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The Ninth Question[edit]

Please answer the following question:

Please list the five basic nutrition required to maintain human life.

Himeji Mizuki's Answer:

"① Fats ② Carbohydrates ③ Proteins ④ Vitamins ⑤ Minerals"

Teacher's Comment:

Exactly what we expect from Himeji, well done!

Yoshii Akihisa's Answer:

"① Sugar ② Salt ③ Tap water ④ Rain water ⑤ Spring water"

Teacher's Comment:

BTS vol 01 235.jpg

Aren't you the only one who can survive with these?

Tsuchiya Kouta's Answer:

"It is called menarche, the first period since the female was born. In medical term, this period is called the menstrual period. Menarche is closely related to the age and weight factors. It usually appears when the female's body weight reached 43 kg, but the age factor would differ between each individual. In Japan, the average age is 12 years old. There are other factors beside weight, such as race, weather and social environment that will affect the time that menarche occurs..."

"Menarche may occur before the female was ten years old, which is termed isolated premature menarche. Besides that, menarche that occurred after fifteen years old is called delayed menstruation. Also, if the menarche never occurred until eighteen years old is called primary amenorrhea..."

Teacher's Comment:

I am sorry to inform you that the health education examination had ended an hour ago.

After that, I went to the teachers' office for personal lessons with them. Then I went home exhausted and fell asleep as soon as I collapsed onto my bed. I was totally fatigued and dropped into dreamland like a piece of torn cloth.

We had a meeting after the exam for replenishing our scores the next morning.

It was the final tactical meeting before facing our last opponent, Class A, and saying goodbye to the Class F classroom.

"First of all, I would like to thank everybody who helped Class F make it this far. I am really grateful for all the help you guys offered."

"Yuu...Yuuji, what's wrong with you? It is so unlike you to say something like that!"

"Yeah, I think so too, but these words come from the bottom of my heart."

I am touched by his words. Who could have ever imagined us, the Class F students, would achieve so much in this war...

"Since we made it this far, we will do everything to win the war against Class A. We will prove to the teachers together that exam results are not everything, OK?"



"There is more to life than studying!"

Before the last fight, I feel that our hearts are joined together as one.

"Thank you very much. About the fight with Class A, I plan to challenge them to a duel."

I was not surprised because I had heard about it just before the meeting. However, those hearing it for the first time seemed to be a bit shocked; the room was filled with unease.

"What does that mean?"

"Who will represent us in the duel?"

"Are you sure we can win this?"

"Calm down everyone! I am going to explain my plan now."

Yuuji slammed the table to calm everyone down.

"The people who will be dueling, of course, will be me and Kirishima Shouko."

The Class A class leader is Kirishima Shouko and the Class F class leader is Sakamoto Yuuji. If someone needed to be chosen to represent the class in a duel, it would definitely be the class leader.

I understood everything up until this point.

However, I did not understand how Yuuji could win the duel.

The enemy is Kirishima. Not only is she the head of student union, her test results are also higher than Himeji's, who is already too good for Class B students. Although this sounds really bad, but----

"Idiot Yuuji can never win against--- WAH!"

A Stanley knife suddenly flies pass my cheek. Damn you Yuuji, are you planning to kill me?

I don't think he is that cruel. No matter how bad Yuuji is, he wouldn't consider purposely killing his friends...

"Next time the target will be your ear."

It seems that I am not Yuuji's friend.

"But just as Akihisa said, Shouko is much stronger. If I directly challenge her, I might not stand a chance to win."

Since you admit you can't win, there is no need to throw that Stanley knife towards me right?

"However wouldn't it be the same as our fight against Class D and Class B? We will definitely lose if we fight with them head on."

But we have continued to win until now.

"This time it will be the same. I shall defeat Shouko and Class F will get Class A's classroom. It will not change the result that the victory will belong to us. "

Yuuji has led us to victories in the Test Summoning Wars that we thought we could never win, so although it still doesn't sound very convincing, there is no one in the class who will disagree with his ideas now.

"Leave everything to me! I shall let everyone see the power of the former 'Whiz Kid'."


It seems that there is no need to ask everyone's opinion. We all have faith in Yuuji.

"Now, let me explain the tactic in detail... I plan to challenge her within a limited scope."

