Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume3 The Fourth Question

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The Fourth Question[edit]

Please write the diary entry for the third day of the training course.

Tsuchiya Kouta's Diary:

"First part omitted (Sakamoto Yuuji will continue)

Teacher's advice:

Is this a relay diary? Finishing the diary one after another, you people can really think fast.

Sakamoto Yuuji's diary:

BTS vol 03 109.jpg

"And then Shouko slowly undid her yukata in front of me. I frantically stopped her as I tried to convince her not to do it. At that moment, Shimada, who was beside me, got closer to Akihisa, and the atmosphere between them was rather delicate."

Teacher's advice:

What were you people doing? Sensei's really concerned about the part that Tsuchiya-san left out

Yoshii Akihisa's Diary:

Final part omitted

Teacher's advice:

You can't just end off like this.

The next morning—


"Hm? What now...WAAH!"

The moment I opened my eyes, what appeared in front of me was Hideyoshi's sleeping face. Coupled with his delicate eyebrows, his big round eyes are tightly shut.

How can there be such a beautiful sleeping face in the world? I couldn't help but continue to gaze at him.

Hideyoshi just twitched a bit, and his silky hair slided over my shoulder.


The small mouth let out a gentle breath.

There's only a few millimetres between me and him, and with one more step, I would be able to taste his sweet lips.

Wha wha wha wha what should I do now? This is a once in a million opportunity! If I kiss him now, at least I can pretend that it was an accident! But if I do this, if I don't ask for approval, it will be rather awkward later...

"If you want to do it, do it! Aren't you that kind of person who will use your full ability at the last minute?"

Ack? This guy's the devil in my mind! Is he trying to lure me on the road of evil? No! I still can't do such a despicable thing!

"Think, you're sleeping on the same bed! If you don't do anything, wouldn't it be disrespect?"

Uuu...he's right...

"Don't believe what the devil says! Hideyoshi trusts that you're not a homosexual, that's why he would sleep with you on the same bed!"

This is the angel in my heart—it doesn't matter even if you never appear again!

"Here, let's start, Hideyoshi's waiting!"

That, that's right! It'll be bad on my part if I make him wait too long.

After making this decision, I slowly move towards Hideyoshi's cute sleeping face. I'm so nervous that my heart is pounding, and I'm sweating like crazy even though I'm not hot.

After the last few millimeters, I can kiss his sweet lips...

—But at this moment, I actually woke up.

"So it was a dream? Damn it, I'm so disappointed!"

"No, before that, you should know that Hideyoshi's a guy, right? Even if you're sleeping, your sanity is too weak, isn't it?"

Ah, it's the devil in my heart, why are you still here?"

"Aiyo, don't be that disappointed. Just treat that dream just now as a dry run, wouldn't it be alright?"

I see, so the dream was practice for that one chance that will occur at an unknown time. This really is positive thinking, so I'll use your suggestion then.


Just as I was letting my thoughts run wild, I heard a weak moaning beside my ear. Is it...

I shakily turn my body around slowly.


"—NO WAY!!!"

The one sleeping beside me is actually Yuuji.

Under those thick bushy eyebrows, the eyes that normally show malice are tightly shut. How can there exist such an ugly sleeping face in this world!

Just as I felt like puking, the ugly ogre beside me flipped his body.


The ogre Yuuji lets out a really noisy breathing sound.

There's only a few millimeters between us, and with a step further, it will be a real tragedy!

"If you want to do it, do it! Aren't you that kind of person who will use your full ability at the last minute?"

Shut up! Don't use the same line you used for the dry run in this situation! I didn't even expect such a thing to happen!

"I got it, I won't stop you then..."

Angel! You should be using the same words you said just now!

"Anyway, Yuuji...HURRY UP AND GET UP!"


I kicked Yuuji out of his blanket. Really, being so unhappy so early in the morning.

"Hm? What now? Yuuji got out of his bed and into someone else's bed again?"

Hideyoshi rubs his eyes as he gets out from the bed. Just seeing his cute look after waking up is enough to appease that extremely irritated feeling of mine. And on the other side, it seems like Muttsulini woke up thanks to us.

