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The Fourth Question[edit]

Please add the correct name of the chemical into the blank.

“Aluminium, when added with ( ), will form aluminum chloride and hydrogen.”

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

“Aluminium, when added with (Hydrochloric Acid), will form aluminum chloride and hydrogen.”

Teacher’s Comment:

Correct, but it is very hard to see this reaction in practice. This is because aluminum has a layer of oxide on its surface. It is advised that you file off the surface.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

“Aluminium, when added with (spell words), will form aluminum chloride and hydrogen.”

Teacher’s Comment:

I can’t find any spells here.

Yoshii Akihisa’s answer:

“Aluminium, when added with (pity), will form aluminum chloride and hydrogen.”

Teacher’s Comment:

This answer certainly is pitiful.

BTS NinjaMuttsurini.jpg

“Why did you attack me back then, Shimizu-san! That was the best chance for me to show off there!”

“Shut up, you swine of a man! Miharu’s strategy was to create such a situation! If you want to fool the enemy, you have to lie to your part—I don’t remember having you swine as an ally!”

“Doesn’t that mean that I’m an enemy now!?”

Shimizu-san and I quarrel as we retreat from the frontlines.

Upon seeing us like this, Yuuji says with a bored tone,

“What, aren’t you getting along well here?”

““Since when!?””

“Your hearts are certainly working in unison.”


How in the world do you see us having a good relationship here? I was working so hard here!

“Miharu really hates this! Miharu could have shown off her maximum capabilities if she had been partnered with onee-sama and not this swine here!”

“Me too! I feel that I can be very active as long as I’m teamed up with Muttsurini!”

“No, you guys have already dealt with quite a few opponents from the higher ranked classes. Isn’t that enough of a contribution here?”

“No, Miharu thinks differently from scum like you. Miharu’s able to provide active contributions with this swine of a guy as a partner, but why? If Miharu’s paired with onee-sama!”


“We’ll create a family happier than anyone else!”

“Do it after school.”

“Wh…! Why can’t you understand this?”

“Me too! If I’m paired with Hideyoshi!”


“We’ll create a family happier than anyone—isn’t it too cruel to tell me off like this!?”

Why must I team up with Shimizu-san like this…! We’re not compatible at all!

“Normally, if you pair up with someone you like, you’ll miss out on a lot of things you won’t normally see, and it’ll drop your fighting strength. Just give up.”

Yuuji says coldly.

As I’m gritting my teeth because of Yuuji’s words, Shimizu-san comes over and whispers to me.

(Listen up, you swine. Miharu thought of something.)

(Hm? What is it?)

(If we can’t team up with the ones we like, we’ll just make use of it instead.)

(Mu…that means?)

(This will cause Miharu’s stomach juices to rot her tongue, but there’s no other way. Miharu will reward you kindly, and you just need to accept these kind intentions heartily, you swine.)

(Okay. It’s easy if I can team up with Hideyoshi.)

“What is it, Akihisa, Shimizu.”

“No, it’s nothing. Speaking of which, scum.”

“Don’t just call others scum so naturally.”

“Anyway, sorry about that, Sakamoto-bastard.”

“This certainly is a brand new way of calling me.”

“Anyway, listen to Miharu, Sakarou[1]

“It sounds like I’ve been in the Estrous Cycle[2] for thousands of years here, you know!!”

It certainly sounds like a shortening of the term ‘Bastard in heat’ [3]

“Because of the common operation, Miharu has a different view of this swine here. He’s completely different from what Miharu thought.”

“Ya, this is really embarrassing, Shimizu-san.”

“I was fooled by the appearance of this rotten swine with a rotten head, but this Yoshii Akihisa boy isn’t a rotten swine.”

“Ahaha, seriously.”

“He’s a swine who’s going to rot.”

“No no, that’s too much praise here.”

“A rotten spirit, grimy eyes, even if he has the appearance of a rotten swine, this guy’s unexpectedly—why are you crying out of a sudden, you swine?”

