Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju:Volume10 The Third Question

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The Third Question[edit]

Please answer the following question.

In a world-renowned musical, what is the character called ‘Hideous looking, woe befall those who see him’? Also, here’s a line said by that character in the drama.

A hideous face I may have, yet my heart is clear. I watch from the shadows, dreaming of beautiful things.

Himeji Mizuki’s answer:

‘The Phantom of the Opera’

Teacher’s Comment:

That is right. It’s impressive that you are familiar with musicals, Himeji-san.

Tsuchiya Kouta’s answer:

‘A scary looking demon’.

Teacher’s Comment:

Can you not try to think of any other answers?

Yoshii Akihisa’s Answer:


Teacher’s Comment:

Such an unrestrained way of putting things.

BTS vol 08 183.jpg

The bell rings just when I return back to the classroom. Based on the time now, it’s lunch break.

“So Kubo’s that powerful now…”

“That breakthrough ability’s definitely not normal…”

“…A berserker.”

“Un un. That’s the kind of feeling I get. I can’t imagine the cool-looking yet kind and gentle Kubo-kun using such a scary tactic.”

Hideyoshi and Muttsurini are gathered at my table as we have lunch and discuss about the battle just now. Well, Kubo-kun just now was really scary.

“Looks like the idea of sending Akihisa to let Kubo relax won’t work.”

“…Our intentions were exposed.”

The opponent already knows of Himeji-san’s ability, Muttsurini’s health education marks and my platinum bracelet. Thus, it can’t be helped that they’ll strategize on us. Even so, we had a hard battle.

“If we want to beat Kubo, we have to have some points like Himeji.”

Hideyoshi says as he looks behind.

“Well…can I join you for lunch?”

Standing over there is Himeji-san with her bento.

“Since when did we not welcome you?”

“…Just like usual.”

Hideyoshi and Muttsurini welcomed her. Of course, I can’t possibly object here.

“Thanks everyone.”

After thanking us, Himeji-san sits down at a chair nearby.

“What’s with Shimada?”

Hideyoshi looks at Himeji-san as he asks,

“Eh, Minami-chan doesn’t look like she wants to leave that seat…”

Himeji-san had a troubled look on her face as she stared at a corner of the classroom and answers. Minami will normally come and have lunch with us, but she’s now occupying the seat at the corridor, staring outside.

“…That transfer student will most likely come and find Aki at this time…

I definitely mustn’t miss him!”

Minami stares at the corridor with a gaze that’s enough to kill as she mutters. It’s really hard for us to approach her like this.

“Oh yes, what were you talking about?”

“Nm? Kubo got Akihisa into a tough fight before lunch break, so we were discussing a counterstrategy here.”

“…Powerful enemy.”

“Powerful enemy…in that case, I have to focus!”

Himeji-san clenches her fist in front of her chest. Even during lunch break, she doesn’t look distracted at all. Himeji-san must be focusing on this war will all she has, so I have to learn from her!

“Alright, now I have to fill my stomach properly to achieve this aim.”

I open my bento package and open the lid. As nee-san’s watching, my lunch today is a countryside-styled beef stew comprises of leftover beef and vegetables and demi glaze sauce, coupled with omelet and potato salad, decent bento dishes. Once I finish my lunch properly, I’ll do my best in the afternoon.

“I’m tucking in.”

I graciously tuck in as I put the omelet into my mouth.

Maybe I put in too much sugar—I continue to chew as I wonder about this. At this moment, I feel a strange strong stare looking over. Hm? What’s going on?


Seems like Himeji-san’s the one staring over.

She’s staring at…the chopsticks tips in my mouth. What?



Once I called her, Himeji-san shrieks back frantically with a high-pitched voice.

BTS vol 10 123.jpg

“Eh, erm, that…we, well…!”

Himeji-san is blushing so much and waving her hands wildly as it seems that she finds it embarrassing that I discovered her looking over at me. Ah, don’t tell me?