"What do you mean by 'again', Hideyoshi?"

"Ah, it's nothing's just that Yuuji has a rather bad sleeping posture, and at daylight, he would get into my bed—AKIHISA! WHY ARE YOU RAISING THAT VASE SO HIGH!!"




"Oi you maggots! Time to wake up—oh..."



"Calm down, Akihisa! Sorry, Nishimura-sensei, but can you help us stop him?"

"...(Nods head violently)"

"...What crazy things are you people doing so early in the morning?"

Unfortunately, with everyone stopping me, I couldn't send Yuuji to the netherworld.

"Oh ya, Yuuji, I heard something strange just now."

"Hm? What are you talking about?"

After the ruckus that happened this morning, we're here eating our breakfast now, and I'm using this chance to speak to Yuuji, who's opposite me.

"it's Kudo-san. She said that 'there's another undiscovered camera inside the changing room."

"What did you say?"

Yuuji, who was busying stuffing food into his mouth, suddenly stopped.

"That's really suspicious. Since she knows that there's another hidden camera there, she's the culprit after all, right?"

"No, we can't confirm that, right? If she was, she wouldn't purposely tell us that."

Sitting beside me, Hideyoshi answered for Yuuji.

"...We can only confirm it."

"Seems like we can only do that..."

No matter what, we can only think of peeping. Sigh, really...

"However, we got to be grateful for Kudo's intel."

"Hm? You mean the fact that there's another hidden camera?"

"That's right. Since only Kudo knows about it, it means that the camera may have taken quite a few photos of the girls changing. As long as we get that camera, we can identify the girl with the burn mark on her butt."

"...If it's the camera. I'm confident that I can find it within 5 seconds."

As expected of Muttsulini, only a pervert can understand what perverts are thinking.

"But if there's a camera, wouldn't that be too suspicious?"

"No, it's more like the camera that was first discovered is the more suspicious one. For the culprit who specialises in taking sneaky photos, how is it possible for the camera to be spotted by a layman that easily? So—"

"...A double trap."

"That's right, the camera that was discovered first may be a feint."

The culprit really thought everything through.

The opponent used such a little trick to lower everyone's guard, and then set up another camera to take snapshots all she wants? This culprit's methods are really complex.

"If so, we just need to avoid the bathing time and find it, right?"

"...That's impossible."

"Eh? Why?"

"..Besides bathing time, the changing room will always be locked."

The changing room will be locked? Is it because they found the camera on the first day? Damn it, why are all the good things not happening at all and the bad things piling up one after another?"

"So in the end, we can only use such a method..."

"Seems like it."

In the end, we couldn't think of anything else other than breaking through. The situation hasn't changed at all!

"Now, let's go through why we failed yesterday. Akihisa, why do you think we failed yesterday?"

"Why? Um~ because half of the girls joined in the defense?"

If the enemies were just those few teachers from two days back, we would definitely not have lose to them. At least we can beat Fuse-sensei, right?"

"...Kudo Aiko is also our enemy." Muttsulini muttered bitterly.

Muttsulini replied in a rather vengeful manner. Maybe he's angry that he got obstructed time after time again, or maybe he's unhappy about the unexpected 2 v 1 that included a teacher and ended up with him losing.

"That's right. The reason why we lost was because the defense included class A girls, increasing their battle strength by several fold."

As far as I could remember, they had three times the personnel that we had. And including the teachers that were watching us, the difference in battle strength between both sides was tremendous. Trying to take them head on is stupid.

"So I feel that we should increase our forces as well. Just class F alone is insufficient, we have to recruit the boys from other classes in order to have a fighting chance against them."

Like usual, Yuuji proposes a battle plan. However, why do I feel that the plan this time is weird? More like, it's not something that Yuuji would come up with.

"Hm? Akihisa, what's wrong?"

"Hm~ It feels like a plan that's different from usual...You see, the opponent increased their forces, so we're doing the same thing in response. It's not something that we would normally do..."

Just as I said what I felt, Yuuji showed an approving look as he nodded his head.

"Ohh...seems like Akihisa can finally think a bit. You're right, this isn't for breaking through the front."

So there are other reasons? Aren't the methods different in the end?