“It’s impossible, Shimizu-san. My heart can’t take such praises from you here!”

Do I look completely rotten all over here…?

“Akihisa, so you’re able to get along well with Shimizu here.”

“…Did a friendship bud in the war?”

And over there, Hideyoshi and Muttsurini, who returned from the frontlines as well, appear in front of us.

“What are you saying now, Hideyoshi, Muttsurini!”

“Yeah! It’s extremely revolting!”

“Well, it doesn’t look that way to the people around you, you know?”

“What nonsense are you saying!?”

“The proof is that even Shimada’s feeling this way.”


I look over at where Hideyoshi’s pointing, and find Minami standing there with puffed cheeks.

“Fuuu~m…aren’t you two getting along well, Aki, Miharu.”

And she says this to us while looking very unhappy.

“That’s not the case at all!”

“But I can’t tell.”

“That’s why this is—right! Isn’t it like how you and I always quarrel, Minami?”

“…We can’t just pretend that this didn’t happen though.”


“Nothing at all, you dull idiot.”

Minami still doesn’t look happy at all. I really don’t understand girls at all.

As I’m having question marks float around me, Yuuji and the rest seem to be muttering happily about something for some reason.

BTS vol 11 107.jpg

“Seriously, Shimada’s not being cute here at all, isn’t she?”

“Right. Even I’m getting tired of seeing this here.”

“…Good grief.”

“Ah, seriously, don’t give me this kind of expression that’ll anger me!”

“It’s alright, onee-sama! That worry is unnecessary.”

“What is it, Miharu? Even you too? I’m not worried about anything!”

“As for why, that’s because as you can see, Miharu’s still the Miharu that loves onee-sama like usual! She doesn’t care about boys at all!”

“Ah, that doesn’t matter anyway.”


Shimizu-san lets out this scream after being dumped by this one line. She certainly is energetic…

“Then, why aren’t you happy, onee-sama…? You shouldn’t have any doubts with Miharu’s feelings at all…”

“Shimizu, don’t you understand?”

“I don’t understand! I don’t know of any reason other than onee-sama feeling jealous because she lost Miharu here!”

“Your positive thinking is really god-like!!”

Yuuji’s more shocked than Shimizu-san here. I’m not boasting, but actually, I don’t understand at all.

“That’s basically it. Shimada’s thinking that the position she always had was taken away, right Shimada?”

“Is-is that so, onee-sama? Are you angry because of that?”

“No, it’s not because of that.”

“Oh…that’s good…if onee-sama hates Miharu here, Miharu will,”

“I’m not angry at all, Shimizu-san.”


It seems that Shimizu-san can’t stand being called by her family name as she let out a bird-like scream.

“It’s all over here…I just have to give up on conquering onee-sama’s heart here…”

“What are you saying? I’m not just talking about now.”

“That’s why I have to get the body first!”

“Eh? Wait—KYAAHHH—!”

“Please be quiet, onee-sama! It’ll soon be over!”

“What are you saying—A-Aki! Don’t just stand there! Help me here!”

“No, because someone said before that we’ll get attacked by a beast if we interfere with their feeding of a prey.”


It’s not good, but I suppose it’s good to give Shimizu-san some relief here since she has been working together with me.

And right now, Shimizu-san’s giving a very scary look here.

Hm? Shimizu-san seems to be muttering something before she attacks Minami. What is it?

“This happened all because of the swine…I don’t have to think of what to do now…once I forcefully get onee-sama, I must make sure that swine’s skull, back and neck must snap…!”

This is a beast far beyond my imagination.

If Shimizu-san approaches me like this, I don’t know what will happen to my life. I better change my pairing here so that I can defend myself!

“Please—Yuuji, please change my pairing with someone else!”

“What are you saying, Akihisa? Since you have the accomplishments, nobody else’s unhappy, and it certainly is interesting. What is it about the pairing that you’re unhappy about?”


