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The Fifth Question[edit]

Question: Please state a synonym to the words ‘Incorruption’ and use it to form a sentence.

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

“Synonym: Upright.

Example: He is an upright person, he does no evil.”

Teacher’s comments:

Correct answer:

Correct answer. ‘Incorruption’ means ‘not doing bad things, having pure and upright thoughts and actions’, and ‘upright’ means ‘having proper thoughts and actions’. Some other synonyms are ‘honest and diligent’, ‘being found completely innocent’ and so on.


Koyama Yuuka’s answer:

“Synonym: Rolling blank eyes”[1]

Teacher's comments:

I thought for a moment that you were correct, but you’re wrong here. Were you anxious here? You wrote ‘白目’ instead of ‘白日’. This will be thought of as ‘I’m telling others of my innocence, but everyone rolled their eyes back at me. Tests do involve a race against time, but it’s most important that you remain calm and make sure not to be careless.

Nemoto Kyouji’s answer:

“Synonym: Upright.

Example: Everyone in school would say ‘Nemoto Kyouji is an upright person’.”

Teacher’s comment:

Looks like we can use rolling blank eyes here.

“Yuuji, the test subject might change again.”

“Nn? What’s going on?”

After sending Himeji and Shimada off, I was preparing for the final battle when Hideyoshi came in.

“Just before this, I saw B class’–I don’t know if he’s Itou or Ito, I can’t remember—he came down the corridor and entered C class’ base. It’s likely that he’s the one changing the subjects.”

“Changing subjects. Now…?”

“Did things get even worse?”

“No, it’s better for us this way, but…”

To put it clearly, if we switch subjects, it will be beneficial for us instead of being detrimental. This is obvious. Up till now, we’ve been using up one subject and switching to another one. It’s obvious here.

“Then, do they have some other plan?”

“I guess so.”

There must be some other reasons why they’re changing subjects, but can this force us into a tight spot…?

No, if it’s just a normal strategy, there’s no need for B class’ envoy to pass by our F class. They just need to go by the fourth level of the new building and make contact with Koyama, who set her base at the roof, without being discovered by us. If they’re the ones who can use such intricate plans to force us in, it’s impossible for them to change subjects without us noticing.


“Is there any other reason why they can’t go through the fourth level of the new building…?”

I never heard of any construction works going on, and A and B classes aren’t fighting on the fourth level.

Physically, it’s still alright, and they can go through.

“If they go by the new school building, Himeji’s group should be able to see him.”

“Himeji’s group…”

Speaking of which, if we just saw the envoys from B class, it seemed that he followed Himeji, who went to the fourth level. He could just go forward, but why did he have to go by our classroom and even appear in front of Himeji?

“If he goes by that way, if he’s not careful, he might get involved in our war and even lose…”

From the positions of both A class and B class, it’s hard to imagine that there may be A class’ forces on the linkway at the fourth level. In that case, why would the envoy from B class go through the dangerous corridor on the third level where it’s in war?

“It is really dangerous. If he appears in C class’ base, the guys from B class will be thought of as a member of C class and attacked.”

“Yeah…if that happens, it’s not going to be helpful to either us or B class. Only C class will be celebrating.”

If F class’ students attack the B class student, they’ll commit a foul. F class is in a war with C class, and B class is in a war with A class. F class will wear down B class’ fighting ability, and will undoubtedly cause interference to the other classes’ summoning war. It’s okay for the one being attacked, but the one attacking will be disqualified and sent to the remedial room.

“Nn…? Disqualified…?”

This term caused me to have a bad thought in my mind.

The B class guy went by our classroom and deliberately chose a path where Himeji will bump into him. Leaving girls aside, it’s normal for Himeji not to know him as he’s a guy. If the very enthusiastic Himeji is to meet that guy who’s walking over from C class—

“Hideyoshi! When was it that you saw that guy!?”

“Nm? I think…about 5 minutes ago?”

“Did you see him go back to B class?”

“Speaking of which, I didn’t see him go there.”

Hideyoshi was on standby at the entrance close to the stairs. If he didn’t see the guy, it means the guy didn’t go back. It won’t take that much time to pass a message. In other words—


“Wha, what!?”


“What do you mean by that, Yuuji?”

“Himeji’s in trouble.”

“Trouble? What about it?”

“The enemy’s plan is probably to disqualify her.”


Now I understood everything. Even if we see him when we’re trapped in the classroom, we can’t do anything to him in this situation. Of course, it’s an obvious consideration they made to make the B class guy walk from C class’ base and meet up with Himeji.