"Limited scope? Which subject do you want to pick?"

"Japanese history."

Japanese history? Even if Kirishima was not very good in Japanese history, I never heard of Yuuji being very good in it either. Why did he want to pick Japanese history?

"However I would like to limit the scope of the examination. The difficulty will be at the primary school level and the maximum score will be one hundred. Syokanjus will not be used and the result will just depend on the score in the examination."

A primary school level exam with a maximum score of one hundred?

Under these conditions, it will be generally assumed that both of them will be scoring one hundred and the person who makes the first mistake will lose. In that case, the challenge will be how focused they are. It seems there is a higher chance for us to win this compared to fighting directly.

"However if both of you have the same scores, you will get new questions right? In that case the difficulty of the questions might increase. Isn't this a disadvantage for Yuuji, who has stopped studying for a period of time?"

"Yeah, Akihisa is right."

Although it seems like we have a chance at winning in this plan, this is also a dangerous gamble. And the key person in this plan will be Yuuji?

"Hey, don't underestimate me. In any case, a tactic that purely counts on luck is not a tactic at all."

"What? Yuuji, you know how to make Kirishima lose focus in the exam?"

"No. I don't think that girl will be defeated by primary school level questions just because of her losing focus."

That's right. Besides that, the techniques that could be used in a supervised exam could never affect Kirishima. Then what can he do to win?

"Yuuji, stop hiding the plan from us! It is about time to let us know what your trump card is!"

Everyone in the class nodded after Hideyoshi had spoken.

"Ah, Sorry. The opening speech is longer than I expected."

Yuuji shakes his head, and starts talking again.

"There is only one reason that made me choose this duel. That is because I know that girl will definitely answer one question incorrectly."

One question? Which question is it?

"That question is ---- 'Taika Reform'."

"Taika Reform? Is it the sort of question asking when did who do what? Will these sorts of primary school student level questions come out in the examination?"

Although I don't think the school will prepare that sort of question for the students here, but the school which aims for encouraging students to further their studies might have questions like that.

"No, not such a detailed question. It is a much simpler one."

"You mentioned simple, could it be asking about the year?"

"Oh Hideyoshi, BINGO! It is just like what you said, if the question about the year comes out, it will be our victory."

In what year did the Taika Reform happen? Such an elementary question, will that smart Shouko answer incorrectly? Even I know that 'Nightingale cried. Taika Reform'[1], even I can remember the year using this sentence!

"Taika Reform happened in year 645. This question is so easy even Akihisa could get it right."

Please...Don't...Look at me...

"However Shouko will definitely answer this question incorrectly and victory will belong to us. At that time we can say goodbye to this lousy classroom as we planned."

Come to think of it, there is something that I have been curious about for a long time---


"Eh? What's wrong, Himeji?"

"Do you know Kirishima...very well?"

That's right. Yuuji had been using "that girl" or "Shouko" to call Kirishima. If they didn't know each other very well, he wouldn't use such words to refer to her.

It couldn't be, that this guy in front of me... Not only Himeji likes him, even Kirishima who is smart and pretty can't escape from him?

"Yeah, she is my childhood friend."

"Everyone, GO!"

"What? Why does everyone follow Akihisa's order and hold their slippers on their hands?"

"Shut up, you are the enemy of men! We shall use you as a sacrifice before we defeat Class A!"

"What did I do wrong?"

There is no need to trade words. All men in the class reach the same agreement. I am blessed to be able to study in such a united class.

"Are those your last words? Wait, Sugawa, it is too early to take off your socks. We shall put that forbidden weapon into his mouth after we subdue him."


Enemy of men, enjoy forty-seven pairs of high school male students' smelly socks!

"Err, Yoshii."

"Eh? What's up, Himeji?"

"Does Yoshii like Kirishima?"

"Ah, so-so! She is a very pretty girl!"


"Eh? Himeji, why are you preparing to attack me? And Minami, why are you holding the teacher's table and aiming at me?"

"Everybody calm down!"

Hideyoshi claps his hands loudly to stop the situation from getting worse; he is really calm.

"Humph, Hideyoshi don't you hate Yuuji?"

