Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume7.5 Our Song by Tsunemura Yuusaku

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Our Song by Tsunemura Yuusaku[edit]

Poem: ‘The Sun and the Sunflower’.

Written by Tsunemura Yuusaku.

The moment I realized it,

I was always chasing you.

The moment I started remembering,

I was always chasing your smile.

Kinoshita Hideyoshi.

If I’m the sunflower.

You’re the sun shining on me.

I will chase your shine,

And grow into a big flower.

I can’t express these feelings through words,

But even so, I want to pass my feelings to you.

I love you, Kinoshita Hideyoshi.

I really, really LOVE you.

(The Super Disgusting poem is complete.)


17 year old student (male)-"Very touching! I can't stop smiling!"

16 year old student (male)—“Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I couldn't help but continue to cry after reading this!”

17 year old student (female)—“I always try to force a smile, but after reading this poem, I couldn't even smile at all!”

23 year old teacher (female): “After reading this poem, I couldn't help but vomit; and I managed to lose 3 kg successfully!”

16 year old student (female)—“That actor idiot brother of mine has been getting nightmares every night nowadays.”

38 year old psychiatrist (male)—“There's been an increase in number of patients recently.”

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*Effects may differ from person to person.*