“Do you want to have some?”

I pick up a slice of omelet and hand it over, but Himeji-san doesn’t notice my action as she continues to wave her hand.

“I, I’m not thinking about that when I look at you! I just can’t help but look at your lips when I see you enjoying yourself!”

There’s no need to hide it to such an extent, you know. It’s not like I feel that you’re gluttonous.

As I’m thinking about this, a familiar voice enters my ears.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Akihisa! That book just now—”

“Found you—! You kept me waiting, foreign student!”

“Eh!? What what? Onee-san, are you looking for me?”

“We’ll talk later! Anyway, hand over the diary in your hands!”



This sudden event left us speechless for quite some time.

Looks like after Linne-kun walked into the classroom, he was taken away by Minami…

“Was that the transfer student this morning?”

“U, un, I guess. It seemed like he was bringing something over to me…”

Linne-kun disappeared before I can even talk to him.

I look over at where Linne-kun was standing on, and then, a piece of printed paper appears in my eyes. Ah, is he bringing what he translated from the English book to me?

I walk to the door, pick up the paper, and walk back.

“Erm, it’s written…‘test summoning system induction and use’? Eh, what’s this?”

“Hm? Let me have a look.”

Hideyoshi pokes his head in from the side.

“Do you know what’s going on, Hideyoshi?”

“Muu…I’m not really certain, but it’s probably about things a sister school should take note of when implementing this summoning system.”

“I see…”

This so-called sister school, is it the foreign school Linne-kun was from? He said that he was going to prepare for the gathering, so is he referring to this? But it doesn’t feel like something he will be explaining at the third years’ meeting…un~I don’t really understand.

“Anyway, this isn’t the translation of that book.”

Based on what Linne-kun said, my name appeared in that book, so this paper should be something else.

Once I make this conclusion, I turn back to face the bento on the table. Hideyoshi and the rest reach out for the bento as we ignore that piece of paper.

“Speaking of which, Akihisa, that foreign student seems rather close to you.”

“Hm? Really?”

“Yeah. If he’s not close to you, he won’t be coming over from another level just to find you.”

On hearing Hideyoshi say this, this might be the case. I knew Linne-kun earlier than anyone else, and he came running over to me to show me how he looks in uniform, and will even hug me. But the reason why he’s so close to me is—

“Maybe he feels lonely having to leave his group of friends over there.”

“Mu…that’s true. He and his friends probably feels lonely.”

He definitely feels lonely since he has to say farewell when he goes overseas to study, and the people around him are people he doesn't know.

“…I don’t know if anyone overseas tried to stop Linne-kun?”

Himeji-san gives a depressed look as she says this. She must be thinking about how Linne-kun and his friends may be feeling.

How Linne-kun and his friends may be feeling…

“Well…I think they want to keep Linne-kun, but more importantly, they’ll feel that it’s good for him and should cheer him on as friends.”

“Um. He’s doing his country proud after all.”

“…Not a dying farewell.”

We answered, and I thought Himeji-san will feel motivated. For some reason, she looks even more depressed. Eh? She seems weird…




“…Heh? Ah, yes! Is there something? Akihisa-kun?”

Himeji-san is acting weird here. What’s causing her to lose concentration?

“Himeji-san, is there anything bothering you—”

“Eh, erm! I’ll go buy drinks! Everyone wants the usual, right?”

Himeji-san stands up and leaves the classroom before I can even finish. Uu…very suspicious…

“Hideyoshi, Muttsurini. What do you think about Himeji-san’s actions just now?”

I ask the other two left at the scene.

“She definitely feels that you have Became a shotaconfeelings for the foreign student, so she’s probably worried, Akihisa.”

“…She must be really thirsty.”

I got very reliable answers.

Can’t be helped. Looks like I have to think this through on my own. Hm…

“She can’t helped but cry because she thought of Linne-kun’s predicament, is it?”