"Cool down and think again everyone. It is Kirishima Shouko that we are talking about right? I don't think she will be interested in males such as Yuuji."

Oh, that's right.

"Actually, she should be interested in the other person..."

"You are right."

All of us suddenly focus on one particular person.

"W-What? Could it be I did something wrong?"

Himeji starts to panic. Don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong. Although you didn't do anything, it is very likely that someone will do something to you.

"Anyway, Shouko and I were childhood friends, and I purposely taught her the wrong answer to that question when we were young."

Although I still doubt his relationship with Kirishima, I will let it go for now since Kirishima only likes girls.

"That girl will not forget anything she learned because she is the best student in second year."

A smart brain which will remember things easily will be the key to her failure this time.

"I will make use of this to defeat her, and change our tables to----"

"High-class system tables!"

"A duel?"

"That's right. Class F and Class A class leaders will represent their classes in a duel to decide the victory of Test Summon War."

This is the usual war declaration.

The messengers who were sent to declare war with Class A were the leader Yuuji, and the key members of our class such as Himeji, Hideyoshi, Silent Pervert and me.

If we do this every time, my uniform will not be torn all the time.

"Err, what are you guys planning?"

The person who is negotiating with Yuuji now is Hideyoshi------- 's sister Kinoshita Yuuko. She looks exactly like the female version of Hideyoshi. However, if I admit I am interested in her that would mean that I am admitting to having the same feelings towards Hideyoshi...

"Our aim is definitely winning this war."

Kinoshita Yuuko shows that she is suspecting us. That is understandable, because we are the lowest ranked class, who seeks to challenge the top student in the year --- Kirishima to a duel, which is totally unreasonable. It makes sense that she is afraid that we are planning something here.

"Although I think this is a good idea to get rid of the troublesome Test Summoning War, there is no need to take the risk."

"You are really smart!"

An expected answer, now the negotiation officially started.

"By the way, how was the war between your class and Class C?"

Yuuji crosses his hand and uses his hand to support his lower jaw. He acts calmly and said.

"Although it took a while, we were too good for them, so no problem at all."

Class C was taunted by Hideyoshi and had a war with Class A. The war only took about half a day. Now Class C is using Class D's level of equipment in class.

"Class B seems to be interested in having a war with you!"

"Class B... You mean THAT from yesterday?"

"Yeah, the quality of the class can be easily seen from the class leader. Although they haven't officially declared war, who knows what will happen later!"

"But Class B already had a war with Class F. So within the three months preparation period, they should have no right to declare war themselves right?"

One of the rules of Test Summoning War is there are three months preparation period in between wars.

The class that loses in the war will have no right to declare another war in three months. This is to prevent the losing class from challenging the winning class, and make the war become an infinite loop.

"You should know that, no matter how things appear in the war, the war was ended through a 'Peace Treaty,' so they are not restricted by this rule... Not only Class B, things are the same for Class D."

That's the reason why we didn't take away their class equipment.

"Is that a threat?"

"That doesn't sound too good; how about calling this a request?"

I have a feeling that Yuuji looks exactly like Nemoto. Using this sort of negotiation technique makes him no different from villains.

"OK, I understand. Although I don't know what you are planning, there is no way our class leader will lose. I accept your suggestion."

"Eh? Really?"

She accepted so easily. Although I never took part in the conversation, I shouted out because I was too surprised.

"Because, I really don't want to fight with a class with a class leader like THAT..."

Ah, that reminds me. Nemoto was wearing the female uniform when he went to Class A. I never imagine something like that indirectly helping our suggestion being accepted so easily, which is quite a pleasant surprise.

"But we have some conditions. This war will not only be the duel between the class leaders. That's right, let's do it like this. Both classes select five different people, and have five different duels. The class that wins three fights out of five wins the war. How about that? If that's the case, we will agree with your suggestion."


At first she seems to be not too wary but actually she is really alert, we shouldn't underestimate her.

"I see, you are trying to prevent us from sending Himeji?"

"Yes, even though I don't think that will be a big problem. However, if class leader Kirishima is in very bad condition and Himeji is in top form, there might be some unpredictable accidents."

This is really disrespectful to Himeji.

However, she wasn't bluffing, because Kirishima is such a scary person.

"Don't worry! I will represent our side in the fight."