It’s alright if they simply limited the subjects, but I didn’t expect them to eliminate Himeji like this. Normally, that will be dangerous, but Himeji’s being really into it during the summoning war today. If the enemy gets in her way and announces his name, she will definitely start a battle without hesitation. This is bad…”

“Can we get in contact with Himeji?”

“Impossible. We’ve been sealed inside since Himeji left. You knew that.”

“Yeah…damn it.”

If I’m the enemy, I’ll draw a part of my remaining fighting strength onto where Himeji went by, and if F class send people out, I’ll make sure that they won’t meet up with her. If we want to save Himeji, we need the fighting strength to beat these people and also break through the entrances, save Himeji and salvage our fighting strength. If we do this, we’ll use up the strength we saved up until now. Looks like the chances of victory are becoming slim.

My strategy has failed completely. In this situation, I can only give up on my original plan.

This plan definitely didn’t come from Koyama or that Kogure-sempai who’s good at capturing other people’s hearts. It’s something different—tch, now’s not the time to think about this.

“Yuuji, are we going to change the plan?”


I pondered for a while.

There’s no chance of winning now. Once we lose Himeji, we’ll obviously have no fighting strength to beat Koyama. In that case, I have to find a way such that we won’t lose and ensure that I have a chance of fighting back.

(This is serious, damn it…!)

I can only think of a way not to lose. I’ll use everyone in the fighting force gathered on the path leading to Koyama to save Himeji, find an empty classroom and get back into defense. I’ll join in the defense too. Once we defend till death, we’ll wait for the enemy to come over to the negotiating table impatiently. However, we went through a long defensive battle here, and if we continue on like this, the enemy may come up with a strategy other than limiting subjects, so the chances of us succeeding won’t be great.

(And also…)

If we can’t win this war, we won’t be able to challenge A class, and our plan to make use of C class to challenge A class won’t be able to happen. In other words, we’ll be further and further away from our goal. Right now, A class is being worn out because of the war with B class. If they defeat the lower ranked B class here, A class will not go all out in the replenishing tests which has nothing to do with their grades. I won’t get such a second chance.

(I can only give up, is it? This chance…! This chance that I so looked forward to and longed for…!)

I gritted my teeth hard. I don’t want to give up. I can’t give up.

But if I continue to hesitate. I will only let myself get closer to defeat. If I lose this war, I’ll have to endure for another 3 months. This is something I definitely don’t want.

I can only make a decision here…

“As for this strategy—”

I got ready to announce a change in plans. At this moment,

“Nn? Isn’t that, Yoshii? What’s he doing at such a place?”

Sugawa, who was sitting at the window and going through the replenishing test, muttered. Did he just say Akihisa?

I looked over at where Sugawa was staring and peered outside the window. At that moment, I saw Akihisa running on the field, showing a completely different look from his usual dazed expression, a serious expression.

“That guy…”

It’s been a while since I got an eyewitness report, and there was no news of him then. I thought he was sent to the remedial room from somewhere, but he’s still alive…

“It’s definitely Akihisa…what’s he intending to do?”

Akihisa darted through the field and ran into the school with blazing momentum, such that sand was being whipped up. He’s looking straight on and is running like an arrow released from a bow, fast and sharp—and relieving.

That idiot, is he—

“…Hideyoshi, stick to the original plan.”

“Original plan? What about Himeji?”

“Leave her alone.”

“You’re saying leave her alone? You…”

Hideyoshi looked worriedly at me. He seemed to understand too that if we leave Himeji like this, we’ll end up losing her.

But it’s not over yet. No matter how low the chances are, once we save Himeji, there’s still a chance that we can beat C class.

“That’s the key to winning this. if we want to win, we can only do this.”

“But no matter what…”

“I know this is reckless.”

“Since you know.”

“I know—but I want to gamble on this.”


Hideyoshi stared at me silently. He seemed to be bothered over whether he should be stopping me.

And then,

“…I understand. I’ll trust you this time then.”


He agreed with what I was planning to do.

I don’t know what this guy did before this or what he’s planning to do. But I know what he’s aiming for, and I know where that guy’s going. I’m going to bet on this.


BTS vol 09 205.jpg


The start time for the replenishing test is 14:00, and after that, we’re going to decide this once and for all. Right now, the most important thing we need to make sure of is the area near the stairs leading to the roof, and whether we can get past here will all depend on Himeji.

In other words, if Himeji end up in their trap, everything’s over, and I can’t do anything about that then.

—But the strategy won’t change. This is already a gamble on luck, a gamble to see whether that guy can protect Himeji.