“I ignore your opinion.”



“Well, I don’t have the right to change the pairings anyway, so just give up. Just follow the initial pairing and do your best.”

Why is it like this…in this case, must I continue to fight this summoning war under such harsh conditions…!?

“Eh? If you’re not going to regroup teams, what are you doing here, Yuuji?”

“Morale will rise when I stand around freely like this.”

“I see, so you’re one huge rubbish.”

No wonder you’re so free now.

“…It can’t be helped. The class reps can’t go to the frontlines because they have to consider all possibilities.”

“So that means you’re not coming to the frontlines with us, right?”

For some reason, it certainly is somewhat rare to see Yuuji enjoy himself in a summoning war here, as he normally looks very busy in a summoning war.

“The current situation looks good. Kirishima’s strategy is the correct choice right.”

“It’s true that we’re defending our frontlines better than them.”

“It’s a formation to make up for the weakest ones by taking a formation where it’s hard to control the summoned beasts. Shouko’s formation is going smoothly now.”

No matter what subjects they use, we can handle them, and there’s no need to worry about a collapse in formation. If this keeps up, the momentum of the war will head to our side.

“What do you mean by the current situation?”

“That will depend on what the opponents do. This situation isn’t nice for the 3rd years.”

“Then we have to tell Kirishima-san that immediately.”

“…This action itself is forbidden.”

Yuuji mutters with an unhappy look.

Forbidden? What forbidden?

Before I can ask, Yuuji continues,

“Well, there’s no need for that in the first place. It’s to be expected that the opponent will change strategies.”

Hm…this is to be expected. Kirishima-san’s on our side too.

“But it certainly is tough for Kirishima-san. She has to manage the scores of everyone in the year, plan the strategy, and give instructions according to the situation of the battle. It’ll be great if she’s not forcing herself here.”

“It certainly is tough if she has to do everything else, but A class has outstanding people, so it should be fine.”

“I see. With so many of such people surrounding her, you don’t have to do anything at all, Yuuji.”

“What nonsense. That Nemoto was so noisy. My own ability is better than anyone else here.”

For some reason, I can hear an unyielding tone in Yuuji’s voice. Is he unhappy that Kirishima-san never relied on him? He definitely won’t admit this, but maybe he hasn’t realized this.

“Well, there’s no need to worry about Kirishima-san here, right?”

“That’s how it is.”

In that case, there’s nothing to worry about, so let’s just do what we can do.

“Aki~! Shouldn’t you be worrying about my personal safety here!?”

“Onee-sama! Why must you ask that swine for help! You should be looking to Miharu and Miharu only!”

“Uwah! Minami! You can’t come here! This will cause the berserker to change targets!”

“It’s fine, Aki! My overflowing love will protect you here!”

“Understood, let’s offer this swine as a sacrifice for a bloody ritual.”

“Damn it, Minami! Are you betraying me to save yourself here!?”

“Go, Aki! Use my love to beat that demon!”

“I’m seeing you as a demon too, Minami!”

And she’s now grabbing onto my arm now…! Isn’t it crazy to take on Shimizu-san when I can’t escape!?

“Um, looking at this scene certainly reminds me of the war against D class after the peeping incident.”

“Ahh, that time when we deliberately taunted Shimizu by bringing out Akihisa and Shimada’s relationship, right? That was really crazy.”

“…How memorable.”

“You three aren’t helping out your classmate who’s in danger here! Do you even have hearts!?”

“Didn’t you just abandon me too!?”

I can’t hope for their help here…in that case, at least I have to try and convince Shimizu-san and escape from here!

“You’re mistaken, Shimizu-san! We don’t have this kind of relationship at all!”

“Hoho…then, what kind of relationship do you say it is?”

“Minami and I…well, she’s like a male friend of mine here!”

“What are you saying, Aki! I know of what you said about me before this! Either way, you still view me as a girl here!”