"No way, I will not totally believe you."

She later said, this is a war, not a competition. And she is right.

"Really? Then I shall agree to your condition!"

I can't believe Yuuji said that.

Are you serious? Five different duels, do we stand a chance to win?

"Really? I am so happy~"

"However, we will decide the subjects. It is fine that you give us a little bit of an advantage right?"

I see, he was planning to negotiate like that. It is important for us to get the power to decide the subjects. The opponent will not be so kind to accept the one-on-one duel and to let us pick the subjects. Therefore to make them accept the condition, Yuuji chose to accept their condition of five different duels.

"Eh? Hmmm..."

Kinoshita is thinking carefully. This is a negotiation representing the class. The outcome of this negotiation can greatly affect the war, so she has to be really careful.



I was shocked.

"I accept Yuuji's suggestion."

Suddenly there is a calm and powerful voice.

No one noticed when Kirishima arrived. I know that she is a quiet person, but I never knew she could hide her presence from everyone like an experienced martial artist.

"What? Class leader, are you sure?"

"In return I would like to add another condition."



Kirishima nods. She carefully scans Himeji from top to bottom while she is hiding behind Yuuji, and said.

"The losing side shall accept any request from the winning side."

T-This is the biggest crisis of Himeji's virginity and outlook on life! What, what, what, what should I do? If something like this happened... I would be so panicked that I couldn't even sleep! I don't even have money to get a digital camera!

"...(sound of taking photo)"

"Silent Pervert, it is too early to take pictures now! Are you planning to lose the fight on purpose?"

Why did this happen? This would definitely affect the morale of the class. Did she plan this from the beginning? Kirishima Shouko, she really lives up to the name of the head of student council, what a scary person she is.

"Then how about this: three of the subjects will be decided by you and we will decide the remaining two, what do you think?"

Although this still doesn't fully give us the advantage of deciding the topics, Kinoshita Yuuko's suggestion still gives us a slight advantage. Now, what should we do?

(Himeji, are you ok with that?)

(Eh? What are you talking about?)

(I mean if we lose, Himeji, you will be...)

(Although I am not sure what is going on, but I don't think it's a problem.)

(Accepting that so easily... are you sure? If we lose, Himeji and Kirishima will----)

"The negotiations are complete."

"Y-Yuuji! How could you decide this by yourself! Himeji hasn't agreed with the condition!"

Even if you are the class leader, this is too selfish! This is related to Himeji's happiness!

"Don't worry. I will not give Himeji any trouble."

He said it with confidence. He really thinks that we will win this for sure?

"When will the duels start?"

"Hmm, how about we begin at ten o'clock?"


Kirishima gives people a unique feeling. The way she speaks is sort of similar to Silent Pervert.

"OK. Since the negotiations are done, let's head back to the classroom first!"

"That's right. We need to report this to the class."

After the meeting, we left Class A classroom.

The last fight is right around the corner.

"Are both of you ready?"

The supervising teacher today is Takahashi-sensei, who is the homeroom teacher of Class A, and who has helped us a lot in the recent wars. The specs she put on today have a beautiful design with intelligence, and her long legs in the tight skirt are quite charming as well.


"No problem."

The battlefield is Class A. Not only because it is wider here, the floor is also far superior to the lousy tatami, which could break anytime.

"The first duel officially starts now. Please stand forward."

"I will go!"

Our opponent's class sends Hideyoshi's sister, Kinoshita Yuuko.

And the person representing our class in this fight will be ------

"Allow me!"

Her brother, Kinoshita Hideyoshi.

Hideyoshi definitely knows what his sister's weakest subject is and how to disturb her concentration. The key to this duel will be how does Hideyoshi confuse his sister feeling-----

"By the way, Hideyoshi?"


"Do you know Koyama from Class C?"

"What? Who is that?"

Eh? Why did I have a bad feeling about this?

"It is alright if you don't know. Can you come here for a while?"

"Eh? Sister, why are you dragging me to the corridor?"

Hideyoshi's face looks like those Class C students when they were being scolded by him while he was acting like his sister...

"Sister, it is now time for dueling------ Why are you grabbing my hand?"

"Did you do anything to Class C students? Why did I become the person who scolded Class C's student pigs?"