"Then what are the other objectives?"

"To protect ourselves."

"Protect us? From who?"

"Listen, though it didn't become a problem since we failed up till now, peeping is still a crime. If we manage to reach the girls bathroom yet fail to catch the culprit, we'll be suspended."

I see. I didn't think too much yesterday since I worked so hard, but if we don't find the real culprit, even if we managed to break through, we won't be able to prove our innocence. We'll then just be lauded with the crime of being sexual harassers, and we will probably get suspended.

"In order to avoid this, we need to increase our forces—in other words, increase the number of people we have."

"Will increasing the number of people we have allow us to avoid being suspended?"

"Ah, if the number increases, it'll be hard for them to lock onto a target. It'll be hard to memorise everyone's looks while on a battlefield."

He's right. Trying to notice the surroundings even while taking action, it's not an easy thing to do.

"But our faces were seen, right? Wouldn't that be meaningless?"

That was why I got called out by the audio broadcast to get scolded.

"Because Fumitzuki Academy's a famous experimental school that the entire world is watching, if such an embarrassing thing happens, either they will punish everyone or they will do their best to cover up. If they only punish half the students, they'll be given a bad rep of 'showing different levels of favouritism to different classes', and that will bring the school's reputation down quite a bit." other words, we're going to make use of the fact that we were exposed as students from class F? It's true that if we're the only ones being punished, it'll look like 'only class F is punished and yet they're magnanimous to all the other classes'. Considering the society's attention on us, it's likely that the school will try to avoid getting involved in things that may damage the school's reputation.

"I see. As expected of Yuuji, nobody can compare to you in terms of despicable means."

"Please consider it foresight."

If we want to make them unable to identify certain people and yet increase our fighting forces and penetrating ability, we have to increase our forces as much as we can.

"Hm, then the main point of today is to increase the number of comrades?"

"Ahh, good thing that the combined studying seems more like a self-study period; we can take action easily."

"Yah. Then, where do we start?"

Considering their strength, I hope that we can get classes A to C to join us.

"Of course class A. If we're going to spend the same amount of effort throughout, it's better to get the best."

So Yuuji has the same idea as me. Sigh, that's the case alright.

"Since we interacted quite a bit with class A yesterday, we should be able to communicate with them well."

"Then it's decided. We'll talk to class A while we're studying together then."

"Got it. Is this alright, Muttsulini?"

"...No problem."

After we decided on what to do, we continued to eat breakfast. Being able to eat solid food, I'm so happy...

"If we want to get class A, we've got to convince Kubo. Akihisa, try and convince him."

"That's right, I feel Akihisa is the most suitable one to do this."

"...We'll leave it to you."

What's going on? Why is everyone agreeing that I should convince Kubo?

"Ah, oh, it doesn't matter if I go."

Besides, I have no reason to refuse, so I naturally went along with it.

"But then again, why me?"

Just as I intend to stand up and walk to Kubo-san, I suddenly thought about asking this as I turned around to ask those three.


Did I ask something wrong? Why is everyone looking away awkwardly?

"Erm, about that...I have a bad feeling about it. Is it really alright?"

"Wha, what problem is there? And I can tell you straight up, Kubo has no ill intent against you."

"...He has no ill intent against you at all."

"Why are you two saying this as if something's choking you?"

What's going on? For some reason, I don't feel like going further.

"Akihisa, hurry up and move."

"Eh? But..."

"No problem! Among us, Kubo views you the most favourably, so be confident!"

"Ah, mm..."

"...But if something really happens, use this."

After saying this, Yuuji stuffed something into my pocket. I took a peek to confirm what it was.

—So it's a taser.

I'm just going to request help from a schoolmate, so why must I carry a taser along? I'm really confused here.

"O, okay, I'm going then."

Though I didn't understand, I still walked over to Kubo-san in the end.

As expected of the one who ranks second in our academic year, Kubo-san is flipping a reference book, studying it seriously. Though I have a thought that 'maybe now isn't a good time to disturb him now', I've got to do what I got to do.

"Kubo-san, can I bother you for a while?"

"Yoshii-san? It's rare for you to look for me. Take a seat."

