn’t he the one Takashiro brought along. Called Linne or something, is it?”

“Linne? No, you’re mistaken, Tsunemura-sempai. It’s Vock ‘O’ Butte.”

“Oi, don’t say it. Don’t involve me in your perverted fetishes.”

What’s going on? It’s like we’re not on the same page here.

“Linne-kun. It’s time to stop teasing Yoshii-kun.”

“Eh? Kubo-kun, what do you mean?”

“…A fake name.”

“Nihi—looks like Akihisa never doubts anyone.”

Vock-kun looked at me and chuckled.

“My name is actually Linne Klein. Vock ‘O’ Butte was something to fool you.”

“Ha? Fool me? Why must you do that?”

“Well, Yoshii-kun, it’s about time you should notice that.”

“If the middle name is contracted, it will sound like ‘hit me’, isn’t it? I made you call me by my full name to make fun of you, Yoshii-kun.”

“…Yoshii got fooled.”

“I, I see…”

So that’s why the rest didn’t call Vock—no, Linne-kun by his name. That’s the reason why Kudou-san hit him.

“Well, never mind. Linne-kun, what do you want to do next? How about looking around this level?”

After hearing my words, Linne-kun immediately stared straight at me.

“Looking around? You aren’t angry?”

“No, even if you say that I’m angry…”

I won’t be angry because of such a trivial thing. Linne-kun came over from overseas and has unfamiliar people around it. it’s something worth being happy about if he’s still in the mood to play pranks like that.

After hearing my words, nihi— Linne-kun started chuckling happily.

“You’re as interesting as what I heard, Akihisa. I like you.”

“Ahaha, I’m happy that you like me—then, what about the thing ‘you heard about’? Who did you hear mention me?”

“We were going through the boring look-around, and I heard about you from Takashiro and Kogure. A certain unpredictable person that does weird things.”

Unpredictable person that does weird things…doesn’t it sound like I’m something brainless that doesn’t think about anything? How rude.

“I immediately wanted to find you once I heard that, Akihisa. I was really bored.”

Looks like Linne-kun was brought around the school by this Takashiro, so it’s not weird for him to hear the conversation between that guy and Kogure-sempai.

But why will the third-years talk about me? It’s understandable if it’s Koyama-san and Kogure-san, but as third years, why are they talking about me?

“Speaking of which, Takashiro’s looking for you. Oi, Linne. Come along with me.”

“EEHH!? Hey, I still want to play with Akihisa.”

“Really. Stop yapping and follow me.

“Uu—is it going to be boring again?”

As he ran away before, Tsunemura-sempai gripped Linne-kun’s wrist tightly. Looks like the guide around the school is over. I’ll head back to the summoning war—but before that.

“Linne-kun, you must follow up on your promise about this interesting thing!”

I shouted at Linne-kun, who was being forcefully dragged away by Tsunemura-sempai. On hearing that, he turned around and answers,

“I’ll tell you once this is done! Meet me at the school gate an hour later!”

Un…an hour later…I’m really worried about the summoning war. If possible, I want to hear it immediately and meet up with F class again…

“…Yoshii, shall we go back to the classroom?”

“Un? A class?”



“That’s right. It’ll be troublesome if we’re found out while walking around. How about we just wait in A class first?”

“I’m happy about that, but can I?”

“Don’t mind. It’s not against the rules. There’s a lot of space in the classroom.”

“It’s never boring with Yoshii-kun around.”

I’m really grateful to A class; worrying that I would be discovered by the enemy if I wait for Linne-kun and get sent to the remedial room. To be honest, it’s very likely.

But is this really alright? It might not be good to say such things now when I’m being helped here.

“We will soon challenge A class.”

“…Don’t mind.”

“Ahaha. There’s no need to at this point.”

“We’ll talk about that when it happens, Yoshii-kun.”

“Didn’t we say it? All students have the right to carry out summoning wars. There’s no reason to hold grudges about this.”

The four of them didn’t mind at all. Well, to put it, they’re all nice people.

“I’ll then do as you say.”

I will be lying if I say that I’m not worried about the situation in F class, but I should be hiding first as I’m wondering about Kogure-sempai’s plan.

“Eh? There seem to be something going on in the classroom.”

I heard people making noise as I went back to A class. What’s going on?

“Did something happen?”

“Did Linne-kun run away again or something?”

Kinoshita-san and Kudou-san looked at the classroom and said. We just went our separate ways. It’s impossible for him to run away so quickly again.