"Hahaha. About that, I was doing what I think is the true nature of you, sister-----Ah, sister! No... Don't turn my joint in that direction... "

(*sounds of door opening*)

Kinoshita Yuuko opens the door and walks into the classroom.

"Hideyoshi said he had something urgent to attend to and went back. Do you want to send someone else to replace him?"

"N-No... We give up in this duel."

Even Yuuji doesn't dare to say anything to oppose Kinoshita Yuuko, who is smiling and wiping the blood on her hand with her handkerchief.

Takahashi-sensei types on the notebook computer and the big screen on the wall shows the result of this fight.

Class A Kinoshita Yuuko VS Class F Kinoshita Hideyoshi

Signs of life WIN VS DEAD

No one can say for sure that Hideyoshi is still alive.


"I will go. The subject we choose is Physics."

The person representing Class A is Sato, and the person representing Class F this time will be---

"OK, Akihisa I am counting on you."

"Eh!? Me!?"

What! I am representing my class in a duel! There is no way back if I lose!

"Don't worry, I have trust in you."

Really? Yuuji, you...

"Huh... In this case, it is about time for me to get serious."

"Yeah, there is no need to hide anymore. Let everyone here understand your true power."

"Hey, is Akihisa really strong?"

"Nope, I've never heard about it before."

"Yuuji is kidding again, right?"

Those Class F students, who are supposed to be my comrades, indeed said some very cruel comments.

Well nothing can be done about that. It is normal for them to think like that when they looked at my past performance. However, things are different today.

"You are Akihisa? Could it are..."

My opponent Sato seems to have discovered something and starts trembling.

Her observation is pretty good.

"Ah, you have discovered that? You are right. I had never showed my power until now."

To prepare for the fight, I fold up my sleeves and slightly shook my wrist to warm up.

"Then you are..."

"That's right, It is just as you thought. Although I have been hiding it till now, actually I am ----"

I take a deep breath and announce to everyone in the class:

"----left handed!"

Class A Sato VS Yoshii Akihisa

Physics 389 VS 62

This is so strange. How on earth do I still lose after I showed my true power?

"You idiot! Does the examination result relate to which hand you used?"

"Mi-Minami! The reaction force is painful enough already, I beg you please stop beating me, ok?"

It seems that I can't win against an enemy who has 6 times more marks than me with just agility.

"OK, the real fight starts now."

"Wait, Yuuji! You never trusted me from the beginning!"

"Trust? What is that? Is it edible?"

I really feel like giving him a punch with my golden left hand.

"Now, the third group please prepare now."

"...(stand up)"

Silent Pervert stands up.

The power of choosing the subject starts to act in our favor now.

This is because 80% of Silent Pervert's total marks for all subjects are scored from the health education subject. In this subject, not even Class A student can challenge him.

"Then it is my turn now!"

Class A sends out a girl with short, light coloured hair who looks like a boy. Who is she, why don't I recognize her?

"Nice to meet you, I am Kudo Aiko who transferred here in the end of last semester in first year."

She has a flat body which makes her look like a boy.

"What subject do you want to select?"

Takahashi sensei asks Silent Pervert.

"Health education."

Silent Pervert selects his strongest subject.

"You are Tsuchiya right? You seem to be very confident in health education."

Kudo starts to talk to Silent Pervert. What is the situation now? She is a transfer student, so she doesn't know the true power of Silent Pervert? But she seems to be really relaxed.

"However I am also very good with this subject... unlike you, I am stronger in practical matters!"

W-What kind of announcement is that? For some reason, my heart is bouncing really hard!

"Hey, you there, you're Akihisa right? You look like you don't know how to study. Let me teach you Health Education when we have time, ok? Don't worry, I will teach you with practical exercises."

How does she know my heart is beating like mad now? And she tells everyone she wants to teach me health education!

"Ha, just what I ..."

"Aki will never have that chance, so there is no need to learn health education!"

"That's right! He never needs to learn it!"

"Shimada and Himeji, please take a look at Akihisa. He looks really sad!"

I won't be so unlucky right? Even a person like me will get the chance to use my knowledge from Health Education!

"Both sides please prepare to summon."

"O---K. Syoukanju Summoning!"