At the same time he said this, Kubo-san moved his butt away to create more space on the chair. Hm, I'm really grateful for Kubo-san's kind intentions, but is there a need to make space on a single-seat chair?

"Eh, I guess I should use the chair that no one is using over there."

"Really? Nevermind, if you want to use that chair, go ahead."

"Speaking of which, I have something I want to ask you."

"I accept."


I haven't even asked him what I want!

"Ah, I'm sorry, I lost my cool. Then, say, what do you need me to help you with?"

"Ah, mm, actually..."

I want you to help me as a peeping buddy—I can't say such words so easily!

"Don't worry too much, just say what you want to say."

Seeing me having difficulty in expressing myself, Kubo-san answered with a sincere look. If the person I'm trying to convince is so understanding, I should be able to ask him directly, right? No need to think too much, I just need to trust him and ask him directly!

"Well... I want to ask you people to help us peep inside the girls' bathroom."

"I refuse."

Why do I feel a little sense of betrayal?

"Peeping inside the girls' bathroom? Are you serious?"

"Um...the, there is a reason for us to do this..."

"Yoshii-san, that really ruined my impression of you. There's an existence of logic between humans, and by following that, a society is formed. As a human, you shouldn't do such a thing, and for you to think of such a thing, you shouldn't exist in this society. We will soon join the society of adults, do you really think that you can just do things as you please? Besides, your thought of peeping into a bathroom to see naked females is too dirty."

Kubo-san scolded me profusely as if he was firing an array of cannonballs, and I couldn't respond. After he said that, he coldly gave a 'humph' and lowered his head to continue battle with the reference book. Seeing him with such a tough and stubborn stand, it seems like we can't continue on with the negotiations.

"Sorry to bother you. I'll be leaving then."

This can't be helped! But just as I prepare to get up and return back to Yuuji and company—

" a human, should we do that..."

Before I left, I accidentally heard Kubo-san muttering to himself. Is there something wrong?

"So how was it, Akihisa?"

"Sorry, I failed."

"I problems. It's okay as long as you're fine."

"Erm, I didn't do anything that would threaten other people's lives, right?"

I really hope that these guys will worry about me when it's really needed.

"However, since we failed, we'd better start negotiating with other classes."

"You're right, but we have lessons now."

Even though it's self-study time, someone will definitely be watching. If we don't pretend to be studying seriously, we'll definitely be taken care of by the supervising teacher.

"I know! But just the rest times alone aren't enough for us to interact with the other classes. Seems like we can only sneak out."

Yuuji glances sharply at Ironman, trying to look for a chance.

At this moment, someone walked beside us,

"Oi, are you guys planning to do something bad again?"

So it's Minami, who's near us as she continues to study.

We definitely lowered our voices, and yet we couldn't escape her eyes. And once Ironman, who's standing far away, heard her say the words 'something bad', he immediately turned his head around.

"You're mistaken, Minami. We weren't thinking about doing anything bad."

We were just discussing how to do a frontal assault and peep.

"Really...anyway guys, don't create anymore trouble. Though I know you guys won't listen even if I rattle on, peeping is really...have you truly thought of how the girls being peeped on will feel?"

Minami's right. If I wasn't threatened, interrogated for a non-existent crime and if Himeji-san's boobs were a little smaller, I would definitely not think about peeping.

"And you were going to peep inside the bathroom...there's no place to hide, and one's body will be compared to other girls' bodies, can't even stuff any breast pads, or even squeeze..."

"Erm, Minami...I guess you just don't want me to see a certain body part, right?"

You don't need to explain it to us right now, right, Minami—I wanted to comfort her, only to receive a look from Yuuji.

"Ironman's staring at us, hurry up and maintain distance from Shimada."

Hm? Ironman's staring at us? Where is he?

Ahh, I see. Ironman's definitely watching. The conversation Minami and I had seemed to cause Ironman to be wary. To us, who're looking to the other classes for support, it'll be troublesome if he targets us at this juncture. Let's just follow what Yuuji says and not get too involved with Minami.

The problem is, how do I maintain my distance from her? How about I use an excuse of 'ah, someone's looking for you' to trick her? Got to choose somewhere further...oh, Sugawa-san's position is rather good. Let's use him to shake Minami off.