The reason why Himeji-san’s doing this is definitely not because she wants to let me see her cry. It’s definitely not that she doesn’t want to continue talking with me.

“Nn? What? Pervert, did Himeji run away because you were wearing underwear on your head again?”


Yuuji walks over and hurts my heart. Such a cruel guy!


“Oi, hold on. When did I make you wear a pair of panties on your head during the holiday in a shopping center and run into a girls’ changing room?”

“That trap was really elaborate…”

“What kind of trap must I make to make you do such a perverted act! Oi, Muttsurini, don’t give such a ‘so this reason can be used as well’ look, alright!? Your actions are really your interest!”

“…Your tactics are really scary, Yuuji.”

You should be saying that the ability of the one who used to be called a genius lives up to his former title.

“Really, and you’re now giving such a baseless excuse because you’re a pervert…”

“I’d say, you’re already amazing for calling other people out for being baseless when you led the entire year-group to go peeping…”

“Come on, let’s eat, eat!”

Yuuji pretended not to hear Hideyoshi’s snark. Such a despicable guy.

“Oh yeah, where did Himeji go?”

“…She went to buy drinks.”

“What? Janken already?”

“Nope, we didn’t.”

“She went out before we’d even stopped her.”

“Really? If she wants to buy a drink, I want to have her buy mine too.”

“If it’s Himeji-san, I think she’ll buy back for you, right?”

We continue to chat as we have lunch.

At this moment. Kok kok, a light knocking sound enters our ears.

“Sorry to intrude on everyone’s lunch, I’ll like to meet with a student called Himeji Mizuki.”

An unfamiliar voice and a polite tone—who is that?

It seems that Yuuji and the rest have no idea as well as everyone looks confused.

“Excuse me.”

As we search our memories, the door opens, and a person we never met before enters the classroom.

That person is really tall and lanky, someone with a delicate looking face and long narrow eyes, a cool looking student. Waa…isn’t he too handsome already…




Once they knew that it was a pretty boy, our classmates immediately started swearing out with hatred. This thoroughly despicable look really shocks me, or rather, moves me.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t intend on making everyone unhappy.”

The pretty boy gives an elegant bow as he apologizes. WOW! That’s the first time I’m seeing someone give a bow like what I see on television.




Perhaps everyone was agitated by this elegance as they’re all enraged. In this case, nobody will even believe that this is an integrated school.

The pretty boy tries to calm everyone’s anxiety as he says,

“No…I feel that everyone has cute animal-like faces.”


Does that person really think that he can comfort people with these words?

“Takashiro-kun, you haven’t made any progress in what you want to do.”

Another person walks out from behind that person called Takashiro. This time, it’s a person everyone’s familiar with. That person has a nice figure under her uniform and bewitching limb movements. She’s the one who helped come up with the idea for C class’ rep Koyama before—

“Kogure, sempai…”

“Hello, everyone in F class.”

BTS vol 10 133.jpg

Kogure-sempai lifts her skirt slightly and gives a bow, seemingly imitating that person called Takashiro. No no no, normally speaking, this is done with long skirts. If you’re doing this with short skirts…

“Please call us dogs, ojou-sama.”

“Welcome to the zoo, Kogure-sama.”

“Which animal do you wish to have a happy experience with?”

See, everyone’s all confused now. Really.

“No, Miss Kogure and I aren’t here to look for happy animals.”




Eh, this ruckus is really quite the scenery.

Kogure-sempai completely ignoreed our class’ ugly state as she walks towards us and says to us in a bewitching tone.

“This is such an amazing place, Yoshii-kun.”

Why did you deliberately make your way here to F class?Sempai, why can’t I see your underwear even when you’re lifting your short skirt up?

“Calm down, Akihisa. She’ll know where you’re looking, and you've jumbled the real question up.”

It seems that even I can’t calm down in front of this enemy who tried to trick us last time.

"It's because I’m not wearing any underwear.”