“Very good. I’ll trust you this time around, you bastard…!”

BTS vol 09 206-207.jpg

“I think Himeji’s at the fourth level of the old school building!”

I heard Linne-kun’s voice from afar. He gave me such valuable information, yet I ran away without thanking him.

“Nihi—Himeji should be surrounded by the enemy. How are you going to break through them, Akihisa? I’m looking forward to it.”

“Of all things they had to do, they actually chose this method to deal with Himeji-san…!”

If Himeji-san gets disqualified—it’ll be my fault. She must be trying to work hard to make up for my absence and worked hard.

She worked hard for my sake, she’s giving it her all for me, and she’s recklessly fighting for me. However, if these are to become the reasons she fails, her hard work will bring about a negative impact and bring about an unexpected result.

In that case—

“Won’t Himeji-san be so pitiful…?”

She had the ability to get into A class, and now she’s stuck in F class. She should have worked hard to prove that she has the ability to get into A class.

And now, she’s working hard for others, and about to get disqualified because of it. Himeji-san was just working hard.

“That’s vexing…! Unable to get anything back after working so hard, unable to get any recognition even after working so hard. Such a thing!”

If F class loses because of this, Himeji-san will blame herself. She, who fought with all she had, is working hard while trying to compensate for me, and will never forgive herself.

If she lost because of a difference in ability, it can’t be helped. If she worked hard and didn’t get what she want, she can just work harder next time. If she gave her all for this, it’s acceptable even if she lost.

But now’s different. This isn’t a defeat in that scene.

The enemy isn’t doing anything illegal, and up till now, we used all sorts of dirty tactics before. We have no right to criticize them.


“I will definitely never allow such a thing…!”

We’re in a war now, and the tactics are fine if they don’t go against the rules. In other words, this is my personal opinion. From my personal standpoint, I don’t wish for Himeji-san to lose like this.

Then, what should I do?

This is a simple problem anyone can understand. If I don’t wish for it, I just have to stop it. I just need to bear the responsibility and break up the enemy’s plan. It’s not a question of whether I can do it or not. Himeji-san was working hard for my sake, and it’s my turn to work hard, that’s all.

“Himeji-san should be on the 4th level of the old school building, and the battlefield where C class and F class are fighting is on the 3rd level of the old school building. In other words.”

It’ll be dangerous if I go up the stairs of the old school building as I’ll be caught by the C class people. This is the new school building, so I’ll use the stairs here to get up to the 4th level, get through the linkway to get to the old school building!

I went from the entrance, dashed into the new school building and leaped 3 steps as I ran up the stairs.

2nd level.

3rd level.

And then, it’s the platform area leading to the 4th level.

“It’s Yoshii! Yoshii’s here!”

The C class students guarding the place found me.

“Did F class discover our plan!?”

“Not sure. Maybe they have some other plans.”

“But we can’t let him get through no matter what.”

The 3 students from C class blocked my way. They probably considered interference coming from here as there was even a teacher on standby here, ready to allow a summoning field.

There were 3 people set on the platform of the new school building, so in other words, there will be more enemies on the linkway leading to the empty classroom where Himeji-san is, and I expect that there’s another teacher there.

“Bring it on then.”

“Un, summ—”

“Hold on a sec.”


The three people that were ready to summon were stopped by me. There’s a difference in numbers on both sides, and I’m the opponent here, so the three of them didn’t seem to care as they listened to me.

“What? You’re begging for mercy?”

“Un. Sorta.”

I checked who’s the teacher standing around. It’s Takeuchi-sensei of the modern language class, so the subject will be something I’m neither good nor bad at; one that’s average.

“At least a one vs one fight, alright? See, there’s no need to put 3 people on me, right?”


My request stunned them.

“Because you see, summon.”

As the teacher’s around, I summoned my summoned beast. An array appeared on the ground, and the summoned beast that’s based on my appearance showed up.

F class, Modern language, Yoshii Akihisa, 63 points.

After a while, my scores were shown. 63 points. This is really a score that can’t be compared to C class.

“What should we do?”

“It looks like he has some intention. It might be better not to agree—”

“What’s there to be scared about? Such scores and we’re 3 vs 1. Yoshii’s just good at dodging. He can’t break through here.”

Perhaps the standby mission is really boring as they seemed to be interested in my proposal. They definitely think that ‘if there’s a change in situation, we can help anytime’.

“I’ll go then. I might have a talking point if I beat Yoshii here—summon.”