"Ah, Minami..."

"Hm? What?"

"Sugawa-san wanted to say something to you..."

"Hm? Sugawa-san's looking for me?"

"Yeah, he told me to say this to you."

Very good, Minami's not suspicious at all. If so, she should be moving off to Sugawa-san who's far away, right?

"Hmmm...why is he looking for me? Nevermind, I'll talk to him during the break."

"Eh? Ah, no, that'll be a little troublesome..."

"? Why?"

Minami doesn't seem like she will leave her seat. That'll be troublesome, I have to do something, and fast.

"Well, about it, it's something important, so he hopes that you can immediately head over and listen."

"Eh? Something important?"

Ohh, she took the bait? This response is good. Seems like she'll move if I say some more.

"As it was a really really really serious expression he showed, I'm guessing it's something important."

"EHHH!? Don, don't tell me...? Sugawa to me, how is it possible...but but, it's said that these kinds of things happen during trips as well..."

Minami suddenly blushes. I don't know what she's thinking about, but it seems like it can work if this keeps up!

"As he said that he wanted to tell you immediately, it'll be sad if you can't go immediately."

It should be alright for me to say things up till here, so Minami will definitely head off to Sugawa-san—

"...Aki, is it alright for you to feel like this...?"

The moment she was about to leave, there was a little sense of chiding and yet loneliness from her.

"Eh? It doesn't matter what he says."

"That's why! You should be saying something when I'm with Sugawa-san..."

"Sorry, didn't hear that correctly."

I don't really understand what Minami is saying here.

"Ahh, really! Anyway, what if he confesses to me?"

"I'll guess it's a prank."

"'ll be bad if my shirt gets stained in blood..."

"You're worried about blood stains!? Is it already decided that I'll shed blood!?"

Why am I always treated like this?

"Shimada, Akihisa feels that you won't go anywhere, so he's quite relaxed. Don't you think it's good to make him anxious?"

Observing from beside me, Yuuji said something weird. I'm definitely troubled that Minami's not going anywhere now.

"...You're right. Watch this, Aki, I'm really popular here!"

Giving me a glance, Minami angrily storms towards Sugawa-san's position.

"What's with your expression, Shimada?"

"Nishimura-sensei, I have something to say to Sugawa. It'll be over soon."

"Really? But this angry momentum makes me worry that Sugawa will be buried in blood."

Oh, she got intercepted by Ironman midway through? Perfect chance!

"Akihisa, Hideyoshi, Muttsulini. Now's the time, get out, and don't get spotted on the way."

Yuuji said this to me, Hideyoshi and Muttsulini, who're still pretending to study. We glanced at each other and nod our heads, and then slip out of the side door silently, shutting the door immediately once we get into the corridor.

"Important thing? What about that?"

"Aki dared to trick me! COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!"

At the critical moment, I could hear Minami's conversation with Sugawa-san.

In more ways than one, this is the perfect opportunity to get away.

"So there's a supervising teacher here as well."

"That's to be expected."

After walking around carefully on the corridor for a few minutes, we finally arrived in front of the combined study area of classes D and E. We spied on them at this moment.

"Then what do we do next? We can't even negotiate with them now."

"...Trying to invade other classrooms now is extremely difficult."

The reason why it's extremely difficult is because the supervising teacher is blocking the entrance. Thus, trying to sneak inside to look is just like an idiot daydreaming.

"Easy, we just need someone to lure the teacher away."

"I refuse."

Every time this kind of situation occurs, it'll normally be me who'll end up doing such a tough role, so I have to refuse first before they point at me.

"Can't be helped. So how about we play a game to decide who's going to be bait?"

Ohh, so it's Yuuji's idea again, huh? But rejecting his proposal wouldn't be any different from running away from battle. Thus, even though I don't like it, I have to hear what he proposes.

"So what are we playing?"

"Let's play 'past and present'[1]."

So we're playing that? If so, I should be able to win, right? No, I must beat Yuuji this time, I must let him handle all this rag tag.

"I got it. Let's play then."

"Alright, we're starting."