“And you actually answered the question!? Besides, what do you mean by you’re not wearing!?”



Kogure-sempai chuckles at us as she looks at this commotion,

“Fufu, I’m just joking. Everyone, please calm down.”

“The-the nosebleed finally stopped…really, this joke is too scary.”

“I think it’s because I’m wearing stringed underwear that it’s harder too see it.”


There’s a lot of things in this world that we don’t know of. Isn’t the reason why we’re born in this world to pursue these truths?

“…Miss Kogure , I feel that it’s harder for the topic to carry on with you around.”

“Oh my, sorry, Takashiro-kun. It seems I went overboard with my jokes.”

Blood can be seen splattered all over the place, and Muttsurini’s definitely in the middle of that lake-like blood spill.

“Then, why are you here? You say you’re here to look for Himeji, is it?”

Yuuji pretends to look tough as he asks.

“Yes, I have something to say to here, so I’m here to visit. However, it doesn’t look like she’s here.”

Hm? Himeji-san? What does this sempai have with Himeji-san?

“You have something to say to Himeji? Are both of you looking for her?”

“No, I can only say this to her myself.”

“Takashiro-kun, didn’t I tell you not to take action on your own like that?”

Kogure-sempai grumbles.

“Ahh…I’m really not used to this polite way of talking…can you please talk in an ordinary way?”

“If it makes you uncomfortable, please allow me to apologize. However, Miss Kogure tells me to talk like this.”

“Hm? What do you mean?”

“Wait, Takashiro-kun, don’t say anything unnecess—”

“According to her, ‘it’s smarter to talk this way’.”


The entire class went silent.

So the ‘Takashiro-sempai’s something’ Kogure-sempai is trying to hide is—

“You’re Takashiro, right? Aren’t you quite stupid?”

“Why would Takashiro-kun be like this? Don’t look down on Takashiro-kun like this, Sakamoto-kun. He’s the top ranked amongst 3rd years.”


“Yes, I am ranked first amongst the third years.”

It’s true that whether it’s his actions or refined attitude, it’s not surprising to see this guy have outstanding grades.

“Because Miss Kogure says that nobody will say that I’m an idiot who’s easily fooled if I get first ranked.”

“Takashiro-kun, please think of it as a request. At least say something that I can cover up, will you?”

But it seems that he’s an airhead.

“We-well…anyway, if you guys are here to look for Himeji, she isn’t here right no—”

“Fuu…finally took it back…now I can relax for the time being—what’s going on!?”

“Sorry to keep everyone waiting. There’s a lot of people at the vending machine…eh, what’s happening here?”

At this moment, Minami and Himeji-san walk into the classroom. Both of them widen their eyes the moment they see the devastation in the classroom. It’s true that ordinary people will be shocked if they see the classroom covered in blood.

“Are you alright today? Miss Himeji Mizuki? I forgot to mention some words the principal told me, so I came over to this classroom.”

Takashiro-sempai gives a polite bow, completely ignoring their reactions.

“Ah…Ta, Takashiro-sempai! What are you doing here?”

From Himeji-san’s attitude, it seems that she knows Takashiro-sempai.

“Excuse me. Will it cause any trouble for me to visit you here?”

“We, well, about that…erm…I think I’m a little bothered rather than troubled…”

Himeji-san shows a weak expression as she turns to stare at us. Why is she showing such an expression?

“What’s the matter, Himeji-san?”

“Nothing, I’m alright!”

I ask, but Himeji-san just shakes her head, and the one asking now is Minami.

“Mizuki, do you know this sempai? The principal’s words he’s saying just now is…”

“I-I think I do know him? Erm…”

Perhaps Himeji-san doesn’t know how to answer as she’s stammering. The principal and Takashiro-sempai…this combination really confuses me. What kind of relationship do they have?

As I ponder hard, Takashiro-sempai interrupts our conversation.