"Syoukanju Summoning!"

Syoukanjus that look very similar to their owners appear with their weapons on hand. Silent Pervert's syoukanju is the same as the one he had when fighting with Class B. Its weapon consists of two kodachi. On the other hand, Kudo's syoukanju...

"What? Why is her Tomahawk so huge?"

Her syoukanju is holding a very big Tomahawk which looks really powerful. It also wears a wristband on its hand which means it can use special ability. Oh my spirit! She is really strong!

"Let's decide who is stronger, the one who is good in theory or the one who is good in actual practice."

Kudo has a tender and beautiful smile. After that the wristband on her syoukanju begins to shine and she starts her attack.

Her syoukanju's huge Tomahawk has thunder surrounding it and she rushes towards Silent Pervert with impossible speed.

"Bye bye, Silent Pervert!"

Then, the strong hands of her syoukanju swing the Tomahawk. This is an attack that can't be dodged!

"Silent Pervert!"

Just when the tomahawk is going to cut his syoukanju into two---


The wristband on Silent Pervert's syoukanju's hand starts to shine, and its light totally covers its owner.


The opponent looks like she can't understand what is going on. Not only her, even people like me have no idea what had just happened. How can Silent Pervert's syoukanju escape from the opponent's attack range?

"Accelerate end."

Silent Pervert quietly said.

BTS vol 01 259.jpg

All of a sudden, blood busts from every part of Kudo's syoukanju as it falls to the ground.

Class A Kudo Aiko VS Class F Tsuchiya Kouta

Health Education 446marks VS 572 marks

In-incredible! His score might be higher than the sum of all my subject scores!

"In the war against Class B, he wasn't in his top form."

Yuuji starts to explain to me, who is in total shock at the moment. I never knew that Silent Pervert can be so scary when he concentrates!

"Im-Impossible...How could I..."

Kudo is kneeling on the ground, she looks like she is really shocked as well.

"It is 2 VS 1 now, who's next?"

Takahashi-sensei still continues the competition with her emotionless face. It looks like she doesn't really care even if the students from her class lose.

"Ah, y-yes, it is my turn now."

We definitely send out Himeji, who is the only person in Class F that can fight with Class A students directly.

"Then I will be your opponent!"

The person who walks out from Class A is---- Kubo Toshimitsu!

"You finally appear, vice president of student council."

Yes, his name is Kubo Toshimitsu!

His ability is just below Himeji, ranked third in the second year. He is the vice president of second year student council because Himeji didn't perform well in the class dividing test.

"This is the fight that I worry about the most."

Yuuji has his point for worrying.

Kubo's ability is almost as good as Himeji's. The difference between their total scores is less than twenty. Now that Himeji has been fighting for the last few days, we can't really say for sure she can win this....

"What is the subject?"

Takahashi-sensei asked them.

By the way, whose side has the right to choose the subject now? Hideyoshi's fight is a real mess and I have no idea now.

"I choose the sum of all subjects."

Just when I am thinking deeply, Kubo simply answers the teacher's question.

"Hey wait a second! Don't simply decide----"

"It is fine with me."


Himeji stops me from protesting. Are you sure you will be fine?


Same as the last few fights, Takahashi-sensei continues to maneuver on the computer.

Both side summon their syoukanjus, the duel is decided within seconds.

Class A Kubo Toshimitsu VS Class F Himeji Mizuki

Sum of all subjects 3997 marks VS 4409 marks


"When did she improve so much?"

"With scores like this, she can even challenge Kirishima Shouko!"

Voices of surprise came from everywhere.

The difference is more than four hundred? Although I knew that Himeji is really strong, this is not a score that a normal human can get!

"Damn! Himeji, how did you get so strong......"

Kubo is regretting now, and questioned Himeji. Their ability was about the same until recently. No one expects the difference to be so huge, that's why he is concerned about it.

"I-I like everyone in the class, and Class F is the class with classmates who are willing to sacrifice for others without asking for anything."

"You like Class F?"

"Yes. That's why I can continue working hard."

Himeji's words are so comforting.

Really? Himeji, you actually like Class F, a class formed by stupid male students. However I am in this class, which makes me feel really warm deep inside my heart.

"The score now is 2 VS 2."