One of the enemies called out his summoned beast, and the other two just looked perplexed as they backed away. However, they’re moving back to the 4th level, and they’re intending to take action when things are getting disadvantageous.

C class, Ono Touru, Modern language, 109 points.

The enemy summoned beast readied the weapon. I let my summoned beast bring its wooden sword back slightly and charge into the enemy’s clutches.

“!? Ack!”

Immediately, the enemy panicked, but he still swung the sword in response to my sudden attack. I tilted aside to dodge it, and poked the enemy’s wrist.

“You bastard!”

The weak attack didn’t scare the enemy as he swung the sword over. He does look a little unfamiliar with the controls, but he does have the strength of a C class student, and the wooden sword my summoned beast uses was parried away. The wooden sword—good, I wore him down a bit, but there’s no problem.

The weak attack did a little damage, and the scores shown were corrected. I see, so it only caused 3 points worth of damage…

“As expected, the attack power’s not great. You’re just skilled at controlling it, isn’t it?”

The enemy concluded and raised the sword above his head, ready to swing it down. He must have considered that I have weak attacks and intend to cause heavy damage to me.

In that case,

“—Let’s go all out!”

My summoned beast ran to the enemy. At the same time,


“Are you running away from battle!?”

I myself ran up the stairs.

“Damn bastard! What are you planning!?”

My action caused my enemy to act up emotionally. At this moment, my summoned beast got near the enemy, and the wooden sword stabbed at the completely undefended chest of the enemy.

“Do you think I’ll let you do as you please!?”

The enemy got ready to attack the moment he’s attack. He intend to hit me hard after taking my attack. Perfect! Try and take this!


I called out the keywords. This is a unique ability only I have. I summoned another summoned beast by using the power of the platinum bracelet I got.


The main beast’s attack was blocked by the chest armor.

“Got you!”

The enemy took this attack and was ready to swing his sword down.

But before that.

KAN! The sound of wood knocking on wood can be heard.


The secondary beast used all its strength to hit the wooden sword on the main beast, and the power of the two summoned beasts were gathered on the same point, successfully breaking through the enemy’s armor.

With a blunt sound, the enemy’s summoned beast collapsed onto the floor. That’s game, and he won’t be able to summon again.

In other words, there’s only one chance to get away from the enemies.


“Damn it!”

I stepped out of the summoning field before the next enemy challenged me. I’ll get through the stairs and up to the old school building!

“Chase after him! Don’t let him get through!”

“Sensei! Please come with us!”

I can feel that the two people left were chasing after me, but there’s no time for me to fight them as I need to run off to where Himeji-san is!

“Nn…? Oii! Someone’s here!”

“It’s Yoshii! How did that guy get in here!”

“We won’t let you get through! Summon!”

I ran up the stairs and saw the linkway. The enemies that were waiting saw me and summoned. The two people behind me caught up, and I can’t use the same trick again.


Once I entered the summoning field, I called out my summoned beast again.

C class, Takada Mitsuhiko, Japanese History, 109 points.


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Japanese History, 153 points.

The subject’s Japanese history, which I’m good at. It’s thanks to Kirishima-san and the rest that I can get such fighting strength. I’m really grateful.


“Don’t think of getting past us! Summon!”


The other people that were in the defending area called out their summoned beasts. I raised my weapon and rushed forward without waiting for them to get ready.


I used my momentum to smash the wooden sword hard, and the enemy that took this hit took several steps back.

“Gu…! Damn it!”

The enemy raised his shield cautiously, and the other two people have summoned their summoned beasts.

C Class, Yoshioka Itsuji, Japanese History, 106 points.


C Class, Nonomura Mitsuru, Japanese History, 98 points.

Three vs one. I have the better score, but I can’t deny that I am disadvantaged in terms of numbers. Normally, I’ll carefully waltz my way around the enemy and look for their weaknesses, but today…


I again rushed at the enemy that raised the shield and gave a horizontal swing with all I got. The difference in power caused his defenses to be worn out…

“Do you think I will let you get away!?”

The next enemy threw the tonfa over. I can’t dodge it here—fine, if I can’t use an arm, so be it!

I reached my left shoulder out to block the incoming tonfa. During this time, the wooden sword in my summoned beast’s right hand defeated the enemy in front of me.

C class, Takada Mitsuhiko, Japanese History, 0 points.


F class, Yoshii Akihisa, Japanese History, 91 points.

“Takada!? You bastard—UOOH!?”

I immediately raised my wooden sword and swung at the next enemy. I have no time to chit-chat with you here!!

“Don’t get cocky, you bastard!”