“…Yoshii, you better hide just in case.”


Maybe C class’ starting to look for me again. It’ll be troublesome if I’m found here.

I hid in a corner of the stairs instead of entering A class and secretly watched what was going on.

“What is it? It’s noisy here—eh? Nemoto-kun?”

“Ah, Kinoshita. Kirishima’s back, huh. Perfect timing. It’s best to say this to the rep.”

I heard Kinoshita-san’s voice and the culprit behind this commotion. Isn’t Nemoto-kun B class’ rep? Why—

“My B class is challenging A class to a summoning war.”


He suddenly declared a war. How is it possible? Why?

“The battle will start at 13:30 today.”

Nemoto-kun ignored me, who’s wavering, and continued on.

The war is slated to start today, not tomorrow. From the looks of things, it seemed that B class didn’t exactly intend to get ready and start the war. In other words, there must be some reason for him to decide to start one. He must have accepted Koyama-san’s proposal.

“Then, let’s have a fair fight.”

After leaving these words behind, B class’ rep Nemoto-kun left.

I walked down from the platform, checked that Nemoto-kun really left, and walked into A class.

“We’ve been had. To think that he actually challenged us to a war.”

“…I can’t think of why this would happen.”

“We’re in a pinch here~ and the same goes for F class. The situation’s became bad for us.”

We managed to switch the letters, and the other one was dealt with. Are there other letters? Or did Nakamura-kun escape as he was sent to the remedial room? Un…

Our heads were full of questions.

“Speaking of which, I saw Nemoto-kun laughing sneakily as he entered C class. What’s going on?”

“Who knows? Something must have happened.”

I heard the people from A class chattering. Eh…? Don’t tell me,

“Nemoto-kun went over to find her without waiting till lunch break…or something like that?”


Everyone gave a ‘I see’ expression as they slapped their faces. Damn it! Since Nemoto-kun saw that Koyama-san has ‘something important to say’, we should have considered the possibility that he will go meet her without waiting till lunch break! We shouldn’t have created a fake letter but make sure that they don’t meet up at all!

“Anyway, A class will be involved in the summoning war in the afternoon.”

“Yeah. We have to hurry and get ready. Everyone, do we have people with reduced scores? Get the replenishing teacher here!”

“…What do you intend to do, Yoshii?”

“We can’t help you now. Are you going back to meet up with F class?”


B class declared war on A class too. In that case, they managed to carry out that plan. F class is in a crisis, so every single fighting strength is absolutely needed. A fighting strength like mine is better than none, but…

“No. Kinoshita-san. You will be going through replenishing tests until the start of the war, right?”

“Yes, you’re right.”

“I hope to take part in this too.”

I still feel that I should replenish my points.

“Is this really alright, Yoshii-kun? Wouldn’t it be meaningless if the disadvantageous F class loses while you’re going through replenishing tests?”

Kubo-kun looked at me in a worried manner.

It’s true that it’s like what Kubo-kun said. It will be pointless if F class loses while I take the replenishing tests. However…I don’t know what to say. It’s like I have a certain bad feeling. It’s like I missed out something important, that the enemy is still hiding something.


“I think it should be alright. They should be able to hang on even if I don’t go back.”

Everyone helped me out a lot to prevent the enemy’s plan, but in this situation—those guys should be able to hang on. Anyway, I should focus on regaining my fighting strength. It just feels like that.


Kinoshita-san gave me a look.

“Since you say so, it’s not like you can’t. We’ll give you a table and chair in the lounge. There’s no rule that states that you can’t take your replenishing tests in another class.”

“Thank you very much.”

Until the moment A and B classes fight, I will borrow a table in the lounge to carry out the replenishing tests. Normally, I should be meeting up with F class, but no matter what, my mind just felt fuzzy. It’s like there’s a strong feeling that I have to do something only I can do.

“…I’ll help you out then, Yoshii.”

“Eh? What?”

“…It might be more or less helpful to Yoshii.”


  1. Famed multi-talented man in the Renaissance, sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer.
  2. Lee Harvey Oswald.
  6. I have no idea where the name came from. It just popped up out of a sudden...
  7. Note that the kid here is foreign, so names and so are in katakana. (Didn't pay attention to a certain set of furigana in volume 7...)
  8. The joke behind this is that 'Vock O Butte' sounds like '僕をぶって' (boku o butte), which means 'hit me'.