“Miss Himeji Mizuki, you can say that ‘we’re in an official relationship’, how about that?”

“Eh? Takashiro-sempai and the principal?”


“Takashiro-sempai, can you be more elegant in your words? Your stupidity will show.”

Himeji-san accidentally let out some vicious words. As for Kogure-sempai, I can vaguely guess that she’s going to say something vicious.

“Er, erm, the principal and my mother are tennis friends…”

“I don’t think that principal knows how to play tennis…”

“Ta-Takashiro-sempai is… well… he’s golf buddies with my father!”

“Miss Himeji Mizuki. Lying is not a good thing. I don’t have the habit of going golfing.”

For some reason, Takashiro-sempai’s happily breaking down Himeji-san’s lies.

And then, maybe because she doesn’t know how to get past this—

“Ah, auuu…”



Himeji-san runs off tearily. Really? So Himeji-san’s running away because this is more than what she can handle, right?

“Really, that Mizuki, what is she doing…I’ll going after her to check.”

Minami gives a wry expression as she follows Himeji-san out of the classroom. Since Minami cares for others so much, she definitely won’t leave Himeji-san alone like that, I suppose? I should just keep my nose out of this and leave it to her in this situation.

“As expected of Miss Himeji Mizuki. She’s so cute even when she’s saying a lie that can be seen through or running away in such a flustered manner.”

Takashiro-sempai continues to nod as he looks in the direction where Himeji-san and Minami ran out.

I feel that Himeji-san’s lies are easy to see through too. The principal knows how to play tennis? This is impossible.

“In that cast, the vague relationship between you and the principal is more believable, Takashiro-sempai.”

Once I said this joke,

“Hahaha, Yoshii Akihisa-kun, this joke is too much.”

Takashiro-sempai laughs. Hm? This guy really can take jokes.

“No no no, the principal is the researching-type, so maybe she really likes the 3rd year top-ranked and eye-catching Takashiro-sempai.”

“Miss Kogure, what should I do? If my grades become worse, other people will think that I’m easily fooled. But if this keeps up, the principal will really fall for me.”

Takashiro-sempai is seriously discussing this with Kogure-sempai. Eh? Is he treating this joke for real?

“Takashiro-sempai, you’re as easily fooled as normal. Yoshii-kun is joking with you.”


Takashiro-sempai’s silent now. No, I didn’t intend to lie to him!

“…It’ll be great if everyone in the world can be controlled just like Miss Mizuki….”

This muttering seems really serious. How many times has this guy been fooled?

“Fuu…easily fooled…let me try.”

Yuuji mutters as he stands in front of Takashiro-sempai.

“Takashiro-sempai, I suppose? Himeji and the girl who chased after her have an illicit physical relationship.”


“No, this is true. Think about it. Her looks, and that personality of hers, and yet she doesn’t have a boyfriend till now, so that means the answer’s very obvious right? Shouldn’t you be able to see through this as the top-ranked of the year?”

“(GAK GAK GAK GAK) Tha-that’s…right. I can guess this, so I’m not shaken up now…”

Ah, looks like he’s really gullible. Let me try.

“Takashiro-sempai, this school is actually connected to the magic world, and the summoned beasts are called out from the linked gateways.”

“In that case, there’ll be trouble one day if we keep using summoned beasts, right?”

Amazing, even I can trick him easily.

“Takashiro-sempai, looks like Christmas Day will be cancelled this year because of the bad economy.”

“I see. Then I have to call the girls I’m dating right now and cancel the dates with them.”


“Why are you suddenly abusing me?”

“Takashiro-sempai, I heard that guys and girls will be changing uniforms next time.”

“What are you saying? I’ve never heard of that before.”

“No, the proof is there, isn’t that girl wearing a male school uniform?”

“…I see, female uniforms…it’s a little uneconomical to change uniforms in our third years, but I can only do so if this is what the school wants.”