I face off against Yuuji, and we start this game with a voice that won't reach the inside of the classroom

"Sakamoto Yuuji will start." (Yuuji himself)

"""Yeah~!""" (Me, Hideyoshi and Muttsulini respond in rhythm)

" 'Past and present'!"


BTS vol 03 133.jpg

"Let's start with any English word that starts with the letter 'A'!"


Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Yuuji's turn

" 'Apple'!"

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> My turn

"...I lost..."

"You can't even think of a single word?"

"Uu! No! It was too sudden that I couldn't respond in time. Once I calm down, I will definitely be able to come up with a proper answer! B, but, isn't Muttsulini bad at this as well?"

"...Not at all."

But his reply defied my expectations.

"Re, really?"

"...I'll show it to you."

Muttsulini switched places with me, and this time, he's the one standing in front of Yuuji.

"We'll start then, 'past and present', starting with any English word that starts with the letter 'A'."

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Yuuji's turn

" 'Amond'"

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Muttsulini's turn


English words?

"Hold on, you two."

"Is there a problem, Akihisa?"

"The English words that Muttsulini used just now seems weird."

Aren't those English alphabets?

"What are you talking about? He did start off with 'A'!"

", he started with 'A' alright..."

"Then there're no problems; let's continue."

Yuuji completely ignores my protests as he continues the game.

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Yuuji's turn

" 'Agent'".

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Muttsulini's turn


Isn't that a name?

"Alright, can you two stop again?"

"What now, Akihisa?"

"Since when did my name become an English word?"

"...the 'name' means an idiot, so it's suitable to use this. Adding '-ful' to the word would be an adverb.'"

"What! Stop using such an explanation that even a dictionary doesn't have!"

"Example: He is so Akihisaful (There's no one even more stupid than him.)"

Recently, I feel that the way they're treating me like an idiot has a lot more depth.

"Anyway, no names or simplified terms, that's a foul!"

"Aiyo, alright, alright. That's really troublesome! Then, let's continue."

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Yuuji's turn

" 'Arrival'."

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Muttsulini's turn


"Oi, didn't Muttsulini just add a litte 'bo'? Didn't he want to say 'amenbo'?"

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Yuuji's turn

" 'Action'."

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> Muttsulini's turn

"...'A--&[email protected]((&*&^'."

"I caught you! You couldn't come up with any English words so you tried to sneak past me by reading it faster, right?"

"Oh...seems like we can't decide a winner here. That should be enough."

"...(nods head)."


"Oi, Akihisa, if you shout so loudly—"


"Who's making such a ruckus on the corridor? It should be self-studying time!"





In the end, it's me who's running around all over the compound and luring Fuse-sensei away.

"Hu, hu, hu...anyway...I finally...shook him off..."

"It's been tough on you, Akihisa."

"That was crazy! Even...Ooshima-sensei...came out running after me..."

"Running? But thanks to you, we managed to get classes D and E to join. Good job."

I'm still pressing my hand against my chest as I try to regain my breathing, hu...

"Great, now our forces have increased quite a bit."

"That's right. Now we just need to convince classes B and C. Akihisa, we'll rely on you again."

Yuuji gives me an 'of course' look as he asked. However, I'm not going to let him get what he wants so easily.

"I don't want to do such a thing again. Besides, I'm not happy with how I lost just now. I demand a replay!"

"Well, can't be helped, but we're just wasting time here, you know."

"Humph, is that so? I advise you not to confuse me with the me just now!"

While I was running about just now, I managed to think of quite a few words. I'll definitely win this time!"

"Yoshii Akihisa will start." (myself)

"""Yeah~!""" (Yuuji, Hideyoshi and Muttsulini respond in rhythm)

" 'Past and present'!"


"Let's start with any English word that starts with the letter 'O'!"

Pa pa (clapping hands in rhythm)--> My turn


"Hold it right there, Yoshii-san! Why are you walking around in the corridor!?"

"Sorry! I have my reasons!"

Unexpectedly, Igarashi-sensei's really fast.


  1. This game is about anything past and present, each person gives an answer. Each answer can't be reused, and the one who can't answer will lose.
  2. In Japanese Katakana, 'water strider' is written as amenbo (アメンボ).