“WHA…! Ah, that, that! How do I say this…!”

Is she talking about what I said to Shimizu-san when we had our war against D class? This is bad! There’s no way I can bluff Shimizu-san when she had heard of this line……hm?

“Hey, Minami?”


“Why…do you know about that, Minami…?”


I said that to Shimizu-san directly.

Yuuji, Hideyoshi and Muttsurini heard of what I said through the recording.

But Minami—Minami’s the only one who did not hear it, right…?

“Well…I’m sorry, Aki, but I heard it out of coincidence…”



“You swine, didn’t Miharu say before? Miharu can exert several million times her usual power as long as onee-sama’s around. Miharu will show you that this isn’t a lie.”

“Bu-but Aki, I-I was really happy back then, you know…? The playful Aki actually saying that ‘I’m a charming girl’ so seriously.”

“Why!? Why are you two torturing me physically and mentally here!? What did I do wrong, God!”

Leaving aside the physical part, I’m not used to it mentally, and it’s really unbearable! St-stop it, Minami! Please don’t make me think or say anything related to what happened back then!

“Ahaha, it looks a little chaotic here. So it’s because of you after all, Yoshii-kun and everyone. You look very happy here!”

Kudou-san, who should be in the main base, is standing here.

“Oh, Kudou, what do you want with us?”

“Un, I’m here to pass the instructions from prez…but what are Minami-chan and the rest saying?”

“Ah, yeah, Aiko. It’s about what Aki said before…”


“You-you swine…! Why aren’t you screaming in pain even when your joints are dislocated!?”


Speaking of which, I think my body is feeling a little painful here!

“I’d say, you guys, you better stop your fun right now. We’re in the middle of a summoning war after all.”

“Yeah. Kudou, tell me the instructions Shouko gave me.”

“Then, here. There’s a lot of details, so she wrote a letter.”

“Oh, I see…it certainly is thick. How much did she write exactly?’

“Isn’t it~ I told her not to overwork herself, but prez wouldn’t listen to me at all~”

“But the current situation is simply what you see here.”


“Well, you’re at it again. Though you say so, the fact is that you’re not in a completely bad position here.”

Kudou-san says with a teasing tone. If you feel this way, swap around wit—


“? What is it, Yoshii-kun? You’re staring at my face and breasts. Do you want to touch them?”


“Aki? (Hoki)”

“Hahaha, it’s really quite funny to see Minami mix Aki and Hoki together.”

This is bad. I lost a finger because I said the truth.

(This isn’t it, Minami! Don’t you think that Kudou-san can take your position if this goes well?)

(? What?)

(I want to ask what Shimizu-san likes about you, Minami.)


Minami shows an enlightened expression for a moment, and manages to understand what I’m telling her. Right, that means—

“Then, Shimizu-san, what do you like about Minami exactly?”

“I like everything from the land she stands on to the air she breathes.”

“I’m sorry, Minami, but I think that nobody can replace your position after all.”

“Wait! Don’t give up! Hang in there until the end!”

No, I think Minami will never be able to shake off her.

“But what I like most is the elegant chest. Miharu can’t hold back when onee-sama feels inferior about her own chest!”

“I-I se…”

The answer just now was completely off-tangent, but this one is just what I expected.

“In this case, don’t you find that Kudou-san’s fine too?”

“Eh? M-me!? What are you saying out of a sudden, Yoshii-kun?”

“What are you saying, you swine. It’s true that Miharu likes that kind of breasts, but when compared with onee-sama’s breasts.”

“But Miharu, are you certain of this without checking it out?”

“But onee-sama!”

“And…I like those people who try to understand others, those that let me relax.”

“KYA—! KYA—! Mi-Miharu-chan!? Please calm down! Please calm down ~!”

“Fufufu…don’t think you can beat Miharu in terms of arm strength. Let onee-sama try it out!”

“Mi-Miharu-chan, I may have small breasts, but they’re still a little larger than Minami-chan. They aren’t your type at all.”