The attack behind me was stopped by the other summoned beast. Let me say this…DON’T GET IN MY WAY!!



The two people on the platform caught up to me. Takeuchi-sensei is standing not too far away, and it looked like he maintained his distance so as not to create any interference.

“In that case…!”

I swung a sword horizontally to block the enemy’s tonfa, and let my summoned beast jump backwards.


“Ow, ow ow, ow…”

My summoned beast jumped over at the Japanese History teacher who’s in charge of this summoning field, and my summoned beast can touch people…also, the summoning field is set with the teachers at the center.

In other words—


“Takeuchi-sensei! Forget about modern language! We’ll fight him with Japanese history!”

I can move the teachers and create an interference successfully!


While the summoning field disappeared, I went from the new school building and through the linkway in an instant.

I broke through the linkway! I’ll soon get to the empty classroom where Himeji-san is!

I’ll make it. I can make it…


Shouts came from the stairs in front of me. Since the sounds are from the other side of the stairs, it means that no one’s guarding the empty classroom, and this is the last area!


I stepped into the summoning field and called out my summoned beast for the third time. This is it. if I can break through this last area, I’ll be able to meet Himeji-san…

While the summoning war between C class and F class was being chaotic downstairs, I heard a conversation at the entrance of the empty classroom.

“You’re Himeji Mizuki from F class, correct? I’m sorry, but can you please wait quietly in this classroom?”

“Don’t stop me. I have something I have to do.”

It was a tone that was full of will and without hesitation.

It was a stern voice, unlike that usual kindness.

“That won’t do. We don’t want to lose here. The teacher’s here, so if you want to get by me, you have to beat me with your strength.”

“…I understand. I’ll do this then. Sensei, F class’ Himeji Mizuki requests to ask for a su—”

It’s been only half a day, but I just felt that I didn’t hear this voice for a long time.

I have a lot of things I want to ask, but I’ll leave them aside for now.

Anyway, it’s great. In that case, that case…!


“A, Akihisa-kun!?”


Two surprised looks were staring at me as I entered the classroom. One of them is Himeji-san, and the other is the B class student that’s disguised as a student of C class. I think the name is—Imura-kun or something.

“Yoshii, I’m going to fight against Himeji-san here. Wait for your turn after this.”


I interrupted Imura-kun’s words and said to Himeji-san.

“Well, Akihisa-kun, why are you in school?”

Himeji-san seemed to be worried about my body condition here, and even I can tell that she’s looking worried. I’m rather grateful here, but—

“Just leave that small stuff aside for now. Don’t you have something important you have to do, Himeji-san?”

“Ah, yes.”

I said as I walked to the two of them. I have to send Himeji-san out before the C class people I shook off catch up.

“In that case, finish what you’re supposed to do.”

In fact, I have a lot of things I want to ask. For example, what happened this morning, and Himeji-san’s feelings, but these can be talked through later. Right now, I can only do what I can only do now.

“Yes…I have to do what I have to do.”

Looks like she got my message; Himeji-san looked completely serious as she nodded her head.

“Please go. I’ll hold him off here.”

I pulled Imura-kun’s hand and opened a path for Himeji-san to leave.


Himeji-san answered, and immediately ran off to the stairs from where Imura-kun was standing.

“Ku! Himeji! If you want to advance, you have to beat me fi—”

“If you really think so, just ask for a fight. There’s no need to wait for Himeji-san. You could have just started one yourself.”

That’s if you can.

“Ku…! You bastard…!”

Imura-kun gritted his teeth and glared at me with hatred.

As I faced him, I said coldly,

“Or what, you want a piece of me? I’m ready here whenever you want.”

Or you can fight me here. I won’t have a chance of appearing after this anyway.


Imura-kun said such vengeful words and left the empty classroom. He should be going off to Nemoto-kun to report the failure of this mission.


I followed him out of the classroom and walked to the stairs. And then, what appeared in front of me were the F class students who were fighting with C class.

And then, standing in the deepest corner was a familiar idiot.

After seeing that guy’s face, I can’t help but grin and yell.

And in response, the guy raised his fist at me and answered.

Alright, it’s all on you then. After this, I’ll leave it—

BTS vol 09 225.jpg




Our hands met each other in the air. My mission’s done here. I’ll leave it to this guy, and I’ll just wait silently for this war to be over.

The outcome will definitely be just like what we imagined.


  1. Note that 'found completely innocent' here is written in kanji as 青天白日. Roll blank eyes is written as 青天白目. 日 is day, 目 is eye