“I’m already too lazy to argue against this treatment…”

The lies made up are all able to fool Takashiro-sempai. This situation is terrible.

“My my, there’s a whole lot of things I don’t know of. Looks like I learnt some things from the infamous worst class in the school.”

“““These are all lies.”””


“Takashiro-kun, at least say something before leaving.”

“I have some urgent business to attend to. Please excuse me.”

Takashiro-sempai leaves the classroom, and his eyes are giving a glittering glow.

“Why’s that guy here anyway?”

“Who knows? Looks like he’s here for Himeji…”

Speaking of which, it looks like he’s here to pass a message from the principal.

“Then, Kogure-sempai, is there anything you want?”

“I’m just here to accompany Takashiro-kun. I’ve no idea what he wants to do.”

Kogure-sempai gives a wry smile after saying that.

“Then, I should be going. Sorry to disturb you, second years.”

This time, Kogure-sempai isn’t lifting her skirt, but greeting us politely as she leaves.

“No biggies. We know that all the 3rd years are rather interesting here.”

Yuuji may have thought of something as he says goodbye to her in a sarcastic manner.

Kogure-sempai gives a smile. Before leaving, she turns around and says,

“Let me leave some final words. Sakamoto-kun, you’ll be in for a brutal awakening if you underestimate Takashiro-kun.”

“Hn? That guy?”

“The plan that cornered you guys during the war against C class was planned by Takashiro-kun, you know?”


These words cause us to feel some tension.

I completely forgot about it. Speaking of which, I seem to remember hearing that Kogure-sempai was in charge of passing the strategy during the war against C class, so the one who planned it was Takashiro-sempai!

“Oi, sempai, what’s going on?”

Yuuji gives a stern expression that’s different from usual.

That fight was completely out of Yuuji’s expectations, and we were forced to gamble in the end. If it’s that sempai who was manipulating that match, Yuuji obviously can’t leave this alone.

“In other words, ‘being gullible’ and ‘being stupid’ are two different things. Bye then.”

This time, Kogure-sempai leaves without turning back.

“I thought that plan used in that battle was way too smart for Nemoto and Koyama…so that’s how it is.”

“I didn’t have much time to think about it, but now that she mentioned it, that strategy may not have any of those two styles.”

Takashiro-sempai can read Yuuji’s thoughts. In other words, it’s not a difficult thing for him to come up with that plan.

“Then, is his easily fooled appearance an act?”

“No, that looked like it was natural. He was really crying.”

I really have no idea whether Takashiro-sempai’s smart or dumb.

“…I’m concerned about this, but let’s leave that aside for now. Besides, A class right now is more important than this.”

“That’s true.”

“…There are priorities.”

“Um. Let’s think of the rest after the war.”

We finish our conversation with Yuuji and continue to eat our lunches.

“Hey, Mizuki, is there anything troubling you?”

“Hey? I, I’m not bothered, you know?”

“It’s useless to lie, Mizuki. Your lies are easily seen through.”

BTS vol 10 147.jpg

“Uu…e, even if you say so, Minami-chan, you look even weirder. You’re more worrying than me!”

“Ah…ahahahaha. I’m alright, I managed to deal with it!”

“I-I’m alright as well. There’s no need to worry!”

“So it means it’s settled, right?”

“…According to the plan, it’ll be settled after a while.”

“After a while will mean…”

“Once we beat A class, everyone will have a happy ending.”

“Fm…so we just need to win in order to settle this?”


“Sorry, but you’re not involved in some bad or weird thing, right?”


“Really? Since you say so, Mizuki, I’ll believe you then.”

“Sorry to make you worry…”

“Don’t worry about this…speaking of which, this really feels like the summoning tournament during the cool summer festival.”

“Summoning tournament?”

“Yes. You had something bothering you, Mizuki, and I asked you and you said that winning can solve everything in the end.”


“Isn’t it similar?”


“…It’s really…feels like…that time…”

BTS KudouAikoFlasher.jpg