“Understood. Then let’s touch them.”

“Th-that’s why…seriously! Muttsurini-kun! Don’t just pause there, help me—ahh!? You’ve collapsed from nosebleed!?”

“…I have no regrets…”

“It’s not about regrets or anything, you big idiot Muttsurini-kun! You think it doesn’t matter what happens to me now—Miharu-chan! Your touching is really lewd here!”

BTS vol 11 121.jpg

Minami and I look on at their struggle.

“This is…a cruel scene beyond my expectations…”

“Yeah…I hope that I won’t get involved in this in the future…”

“If we can make sure not to get involved this, it’s possible for us to live steady lives.”

I don’t really believe in divination, but I really want to blame my fortune a little…

“Ah, Aki, there’s a line I have to say!”

“Eh? What is it?”

Minami clears her throat, and says,

“I don’t like some experienced guy or so! A person who has no girlfriends like you is fine too!”

“? Ye-yes…”

I have no idea what Minami is trying to say.

Just when we’re talking about this.

“Akihisa, you idiot! How long do you plan on playing around?”

A completely different voice can be heard at this inopportune time.

“Eh? Huh? Linne-kun? Why are you here?”

“I wanted to see you being cool, Akihisa! I only see you quarrelling here! I’ve misjudged you!”

He’s seeing the pain inflicted on me as me fooling around. What kind of country is Linne-kun living in actually?

“What is it, brat? Aren’t the first years having classes? Did you skip them?”

Yuuji says with a blaming tone. Hmm…skipping classes. Isn’t that a bad thing?

“Linne-kun, you can’t skip classes, you know? You won’t be able to catch up if you do so.”

“I think you’re the last one he wants to hear this line from…”

“Hm, that’s why I’m saying this, right Yuuji?”

“Ahh. You’ll become an idiot if you keep skipping classes.”

“Such a convincing statement…”

It’s a little inappropriate for me to say this, but we’re outstanding at opposing teachers here.

“Ahaha. it’s fine, Akihisa, you don’t have to worry about this.”

Not to worry, as in, he can catch up with the lessons even if he skips some of them? Or is it that he has the principal’s permission to oversee the summoning war? Well, since he says so, I guess it’s fine…

“And I may have to go over to the other side immediately.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“What do I mean indeed?”

Linne-kun grins as he says this. What’s going on? There seems to be some hidden meaning in this.

“Anyway, I look forward to you being more active, Akihisa!”

“No no, I don’t really get a chance to be active here.”

“Ehh? That’s boring.”

“Even if you say so…”

Kirishima-san’s strategy went smoothly. It will be hard to have one person hog the spotlight with so many people fighting.

“But I think it will be troublesome for you all if you don’t get proactive here, Akihisa.”

“I know that. I hate to see the equipment worsen.”

“No, this isn’t it.”


“Teehee. It’s too early to tell you this. Next time then!”

“? Still early?”

“A stage for you to perform well, Akihisa! I’ll go back then!”

Linne-kun leaves these meaningful words behind as he waves goodbye and leaves. What’s going on?

“Looks like that kid has something in his words.”

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s of ill intent, but I can’t conclude that this isn’t a bad thing to us.”

“As long as it’s not something troublesome…”

We mutter as we look over at where Linne-kun left.

“Hm…onee-sama’s small breasts are the ones Miharu likes after all…”

“Uu…Miharu-chan and Muttsurini-kun are both idiots…”

“…(worn out)”

Upon hearing the ruckus from Shimizu-san and the rest, the tension within me disappeared.


  1. Miharu took the ‘rou’ from yarou ‘野郎’(All good kids shouldn’t try this, alright?) and the first half of Yuuji’s family name ‘saka’ to form this one.
  2. Note, this term is normally only reserved for females. For the sake of their privacy, I will decline to comment further on this issue.
  3. Original term is盛りのついた (Sakarinotsuitayarou)