Takahashi sensei had slight changes in her look, which is rather strange. Is it because of Himeji's incredible growth or the fact that Class F can actually fight against Class A?

"The last duel, both sides please prepare."


The person walking out for Class A is the strongest enemy---- Kirishima Shouko.

The person we sent from our class is definitely---

"It is my turn now."

The one and only, Sakamoto Yuuji.

"The subject is?"

Maybe it's because they think there is no way Kirishima Shouko will lose, there isn't any noise coming from Class A. They just quietly look at both of them.

"I would like to choose Japanese history, the scope will be limited to primary school level and the maximum score is one hundred."

The noise suddenly comes from everywhere.

"There is a limit to maximum score?"

"Primary school level? Doesn't that mean full marks?"

"This fight will be determined by how focused they are..."

This will also give us a chance to win.

Class A also realizes that, so they start making some noise now.

"Understood. I will need to prepare some questions. Please wait here for a while."

Takahashi-sensei closes the lid of her laptop and walks out of the classroom.

Takahashi-sensei is enthusiastic in education, maybe she has collected some primary school level question sets?

I watch the teacher leave the scene and return to Yuuji immediately.

"Yuuji, I am counting on you."

I firmly hold Yuuji's hand. We did all we could do. It all depends on the result of Yuuji's duel now.

"Yeah, leave it to me!"

He firmly holds my hand as well.

"...(puts out his hand)"

Silent Pervert walks towards us and shows Yuuji a victory hand pose.

"Your power helped me a lot, thank you very much."


Silent Pervert's mouth slightly rises, and stands back to where he was just now.

"Sakamoto, thanks for telling me all those stories."

"Ah, you mean stories about Akihisa? Don't worry about it, and do your best."

Huh? My stories? What did Yuuji say?

"Yes I will."

Himeji gives him an energetic answer. Yuuji also has a happy smile on his face. It is a caring and gentle face.

"Now the final duel is Japanese history. Participants Kirishima and Sakamoto, please come to the video classroom."

Takahashi-sensei returns to the classroom and gives order to both class leaders.


Kirishima gives a simple answer and leaves the classroom.

"Well, I need to go now."

"Sakamoto, take care."


Yuuji is sent off by Himeji and heads towards the final battlefield.

The final fight finally starts. It doesn't matter if we are going to cry or laugh, the test summoning war is going to end.

"Everyone, please look at the screen here."

Takahashi-sensei controls the machine, and the big monitor diplays images in the video classroom.

Kirishima takes her seat first, and then Yuuji also walks into the classroom and sits down.

"Now we are going to distribute the paper. The test is fifty minutes, maximum score is one hundred."

The Japanese history teacher on the screen is placing the test papers on their tables with the back of the papers facing up.

"Any actions that are considered as cheating will result in a mark of zero, understand?"


"I know that!"

"Then we start now!"

Both of them turn their paper over.

"Yoshii, it finally begins!"

"Yeah, finally."

"If that question doesn't appear, Sakamoto will..."

"His concentration and focus are worse than the opponent's. If the duel goes into extra time, he might lose. However..."

"Yes, if it appears..."


If it appears, this will be our victory.

Everyone is swallowing their saliva, and anxiously staring at the monitor, reading the questions that appear on it.

Will it come out? Will it come out?

"Please fill in the right year in ( )"

Year ( ) Heijo-kyo established as capital

Year ( ) Heian-kyo established as capital

It really is primary school level questions. Maybe even I could answer them as well.

Will that question come out?

Year ( ) Kamakura Bakufu established

Year ( ) Taika Reform


It appears.....



"This means, it is our..."

"Yeah! Our Japanese-style tables will be..."

"Changed into the high-class system table!"

Everyone in Class F shouts at the same time.

"This is the biggest ever victory for us, lousy Class F!"


Our cheer sounds like it shakes the whole classroom.

"Japanese History Duel, Limited Scope Test, Maximum Score: One Hundred"

Class A Kirishima Shouko 97 marks


Class F Sakamoto Yuuji 53 marks

Japanese style tables in Class F become paper boxes.


  1. Part of the sentence pronounces the same as 794, the year that the capital was moved to Heian-kyō, marking the start of the Heian period.